The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 21
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 21

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 21
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"VVKDNMStlAY, FEBRITARY 26, 1930. THE DAILY; COTJKTBR, CONT ELLSVTLLE, PA. PAGE T WKXTV--ONK. ROY VICKERS CHAPTER XU. IS mood was the wronjj one ~ f ji for her purpose, thought ·*· Shirley. She wanted him In thn friendly, practical mood in which ho had helped her choose the mosquito nets. "I borrowed Monaletir Stnvros* car and must return it as soon as possible," she explained. "He has juat been to my house -- " "One moa ent, I beg:!' 1 interrupted Maurois and rang ft bell, When the Armenian butler appeared he gave an order in Greek which Shirley did not understand, Wht-n the butler had left he- turned to Shirley. "Tha car is already on its way back to Stavros," he explained. "Oh! gasped Shirley. "But -- " "Mj cars are at your service," Interrupted Maurois. Shirley knew a feeling of help- (esanets. She could not very well fan oiit of the room and tell Stavros's chauffour that he must wait. Tho nlreeta were definitely unsafe »t tiuit time of nijrht, But of course Maurois would order hie car as soon as she asked him. Sho sank back on » chair and took a cup of coffee from the tray which was handed to her. "You do not find the room hot?" asked Mauroig. "It is delightfully cool in here." "It is fifty-five iejrre«s," said MauroiB. "Outeide, it is probably seventy. By moving this lever which you see a); my right hand. I could reduce the temperature to twenty degrees in about five miriut;s. I told you once that my house fascinates me. This room is surrounded with a miniature cold-aLornge plant. It was an idea I cams across in India. . . ." Shirley was not listening. She had a very definite suspicion that Maurois knew she had come to a«k a favor and intended to make her a.-ik it in his own time. His manner, too, was very unusual. It wa.i a long, rambling anecdote. about the cold-storage plant, and it wai. not his habit, to tell anecdotes. It must have been an hour, »hn judged, before he gave her an opportunity to speak. When it came shti was quick to seize it. "Monsieur Maurois, I arn in Itreat trouble and I came here to- niffht to know if you would hojp m," she began, then hurriedly gave him the facts of her interview with Stavroa. "Ho says he meat dispatch the order for tha withdrawal of the troopr. at midrjcht tonight -- unless he receives e. meacnge from you that ,rou will confirm his statement to the Government," she finished. "P«or old Stavros!" said Mnu- rois. "He is very easily flustered. Fear is the dominant force in this unhappy country." "1 i-hoaght that as nothing 13 apparently required but just your agree ng with him that there is th« druurer of the comitadji swooping down upon Alan and his workmen -- I thought that as you have been BO extremely kind to us, Monsieur Maurois, you might be willing to write him the letter or what«ver it is he wants," pleaded Shlrk-y. "He made it quite clear that n, word from you would bo . Lnt me see, now, there in no telegraphic communication there," raid Maurois thoughtfully. "It mcanii that he will send a man on a motorcycle -- and the troops ·Will r.mrch at dawn." "Yos, yea, unless you prevent them," cut in Shirley. "Monsieur Maurois, it is extremely difficult to ask a favor from one who has already done BO much -- " "Djar ladv, to me it is the mer- -est trifle -- th writing of ter," said Mai rois, rising. Shirley got no too. "Then you \/ill do it?" shn cried eagerly. lie smiled a. id came toward her. "You know I wiill do it, little one." The endear iient fell upon her like something physical. Sho saw him, as if th -ough a mist, coming across the hearth towards her. Wnnt did ho Mean when he called her "little ore?" Whatever he meant -- he was going to save Alan from thi eormtadjT. Surely nothing else in the world mattered. "It is nearlj ten o'clock and we must move qi ickly," he was soy- ing. "We w 11 go to the other room and tclej hone Stavros and he shall have hi;, letter from me in the morning." "You are so kind, Monsieur Maurois," she ?aid firmly. "I don't know how to thank you. "Will you tl sunk me for grasping my happiness"" he countered. "I 3 let-f-said ,-iharply, and instantly he ro- leaflet! her. ·'T-sn thousand pardons!" exclaimed Maurois. "It it; a mietaku to which, my sex is unfortunately prom ." "I blame myself," cut in Shirley. "T--" "I beg you will not do that," interrupted "Maurois. "Let'us agree that wo have--each--miscalculated. Each of us wanted something. I wanted u little romance; you wanted to protect--your investments. Each,of us is disappointed. An exchange of condolences, Madame," Shirley did not miss the subtle insuk in the allusion to her "investments," Maurois had neen that Alan did not love her and had concluded that she could have no feeling for Alan. It did not matter. Maurois was a huckster who had tried to buy her. It only remained to forget him. She bow;d, then picked up her cloak. Ho turned his back and "You are making an absurd mist ike, Monsieur Maurois," she said, ihai ply. have waited ill my life for this moment when you wouki come to me and ask tne something: that I could give." He was clt. sa to her no-w, ftic- ing her, whili her eyes were turned fro in him t wards the door. She felt hia hands ouch her waint while something in her brain shouted that Alun wi lid be killed by tho comitadji UTS leas Maurois telephoned at one ·. ... The hands were drawing 1 her closer--they had crept to her should-TS. "This libtle thinu that you ask is yours and all that I have ia yours --my house, i ty fortune. . . ." (That, of i ourse, was the way to save Alan. Alan had no us;; for her. Mauroi; was ashing for a very little pp.rt of her--the part that Roger hn-1 asked and tired of so soon. Ar:j for that Maurc-is would give he Alan's safety.) "You arc shy--and I ndoro shyness. Must I raise your chin? . . . Come, littlo j.rincesa. . . . Show me your mouth," Time had no meaning. In fractions of a s-eccnd she lived through hours of thot ?ht. She visualized Alan facing he romitadji, fight-Ing, bjoeding, falling:, dyinp witfi doad around him--and Alan rich and influentirl, ransomed by Maurois' kisses. "You arc making an absurd mistake, Moroieur Maurois," she · rang the bell, then gave an order to the butler. "(Joad-by«, Monsieur Mauroia." "My limouaine wV,l be nt the door in a minuta o^ *«. Good-bye, Madame." Maurois swung tfcr panel doors and left her alone in the drawing-room. A couple of msnutoa later the bntler returned and ahe fol- lowrct him to the limousine. "1 mufft go to Alan," she told herwtlf as eho sank back in the can? Ifi spite of her utmost haate, it wws midday before Shirley could leav-3 the city. TQie news of the withdrawal of the troops had apparently spread itself to the few f i r m s in tha Gity that had cars fo,r hire. It took her a couple of hoiirs to find that no one was willing to drive her into the interior. In the end she WHS compelled to buy a car «tnd drive it herself. She had obtained directions anrf an ordinance map from the depot, and set out on her journey in th« heat of the day. The road wa.i good for the first twenty mitos and she covered it in a littlo more than an hour. Then she had to re- ducf speed to ten miles an hour. "If this lasts, it means another four hours 'of it," ahe told herself. "And then it's pure chanco whether I find Alan." (To B» Continued). Cotn'1«ht. 1»!0. by TUJJ Vleknri: ' by Kins I'Miutei Syurflaio, IM. Happy in the Land of Sunshine Tailord ~Ry SfUE T.JSBETH Q MART simplicity characterizes v. 1 m a n y of the mora tailored of tho 8; ring suits. Pictured U one of them marie of iharkskln, feWtirlnfr a slightly HippeiJ-ln waistline and w r a p - a r a u n l ·kirt Narrow, slim Hhottlder lines and three-piece sulta nro popular foi? present wear under t h e f u r coats unil for traveling. Black or navy, haulm or wool twill fnbrlCH arc particularly lilted, many of t h e m without fur trimming. Tho nhort jackal holds an I m p o r t a n t , place in t h s t y p e of suit to wear undar the fur coat. Calvin Coolidsrp and Mrs. Coolidgr as they appeared the** yaarB . en the streets of Loo Angi'lea. Unu*ual waat -ier greetp-i hor.ived guesU. It was the hottest February day in some Ui! A ^r-' *-- ?· ' / \ '· i^* The Oyatei Expert By J A N E OSBOS 1 -! (Copyright.) «JTI'' YOU PIISR tip Jim (1 ·* you needn't, conic to n p a t h y If yon never gel: : ohnnr'C again. That's all." don spolte with t h e full n twenty-two years 1" Jils (.' old sister, J,in«. They w losctlior alono /in tho Boi room. Bro^e liuti notlcod f tfriin that .inrtt) won not v. fine -- well, i for sym- s good n ',ruce Bor- tliority of enty-ypar- -re sitting Inn llvins r t h o first wing her Brtici- (V^iK-tmled e:; plant :.lons bi-olho.rly cr»x"linulr, mul .7 .ne had In a manner t h n t Hruce (.'Otifiii eretl ranch too flip, UPAouncfd t!i»t she linil hroiccn v/lft* jflm dud \vn glad she htul don? «o, "Sla, yvMi*^ rr.iz..v," truce ntt- ncitmced. "Jou'tl b'«. lnrno 1 hicU.v to tnnrry a mnn like Jim Crni S;. I gues.s you don't ronllr.o. wl'.iit his tnndlng i«. Why, he's h n r o l y tliiny, in a It.'S generally aoltnowicdged t h n t lie knows more about oysters Uian » ly marl in this country. T KUCES if yot knew how the follows ndmlr« him at collie you'rt le sorry for .vhnt yc I've done." "lie's n crusty old pro sssor, i n n d as abs*nl-mlnOed ns t!e worst of them," ^snapped Jane. " Chat's the trouble. We'J only bnen e gnged two months, and three times ID thnt space Jim forgot to call for rn : when he had .promised to." "Slsns of genius, sf»; »1 ;ns of gen- Ins," commented .Bruce; bi : Jane was not to be persuaded. So mnUers stood bet- utm Prof. Jainos Crnne anrl his erstw tie naucec, Jane Bordon. Meanwhile, the professor perceptibly losit vreig t nnd became more .ibwnt-mlmlfetl than ever. After two weeks of the everccl engagement she und reacliei the point where ahe admitted to hetw Jf thnt she long«d for the Sight of .7! n Crane, It happened thnt week that there was the "Ocuan Front Kxh bit." Some Interested projector of tin nffnir had given n number of admis Ion tickets to the Bftcretary of Brnee't frnternlty. Bmce ifava one to Jano and one to Jiw, J"ao« went n-tone-- ht t .7lni took b,J* flre-yRnr-old nlecu, Lw Ule. A bus rile, thdlllng or T.ticille, bought lAem to tlie door of the exhibition hull, und b-jforc m ny nilnutef) had pnased Lucllln'a eyes were tigoK with admlrHilon of the gn. lights tind gully decorated booth.'?. W! at took: her eye from th" first wa« n f ruer booth sot. tip to advartlno a nc vly opened elretoh of fenshore. The booth consisted of n . space twenty feet square Illled with white sum! frot tho bcacfi. At the buck wns a enriviig drop pniot- c(.l to r^settible the fur horizon of ocean nnd i-ky. Prufpeaor Jnnieii Crnnf splod not. Tpry f a r oft a booth set up by tho P"'o flsliorles. T'inre wj s - n special «R uluy showing v o r k In oyster cul- "Suppose you at iv here n few tnln- ules, I.oellU-," IIP .iiiffjjPBt ' tl. "and I'll p;fi over to ttiflt booth nnd pretty soon I'll come hack." Mennwtiilu Jane., Bonl a hnd nr- rlved. She looked nlmtit \ t snw notli- Intr tiiot cspeclull.v Inleres etl hor. SI.e nppronchflrt tho Or'-hnrd B nch exhibit nnd spied Lucille. In n set nd slie Imd (.·roiicliod down t-!«]'.Ja ))· r nnd was usklng her a dozen (gneetl ms. "Uncle .Ilin'n gone to (t ik nt eonie- t h i n x nnii left me linre," nid r.ucllle. "It's a perfect shame, ejelnimed Jnno. "He's probably f rgoltcn n i l n bout you. Y^u i.'otne \v th me. I ' l l I t a k e you home." And under her b r e a t h slio added, ''I'll t rtich Jim u leaaon." i Going home to the C 'ftne hou«e, Jnne liud nilSijlvtngF. Rh ? would, of course, bo giving James (.'i :mc a He-are, und she hat! no real right to walk oft' w i t h hia uiere. 3MII sti · would be tenchini; him n lesson, nc I the whole thing gnve her an excuse :o go to the. ' Crane hons'-. She found no ono I n ' b it the cook, so she decided to t;pond tl a remainder of the afternoon on the fir -urnls of tho Omno. place, playing with I/ncille. But she bad only played about fifteen minutes when she; snw the )ng shadow of Jim Crone speeding to ?ard her on tlio grnsn. "1 suppose yon tire porf ctl.v fvtrlona with me," aiie defended, "1 ut really -- " "Furious? Why stioult) I be furious?" queried tho profess r. "For tuklug 'Lucille n\v IJ T , It tiiuat have glv«n you a dreadfi fright, but really you otifflit to be : shamed for leaving the child tbere ni alone -- " "I knew where sha ha(' gooe," said Jim, beamjnff. "I hnd m reneon for alarm. 1 aisked the youn r woman In charjte of tho booth whe 'e tha child hnd gone end shu nald vith a lady whom Lucille seemed to t, low -- a very pretty lady." "How could you tell 'rom thnt?" asked Jane, blushing. "]Jec!juse you're the on t very pretty lady tbar. J/ucIlle and I know," said the absent-minded profes sor, looking intently i n t o June's fact Her eyes fell. Than lie took li^r U\'o lands in Ids and lie looked ;tt Jam arid Jane looked at him, and it w is perfectly obvious to hoUi C h u t (lielr engagement was renewed. , l Putting His Foot )own Curiosity-- Did you giv · your wife t h a t little- lec.tuns on e -onorny you talked about? Domesticity-- -res. Curiosity -- A n y results? Dnniestlclty-rl've got o give up smoking. Plate and Glass Is made tn two v blowing, the other by blown Rlasn, known as "\\ la not alwnys uniform In contain Imperfections, I mnrka, streaks, waned si graded accordingly, Plate ginns Is free fro faction of warpno;a, through It aro not distort costly. S|ngle-st)-ength may be used for small pa; sash. Ught-wRlj;ht pla' plghth-inch thick Is reco Btnafl windows. :iys. One by oil in);. Tlie nrtow glass," section, may ubblcB, sand rfaces and Is 11 the Imper- bjeots seen ;d, It is more ,'lndow glass es and storm j glass one- nmended for Green Asks for Beer ^ L , to Help Employment A letter from President William Green, of the American Federation, of Labor, to tho Wickernhan* Law Enforcement Commission, ap. pealing for 2.75 beer in order to quell resentment against prohibition and relieve unemployment, was placed in the Congressional Record by Representative Bacon, Republican, New York- iVoted Bunker Attacks Dry L^w Hypocrisy Colonel Grfeyson M.-P. Marphy. noted New York bunker, declared that he doesn't know a single business man, banker or railroad executive who docs not violate tho prohibition law, while teatifvine before the Houw Judiciary yotn- mittee at its hearing on modification of the Eighteenth AJMendima** Wants Senate Toga Governor John Hammlll, of Iowa, has decided to make the race fo» the Republican senatorial nomination in his state. He will endeavor to capture the seat now; occupied by Danio) F. Sterk. Diet and k/ f i l l ii uiik.iv rve -rr t- r U is A i i T U O n f\f( fit FT A IUUJ HUNT PtTEP S, HA AUTHOR Of OltT MO HCAITH" AKP'OiETrmumipRF.H I.ulu H u n t refers. M. D. Oltra DOCTOR: What Is your ·I--' opinion ot thn ultra violet rays In tha earnon arc lamps? Do those take the place of f u n s h l n e ? "MRS. W." 1 T think the purcl ase of one of the ultra violet ray much In en tor tb» home Is a wina t n v e s tment, If you realize i t H p o s a 1 bilitl'es of danger and Its 'limitations. T h s r « Is no doubt that In tlie w i n t e r , when there Is m u e h .ess s u n a h Ino. and especially In the cities whore t h e smoke a n d tog ( t o g e t h e r known ns smog) niter out 'a larffo part of then« i « y » theno l i g h t s will be beneficial. It thoukl be remembered t h a t they sh luld 1B iifiei) o n l y an pr«vcnt!V(!« of ilisettne nnd r u a i u - talners of . h e a l t h , r a t h e r t h a n as c u r a t i v e agencies. !f t h e y h a v e to b» used an c u r a t i v e agencies, they nhould be used on y by » physician vc'raSfl Iti their um:, W h e n uSeO s l m p i y as a u n s l i i n o . f n a general way, the: e lamps are beneficial. Remember that juat a« sun- Bhln« can product b u r n i n g ; , so ciui ; thene, nnd the expi sure to their rays ahouUJ b« at uorne distance a n J bc- grun for B fsw ni n u t e n a iny n m l very gradiially Increased. As the rn.j'8 are mora coin o u t rated Uiun t b * tlireet s u n l i g h t , cxpontiru shouli! n e v e r b. very lor g. I t ' la bnBt t o liave a p h y s i c i a n who u n d e r s t a n d s tbolr unc to BUpervlBO yo\i at Hi-Kt. It has been fou ui H i n t u f l f r two weeks o( concent r it eCi e x p o s u r e , tins resisting pov dr of thrt blood Is l o w - ered, no It would I ok ns t h o u g h Intervals w i t h o u t I I eir ,use w o u l d be wise--Intervals ol a woeli or so 'J'hose who h u v o i t u d i c d t i n s question believe t J i a t those . ) i j h t a should not be bought u t i era I lu»y are |.rc- m:ril)e(l by a iihj'sii Ian and d u t r t i n n s t f v « n for their us 3. No, those lamps are not as'pood sa n a t u r a l eunllfiht. for when one Is getting real R u n u h l n e he Is out of doom and i f e l t i n i : o t h e r factors-fresh air (irnJ o f b t r ray« of .(ho sun that i m p r o v e the c o n d i t i o n nivl rc- slstance. It la o n l y U) diseased con- d l t l o n s the couccntr.aled rny» n r o ncco.sxnry a:i a r r i n o d i a l agent, th:ii this would not a|.jIy. » * * Mrs. ) r .: The t e r m i n a t i o n ilia on « word moans that the condition Is an i i i l i a i i i m o l i o n . Puclitla I s n n InOatnma- lion of t h e | - l v l s of '«.· U l d n e y , that liart w h l r h f i r s t nroeivcs t h o urina Illlercd « u t from thn lilood ns K is p;is;?nd Ihrouj,'!! tin' k i d n e y structure. M ' l i i H l n i ' i i r , n n ; U ; o n nviy bf duo to x l o ; i : ; i o i i nf i r i d a m n i n l i o n of other piirt.s of i in; .inn.'iry t r a c t , or 1'rom t'Ujm's; it n i u y b" due t o Infcctioua !s::cu.»i!.i. A | i | i n r u n t l y . It .sometimes .-u-iwH hi c l i i l d r e n f r o m ;il»owin,T them Ki K i l on cold doors, f i n d c h i l l i n g . Wroji/; diet nin3 o i l i r r i j n l i y f f l e n l e h a b i t n U n i t lower Hie liridy n K i s t n u c a n u t i i r a l l y t a v o r l n ( l a m i n a l i o : i In th« hidi'.cj anil i.-lKt^vhf.-rH. Tim dl;j/rnosl.i i.i ni:id'.' by c x a n i i n n i l o n o f Uic i i r l n o . C s u u l l y t h r j child must bo put to bed nnd kn-'t quiet sir.d w.-iriii, m v o t i lrn-,-;i n m n i i l l t n oC w u t o r nml ('cult .It/lcf.v to l.ecp tll» u r i n « coiuoir.! ' i n d n n n acid. Some* !iim.'K m ( . ' d i c : i l i i t i H i i i c pi'Oi-iTlhfd. U u r | i : i i ! i p l d i ' i on Kidiw.-y and Blnd- dcr Ui:uir.JM.' l u k ' - ; * u p o t h o r disorders nt t h e u r i t i i i r y t.-art H-'e col» u n i t ) ruU'.s for obtaiiiin:; t'li:. 1 . i · » « M. f t P. : Do y o u r br-!i! i n f o r ^ ^ t t h a tro'.ilik:.''! at yo\\f c'uildiiood. Rouli/.u t l i i i t your f r i t ; n . - r . l o r non»« r«;/iorj, W;R not m e n t a l l y ri ; h t , and MO WUM uii!u.v)iinlsl)U; for iii.-- i t f t l o n s , n f i d bi»'irhiirlt!)).)!o. H I;' o n l hy ins t i l l s u l t i t u d c t h n t y o u w i l l g e t over t):,.-, !.·· hie i n j u r y . . Mrs. J . : O u r p/impl'.let. o n I I ; o f \ V o i n o r i ' t i v v M t h e borne t r e a t m e n t for H i n t t=!;;;lit J, : ."t.-h;n:;'- you ppcalt of. I'tlitor'r. -\V/i»: Ur. rvt'er"! r n n n o t · ii)i':nosc tun' ^!v- p r i r M o n n l nlvjr», Y o u r (luc^'.ioiifi. If ol' K I % n!rHl il tcrc-.'-'t, w i l l bf'il In (lie o f l \ i m n m t h e i r t u r n . I V i j U P F t s ror tirtl Men o r piimiihtcC' on li.'iml l y r i M I"' nccom- piuiiei! l)y n f u l l y! M'fteod, stannip'5 e ? n v f . l i ) [ c . iilus- i h a foUt.iwln« :uoaH . r h ; i n ; f to b - l | j r o v e r '.'or.t ot p f i n i l n s :n'.! h.-uidiir;r: tor each .·irtlcl'i w a r i n - i l . nv« c-fnt.n in win: for ·lai'li i:iui|('rtlet t ' ' i i f c i r . n in i-oin.'Tl)'» l e t B are Hcducin.ii and Gaining, a ot Women, Kidney ir,(t Itladdrr Dinord.-r.i. A d t i r c p s Dr. I'ctpra. !n cnrn of t h i s fapcv, Write le;;;bl,", ami cor over iJO »or(!;. w » * LINDBERGH, COOLIDGE POSE AGAIN Harking back t ) the day that Colonel Charles LltHHi :r,:;h returned from his opochfl New York to Paris flight to bo (ireolcd by n prcsi-' dent and to pore beside him for cameramen, the two pose again at Los Angeles. 'Clio'photo was snapped as Colonel Lindbergh called on forme i' President Cooluigc at liir, I.os Angeles hotel. Wife Preservers Advice to Girls By ANNIE 1AUKIE Deposed Spanish Dictator in ITfc Zipper fastenings on children's play suits help them to fasten ttaelr own clothes. Ittack Dry taw to Restore State's Powers I am a boy ot eighteen. I am going- with a girl I !ov». She Is of a different church My mother rtoesn't want me t so w?.h her but I am going: wlti hw now and hftvo b«en (or four months atea/Jily. 1 don't want to |ult her, 1 lovo her too much. Pleas* toll me w h a t I should do. W. O. S. W G. 8.: This la comethlng that you must f l « l i t out tor yourself. Although tra/litiqn frownrt upon the wladora of narrUtsre wb«rn there IB a difference of religious belief. H would ba fo;ly to say that «ucb morrlaeres do not ofti»n t u r n out very ·iicceanf n! y. Very often the man or womaji adoptn thft religious belief of thn other, nrirl tbu matter is amicably nettled/ And ;»i your life la e your o w n to make o^- rnar, you mtiat b« rulded by your own mind In this In portant matter. William H. Stayton, chairman of the board of directors of the Association Against Prohibition, demanded the repeal of the Eighteenth Amendment, leaving each Btate free to permit or prohibit liquor, as it may choose, in an anti-dry attack before the Hous« Committee. .^^ 1 J * " ft . t «M, "^ pjH' r Primo da Rivera, until recently the dictator of Spain, pictured in Paris, where ha went after resigning hia dictatorship. Da Rivera will spend quite some time in thii French capital, shopping and resting after his arduous duties tal Spain. , .

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