The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 8, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Saturday, June 8, 1918
Page 8
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j PAGE EIGHT. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. PA. SATURDAY, JUNE S, 1918. f~++^r*f *++.*· CAN'T BEAT "TSZ" WHENFEET HURT "Tiz" for wr, Tired, Fuffed-up, Aching, Calloused Fc-et or Corns. TO THE INTERESTS OF THE STUDENTS, The time has come for a few of the (By IJstella Wilson.) To the Senior Class o.f 191S: school when they must begin to pre- Now thai your work "at C. H. S. is ended, we, who fill your vacant places, direct this word of farewell to you Being the flr=, class to grudnate from our new nuildmg you mark a new era "Sure! ! u»e TIZ* every time for any foot trouble." SBJilOK ITEMS. (By Myra Conway.' Wednesday morning the Seniors ·ang their class song from the stage of the auditorium. Louis oimons, president of the Senior clas s. also five an excellent talk to the rest of tfe 'school, telling them of the part they were expected to play in the fu- pare for a new Commencement, ume is the ·beginning' oC this new era. and it is looked forward to by eager students who have gone this Car in their pursuit of ^nre generation. Mr. Smifli announced | knowledge and are probably the only .those who will graduate and the honor j ones who can realize this situation, t£udeats. FUrst honor went to Law- I and even they do not get Us f u l l ren.ce Hol:onib, Trho we all think, j meaning and significance until the WAS deserving o'f it, as Lawrence was | a card, worker and a friend of all. 3*cond honor went to SaraL % "West. Sarah certainly earned H, for sbe, too, ' was a hard worker. In the commercial department Lawrence Weaver took first honors and Anna Cojne second. Lawrence Holcomb also re- jeiYej. the Rensselaer gold oudal for highest and mathematics. ;rade in science ...-Ttie calendar for commencement -week will. followsi ~ Class day, "Liberty Pageant/ Satur- ·iS»y, June 14. - Baccalaureate sermon, Sunday, June ? 5 Class play, Monday, June Ifi. · C^ass exercises, Tuesday, June 17. , Graduation principals: Valedictory. Lawrence Holconib. Salutatory, Sarah Ester "West Oration, Lavrrence "Weaver. in the educational city. You have placed a solid fouri- ' dation of achievements up which fu- You can be happv-fooicd 11 a mo-1 ture classes may well build. You arc \ ment. use "Tjz" and n e \ e r suTer with a u n i q u e class m that you are the first j tender, raw, burning, blistered, swol- j last few day;; of school. Then they to graduate since our country's active len, tired, aching foot "Tit" and only ; have laid before them the choice of I participation in this war, in which we t "Tiz" takes the pain and soreness out , either going 'orward in life and bettering themselves or turning to a different path which m tlio end will lead them nowbere. The Juniors who have gone this far realize that ihe well trained man or \\oman must be an educated pei-son, and they have therefore sifted our. those who will go forward and ihose who wi:l drop out. The are the champions' of liberty, justice and equality fnr all people. Some of your number are already in the service of our country and others soon will bo doing their parts. Those of you -vho do not find your paths of duty leading to the fields of France will labor in America and do your part towards making the world afe for democ- Junior year :n High school is more f racy. "We, too. have our parts to per- or lesb a turning point ior the great majority :£ students, and those who have decided to stay and go forward will never regret the step they have taken. Tae Sophomores are still to be cpavinced^yei they feel that an education is something tiat is of value to them and should not be lost. They are watching their older schoolmates I and will determine their future by what they see them do. The Freshmen form, even though it is only going to school. And now. Seniors and classmates, tlie class of 1919 bids you fare- \vell, hoping that your efforts may be crowned with success, acd knowing that wherever you go you will always look back with pleasant memories to your days m C. H. S. CLASS OP 1910. .Mr. Smith has something new to -- to take life m a more serious man- -The- class officers of 1918 are as} ner and many of their number will follows: President, Louis Simons; j fall out before the- year Is over. Some ,T§ce president. Gertrude Rhodes; sec-, may not be able to .help themselves; 'jetarr, Margaret Wilhelm; treasurer, others may not see the value of an 'jjpmer Penrod. education; but those who do and who j^ -- · ) go forward will soon realize tiie lolly __ All the Senior final examinations j of losing a high school education and W»re finished Tuesday of this week, j the great help and aid it will bring to -- i them in their later years. . fc We have an honor student this year | C. E. K. whose average is above %; also 10 j ·· *-- fronor'students whose averages are j Jronday afternoon a war lecture, above 90. Hov many high schools j enlltledi » Wake Up , America." was have just started and are ready f o r ; worry about: "Will the Juniors of anything. They have not yet learned 17-1S ever become ctfgnified enough to beat tods record? SOPHOMORE ITEMS. (By Dorothy McClaren.1 Good luck from '20 to '18. The High delivered to the high school students , by J. H. Dowlmg, who was here in behalf oC the Navy League. Several motion pictures weve shown-, giving a vivid portrayal of the devastation in ^School has been the threshold at i Belglum and France caused bj . tbc ·which you, as happy students, have | Gennan invaders. During short iater- Jingered for four years, and now, with . missions popular war songs were thoughtful, more serious faces, you go , Qasjied upon ^ screen, accompanied o«t to take your places in th affairs by 5te reopticon pictures of the war, Of life. As you go you have with you ! and were sung wi:h much cnthusjasm the best wishes of the class of '20. by tho studcnts . Mr . DO w Hag's lec- e prophecy that you will set as high * standard in your life's .work as you have maintained in your school work. mad thus set an example worthy oC our ·mulatloa. ^Th* Sophomores, the pride of the ' ' school, Are bright, as a general rale; ' Alas! Shed your tears, They have two more years, Tlfith never a moment to fool. , After school on "Wednesday, Mr. Smkfe gave the Sophomores a very ture was shortened to a great, extent by the lack of time. Don't . 35 toe class play, "The Time of H:s Life," or you will be missing the time of "your" life. It will be worth going to see as they are go-^. j ing to have something bigger and bet] ter this year than ever before. j profitable talk. The purpose of the talk was to advise us to choose our course for next year with more care than we have ever exercised before. Pechin. :r®CHIN, June 5.--The members of the Connellsville G. A. R. post were .guests of Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Minerd at a dinner last Saturday given at tixcdr home near PecMn in honor of 3fjC~ Minerd's 76th birthday, Mr. lllnerd being a member of that post. They had a most delightful time, with " royal feast. Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Jlinexd and ilr. and Mrs. Calvin Inks «f Connellsville, the former being a Ma and the latter a daughter of Mr. JCfnerd. were present that th« ladies fnjght assist Mrs. Minerd with the djtoner. A characteristic speech by Colonel J. J. Barnhart, and a solo, "Sly Trundle Bed," by J. G. Hicks, ·ww-6" features of the day.' Among tbose present were Rev. John Lam- 1)«rtson, Rev. W. H. Gladden. W.-P. CUrk. E. Dunn, Henry Kurtz. W. H. flhaw. J. G. Hicks, Martin B. Pope, CT W. Pyle and Silas Grimm. ,-Harry McClain entertained a num- ·bir of his friends at a big groundhog 1 1ylth H Y(m Csn instantly Believe and lumber distribution. Mr. Darnell is a contracting carpenter. Mrs. Ray Hoising of Keffer's station was visiting her friead, Mrs. Ray Fowler at Greensburg, last Wednesday. Mrs. Fowler was formerly Miss Carrie Miller of Keffer's station. James Gillespie, who nas been quite seriously ill for the past month, is making but little improvement. The Red Cross held a very enjoyable and successful meeting at the home-of J. B. Senor of Keffer's station, last week. Mr. and Mrs. William Bricker and children of Brier Hill, were recent visitors of Pechin friends and relatives. They came do"wn and returned in their auto. Try our classified advertisements. MEDICINE CHEST FOR ONLY 30 CENTS dinner at his home near Ferguson. l^e had secured (o'ur fine groundhogs , Saturday and had two of them roasted . and the otkqr.-used in a potpie. Those , Tain Caused by Barns, Scalds, Cuts nnd Bruises. A jar of San Cura Ointments costs but 25 cents and if it doesn't do every- it «erk:| Mrs. Sarah J. Holland, i , . .. , ... ^* j thing this newspaper article- says it L ~ will do, the Laughrey Drug Co., Connellsville, and the Broadway Drug Co., rs. Henry Cole, vir. and Mrs- Isaacf'Gole. W. D. Blacka, Mr. Kid Mrs. Blaine Provance and son James, "William Patterson and Mrs, "S. aTM? H"^^- i »TM-^ *"«· " ^ °~' TM- were over Sunday Scottdale, wi back. It relieves bleeding, give you your money itching and of fte"latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Miller of Keffer's staUon. Mrs. Sarah J. Holland has returned from a month's visit with her daugh- ' ning and fever sores, no matter how stubborn or hopeless. It is an antiseptic ointment that begins to heal the minute it is applied. w It is one of the finest remedies ever bo the Seniors of 18-19?" What will C. H. S. do next year without Mr. Woodhead, Mr. Oiler and Mr. Dikeman?' The latest fad of the girls in high school is to carry fans. Junior -- "Won't you please tell me how to be a good Senior?" Senior -- "Don't chew gum, don't talk in class, don't skip, don't -- 'well, don't do anything ou shouldn't do and do everything you would like to do." The Junior commercials were to give the Senior commercials a party at Shady Grove Thursday nigiit, but it was called off on account of the weather. -- i Mr. Smith save tho Juniors a of corns, callouses and bunions. As soon as yo 1 ! put j n u r feet in a "Tiz" bath, you just feel the happrcehs «oaking m. Hov good o u r poor, old feet ted. They want to dance for joy. "Ti?z" is grand. "Tiz" instantly draws out all tho,poisonous exudations which puff up your feet and cause sore, inilamed, aching, sweaty feet. Get a 25-ccnt bo^: of "T-/.".at any drug store or department store. Get instant foot relief. Laugh at foot sufferers who complain. Because your feet aro nevel. never going to bother or make you limp any mote.--Adv. ' NEWS OF THE DAY AT ML PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Borough Will Bring Suit to JUecover for Poor Street Paving. PLAN TO CELEBRATE THE FOURTH Patriotic Lesurnc Takes the SLatter In ' Jlnml and 1 ill ou Xcxt Friday, Etenlni; 'ame CoromXtewf on Ob- | servunce oi the Xntioual Holiday. | Special to Th« Ouricr. MOUNT PLEASANT, June S -Eugene Warden, borough solicitor, , has been instructed by tie borough talk ! council to bring suit against the Globe on choosing their subjects more wise-! Indemnity company^ which ly for next year. Election cards were : l b e Holmes also issued. Let as take to heart Mr. Smith's advice and choose our course thoughtfully. Construction company when it paied Bast Washington street with "Dollar W»y " The street was to be made good if it went bad inside of five years and since months more ] before that time the borough has 'been trying to force the company to ! make good their contract, hut the one Is Bill Harry trying to imitate Mr member oE the firm who bought out HavlVand or is he forced to wear that , the company refuses ID pay any at"Jersey Cloth" suit? Not long ago there came a pebble to ! tention to the matter. i Garage JlAbbed, On Thursday night the Armbrust Patronize those who advertise. Dawson. Stone's, now there is a chip at Wood- forage on the comer of Diamond nnd head's. They're ootb Boy Scouts, too. Washington streets was brokon open I and $10 worth of supplies were taken i from the ofnce. Flnmiiiic for Fourth. The Patriotic Iveague held a moot- | ing at the borough building last evening to lay plans for the Fourth of July celebration. The new officers, President C. B. Engle, vice President Ernest Copolaud. Secretary T. 0. Anderson and Treasurer M. 0. Hopwood took their places A meeting w i l t be held nnxt Friday evening when committees will be named to make arrangements for the celebra- DAWSON, June 7.--Trainmaster M. A. Smhh of thePittsbnrg Lake Brie, was a Dicfcerson Run caller Thursday, i com.poi.nded for boils, carbuncles, ul- t«r. Mrs. Ray Cole of Butler. She an- ! compou-ueu i°r DOIK,, caruu.^i^ u - .!,(,*.»,,, ,,--,*,,,, .,,,-» ,,nt,i »«,, "rs, eczema, salt rheum, teller, chil- " '· Don't neglect your eyes. See Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, ]05 South Pittsburg street, Connellsville.--Adv. William Gillespie o£ East Liberty. was a Pittsburg visitor Friday. Mrs. Arthur Fieldson of DJckerson Run, was visiting friends Thursday. ^[r. and M-r-;. A. Van Horn ha\e received letters from their son Theodore of his arrival In France They received two letters, yesterday, one dated May 5, written on board the transport, ami the other May 14, written from France. He is well and in good health and says it is a fine country. The Woman's Work society of tlie Presbyterian church held the regular monthly meeting last evening, being entertained by Miss Alpha French at her home in East Liberty. Luncheon was served. John and William Landymore were Pittsburg visitors Tburifday. S. A. Coughenour was a business caller at Connellsville Thursday. .Miss Lillian Strickler entertained her Sunday school class Thursday evening at her home jn East Liberty. Mrs. William Parkhill is the guest of friends and relatives m Pittsburg. The Oglevee McChire company are building a number of lumber sheds on their -grounds, which were recently destroyed by fire. Harry Jones visited his sister, Mrs. Boston George Gnien this week. He is home St. Louis . furlough. He is stationed at i Brooklyn . tion to be held here. Other New. Mr. and Mrs. Edward King of East Washington street arc the proud parents of a son born yesterday, Twenty-nine of the Protected Home Circle went to Latrobe on Wednesday evening and visited the Latrobe circle. Mrs. Arthur Page and son, Merrill. arc visiting Mr. and Mrs. King at New Kensington. LKA6UK. 1'estfrday's Kesnlls. All games postponed; ram. Chicago New York. · of the Clnbs. - W. L. 28 12 38 13 Pittsburg - __ , ___ Philadelphia _ 23 18 18 --18 Pet .700 .683 .523 .439 .429 .416 .35; This seasonable merchandise of good ? dependable quality needed every day. Many departments are represented. Dainty Summer Neckwear "\VhHp Washable Satin, k'eorgclle crrpe, filet and organd collars -- attractive stjles -- i:f 7.1c to $'1.50 cacb. Women's Silk Hose Dependable qualities 'n including brown and tan, $2.50 a number of shades, at $1.25, 51.7.% $2/25. Women's Silk Gloves A b e : a^sor-inc'il in w h i t u and color 1 ; with contrasting t - m h r p i f t p r j -- ;it $1.25. M-50. $1.75 pair. Toilet Goods Dainty and lasting p e r f m r e s and Toilet Waters including both best French and domefatic*makefa. Bathing Caps In pay and attractive colors, some plain -- some bow t r i m m e d , -- at 25c and ."Or- each. Service Flags Silk, cotton and w o o l Flags with one or two stars ,all sizes,-- af 8»r to 91-flO each. Soldier Kits Soldiers' khaki-ccvered Comfort Kits, waterproof, either complete 01 to be filled, -- at S2.00 l $5.00 each. Social Stationery Latest ideas of Eton, Crane and Piko in white and all suitable shades,-- at 40C to $5.00 box, Or- derb left hero for social engraving of highest order are promptly and carefully executed. Children's Parasols Children's Parasols in various popular sizes -plain colors or f a n r j demgns -- with silk loops on handles -- »t 25o to $1-50 ouch. Linen Towels Irish Linen Huck Towels, soft f.nish, -with hem- s.jichc*d bordeis.--at $1.50 t^i $2.00 eocli. Women's Colored Umbrellas Colored Silk Uirbrclias in green, purple, brown and blue w i t h satin boidort, and silk loops or \ cry smart Bone ring on handles,--at ?G to $10. Minerva Yarn In al.-siJk. a l l - w o o l and silk-mixed, showing all the nc.v bright shades suitable for Summer swea'crs,--at 55c to 75c IwU. .Minerva K h a k i arc] Cmord yams for army and navy,--at 5(c and (')' ball. Embroidery JO-mcb Sviass all-over Embroidery in small de- sjprns .suitable for waists and dresses,--at $1.75 and $2.00 yard. 27-inch Organdy Embroidery Flouncing for children's dresbes.--at S2.00 yard. Porch Cushions Beautiful cretonne porch cushions in assorted floral designs,--at $1.00 nnd $1-50 euclu Knitting Bags A new assortment, nf cretonne knitting bags in racny colors and styles,--at S5c to $3.00. Foulards 40-inch printed Silk Foulards :n navy, taupe, black and plum backgrounds with white and colored desiyns,--at $iMU) and $3.00 yard. Dolls A flne lot of those popuiar character dolls ·which every kiddae loves. Trices $1.00 to each. Cat-Price Sale of COATS, SUITS and DRESSES One lot Ladies Sold Regularly One lot Ladies' Sold Regularly One lot Ladies' Sold Regularly One lot Ladies' Sold Regularly One lot Ladies' Sold Regularly One lot Ladies' Sold Regularly 'Suits up to $39.75 .. 1 Suits up to $49.75 .. Coats up to $33.75 .. Coals up to $49.75'.. Dresses up to $22.50- Dr esses up to $29.75.. $28.50 $38.50 $28.50 $38.50 $14.95 Gold Bond Stamps Pay 4% on Every $100 You Spend--Save Them. Ucipates remaining here until after the berry season. , blains. chapped hands or face. Price , Patronize those who advertise. 'Mrs."I TlSher has returned ,o ^ ^ 60c »" * 1 ' 2 ° * ^ "= for rough, tender skm and to j- acquire a fine complexion, use San Cura Soap (25 cents). Thompson Medical Co., Titusville, Pa,--Adv. h»r"home at Pechin after a several weeks' visit with relatives in. West- j ^ taoreland county. ^"Jlrs. William Hardy of Evans sta- tfoa. whose husband has gone to C»mj Lee, has moved her furniture to die home of her mother. Mi*. Ellen pmlttey of P«chin hill, where she will f«n*in until the return of her hus- tMUKL -'3en y. Keffer is back again in high Mool after a month's illness with mM3l«s and attendant aOm-enis, -Miss iila Soldering of Morrell, is )wcfc: at her work again in the office It-the mln! of the United Firs Brick Mfmpany at l^ergtison, after having GETS FRENCH MEDAL Cousin of 3Uss Anna Hood Tvrica Decorated for Gallantry. A letter received by Miss Anna Hood of Isabella Road from a cousin ·who has been serving in the French army since the beginning of the -war and who was previously decorated with "La Croix De Guerre," a French medal given for bravery, saying that he has again been decorated You will get comfort and style if I examine your eyes and at your glasses. Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South Pittsburg street, Conneilfi- ville.--Adv. INCREASES SUGGESTED Only lij That Means Tun Pastors Tic Held in }fany Vlaces. At the business session of ths Pittsburg Baptist association which convened Thursday in the First Baptist church, Pittsburg, it was suggested that the salaries of pastors be increased as a means of preventing important pulpits from being vacated because they did not pay sufficient jadergone a successful operation at a , or Dr!1Terv wnlle with a patrol that money for the pastors to support their Today's Schedule. Pittsburg at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Boston. Chicago at Philadelphia. St. Louis at New York Real Money Can Be Saieil by ITaiing Your Hat Cleaned , and Reblocked into the Latest Shape by our Experienced and Expert Hat Cleaner, wlio makes a special study of all Panama work. We use no acids and guarantee a 1 ! our work to be the best. Established 1900. Tk American Up-to-Date Mat | Cleaning Parlor 1 J. I. PEKKVS, Proprietor. 2 111 *V. Crawford A v e , ? CONNEIJ-SVILUL, PEN.N'A. QKEHS HKIEXA OF ITALY AS A KED CROSS SUIiSE. No More Guesswork when you bake. No ruined paatrjrjGi poorly done bread, no wasted Kjatsri* -- no worry, because of wrong ovex regulation. Get A Direct Action Oven Thermostat and measure the heat as easily as you measure milk in a pint cup. You simply set tile Temperature Wheel and obtain any degree of oven beat that the receipt calls for. AJEERICAN LEAGUE. 1'csterdiiy's Results. Chicago 2; Philadelphia 1. Detroit 4; Washington 0. New York 1; St. Louis 0. Cleveland 14, Boston 7. Boston PHtaburg hospital, requiring an ab-1 capiured several German imperial )MC« of several weeks. Miss P.earl j guaj^g **er w*s subetitutmg for her dnnng f ^g ' patrol was raiding a itr -abflence.' _ trench. ' Arthur Kennedy of Ferguson, has jbid his aati to Jasper Darnell of }reendHusc. who has converted it j If Toe "Want Something Advertise for it in our classified col- ivho track for use hi coal oauling omn. One cent u. -word. families. Mew York -Chicago Cleveland St. Louis j Washington _ Standing of the Clubs. W. L. 28 18 ._2S 18 22 --24 _ 20 fiev. TViHrar Nelson, E. F. Hess and | Philadelphia B. B. Martin of the First Batist church Detroit are attending the sessions. 16 Who to Patronize. Merchants who advertije- their good The Dally'Courier Pet .609 .591 .564 .511 .183 .457 .390 .368 Today's Schwinlo. Philadelphia at Chicago. Washington at Detroit. J Boston at Cleveland. New York at St. Louis. Distinguished The Title . Trust Company of Western Pennsylvania is justly distinguished for j its strong standing and directorate. Its Directors are men of ability and successful | standing in the com- ; munity. Its officers are experienced, competent and able in the performance of every duty. Accounts subject to check are invited. This is '.he first portrait to reach the Umttx! Slates, s'lonirc: Queen Helena of Ita] in her costume as a Red Cross nurse She has endeared herself l j the people of Italy by her work in tin- hospitals for tlu' so filers,, and is po|' jarl known as the most nob.e patroness of tie Red Cross. le(j-oit nnd Cleveland 'ai. Co. Lain Ijine^-. j Railway tra\elerb \\ il. find an agreeable variation 1.1 t r a \ e l f i o m , botli Eastern and Western points b y ' using the D. C line I'ruu ('le\elaii(l to Detroit and Uulfalo to Detion nnd returr.. Railway tickets arc iionoicd o\er these hce^ Ask ticket agents ' to route them via D. , C. Lnio steamers. The two Giant Sleimers of Utc Gioat Lakes, the City of Detroit III and ihe City of C l e v e l a n d 111. operate daily betw eon Detron and Buffalo i Steamprs We 0 !^]^ Slates and Last- em S'ates operate daily between Detroit and Cleve'and.--Adv. , F. 1. EVA5S KSTATK, Both Phones | Himtlni: Bargains 1 i If so, read* our advertising columns , CHICHKTERSPILLS ,S-£jlJ*\ J^anlAak r^ir lr^Sffor /\ £( n^kM ChI-«lie»-t«rB01»nion«fSKin(i/A\ S ^\339*. FHUlt. Red aod Goldt nuS^fcXV/ * ^.bonAV k F H U l n Rr* and C^M i..^^.,,.. J lxie*. scsJcd_ wuh _B ue Ril.bon. 1 SOLD BV DfiUQGISTS BEBYWBEBf ,! EVERYTHING COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure, ASK FOR OUR SPECLVL CLUB . BFJ2AFAST AND SUNDAY DINNEH, "Our PrLStries Are Delicious Because They Are Homemade." NEXT DOOR TO WEST PBNN WAITING ROOM.

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