The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 20
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 20

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 20
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J J AGE TWENTY. DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVJ LLE, PA. W E D N E S D A Y . F F . R T i r A U Y '2\. Ml I, K- A O f l Jf UTJB MA RTY -B¥- 'Wprthelmer Motor Co., W. Crawford Avenue. WHY, WIL.LI6, ft He'-JE's YOUR SHES GOT RI DING- W S T H MARTY I N T H A r C Y CLOSED CftR HE Jl/ST G-OT WERTHEIMER / MOTORTM '' I'JliS Essex Coach _ 1928 Efscx Coupe $450 $450 The i mn w h o ' s just b o u g h t one of our tiainlsoino closed models will find his h a r - i n s t job is keeping his f a m i l y at horn; ! 1927 Hudson Coach 1928 Hudson Brougham ... $275 $550 Science Aids Afflicted \ outh Doctor Fri'ci I,. Zettol, of Cincinnati, Ohio, inventor, h - p i n g a eross- «yed lad ' o c u r e his affliction. The doctor's new d -vice conaists of a fixed base on %vhich is mounted an octag-on fra DC w i t h little lamps pla.-cd in the corners. The subject's head fits in the center of the frame at a distance far enough away to enab! him to catcb the lijfht lashes as rapidly as they occur. for Longer Lasting--Better Satisfying The Greatest Offer EVER MADE TO Thrifty Tire Buyers! To i i i those old llrt-s mean only ta-oiiblfl»-iMiiictun?s, blowouts, perhaps even serious »ic- tldonts. But to us--your junk -tiros are worth money, regardless of their condition. "We operato a small plant hero in whk-h w uno your w-ornoiit cusinirs to make «-orI Iilmvout piitclies, skived shoes, reliners, etc. \Vo even sell the old rubber In ear- load Inis to an Akron reeluim- Vraukly, thai is tlie reason we can profitably allow you such largro credit- on your n»ed-uj» tires, even tl oiifrli they le COM.- I'LKTKLV V O U N OUT. Ride fh s.ifety. Don't tnke. chances on -winter's slippery roads willi smooth tiros. Drive around; ivc will equip your eiir with hhfli-iread, road-biting Mlfhellns, 1 mders in the tire world for o er Sii yeiirs--better, built, longe --wearing 1 , more sut- JsfyJng. 'OTE: These Are the Keg-nln · 2-YEAR BONDED MICHELINS \'ou ,ire able to 1my them at prices even LOWK !t tlinn chain titorcs or mail order houses, with their big overhead expense, afford lo sell theiii, t'ompnre! Here Ar» Mlcbelin's Tratlo-In Prices: 2J)x-t 2i)x4 29x-l »0x4 "28x4 2ix-l *{0x-l 29 x; ;j)x?i aix;. J5 1 X * 28x5 .40 .,40 ,50 .50 .75 .75 7 ") !«! .00 .00 .25 .50 lU- lI. H. 11. H. ir. 11. JI. H. 11. II. (1. H. JI. P. !* » i). ( I i i r» :i! i 5 .1).' -- S i. i). i). i. 8 j ) i) .1)1 .94 .87 .67 .OS .»!) .87 18 .47 1). lO.ltf i. 10.3;} 1). 1 1.04 I). ! 11 1). I t .87 .45 / Tires Mounted Free 2 9 x » 3 Ox" .50 .50 30x11.00 31x6.00 82x0.00 83x6.00 SO 1 *! 8i ?i S2^.-1 »8-c4 :i2c4 33 v4 M t4 ao * if, r ^ l /2 /^ H. If. H. H. H. H. H. 11. H. 11. M. 11. 11. II. T. 1). 1). 1). 1). 1). 1). i! i). i). ]. i». $11.5)0 12-KJ 12.78 12.97 18.28 18.71 - nf ibiak 10.91 11.47 14.98 15.28 15.78 I). | .18.28 3 WAYS OF BUYING M (CHELINS (I.) You mil) buy yoiir tires for Cash. (S.) . . . or, on n regular (5-week Clinrtre Accoiint. (8.). . . . or, on mir Ksisy I'aynient I'luu, payments to bo rtuulo every two »veeks, in many instniiees niiiiiunUiif,' to us low us SS cents weekly, Hiiintr ihis (] ( j u n l i t y tire out of Jjieome is -asier und more ecu- not lieu! (linn lit)iii!f cheap tires lor rash. There is no red tope attached to our credit *eriee. r At Foot of Bridge 302 West Crawford Avenue. INCREASED SPEED DID NOT .AFFECT AUTO FATALITIES Dons Male Attire at Strike Breaker's Bi» r R a t i o Shows Decrease Ic- spllc Raising L i m i t to 40 Miles. H A R H J S r U F R G , Fell. 26--1 the iiutoi.'iobllo sp(H! Umtt from 35 to ' I -10 miles tier hour had no offert on tho ! n u m b e r if !eallui and Injuries in auto- ; | mobile juictdc'HlF in I'enritfj I v a n i a liust ; ' yc.'ar, according to !!eiija:j)iu (.!, Kyuon, , i Motor Vehicles Oommskmer. i j "Thld Is in Hiio with my often re- j j peatad assertion that 8ie*d in itsolf in i j not dan5-orous," KytKm (said. "Durinx ! i the your 1928 the tiumbor of i ilcunses i'sBiicl in P f r n n e y l v n n l a · l,004,25ii. Jn 11)29 thfe Hgun: was i u - j j cruuB-H.l to l!,Or7,OS5. Tho 1029 r;gis- ; 1 tratiou ,VJXH o l K l i t p^r ynt greater t h a n ; | t h a t at t h e preceding year. Tlie b u r - ; eiu oi .'otal tilat!*uit'H in the Stats} !).'- , partmu:it f I l t - a l t h ropocm Unit In i I UI2B, 2-jJSU motor vohk'lu fatalities oi ; ' purred. The b u r e a u ' s wordy for all : oi 192!' have not yet IHMH tabulated. but the dentils laet year, it SH hellevctl. I w i l l approximate 2,'JtZ:, or an iticn.'.ii«c · j of l^ss t h a n i'i{;ht |(-'i- i.'t'nt ovor tlu*c ! of tho jircvlonri your. | "It w i l l lo miUid." eaid Commit;-' sol nor Rynf.m, "that UK* percentage o f ; lucres so Hi fatalities wa« a p p a r e n t l y : not B gr«:iU a* t h a t f tho HHTWW* in : th-o u ' i n i b o r of operator;1 ." j J.x.'pkilaturM now in to-' ; ion in var- · ions states are coimiderini; tho a d v i i i - ' j ibllitv of r«.is1n{r m a x i i n u i n Hpcwt i limit; . A iiwmbor -of «taiw have no ; ! legal Bpood l i m i t , arid only t h a t i j vehl Ics too op«nUfxl w i t h proper r o - j | e»rd for other tralTlo on the h i g h w a y , ! and -width, and conditions f oxlsl'inR. i Cl;us«)iiel by sp«'d l i m i t s tho etrttoH ! of the Union are as follows : | No speed Hniit--ConiKji-ticut, M i c h i - ; gan und Montana. ' j Twenty inik'fi--Maowichtifiett*)-. i Twenty-two miles--Oifitrict of Co!- \ umbia. Tvs-onfy-ftve mllne -- Mifeourl and | South Dakota. i Thirty miles--Now York, Tenne-Bfirp, i j Dtah, Vermont and "Wisconsin. j Thirty-five miles--Arizona, Colo-· rido, ArkruifiaK, Delaware, ItHUio, I Hi- , noia, Maine, Minnwotri, Nebraska, N e w ] HatTlpehlre, New Mexico, North Dakota, | O h o , Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhodtt Island, j Texas, Virginia, Wcat Virginia aixl Wyoming. Ann Psdor taken into custody a« she ittompts a vialt to th( bier of her i ead boy friend whilfi dwruised in her brother's clothna. 'Pha pri i friend, "William Dreishold, aged 24, was »hot by a policenian ciarin · taxlcib strike riots at Pittsburgh, ?a. Mia» Fedor is said to 'nave lo ned him her brother's, car so that he could do a frao-ls.ncojtasir.ab Jb' Meyersda!: --Mrs. W. CH-Otubers of her bridge- -lu.b Monday .- at her homo In Noi-ih stri* .. Refresh- .Vorty miles--California, Oorgta, In- [ morn.a wero served after i i.e gaino.' diana, Iowa, Knn«aa, Kentucky, Mary-J Mur.^ii'tst Hosttstl r laid, Misalselppi, Now ,lorey, Perm-' Bylvania and, Wrrfhington. Forty-flv-o miles--Albania, Florida, ly ontorlaincfl tho Teac .era' BrWgo f ' l u b on A!oad\iy evening. Throo Uvblen woro brought in Xor the j anios awl at. Nevada, North Carolina and j tlio conoluHion a dainty two course S-julh Carolina. Confluence CONFLUENCE, Feb. 2(5.--.Mrs. William RomesTmre; oC Fart Hill was a visitor with frleucla in town yesterday. Charles Criss of Soinorfleld was in town yesterday transacting business. Tho many friends of E. R. Hegrgs Avill bo glad to learn that he is improving from a very severe illrriCHB. Ross Leuhart, tho w e l l - k n o w n merchant o.f Ijistonburg, was a business visitor in town yesterday. Webster Friend of SelbysporL, Md., was hero on Iris return trom PJtts-burR 1 where he had been willed on. account o£ tlie of a relative. Mrs. J. C. Ramsey of New Philadelphia, Ohio, who is 'Tecupcratingf from a severe illness at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Y o u n k i n hero, accompanied by nor mother visited the hospital in PilUrtWTg recently lor f u r t h e r treatment after having been in the hospital for several we-eka beCore coining hero. James C. lleod has returned to his work in l-'lttsburg after a visit w i t h hi.'i family here. David Matthews, who is employed by the American Bridge Company at Rochester, after a visit with his family here has returned to his work. Bridgeport BRIDGEPORT, Feb. 2(J.--Mr. and Mrs. diaries Finch and family of Now Kensington spent I ho weeic-cml with the former's mother, Mrs. J. Q. 'Finch. M e r r l t t MeCloy, a s t u d e n t of Gcrttys- burg College, spent the week-end w i t h his parentH. Mr. and Mrs. J. J. MeCloy. Mr. and Mrs. Ray MeCloy and c h i l d r e n were visiting Mr. ami Mrs. Don- aM Harbaugh and f a m i l y of Connellsville on Sunday. Mr. antl M:-H. George Smith and daughter. Doris, spent Sunday evening w i t h Mr. and Mrs. JSmanual Jiaker. Mr. and Mrs. F. R. Dilis of Scottdalo were also Sunday gue.sts of Mr. and Mrs. Baker. Mine Workers .Meet March 10. I N D I A N A P O L I S , Kcb. 215.--The international executive- board of i ho U n i t e d Mine. W o r k e r s of America last, night issued a call for a c o n v e n t i o n to be held here, opening M a r c h 10. It may deal with t h e rebellion of Illinois meui-bcra. WOH .:)5rV'Mi Amo«K the rola lives w to were here to attend the funar;U of .ho Jato Sarah MoiTi»;on, buried Monday w-e nott tho fiHM/lng: J r. arMi Mrs. C'.iarles Jc-rclun and tw · children of Smock, Mr. and. Mrs. A. F. W-elshons, Pittsbnrg, Mr. Mrs John Kemp, William Kemp, A. J. vomp, Mrs. Kimna K e n n e d y and C. J. IMao'lc, all of Unlont.wu, and Will wn M. llutter «t' MartiiiKburg, W. Va, Rev. (k'«r(-o J-'allon, jaator of tho local Methodist Kplscop .,i Ch'Urch, ac- comimnloil by MI-H. Fall* a and Mr. aad Mrs. Blaiuo Se-llern mw jrod to Irwln, on Saturday and remal ed uutil Monday, tho former visit! 14^ with hlu parents u.ud tho Bellor a were g-uetrl.a of Mr. find Mrs, Grant Tresaler. Mrs. Frank Oowrna tor ?f Jolnm- town is visiting with, b sr parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. A. Lint ot M«tri street, Mr. and Mr», Alva T easier 1mvo ro- lurjit-'d from u visit w ith. relatives in Hockwood. Mr. and Mrs. Joaep s Levy of Som~ -ornet visited their r-ela Ivea, tha Mlssos Maj;git and Lillian I ,»-er, during- tho week. Mr. and Mir,. Cliarl -s Cunningham of Ciiiisehnaii were t .lesta of. t h e i r r-ol-ative-i, M-r. and M s. G-corg-e sevx-ral days thin w-w c. Santo 1/iicetitA* »p( .it Sunday with his davigMer, Misa f ary, who 1» attending a muHlciU col ego ia'N«w York- City. Prpf. I"). H. Bow i ian, Buipervrlslog IW'Jncipal of the M y6rsdalo p u b l i c tichooli?., i.s «ie-i)dinfj this w-ee-k in Atlantic. Ciiy, w h c r o hi Is atte-udiiLg the iVatioiKul Kdicatioual Cotivoiition Ijciug held there. Mr.s. Ciia.rl'ijs F. .Tc iHins has returned from u visit will her brother, Mr. North in N-ew York ~'Hy. Mr. and Mrs. Gee- -g Be-nt'onl wont to Kalnnotil. AV. Va , Monday to visit Mr. aad Mrs. Cla ton "Wade, upon hearing of. tho ser Otis accident Mr Wo tie m^t with Sat rdny evoning. Mrs. J i - w l n Hamil on and HOII, Billy, ot ('nraborlaiid, we re recent visitors will! relatives M i f . J. R. H.onwi ingor of Somerset siK-iit Tuesday here c a l l i n g on 1'ri-eniis. Mrii. Wil'ber Den .· of Salisbury wna a Tin.*.lay v u v i l o r ! ere w i t h relative:;. p;ptt-.?-!?sjjrar.5S«;«r. 1 w^r;.'5rf Sii^iO.S^iisa^J 130 West Crawford Avenue Thursday and ;Friday the Greate Dollar Day Bargains In the Are a Hundreds of Others o/ ; e argans. Not Listed in This Ad Ladies' Dreases Bu-tee crepe, guaranteed washable -Very special $2-97 Felt Hats Closing out. Ladies' and Children's Hats. Values to $3.95. Special Flannelette Garments For children, cial-- 3 for _ Very spe- Purses Values to $3.95. Spocial __. Corselettes To $1.98 valnes. Very special for Dollar Days Rayon Silk Hose Newest hose, with pointed heels. Dollar Days-3 Pairs Tots' Coats Close out of afl tots' coats. Values to $6.% $1.95 Silk Dresses Fine quality. Valnes $.12.95. Dollar Days to $5 Winter Coats Fur trimmed coats sacrificed. Values to $25. Dollar Days only ,,, Porch Dresses and Smocks Newest styles. Up to $1.98 values , ,,.. Newest Spring Dresses Flain colors and printed silk. Very special Children'* Hose Jlostag out All sizes. 29c value. Dollar Days-6 Pairs Sweaters Ladies* SIfp~on Sweaters, Dollar Days ; , Rajron Undies Pine qmsllty Bayon Undies (hi --Dollar Days, Jlj 5! for Ladies* Winter Coats One tot of flue garments. Valnes to $29,75 __. $5 Ladies' Dresses One lot of dtoth and silk dresses. Values to $9.5 Newest Spring Dresses Plain colors and prints. All suses -Value $12.95, $7-77 Children's Vests and Pants 6 for _ _ Two Die in Chicago Plane Crash Iron Ilndge yew ,. :r ^^ ~K .7", -^- ..;,' V'-·*!.-*·*£ ·¥ a '' M ·-""^ *?··«" ' »-A.?.i*... .s.-^-.A-..-*^...,.,.,, ]f Wreckage of the burned plane in wlith Capttin Joseph Donneilan (left), flying instructor, and hia student, Richard King (right), were kil!ed when the plane went into a spin three hundred feet above the ground and burst into names when it crashed in the Chicago flying field on the oorth west side of Chicajro. I H O N 131:11)013, r e b. 38 -- Mr. and Mrs. Eli A. Otvjtiby, jr., Mrs. Ira Crosby ill of trail Bridge, Mr. and Mrs. George Ci-tx;l»' a n d d«nghter, Helen o£ Morf ? a n t o w n , \V. Va., Air. and Mrs. Evans ISarron a n i danshUM', Mary Ijonree ot W i l U f i i s l n i r j . ' , and Mrs. Charles Forrest of S c o t f d a l o a t t e f i d o d tho 1'unwal of Mirani, held Krlday u/ftor- Hridgeport in chargo of Rev. ,). Q, JBislto[i. William Olinger was at Mell)np«r- town Saturda.- JtftcriKxvti attending tl7j Methodist KpiKcopa! CTnin-h, in -harK*. Burial \vu« made in Mount f'Uasnif Cemetery. Mr. and Mrs. noon at tiie EvangelicaJ Church a t ; the Ilev. (j. I-. U u h a n , ru»«TMj or hi, friend. «c w M. s mlt . ^"^^ ^ "^^ ley, which w is hold at life homo on i Saturday a f t / rnoon at 2 o'clock with of th« Colwdl md Mr, 'f Id:. l l l . v . · . . 1 '. homo of Mrw. ('nlihvt-ir.s [4; ; :t-»r, Joha H. Pritts and

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