The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 19
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 19
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", FEBRUARY 2G, 1930. DAILY COURIER, CONNTLLLSV T.TLTC, PA. PAG® NINETEEN. At the Theatres i The Paramount The Orpheurn \ ' o t i f h of ^urx^r-ixv.vtitin fn "In 1 nn N f i x t Room ' M i F\r=vt National i K( Vitjmhono- myfto-r thriller at the- f ' H i v . m o n n l Th«Un\ ·% Iir«x-t i i n V s iiw of th% f u m h a r t i f u n s ,inrl rattle oT uianmmt" ( l u l u - * Who tiAfr t Urn iwa.ko, ' tar If-il iy MK h ,otu ds, ,U sono tim» l-i l i u h f f - f ' ' ' ' u Clmf dux't-il ' I n tln N-ett Koti [i ' \\ h h H I , ,nUptofi bv ,1 MIMJS '.u - l . i n ^ W i t w . C T t u i f o i d Kent I - i l u i t ' l I ,IT\^ a. rx' in A short K'i» Thr- i orm 'i th-o story r»ro- v, it i lohn St P Its Canute \llis- Ro'vM 1 ! O'{'o"uoi 1 / u c w n I', ! f \ \ t l l lAnru.'N W o r v t e i Cdmpbc.ll, \srKio l l f - r r u i K a n d otl 01 ipahlo [U\ - \ h ;ind l n o l r 01 , l j Tloir t h u n l nioviii^ piol rrc rat. tho itio.i.1 intoro-stinf; ono of C atKlotte Col bert, ilfnrier Ixsauly ijif t i c Hroadwin =;),«?« \vho i swn anSa man! in t h r 1, !'·," t n r-i i n , i r l h t i o n of M u l l ul! .nil A K c o U cciit-a.1 li^uros Tt o characters in Kooin" aro slom'idH oursf* to Mr , the ,Ulra.cti\e ' I n hr Next uteri I he ;vt- mo-!»horp of mnu'linc m l r t t i n d t i i \ 1,1 adiri'iia'ih i i M i ' i t c i i n c d i n t l t h o plot liii '·.omo v o r v li; mouu'tit-. with r.iai, t i i t c i l i o n troni tho u - u a l nijfc tpr.v Um| T ". aiulc h lu t, a n u i i i - lt-i f u n i q u e I A i»t i '\.pptMr. and tlu 1 (if no KMIK nl i , e n t i r e v oncxixctfd \ nun dor in a i i M t - u n houso in the h i m pnIomu seb, jho plot rolling a . i d i t i i k - o - - . tn^ !co\nr(p 101 th» e n - ' -.tiiti · a c t i o n An i n i i n o u n noto it is. i ti o A m i d tho w e i n l t s t mid reepie-,1 I in i nutatu 01 thf- sti.ry unfolds, and ^o ki en \' tlie « uspon* ·» that R.isps and h r i e k s from the audasnce sire not In- 'I ht- procrmii ,iNo nchiri-prf a Vita plioiif fK t Amos an i A n h and i IstlkiTi; iif- \\ · r^c-l '! h u r s d a y Fvld.^ cind SahmlaN, "So r/ons l x » t t j ' will lio aliown r h - a r l o t t (!i"on\voo(l !s j in thi loarllm: Pacific Mj»«»ry Rnstcr Island la callrtl tha "Cnsolred Mys'ery of ths Pacific ' bean*e of Uw ncatcered preaeoee of hundreds of 1m- n«nt« heads e»rr»d ovt of atone which are to bo aecn, HOOK- standing erect ivhil« others are down upon the (round. Their meaning Is only conjectural and no one lias «ver offered naff explanation whloh Is generally aeoepted. Apparently Enster Island ·was chosen aa the graveyard for the cbtefa of a large l.slind archipelago wblch troddenly dlsapp »red. The thoa- Mnd* of Blares who wore kept nt work CMrrtng oat th*a« fanagas wer« left wMtioot food and fell upon each other ·ntll only · taw remained. Tha story ctf all IfeeM xtmtB wail nerar r«cord«d ba *wd ·nljr 13; brfwtnca. al t h e drphettni TI of h^r pic'turt^i hav ^ EnM Ftor flr.t p l t t u r o was O' Miko," flLmed w nlo bhe w«i.s hiiay crorj nig-hl and tw aftornrxins a w-pnk on [iroacfrway in ti "r statue hit "Th-o fxrkor " It wa-s a "lough" as s urn men t, but s»ho r»nt ali her ·energy into It ami hopt both j ha running smoothly nor next pioturo was Paramoimt 111 all-^talkliip; melodrama, " X h0 3Tolo in tho Wall," which wa* I ln*»rl w h i l e sh* w is working on the s ARC ay s*tiT of "Tin Pan Alloy" II neant a lot of oar nest work At th^ (laisli wh-e w a ^ nxvtU for a long vaca Ion, t*m shu dadn't get ono Sho pluntred into Uw uu- h of loading woman m Kiigeno O'Nei \'s Ilieotro d u i l d play, "I^ntamo, 1 incidental]) w i n n i i i K laurels br her j erfoinmneo Slio didn't «*e.ay any fllni work lur- int; the run of "Dynamo ' Wh«-u tho pla lo*od slio iras back at work a^un at tho Pararntnmt lxng TsJanil studios Tb« nw opxis WAS '"1 ho r^ndy I^KMS " This i n sh« ^i*i working m a movie w i t l u nt aro con- tomporarv staqo obltecitii ns. It was i lot of f u n - - i t was th« li -at time sho had a chanoo to pet a rea "kick" out her film work Here wa.- interesting work, nnJntcrruptod bv leKilinrato atatp dntiefi Sho likoU ) lot, and Otrortor Hobart Honlfy said afiler- Wrtril that tho best p^rtor- anoe- of h^T career la tho ohara.cto.rl /.a I ion of Jovce Koivtner in this great all-Ulkmj; romaiw-e-drama A mortotoiie act, soatn n^ws reel and all talking comedy ar ·· aU*. bems fchown lifcuitrwlay, Friday and Satiw- Oav. Bary Coopca' wiW be i een in "The Virginian." Inctiani' PoiioneJ / rrow» The buiean ol 1 othnolcfr »ays that tha arrow polsod oscd by th« Indians ·was of vegetal and an'roal origin. Among the vegetal polsoiu there were the snp of the yucca an ustlfolls, a preparation of aconite, a plant called mago, thu milk of which was poison. Soroa tribe*, snch as tb« Soo- abonl and Bannock Indigos, secured a doer and caoa«d It to he bitten by a rattlesnake. Tho deer was then killed and allowed to putrefy. 1 ben the ar- rowi warn dipped late tft« putrid matte*. Paramount Theatre LAST TIME TODAY JACK MULHALL and ALICE DAY Yitaphono Act, Talking Coraedy and Talking Nows Heel. Special--7 O'clock Every Night--Amos and An ij. ', Vdmission--Matinee lOe and 25c--Slight l."»c and 35c Thursday, Friday and Saturday Charlotte Cireenwood in "So Long Letiy' ORPHEUM THEATRE TODAY -m THE LADY LIES All-Talking with fa/zllng-, Dynamic Dialog . . \ot- ink- that thrills yon! Oojosnawnt picture Also All Talking Comedy His children or the woman ho loves' Does he sacrifice sweetheart or f a m i l y ? See and Hear the answer in this intensely human drama from the famous play 1 With Walter lIoMon ('luudette Col»crt Charles Rnart les. Broad waj- Fuiuoiis Sapp rt- Iny Ca.-it, Movietone Act ant! Sound News Thitrs. and Fri. Feb. 27 and 28 M This store is officially participating in Co inellsville's Community Dollar Days--An event that the buying public looks forward to, as a real money saving opp rtunity. The exceptional bargains we are offering will prove that this store is outstanding in value giving as well as quality. English Broadcloth HI An ^exceptional value. Genuine English Broadcloth Shirts in whLe onl. . Well tailored with six button front and pocket. Cut f n l l and roomy. These shirts arc worth n uch more but through a Hpecial concession «n(h r m of the largest shirt manufacturers we are at le to offer ( h e m at this unusual prkc. Collar Attachec Neckband All Sizes, 131/ 2 to 7. New Point Collar Barrel Cuff GENUINE B. V. D. UNIONSUITS A real Dollar Day value. Genuine B. V. D. Un~ ion Suits of fine check dimity, sold regularly at $1.50--Specially priced for Dollar Days only at $ .00 MEN'S WORK PANTS Made of heavy twill, full cut and tailored with pocket flaps. Plain black and stripes. A complete range of sizes, from 30 to 44 waist, in assorted lengths, for Dollar Da3's only at $ ] .00 Boys' Hose Iloleproof brand in black only. Regular 50c value. 3 pr. for $1.00 One Lot MEN'S SUITS Finclj tailored of all vool materials Odds and end? from our regular stock A Dollar Day value supreme. A Rood selection of bi/,es to ehoose from. $ Men's UNION SUITS Heavy derby ribbed union suits, long sleeve, ankle length. Regular $l.. r 0 value. Nx:kw jar Snappy new patt -rna in Matador Ptn;^ a no all over effects. Regular $! 50 -va Semi-Soft Collars Arrow and Van Heuseri brands Regular 35c value, for Dollar Days Men's Hose s Smart new designs in lisle and ·ayon. Regular fiOc value. $1.00 4 for $1.00 3 P r - for $1.00 Suits and Overcoats $1.00 One Lot MEN'S HATS Slightly soiled. W o r t h mud) more For Dollar Days $l.oo Hart, Schaffner Marx, Kuppenheimer, Fashion Park and other well-known makes greatly reduced. The SUITS About 300 suits taken from our wn high srade stock and grouped for these two days' selling. Sizes fo fit every figure, patterns to please every taste, Regular up to $30 00 OVERCOATS Grouped Into Threa JPrice Ranges Up to $30.00 Coats Children's Caps One lot for quick clearance. I'p to $1.50 15c Oppenheim-Gigli I J4 North Pittsburg Street Up to $45.00 Up to $55.00 Coats Coats 50 $ Kaynee Wash Suits Vr to ?2.0() values, for Dollar D a \ , $1.29 A b o u t Curly SIOUX CITY, h?\v,t, F«b 25 Then is no rticortl Uui w i i l y lolonivts in Hie i nite-d Stalos e/ci battwl t i m i n g the w i n t e r I'rof H H S;ivan*, luati u c t o r ol h t s t o i v an-cl iwlitiivil =ci»npe at S I) Tea-her.~ Looking Read the achertisements Daily In Tb* E R T n SB in 6Q HI BH COLU tut

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