Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 17, 1975 · Page 15
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 15

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 17, 1975
Page 15
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I5A- 17, 1975 Your Bridgework By Jackie WUcex The Kanawha Valky Bridge Association's annual tournament was held at the Heart-0-Town Motel Aug. 8-Aug. 10. Unfortunately, I was out of town and missed the fun, but from all reports it was highly successful. It seems Charleston area players and out-of-towners sort of split up the first place prizes, so everyone went away happy. Members of KVBA would like to acknowledge a job well done by Dora Grubb, tournament chairman, and her various committees. TOURNAMENT RESULTS Friday. August I WOMEN'S PAIR 1-2 Mrs. J.P. Eagle and Jade Wyatt (Prize winners) 1-2 Dora Grubb and Mri. B.Y. Hill 3. Mrs. Reuben Graham and Clarke Smart 4. Mrs. Ann Pollitt and Mrs. C.E. Crow 5. Mrs. J.M. Murrin and Mrs. John Kester 6. Mrs. John Bowes and Mrs. Evan Harris 7-8 Marsha Platnick and Mrs. P.C. Smith 7-8 Mrs. A.C Rogers and Mrs. R.G. Markham 9 Mrs. Robert Baiiey and Mrs. George Woo MEN'S PAIR 1. Reuben Graham and Bill Klein 2-3 Ken Coghill and Tom Chambers 2-3 Stan Given and Bill Wick Jr. 1 Jim Hawkins and Roger Oiedrich MIXED PAIR SECTION A Nvrth-South 1. Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Clarke 2. Jade Wyatt and Stan Given 3. Mrs. W.J. Speers and J. Van Cleve 1 Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Sutton E»t-Wttt 1. Mrs. J.P. Engle and B. GumowsKi 2 Mrs. Wayne Hollingsworth and Austin Miller 3. J.V. Harrison and P.M. Byrkett 4 Dora Grubb and D.L. Olds SECTION B North-South . 1. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey 2. Mrs. Austin Miller and Wayne Hollingsworth 3. mr. and Mrs. Evan Harris 4. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cordrey Eijt-Wtst 1. Clarke Smart and Reuben Graham 2. Mrs. P.C Smith and J.C. Auer 3. Mr. and Mrs. William Christie 4. Mr. and Mrs. R.S. Fish ' OVER-ALL 1. Clarke Smart and Reuben Graham 2. Mrs. J.P. Engle and B. Gumowski ., 3. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey T 4. Mrs. P.C. Smith and J.C. Auer * 5. Mrs. Austin Miller and Waynne Hollingsworth » 6. Mr. and Mrs. N.A. Clarke Saturday, Auguit 9 OPEN PAIR (Qualifying) ·SECTION A · North-South 1. Mrs. P.C. Smith and J.D. Auer -. 2. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dodd - 3. Bob Spencer and Doug Doub · 4. Jade Wyatt and Bill Wick, Jr. East-Wttt . l. Dan Pierce and Reuben Graham 2. Ed Maier and Link Young ' 3. T.A. Jacobs and John Samaroo 4. H.L. Mathie and B. Sentman SECTION B . North-South 1. B. Gumowski and Bill Sutton .. 2. Bob Allen and Jim Morrison .' 3. Weldon Boone and F.L. Moddy .. 4. Mrs. J.G. Miller and Mrs. C.R. Young East-Wtit ., 1. Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Cordrey . 2. Doug Shorter and Bill Klein * 3. Mr. and Mrs. W. Gessner - 4. George Hofler and James Lee ·· OPEN PAIR FINALS ·· I. B. Gumowski and Bill Sutton · 2. Doug Shorter and Bill Klein 1 3. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dodd 4. Reuben Graham and Dan Pierce Wi HiliVt IMI HOH' tO IIMIT QUANTITY} Mrs. Wilcox 5. Mr. and Mrs. W. Gessner 6. At Carpenter and C.E. Mawtel CONSOLATION GAME 1. Mrs. Wayne Hollingsworth and Clara Wells 2. Mrs. Austin Miller and E.D. Olsen 3. Mr. and Mrs. L.T. Snider, Jr. ·). Dora Grubb and Mrs. Ren Bean 5. Mrs. S. Werthammer and Jim Nash 6. Don Grove and Steve Allen Sunday, August 10 SWISS TEAM CAME 1. Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hollingsworth. H. McConnell and R. Sulgrove Jr. 2. Jade Wyatt and Link Young. Bill Wick, Jr., Stan Given and B. Gumowski 3-4 Reuben Graham and Bob Allen. Robert Bailey and John Cleavenger 3-4 Mrs. LT. Snider Jr. and Mrs. B.N. Kissinger. Mrs. George Woo and Mrs. A.C. Rogers 5. H. McKinney and J. Samarco. T. Jacobs and N. Cohen 6-8 B. Spencer and 0. Branch. D. Douband T. Drinkard 6-8 Mr. and Mrs. P. Byrkett. A. Gunderson, G. Gunderson and J. Harrison 6-8 Dora Grubb and Lyle Sattes. Mrs. H. L. Lemasters and Mrs. C. E. Crow LAST WEEK'S WINNERS Monday, Aug. 11 Brldgtttt Club 1. Mrs. J.A. Gatensand Mrs. A.C. Rogers 2. Mrs. A.T. Walter and J im Morgan 3. Mrs. J.G. Miller and John Cayton t. Mrs. John Kester and Mrs. J.M. Murrin 5. Mrs. H.C. Riley and Mrs. Russell Van Cleve Monday Night Dupllcatt 1. Jade Wyatt and Lyle Sattes 2. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bailey 3. Mrs. Ann Pollitt and Mrs. Tom Moore 4. Mrs. Charles Lemon and Mrs. Austin Miller 5. Jae Spears and Mrs. James Cooper WEDNESDAY, Aug. i Wtst Virginia Statt Colltgt Dupllcatt 1. Dr. Ed Sheen and Neil Cohen 2. Mrs. Tom Moore and Mrs. Ann Pollitt 3. Dora Grubb and Mrs. Austin Miller 4. Mrs. Charles Lemon and Austin Miller Easy Acts North-South 1. Mrs. F. c. Gall and Mrs. L.T. Snider Jr. 2. Mrs. L.G. Huston and Mrs. Russell Van Cleve 3. Mrs. C.E. Ellis and Mrs. H.C. Rlley East-Wtit 1. Mrs. Tom Moore and Mrs. Austin Miller 2. Mrs. W. L. Pyle and Mrs. K.H. Hill 3. Mrs. Robb Gover and Mrs. A.J. Carey Thursday, Aug. 7 Novict Gamt 1. Mrs. L.M. Gillispieand Mrs. Daniel Robinson 2. Mrs. K.W. Miller and Mrs. R.D. Patchell BRIDGE CALENDAR Wttk of Aug. 17 SUNDAY-Sunday Night Duplicate-7 p.m.-Public Invited. Morris Harvey College Union. MONDAY-BridgetteClub-IO:30a.m.-HomeofMrs. Harry Welsch, 901 Wilkle Dr. Public invited. Monday Night Duplicate--7:30 p.m.--Home ot Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. TUESDAY-Tuesday Night Duplicate.-7:30 p.m.- Public invited. Morris Harvey College Union. WEDNESDAY-Easy Aces-10:30 a.m.-2!4 D Street, South Charleston. Closed. West Virginia State College Dupllcate-NO GAME THURSDAY-NoviceGame-10:30a.m. Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. FRIDAY-KVBA-7:30 p.m.-Morris Harvey College Union. Closed. S A T U R O A Y - B i d and Made-7:30 p.m.-Home of Mrs. Harry Welsch. Public invited. OPINl DAILY lOtoK SUNDAY 1T07 PRICES IN EFFECT SUN. MON.. AUG. 17 18 ONLY WHILE QUANTITIES LAST GENERAL ELECTRIC STEREO PHONOGRAPH GARCIA AMBASSADEUR CASTING REEL Enjoy stereo records--anywhere you go. The drop-down 3-speed changer plays all sizes, holds six records. Big 6" oval speakers produce a full stereo sound in this light, easy-to-carry phonograph. 44 HECK'S REG. $53.96 JlWBfYDEPT. mammmmmmmmm SHAKESPEARE SPINNING REEL I This Shakespeare spinning reel includes such fea-| tures as a baked epoxy finish over anodized dichromate sealed frame to deter corrosion; stainless steel line roller with Teflon bushing; new crank I is simple, fold-away type. V935| SPORTS KPT. GENERAL ELECTRIC AUTOMATIC PHONOGRAPH Compatible monaural crystal cartridge with dual synthetic sapphire styli won't damage stereo records. High-impact polystyrene case. Four-speed changer... 45 RPM spindle included ... powerful 6" oval dynamic speaker. Brand new direct drive reel (or the bass fisherman. Combines the power of its direct retrieve with the advantages of a smooth, adjustable drag and the casting- ease of a free spool. Has the famous Am- bassadeur anti-backlash centrifugal brake and spool tension control with reminder setting, plus a convenient free spool that disengages everything but the level wind. Fully adjustable knurled drag works only when you want it to--when your hand is off the grips. $ 26 66 HECK'S REG. $38.99 7 PIECE TEFLON II 32 HECK'S REG. $21.99 SPORTS MPT. HECK'S REG. $37.96 JEWELRYDEPT. COOKWARE SET Here is new beauty color crafted in flame and avocado to match-mate your kitchen. Won't fade or discolor. Safe in the dishwasher! SO 99 8 K1/V638 HECK'S REG. $16.88 HOUSf WARE MPT. Books at the Library v These books were among the titles received last week ' the Kanawha County Public Library: ···· Adult Fiction - Anderson, Death in the Thames; Ball, · The Winds of Mitamura; Chernaik, Double Faith; Clark, ·.-Where Are the Children?; Epstein, p.D. Kimerakov; '-King, She's a Cop, Isn't She?; Raspail, The Camp ot the -Saints; Sayles, Pride of the Bimbos; Thompson, Mes- '··sage From Absalom; Wertenbaker, Perilous'Voyage; --Yates, Dead In the Water. '-« Adult Nonfiction -- An'derson/'Sheet 'Metal Workers -"Handy Book; Appelbaum, Show Songs, From the Black *'Crook to the Red. Mill; Bryan, This Soldier Still at War; "Bryant, Dog Days at the White House; Canan, The Super- fwarribrs; Carroll, The Winter Name of God; Chilton, Bil- flie's Blues; Cohen, The Mysteries of Reincarnation; Corliss, Strange Planet; Dement, Some Must Watch While "Some Must Sleep; Emboden, Sarah Bernhardt; From ?Under the Rubble; Furstenberg, Why the Japanese Have ·'"'Been So Successful in Business; Henitte, The Bottom ot the Sea and Beyond; Hoenig, Reaper; Kavler, Noise; Kluge, The Practice of Death; Levitan, Still a Dream; *O-orence,.Johnny Carson; Marks, Population Growth Estimation; Marlow, The Uncrowned Queen of Ireland, Mc- ":,Na'mar9, The Adoption Adviser; Miller,'Of Thee Nev- Xertheless'1 Sing; Olds, The Mother .Who Works Outside '.the Home; Olson, John Olson's Book'of.the Rifle; Organic Farming; Paulj Biblical Archaeology; Reilly, The Ed- -'·gar Cayce Handbook for Health Through Drugless Therapy; Riou, The Island of My Life; Ross, Power With r . ;Grace; Reubsaat, The Male Climateric; Savage, Profes- ""sional Furniture Refinishing for the Amateur; Schim. .'meli The Civil Rights of ..Students; Singer, The Inner World of Daydreaming, Smjth, The Human Pedigree; ,;Sobel, NYSE; Steinbert, Sam Rayburn; Tod, Weaving /With'Reeds And Fibers. ' Reference -- Burke's Presidential Families of the United States of America; Community Council of Kanawha Valley, Directory of Community Services for the Kanawha Valley, West Virginia; The International Foundation Dlrectory.-.'Meyers, T.E. Lawrence; Moore, A Dictionary of Geography; Webster's New World Dictionary of the American Language; Woodress, American Fiction, 1900-1950. Clay Apple Fest Due CLAY--The second annual Clay County Golden Delicious Apple Festival will be Sept. 19 through 21 in Clay. A parade will begin at 2 p.m. Sept. 20. Slide Kills Family MALESINE, Italy (AP)-A landslide touched off by heavy rains buried a car on a highway near this town Saturday, killing an Italian family of three, police reported. 64 COUNT CRAYOLA CRAYONS HECK'S REG. $1.39 HOUSIWARE DIPT. 100COUNT GOOD VIBRATIONS COLOR FILLER PAPER 62* HECK'S REG. 89* HOUSf WARE DIPT. RIGHT GUARD POWDER DRY ANTIPERSPIRAHT HECK'S REG. 99* COSMETK DEPT. SOFTDRI ANTIPERSPIRANT REGULAR OR POWDER -5 HECK'S REG. $1.18 69 69 -- 12OZ.- HECK'S REG. $2.09 1 48 DUPONT15OZ. ENGINE CLEANER AND DECREASER HECK'S REG. $1.45 AUTO KPT. 99 NYLON'N'FOAM SEAT COVERS Nylon and foam construction that makes these the finest seat covers you can buy. These covers fit as though they were built right into the car. 8OZ. Floral print sofa reg. S748. ... $ 636 Velvet chairs, reg. S253 ea 215. 2 HECK'S REG. $4.99 AUTO DIPT. Decorate your living room with new sofa and chairs by Debut Galleries. Save 15% during our sale! Our complete collection of quality Debut Galleries sofas and chairs is now on sale. . .including stock and special orders with 6 weeks delivery. Create a beautiful new living room with the assistance of one of our designers and save 15 c r Choose from a distinctive selection of Traditional and Contemporary styles upholstered in your choice of color and fabric. Debut Galleries offers an extensive selection of velvets, tapestries, prints and textured solids. Quality construction includes 8-way hand-tied springs and poly-dacrpn cushion. Shop now, special prices are in effect until Friday, August 29. Interior Design and Decorating BOLL FURNITURE JACK STANDS Extra strong! Extra safe! This Jack Stand is the ultimate in safety and assurance. It has been thoroughly load tested in a laboratory and approved 4,000 Ib. capacity. $199 1 EACH HECK'S REG. $3.99 EACH AUTO DEPT. SCHOLL LEG HAIR REMOVER SPRAY EXCLUSIVE FORMULA LEAVES SKIN FEELING SMOOTHER 80Z. HOUR AFTER HOUR AMTI-PERSPIRANT1 HECK'S REG. $1.34 COSMfTIC DEPT. $138 1 HECK'S REG. $2.48 COSMETIC DIPT. SCHOLL 8 OZ. SOFTENING LOTION FOR FEET LEGS 78* HECK'S REG. $1.24 70Z. DRY LOOK HAIR CONTROL FOR MEN · REGULAR · EXTRA HOLD HECK'S REG. $1.37 COSMETIC KPT. ID Saiioina. tyou, flstit!' * CHARLESTON * jffi a Shop Monday 'til 9 Tuesday--Saturday 'til 5 - 9 0 0 Virginia St. East Phone 345-1130

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