Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 4, 1976 · Page 68
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 68

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1976
Page 68
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Page 68 article text (OCR)

Gory 'Omen'falls short of goal By James F. Dent "THE OMEN," Gregory Peck, Lee Remick. Village. * * * . Movies -about the supernatural need one major ingredient to build a real sense of terror in their audience. That is versimilitude. Everything .except the ghost or demon or Being itself must be as nearly factual and lifelike as possible. This is what made "Rosemary's Baby" a superior example of the genre - the small details that went into convincing the audience that this could be a real couple who actually lived in a real New York City in a real time - now. With a basis in reality firmly established, · the film could then proceed to scare the whey out of us with its demonic trappings. "The Exorcist" tried for this same sense of versimilitude although it d i d n ' t quite make it. Unfortunately, the makers of "The Omen" don't even really try and that's why this horror movie is only pretty good instead of the real chiller it could have been. What I mean is that the hero (Gregory Peck) is supposed to be the U.S. ambassador to Great Britain. But an ambassador doesn't need to go house hunting. An official residence is provided. An ambassador is a sheltered and closely guarded individual. Any nut seems to be able to get to Peck. And no parent, ambassador or otherwise, and especially no well known millionaire parent is going to accept a nursemaid for his child as casually as one is given employment in this movie. These are nit picking matters, perhaps, but they do detract Film Review StiiiOfdav somewhat from the overall impact of the film. Well, anyway. As I said, Peck is the millionaire American ambass- dor to Great Britain. When we first meet him, he is the ambassador to Italy and his wife has just had a child in a Roman hospital. The baby dies. But rather than tell his wife, Peck is persuaded by a wild- eyed priest to adopt another newborn child whose mother has died giving him birth in the same hospital and to pass this baby off as his own. Several years later, on th'e child's fifth birthday, strange things begin to happen. A mysterious black dog shows up at the birthday party and the kid's nurse jumps out a third story window with a rope attached to her neck. This is just the first of a series of really grisly deaths the movie dwells on in graphic detail. The dog attaches itself to the little boy as does, rather soon, a new nursemaid who could give Gail Sondergard lessons in looking evil. The ambassador's wife begins to get strange unmotherly feelings about her child - especially after he pitches a screaming fit when they try to take him into a church -- and the ambassador is approached by another wild-eyed priest who demands he pledge himself to Christ. The ambassador brushes him off, perhaps in the belief he is a Jimmy Carter delegate. Then the priest is killed, speared by a lightning rod that falls off the roof of a church during a violent thunderstorm, and the ambassador is persuaded to look further into the XXX- X ·s JEFFERSONS -- ( R e p e a t ) . War breaks out between the Jeffersons and the Willises in the first half of a two-part story. 8 p.m. CBS.OOD EMERGENCY-(Repeat). "Involvement." Anne Seymour guest stars as an embittered, retired nurse who attempts suicide. 8 p.m. NBC. ADULT DISCOUNT BOOKSTORE ADULT PUS-PEEP SHOWS BOOKS-MACS-MARITAL AIDS KIP'S DISCOUNT 184 SUMMERS ST., PH. 342-4282 Htm: ««i..fri 10.9; Tut, Wei. Thm. Sll 10-1 JO. DOC-- (Repeat). Doc is convinced his mind is beginning to slip and, at a party Miss Tully throws for him to celebrate their 15 years together, she gets him back in gear. 8:30 p.m. CBS. OCD MARY TYLER MOORE-( Repeat). Lou finds that a secret love is a hard thing to keep secret after he regretfully takes part in a romantic fling with Sue Ann Nivens. 9 p.m. CBS. OCD BOB NEWHART-Bob's therapy group plans an anniversary party for him that turns into a wacky wake when an unseen member whom Bob had kicked out of the group, dies. 9:30 p.m. CBS. @GD »· SUPERSTAR-(Repeat). "The Serpent's Tooth." Bert tries to stop a street war between two feuding underworld families. 10 p.m. ABC. f l D G D ' ' " · · - · · · Booking Charleston's Finest Bands Orange Sunshine WISHING WELL DEWEY LESTER 727-8222 3 R06HLANES COFFEE SHOP J * SPECIALS : *VWLPHME$«I/FF $ 1.50J JlTAliAKBEEF CHEESE S 1.50* t BREADED PORK LOU fF '1.50* [Bor-B-Q $.50 6H5MacortleA»£S.E., Kan. City matter by a photographer whose pictures seem to foreshadow the deaths of the priest and the first nursemaid. They travel back to Italy to try to find some details of the child's parentage and are mistaken for perambulating servings of Alpo by wild dogs in an ancient Etruscan graveyard. Meanwhile, back in England, Junior tries to bump off Mummy by knocking her down the stairs with his tricycle. Finally the ambassador and the photographer find an archeplogist . in some ruins in Israel and he tells them they'll have to kill the child in a ritual manner on the altar of a church to save us all. Before they can get started though, the photographer loses his head - literally. This is the first movie Peck has made in a while and he doesn't seem to have aged a day. His wife is played by that excellent actress, Lee Remick. The photographer is David Warner and the nasty nanny is Billie Whitelaw. Patrick Troughton is the priest who winds up as target for the Devil's javelin throw and Harvey Stevens is the little boy who could say "The devil made me do it" with absolute truth. Holly Palance, Jack's little girl, is the nursemaid who takes the flying leap with the sudden stop. The photography is handsome and the killings are, as I said, brought to you in gory detail, which causes a good bit of screaming and yelling in the audience. Actually, most of them come as no surprise since the musical score -- a chanting chorus -- begins to rise just before each one, giving adequate warning so you can seize the arm of your seat or your companion. This probably would be a good movie for a young swain to take his date to since she would be clutching him almost constantly for the full almost two hours. It's just too bad a little more care wasn't taken with the script because that could have raised "The Omen" to the ranks of the superior scream-pullers. PRESENTED BYENTAM, LTD. £********************» C10»TOMti«MM ion mum mum ADAM EVE ADULT ENTERTAINMENT CENTER ADULT BOKS-4MGAZIES-F1JIIS HOVaiB-WVATE MOVE BOOTHS ADULT BOOKS * « N D I U i r 4 T H . l P . M . T 0 1 1 P . M . 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