The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 8, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1918
Page 5
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SATURDAY, .TUNE 8, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNEIJLSVTLLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWSY NOTES TELL WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Barbors of Two Towns An- nonnce Increase in Rates. HAIR CUT TUBE 45 CENTS Shaves Remain the Same. ISnl Iii- crwtsed Churecs Are JIade for Other flor'h; iVcll Known Toung I'eople Harried Stone Throwi in Car Special to Thi Courier. SCOTTDALE. Jum 8, 191S.--Begin- ning June 17 the barbers of Everson and Scoudale, G. D. Pyle, 0. S. Weaver, R. E. Morford, Joseph ilihm, Schwartz Murray. D. J. O'Brien, Tony Pasquale and Jake Kuczak, n-fll charge 45 cents for ,i piain hair cut. Shaves will remain at 15 cents, but it will cost five cents i-xtra (or a. neck shave. A pompadour short hair cut will coat 50 cents, manage D5 cents, a shampoo 85 cents, jeard trim 35c. There are other incr:-ase». The barbers have also changed their hours. The shops will opo:i at T.30 A. .M. ,,and will close at 7.10 P. M., except Saturdays and before holidays, when the closing hour will be 10 P. AT. Beginning October 1 the shops will close at 7 p. Al. Ail tbe leaning legal holidays will be observed. Slauphtrr-.M eyers. -Miss Rowena Slaughter and George Meyers of this place were married on Thursday in Pittsburg by Rev. Archibald Auld of Woodlawx Tho bride is i trained nurse and Mr. Meyers is a Iniggisi, employed at the Broolcs drug ! itore, and soon expects to be called i a the service. 1 Saxton-Vance. [ Announcement has been made by j Mr. and Mrs. J. Jf. Sax-.oa of the mar- "DEVIL DOG" AND "BLUE DEVIL" TOGETHER Oil TO REPLACE COAL WjmfWWKSWSft«SVi»«3«3i3WS{WRWaM5«f»*^ GERMAN RAILROAD MEN EXPERI-j MENT WITH NEW FUEL. I The American era the left is a TJnitod Slates marine. Fritz, after his first clasb with him. dubbed him a "teufel hund," which la perfectly good German for "devil dog." The soldier on the rigbt is a member of the Chasseurs Alpins. whom the Germans have called "Dlue devils." Both marine and chasseur have winninffly accepted the appellations. riage of their daughter, Miss Florence, TRINITY LUTHERAN CHTJItCH, to William M. Vance ia Piusburg on Thursday. Trolley Passenger InjnrwU Miss Uary O'Toole, who was riding on tie 8 o'clock West Pen street car, northbound, on Thursday evening, was struct in, the right eye by a boy who threw a. stone through ihe window as the car was going through Everson. The man. TTDO sat across tie aisle Rev. Ellis B. Burgess, pastor. Children's Day will lie celebrated. The Bible school Y.-U1 meet at 10 A. M.; and the offering will be given to the Loysville Orphans' Home. At 11 A. M.. the Children's Day sen-ice will be rendered by a large chorus of boys and girls taken from the Beginner , Primary and Junior departments. Parents are requested to at- from Miss OToole waj also struck i tend the Biblo school, and to accom- bot was uninjured. Miss O'Toole was i pany their children to the morning taken to tie office of Dr. W. H. Fetter. ^·wiiere the "wound was dressed. The 'West Penn authorities are searching tor the boy. Picnic at Oatf ord. Ike-Camp Fire G-irls will hold a. picnic at Oafcford Part on Tuesday. Choir Entertained. service. The pastor will aieak of hiv. recent visit to the Loysville Home, i and the nature of the work being done at this institution. Strangers are invited to attend the service. The Lather League will meet at 7 P. M.. and there will be the usual services at 7.45 P. M. THIN1TY EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Miss Olive Van Horn, orjanist at the Methodist Episcopal church, en-. tartatoett the choir last evening. Mrs. ! M. s. Kanagn. vicar. Services held IJlIiaa Price and son William, of Mey- | in chnrch nouse corner Pairview ave- «3dale, are guests of the Van Horns. | nue and Prospect street. Sunday Ix*s Are Sold. school at 10 A. M. Morning prayer E. K. De-Witt has sow two lots ia i and services at 11 A. M. North Scottdaie of A. C. Kurtz to! -- Ctatstoplier Header. For Sale. E^at- -room double house, on paved street; rents for $20, for ?2,000. P. DeXSBtt.--Adv^-lt. Hot Weather THE EVANGELICAL. ASSOCIA- Compels early sacrifices in coats, suits, dresses and all children's wear. Now- Is yoor ttme to buy good clothes at price reductions, fully a month earlier than usual. These beautiful suits and coats, in spite of the high cost of materials and labor, must be sold at once, · even below the mere cost of the raw materials. Our compulsory loss is your gain. Come and get It Broadway ladies' Store, Scott- daie, Pa. -William Bendln-jr.--Adv. Other Xews. Miss Marie Ritchie has returned to Pittaburg after a visit with friends here. Lieutenant John D. Van Horn, who is a chaplain in the United States Army, and who has been the guest of tion, South Connellsville, M. B. .Mclaughlin minister. Sunday school at E. J9.30. Divine worship with sermon by the minister at 10.30. The annual Children's Day program will be rendered by the Sunday school at 7.30 P. M. The program is printed elsewhere in these columns. THE UNITED PRESBYTER! AX church South Pittsburg street and Morton avenue, William J. Everhart, minister. Morning worship at 10.30 o'clock. This service will be given over to the Children's Day exercises. Evening worship at 7.45; sermon topic "Proving the Lord." Sabbath school at 9.-J5 A. M. Juniors at 3 P. M. Intermediates at 3 P. M. Senior T. P. C. C. at 6.30 P. M. TRINITY REFORMED CHURCH, corner South Pittsburg and Green streets. Sunday school at 9.45 A. M. 61s parents, ilr. and Mrs. H. F. Van | The entire offering in all the classes Horn, left for an eastern embarka-1 will be given to the Ked Cross, Uon camp. | Preaching sen-ices at 11 A. M. Ser- Jfci and Mrs. J. L. Raygor speat yes- mon by Rev. A. J. Heller, D. D., of terday in Plttaburg. Try our classified advertisements. Greemiburg. In the evening at A. Souders, D, J. L. Proudflt, pastor. Sabbath school at 9.J5. Children's Day exercises at U. Evening service at 7.45; subject of sermon, "Help FVura the Highest." Christian Enetieavor at 6.-15. Wednesday evening prayer meeting at 7.45. THE METHODIST EPISCOPAL church. G. L. C. Richardson, pastor. Children's Day w i l l be observed at the Methodist Episcopal church on Sunday morning at 10..'JO A. M. There will be uo morning preaching.. Ep- worih League service at. 6.45 P. M. Divine worship at 7.-15 P. M. Sermon by the pastor. Mid-week prayer meeting at 7.45 P. M. Wednesday. THE METHODIST PROTEvSTANT church, Vest Apple street, John H. I.amlertson, minister. Class meeting iit S A. M. Sabbath school at 9.45 A. M. At The morning service at 31 o'clock the annual Children's Day program will be rendered in the interest rf Foreign Missions. Christian Endeavor at 7 P. M. Topic, "Progressive 1 Christians." 3n the evening at 7.30 the sermon thnmc will by "God's Gift to a · Sinful World." Prayer meeting on Vedn.Jjday evening at 7.15 o'clock. Subject, "Zeai." Congregational meeting on Sabbath morning. J u n e 16. THE FIKST BAPTIST CTIUHCH. Preliminary Tacts Made With tho Die- j eel Locomotive SaW to Have Been Successful--Plan Much Like That of the Automobile, Germany, which eeema to tafee the; lead In recent years in trying to find · something better in railroad motive j power, has Just been putting a Diesel! locomotlv'o through preliminary tests' which are reported to the Electric Railway Journtil as bavlng been sue; ceBBfal. The naw locomotive Is start- [ ed by ah- pressure, and driven by oO The general plan approaches tbet of j an automobile in some respects, for the locomotive embodies main tour-j cylinder V-englnes working on to a i cranlt shaft coizpted to the driving alias. As tt runs it stores up, in compressors, air for starting the engines. The main engines ore of the reversible two-cycle type, single acting. They are arranged in two psJrs, inclined at 901 degrees to each other. Pacing cylinders drive- on to a common crank pin,' with forked connecting rods. The two! cranks are set ISO degrees apart. ' When running at 304 revolutions a j minute they drive the locomotive at | a speod of G2 miles an hour. i The sequence of operations Is as fol-! lows: An auilllary engine has flrst to' be started up by admitting air to it, slowly at first, trom the air reservoir. After tho auxiliary hoa been, changed \ over to oil power the pressure in the; air storage cylinders rises and air' supply is admitted to the mala engine, j ·which consequently bogtaa to work. When a speed of about aft miles an! hoar has been reached the starting air j valves are thrown out of actloa and the engine is changed over to oil! power, and works e-utomotically. j Speeds up to 60 miles an hour have been matte in the tests. Operation is BAla to he economical, though figures are not given in tbxi Electric Rail-way Journal's report. The engine looks considerably like a'dosed car, and Is froo of smofco stack and smoke. There is a hardly noticeable exhaust pipe I n ' the roof of Qus angina. ible Value to Double the Crowds, iment in the Race with Greatest Values. See Next Tuesday's Courier for Full Particulars. DIED IN THE HARNESS LIlio the old borse that droppetl Jn its harnasa and died, a. Iosirnottve that helped fetch and earn* for the new Kansas Ctty Union station and terminal operations In the eaiiy stages of construction "wem. dead" In the per- formancfl of Its worlc. The engine now South Piusburg street. Wilbur \ p l - j stando on the station plaza, maty aad dtmted. Ite bell Is broken. Its head- Hgtxt smashed and the engine- cat) Is filled with rubbisiu son, pas'or. Sunday school at 9.45 A. M. 1'r.blic worship at 11 A. M. Sermon by tbe pastor. "Watch and Pray." Young People's meeting at 6.i5 7*. M. Children's Day program at 7.45 P. M. Exercises by members of tbe, Sunday school. ingenious Railroad Signal. A safety device lor railway signaling has been invented by a Stoke-on- Trent (Eng.) rnirrcad worker. It con- CHTIISTIAN rtffJRCH GEORGE, " lstB ot a nietal attached to the orcl- WALKER BUCK.VKR, minister. Bible ! Dai T uignal-poat Overhanging tbe school and Christian Endeavor us 1 eaA o( the arm ls a pendulum disk usual. A SMPTOUS offering is askei I whlch . wnen U" 5 signal la at danger, j In behalf of Foreign Missions at the ' comea lato contact "'th 'another disK Nora Bnyea! IX'0 J *. you lovo to settle dovm corafor'4ibly in your scat und see her come ru^piiiij ficrowa the stage with her roHit.tung "Hello I Evur.'body?" This uiontJi sliG sings lor Columbia a soug Uiat. with all itrf humor, lias a bit of Hoticd arivicc to a ccrUm named William who live; in Berlin. The song is ''Regretful Blues," sung aa only Nora Bayes can sing it. Oit the reverse is "A Litlrte Bii of Sunshine," by 'Jia same popular comedienne. "The Russians tvere R'uahin', the Balkans wore Balkin 1 , and Turkey was Squawkin 1 "--have you ever beard tvordi so perfectly sing themselves? Well, that's the way "Tbe Yanks started Yunkin 1 w runs all the way to the end. You simply caa't help catching the lilting melody--any more than you con help laughing over r'm catchy, clever ^ords. It is ons cf thn ;'«*atur.e5 of Columbia's June group of records. Bible school in the morning in reco:,'- i at the top of tbe engine cab, nuto- pnttlng on tne- vacuum The Inventor claims that there Is no possibility of the mechanism being smashed by the impact The pendulum disk would revolve with tbe blow, and In doing so would generate electricity, in the 'matter of a galvanic battery. By means of an Insulated wire End an electricnl relay in the signaHxn it would intimate to the - r .-.. . signalman that a danger signal had ent and for five years post, director of been passed. When tho signal was nition of Children's Day. In the eve- i Ism " CIU nins thorn will be a special chil- brahes - dren's exercises at which also a collection will be taken for Foreign Missions. The subject of the morning sermrni will be "The Individual and Homp Basis of National Life." A Prof. Carroll C. 'jfcKee, "at pres- nt and for five years past, the Conservatory of Music of Acadja University. Wolfville. Nova Scotia, Another record from this list which stands out for sparkling humor ia ^I'm In Love," sung oy Gus Yao. When a man gets as far gone as Mr, Van appears to have gotten, one* would think his predicament anything but funnv-- yet (hero is a scream of laughter in iivery line. Another debut to Columbit/s credit! This month it is Y^n and Soheack, perhaps the most pofular nmle teani uu tlic vaaideviUu circuits. Everybody ows Uieir rolL'ckuag harmony--e.T- ^ed in songs th.'ti are always hiti. Tliia month they eing "!a the Land O' Yntno Yacio"--a record you witJ surdy want. "Annie Rooney," "After the Ball," "Sweet Roaie O'Grady"--ca^ you read theee title 1 ? without a stirge of fond memories? Tbey are only three of twelve beautiful old-time songs Uiat have beeii put on a single Columbia Record this month--to waltz time, uud played by Prince's Band. Here is dance mueic plitsf and Ointment Quickly soothe and heal eczemas, rashes, itchings and burnings of the skin. These fragrant, super- creamy emollients tend,to prevent little skin and scalp troubles becoming serious if used for every-day toilet purposes. Sample E«oh Free by Mail. Adclresspostcard: "Cutioora. Depi. 2T. Bonton/'Sold everywhere. SoapZSc. Ointment 25 and 5Qc. Forty-five spart)ir.s numbers comprise the June list of Columbia records. Straceairi sings a wonderful bit from "Traviata." Mr. Stransky leadt, tho Philharmonic through the "Martha Overture" and the "Stradella Overture"; Al Jolson has a sunny gong hit, and eo on dowa the list of famous srtifits, popular entertainers, instru-. mental and vocal selection" down the arm would DO automatically pulled up out of the way of tho en- n Connell.srillp and will ne pleased . gino disk. The Invention would be to receive a limited number rrf nunlJs - ' ' ' ' the 21RSTOWAIT Cunnot Enlist »w Until Boards Classify Them. An ordor was received ye-Jterday by the recruiting office in Unioutowa iliat no enlistments of youths who had become 21 years old since June 5. ]^17. would be accepted for marine service until after they Lad been classified by the draft boards and re- Uased by the boards. · , r e an illustrated lecturo on the | months. His studio Trill be at -he , Swiss Reformation. Tho lecture wil! : Christian parsonage, 509 Race street i be free and the public is invited, vfhero anyone interested may Inquire' Choir rehearsal including the J u n i o r --Adv.-June 6-7-3 ) choir nrday afternoon at 2 o'clock the Be- ginnera and Primary departments will rehearse the Children's Day program. GKRMA.V LUTHERAN ST. JOHN'S church. Carnegie avenue and East Smith street, George Dietz. pastor. I Services at 10.30 A. M. Sunday school comparatively cheap to install.--Railway Nerve. Tliis announcement has caused | a . t 9 ° clock - Services at Morgan sta- Siien disappointmoni aroonc quite a ! t l o n * om ° r roiv afieraoon at 2.30. All number n' ' ·--" who have a l - j a r e cordially invited.. -pdy been enlisted in the marine Xacp Accepts Call. I. G. Narc of Hanover, who was extended a call by tbe congregation of the Trinity Jleformed chnrch, has accepted and will probably corao here on July 1. Try Onr Ciaassffied Afls. The y cost onl " J cent a word and a!WS brln S results. service. Hunting, Bftrffaln« 3 , THE FIHST PRESBYTERIAN I You will find them In our ad. columns, Curkvua Railroad Rides. A Great Northern employe a few yearfl ago Involuntarily traveled from London to Grantham on the cross rods connecting tho brakes of the wneels. He was attending to the bruke gear- Ing when the train suddenly started Some time ago a man coolly coated himself on £be buHer of a freight train at Carlisle and traveled aa far as Lockerbie wiUiont being noticed. While passing the station he was seen by some of the railroad officials, who at once telegraphed to the next station tor the train to be stopped. The buffer-rider -wus then removed and sent on his way. It was considered that he had been sufficiently punished by his perilous journey.--Observer. t Physical Fitness Required. The Northwestern has established a standard of phystcri] fltness. uctaln- ment of which is a prerequisite to employment in the commissary department of the system, the purposo boln^ to raise the sanitation OH ivell as the efficiency of tho Oeparlment to thn highest possible degree. Under (he new plnn all dining car conductors, chefs and waiters; all private, parlor, bulfat and chulr car porters ajid all othtur employes of the commissary department must undergo rigid physical examination t\r'ce each year, and such of them .is shall fail to meet Its re- ^ralrementa tvill be transferred from that branch of the service to other branches, where they will not be brought into such close and intimate contact with tbe traveling public. The first examinations under the new order are progressing at the system's head- qnartors in Chicago, and thus far. cf a considerable numbar of men examined by tho company's Burgeons, not one has been Couud deflctet, R significant commentary upon th« thoroughness of thn raothods of selection employed hitherto. WHEN CHILDREN CRY OUT And art- fevorlsli and dont sleep wcii,are conali- ]iai«d .iTul Yiftve nymptoms of wonnss :nolhers will fludquick rditrtin MoLlierGrajr'sStrertPowderfl Jor Cniliin-D. ifao slundard remedy for 3D yc*ra. Tliey arc tocj- to give and children like them. Tliti'y cluaupe in« aloinacb, net ^cuUy or. tht- ^°^ v - *·· aiul hrcAfe i;p colds. Relieve btadufhea »nd te^itimc dijonlcrm. Wcliare 10,000 testimonials. Auk your druc(;i u t and be «:tre to pft iiotlicr Gray's Sweet Powders for Children, sic. OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSVILLE, PA. Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. HITE TRANSFER UOTOR TBHCli tuid \VAGONS. UOVinG AN£ UOISTKKO S'lA.VO.S A BI' J. B. KUKTZ, J9 NOTARV PUBLiC A«D REAL ESTATE. Mo* 4 Gdutii fVleadovt Utna. CannoMsvl.'ia PQ. Grap« Allcr. o»p«- TSY OITR CLASSIFIED ADLETS. Ic A WOED. 1'ETEY Ir\"K-- Go Bankrupt/-!- Xow, Pofer, Wsit? Br C. A. VOIGHI

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