Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 27, 1972 · Page 78
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 78

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1972
Page 78
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", 2 p. m., Q with Troy Donahue and Connie Stevnes. "Banacek,'' 9 p. m., 0 Q QD fB CB wi'h George Peppard. · * * "Tlie Tall Men," (1955) **, 11 p m.. (B vv ith Jane Russell and Clark Gable. · * * ''Man on a String," (1960) *''·;, 11:15 p. m., {B with Eniesi Borgnine and Collene Dewhurst. * * -i "D e v i 1's of Darkness." 11:30 p.m.. |B vith William .Sylvester; "Time Travelers," (I964i "i 2 . w i t h Preston Foster; "Dimension Five," with France Nuyen. * · * "John Paul Jones, (1959) **'/ 2 . 11:30 p.m., ^(0 with Robert Stack and B e 11 e Davis. "Mark of the H a w k , " (1958) **, 11:40 p.m., 0 with S i d n e y Poitier and Eartha K 111;" "Information Received," (1962) **, with William Sylvester and Sabrina Sessleman. ''Colorado T e r r i t o r y , " (1949) "·*, 12:30 a.m., 0 with Joel McCrea and Virginia Mayo. "War and Peace," (1956) *""*. 12:30 a.m., Q with Audrey Hepburn and Henry Fonda. Scene from "Anna and the King" preniiering this fall, (See story below jilioto). pace aluminized fencing looks better longer. Page aluminized chain I link fabric protects 11 itself beautifully. In fact, | Page fencing looks better 3 to 5 times longer than galvanized fencing. Some more plusses: Page fencing is less climbable, smooth, clean and attractive. That's reason enough for buying Page fence protection for vour home. Call Us For A FIEE ESTIMATE Without Obligation RESIDENTIAL 4 INDUSTRIAL FENCE SPECIALISTS McNIEL Fence Co., Inc. 3002 Seventh Ave. North Charleston, W. Va. ONE 744-8051 I P H Brynner returns to role of king By Charles Witbeck HOLLYWOOD-Yul Brynner leaves his Normandy castle and Paris town house to play once again the role he loves best, the proud and wondrous King of Siam, in a CBS half-hour television ver- sin titled "Anna and the King." The series airs on Sunday nights this fall opposite the Disney perennial show. It is said Brynner lives like a king in France, moving between country manor and city, raising rare birds, enjoying the best. In splendid shape for his 50-odd years, the bald-headed actor certainly behaves like a true-blue monarch on 20th Century-Fox Studio's stage five, where a magnificent set denoting the elegance of an exotic Southeast Asia court has been erected. Brynner. clad in sandals, a blue sash over his blouse, and a panung (asiatic native knickers), enters the set with a measured stride of confidence. His authoritative voice penetrates to the very corners of the huge stage, Gaslites Gasgrills BY ARKLA Perfect For Camps. Backyard Patios or Electric Homes! U-.3S Natural or LPGd! · No Charcoal · No Mess Thi f ci'.teit, tairitf.r O u t door COO'ing ev?r; lig'"J i f i t a - i t l / r.o d - j s t y chin. coal, no ashes, ielt-clear- ing. Constructed of heavy, rust proof cast alurnipun- with stamleu sttfe! g r id-,. Easy to i n s t a l l , y o u r s e l f ! Gaslites · Y AtKLA Chooie From Several Distinctive Designs! Decorative and Practical. Co.'Miucted of heavy., rustproof cast aluminum ond w e a t h e r p r o o f e d with b a k e a - o n enamel t SI a c k or White . Tempered glau p a n e l s are 10 timei i t r o n g e ^ than r e g u l a r glcm. IN STOCK-GASLIGHT MANTLES INVE8IEDCt«*MIC GASLIGHT MANTLES, AVAILABll IN SINGLE, DUAL, TDIPLE AND QUADRUPLE IULES. SPECIALTIES 5701 MacCorkle Ave., S.W., South Charleston, W. Va. PHONE 768-4801 8s CHARLESTON. W. VA, commanding attention. This is only make-believe during a Hollywood heat wave, but Brynner is the big cheese here, a blinking potentate, not an ordinary performer. He should give lessons to executives between camera setups on how to become a dominating personality. Now, a scene Is about to begin. Brynner stands to one side with his prime minister (Keye Luke) and a v i s i t i n g potenate whose daughter is off playing with royal son number one. From the back, tall, red-headed Samantha Eggar, a handsome cold one, in the role of school t e a c h e r Anna, dressed in a long flowing blue and white gown, enters with the children, quietly interrupting a business conference. Put down, then quietly accepted, teacher Anna asks that the kids tell of exchanging gifts of friendship. Accepting the youthful diplomatic gesture, the king turns to Anna, and says crisply, "School teacher, please to take note. This will lie the first amendment." The scene offers a clue to the television version of "The King and I", the enchanting Broadway musical and movie adapted from Margaret Landon's novel by Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. The book also spawned the earlier movie, "Anna and the King of Siam." School teacher Anna, an American in the 1860s, Instigates Ideas which are taken by the ruler and adapted as his own. The king must always be right, and the game for Anna is to maneuver things so her employer comes off as the satisfied hero. Producers Bill Idelson and Harvey Miller, former story editors of "Love, American Style," and "The Odd Couple" have also worked out plots where Anna and tho King are brought Into situations with each pushing a different attack. This clash must be solved diplomatically without the king being conscious of giving ground. Here, the prime minister (Keye Luke) acts as referee. If Anna pushs too hard, Luke warns with, "That is insult to king. I banish school teacher from the room." The king won't go this far, and will only allow Anna to leave providing sha agrees with him. Such light comedy game situations are not easy to come by. The producers sweated over early episodes, working story-lines around an all-powerful king's vanity. There can be no tampering with the Brynner character, for Yul knows exactly how this man should act. His character must at all times be treated like a great king, and he is never joked about. As for the ruler's relations with his cool, and forceful school teacher, the suggestion of romance between them still lingers in the back-ground, with an occasional understanding nudge taking place at royal receptions. The British Miss Eggar, though cast as an American, plays Anna with a distinct English tone, and is tha choice of Yul Brynner. Th« two met while filming "Light at the Edge of the World." during which an impressed Yul asked Samantha if she would be interested in playing Anna some day. Th» thing to do in '72--FINISH HIGH SCHOOL? WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW THE COST? WOULD YOU LIKE TO KNOW HOW LONG IT TAKES THRU HOME STUDY? WRITE FOR FREf INFORMATION--TELL ALL AMERICAN SCHOOL. W.Vi.District Office, 1217 PARK « V [ . N I T R O , W . V a . Send ms your Fres Inlormatioi Nairn Aga Add-esi pi,,,-, City Stats Zio SUNDAY GAZETTE-MAIL

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