The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 14
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 14

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 14
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P A C K iT){ RTEEN. THE DAILY COURIER, rONNELl 3VILLK, PA. WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2G, Sunbursi!: Important Detail Appears on Coats and Jackets of Ensemble*; Cape in Paris' Favor. Tn ()·· niftMo.' of d«t»tl, tlc storea will IP)} you tli:H Uor; never TV-OB such a was«»i for tJrossruaker touches, and they v.'ill h*-. riijlit, advices a faablon w r j u - r in t!io New Vorfc World. Any dr«ss or suit w o r t h y of Hie nnnie has rov.s of shirriii-; or tuetchig somewhere about its surfive, and Wouses Ukely ns not v.i'H show a hit of fugotlnj; to wp.lac; tliii ii cnifftuauna of former years. This Is all quite hi Hoe with thw tendency oi (,l;e spring season, which tx'x-roes that 4jvorytbJttg -shall have that ctst!y ctuitoffunnde look that Is so hnrd on the Hiultod tnjrtget of tb« working xirl -vho Is rated to picking wp a dress tti-u waa cat oot with 40 others mid st tchcfl «p at ti»e minimum expense. (toe of the nost important types of dressmaker O f t nil to appear on coats »nl the Jackets of ensembles is son- bnrst KOTIIMS ficroys t'ao back. These contribute: enormously to the flared effect that appears In *;o 01007 swagger eoats. The seams *re TisecJ to good advantage on one outstanding ensetnWe of brown metre '--lotti. The tore«-qiRTter coat has thone rounded on»ets tfcat ure bobbing up on att skies, and the hack is enlivened by many senms form- Ing u sumbtirs:; pattern from the center of the collar down to the aides. Tn ttifi blo'ise collection Is one of the earliest euuuples of tlw tendency, ·which nn alert shopper styooJa watch from now on, to substitute faille and similar fabrics for the perpetual satin and crepe of former years. It la a dead \vhtte model with narrow tiK'fcs about the V nock i rtfl a pattern of togoting in tho how effect that Is still an admirable treatment nftwf all the seasocg it bus appea-cct In the Vtonnet collections. Ho MB 8 Iocs* In Snugly. Sblrrliw in especially imiortant on blouses in a season that demands tbe tJpbtly fitted \valst. There are a number of Unpin 1 tint crepe blouses In which rows of shir-ins at the two sides hold the blanse i i snugly to the waistlln«, which Is fur:her accented by a nun-ow SfcU' belt t h a t appears In the back only. One entei tuining dressmaker touch appears on a suit of navy blno rep. The skirt bus a flare placed so low as [ to hriu^ It j"Odiously close to the hob- Jtlw class. Across the top of the skirt is an attached bolt of pink satin. The hi tiise Is iilso of the satin and bus si'if-apptiqiu'd hands outlined by rows ot (ir-iifiite feather stitching. Am.ttht-T suit appears In a basket weave or ;in ashy nrostari rone that promise-; to ie of some importance In t h e sprtns .iud«. The rout is sligbtly longer than the usual jacket length nnil i* (itte! in to the waist by means (if vertical ionnihiKS. The blouse is nn iifi'air nf li-uf-printed crepe In yellow find ( a n , w i t h low-placed patch pocket s, o n t o vhlch the skirt surprisingly tuittona, to give a rakishly tucfccd-in fffocr. Other bl-iuses which appear In num- bci' ejiotiK. to sive one pause include | m a n y I j a r l i t e morlfKs, particularly of j :Le embixi tiered type. On these yoa i blotiso tucking itifid a be-easLted eitirt.! Among the priuts 9 nn altrncttra af- j fftlr of red and gn en til oaa of the' smaU, precise patte- us at tlxo ruinate. IdOag. narrow bows are placed on. ttw aleevea, Just beJow ba elbow and the j only other bit of trimming appears at the neck, where i ruche of plultetl muslin appears nn* Is surrounded by n bund of black grx sgraJn ribbon that frames tha gllet on I eiKls up, ever so coyly, la a tailored bow at one slfla. Another dress of the type to tetniit any girl who ever plied a needle appears In flat crept ot the new high nnvy };no\vii as pirato blue. It h a s , ttoe approved low Jl iro and hlgb-placod belt. Tlie should err aira corered by 'dividual little sctllopod cape wer- sfeovas, acd the roi nd neck is tlntehed off by several rows if narrow pbtJts. Another frock w tlcli auma up many Of the possibilities of dressmolcer do- tan is of black repe \rftb low in- yertcd plaits aad i, high self belt tliat clones by nveans o a coral and rbine- tows bndde. The collar on one ride la a narrow rolled nffnir of white crepe, ou the otlier U bee mes a low eouarish model of black sol ox with white Along the edges. The s! seres, toWBver, ar« tbfl amttatog part f this dr«w. They are toll affn..tra ft m tlie elbow down and appear over -u vdersleaves of ·white crop*, which Is allowed to show Thorp .1 in n n y ohcr sensational price of many other lines of our footwear. A visit to our Htorr Tvil.1 «v- von well. 4£ W. Crawford Ave. Black F at Crepe Frock; White Crepe Coll ir Doubled on Loft Side. * w!U dm! all sorts of nicks, to the broad one-Inch f f l t l . On these, faulting Is tuucti med us fi j o i n i n g for the collar. On di-crst-s you w i l l dud few of the luwri«! 'oli;irs or cliffs of Inst yenr. '.riH^i! \ f i v e been lar^eiy replaced by pilt: HI id veatees of batiste or of chiffon. Arnoiu tip dresses which stiow drcss- umkc-r I.niches is an t n g r a i i a t u i K aftttJr of fl:it L-repe la the n«sw beige shnde k n o w n us bonbon pink. It has the now s*»v«?n-eighths length sleeve which U Khor-piied by many rows of tight shin-in;. n the Inner side Immediately above t ' i u Y n(T. The dress is ns lone-limbed ns U«y cnnif iiiid Ims n bodice d!st)»giitehel by a trinM.i-'tc! of self applique tliiut rises froin il-.t! lil^h waistline am] couies to K |oini ut the tamed back collar. The lis i-U of the skirt Is cuu«ht up nn) f d i i l - ? r t over itself in an lnde«crib- iiblc ivnniH-r to give the effect of n Black Crepene Suit Wfth Black lalyak Collar; Eggi hell Orsj»« Blotiw. through la the intervals between th4' l i t t l e tailored ows onto which the oversleeves are jhlrred, erery three or four inches. Mor* New Things to Come. The Paris Benson for ftislUons of Ifl.'SO opened v ith the Orst summer showings of th i big couturiers. The styles will hav a lot to do with wbai we are all soi ig to look like -wtttain the next few/ yiars, »tvy» a Paris correspondent, (The time bar come, the buyers say, to talk Tery leflnltely of Ui« many tilings that ha- a happetwrfl to Jasbious within the last few raonttu. It Ja evident that wa ara not done with txytog DC f thiagB, Fastiloas are by no means s tttled dr-wc to a simple rule of Jost boica and taetns. Now that you've become accostomed to wearing your skirts ar«and year unifies to the evening, Paris te going to go rtgttt »o from tbesre wit i a tot o( n«w Ideas that are going to e as conipJ«t« In their difference fro n the cJotbes we are wearing now, as the present JwiSilon is different fn m last year's. There is, to- instance, the naafctftr of fahrlc. The rnaterlnls that, bat* n»ade their appearance for the first tuae to Paris are r e a l l y original. Tlie knitted weaves are lil « nothing yon h*ve «*er seen before, i'liere are Jerseys so firm in their teshi-ft that they seem to be worstels. y t ttvey are still in tho knitted famll: and have no relntion to rhe jersey tvv cds that were new to TJH a few months aj; r . Keep a vrat -hfu! pye on the silk snH. It ts distinct;y JSXJO and bound to be a pet of Parif th/s season. It was macfi In evidence a id the vrord is aboat tbat If is to appear ereryvrbere. Watch It lartioularly for tts new lines--its lor f,, really long akJrt, that Is slightly fi II about the calves, and Us short JacVet that Is either In botero effect or pulled In at the wnlst Just eno«Rh to gi'ro the lower part or the Jacket a pep'tim effect, (n Paris It is at Its best 11 binck, hut it will prob- ohly go to / raerlea In navy blue and street green. . Variety of Cape*. Keep a n o t h e r watching eye on the cape. You will see it In dozens of variatioa's, f ona the littte shoulder nf- fair that Is more or tesa n pair Of sleeve caps "D a sleeveless print dress, to the sorvic'iible, full-length cape t h a t replaces a fitivel coat. Above all watch tb« pajamas that are going to come from Parts this year. This, tncidei tally, is a fashion that has come in a r. undabont way, from America. Now t h a t Paris Is taking It up, U is going to be doubly irntxuttrat. Uke snnbn n and bright colons, and the new nm.etltils, It is one of the fash- Ions of tht head) that is coining to town, and t u r n i n g formal. Paris, it seems, is .roitig to make nn honest woman of t he pnjama. Tb« sidr * of sports outfits are of a wearable length, five to six Inches below the ) nee. This rule holds pretty well foi everything except forma] afteniooo dresses, with their nine- iD'.hes-b«!ov-the-knee length, and floor iength evening dresses. have something to ee 1 and are in a big hurry to *ell it, let tho ciftsait'ied advertising department o? The Courier prove its ability as a speedy and efficient \ dales medium. Beginning TF URSDAY MORNING! One of the most sensational Bargain Even :s we have ever held. Spectacular Reductions and Savings prepared specially for this SALE, DOULAE SPECIALS FOR MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN Won* n*» Strap SHppe B, Pumps, Ties a id Oxfords Hereto* chance to m a k e a a tot of buying. Women's Slippers Red and green leathor uppers -soft [added elk soles. Dollar liar SpociaJ 2 pair Childrens Slippers Fell uppers with cuff. Soft padriei soles. Sixes 5 to 2. BOYS" SHOES Berate » DoUar S^edzd that wifl sawwmonty on ing sbaew for borya. Be here earfy. MtfJt»M tnelwt* Work Sbsoe* STRAP SUPFBBS A1CD OXPOBD8 AH good to 2. Arctics $1.00^ GHERS--'AUTOMATICS--HIGH BOOT^l Cloth Top*--plain, and as icod ccdora. Turn .OO top txxsCa. ON AK OFT and C«ST. KIDO BOOT8* AUTDOMATIC GATTEJBS patented matto itmtal Boys Gum Boots Hip Jengtli Storm King and kn«?e leiigtii rubber boots. lYiced fir oar Dollar Days S $1.00 Children's Arctics The Automatic; slide kind that are on in a jiffy. Blade cloth uppers. Sizeh C to 103/0 only. $1 .00 Ho ted Film Stars Reveal New Modes Draped velvet reveals a new mode, fay Wray, *cresn pJayor, above h pictured a /rooJk of ,to?- qaoJse panne that employs ia- tricat* drapes to ackiova its duo Fi cst Photo of Train Crash in Which Eleven Met Death l-I«r». i.i ( h e first photo of the crush at. Kenosha, Wis^ in which M met d3-UJi and 100 woro i n j u r e d wJuMi a .s-neixliriK electrte train on tho f'hirjiigit. No th Shore Milwziiiheo s t r u c k an ;iu(o, h u r l i n g 1|, in lo the path of an oncoming freight, w h i c h in i.uru cnisheii (,Ue hoav ly loaded pasaciiEer « press. The picture shows tht twisted steel passenger coaches in w h k i most, o£ the dead wero to mid. Wlt.neas«« d-ocliixed. t ae auto driver irietl tc heat tlie train overahe crossJng, USE OUR "CLASSY-FIED" ADS--THEY BRING RESULTS

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