The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 8, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 8, 1918
Page 3
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SATURDAY, JTNE S, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER. CONNELI.SVILLE, PA. - PAGE THREE, f,. MARINES IN TRAINING AT RISARE ISLAND 'RUTH GREAT DRIVER ARE TAKING LESSONS IN FRENCH LANGUAGE WITH A GOLF ST1GH The marines at Mare Island, Oil., are receiving training in "parleying Francais," especially baseball FrancnJs, so that when they get to France they will be nble to play the Frenchmen at their own gnruo. 'The marine baseball team takes lessons on the different phrases of baseball. ' YANKEE SERVICE FUG Tie New York Yankees' service flag now contr.ins sis: stars, and a few more will be aM«d when the next call ROCS out. Those connected vith the club who are now enrolled for the bigger game are Ciipt. T. L. Enston. Bob Shawkey, Ray Fisher, Walter SoMllwood, Howard Camp sitid Frank Kane. The Iast named is the oatQeldcr who was with Providence last seunon and was drafted by the Yanks. *:: ;"j-t»3"j' · FIRST TRIPLE PLAY | The flrst triple play of the t: major Icnsne season has been * made. *fi Heinle Groh to Lee Mfigee to %'. Sherry Mageo to Fred Allen. A; that's how it went, cutting oft J|| a Cardinal at second, another nt J| i first an! the last one streaking 4' it home. * ; The C'lnclnnati Reds have the 3! | honor of banginp np the flrst J| I three-ply death of IBIS. They .;. did it on April 2S, at Cincinnati, * I Babe Ruth, the Red Sor pitcher, is- an ardent pulfer, and quite an export one, too. Rnth is one of the hardest- hlttin? pitchers in the bi£ h-ui^nes n : u l ; he carries his batting punch onto t h e ; links. He was playing ut Itelluvuo,[ nnar Boston, one day und some of the; drives threatened to land In the nest! county, but the daddy of th ru all was I thn one he hit off the ninth tee. ! It is seldom thnt n drivo carries! the cross trap on this hole. The hole! itself is something like 260 yards, with | the trap pertmps ,10 yards short of 1L Babf not only carried the trap, but landed on the roof of the clubhouse, which Is at least: hole hlfrh. If the bnll had been strr.ij;ht, it would have carried fully 250 yards. MORAN MINUS STAR BATTERY ROOKIE SHORTSTOPS GET ANNUALTRYOUT3 Hard to FHI Shoes of Veterans Who Are Dropping Out i Chicago Cubs Seem to Have Best Prospect in Charlie Hollocher--"Lena" Blackburn, "512,000 Beauty" Is With Reds. Good shortstops are Just as scarce this year as ever. j The few veterans who have been' holding dcnm ahortfield positions in j the big leagues for years are still d^ j tnjr It, but as they pass oat one by ono the magnates have a hard time filling · tbetr shoes. ' ; The season of IMS Beds several : crabs trying ont new players at short,' and · no ^season, would be normal If there were less than four new men getting the once over from anxious managers. The Cubs have a brilliant prospect : In Charley Hollochcr, secured from' the Portland club. He burned up the Coast leagna last season with his field- iDg.; finishing the season with u percentage of .030. He hit .276, and he ranks as the best hitting shortiielder ·wht has come up to the big show in seviral years. : Bnssell Blackburn, who gained f:ime as the $12,000 beauty of the White . Soi some moons apo, is getting an- otter crack at a mijor league menl titset with the Cincinnati Reds. Rus-, sel has always ranked as a sweet: fidder, but his wor'* with the blud-. gron has generally been so weak t h a i . ht couldn't make good. As a member; oi the Toronto club List season "Lena" ' led the league in fielding with .967 and sfcmmed the pill aroand at a .260 clip j Walter Gerber, who was taken oa | 67 the St. Louis Browns late lasl | season, and who once had a tryout; vith the Pirates, amassed the spjac j Jitting figures in the American associ-' ition as Blackburn did in the Internu- i tlonal. He came to the big sliow froioj the Corombns club, and he ranked as^ ! one of the leading icQeldcrs of the as-! i sociation for the past four or five years. i Dugan, the new shortfleider of the' Athletics, was captain of the Holj | Cross college nine last season a n d : Uack hopes to make another Barrj 3Ut of biro. ager of the Columbus club of thf American association. Joe declares he will stay on the bench this season and do all o£ his 1 managing: from there. He adds thai he thinks his playing days are ovei i and that only the tightest kind of a pinch can draw him buck into the| fray. 1 Evers is rapidly nearing the jump-' ing off stage. He Is physically unable' to stand the strain of a full scason'6 work, and it is doubtful If he will be [ able to perform in any number of contests. Frank Chance has been out oi i It lor several years. Manager Clark Griffith is hard put for catching material. * * * Urban Faber of the White Sox has passed the physical examination and awaits his calL * * * Dick Chinjr, Mobile pitcher. Is not a Chinaman as his name might Indicate, but he has tricks. * * * Jack O'Toole, veteran Southern league umpire, has heen laid np with I sn attack of rheumatism. j * * * | ' Manager of Philadelphia National League Team Playing Without Alexander and KUIifer. Pnt Moron, a former catcher, succeeded Charlie Dooiii ;IH mimutvr or the Philadelphia -Nationals in November, 1014, and won n pennant with the team in 1915. Pet is forty-two years old. He was with Mon- 3900: Boston Na- tionnlK, ItXM-inor.; Chicago Nation- and Philadelphia Nncionals eve,c since. Pat caught for throe pcnnnut- wimiing Chicago National UWPJS (Chance's champions). Pat's I'hilllt't finished second to Brooklyn in 1010.; find second to tho Nw York C I L u n t s lust year. Th« loss of iu« Phillies'! Ktar battery, Alpxamler «nd KillitVr, sold to the Cuhs lust fall, will weaken the club this year. Pat Moran, IDE TINKER IS THROUGH AS ACTIVE BALL PLAYER; Another member of that famous old j ?cli trio. Tinker an:l EVCTS ami; dmnce. has announced hi;? Inrcniioc! of retiring from acuve participation j :n the national pas-Jine. He is Jo« '· Tinker, shortstop and at prcaent man. 1 Iraig, who played the outfield for Peoriu Inst season, has been taken on by the Sionx City clnb. * * * * Chick Ganclll, though still somewhat decrepit in the legs, is going good for the White Sox, particularly with the bat * * * The award by the national board of Pitcher Pepper Clark to Des Moines was a life saver to Jack Coltey, who ·was hard up for pitchers. . * * * Presidpnt Rickey's rules against freak pitching are clear enough and as the decision is up to the umpires there should be few controversies. * * * Portland fans have taken a great liking to Bill Feuerbora, the first baseman secured from Salt Lake City, and are praising him to the skies. * * * The Little Rock club announces that it has secured Herii Ifornn, former Nil tional 1 encruer, who played with Montreal Inst season. * * * Younp Ilolloeber, playing abort for the Cubs, is holdinp his own at the bat and In the field. Mitchell looks for him to shine this year. * * * The Minneapolis clnb lias released n number of players to SL Joseph of the "Western league ant! those clubs pro- sninfiblj will work together during the season In exchange of ptoyers. * * * The St.' Lotils Cardinals seem to have about made the Little Rock pitching staff when they sent Murchison and Tuero to KM Elherfeld, to say nothing about returning Hank Robinson. * * * Shillings Is drawing more salary than jjny othei National league manager except John McOraw. The Inttei has a whirlwind of a clnb, and as foi the former, well, the least sold tho better. * * * Having lost George BeoU in the j army draft, Roger Bresnahan mads; linn* Wngner an offer to pmv first i for the Toledo team, bnt old 1 Hnns wired back that ho is out of baseball for good. * * * Arrangements have been made by the Brooklyn team to play a gnine every Sunday at the old Federal len-. gitG [Kirk in \ewnrk, N. J. One of the National league gomes scheduled' to he pliiyt'd in the week will be trans-! ferret! to Sunday- ' Program For Next Week Tin- Home of the licst Pictures- The host and coolosi theatre in tlie city. MONDAY "A Halo That Blended Into Love" is Pictured in "TREASURE OF THE SEA" A 5 Act MKro Screen Drama of Romance and High Adventure. Starring Wonderful EDTTH STOREY. Also a Good Keystone Comedy in 2 Acts. ~~ TUESDAY Triangle Presents William Desmond and .Mary Warren in "OLD HARTWELL'S CUB" Faithful to his despised father. a brawny blacksmith defies the community . Also a Good Comedy. WEDS ESBAY "Who is the father of your child?" Bluebird presents Ruth Clifford and Norma Salisbury in an extremely interesting picture of Love and Loyalty in Alaska, entitled, "THE GUILT OF SILEXCE" Also a' Comedy and Current Events. The conservation of Time and Energy is the underlying motive of our modern efficiency doctrine. To perform each daily task with a mini' mum ot waste effort and all possible dispatch--that is the objective of every aggressive American business man. And in attaining that objective the motor car is playing a very important part. The Paige has always been a favored car with those men who demand uiv failing service and economy of operation. It has been tried and proven on a strict utilitarian basis. It is most emphatically a sound investment and, for that reason, it enjoys the confidence and respect which is only accorded to products of real intrinsic worth. PAIGE-DETROIT MOTOR CAR COMPANY, DETROIT. MICHIGAN AGENT, JOHN RHODES WEST SIDE CONNELLSVILLE MILITARY RAILROAD HAS RIGHT OF WAY VICTIM INERT. THi: RE- j ' si: 1-7 i.s A sT):r;e;u-: TO IJKATH-- A SPIHITICD, A TF.RIUFIC. A \VI!.I.:A.M K A U N V M :iTK'.:e,GU-:. ALL LOVERS OP y . O V I K I'lCTl.'KKS K N O W WHAT THIS MKANS. W I L L I A M FOX PiJESKXTS \V1LJ.IAM FARXLTiI IN "THE HEART OF A LION" WRITTEN EY RALPH CONNER. ALSO A GOOD (..'O.ML'DY. -- M O N D A Y -"A HAT!-: THAT BLKNDELl INTO I.OVK" IS i'lCTUIJED IN "TREASURE OF THE SEA" A 5 ACT M1CTRO W R K i : X D R A M A OF ROMANCE AND HIGH ADVENTURE. S T A R R I N G WONDERFUL EDITH STOREY. ALSO A GOOD KEYSTONE COMEDY IN 2 ACTS. r^-^^^^ Military railroads have the right of way on the western front, so a ruined house wan not allowed to b l o c k tbis line. The engineers pierced both wai'.s oC the house and arched t iieai over, and now tho oars filled w i t h troops run right through the house o n :he way to the front lines. THURSDAY World Presents Montague Love and Barbara Castleton in "VENGEANCE" On his twenty-first birthday John Cuddlestone, who was half Indian and half Englishman, received a strange legacy from his father . It called him from his home to London where strange adventures met him. Also a Universal Weekly. BIBAT Golfhvyn Presents Another Sensation of Mystery and Love and Adventure Starring Mabel Norraand :u "THE FLOOR BELOW Pilled with Wonderful Suspense and Excitement Also a Good 2 Act Comedy. --COMHS'G-- Thomas A. Edison Presents "THE UNBELIEVER" tOCAl, AJTD LONG DISTANCE 310VD"GS. Tri-Stutc 5t8. VST 1ST r\ r AfoHtr Kesidsncc 101 naas Ave,, Bell 842. ". T?. VlUlluiy CONSEU.STILLK. I'A. I IV IT'S AT T H E A R C A R E IT'S « 00 It Tl!i: WIXTi-Ii C.AltDICX OF COXXlil.I.SVn.I.E KXTIRE WEEK. OF .!T.\K 3 -- M A T I N E E AMI SIGHT. fii'S SUV rJIKSK.NTS The Winter Garden Girls S P E C I A L A l M t K l ) .VTTKACTIO.V-- MISS K T K E L I.YTI.K, CLASSIC HANCEK. 3 .srKCl.U. VAl'DEVlI.lj; ACTS. !!!; C O M l ' A N y -- T K . V CLASSY I'EOl'1-K O.V T H E S C K E E N -- S P E C I A L FOX COMEDY. --TODAY-- Jesse L. Lasky Presents the Greatest Femalo Impersonator on Earth JULIAN ELT1NGE IN "THE n-ETKR MRS. CARFAX" Billy Vest, the Popular Comedian, in· "TH13 MESSENGER." AXI) TCESDAY-- MARY PICKFORD IN LT. OF CLOHESLI5E Al.LKV -·roiur- "Undcr the Stars and Stripes in France." ALL- NEST 'WEEK Return of the Prettiest of All Musical Shows (, Featuring t h e Fellow "Who -Made the Whole Town Laugh Labor Day Week JOE FIELDS anrt Hutl: Maitland, Veronica l.ehpy .Arthur Roof. Goorge HoT acd Gingery Chorus, in "A Trip Across the Ocean." "Madam Excust" au "Cohan's Cabaret." HAVE YOUK FEINTING DONE AT THIS OFFICE. TEY OUE CLASSIFIED ADS. ONLY Ic A WOE1X

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