The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1939 · Page 15
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 15

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1939
Page 15
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Page 15 article text (OCR)

FRTD VY FTOBRTTARY 24 The Dally Courier Pattern THE DA FLY C O U R I E R , CONNKJbl^ f A. PAGE FIFTEEN: NEW DRESS-AND- TURBANSET! PATTERN 9991. Announce the arrival of Spring by Bearing a gay, printed turban -and- fress ensemble like Pattern 0901! It s the newest and smartest outfit you could make for j-ourself . . . . very Rillowy and slender--with that h'gh neck, and soft, shured side-fiont ful- ness you've been reading about. Since there are no "waistline seams to worry about, the dress whips lip m no time. The sleeves, too, are quickly completed, and add a ilattenng, btoad-shouldered look. As for the little turban, it's so simple to put together that you'll want to make at least two 1 Pattern 9901 may be ordeied only in misses' and women's sizes 14, JS, 18, 20, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40 and 42. Size 1C, dress and turban, requires 5Vi yards 35 jnch fabric Send FIFTEEN CENTS In coins for this MARIAN MARTIN pattern. Be sure to write plainly your SIZE, NAME, ADDRESS, and STYLE NUMBER Order the MARIAN MARTIN PATTERN BOOK ol latest Spring Fashions, and KNOW that youi sewing program is off to a fine start! You'll be limited with the number and variety of patterns, including S9 for misses, 17 for junior misses, 17 for matrons, 19 for children. Such lovely things--showing it's a beasan for Color and Budget Wardrobes! See easy-to-sew styles for graduations, weddings, dances and boat trips. See, too, plenty of everyday and stay-at-home clothes' BOOK FIFTEEN CENTS PATTERN FIFTEEN CENTS BOOK AND PATTERN TOGETHER TWENTY-FIVE CENTS. Send your order to The Daily Courier, Pattern Department, 232 W. 18th St, New York, N Y. You're Telling Me \ _ _ By BILL BRAUCHEB - 1 PIANISTS report considerable Increase In those seeking instruction. That's certainly music to the tars of piano manufacturers. * · * New York bOliards itar balances tttrce pool batls atop each other in £0 minutes. Jutt tlw guy we want 1o take a crocft at fixing up that national budget, * * * Marriage licenses _ granted oat- number divorce petitions filed in Reno, Nev., by fonr-to-ona. For once, there's not a single voice crying for the "good old days." * * # Twenty-six men have been arrested in alleged subway thefts of nickels. But every cloud has its sil- eer lining-- suppose the fare had been 10 cents? * · · The French no longer change premiers as fast as formerly. Proof: We've at last mastered the pronunciation of Daladier -- and he's still In office! * · Those who haven't yet recovered from Chicago's Century of Progress may as well learn the bitter truth: We're about to have a world's series af world's fairs! -TO Doc-Toa., is \~r -res i FTAfaN GOOSE.- STEJ= ? OC*tAw£» SH^fWON (*OVAi- OA*, A\JOH. OEVftli NOAW-IF= WERE AND THE. TWO C3F WOUL-D "t=iU HI/V\ THE DEUCE: "? icrts smce*. i-V__ 5ET»"£^£^^Sff; 40E PALOOKA Ta CMiij'Mu Be President. By Ham Fisher TH' REST'RUNT WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE I'D NEVER KNOWED ANN,MOM AN' POP WUNT HAVE THE FARM,STEVE COULDN'T SO T- COLLEGE " YA WOULDN'T HAVE BEEN IN A SCANDAL. AN' TH' MOST DISLIKED GUY AMERICA-- PLEASE.! WUNT BE NOWHERE'S WITHOUT YOU. I'D NEVER MET THE GRAN' PEOPLE I'VE MET-- KID, X COST YA A FORTUNE. BUT I WAS ^ESPRIT: PEOPLE'LL FIND OUT SOMEDAY. X AINT SORE AT EM PEOPLE'S CTIST THO'TLISS SOMETIMES, BLESS YERE DOGGONE HEART A GUY L.IKE YOU OU6HTA BE PRESIDENT-- W1TH ME BEHIND YA AN' ADVISIN GOSH YOU'RE A SWELL GUY/ THERE AINT A NOTHER LIKE YA.VM-- I'M A LUCKY ·PUNKyKID, T'BE YOUR PAL. WE'LL COME OUT OUR TROUBLE, KNOBBY. RIGHT HASTA WIN. I B'LIEVE IN THAT LIKE I B'LIEVE-- -IN ANN'S LOVE. BARNEY GOOGLE anil SNUFFY SMITH Speaking of Bol- lars, They Have 5o "Cents." By Billy DeBeck tee «AE -· vo GET: N\H WJOKS F\l* 0\Stt WER OUt BLLOWRNCE- N\uct\ THOUS'N-?? WViV.MORE VN\FE'LL HER OU tARN Lft\D BROUMQ STEftNV VftCttT COST BOO .000- SOUO QOLO PLUN\BIWG- ONE SW.NOU5 IN ft NiERRVEO Pi GRL VJHO RADIO PATROL By Eddie Sullivan and Charlie Schmidt PINKY DftSffiS OUT OF THE JWL ftND HUHTS UP MOIW AND "THE BUSTER" I DID IT .' I DID IT / I TALKED WTH PW / UNCLE JOE IS CO^aSSIONS CHftRUt -MIKE IS WORK- INS FOR THE GOVERNMENT. I'VE GOT TO SIVE HIM THIS DlftGRm Of CHPfclli.'5 HOUSE . ftND A MINUTE. SET w wo TELL « SIOWLY THERE'S NO ADDRESS OH THIS PLftN. EVIDENTLY MIKE KNOWS WHERE IT 1%. WELL .THE OMW THINS TO DO IS TRY TO IOCME M1HE ftNO WE'VE 60V TO HNO SW.IY, TOO · SHE KMOW5 SOME- THINS ABOUT WI5 MURDER. HOURS Or SEftRCH FftlL TO FIND MIKE ftT MS USUAL HftUNTS 2-24 GOJTOlEhVE MY MAIN JOB JS TO SET PWT OUT Of JAIL AHD I'VE GOT J FOLLOW TO GO TO -- * HIM WORK JUST KIDS A Block Off the Young Chip. By Ad Carter 7^ BLCW OFF: WHAT'S ( NECESSARY-SIX\ FOOT-AN' LEAVE THE S, REST UNSAID I'M AIMIN' TO HEAR A PRIZE Fiei-rr ON THE RADIO AN' MOTHER UPS AN' TURNS _ ON A -AN 1 THEN IN COMES THE DUCHESS AN' SHE UPS AN' TURNS ONI THE OPERA!! AN' INCOMES MY POP-AN' HE UPS AN' TURNS ON THE PRIZE MUGGS McGINNIS By Welly Bishop /VES. Sir? 1 .' ANV Wsy vtx) Fieufee IT THEFSES SOMETHING GO)M ON IM THS . si _-.-= ,, ,, KlEISHBOiSHOOD THAT TT^.SAJD fT !1 WE I30MT KKOW-J-^VWEMEVER ARCtrr " _^sS A 3UV L KCE AECWI .. , 'S RHI^EL^MDE^ BEGINS TD GST AS POPULAR AS HE IS GETTIN'.,. , SOMETrilNS COIN'ON U ^ W£U-,CONT 1_ 1ANO 1HEI5E GUESSINK5I 1 GO 1 . 1 x* COULD VDU TSLL A« $IP? I^H^^gllS^^BDR^S. 1 NJ^Rc4NT«a^^ K^rYOiTHE V ~- -----r-i TOR HUM! r-f TIM TYLER'S LUCK Spud Uses Soino Itor?c S By Lym Young WE COULO'VE TAKEN VOUR HORSES WITHOUT ASKING FOR 'EM/SOOSAXBUT WE'RE TOO POUTE FOLLOW ME TO THE STABLE DROP YOUR GUNS/ MOVE ALONG, TYLER BIG SISTER By Les Forgrave cA,u_eo 5HCWDOVJN TO HE GOT VJHAT ttJ HIM AMO He G .^ 22V OH,DE BIG CROOK.', oe YELLOW^ OMPRINCIPLEO CROOK! TO T'lMK. X r HA.O MV SUSPICIONS OP HVM AU(_ A-LONS. T/? V-1 MEVEPjl OIO MEAM TO PLAN' WOSIE-ST »- ' ' ·jag£ - ^91 Syndiate. Inc World nghti r 6UT DC3 « OB LAST -STR(*N' DE U/ST ^TR^M! I'LL TELL. O^CU'E. MASCTVM VJHAK A FA.XE HE i. CVW HE'S A PHOMV (MEPHEVJ! QWU- POT \NWEOJE HE

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