Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on July 4, 1976 · Page 64
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 64

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 4, 1976
Page 64
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Page 64 article text (OCR)

July? ^CHARLESTON I WCHS-TV ' CBS HUNTINGTON WSAZ-TV NBC .HUNTINGTON I WOWK-TV ' ABC , BLUEFIELD WHIS-TV NBC ROANOKE WOJB-TV CBS CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURG WTAP-TV NBC HUNTINGTON I WMUL-TV ' PBS-EEN GRAND VIEW I WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:00® 700 Club 6:30 O Sunrise Semester CB Arthur Smith © On the Farm CD Artie Levin OD The Story 6:45 O Morning Report 7:00 O CB a® © I® Today O CD Network News 09 S) Good Morning, America 8:00 O CD Capt. Kangaroo Sesame Street 8:30® Sesame Street 9:00 O A.M. CB Coffee Break m 3D Phil Donahue OLucy © Romper Room CB Films of Today CD Dinah 09D.J. 33 School Programs 9:300 Cross Wits CB Romper Room © Cartoons O Tattletales OD Mike Douglas CB Bible Answers CSYoga 10:00 O CB 35) © 5S Sanford Son O CD Price Is Right d) Barbara Walters Bit With Knit CB'Making Things Grow 10:30® Rev. Homer Click O CB 3D © 3S C e l e b r i t y Sweepstakes 9 Yoga GD Romagnoli's Table 11:00® Friends, Neighbors O CD Gambit O CB 3® © 35 Wheel of Fortune . ID Fanner's Daughter School Programming CD Bit With Knit 11:30 O CB (38 © 3B Hollywood Squares O CD Love of Life CD (5 Happy Days CB Antiques Afternoon 12:00 O CB 0® 35 Fun Factory © O News CD Young Restless OD ® Let's Deal S3 Sesame Street CB Banjo 12:30 O CD Search for Tomorrow G CD © ® Gong Show © News 03 ® All My Children CB Electric Co. 1:OOO Phil Donahue CD Panorama O CB News © Somerset 33 Fun Factory (El Barbara Walters B ® Ryan's Hope © Electric Company CB'Robert MacNeil Urn CHARLESTON. W.VA Wednesday 1:30 O CD As World Turns OD ® Rhyme and Reason O CB © 33! 3D Days of Our Lives 33 CB Evening At Pops 2:00 OB ® $20,000 Pyramid 2:30 Q CD Guiding Light O CB 3D 3D 35 Doctors OD ® Break the Bank © Strauss Family CB Lowell Thomas 3:00 O CB (® 33) © Another World O CD All In the Family OB ® General Hospital CB Romagnolis' Table 3:30 O CD Match Game OB ® One Life CB Yoga 4:OOO Mickey Mouse O Mr. Cartoon CB 32 © Somerset © Andy Griffith CD Lucy OB Dinah QD Edge of Night Capitol Cable Channel 10 WEDNESDAY Morning 9:00 "Come On Leathernecks" 11:00 U.S. Navy 11:30 Canadian Travel Film Noon 1:00 "Command Performance' 3:00 "Common Touch" Evening 6:00 U.S. Navy 7:00 Canadian Travel Film 8:00 700 Club 9:30 Testimony Time 10:00 "The Cobra Strikes" Kanawha Cable Channel 2 WEDNESDAY Noon 1:00 Day time 2:00 "Daisy Kenyon" 3:30 "County Chairman" 5:00 Sports Travel Evening 6:00 Think About Tomorrow 6:30 "Dungeons of Horror" 8:08 700 Club 9:30 Testimony Time Today CB Mister Rogers 4:30 O Bewitched CB © Family Affair © Batman © Flintstones O Andy Griffith CD Brady Bunch ® Lassie ©CB Sesame Street- 5:00(9 Bonanza CB © Gunsmoke © Ironside 39 Mission Impossible O Partridge Family CD FBI ® Big Valley 5:30O Family Affair OB Adam 12 Electric Company Evening 6:00 O C B a ® © l S ) © C D f l D ffi Local news, weather, sports 93 Zoom CB Hodgepodge Lodge 6:30 38 Truth or Consequences O CB ®) 3S O CD Q) ® Network News 93 Villa Alegre CB Let's Garden 7:00© Pop Goes Country G Truth or Consequences 32) News CB Nashville Music © Ironside CD Music Festival © OD Wild Kingdom ® Sing Time ® Tourists Are Coming CB Robert MacNeil 7:30 O Last of the Wild CB Candid Camera US Pirates vs. Atlanta © Price Is Right O $25,000 Pyramid 09 To Tell The Truth ® Pop Goes Country S3 Book Beat CB Banjo 8:000®®) ©Little House On the Prairie O CD Jackson Five OB ® Bionic Woman S3 CB A State Dinner 8:30 O CD Kelly Monteith 9:00 O CD Cannon OD QD Baretta O CB © ail Glen Campbell 9:30 O CB 3® © Chico the Man 10:00 O CB © © a§ Hawk CD O Blue Knight OD ® Starsky Hutch 11:00 OCB 3®© 3D O CD OB® Local news, weather, sports (H Captioned news 11:30 O CB 3® © © Tonight QCD "The Singing Nun" ffi® "Great Ice Rip-Off" 93 Janaki 1:00 OS®© Tomorrow PBS To carry White House dinner Wednesday ALL IN THE FAMILY - (Repeat). "The Hot Watch." Archie's bargain watch begins to look like a "hot" bargain. 3 p.m. CBS-TV O CD STATE DINNER - President Ford hosts a State Dinner at the White House for the Queen of England. During the actual dinner, special films will be shown on the changes in the role of the monarchy, arrival of the royal yacht Brittania in Philadelphia harbor, and various aspects of the life of royalty. 8 p.m. PBS-TVSCB THE JACKSONS - Comedian Joey Bishop guest stars with the Jackson family in the concluding program of the summer series. 8 p.m. CBS-TV Q CD BIONIC WOMAN - (Repeat). Jaime finds herself behind bars after she is framed while acting as a courier to deliver a multimillion- dollar decoder to a secret testing center. 8p.m. ABC-TV OB® LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE -- (Repeat). "Centennial." Angered by new taxes, the citizens of Walnut Grove cancel the Centennial celebration, only to be taught a lesson in patriotism by a recent Russian immigrant (Theodore Bikel). 8 p.m. NBC-TV O CB 33)15)© BARETTA -- (Repeat). "Dead Man Out." Baretta takes his life in his hands when he gets himself thrown in prison -- next to convicts he has sent up -- to get a lead on a huge jewelry theft, after two suspects are murdered. 9 p.m. ABC- TVOD® · GLEN CAMPBELL - Don Rickles, Lawrence Welk, Natalie Cole, Dick Martin, Harvey Korman, McLean Stevenson, Glen's parents, and lyricist Sammy Cahn join him on a musical-variety special. 9 p.m. NBC-TVOCB®(S) CANNON - (Repeat) As a favor to a scientist with whom he attended college, Cannon investigates the death of an internationally-known member of a space project team whose death may have been caused by an alien force from another gal- axy. 9 p.m. CBS-TV O® CHICO AND THE MAN - (Repeat). "Reverend Bemis' Alter Ego." When the Rev. Bemis (Ronny Graham) begins to lose his congregation because his sermons are boring, Chico visits the church and demonstrates how to deliver a "hip sermon." The parishioners are so responsive to Chico that Bemis decides to quit. 9:30 p.m. NBC-TV O HAWK - ( R e p e a t ) . "Blind Man's Bluff." A series of killings of cab drivers, each of whom was the father of a little girl, baffles police when a large sum of money is left at the scene of each crime. 10 p.m. NBC-TV O® m 33)® BLUE KNIGHT - (Repeat). Bumper's Law -- you help me, I'll help you -- suffers a reversal when a massage parlor manager (guest star Salome Jens) will not cooperate as a witness and lodges a false complaint that could mean the loss of Bumper's badge. 10 p.m. CBS- TV O CD STARSKY HUTCH - (Repeat). "Lady Blue." Starsky and Hutch investigate the murder of a beautiful policewoman who left the force to become a go-go dancer in a sleazy dive after the end of a romance with Starsky. 10 p.m. ABC-TV OD® TONIGHT - Geoffrey Bourne, author of The Gentle Giant* will be Johnny's guest tonight. 11:30 p.m. TOMORROW - Alcoholism will be the theme of the show. 1 a.m. NBC-TV O© IS) Thursday ALL IN THE FAMILY - (Repeat). "Archie Is Jealous." Edith's "past" is questioned, and Archie fumes with jealousy when a "secret" about Edith is revealed. 3 p.m. CBS-TV O CD · WELCOME BACK, KOTTER (Repeat). Kotter recalls how it was on his first day as a teacher, when he learned all his fears were justified. 8 p.m. ABC-TV OB ffl DRIVEWAY SEALER Seals asphalt and concrete driveways and patios. Good adhesive quality. Long life. Weather Wear Protection A tollable at heal Paint Hardware Stores WILLIAMSON PAINT MFG. CO. MASTERPIECE THEATER (Repeat) "Upstairs, Downstairs." The first episode of the repeat of the third season finds the Bellamy household about to face the London of World War 1. 8 p.m.PBS-TV O WALTONS -- (Repeat). Having a week off from school, John-Boy is persuaded to enter a seven-day dance marathon in hopes of winning the first prize of $200, much to his mother's shock. 8 p.m. NBC-TV SPECIAL -- (Repeat). "Secrets of the African Baobab." Close-up photography shows how the weirdly shaped baobab tree supports a wide variety of animal life. Orson Welles is the off-camera narrator. British naturalist-photographer Alan Root and his wife Joan, filmed the special on location in Kenya. 8 p.m. NBC-TV OCB 3® ©3! BARNEY MILLER - (Repeat). "The Kid." Romance enters Fish's life when the attractive mother of a juvenile pickpocket comes to plead for her son; the situation presents problems -- mainly Bernice. 8:30 pm. ABC-TV ODffi OLYMPIAD - "The Incredible Five." There are five men and women whose accomplishments will live for all time in winning Olympic honors: Emil Zatopek of Czechoslovakia, Fanny Blankers- Koen of Holland, Al Oerter of the U.S., Vera Caslavska of Czechoslovakia, and Paavo Nurmi of Finland. These are the Incredible Five, and this is the concluding episode of this series. 9 p.m. PBS-TV STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO -- (Repeat). "Superstar." Paul Sorvino, guest starring as Bert D ' A n g e l o , a tough d e t e c t i v e , proves a trial for Lt. Mike Stone and Inspector Steve Keller when they are ordered to cooperate with him as he searches for the killer of his partner. 9 p.m. ABC-TV OD CD HAWAII FIVE-0 - (Repeat). Kidnappers hold a young boy captive in a capsule with a 52-hour air supply, with instructions to turn over $1.5 million in ransom or he will die. 9 pm. CBS-TV O(D HARRY 0 - (Repeat). "The Victim." A young woman charges a fellow-worker with assault, but when the accused man provides a strong alibi and the police begin to doubt her story, she turns to Harry Orwell to prove her claim and save her-upcoming marriage. 10 p.m. ABC-TV (BCD BARNABY JONES - (Repeat). Barnaby steps into the breach when another private investigator is killed, and finds his search for a client's mother leads him into a web of intrigue and murder. 10 p.m.BCS-TVOCD TONIGHT -- Comedian Tom Dreesen and Bob Dotzauer with his balancing act join Johnny Carson tonight. 11:30 pm. NBC-TV O CB ® ©5S MANNIX- (Repeat). "ToCatch a Rabbit." Joe Mannix takes on more than he bargained for when he tries finding the reasons behind the death of the youngest member of an old and respected family. 11:30 p.m. ABC-TV flD® THE MAGICIAN - (Repeat). "The Illusion of the Fatal Arrow." After a man is slain by two cold- blooded archers, a psychic beauty tells Anthony Blake more deaths will follow. Pamela Franklin and Jeremy Slate guest star. 12:30 a.m. ABC-TV ODCB TOMORROW -- The making of a political convention will be the subject. 1 a.m. NBC-TV O 58© Seamless Gutters -GUARAHTEED- NOTTOLEAK CONTINUOUS ALUMINUM GUTTER Made on the Jab to Fit FIRST in W.VA. with 6" Gutter .032 Thickness RffLACEMBIT WIDOWS Now Available in Bronze and White Any Brand ALUMINUM SIDING Available Commercial Inquiries Invited ROB ERTL DAVIS, JR. OWNER CONSTRUCTION CO. 5813MacCorkleAve.S.W. St. Album, W.Va. 25177 PHONE 768-9709 Out-of-Town CaH Collect Julv8 I HUNTINGTON WSAZ-TV NBC k CHARLESTON I I WCHS-TV ' CBS ^HUNTINGTON WOWK-TV ABC ROANOKE WOJB-TV CBS ROANOKE WSLS-TV NBC CLARKSBURG WBOY-TV NBC PARKERSBURG WTAP-TV NBC . HUNTINGTON I WMUL-TV ' PBS-EEN GRANDVIEW WSWP-TV PBS-EEN Morning 6:00 ® 700 Club 6:30 0 Sunrise Semester CB Arthur Sm th 3® On the Farm CD Artie Levin QD Patterns For Living 6:45 O Morning Report 7:00 O CB 3® © © Today O CD Network News OB® Good Morning, America 8:00 O CD Capt. Kangaroo 91 Sesame Street 8:30CB Sesame Street 9:00 O A.M. CB Coffee Break © IS Phil Donahue O Lucy I® Romper Room ® Films of Today CD Dinah 09 D.J. O School Programs 9:30 O Cross Wits CB Romper Room IB) Cartoons O Tattletales ® Sacred Heart OD Mike Douglas CB Yoga 10:00 O CB © © (S) Sanford Son O CD Price Is Right ® Not For Women Only © Bit With Knit ' CB Dig It 10:30® Calvin Evans O CB © IS) (B! C e l e b r i t y Sweepstakes SI Yoga CB Cooking 11:00 ® Friends, Neighbors O CB © IS) © Wheel of Fortune O CD Gambit OD Farmer's Daughter ® School Programs CB Bit With Knit 11:30 O CB © IS) IS) Hollywood Squares O CD Love of Life OD ® Happy Days CB Woman Afternoon 12: GOOD® Let's Deal O CB © IS) Fun Factory O 82) News CD Young Restless © Sesame Street CB Pottery 12:30 OD ® All My Children O CB © © Gong Show © News O CD Search for Tomorrow CB Electric Co. 1:OOOD ® Ryan's Hope O © News © Somerset © Fun Factory (fS Not For Women Only O Phil Donahue CD Panorama © Electric Company CB Robert MacNeil 1:30 OD ® Rhyme Reason O CB © (3) 3) Days of Our Lives O CD As World Turns © Tourists Are Coming CB Moonshine 2:00 OD ® $20,000 Pyramid S3 Burglar Proofing 2:30 O CB ffl 33) 3D Doctors O CD Guiding Light OD ® Break the Bank S3 Car Care CB Book Beat 3:00 O (B © IS) © Another World O CD All In the Family OD ® General Hospital CB What's Cooking ® Flying 3:30 OD ® One Life to Live O CD Match Game CB Yoga ® Weather 4:OOCB©53) Somerset © Andy Griffith O Mr. Cartoon O Mickey Mouse CD Lucy QD Dinah ® Edge of Night 3 CB Mister Rogers 4:30 CB Family Affair © Babar, the Elephant O Bewitched © Batman O Andy Griffith 3D Flintstones CD Brady Bunch ® Lassie O CB Sesame Street 5:00 O Partridge Family O Bonanza CD FBI ® Big Valley CB © Gunsmoke © Ironside 35 Mission Impossible 5:30O Family Affair OD Adam 12 ® CB Electric Co. Evening 6:00 CB © 32) IS) O CD I cal news © CB Zoom l ® L o - apitol Cable THURSDAY Morning 9:00 "Command Performance" 11:00 Sports Travel World Noon 1:00 "Common Touch" 3:00 "Shocking Miss Pilgrim" Evening 6:00 Sports Travel World 7:00 Fun Facts 8:00 700 Club 9:30 Young Disciples 10:00 "Come On Leathernecks' THURSDAY Noon 1:00 Spotlight 2:00 "Drums Along The Mohawk" 3:45 "Copper Sky" 5:00 Home Digest Evening 6:00 30 Minutes 6:30 "Finger Man" 8:00 700 Club 9:30 Testimony Time Today ·July-I. 7.976'. Sunday Gazette-Mail SHOW TIM K..Jit I\-J. 1976 6:30 O C B © ( S ) O C D O D ® Network News 3 Yoga CB Black Appalachian Viewpoints 7:OOO Lawrence Welk OD CD Let's Make a Deal O Truth or Consequence CB Arthur Smith © Ironside 35 Family Affair 35) News ® Water World 33 Families At War CB Robert MacNeil 7:30 H.CB Hollywood Squares 33 Friends of Man 3D Music City CD Nashville Music OD To Tell the Truth ® David Niven CB Bookbeat 8 : 00 O CB © © 3S African Baobob 0 CD Waltons OD ® Welcome Back Kotter 33 CB Masterpiece Theater 8:30 OD® Barney Miller 9:00 O CB © 3D 35 "Goodbye Again" O CD Hawaii Five 0 OD ® Streets of San Francisco CB Olympiad 10:00 O CD Barnaby Jones OD ® Harry 0 @3 Bill Moyers CB Jazz 10:30CB W. Va. Journal 11:00 O CB © © 35 Q CD OD ® Local news, w e a t h e r , sports 33 Captioned News 11:30 O CB © 33135 Tonight O CD "Willard" OD® Mannix and the Magician © Janaki -"*' 1:00 O © O Tomorrow . CHARLESTON. W.VA 1 Urn

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