Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 27, 1972 · Page 76
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 76

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1972
Page 76
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Page 76 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY C*K Hill WOAY-rV WS1S-IV NBC C r i A l i f S T O N WCHS-TY OS WBOY-7V CtS NfeC O FOANC1E WDJB-TV CfS I HUNtlNOTOfJ\ I WHTN.TV I I AtC OKANDVIEW WSWP-TV PK-£EN I HUNTINGTON WMUl-TY I MS-UN J Augrusl 31 6::iO Q Bible Answers (0 On Farm Q Town Crier [0 Religion This leg is based on i?i/ormation provided iy the stations, who warn programs are subject to clmiiye u-itliout notice. 6:45 Com Cob 7 oo 0 O 03 CB Q3 Today; Q Q News £0 Bulhvinkle O Religion 7:30 Q Sleepy Jeffers £0 Underdog 0 Farm 8:00 Q O O Kangaroo {53 7no Revue 8:30 £0 Jack LaLanne 6:W) 0 Bess Myerson Q O Romper Room Q Flintstones I Q3 Daniel Boone £0 Jack LaLanne |0 Phil Donahue : C0 Peyton Place ; O Films i 6:30 0 Consequences Q Coffee Break i |0 Flintstones O Artie Levin ! O My Sons ; £0 One Life 10:00 00 CD DDE Dinah Q O Lucy C0 Dick Van Dyke Q America Sings 10:30 0 0 Q3 £0 £0 Concentration Q O Hillbillies (0 Split Second Q Ladies 11:00 Q0 £0 Qp Q3 Sale Q O Family Affair Q9 Love 0 Friends, Neighbors 11:30 © O Q3 £0(0 Hollywood Squares 0 Q Love of Life 09 O Bewitched AFTERNOON ]2:00 0 O OD 03 Jeopardy 09 09 News O Oblinger Q Where Heart Is ]2::iO 0O 03(0 Who, Where Q Q Search O Split Second 03 News 1:00 0 News Q Qj) Somerset Q3 Jeopardy 03 Me Too" Show 0 Divorce Court Q Panorama i Q9 0 All My Children i 1:30 Q Q CD© (0 Three · on Match ! 0 Q As World Turns ! 09 O Let's Deal 4:00 Q Perry Mason 03 03 Somerset B Cartoons Q3 Merv Griffin Q Batman ! O My Sons Q9 Flintstones | O Love, American Style | Q © Sesame Street ' 4:30 © Jeffs Collie j 03 Andy Griffith : B Green Acres i Q Death Valley i Q Virginian : flt) Password j O Movie 5:00 B Wagon Train ; Q Big Valley ; 03 High Chaparral i 03 D 'ck Van Dyke ' 09 Tarzan ! Q © Misterogers Q Griffin 5:30 03 Marshall Dillon Q© Electric Co. 03 What's My Line EVENING : e.-oo B Q O Q O 03 CD 09 News ! (Q Jeannle i 6B Yoga ; Q Lipreading I 6:30 Q Psychology i Q9 News ' Q Q Cronklte © Guitar 7:00 B Let ' s O Arthur Smith 03 CD Consequences 03 Jubilee Q My Line Q Geographies 09 Circus Q Judy Lynn © Our Times Q Yoga 7:30 0 Hollywood Squares Q Lei's Deal GD Tell the Truth Q3 Untamed World 0 Dragnet ffi Chapter 33 0 Insight O Death Valley 6:00 0 Q Q D 0903 i Theater i 0 O My World £0 Q Olympics ffi O America 8:30 0Q Horton ffi Jazz Set Q Handsful of Ashes 9:00 00 CD C0Q3 Ironside 0 Q Movie ffi Q Bread Puppets 10:00 0 O £0 © 03 Bobby Darin © Paul Nuchims Q World Press 2 mi 00 £Q CB CD Days of Lives 0 Q Splendored Thing 09 Q Newlyweds 2:30 0 Q CD OD 03 Doctors! 0 Q Guiding Light j 00 Q Dating Game : 3.00 0003G3C0 Another World 0 Q Secret Storm 09 O General Hospital 3:30 0Q flj) £0(0 Retum n:30 0 0 £Q £0£0 Tonight to Peyton Place 0 "Sole Survivor' 1 0 O Edge of Night | £0 "Counterfeit Plan" Lassie ,' O Dick Cavett O One Li/e : Q -TWO Violent Men" 6s CHARLESTON, W. VA. Jazz Set n:oo B Q C B Q O O 0 3 CD CB Forster to star as detective in ; Banyon' By Charles Witbcck HOLLYWOOD--There's a resurrection going on this summer out at Warner B r o t h e r s Studio where James Cagney, Humphrey Bogart and John Garfield made those great old "tough guys" movies. The cocky, gusty atmosphere of the '30s has been siphoned from Warner film vaults and pumped into "Banyon" NBC's new fall Friday night action hour. Robert Forster, a young Rochester, N.Y., actor who resembles Garfield, starred as the hard-nosed 1937 Los Angeles private eye when the two-hour pilot first surfaced back in March of '71 on the network's World Premiere. It was a well-made piece of nostalgia with some life and color, and was expected to be on last September's schedule. But "Banyon" was overlooked in the bidding, and the property went back on the shelf to gather dust with other rejects. Since unsold pilots almost never come Storm Window* and Doon; Alu Guttttri; Railing. Porch Encl«»urei. 1 9 Yean experience BRANHAM-KINDERJnc. 1000 Charles Ave., Dunbar, W.Vo. Brady C. Branham, Pret. 768-5741 back, it was surprising to see the property not only resuscitated, but also able to gain sponsorship a year later. Rolling back the clock 35 years at Warner's w i t h "Banyon" can be a bit scary since it's the old Rip Van Winkle theme. Actors run around in suits with vests and baggy pants, and jump into vintage convertibles for the big cops and robbers chases. Then Forster, with his boxer face, as Banyon, uses Gagney-Garfield dialogue, snarling at a dizzy blond, "Listen baby, get your dukes off those letters." Forster, the cold somber young man whom viewers may remember for his role of the Chicago photo-reporter in Haskell Wexler's eye- popping movie, "Medium Cool," was stunned when "Banyon" didn't sell the first time around. He thought the p r o p e r t y couldn't miss. These days Forster is busy hunting for a handle to his c o r r u p t i b l e hero after screening most of the Warner's classics of the period, which include his favorite, James Cagney's "Angels With Dirty Faces." "In the old movies, the guys talk loud and fast," said Forster during a l u n c h Never too ydung to §tert Even a child can understand that thrift has a payoff. And when you teach children the saving grace, you give them a sense of direction. The sooner your, youngsters get started with a more for your money savings account, the more they'll end up with. MORE FOR YOUR MONEY E M P I R E F E D E R A L OF Ground 120 CHARLESTON \ Floor, Masonic Bldj, \ Virginia St., E. \ SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Phone 343-0173 1 hour free parking directly across the street. Robert For.N/« j r break, reporting on his research. "The actors do not sit around hunting for a motive. The pace is bang, bang, hang. Our style is different now. We go slower. If I played Banvon like Cajj- ney or Garfield, it would throw the other actors off. So we I: ke the middle road." Asked about Banyon 1 ? attitude on women--will he pull a Cagney and rub ;i grapefruit in a lady's fate? --Forster replied. "The ladies are my best adversaries on the show. They're all lying. And they know I know it." Exceptions are Banyon's slesdy girl (Julie Gregg) who plays a piano in a bar, and Joan Blondell's breezy operator of a sercre- tarial school. Forster has always bern an old movie fan. Back in Rochester, Robert grew up. on pictures, taking in Saturday matinees, but says he can't remember any star who had an effect on him. "My mother said, 'You're going to be an usher in a show,' because I went so often," the actor recalled. At that time, Forster had * Banquets · Sales Meetings · Picnics · Private Parties · Wedding reception! Private Banquet t. Party Faciliticf SCHRADER'S RESTAURANT 421 H. Si.. H. Ph. 343-8903 no ideas about becoming a performer. He played f^ot- ball and wrestled in high school, then moved on to college, graduating from the University of Rochester with a B. A. in psychology. "In school I was just trying to get by, get decent grades and make enough money in the summer to go back," Robert said. "I did a couple of plays in college and enjoyed acting. Then I took the big step and went to New York without any real dramatic background." One year later, Forster made his Broadway debut in "Mrs. Dally,'' t h e n toured in "A Streetcar Named Desire" with Julie Harris, picking up experience, but mostly learning about himself before filming "The Stalking Moon'' with Gregory Peck. Since he has a wife and four kids lo support in a very u n s t a b l e business, Forsler \vis complimented on his obvious courage end nerve. "It's a m a t t e r of ignorance.'' he said. "1 didn't think fa bout the risks and just went ahead. I do whatever seems right to me, and I've enjoyed it. Last year when 'Eanyon' didn't come through, and a Broadway play was postponed, I was asked to direct a little theater group in Rochester. "We put on "The Gh?s Menagerie' for a six-week run. and it lasted three months, and we followed that with a couple of one-act plays for six weeks. 1 learned so much in that period, I won- much in that period, I wondered how I had ever gotten this far without such training. "As for 'Banyon/ If th« character works, then the show works. We've made six episodes so far, and little by little I'm trying to sneak myself in and not look like a Hollywood actor." Who R*ads Want Ads? Who Doesn't? 348-4848 Try one on for size... You'll like the way it fits. Only the custom filled Contour cradles every Incii of your body. The ultim ate in relaxation. Available options include automatic powerslide positioner, viveration massage and thermonic host. r - E H S N G T t f l N i : i . i K E COM I I 5 D 1^ " « o 3 111 = 5 TOR COMFORT IS ? ' - u i SUNDAY GAZETTE-MAIL

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