The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1938 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1938
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

Second Part Pages 9 to 16 .VOL. 36, NO. 84. CONNELiLSVILLB. PA.. FRIDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 11, 1038. SIXTEEN PAGES. 1937 NUMBERS FINES ENOUGH FOR PAYROLL Possible to F i n a n c e County Office Staff For One Month. ALL NOT PA ID, RECORD SHOWS UNIONOWN, Feb. 11.--K numbers pool defendants arraigned before the Fayette county courts during the Tour criminal terms of 1937 were to pay all costs and fines in their various cases, the aggregate sum--$17,640.95--would be sufficient to meet the payroll of the county building for one month with $600 to spare. The two-week payroll ol the courthouse staff reaches approximately $8,500--a total of $17,000 for the month. But the fines and costs have not all been paid. . Of the huge amount imposed, only $8,042.03 has been received--not even sufficient to meet the two-week payroll. And records reveal that $9,441.50 remains as just so many figures on the books in the office of Clerk of Court Howard Sparks. Added to this amount, too, is the sum of $157.42 in costs that \vere transferred to county taxpayers by grand furors who rc- fused to return true bills in a number of cases and, in addition, thoughtfully removed all costs from the defendants. During the year 1937, fines totaled $15,436.85 and costs, $2,204.10. . The sum of $6,261.30 has been paid on account of the fines and $1,708,73 on the cos's. Unpaid fines equal $9,175.55; unpaid costs, $265.35. During the March term of last year, all fines, reaching $1,850, were cleared from the records together with $517.90 in costs, leaving an unpaid balance on the latter of only $78.70. So much for the boys who became entangled in the toils of the law at that session. During the June term, the "numbers" lads came across equally as promptly when a total of $2,775 in fines was marked "paid" and costs of $720.02 were forthcoming, leaving on the latter only the i'jm at $33.26. During the September term, $611.85 was paid in fines, leaving yet for attention a fine of $1,000 imposed on Ernest Fcelo, first "numbers" pool defendant to feel the "cracking down" process of the courts which saw fit to impose the'heavy penalty bolstered by a one-year term in Allegheny county workhouse--establishing a precedent for other cases to follow. Costs of $303.86 were paid, leaving » balance of only $29 for consideration by o defendant. Earl H. Smith, who has paid $6 on account of $35 costs imposed on him when the grand jury returned an Ignoramus. The December term, however, told another story. Weary of the drag imposed by the courts, the hard-hit local "numbers" pools began their fight for existence against the heavy penalties that went to furnish what was expected to be a lucrative source of income for the county. Fines of $9,200 were imposed. Only $1,024.45 has been paid. Costs reached $413.82, of which $238.87 placed on the taxpayers--having a balance of $125. The records still show unpaid fines of $8,175.55. Perhaps this very definite reaction to the promptness previously shown is due, for the most part, to the fact that practically all defendants were incarcerated in either the workhouse at Blawnox or county jail. Jobless Youth Builds Auio. CLEVELAND, Feb. 11.--Laddie Cankor, 22-year-old jobless machinist, built his "Cankor Special"long, low and swanky-looking multi- make automobile--with $200 and two years of work. Ex-Skating Clianip Dies. OSLO, Norway, Feb. 11.--Axel Paulsen, 82, outstanding skater of the last century and winner of the world's speed skating title in the United States in 1884, died here. Saturday Special Broken Lots! Fulton SH8RTS Values to $1.95 Billy Goldstone Title A Trust nidtr. Typical Roadside Monument Erom Penna. Publicity Commluloi This native gzone marxer wtth bronxe tablet just touih of West Chester on the Wilmington road. Route 202,1.1 Jut one of approximately 100 similar roadside markers erected br the Puuu;l»nl» Historical Commission and local historical societies to commemorate historic events and places within Uie Commonwealth. Look for these marken when Ton drlv« alniur rcnnsrlvanU'i hl»hwx-»*. Men's Protective Association Has '··'. Co-Eds Worried KENT, Ohio, Feb. 11.' -- The co-eds at! Kent University were a bit concerned today for the "Men's Protective Association" hos come into being. It proposes "protection" for members against alleged co-cd odcnses, to wit: Gold-digging, last minute "date" breaking, standing up "dates" and flirting with another while on a 'date," plus other items. Men students get a list of questions monthly and it their answers heap guilt upon a co-cd or co-eds, a "blank list" does the rest. The men must steer clear of the "guilty" or pay a penalty. Geologist Says Sleet Usually Is Only Glaze By" tlntted LEXINGTON, Ky., Feb. 11.-- Ice that forms on streets, causing pedestrians to lose their equilibrium and automobiles to skid precariously, may be blamed in most instances on ordinary glaze and not on sleet as generally is the case, according to David M. Young, instructor in geology at the University of Kentucky. True sleet, Young said, falls from above as rain that has turned to ice although a mixture o£ falling ice and rain ordinarily gains this designation. But when rain is still rain when it reaches the earth and then freezes immediately upon coming in contact with objects having n temperature below freezing it is glaze. Young said. Alumni Arrange Entertainment At Next Session The committee of the Connellsville High School Alumni Association, under the direction o£ Sherrlck Fisher, hns arranged for a social hour and entertainment program to follow the business schedule Th'urs- doy, February 17. The affair is the first of its kind attempted and if successful will become a part of the several sessions of the alumni association. The business meeting will be in n classroom at the High School and the entertainment in the gymnasium. In order to complete all details another committee meeting is listed for Monday night. Those present at the last session, in addition to Chairman Fisher, included Beatrice Horowitz, Hubert Craig, Edward RIshebarger, Nick Bell, John Caller, Esther An- scll, Edith Lecder, Mary Lou Fortney, Helen Balsley, Dorothy Brown and Mary Frances Baer. Jerome Woman Dies. SOMERSET, Feb. 11.--Mrs. Anna Albert Klnrc, 65, wife of George L. Klare of Jerome, died Tuesday in a Johnstown hospital where she had been a patient since December 27. She leaves her husband and two sons. The funeral service will be held Friday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock. Central City Boy Dies. SOMERSET,- Feb. 11.--Chester William Coleman, 13, son of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Coleman of Central City, died Tuesday at the home. CITY'S TWO GUARD UNITS WILL CAMP AT INDIANTOWN Connellsvillc's two units o£ the Pennsylvania National Guard will make their two week cummer encampment this year at Indlantown Gap, officials of the Wor Department's National Guard bureau in Washington announced. The Connellsvillc troops will form part ol a large concentration of Pennsylvania guardsmen at the Gap, officials said, although the mass maneuvers of former years will not be repeated. In only two Army Corps Areas, the Fourth and Sixth, are mass maneuvers being considered and no dcdnile decision on these has yet been reached. . Conncllsvillc's troops, the Howitzer Company and the Medical Detachment, of the 110th Infantry will train at Indianlown Gap from July 9 to July 23. With them will be tha 55lh Infantry Brigade, the 110th Infantry, the 109th Field Artillery, the first battalion of the 103rd engineers, companies E. and G ot the 103rd Medical Kesimcnt and one (light of the 103rd observation airplane squadron. Dies In Ml.wourl. SOMERSET, Fob. 11.--Sirs. Edith Schcll Sheppard5on, last surviving member of n pioneer Somerset county family, died suddenly Friday at her home In Webster Grove, Mo. She was the wife of George Shcp- pardson and w«s the last child of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Scholl. New! SPRING DRESSES $7.95 Gayly styled new dresses for spring. One and two piece models with gored skirts and other new details. Pasteis and prints. SRPING DRESSES $2.98 and S3.98 An unusual selection at very moderate prices! Now in style and colors. All sixes. SPRING HATS S1.95 and $2.49 Choose your n e w spring hat Irom this lovely assortment. AH styles. 10 of'em! SPORT GOATS $19.95 grades $12-95 12 of em! 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Soap, 10 bars _39c Pels Kaptlm, 10 bars ...44c MILK r 10 Tall Cans 69c LARD, Fort Pitt, 2 Lbs. 23c Jlinnford Baking Powder 23e Calumet Baking Powder 19c Health Club Bak Powder lOo Carnation Milk 10 for 73c Suo-Shccn Cako Flour --25e Swansdown Cake Flour _.25e BISQUICK, Large bos ___31c Silver Cow Milk 10 for 73c ^Macaroni, 3 pounds 25c Spaghetti, 3 pounds TMi__25c Noodles, 2--1-lb. pkgs. ...2"c Ivory Soap, 10 burs 59c Lux, 3 for l!)c; 10 for lC3c Lifebuoy 3 for 19c, 10'for 63c Tomato Soup, 3 Cans lOc Oxydol, 2 large boxes --..43c KKiSO, 2 large boxes~TM13c CLOTtOX, 2 bottles __;.TM25c Hershey Cocoa, Pound lie Siiniflush, large can ,,.._. 22e DKAJfO; Jar/re can:-^._ 22e SUPEBSUDS, large . 19c Navy Beans, 5 Lbs. 23c BROWN SUGAR, 5 Ibs. 31c Eagle Brand Milk . 20c- Hershep Cocoa,: pound __llc Hershey Bak. Chocolate .....7c BON A3II, 2 cans'. 25c Old'Dutch Cleanser, 8 ens 256 Octagon Cleanser, can,._ 5c Vegetable Soup, 3 can 10c Franklin Sugar, 10 Ib. 59c NAVY BEANS, 5 Ibs. 23c Kidney Beans, 5 Ibs,;--_39c Roman Beans, 5 pounds 39c Ammonia lOc--Bluing __,10e laFrance 3 for 25c-^-I/ye lOc Argo Starch, 3-lb. box.--25e PRUNES, 4 POUNDS 25c BREAD, 3 Big Loaves 25c Tomato Soup, 3 cans lOc Vegetable Soup, 3 cans lOc Catsup, 2 Big: bottles 2Sc Xibby's Corned Beef 23c I.ibby's Viennu Sausage lOc Tabby's Dried Beef .-...lac Sno-Sheen Cake Flour 25c SHREDDED W H E A T 11c Salmon, 2 tall cans 20c Sardines-ln-Oil, 6 cans -.25c Tomato Paste, 4 cans ._ 2Sc Hi-Lo Coffee, 3 pounds -.45c Penn' Coffee, 3 pounds -.556 Mueller's Macaroni lOc A and H Baking Soda 3c FORT PITT BACON, Lb. 25c Tctley's Tea, box _.,, I6e Tetloy's Tea Bags, plcg 23 c TcHcy's Ten Bnps 50, en 49c Ex-Cell S. Crackers 2 Ibs 20e Graham Crackers, 2 Ibs. 25c Ritz Crackers,' big box _.22c Octagon Soap, 10 for 45c MACARONI, 3 Pounds 25c Buckwheat Flour, 10 Ibs. 39c Corn Meal, 5 pounds --.22c I'nstry Flour, 5 pounds ...23c PUUXES, 4 pounds 25c APRICOTS, pound . 23c Seedless Jfnisins, 2 boxes Me' Jersey Corn Flakes 4 for 29c Kellofc'jr Flakes (Bowl) 3-25c Cream of Wieafe, lame ...2-te HI-LO COFFEE, 3 Ibs. 45c Ilclnz ]{Ico Flakes 12o Keliopg's KIce Flakes .....12e I'ost Bran Flakes .; .12c Rumford Baking Pow. 23c SPAGHETTI, 3 Pounds 25c lobby's Baked Beans r.4-2,"c Campbell's Beans 3 for _25c Beans, 2 medium ...25c Hoinz -Ketchup, 2 large ..38c Jtcinx Ketchup, 2 small 25c Heinz Soup, 2 large 2"c Kidney Beans, 5 Lbs. 39c Tomato Paste, 4 Cans 25c Buff's Molasses, large --2I)c KARO, Half Gallon 30c Pancake Syrup 10c liibby's Applebutter, f[t. _.19c Peanut Butter, Wg jar ,, 19c French's IMiistnrd --lOc Roman Beans, 5 Lbs. 39c Matches, 6 Big Boxes 25c Lima Beans, 3 pounds .4!)c cCf 1'nnny, -1 pounds . 25c Mustard, quart jar _. 1'.)c I'ilislmrv Pancake, box lie VAJflLLA, Half Tint __.2Qc Stuffed Olives, l»'g jar 29c P E A S , 4 C A N S 25c. Lux Soap, 3-19c, 10-63c Shredded AVliciit ...._llc Puffed Wheat, 3 boxes 25c M'HEATJKS, 2 boxes 25c Fancy 3raiu Potatoes, pk. 25c Oranges, Extra large, dz. 2i)c Urajio yrnit, large, .5 for 2SC TOMATOES, 3 Cans 25c ;lilebuoy r 3-19t r 10-63c MOTHERS OATS, box _.....9c Mothers Oats, big box ..._...23e Mothers (Clip Saucer)27c Shearer's Horseradish---. 15c JELLY BEASS, pound __10c 'Heinz Urustard. vnn _...:_..10c LIMA BEANS, 5 Ibs. 49c IVORY SOAP, 10 for 59c BAYER'S ASPIRIS, box lie EX-LAX, 2--Kle boxes _.15c EPSOM'SALTS, 1 Ib.liox lOc RINSO-2 BIG BOXES 43c Chocolate Ovultinc ,, 35c OVAL'm'E, iiil.OO size ,.S9c Fletcher's Cnstoria 29c P A N D G S O A P 4 C OXYDOL, 2 big boxes 43c Postum Cereal, large 23c Instant Postum, Inrgo ..-.l.'ic Pepper, pound can 2!)c VICK'S SALVE, jar _ 29c VICK'S XOSE DBOPS ...39c Citrate Magiicsin, 2 for ...2oc RICE, FANCY, 4 LBS. 25c Heinz Ketchup 2 large 39c Pens, 4 cans 25c, lOc nnd 15c Llbby's nollcions Peas ...17c Diced Cnrrots, wiu lOc DOUBLE DUTCH MALT 5!)c HA/OK BLADES, 10 for lOc Toilet 1'n.pcr, 6 rolls ..........25c CATSUP,2BigBollles25c JEILO, 2 BOXES 11c Corn, can lOc--S cnns _!...2Sc Golden-Rnntnin Corn TM2-25c Bnker's Whole Corn 2 for 25o Prince.Albert Tobacco .....lie Cigarettes, plus 1nx, 2 for 25c Tobacco, all brands, 3 for 2Sc Buckwheaf Flour 10 Ib 39c Premium Flakes, 2 Lb. 2?c Tomatoes, fancy, S cans 25c Green Beans, can 10e Mixed Vegetables, cnn _.»10c Ex-Cell Crackers 2 Ibs. 20c II03HKY, 2 big cans 18c KIDNEY BEAJfS, can ^_..10c Spinach, Fancy, 2 cans 25c Wax Paper Rolls, 4 for --2Sc Matches, 6 large boxes 25c Safety afatclies, 2 do* 15e Peaches, 2 Large Cans 39c BROOMS ...3'Jc, -Iflc, 50c, G9c MOPS, Hcst ...,._19c and 29c Motor Oil, 2 gal. can .; S9c R I T Z C R A C K E R S 22c K A R O , Hal! Gallon 39c Hurtlett I'ears, 2 cans 2flc Penclies, 2 large cans .~.:.39c lied Pitted Clierries, gal 79c Clotlies Pins, -10 for lOc Ololhes Lines, 50 feet, 29c WASUBOAKDS 49c, 39c, C9c Jersey Corn Flakes, 4-29c Fels Haplha, 10 lor 44c Dill Pickles, quart 19e Sweet Pickles 2flc Heinx Cucumber Pickles 2S« Tubs, Giilvunined, large TMOSt Boilers, Galvanized S1..V.) Boilers, All Copper SXiKS Campbell Beans 3 can 25c TETLEY'S TEA, BOX 16c

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