The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1939 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1939
Page 11
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U K1DAY, PEBRUAHY 24, 1939 1 HE DAILY COURIER CONNELL.SVIL,L.a PAGE ELEVEN. Soviet Rejects Japan's Newest Fishing Demands By NORMAN B DEUEL United Press Staff Correspondent MOSCOW, Feb 24 -^Ncw demands by Japan in the Siberian fisheries dispute have been rejected by Russia it was indicated Thursday after a two-houi conference between Foreign Commissar Maxim LiU mov and Japanese Ambassador Shigenon Togo Japanese sources said that the result of the latvinov-Togo talk was unsatisfactory and that further discussions would be held though no date had been set for them Togo informed Litvinov that Japan refused to participate in an auction for Siberian fishing concessio-is v,hich Russia proposes to hold March 15 He was said to ha\ e demanded that fishing concessions which Russia rnd "withdrawn on the ground that the waters in question nust be restricted in the irterests of national defense be made subject to further negotiation It was reported without confirmation that Togo also informed Lttwn- ov that the Japanese government would protect Japanese fishing rights and would use every means to do so LrHmov and Togo asked each othei to report back to thtir governments on the situation, including the attitude of public opinion in he respective countries over the long and bitter dispute rcgirdi ig Japanese fishing concessions in Russian waters All this v as taken to mean that Togo had presented the important demands \\hich were sent to him by his government and that Litvmov had rejected them as he had done prr\ lous demands It was made known at Tokjo Feb- ruarv 16 tint Foreign Minister Hachiro Anta had forwaided 'important instructions and there were conferences among army, navy and foreign office chieftains It was understood at Tokvo that Togo was instructed to seek a showdown and to inform Litvmov that Japan was prepared to take dras'ic action un- leess an agieement was reached^ Japanese newspap°rs reported thit Japan ivas prepared to fish in the disputed -waters under the protection of the imperial navy A little more than two months remains to efect a settlement of the fisheries dispute before the fishing season starts May 1 Japanese fishermen have been operating under a temporary agreement This expired Decembei 31 Russia has insisted that as part of any new agreement Japan must accept responsibility for payments, defaulted by its sponsored government of Mar- chukuo, for Hus«ia'i snare of the Chinese Eastern Ra Iroad which extends through Manchukuo Russia also has announced that certain con- cess on ' lots" formerly held by Japanese wiD be -withdrawn permanently in the interests of Russia's national defense Failing any agreement, Russia announced that certain fishing lots \vould be offered at public auction It was this auction ^vhich Togo informed Litvinov, at a two-hour conference yesterday the Japanese would boycott--thus le- fusing to recognize the property of the auction Woman in Jekyll and Hyde Role? * * » * * * · * » Police Charge Dental Hygiene Graduate With Being a Bandit 'Father Geibel Blesses School At Uniontown An Dental Expert Followinc Arrmt Arrested at Park Ridge H I , Chicago suburb Mrs Ellen Benrett dental hvgicnc griduatc of Nor*h western Uni\ersitj has been chirped with attempting to rob a drcs shop She fir*t told police she was ano he- person a m?ht club dancer At left *hc i« s 1 owmc dental t e c h n i q u e to Dr Join C T i Due president of the Chicago Dental Society, at a contention in 1937 At riph^ trying to co%cr up f o l l o w i n g arrest, (CmtrtUPra**) TWO CONVICTED FOR USING WFA TO BU3LD HOME Jews Musi Give Up Valuables io Nazi IWOMAN ACCUSED OF "CHISELING" ALBUQUERQUE N W Fob 24 -B ' Unllcd Prc " --U S District A torney E \ e i e t t | BERLIN Feta 2 3 -- G t n r r i l Her| Grantham elated ovei his successful mnr Wilhclm Coer iff diieciir ot 1 prosecution of a project forennn ind I tl e foi i-veir plin d t c i u t d Tnui.dTv I his timekeeper 'or using \VPA labo tr-it ill Icus mu« b\ M i cl 7 h uid ' t o build a home uoikcd tod 3 to cner ill sold platinum «ihcr jewel- bolster his case against 11 other dc- ' i^d peails in vhcir pcv=M.-=Mor t fendants including a son-in-law of P u b l c p u i c h j - n c centers isl ib i i«l Semtor Dennis Chavez £° r l lc tu tin ins IC\M h propcrt c- The Governments fits* convictions in a series of trials begun scvei 1 nipht \vnen n Fedpnl jury rotu r e d \vccks ago and ongmallv nvol\mg i guill \crdic 73 defendants, c a m e Wednesday j Mnnucl H T u n i t i Si Olj,xun aj ci PHK \ D F r n m Fcb 2 4 -- \ uoni n icc-u H nf pnvt ^ ti n ^idou i inrt no ro n K ri re £l-Hr s th^ce 1 th Ulrc n *n icld *n \ o of hu en n , 11 d imprest n v i st t, i ) f j \\ t^ held f fnr cou t on T rh i^c nf ch ^rlint | «J 0_I n S* i n (f f u n d J 4 in I t "»K tl L mu it " ^^^ Ros Mt 011 t( i 1 d i* i m i,is r i *. V *UMI K I d l i t ( o stc %ou l t % f $"20 % t T - i"d i - t ( p * \ o rh So i 1 si(* H ^t t* p% ,.,0* \ is sour! *nd t ttd o I . c- or Si itc M n s U f.f\ ^!r %*n(j«- nu b nd v. us cmp'o^cf' in i hospi UNICWTOWN Tcb 24--Approximately I 000 poisons a tended the banquet m a k i n g the foimal dcdicu- tion of the new St Johns PdiocNal School a"id paush h i I I c i e Suncliy a'tc'-noon and evening when the $130000 stiuctuie \v\s foimally op ened Tno dedicatory service u ds in crnrge of Rev Father Paul E Campbell, supenntendcnt o£ the parochial schools in the Pittsburgh diocese Acting as a delegate of B shop j Hugh C Boyle Rev Father Henry A Geibel of Co incUsvjlle blessed he new school and hall during the exercises in the afternoon Among those w h o spoke at the dirme were Rev Michiel F Bonfield oE Cormcllsvitte and Rev Geoige F Htaley of Dunbai Re\ F ithei Tnomas J Dunn is pa tor of St John s church Pitcairn Theatre Damaged PITCAJRN Teb 24 --The pi o- jection loom of the Nemo Thentre was destroyed by fire Wednesday night The bl zc sta jtcd oefore the theatie was opened f m the evening piogiain Voluntcei/ fi cncn confined the flames to /the projection booth Damage waslno estimated btai to Become CiUzen riOLLYWOOD Feb 24 -- Fieddis Bntholorje\v English born child star of Amei c m films may soon become an Amencan His logil guardian and aunt said she plans dt once to apply for net citizensh p pap^is and Freddie 14 auto Tin ticilly would become a citizen uith her natuialization Juniors Eieti Disiricl Officers District Deputy N E Murphj o£ the local district of the Junjot Order United American Mechanics, and delegates met with the Scottdalo council Tuesday evening for a monthly session OTicers for the district were elected They are Distuct Deputy N E Murphy of ConnellsviUe, vice- deputy Arthuth Weisel of Scottdale, secretary, Roy Heibert of Vanderbilt, chaplain George W Prmkej o£ Srottdale, sentinel A!be t Hughe- of Dunbar A legislative committee consisting of J "VV Pnnkey, chairman of Connellsville D H Showman of Scottdale Roj Herbert of Vanderbilt Oran A Wite's of Ohiopyle Albert Hughes of flunbar, Jesse Murphy of Dav,son and F L Freed of Moyer council, uas apoojnted Sever-il members gave shojt talks a^ter \\hich lunch was served oy Scottdale lodge Musical entertainment was furnished by the Rats and Three Mice Orchesti a Dies in Clothes Wringer GHANDRAPIDS, Mich Feb 24 -John Thomas Howe, three was cius'icd to death in the clothes urmgei ot the washing machine o£ bis mothei, Mrs Leonard Howe Pay Off ALL Your Bills a Personal Loan Taen faavo LESS to pay each month because you have only ONE place to pay Therell bo more LEFT OVER lor your Uv ing expenses. 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