The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 7, 1918 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1918
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

FRIDAY, JT-\E 7, 19]5. TUE DAILY COU.RIER, CONNELLSVn.LK. PA, 4HjEUTENAN PAT n'BRIEN His kindness and apparent willing:- j eling at nf^lit. i had not gone Into ness to help me almost me, \ hiding so early in tho morning as and I -felt like warning him of the ' before ami I had sometimes started consequences he would suffer if the : n^flin bt-foro it ivas quite diirk, ruly- Huns discovered he had befriended j ins iir-iin :b fact tiiat I would nrob- ir.e. I had V;er.rO tlint twenty }'.£-3glnri5 } ably li.. 1 mistaken for a IiCMirJa:i 0:1 hi« had been shot for helping J'.plglfins j way to or from work. .;s t h n caf-'- to escape luto Holland, and I hafxxl '· nv.jrht be. From uw on, I ivsoVvi-d, to think what mi£ht htippon to this? howi-vrr, I would take c more good old Samr'ritun if the Huns ever ' r-imnct;?. knew tliat Jie had helped an escaped Thur ovoninff T came to a rivfr per- American prisoner. ,. : ;, 5 seventy-five yards wkh- and L After my metil was finished, I tol ,\ -^ "ft tin? ro.'niy to swim it whuti I him in as siniplo lanj^in^c- as I coukl corsojaijtl of some of the experiences I had gone Through and I outlined my future plans. tnou.cht; I would w u l k u litilo way t n find, if possiblo. r, letter plac- tu e^l to the river from the- bnr.I;. I h::d not walked luorc than a ftnv "You will never- be able to qet to · yards when J saw a beat. It v,-;is th« Holland," lie declared, "without a | ft rst time I bad seen a boat in all my passport. - The nearer you gee to the | experienced. frontier the more German soldiers | jj- -, 7iig fit-niTv clit:tnp(l, bnt ss tho you will encounter, and winout a ; stakes Vere'sunk iu t h e ' s o f t h u n k it passport you will be a marked man." : Ti - cs Dot mudi of a vo to pl , n lhtini I askeU him to surest a way by , our _ j pct In? tlrank to my heart's which I conlrt overcome the dlAcuity, i C0 ntent, shoved over to the otr.r-r yiil, Be thought lor several xcoraents : got o n t _ ,j rove a stu i; e j lllo .h t . « r .-n:^a and studied me closely all the time-- : ~ n a m , oro ,j the ho:u. It v.-ou!d hum perhaps endeavoring to make abso- ; b m r a siinpiu matter to buve driiUMl j down Llio river, b u _ tho river was nu: | shown on the irmp and I li;* 1 ,' no iuc-a ; v.-ht-re it mi£M lend ni". Vi ry reluc- : tnntly, therefore, I hud to iihf:ndon .' the boat and proceed on foot. I made several milos i-iint. nisrht and j before daylight fonnd r, s:;f: j ia*?e in ; which to hide lor tho tiny. From my j hiding place I could SL-O through the i bushes a heavy thick wood only a I short distance away. I decifV-'.i t'.m ; I wonld start earlier than UKUJ;), lnm-y · over to die wood and perhaps, in that way, I could cover two or thrco mites in the daytime and p;uti just ? rcuch I time. Traveling through the wood j would l»e comparatively safe. Thore j was a railroad gnlng ihrou'-rh Th* i wood, but I did not figure thut iliac ·would mafco it any tho liiss ?afi\ About three o'clock that nfturaoon. therefore, I tiruc.rsed from my hiding | place and hurried iu;o tho Tvood. | After prcx:e:dia£ for half a riiio or so I came to the railroad, I took a sharp look in boUi directions and seeing no signs of trains or soldiers, I walked boldly over the tracks nnd continued on my way. I soon came upon a clearing 1 and knew that someone must be living in tho vicinity. As I tunii'd a group of trees I saw a small Uouso and in tho distases an old man working 1 tn a garden. I tJecirlod to enter I!K- house I t-ontinnuil t h a t course. To gnin a : ; mile 1 would somethr.cs have to make j a detour of two or thn-e. I decided j ; . t i t u t I woui«l try my luvfc ia poisig i ! sM-aiKht thrnush lie next village l ! , can.'e to. I 1 As I :ippri*ach?(l it, 1 passed inim- { bf.'rs of iii-:i-::i!it.« vhn wcro a m b l i n g : · nltinr; (i u . roji'I. I wns f i f n i i d to niiuu'Ic j : u-iiii th''!:i !;raiisi^ it wa* ini;.ri~s[i,-ifj j I for out* to lalk to thorn nml it wns i ti;:i:.^froiis t*' firnii:f si;i.;cinn even ! uu^mj: Ui'. 1 r.vlgnn'.s. For all I knew, . out 1 in" then! i;m;ht he i r c a f l i c r u u s ' rri' : Li^h tu d'jlivor nuj to tin 1 (5rrni:uiH ! ii^ n:turn for thi? reward he wight bo j sure of n-eel"inTM. ! About 0 uViork iiiat trveninsj I ; a\nii: to a point v/h.-re ahoinl of me on the rip:!it was- a liuS^ian paHct* station ; . --I triiyw it from its red ii^fHs--and j . o n the oilier s"n3i v :V the: strL^t wt:rft } ! ( w o (lenujiti soldiers in uniform j loaning tifiatrnt a hievclo. i ' Her a Y.MS- a pri'l)io!:i which called | : for insr::nt d«ci:;ion; ii' J tuniud back , tiie susfiici.'iii 01' tho ifnldiers would i . !H,' i n ^ l i i n t l y :irousod arid if I crossed t ? I the roaii s(» j::s nut to pass so clo^'ly | ; to th'.-!,i i h c y mi^iit no equally su.s- ; 1 picious. i fii-i'iii.i'rt to tnnrrh bnively i ; hy tho IT;nu-, Muff niy w n y thrniigh i tMui-jii.c^, however, i h a t T was nt itH I ] tfoldifi's, he rnist I h i n k I am a r n u f h ,' braver i i i t j i i t h a n I c l ; f i m to ho. My ; d brnntrlit nio :··' nr.i-'h nt'.-iror to wha'c j~j iniuht' i u i 1 ;'- iln? I'-nd of n i l :ny K liopvu. Il WHS a iH-i'vo-r.icMns nrdc-;:!. i 'd i' wii!-; iMv.- u l i l i i n :i i'o\v ft-yt of J thein. A n o i i i ' T step and-- | p T'toy d i t l u ' t t n r n a h a i r ! I passi.".i i riirlit by tht.'n:--h-'drcl w l i j t t they wrro ' s ;: yi:;-, n l t h . n ::h. nf r , . n r = p . I d i d n ' t ; up.h-rM:i:id it. :i:;d w i : nt riyhi on. I .' '.'.iit'i: s; t y I {J',.hi't v.-.ilk a J - f i l e f;i:=n.'r j us I li-ft' t U i - i i i luM:Mi], I i u L I [Hud to ! mil iriV.i'ri :i\\ I'V^ii :ait ?x~ as not to \ pivo t : ; ' i n any i'J":i cf (lie; inu-;;r'l OTC- \:!t;tLiua I ""u^ cxi-crU-ti'-ui 1 :". Xn words ·. 100 Wash Skirts Ot fine V.'hitc Gabardine, 'JTrico- i i n r a n d V e n t ' l i n n c l o t h - -Fhirrfd tups nnrl v,-ido S'ircilo effocis--regu- lar and f.vtra sizes -- fc« DC ^Au.b^O PAGE XIXB. 1 hi Addition To These Great Values We | Give "S. H." Green | Trading Stamps | New PurcSiase= = = AN AMAZING SALE OF l 5? Assortment===Sensationa? Values iiS- ; i^-"ii'^ ; 1*M\*' t ''W, ^/1 K'- '; M' n 1 - -U ! 7-' : ^N^ ] iap !k! di]^ ^ Can Hear and Talk if You With 1 Not Right?" lately BEECO that I was not a G*nman spy -- and then apparently deciding in my faroe, told mo Tnat he thought It .was -best tor me^ to do. tf Sf you "wfll call on this man" {mentioning the namo of a Belgian in ~-- · ^ a city tbrongh which I tad to JpassX he-adrised, "yon will be able to make arrangements -with him to se- icure a. passport, and he ^vfll do *;rery- thlng he can to get you oat of Bel- He told me Tvbere the man In ttcm. cccW be found and gare me some ttsefol dtrcctlons to cOTitiarae ray jonr- ney, and then ho led roe to the door. him a thousand times and to pay him for his ktrdness and ask for ford, fi^urin?; th-? v.-.iin.'ui would probably be old and wnnIO bo no match for mo evf-n if sbo proved hostile. The old w-;[ian who r u m o to the door in response to rny knock wus oldt^r than I expected. If she wasn't close to a hutidr«l v I miss my guess very much. She could not speak English and 1 couJd not spoftk i-'liTni.-h, (if t f p i i r f O , but I i.iade hor fimh?r- stfind that I wanted soinctitini: 10 cut. She came out of tin- door nrrl hui- loed for ber niiiibr.nd in a r U r i U voice that woutd have doia- crudit to a girl of eighteen. Thy. ol»J mun came in titt-1 :-!ir,si'- - iriS Suits A l l ('(rlors :nnl Si^cs $12.99 Satins, Taffetas, Crepe De Chines and Values from i?!S.7" to 8-7."0 for _ S a c r i f i c e d to us by one of Nev-' Vovi:'s foremost niaaufacuirers. This w i l l ba one of the biegesL Dross Sales ever Uck!. .More than fifty mcil«!s to (.-hocrto from. Almost every color that is f a s h i o n a b l e . Tho most be::r,Unil styles . r j u a l i i y ;:!·.:.! v,-ov!.:ni3n?l:i|) i;: every gurmeiil. Come and see thes;« v.-oinhTful v a l u e ? - i ' f ) r yourself oil sa.o toijiorrow, Monday-and Tuesday for $15.00. Every size for largo and small women. "VVoin on's and "tfissps* ?i.2.5lt Coftts. All I.av:st- . Models iiud Colous, Another Bi^ Dress Feature Come and Laks your choico of 75 stylish Dvc-^cs of hir;h grade Taffeta or Cn-po Oc C h i n e that is p o b J i i v t ' l y iho-!ost value that has ever been featured t h i s season at $10.00. All sixes and colors. -The Colors-- "While. Flesh. Sanrl, Taupe. Plum, Xavy, Black. 5 ^ Suits for lion and YOJUICJ M e n of every d i s t i n c t i v e color aiul style. New Suir.mor eooi cloihs. niaUe in ihc classiest styles. U u v (jno of these suits and uiaU^ |-j: y-jin*solj' fed cool unl couii'oru.ulc. CoJiie and see iht; b:g variety oi' colors and j|" sivl».*s for $12.ii). from the and I ·n ti..^ TWO ·t th- idfcu. jmd belp but he would accept noiliing. i of them thpy manut'crt t He (Dd gtre me lifs name SUK! rot: may I t]lat j was hnn^ry and they gare me lie-snre I shall never forget It, tut to | a pj^-e 0 £ bread--a vc-ry small pica.-mention It here might, of course, re- j -which -iras quite a trear. trait in serlons consequences for him. | The i, ougo jj.^ Iiver] in C on^is-ed of ·When the war Is over, however, or the j nst two rooms--the l:iti:heu tu3 a Germans nre tbroTm out of Beljtnm, | twcj-oom. The kitchen wns jujrhnps I shall maSe It ray fluty to find that. f onr t een f^-t sqnare. ei^lit :'ei-t of kind Belgian if I have to go through | one s | (lo Deing (., l£cn ,,,, 1)y R n u ,,, ir . again all that I have suffered already mous fireplace. What was m ilic bt«J- to do it. CHAPTER XI. room I had no way of tilling, a.s 1 did not dare to be too inquisitive. I made the old couple that I wonld like to stay in thoir house all night, but the old ronn «hoi!.: his bade rheru gnod-hy n i h - (i;?- J Encounter German Soldier* Whiit the Belgian tolcl me r.bont ! head. the need of a passport gave me fresh ; oppo»red into the woods, leavJnj: ilium cinso for worry. Suppose I should | to speculate as to tbe s-truugo for- roa into a Gemiau seatry before I ' elgrier tli^y tact entoruaiiu;d. saccced^d in getting one? From the great density of the :wpu- I decided tliat until I reached the | lation in this section through wlik-h I b z dry which the Belgian had tnen- j ·was ,now pushing I reaiiaed I t.ooed--and which I cannot nantv for ( must be in the outskirts oC th«» lug fi-.ur of identifyins some of the p-ople j city which the Belgian had mentioned there who befriended me--I would : and where I was to procure a uass- p~oceed with the utmost precaction, 1 port. Since I had discarded my uniform j Village after villn^e iDtorcontcc! me, and had obtained civilian clothes. I , and althongh I tried EO skirt djem had not been Quite as carefuJ as I was ;· u-hcrever possible I manned tliat I a.', first. \\*hil« I bud done my irav- ; would never uialie much procrrc-ss it . ___^__^____ L ; i_ Last Photogf-aph Taken of L i e u t e n a n t : O'Brien Bcvors His Capture. With i Him la H I T Ci;um, Lieutenant Raney. can c::p!a!n, li v.-.-vfr, hr.w rMinvcil I ' ri-.'illy f[-!t--to k n o w tliat T hnd rue- = i n Pt'rii-s ','f s i u n h t r It^U \vb5*'h I rc;il- ', - izH \vcrt in turt! fop UK---nltJumirh ! I did n . i L !;:ut\v Mi'.-n ho\: soon I wa.ii tn bo r-np-fri.[lit-! w i t h tiu.- f-^cntid. · h^ , As It -Y;.':,'vcr, tl-'! Inridont f H I iltfinoDstr.'iu-d i - me that UI.TP wns ' r^ t; 1 DOtiiiiii; in my j.;'pc:i.r;n'(.' n t any ruti? ti . to atlTuct th^ :i':eniion tf tin? Gonimn i w I('ii(i;:r: j.-'·;:.--,;!-'-, a:t(i If cnuld only \ r?j work thtu^s so tluu I wuu'.d n^vv-r . havu t'j jui^v.-i*:- q n f y t i o n a und thus : grivu :uvay my :-;iti:i!mlky. I fiiiurwl I · would Li,- {oJcrtibly s»fe. j A.« I nmrrhotl !t:n:ii; I iVIf so ImpPi* j fe j I erjuMn'r h'.'ip i-.i:nnnl;:pr ;in n i r tif one ; "* * of t!ic now j . f i ' r i o i i c s-'-ri^H thai: wti j ; iistni to wii^ at tin* airrtmnif bark i/i ! Yj.:v S . J:i \lii.-s happy frame nf mind I eov- ! eml tii;: li'iiir uitd ;hcn ' UTUM tu :IIHI!:H'V liul. : vi;ia.^f-'. My u.-n;il fnursi? wouM hfivt? 1 h'M'n to ;;n yr"i.nd it--Lhrouj;h liulus, I biit.-li j.'iirds, wo.nis or \vh:ili-vor f!.S'- ht.v in niy w a y - M i n t I IUK! jptiiu^i sn :nucli tiuie by S 1 '^.^ vhrmiidi rho liisr . V i l h l ^ O ir.SIt-;td Of tiPICM!! 1 !!:^ L i r n t l l l f ! j^Z. Waists All colors in t;nr- fret.te (,'repe. Cropf 1 de t ' i i i / i o and (itiu Voik'B, in b e a u t i f u l bc:u!«t and t'inljr;iiden;il effects tliat arc n;;iiil:ir (let undro one of our ?-! values, for $i.!!.'-i.... Women's New Sport Sweaters j f e r e in ail f-isliion;illo ntyies. I l o t l i si!!; and wool ;u unilor- | \voii(ifr--in all colors i'or _ y)t. ^?S'P fsf RfiY'^ WS.^?' S'"";Tq «;i 7R rf^g^ _ tJ«iO iS! £.;!V fc ij Si/ l 75.tCJti taiir'i - lJ i j J L £ ' J f; ^ *^" /J% ^'1 ^fi ?rs^ ?? ^JH Fcs'rspc fo? . . . ^©i? t p i A a ^ V i^2.i5 ^ . T j n C O ; »^ *Oa Finest of materials--Linens, I 1 iqiie:-. Ki'rt:ly C l o t l i s . Po]iliiis. in ail colors. I'rcltU'il slyies in all Hi/,es. S;)e.'ial u;i sale for 'Jiic j regular §3.0u values for p I "·»». ! S r^iKr""?'?^^^^ ^^:^;V^^^^^ f ^J ifHtir* 1 ^^ · - I ha,-l i)rorc«lwl a mil.- i _ My ,,,,, rt ^..p,,,^ ^,1,,.; fn.,. f _ f , )t . j ll.r.'p inlk« in ::hnnr at. | al.Misr (lie m.ilu srrrr-t wli.-u I n.uic..Hl j ., m ,, nmlLi T i,,.[i,. vt ., it sioimwl bcalim- i alioa.l -f mo thrw Germun s»Wi-rs ; a | ; ,,,;,. Ult . r , j ,,,,,.,. .,,,.,,,,, llt ;,, ,ji- i s'.m:(Hns lit the curb. ! fer{tia .,,, f ,.,.[| n; . s . T , i U J n f \ i i thai i Asulu my heart starlrf to i.ont (ust. ,; lt , jh . , vas u^^^.n ,, n t ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.. ' I must co:ifcs.i, hm I was :i-ir :ira:rl.v , , ] , , . , ,, . , . . , ,,,,,, .,,] j ,, ; I I | ,.,,,.,.,,,.,) , v u rl(I I m m e n s e Concrets B r i d g e · · * · ' · · '· · ' - · ' TM ' so srjirt'd I had been tu honr or nmv , lvll!l me IloUlllv! ,. Footbsll in the H oly Land. :.,r, i* a .i-s.-rt fo,,,!,.!! K- h - - - »«- Ion- u,;,-. previous procedure in every ,,.,,, ,.,,,.,, ,,., ,,.,;,,., ,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,, ,.,,. ! ;-·,"; 'I',',' '',,!:' ""^ '',. ^,^.n " ! r.aiM,..- you t-r,n hear now shouts of particular. i::(;i, coiuliir.i.rl to l a k e n i l llio sl:.!'rfi I ,"'^' ^. ' ,;' .., "n^,' f ,,,,\ 'i,,' ·,,..,.'" '. -WVli plavi-r. 1 "OiT sl(U-:" I T/on- I liail got to about fifteen fe-t away j ,,,,, ot , ]u , ., r ,, , ,.,,,,,,., ,.,,,., u , vsi . | , | ';" ns , ^ ..';;:':" ,,°,^' h , ., w - i .' I ""· what t h e .I.-husiies aw! the rer.-z- from th, : soirilcrs when '.,,,. ,,C then. v.iHin.,' :i s Hie ,Hdin- advanr. (! TM ihe i , , ' ^ 1 .. V'", ;.'. ^' ,'! ' , . i ' . ! ,HO. i h e H i v l i M ami tho HlrtUPs, am! s[ o,,p«I onto tho slde^alii aud SI)ot wnorl! r. s . ool , , OOK . d ia I l l v I .V, 1 :.'-, ,".'"; , ,.^ 0 V'.,,' J. ,'. "p';; A:i).-vii..s would t h i n k of it ,,:). If th,.j' !in TM It ,;' l(1 ;,, tmck-s. ; ,,:;;, ,,;. , 1 .'.;;.: i(; ,.;i' ,,'.;',,, ,.,,,,,.;,.,, . ·' r 'i",'^.- · '-""'' : K - '"--FW ilie Lomioa Daiij · " TO UK CONTINUED. t'AP" STUBBS ,US'D TH' ANSWER IS--"NO--'EVEE!' ; By EDWESi' n t AM' MV U.'-JCtE ·-··'OTS AAV1F.TOP, r--, £KOT r-;CV;;-j SgVEij feSH)'VMV_R.IEPs) /^·^ ^»Rir^ T^C ^fe?^/ i^n f\f P 3 mi^#*

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