Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 23, 1974 · Page 46
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 46

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 46
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Thoughts of '73 Help Keep Yogi Patient YOGI BERRA ';\o/ Out of If NEW YORK - When the New York Mets went to Philadelphia this weekend, they had the worst woa-lost record in the major leagues. That was an embarrassing comedown for the National League champions. But their manager. Yogi Berra, was surviving with patience instead of snapping with panic. Yogi Berra had survived a similar crisis last season. His patience was a factor in the Mets' ascending from last place in the six- team Eastern Division as late as Aug. 28 to first place, to the pennant, and to a World Series Moses Reveals Illegal Offers RICHMOND, Va. ( A P ) Moses Malone, the nation's most sought-after schoolboy basketball player, has told National Collegiate Athletic Association investigators one college coach offered him 51,000 under the table to sign, the Richmond Times-Dispatch said Saturday night. The Times-Dispatch, in a story for its Sunday editions by executive sports editor Bill Millsaps, reported that two NCAA investigators have started an inquiry into the re- c r u i t i n g tactics used by hundreds of colleges that sought the 6-foot-ll Petersburg, Va., High School star. Malone was considered the most highly prized college prospect in the nation since Lew Alcindor, now Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Milwaukee Bucks of the .National Basketball Association, was recruited out of New York City by UCLA in the 1960s. NCAA investigators arrived in Petersburg Friday, just 24 hours after Malone signed a basketball scholarship to attend the University of Maryland, whose coach, Lefty Driesell, has said: "They can investigate us all they want. Any school would be foolish to do anything illegal about Moses because he's been the No. 1 guy and there's been so much attention on him all along." The investigators, Len Nance, a former FBI agent, and Bill Hunt, a'former : Texas sportswrjter and a graduate of Southern Methodist University law school, spent most of Friday morning with Malone and his mother, Mrs. Mary Malone, The Times-Dispatch said. Malone refused to disclose the conversation, just saying, "It was personal stuff." Mrs. Malone, however, told friends about the conversation and one of the friends told the newspaper Malone had given Nance and Hunt some damaging information on the recruiting methods of at least two schools. The source did not identify the two schools but said Maryland was not one of them. The source was quoted as. saying, "Mrs. Malone said one coach offered Moses $1,000, which would be delivered to. him through an intermediary. She also said that another coach provided him with a rental car for a period of time. I understand he paid for it with his school's athletic department credit card." Neither coach was identified. Another coach who had tried to recruit Malone told The Times-Dispatch that he had obtained a copy of the rental car contract from the Jr. Meet To Open Saturday glove compartment of the car and now has it locked in his office files. The source said Malone supplied no harmful information on Driesell or any of his assistants. loss with honor. He was rewarded with a three-year coa- tract. If his tenure wasn't quite so secure now, he might not be quite so patient now. But he's as frustrated as he was last season. "We can't put anything together," he was saying before the series with the Phillies opened. "We're the only club that hasn't put a streak together. We're capable of it but just when, that's the thing." Before the trade deadline passed on June 15, the Mets also were frustrated in their attempt to obtain a slugger who would make life easier for their pitchers. They sought Dave KING MAN AND Dusty Baker. "We asked about Kingman but the Giants always brought up Jon Matlack and I ain't going to give no Matlack for Kingman, but Bob Scheffing (the Mets' general manager) called the Giants the last day to see if we couldn't work out something else for Kingman and they told him, 'We're not going to do anything' and they didn't. We talked to the Braves but they wanted Matlack for Baker and I'm not going to play for a future. Baker is good but he's still not established. If he done it for three years the way he done it last year, you got to think a little bit but he only done it the one year. You give Matlack, to get something." OTHER TEAMS didn't even inquire about the possibility of obtaining Tom Seaver, despite his inconsistency this season. "Beaver's got 18 more starts," Berra said. "If he gets hot. he'll win 10 in a row. Which could happen to Matlack too. My pitching is my strongest point but they're not winning and then tug McGraw came up with that thing in his shoulder. It's a freaky thing. I don't have a hitter. One guy could get hot, he could carry the club." The upcoming schedule provides the Mets with an opportunity to advance in their division, especially against the Phillies. "We g«t five with Phila4d- phia this weekend, then we go t« Chicago for three, then we come home for four with St. Louis and four more with Philadelphia - that's 16 straight games against teams in our division, the guys we got to jump over. Especially the nine games with the Phillies because they're np there." Some managers believe in clubhouse meetings with their players, but Berra doesn't. "I'll have one once in a while," he said. "I had one in Houston when we were there. I had one last year, here or in Pittsburgh, I forget which. These guys aren't out there trying to lose. They're playing hard. What's difficult is having Buddy Harrelson out of there with that cast on his wrist. But not me, I'm not a meeting man. I like to call guys in. If a guy makes a mistake, I'll call him in, talk to him alone in my office. Or if a guy gets down, I'll call him in. I don't bdieve in bawling guys out in front of everybody. 1 learned that from Bueky Harris." Harris was Yogi's first manager as a Yankee player, followed by Casey Stengel "and Ralph Houk. * * * "1 THREW to the wrong base one day, Bucky called me in, he told me about it and said, 'Don't do that again.' That's all. I liked Bucky, a good guy. Bucky never had any meetings. Casey had meetings. Casey liked to talk. Ralph didn't have any meetings, he liked to call you in, but Casey bawled guys out in front of everybody. One time in a game with the old St. Louis Browns, he second- guessed me on a pitch when I got back into the dugout. I told him, 'You want to catch, here' and I handed him the glove. He handed it back. I got three hits that game and he told me, 'See, I got you mad and you got three hits.'" Last season the Mets were 12 games out of first place as late as July 8, and 13 games under .500 as late as Aug. 17. "I'm getta' used to a had start." the manager said. "If the guys had their heads between their legs, if they came in here saying," We're going to lose another,' then they'd make me mad. But they're not. They haven't give up. It has to change some time. But not necessarily. Clubs have off years. One year when we had the good Yankee team, we finished fourth, then we won five pennants in a row." He looked through a Yankee record book to check the year that happened. "No, we finished third, in ·59 with 79-75," he saidl"! know it was a year we never got moving. Everybody had a lousy year. Mickey (Mantle) had a lousy year, I had a lousy year. And we had a good team. Good players. We just had an off year." Not that Yogi Berra has conceded that 1974 will be an off year for the Mets. "What is it to get hot," the manager was saying now. "You get the pitching, you get the hitting. I'm not saying it's going to happen but it's there. RACING TONIGHT--JUNE 15th CHARLESTON SPEEDWAY . Late Model Sportsman and Hobby TT Practke 7:00 P.M.-RACING at 8:30 P.M. Go Out Rt. CO East to Maftn-2 Mies up George's Creek Sears MORGANTOWN - Competition in the Junior Olympics state track and field meet will begin at 10 a.m. Saturday at the West Virginia University Coliseum. The second annual event is open to those 17 years old and under. Competition will be in these age groups with separate divisions for boys and girls: 9 and under; 10-11; 12-13; 14-15; 16-17. Last year, the meet attracted a field of 150 with the first three finishers in the 76 events receiving Junior Olympic gold, bronze and silver medals. The Secondary Schools Activities Commission has given its approval for high school athlete to accept awards. For entry Wanks or addition information, contact Carl Hatfiekl, AUerson-Broaddus . 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