The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 24, 1939 · Page 10
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 10

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 24, 1939
Page 10
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PA HE TEN. THE D \ILT COUKTER, CONXtTLLSVrLLE PA FRIDAY FEBRUARY 24, 1939 Common Sense P o l i c y L i s t e d C. H. S NEWS OF THE DAY By United Press HAREJSBURG, Fab 24 --Ldboi ircl Industiy Seuetary Lewis G H nes, though in office less than two months, is completmc plans to revamp the State Labor Relations Board setup to moke it more efficient and less expensive for operat on and more conducive to mdustnal peace and goodwill Hmes, in line with Governor Arthus H James economy program began his cabinet tenure by lopping 32 fi om the Board s payroll effecting an annJtil saving to the Commonwealth of about $80 000 He said those dismissed would not be replaced Tentatively outlined, his plans call fox 1 Organization ol a citizenb conciliation committee 2 Broadening ot the Junctions in the Labor and Industry Department of tl e present mediation boaid 3 Basing oE the Labor Relations Board s policy on ' common sense ' Too mucn monej was being spent by the labor Delations boaid lor the lesults attained,' Hmes said 'There were too many big jobs The activities of the boa-d can be less expensive and we can obtain better results ' A lot of common sense should be injected into the Board's proceedings he continued "More attention must be given to cases where the lights of organizations apd collective baigaming aie involved in order that these principles may be firmly established ' Cuticizmg the use ot the labor board by unions as a medium, of the organization, Hmes said he was "out StMOKb LLAD C^AbbES TN YEARBOOK STJBSOKIVTIONS The Senior Cokei staft is industrially working to make t-ie 1939 yeuibook the best evet and the seniors seem to be the only students appreciative This year the book is filled with pictures and stones of school fiom its opening in September jntil its close not skipping scenes of the part es plays spoi Is and the like, and then too the signatures of all members, of the Senior class will be printed The subscription fee miy be paid in installment! Ihe Coker captains for the duve are William Struble, general cluuman Fiesh- man Celia Sapo;sky Sophomoies, DoiOuhy Dawson Jumoi, Bob Youn- km and Senior, Jack Willaid Prizes are to be awarded to tne i corns reaching the peicentage fixed for them The poster'; disp^yed were made by Jeap Sullivan, Sara Bailey, Marjone Herd and Hay Gooowm Spelling Bee in Room 40 A npe ling be e was held m Harold N Diem : Freshman Homeroom 40 with pnzet. beint, awarded to Lester S ncklci RoLeit Romcsbeig and Hai Wood The bee \vas irrangta b Wilrm Yocie Wilma Oiilei and StelH Ormtick M'Nary Chides Piogram in Room 42 Poems \\ers lepd by Victoi Thomas in Fieshman Home com 42, sponsored by Andie\v Lasky Sut^n Weisgeibe- sang a 'cv. solos aftei which a t;io Maltha Siebcrt Dons Whitlakei and Susan Weisbcigei o£- cced numerous selec ions r/ie pro:ram closed with ma'ch tne« performed by Victor Thomas Chinese Chetkcrs Played John Tirestone, Wilbur King Yvonne Camp and Jdmes Funau were -winners in the Chirese checker games played in Edward S Spoto- vich's Freshman homeroom Dorcas Burkharat had charge of the program Deaf and Dumb Spelling Bee Charlotte Whipkey was awarded the prize for winning the boys ard girls' deaf and dumb spelling bee in Miss Madelyn Sonafelts Freshman Homeroom 33 Contest Results Victor Mosely was elected president in Freshman Homeroom 32 sponsored by Mrs Mary K Hopkins Charles Rist is \ice-president, Victoria Pasulka, secietary, and Hazel of sympathy with anyone who pro- Neil treasurer The results of the poses to use the machinery that has been set up as the means of carrying on propaganda He explained that the citizens' conciliation committee would "consist of a like number of representatives of labor and industry and may include impartial laymen ' He said ' many outstanding citizens have volunteered to serve on this committee without expense to the State " When complaints are received, he explained, they wall go first to the mediation board and citizens' committee, then, if they are not solved after a, reasonable time, they will be referred to the labor relations board for mediation. CORPS FORMED BY WOMEN ACES BRANDON, Vt, -'Feb 24 --The Austialian Women's Flying Club has announced its intention of training an evtensive corps of women aviators for the piloting ol commercial and medical planes and which will be at the disposition of the government in event of war Members get their training for $200 each Cash Incomes Nears Peak. NEW YORK, Feb 24--Treasury cash income is headed toward one of the b ggest February totals fa lus- tory, according to financial analysts Cash receipts through February 14, tabulated by the daily treasury statement, totalled 5895 800,000 The entire month of February, 3938, yielded only $44 500,000 Ucmld-Tatilots Salve-Nose I»rops S A L V E Relieves COLDS Price lOo 25c popularity contest were Most popular, Michael Revack Hazel Neil, best dressed, Warren Elliot, Hazel Neil, noisiest, Lewis Scacchi, Euth Losier, quietes% Charles Smith, Naomi Snyder, prettiest, Michael Revock, Hazel Neil, most studious, Donald SteH and Victoria Tasulka Victoria Pasulka was elected Coker captain for the Stamp Clnb Officers. Kennet^ McLaughlm was elec f ed president of David C Guhl s Stamp Club Other officers were James Bennett vice-president and Fred Shrallow, secretary and treasurer Complete Health Unit. Edward S Spotovich'5 HeaHh classes are completing the unit on respiratory system His sophomore history classes are studying the medieval era Talks In French Club Foster Miller-and 'Wayne Delwiller gave talks on the French national anthem, "Marseillaise/ and its composer A picture game was enjoyed throughout the remainder ol the period AIiss Marguerite Davis is sponsor Officers Installed. Officers elected last week M ere installed in office during the homeroom period of Sophomore Hoom 7 sponsored by Miss Beatnce Horewitz Violin Solos Played Jim Hosteller entertained Freshman Homeroom 4, sponsored by Miss Frances Karr, with violin solos Ping pong and checkers were played throughout thi, rest o£ the. period JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL A profeb or quii contest was held n F-I in Miss Eleanor Bane s homo- room Two teams wei e f01 med captained by Gwendolyn Sharp and Junor Bobbins, with the latter winning The first anniversary of Tne Scooper was observed Feb uary 12 Starting with a staff of five the Scoopei staff has now increased to 25 Betty Lou Lewis wrote a fine story pertaining to the "Origin of Valentine Day" for the last edition o£ The Scooper Another new column entitled, "Last News from Pekin" has been added to The Scooper and this column reilly tells all there is to know about the students' private activities Broadcasts Tonight At 7 o'clock this even'ng Dr Thomas Chai lesworth, pastor of the Dawson and Bryan Methodist Episcopal churches will bioadcast over the station sponsored by .he Dawson Radio Club Dr Charlesworth will use John 3 16 as ins theme and give an illustration of the river Abana River which runs through Damascus, Syria, the oldest city in the world Fischer Denies Reports Johnny Fjscher, former U S ama teu- golf champion and Walker Cup playei denied reports he would quit tournament play soon to devote his time to law practice Glenn Cunningham Beaten Glenn Cunningham peerless miler tried his luck in the 1 000-yard race of the 12th annual Seton Hall games in Newark, N J , and met his master in John Bongan Shore A C Up Prosperity B RONALD G VAN TINE United Press StatT Correspondent WASHINGTON Feb 24 --Senate Minority Lender Charjes L* McNary H Ore--said that President Rooseve t could be ' very useful' In restoring business confidence if he \\oala ' contribute tc a reduction of government expenses " McNary "pokesmaV for Senate Re- publioans, said Mi Roosevelt had indicated that he was "through with legislative experiments and warmly desired to aid industry In its eFort to leach a normal output ' 'The President can be very useful in this line o£ endeavor, MoNary said, if he will be content with permitting Congress to pass needed appropriation bills and a few other bills to clarify and modify existing statutes, and contubute his share in the reduction of Government expenses Then hir pledges will be fulfilled ·'Uncertainty as to what the President may do is one of the factors, that hds prevented bsuiness from going forward The constantly mounting public debt has developed a want of con- fioence in the inauguration of new business Too much income is required to meet taxes of all kinds and pay for Government inspection " McNary said the Admimstiations reciprocal trade p'Ogram was injurious to agriculture He advocated abundant protection against the importation of competitive products p-oduced ir lower-cost countries Star Loses Cluld Suit WHITE PLAINS, N Y , Feb 24 -A habeas coipus proceedings b which Marion Talley former Metropolitan Opera soprano, sought custody of her three-year-o'd daugh'ar, Susan was dismissed for lac* of jurisdiction m supreme court here Do This If You're Don t take chances an product! 7011 know noth-nc nbout or rely on temporary relief when thrm e reed ol a good general system tome tike t roe-proven LydU £, pinkhata a Vegetable Compound mado sipteialltt /or tcomen from wholesome herbs and roots. Let Ptnkhara B Compound help ball 1 up more physical rosiatancc »nd tbui mid In calnimg JBERly nerret, leswa distma from (cmsle functional dbordera and mmke U(» worth living For over 60 years on a womnn ha* tolfl another how to go cmUIug thru" ^rith Plnkharo'i--o\«r 1 000.000 woman have vrrHteo In reporting glorioui btnefita--it MUc-T BE GOOD I IN THE THEATRE, IT'S THE 1 Musical Contestr- John Bishop played pjrb of 15 selections on his clarinet an Freshman Homeroom 27 ? eponsoied bv Mrs Dorethy-G-rrfTin-, autf-ppizes were- won by Audrey Showman and John Huston ABEMT TOJ TOK1NO 4 \ CHANCE LETT N JACKIE \ IV1FAT ? / SOMt STORES MIGHT TAKE ADVANTAGE OF BUT NOT Ut LI 0£T JUST flj GOOD AS IF I PlCVED IT OUT MYSEL ft^D HE CAM ALWAYS (JET VMATEVER IS OH MY LliT- YET PRICES .« AREHOHIHER' ·oftourte the It nferriaq to CONNEUSVIILEW WEEK-END SPECIALS BONELESS R f B o r R U M P ROAST, lb.20c PORK ROAST Calii Style ib. 15c PEPPERONI . 3 Ib. $1.00 VEAL SHOULDER ROAST... Ib. 15c LAMB SHOULDER ROAST ... . Ib. 1 8c FULL DRESSED CHICKENS... Ib. 30c MEAT LOAF .............. Ib. 15c BACON SQUARES ................. 2 Ib. 25e VEAL CHOPS .................. 2 Ib. 3Sc PURE LARD ....... 2 ibs, 19c VEAL BREAST For Stuffing 2 Ib. 25c HOME MADE PUDDING ...ib. 15c Dill Pickles doz. 25c Loose Sauer Kraut 3 Ibs. lOc I ]!tSH PIG i-Jbtr -- FEEH SPAKt MBS BUTTER -- EGGS -- CHE} SF IN CLOTHES. IT'S Be the "early bird" and get the cream of the new Spring selection. You'll get better choice for your money AND MORE lor buying now. A L L O N E P R I C E ALTERATIONS FREE Blue Greens Huddersfletds Chalk Stripes Candy Strips' Hard Worsteds English Drape? Double Breasteds Single We scoured the woolen market for months to bring to you the most complete Spring line of clothing you can find at any price. America's finest 100% ALL WOOL fabrics, smart, authentic Spring styling in a galaxy of eye-appeal patterns--there's one to suit your personality. 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The new Walt Disney Glasses Tilled With HciicK'b Creamed Cot- t.isre Lhecs, Jgc jflnss Itc Sa\e Them -- A different glass each week 1 Meat Specials o i i r v H Pork Sausage "· 25c B U T T E R GLENDALE Lb 32c Iflgrh Grnde Cr*na*err Batter CLOVEK FAEM Lb. * A Hcnl Street Cream Batt«e* Free DeJivary Our Service Is As Close As Your Phone Independence Mnde America Trade Independent Kidney Beans 3 -- 25c CfcOVHR KAHSf--Yew Cr«V Genplne Re KUner Apple Sauce 2 - I9c Made Fr«?n 'Yew York State* I incut Apple* Grapefruit 2 TVhole, Wrm Scipnmiii In tie rrull Oirn Jol C h e e s e 2- PAB5T-ETT--fll.-ii.r*, PlTM eu (o, s,,l,. e a r s 2lc uicy Bnrtlell, SPECIAL OFFER TOILET PAPER 4K-'"25c C1MWSR KARM FACIAL TISSUE TM.- K C CLOVER ITARM NAPKINS PU C lOc CLO1-EK FXBM T8KELS »»» 12c OIMTSO. 3FiRK TOTAX »T« Save 10c flV 47c Bl t)C HIBB07V MALT «? 49c I tKht or O.rlc CRACKERS ,-.1Sc MEAL - 1flc FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES SUNKIST ORANGES 2,12 bi/c doz. 15c liiUiro 2 for 1 5C Lnrge Stalks 2 for.Sc 2 bunches 9c eiv Texas 2, bunches Florida GRAPEFRUIT iuige Si^e 6 for 250 MAINE POTATOES V. 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