The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 7, 1918 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1918
Page 8
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''ITPAGE EIGHT. BOB DAILY COURIER, CONNELT-SVTH^S. PA. P'R BAY, JUNE 7, 1013. BIS^CITY PAPERS UNLISTED IN | J PRAISE OF KRYL'S GREA1 BAND Heal Sn Dsseetses "Doughboy"- Fairly in Love With; the French Capital Politeness of the Men and Pieasant Manners of the-Women Impressed American Soldier--Saw Little Gloom in City. It is unnecessary for you to suffer with eczema, blotches, ringworm, rashes and similar shin troubles. A little zcmo, obtained at any drug ctore for 35c, or $1.00 for cstra terse bctllc, and promptly applied will ur/.-.niiy cive instant relief from itching torture. It clc-nses and soothes the ekin and heals quicUy and effectively niost chin diseases. Zcmo is a vrcndcrfi:!, penetrating, disappearing liquid c~d is soothing to the most delicate skin. It is not greasy, is Dawson. The E. W. Rose Co.. Clevela I know yon nro crazy to hear ·whnt 5! thought about Paris, it bein' the first; time I ever seen it Well, Joe, all i j -- ~ can say Is thnt Ptirfs reraindK me of\ Philadelphia with a bun on! The Statistics on Railroads. streets is all c.-illt'tl "roes" nnd t h e - Statistics are usually considered main one is the Rue le UL -Ptiis. It's! very dry and uninteresting, but tho a whole lot like 3'roadway would be without tbe electric lights, theaters! enough hotels and culmrpts. Every other pltice Is a restaunmt, aad the ones In between Is cafes. The p(!Op!o hero arc so stuefc on their homo town 1'iat they won't ev^a go indoors to cnt, but sit right nut on the pnvpricnt nt little InMcs for a J L their mohls, so's t h i ' y «in keep right on lookln' at clear Parts all Uie tlrac, not to SHY the dames which parades up aad down. The jdrls Is prptty nenr all knockouts, nmi none of them is too sriifk Tip to give 11 guy M pleasant smile ami pass th£ time of day. I must say thnt anylKwly \v!ilch nuts lonesome hfiro nlnt sot no cmo liut hls^plC to blame, Joe! The men Is nil in uneyform and great little ffiiys, I think us dtinshboys la mixin' with the FYtmch better then anybody else.. They go out of their way to make tilings nice ior iis and don't Inff at us when we try to speak French and caJI cgga "woofs" instead of whatever it is. .Top, a Frenchman Is the politest iniy on enrtli. If you go Into a piece of business here and .ast JL puy bow to get to ft certain street and number, he closes' his desk, calls n ttisl, stops on the way to buy you a shot of via ordinaire and delivers yon personally, rlcfrt outside the door, the while bog- pin' your pardon for not gettin* you p; ure striking nnd stiiii;!? to have f.ho attention of any r.lclzen proud of bis country's progress. These figures ;ire f j j o hurst available and nmy be tlfsjujuclod on. During May of this year :hfi rail( roads of tbo United States received i far th*;ir services to t h e public an av-! ernge of ?8.230.00fl a day; it coat to | nar. their trains aud for o:har e x - j Donees, of operation 55.1*20,0(0 a day;, 1 '.heir taxes were $341,".00 a day; t h e i r ; operating income $1,S72.322 ;i day for the 220,897 miles of line reporting, or at tbo rBfce of SS.93 a day mile of line. Thus for evt*ry six ilollars ot their earnings v/hlch remained avall- ablo for rentals. Interest on bonds, appropriations for betterments, improvements and nexr construction ami for (Uvidunds tbe railroads had to pay wore than ono dollar in taxps. A.U theso amounts nre quite substan- j an tlnlly greater than the saint- returnt! Ltni for May ul last year. They Include over Sri per cent, of thn mileage and earnings ot all the rallronds of tbe country.--Popular Electricity. DA"\VSON, June 6.--R. D. Hrv.ry. F. q A. Tarr and David Scourfield are ^A'est Virgmia this; week on a business mission. They made tho t r i p motor. Don't neglect your eyes. See Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 100 South j Pillpburg' street, Co find isv: lie.--Adv. ; Ren*. 1-3. A. I3aum was a F i U s b u r g 1 caller "Wbdnesdaj-, Daniel' Little, t h e old war veteran: of- Lower Tyrone \vas in lov;n Wcd-j uosday. He IK anxinus to bear the 1 . wa raew-s and says he is sorry that he cannot get a, chance to take a crack at the; Kais . i r. Mrs. l-oit Moore of I2ast Liberty was a recent caller on friends ant! relatives. You w i l l set cotr.fort and style if I exauiiue rour eyes and fit your slayt;- ea. Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South Pittsburg struel, ConnelLs- Miss .Mary Pain'.er has returned 'o her liome '[- Clr eons burg afier a vi?H wii.h friends and relatives. MLss Margaret Rush is visiting friends and relatives in Ohio. THIN, IRRITABLE CHILD '«- Cooler for Hot Journals Several railroads have Cam. recently adopted a new safnty tifvteo for cooling bot Journals on railway caru without crystallizing the metal. Ordinarily when a car develops a "hot box," the train crew pats out tbu fire ant! (rained I-'hfsf], Strength anrf luro by Tubing Vimii. MfrUtctowti, Conn.---"I used Vriiol for my l i t t l e girl live years old for a run-down, nervous contrition. S Jo was t ~ i u , irritable all th..- '.imc a-u! had n ( .) appi''ite. In a vcek I :nt and now she ha?, a ,-rnod appetite, hn.-= gaiiu".i in fk-sli and .strength and is ranch pleasant tr to live v. iiu."-- ;\lr:-. C. K. V.'Ukiisson. Tb..-rc [ no s«jn: about Vinol.- it mvci.-i iio suece;;? in such cases to beef ami cod i i v f r peptones, iron and man- Suneae peiitouatrs and ^iycerop^ioy-'s, the «';'·-·?.£ aud ino.-ii j'aiuou.s houy-huild'Uig lur.ic.i known.---Adv. there sooner! Can you imcginti any-j crK)Ig cho journa] br throwing thing like that In New York? Yon ,,,,,.,,,, ,,,, ,. r-*,,. llim »t|v r-rvHf BOHUMIH KRYL. te vbat socse of tfce iTtetratpQiiian papers say ahout BohTUBlr Kryl, wtio with Ms band of thirty pieces will entertain GhaataaqnauB oo LouisrfUe. Ky^ Tlm^e--KiyPs ezeeflent band came, played and conquered. I H« makes a program that pleases everybody end bores nobody. That is half', the trick; the otter halt Is to fcuow how to do it, and If Kryl and his rncsl- diuts cannot play, ttuaa DO bun4 on cartb can. QncbraaXi Emuaxer--Xo bticd that has every pinyed at the Zoo has made) a greater hit than KtjfB. He ts a great condactor and the head of a great brad. Loe Angeles Ttnes--Beyond question tbe greatest corDetlst to the T?ar!d. Fn« phciKiniecal tongrzirtg, breatlth of tone and brilliancy all stamp bin as tlM oocnedst of tbe decatla. Poet--The effect of Kryl's plnyicg Is electrical. thing go up to a gny cm Broadway nnd tisk him how to get somewhere, nnd what do«s he do? He rays: *T ne^Pr hearti tell of It; Fra n, strr.mcer here my- seif?" · Am I risht .7oe? I beard n lot of talk abont Paris bein' np against It on account of the j war, tho people all downhearted, and food beta* as scarce as bent prostrations In TcehnxL -Toe, that Is all the bank! They is plenty of food hero for everybody, and 1 pnt away some of the finest Btralrs I ever seen. If the people Is downhearted, then T'tn vice president of Bprpt! Joe, they are the gamest nation on enrth, and we are proud to be In the linkup over here with 'em. They've had a tongh ttoe for font years, and they know they been to tlte war till right, hat j thut ain't gloomed 'em a Httlo bit. ; They*re as full of pep as a steam drifi, and pretty near everytlUng that \vns runnln 1 before the war hero Is stiJ! doin* business at the old stand. Why, Joe, one of these French gays troald kid the kaiser to denth, on the level I --EL C. Witwer in Collier's Weekly. water on It. This ummUy tbe metal and sooner or later tho journal "burns ofT' sp3 p« causes a 7, T reck. Hut the real cause of tbe hot box is B. rough place hi the journal or tbe brass Above ft and the best way to treat it is to cool It slcv/ly until the Journal ruiw down to a proper bear- lag. Tho new dcrvtee accomplishes this by dripping water on ffre hot Journal while the train !a nrauln£. It ia hung on the car H such a way that the heat of tho journal and the million of the trnhi keeps It from freezing.-- Popclar Mechanics Tbe Citizens -NuUnnal Bank Invites Savings AcrouJitr. of Women and Children. An accouru may bu opcnnil with, a do 11 ar. Women, and children who h a v u never Uiought that they could have a savings account arc delisiitcd to find that it i; easy to deposit mono;' at The Citizens National Bank, and ha»vo the safe^iards Uiat the barji as- ;surr?3 for Lhoir moacy. Among the people wbo lone money by burgla-ry, fire an.d oUicr H-ays. women and children are the greatest sufferers. This bank is Jocated'at 138 North Pittsburg str«H3t, Buy anoth-cr War Sa-\"iugs C or tifi c a w.--AcH'. -·^SJL-VJtt^'tt^Stt?^¥*?^y^ ·^77:^ J\ ^p^ TOli-VY A X D TOMOKiiCVr' Counting TVckcts by Weight. Soreral eJectrtc Including thoae In Detroit tmi Philadelphia, are using a machinu for cotmt- ing tmnsfera and tlcknts by woighins ; them. Tilts machine la so dnlinaie- that It can be used for counting items weighing from 1-25,000 ounce to 16 pounrts, each fn capacities raEglng from tght otincfls to six tontj.--Elec- tric Railway Journal. MAN" TO MAX. THE SINNER AND HIS VICTIM INKRT. TJIK IlE- SULT IS A STHUGCU: TO DKATH--A SPIR1TICD, A TI-IIIHII-'IC. A WH-I^\M FAUNUM STRUGGLE. ALL LOVERS OB 1 MOVIL-: PJCTI'IIHS KNOW WHAT THIS MKANS. W1LL1A-M FOX PRESENTS WILLIAM FAHM'M IX HAS WOU RESPECT OF ALL HAS KEPT TOUCH WITH PAST i Srttfah WoHdag Man, -''Making Good" M Soldier, WU1 Never Afloin 3e Bott of Jesters. "What the'poor citizen wants :5 not charity, or even sympathy, still less ragolation; It Is respect, which is the i social soil of self-respect. That id why ' he'-1* sometimes happier as a s'lldior, : ia spite of all the sickening horr-irs of ' soldiering; becanec htununi^ always · has respected, and always willnspcct, : a soldier, Thus, Gilbert K. Chesterton, writ- - ing In the EVostrated London News, : soxns up an ar^naect which, :nnous Its. premises, contains the foUv;ii£: ; "After all. It will be well to romera- : ber that nearly erery battalion is a ; labor bttttaHon. The commonest; typo ; IQ the trenches, tbe object of snch j ·wide and well-deserved praise In the j press and tie public speeches, Is, after all. Identical Trith another type--a common object of the streets a:id the comic papers. The British soMter is our old iriend the British **He has lived by trades thit arc too often treated as merely gnmy or groteaqne; and in. the case of n«-w and.; a^m^^ crndc conscript armfe^, like j tho»e -we have lately ralaed, he h^s gen-1 erally qtdte recently dnxppcd those j toot* and left those trades. It Is tbe j plumber, who is charged with potter- j ing alxwt for days before he s-lops a small leat In a pipe, who hns often in a lev mtantee stopped with bis body tbe breach In the last dj-ke of ciTili^a- ttoQ, lest tt sboTild let !n a sea of sar- agerj; and there may even be- fewer Jokes alxxit Ws soldering, Do\r they can be answered by a pim ulwit his soldiering. It is the cabman, who was j supposed to grranble nixlnry at a very | different sort of fare, aad especially at · at the sort we catt warfare," j Old Tarrytown on the Hudson Refuses | to Become Part of Modern Hustle and Bustle. Safely nJoof from the rash and scramble which typifies Long Island, today IK-s Tarrytown on tbe Hudson. Tho solidarity and leisurely prosperity of Tarryto^vn have kept it from being Kv/ept along with tbe stream of worldly progri,-ss. It has tarried. It luis kept its lijgpniis and traditions, its landmarks and historic buildings. It still likes to look at tbe monument marking the spot where Andre; the spy, ivas captured. It likes to recall with ihrltls of local pride "Tbe Legend of Sleepy Hollow," until it sees again tlio headless horseman, pursuing the luckless Icluibod. Tbore are other specters of which the locality can boast, notably that of Aiidre, aL-JO on horseback, who cuo. be lieard at night riding at high speed up tlie rojttJ on wjiich he was captured. At the fatal spot tbe sound of hoofs ceases, ntitunilly enough, leaving the chance hearer to scuttle homo with unseemly haste. Night is an excellent time to go slglit- sweing 1 in Tarrytown. There is Uie Sleepy Hollow graveyard, whicli no visitor would wish to inlss, ond which has nn additional charm when viewed by moor. 11:zhi. There is always the possibility that some illustrious resident of Uie place may come forth to fete the air and wander once again to hla old home or to the market place. Upheld TraJ!tlocs of His Corp*. Fighting on his own hook or h-eiplng out when it is somebody else's fight, a United States marine Is prefty likely to be on tbe Job. Private Gurrell Miibe, a marine attached to tbe Boston navy yard, was 111 at tbe United States naval | hosplta! at Chelsea, Mass. There was : callcr Wednesday. Perryopolis. PERRYOPOLIS. June G.--Miss Caroline Niner of Connellsvillc was a recenL guest ot Mrs. EllnabeLh Davidson. Dr. R. p. Kamcrer was a Pittsburg Bmnstead's WormSynsp A safe (wul aara H«ni»dy for Wonmu '· Stood tb« test for 50 y«aw. IT ITEVEK i To chiidxen. it la an angfel « j PTJASAJTT TO TAKE. HXl ' . . __5S. 2STO PHYSIO ITEBXJED. One ' bottle lioji killed 132 wcrm». All dmff- U±Mts and dealers, or by man--25c a bot, E«t. O. A. VOOBJBGEE3, flt D^ PliUa., Pa. "THE IEART OF A ·\VR1TTKN BV JIALI'lI ALSO A GOOD C:O:\]iiDV. ECKMAN'S MA13E1, NORM.\NI) IN not much fight left In him. Near by. In Uie snmo hospital, was another patient, desporatclr III, -who could not make h*s flsht nkjne- He had to huve a transtnsJvTn of blood. Private Mabe volantnered, iind his blood saved tlie (toy. He risked Ids life as cheerfully for a fellow servant of the flag as he friends. You will get comfort and strlc if I examine your eyes and fit your glass- rs. Dr. A. L. Tucker, Optometrist, 105 South Pittsburg street, Connellsville.--Adv. Miss Brashear of Unionto^vn has returned home after visiting town IfiVflLOABLE FOB COLDS TT tal'Trn (n time this Calcium com pound los«uns the risk of chronic throat or limff trouhla. All tho r«:ni«llal and tocJo qua.1- iilf.T are eombi-ncd. in thla Calcium com- p^iimt. Ko iianaCul drusa Try ifceni tort iiy. 50 cents a box, raclutEng war tax by »I1 "THE FLOOR BELOW" | . vnAnAAAARAA^^VV^tf^^ \roukl have dote for tbe flng Itself, and the commundlnp officer of the hospttal In bis report warmly praised him for volunteering this dun^erons and try- Ing service. Tbe marine proved Uiat Mrs. Henry Hunker of Vanderbllt was the.truest oE town reLnLivos Sunday. The monthly meriting of Uie local W. C. T. U.-win b e held Wednesday there is as mach opportaoity for bcro- 1 afternooni June J 2 at ism on a sick bed as on a battlefield, j ^ Lrs B p Snydcr ond biis boert personally commonded ' ..... by Major General Barnelt for his self- sacrifice and hTolc act. Private Mabe enlisted with Ure marines at YTlnston- Salem, N. C., In November, 1916. home f Doctor in Wooden SHoee. A great Dntch cJaily publishes infor- roadon which throws a peculiar Ujrht on Uie condition of public life in occupied Belgium. "At MaUnes." says tbe correspondent of thiK Netherlands paper, "the rich Chads ChaJfant ^-as .1 Pirtsburg 1 caller ^Vodncsday. AGss Alice 0)aiid-er of Jackson wa-3 a town caller "Wednesday. Don't BRglect your eyes. See Dr. A, L. Tucker, Optometrist.. 105 South Plttsbur-g street, Counells-ville,--Adv. M. E. Thompson has returned to Camp Sherman after spending several days with, relatives here. You should taJce a thoro, purifying, Doty That Lies Near. IS cnty !t ecsxi be tm^resse-l upon each and every one of TMJ iltat w e mast do oar thrty, wbatevcr that diry may be aod wherever It oiny be. jtia"t us wen. as we pos*Ibiy can, what a tre- zaeadous tiling It would bf. It bos been said that If the Aincricun people w-oold save just 10 per ci*nc of vfaat they have formerly spent '1m war would be won and victory w^nlcl be ajunred. The girl In tho lumie can tU a trerneooVoua port In the winning uf. this w*r--she can save in imm r vays, sfc* can \Borfc ia raa-ay wuys ;;nd she does not have to ha»* any speoiul Uil- eat for it either. Character and Industry, tlu'^e ure the things that «mnt, these a:^ what make life really worth the living To Convert Gyps/s*. In a never-ending, restless tide, a million gypsies surge to aDd tro across Europe. Prom east to -west they migrate at tho beginning of summer, and west lo east 1n tbe fall. Nowhare are they wanted, everywhere are they eyed with suspicion, but stm every year they ·wander, and the authorities of tbe countries they cross dread ttteir coxning and are relieved when they go. There is always trouble at ills frontiers. Here tho ·wanderers are stopped, (juestioned and oftan, imprisoned as vagrants. But there is nothing to do bat finally let them go, and they invariably return tlie next year. An effort to aid and protect these gypaiss Is being made by a Swiss clergyman, Eov. H. Ecuyer. He hac organised a society one ot the purposes of which is to imrtnict tbe gypsies in tbo Christian religion, tor these nomads are- all pagans. are more and more setting Uie example ! cleansing laxative once each month. of "wearing sabots, since the shortage : Decay matter in the stomach and- of shoes has grown so acute. Ir. Gil- j bowels generates poisons that go to Us, physician und alderman, can rcgu- every part of your body unless re- lariy be seen going around in sabots. FTe is dressed jus was formerly b-ls habit, no*" forgetting his high hat, but instead of wearing the TiRiwl shoes he wears Wacfc sabots. He is setting n good example hi overcoming false pride also. A number of ladies are already following his. example/* Scripture and Profanrty Mixed. * The Bible and profanity were strangely intermingled In the congress a few days ago. Senator Overman made the statement that President Wilson "has been criticised in many Instances, for Instance, for not taking senators into his confidence." To which Senator Heed remarked: "Oh hell!" Senator Overman expressed the hope that this expression woald go Into the Record. Subsequently Senator Overman read into the Bccord a section ot the eighteenth chapter of Exodus, do- scribing how Aaron and Hur sat by tho side of Moses and hfJd aloft his hands throughout tho day while tho conflict between tho array oC Israel and tho- army of Amalek was In progress. Lr prefer red foraH WhaC BucSuiun Sheer ·· moved.--Holtiater's Rocfey Moumaia ; Tea cleans, purifies the stomocU and j bowels.--ConnellsvMIe Drug Co.--Adv. Som« Solace. is the amblrt^a of every t,lirl to marry B mCTnorsaire." · "Maoy have h«p n s." 1 "Mod many of ; f hopes nmst ho ·hfcyg^. Howeu.. there seecia to bo jwoegh. HeoieoauU for all."--LoiiiviUo !Co«rkT-JMn-nal What a Chili] Needs Most. It Is act, after ail, a smattering of chemistry, op an acQ£aintan^ wilh tha habits of bees which win carry cur children through Ufa, bat a ea- imcity for dohig what they do not "want to do, .'f it be a tMcg which needs to be dace* TfajBy -wiil have to do many thioys thay do not want to do later on. If thair liveo are going to ba worth the living, and the soouer they learn !o sumA to tbair gnns the better far tb*m. and for oil thqse wbcsa weifsra v/UI lie ia thair Jianda.-- He Knew tho Type. Little Bobby, who had been taken for a Sunday walk in the Dark, waa much interested in watching tha ewans while a keeper waa feadlng them. "Papa," hs naked, "la that a papa swan or a mamma swan?" "^hieh one do jdui mean, Bobby?" "That tired looking one over thare- ·with tha feathers all pecked off the top of its head and the ana tho others wont let get any of tha bread." ·"Fba£, my aon," replied his fade? pafltr, without even troubling to took, "is tde papa " for a Home of your own--in the coming residence district of Connellsville. Out in the open where there's plenty of fresh air and where the "kiddies" ran romp and pluy to their heart's content. And it's only a 5 miaute car ride or a 15 minute -walk from "Brimstone Corner." Right now you can buy lots measuring tracts--at Beautiful Poplar Grove for as low as____ . 0x140 feet--quarter acre EASY 1'AYJTENT IEKMS GLADLY ARItAJfGKI). There's City water in front of every lot a.nd thti Public School in juat within a stone's throw. Think of it, these leu oust only $80.00 and upward--even as a matter of speculation they'll prove one of the best investments yau've ever made. For full Parliaulars and Information Write C. a MeCORMICK, Agent, F. 0. Box lli Comiells^QIe, J?a. IF IT'S AT THE AKCABE IT'S GOOD THJ3 IVLNTKIl O.iUUE-V 01' CO-VXELLSHLLE JiXTIKK Vi'KKH OF Jl'.VK li--MATiyi-I-: AX a .MG1IT. CfS SUV rHKSIOM'S The Winter Garden Girls SPECIAL A I I D K I I .V'lTRACTIO.V-- 3USS ETHEL .LYTLH, CLASSIC DAXIT.E. A Sl'KCIAL VAL'JKVILr,E ACTS. BIG COMPANY--TEN' CLASSV J'ECI'LE OX T K K SCIiKK.V--.SPJ-X'IAL FOX" C'OJlEItr. "THE VICAR OF WAKEFIELD" With Frederick "Ward in ihe Title Hole. This j.^ Fol-owcd Jjy :» Go'jd Comfdy. All Children Sboulti Sc-o ibis Play. Charles Dk-k.'iis 1 Groat Play. All Have Read k a n d No*.v Mus'_ Sco It. Saturday is tbe "Kiddies" Matinee and the Sois.-jOn Theatre Belongs to Thciu. There Will Also Be Shown on Saturday a Pir.c G Ileol Drnma For ihe rYti-owing of tho Suisson Theatre. COffilNC; N K X T '.VKKK--\ HKi V A l ' V K V I L L E V SIIOTV- 32 people right from n nn c,r G weeks at Pittsurg with all the best of the latest SOTIS and dnncos nrd L !ie best ol music introduced. On a Warm /Jay This is ifee Coolest J'Jac^ in Town. Come in and Sray as 1/jnp; u.s Von V\"i=h ar.d RE-SW --TODAY ASH T03IOHKOW-- ^ mo. tJi DiHy V.Vst In "Th,. Mcsrf(-ll,^r" MONDAY AjN'D TUKSUAY--MARY PICKKOKD IN "AMUILLY OF CLOTJIBSLINE AUU-3Y"

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