The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 8
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DAILT CO U RUSK, CONIN ELL.S Wright's Specials lor 'WllZJIEVER SUL GOEJ' Onyx All Silk Full fashioned chiffon anci service weights -Extra special at See Window DNplny Choice of New Spring Shades Manisqute Dixie Tan ... . Sesan # Mistry White Beige Clair Mauve Mist Light and Dark Gipsy Tan Gun Mete I Limit--Only three (3) pairs of these Onyx Stockings will be sold to a cust :mer. None sold until Thursday morning. One Table Of Ladies' Slippers and Children's Shoes and Slippers Ladies' Zippers and Arctics-- While They Last ..,, Any Shoe or Oxford t For men or women, priced t]) from $6.50 up--Reduced ... Men's Sox New silk and lisle. 4 Pairs i s oox--ft Jrairs ^ spring patterns. Silk and t{) WRIGHT'S SHOE STORE 127 North Piftsburg Street NEW NAME SOUGHT FOR ALCOHOL USE) IN INDUSTRIES Manufacturers Usint? It f 1 eek To Give Product a Distil Designation. 26 D?ni nrod pro l u c t , m y lx if.u luroifl is a mnc- It tho Thursday and Friday | Tlhe Truth About Fat B y T T r i t o 1 MOW Y O R K , [Mi .tUolvol, t h o i n d u . t r i a l ix'iiiimoi hv ith nun pro! PS t u r unsl t r i p wlclrnnrTu! » e of lor outl.iwd l i q u o r . "Denature!" 1s nno of Iho i imos have* bi'pn s upgrtvtwl ,l n K bsti- i u i f "Tho woul alcohol." declared Capt a i n James P. Mrttov-crn, K I of Dio I n d u * t r i a l Alroh 1 In"docs not api(Mr in tho Cuvh- f o r n t l i A m e n d m e n t . Y e t tho iwro montion of alcohol h-nips diatoly to m i n d intoiiratntp' bovr r forbiildnn u n d e r I up C ' o h s t i t u t l c i was not alcohol tho cb«"niK'il th t leKi^l.iU'd dt^aiiWit but alcoho d r i n k "The -\r-ry title of tho Nat ion a Prohibition Art, popularly luiown s the Volhteid Aot, dt'Clanxl tliar one of itn purpcws wa^ to 'insur^ an imply supply of alcohol and ptomoto 8 uso in scientific: i f " 3 a t ( h a il in t 10 dc- v^iopmo-nt of twl ' " Denatured a l f o h o i , i|*j inanufa Hirers MI , has donionvtrati'il ilrt u t l l l t j in in- d u s t r y 1o fitirh AT pxtoi t that 1 spo- rial formulas h a v e been author! od for use in tho m a n u f i c t u r o of 410^os of prolurU. The products h ud in t h o nowost formal.i s h^duliv raiiRO alphabetically from n otikl^h lo to xyio^o and llu- hundred's oE In erven- iiiK prtxlueta i n r l u d o t h e follow nj;: A r t i f i c i a l flowers, aspirin, uiudry h l u i n g , comcni, cipKxrs, -Ijrarett a, cu(- lorv, candy, dentifrices »thor fiknfi, ^!a^«i, hata, imitation ivory, \ni riiblxr, I n s u l i n , month paper, pencil*-, ronro compact l i n t ; ( r am, lH'lla , ' nil!ir!t ! poap, i'wKJir, watches, «ii-o a j l!orau/ip of thefip (JiverFlfi- honoflcent usos of tlip-ir pr*l ct, tlic nu i -m1er ) of the !nlu«l-ml Ale ^hol I n - fatitnto bolH've i' w o r t h y of ; higher place- in popular H-teei i than i enjoys at present IKWXHSO of iho im iscriml- nate u«e of tho won! alcohol to describe 'n-cry k i n d of illicit bov mge. Ac-f-orillnp; to Dr. Franli H. A izetelly, lexicoKrapher and m a n a c i n R « ditor of tho Funk \\KnalUi (lictiot try, the term "denature!" or nny othr · coined "mlis^Huto for th-e naaie nov iti U«P would hav! a pool chanco of penera! acceptance if ltd nee vvore ^f ictionotl by the Department of ·"'hnmiht -y of tho L'jiitod Staloi Iiepartnc'it of Agriculture- and adop(i by n-pwspa iers and lav and eclcntiilc publlc-vtlon of high leather wash, , sJiav- f, M d wax j 1 a n d , Science has fount] that excess /,it la largt ly clue to a weakened gland. Now physiciana the world o\er, in treating obesity, combat that major cause. Star- vatic n is not advisee!. The chief factors they use are embodied in Marmola prescription tablets. Pco|tlc have used them for 22 years-millions of boxes of them. In Into years, excess fat has been fast disappearing, as ever/body knows. Tlie method and formula are explained in e"ery box of Marmola^ Aa you Ram new slenderness, beauty and vim, you kno'V why. Co try the method which has (lonnsomuch. Watch the atna^ingresults. All druggists supply Marmola at $1 a box. r O 15. SeBiy ir of linh l i e p a i t m e n t of KI-W Yorl Hy pointel out thai to h nune- of n par i c u l i r k s n d f w o u l d not b«5 41 philological f.ince (Jie m ' v a r i n ^ of t 10 A' koh'!, ' from w h i ' h (lie -vvor is dcrl\^1, haf txven corrui Its original d f i l e n a t i i n of a n t i m o n j , mei dv * ' i p n n c i ho 'Kr\K- I'nivcr- nge the alcohol iolallon, ibic "al- | alcohol ed from nta n J erg en's Bath Tablets T'clicato scents--Crushed Violets (.omnium, Carnation-Rose and others. 10 Cakes "APPLES" AT $310 A CRATE; SELLER JAILED Egyptian Palm Soap Mario from Tropical Palm, Co- coo nut and Olive Oil. Highly recommended. 12! Cakes $1.60 Shaving Outfit 35i! Shaving C'rcum After-SImving Tnlc « $11 Aftor-Shnvlne: Jx)tioa, * All 25c TALC POWDERS 12for$l 75c and ?1.00 STATIONERY 24 shoe s velopes. and 24 on- 3 boxes $1 IJv llnllcrl Press MOUNT VEKNON, 0 , Feb. 25-Apple prices f-oarcd to unheard of heights when William B r o w n came to low i and disposed oC t w o ra,txt for ?31C. Now ho la under sonUwo to servo thre yearn in tho penitentiary but not hoc.iuso of profiteering. ThD "iip" \\UE- handexi out on ;i chat go of ob- t a i n i n g money under faieo jireteri^cs. Arriving from Plttsbur^, Pa , Brown presented himself hi (he o u t e r sanctum of 15. B. Williams, pro.'iidont of the Cooper-Bof-fiomcr Corporation, a crate of apples under (Mch aim. Nodd i n ? significantly at Inf. two parcels, he informed Miss Ethel Jamison, Wil- Hams' secretary, it was "real stuff for the boss." The secretary handed over the $310 ami carefully pushed the "contraband" under tho dwk. Williams prclorred tho charges. Sure Way to Sto p Night C wghs Prescription B rings Almost Instant Rfll f, rouRbs, or · ought) au^ed by ;i cold or irritati (f throat, c n now be h topped w i t h i n 15 m i n u t e * )y a doctor's prescription w h i c h we k=i on an entirely differ -m piinclplc 1 This prescription is put up unrter the name Thoxlne and is :ivJilalI» (r everyone. jfivviru; Thoxlno fl i liarui a a safety m c a s u r p n p a i n s t all roiiRliH ind t h r o a t in i t a t l o n s . Tlioxinc conta.ns no harr ful drnRS, ]; pleasam t isttiiK a.;d sa e for thf w h o l e f a m i l y Hold on a n f ney bark R-uarantoc to Rh'p h o t t e r a cl qulrkei relict tor c o u s h ^ or sore* 11 roats than a n y t h i n g you has'p e v e r t r i e !. Ask for j Thoxlito, put up readj for ise in 3S(', ! COp, and 51.00 b o t l e ; g ld by a l l druggists, -- Advortlf cnient. When Yon Wnnt Ue tho Classified A'l'V-ertis-ements. Patronize those who advertise ! Connellsvllle ; | 124 West Crawford Avenue '^wAswwnjvwvwfl^viVirtw^^ Alverton \ I « V K K 't.V I'd' -'· M i 11111 ^d'H. W a i r o n i; i In r t'l o ' i i ] f t ; - \ i l U ' \,-.iUl j-ol.itivis 1 * ro on Suiiila.v. Mr anil Mrs. R a l p h V o v r r f i of np-ar Vance M i l - , t-pi-nt se\oral day;, w i t h Al\t x rton i o l n l n i .t Tho \V. C. T V w i l l meiH at tho liom^ ot \hi- Man."tr«'t f.irothora on T U u r ^ l n y c \ i r , l u g at 7.'.U). Mr u - 1 M ; U - - K . U p 01 Scot il.ilo w v r o i i! 1 -v in A i v i ' r t o n Sun«la. C F I) -Prio--! of M o u n r I'loasant h e mot Lor, Airs, CcUu-a to- i'nest, Sunlaj Atif-d Kvd () Itoai k liaa returned to S u l e r x i l l e . i l l · SJK iivlniK a lew ilayo lioi e with t i i K!I Air. aiul U i i .Meh in I'lobo weit) caller-, in Peoi hi)e, Saturday. Simon K f h . i d of K i n t - v e w w a s an A l v i r t o n culh · Sunday James I^ouc ICR of Seottdale, \ \ a a a caller liero St inlay "Crippled Up" With Lame Sore Muscles? Overnight Relief If You Put Oa An Allcock Porous Plaster Whetherthohesore muscles havecomelromovcr-sLrdiu or from a cold settling; in the l i g a m e n t s there is nothing that will ease the pain and quickly banish all that "achy" feeling like an Allcock 'Porous Plaster. Just cut the plaster to the shape and size required and apply wherever there is pain or sorenosa. You'll be amazed at the speedy rciief tt gives. Allcock's Poroiia Plasters are the orijiinal of nil porous pUstcts and aince 1847 they have been used by millions. They are fine, too, for lame backs, aching joints, lumbago, cheat cnlda ---in fact c\ny place when- p im arid sorfm-sa Mists Only cost a quarter--little enough for the wonderfully quick relief they bring. Odorless --you '·an put It on and go any place without embarrassment. Be sure to aslc for Dawson PAWSO.V, l-VI). !G--Mr. Ilonry G. Colbert eolebrat-p-d IKT G2 d birthday iirinivcrsary Salurtl.jy al. 1 T home in Lovrcr Tyrone Township. )vor a liuti- flr«l frlentl« anri )if- chi' Ire-n joined in (lif f c s l ) v t » s . The gu ata liroujhl baskote anil a dlmmr was : ervod. Tho cvpiiing wati hpon' in ;amOT atul mualc. Mre Chulo- J. flaal 'isltol l\or daughter, T'Wisn, a( Mci *y Hospital, PIttslnxrs, Salurtlay Tho outcrtalmin'-iii giv n by the Dawfion sclwol Fnclpy nig it was a lo- fided eaicw-s. The j i a.tr3 R were well ljl(a«el %silli the plav. A out $75 was realized, which w i l l go oward pur- c h a s i n g a new pin no for ( 10 school. A. K. Goodwin wjis i 1'ittsburg visitor on Friday. Monday wa.i P. L. £ pay day on the YoiiKh Division. Mist) Alma IIjupov 1^5 3nt Sumlay n i l h fr)nd/5 In Jpcobfl Ci ;-elc. Mr. a-nil Mn-.. George A msti-oilg and Mrs.. A. y. C'oehran of Connellsville were Sund.iy viailors at the Ivome of Mr. and Mis. Charloa J. McGill. S, W. Inlfw \\as i ^Vest iewton caller SaLurday. J. George GruHi wn*= a visitor Saturday i'atranizo llioso who dvertise. Homes? Every,.1a) ui « i l l find iiomea flod columns- read them over. orne sltea a Ivertteed In our and POROUS PIASTERS A BoHer K«cl U b A C t B R PA .UK, Mo ' Ciiarlio Schilling,, 13-yo. wh-i,c .,(tilcing rcsembla TlKHKloie Uoohevell, hro oJTon, from inovinp pift tt Hollywood siutl: "Nu lwestel in inovjets I' , jieg alone wrangliu' thu cf. it., Pel). 26--- r-olrf cowljoy, ice to the late icflit tontfttivo re companies v, I'm not in- much rather touristu." Final Clearance That Sold to $13.95 Sports, Broadcloth, some Fur Trimmed. Sizes 14 to 44. Just 15 Coats DAVIDSON'S lAVIDSQK'S 130 N. Pittsburtf St. 100 Ladies' Hats That Formerly Sold to $3.95. Final Sale One Pair oi Ladies' Dollar Silk Hosiery With Each Pair Bought at the Regular Price of Or.e Dollar. "Elsie* and "TVue-Shaps" Hosiery Included. 2 Pair for the Price of One. This Season's Taken From Our Regular Slock That Sold to $10---Some Slightly Mussed. Cantons, Jerseys, Georgettes. Sizes 14 to 50 $^.95 DAVIDSON'S muamsasaaamum Every Girl's H A T 5Oc A Special Purchase of New Dresses All Copies of $15 Models. Every One Worth More! Canton, Georgette, JPrints Sizes 14 to 52--Over 150 Dresses Girls'Dresses $2.95 Silks--Velvets--Our Entire Stock That Sold to $10.00. --Davidson's-- Girls'Coats $2.95 Sports Fabrics, Chinchillas, Suedes --That Sold to $7.95. Sizes 2 to 14. --Davidson*i Entire Remaining Stock, Ladies' Winter C O A T S Those who come early will have a chance of getting a Coat for almost 1 -3 of their original worth. We don't have many! But every one has the DAVIDSON Quality aid Value that yoii'Il expect. Values to $39.50. One Rack of Soiled Silk Dresses and Raincoats ,, 50c To $2.05 Ladies' Silk Underwear To $3.00 Fine PURSES To $2.50 GLOVES To $2,50 Ladles' and Girls' SWEATERS 800 Pairs of Girls' and Boys' Sport HOSE 50c Values. Setting Out AH Children's HOSIERY 5 pairs for Kntiro Stock of Ladies' GDIDLES and Corselcties That Sold to $3.00. All Sizes. Each-SHOP AT DAVIDSON Summit S U M M I T , Feb. 26--Mr. and Mrs. Harvey liarnhart ot Connellsvllle called on the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John, Sunday. Mrfl. Jesse KicbU-r and children were guests oC Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hartord. Paul McCllritock and John Honlin of. Trotter were calling on triends here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs, Abraham Morris have re-turned to their homo after viaitlng with their eons at Marianna. Vcra Marks and Eleanor Kerns of Juuiata wore visitors nt thla place Sunday. Mrs. Willitun Morris, daugMors, Ethel and l j eilo, and son, Glonn, and Walter Mclcolson ot near Kim Grove, wore- guchts Sunday of Mr. aJHl Mre. Jacob Ifarford. Looleir.g for Bargains t If so, read the advertising columius ot Th« Dally Courier. TJae our "want" advortlsomenst. B L U E LONG LIFE RADIO TUBES 'Wayne Motor Tor Fine Motor Cars--\oiv at Wliolosule Prices Light Med. 46c Medium 51C gal. Heavy 56G gal. (at rate of HHc ini.) (at rale of 12?£e ql.) (at rate of 14c qt,) May Be Bought in Quantities of One Gallon and Up. HEKE'S THE GUARANTEE ON W A Y N E MOTOR OIL: Fill your cmnkcu 1 c with Wivyiio Certified Motor »H. Knii jonr cur for 5(W mil 3«. 'I'lion, If Wayne Cerllfled Jiotor Oil Js not the Ulg-liest qualify oil you eyer used--if it iloesti t save jo» 50 per cent of yonr ircsent oil bill --If for any rwi-ioii nliatcicr you are- not entL ely stttlsiied- retiirn tho UPiiscl oil to ns. \n will refund ALL you have paid. We ^uanuitee M ay no Cerliied ATotor OH l.o IIP equal to ANV oils un tho niiirlit ( selling- for as COHNEJjLHMLLE'S FASTEST SELLING MOTOR OBL lifg-It as $1.10 si irore nro our gun ran teed sjiocllications: Light 31dhiiii, 400 rls. nt 100 Fahrenliell: l»'(v'uni, 500 iih. at 100 Fahrenheit; Heavy, (500 Us. at 100 Fahrenheit. Pro- dnced by one of the larprnst refineries in tlic» world, and «n- Irapted for hy our organization in 100,000 Dillon lots, and sold by us at nominal profit. Don't buy high priced juHerMsIng. liny Wnjno Certified Motor Oil. The -ulll "keep yon In shoes." KEROSENE TRACTOR OIL 586 gal. The finest that noney rnn bu. Sold In any quaiitlty. flro phi, Monpy cannot buy finer (ructor oil. 302 West Crawford Avenue. At Foot of Bridge {t Our Prices on Micholin Tiros. PATJBOS1IZE dJIOSE WHO ADVERTISE IM THE

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