The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 7, 1918 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1918
Page 7
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. KtUAK, JUNJS 7, 191S. THE DAILY CO (TRIER. CONNELJLS VIT.J J2, PA. PAGE SEVEX. r-- The Roman Forum Clad In Snow. I In snow Rome clotbeci In ermine was the vision the vanishing year of 1917 gave to iv surprised populace. :The ·· Eternal .city mantled the unusual end almost nnheard of spectacle which' greeted the Romans on^the morning; otter Christ-' mas. writes Alice Robe in the Kansas City Star. Those who woke to find the city chastened with" its white vestments, lying peaceful and mysterious, felt roe' spelt of the unusual and wondered Lf it could be a sign of peace. \Vhntever private emotions surged through an astonished' people, the nn- tjient chroniclers announced that for tjhe first time In thirt? years a heavy snow storm had descended upon Rome. There are those who record more recent snow, but not of a similar heavy fall. ' And snowstorms In Rome, generally occur in January or February. Tliis time for three days snow fell upon the sleeping city sad then disappeared with the sun's rays ot noon. Not only the people regarded the phenomenon with wonderment , but the tram lines and telephone wires were so overcome by the strain that they refused to operate. ' . City's. Routine Upstt. The public conveyances wf*re ·tunned into helplessness. Roman cab horses know nothing of. snow and Roman cabmen are likewise afflicted. Consequently the Intrt-pid pedestrians found themselves wad£ng through d»*p slnsh by noon In a c;;btes3 town. Ttie Piazza Colombo, wns, with the .thawing, 'like a lake of sherbet across \vhirH a - were wading, . . . . . In the 'forenoon a pmtm of Amerl, efttt boys from the. aviation camp -at Foggia-- : \ip for a holiday -- hired a car to take a 'trip out' the Applan Way -but the chauffeur, elespite the protests tnd stronger arguments of the aviators, that a little, dampness wonld't liurt a machine, had :o renounce, the trip at the Catacombs. - - T o such »o , extent had the ttsieard of snow-fall disturbed the ordinary routine ot Roman life. v Scene of Rare Beauty.- The beanty ol the* snow-covered city is a thing Romans will not forget. The panorama, from the Pfncian' Hill, itself carpeted with a 5-1 nch covering of white, its palm trees picturesque and curious sentinels In the winter setting, -.was Incomparable. Saint Peter's dome, ermined, with the ball, a white world symbol, as ever dominated the pi cture. Nearer, the Pantheon, now white, shone in Its new garment. Far away over white powdered roofs and terraces through twisted, Irregular streets, rose the whitened Janlcn- lum, the watchful figure of Garibaldi, mantled In snow. From the ghostlike whiteness of the Palatine, an undisturbed shroud lay upon the carapagna, in early morning-, through which a specter-like Appian Way stretched toward the truly named Alban Hills. In the heart of .'ancient Home, the miracle of the snow brought umbrellas and overshoes out of American and English closets to go forth on wondering admirers thrilled by the startling transformation of-Rome's antiquities. Forum Clad- In Snow. All the year round vines and plants grow In. the Forum, while lizards sun themselves on'the fallen columns. The Forum, snow covered, and covered for three* days until noon, was a sight of which the young generation will boast ot seeing "back In 1917, the third year of tlie war." : TJp'.on. : the Capitollne Hill. Tlr- n.-ble equestrian statue or llnrcus A iius. rising: from the center of'the historic square,.'-wore"a new mantle of snow, while his horso -was .white with fresh ·aiid'.pnforcseen" trappings. Bui: like tlie snows of Villon--the EteniiU city's ermine disappeared beneath, sun'and squads of street cleaners, among whom, tlie now common bight 01" women "white'wings" told of a wartime world^" Value of Sense of Smell Proved in" Discovery of the Substance Selenium the passage of the electrical current as EMJ.000,000 miles of wire, enough to roach from here to the sun. Yet it was u conductor. Have yon an nmbition to found a new science? Why not measure a, emell? Can you tell whether one smell Is just twice as strong as another? Can you measure the difference between one kind of smell and another? It is obvious that we have very many differenfklnds of smells, from the odor of vrolets down to asaf(-tlda, but until you can measure their'likenesses and differences you can have no science of odor, writes Alexander Graham Bell In Youth's Companion. In the first place we have to define * en odor. Is it an emanation of material particles into the air or Is it a I form of vibration, like sound? If you . can decide that question, yon will have the starting point for an entirely new Investigation. If odor is an emanation, .It could be reflected from a mirror. Light and sound and heat can be reflected. I hare even warmed my hands ot the reflection, of a fire In a mirror of polished metal. Thai u cultivation of the sense of smell may be verj; valuable was proved in the discovery of the substance selenium. In experimenting with the waste products obtained in manufacturing sulphuric acid, a distinguished chemist,- noticed' the- characteristic smell of". tellurium-T--an odor that, has no counterpart on earth or in heaven. But tlit smell .wi^s.the,only Indication ·of the presence, ol,.the substance,;-all the chemical reac -jous declared - that there was no tellir. him present,In tlie powder. The cheiolst therefore concluded, that, if no ;:elluriuin was present, there must b*;' a ' n u w substance there, as /et uncUik'Overt't], which resembled tellurium. , When he had ex-' tructed from the sw is alt the*materlals that he kiit-w were- present, he found a residue, which prcyi.-d to !e. as he had suspected, a new elementary sub- This aeW sulist-'oce, which wns coined srientom.'ra-jmbic'd^lacfeseal- ing was in appearance*; f:i its viti-eous form it .\vus a nonconductor of electricity, but when h f r t e i l jilmost to the fusing point and n flowed to c*ol very 'S'o\\1r'it completely changed Irs np- .pearanee. If ncqtiired ;i dull, metallic - took. H!;c !cnd: n r d in th.i:. its crystal*, , line condition, it was ;i -nnt-iH-tor of electricity, but of exrrerr.el.r high rc- si!?t:i act*. A little pencil c-f cr,vsruUIne selenlnr-i, not much more Utun an Inch- long, offyrcd aa niucJi resistance to KEEP HUNfERS FROM BIRDS One Good Thing, and About All, That Can St Said for the Pestilent ' Mosquito. In the nort'u of Canada tno mosquito reigns snprebe. The swarms that rlso from streams, laKes and marshaa, as each comes to tne urfaca and emerge, dry, from the skin be wore when a. ·wlggler In the water, cannot be cheeked or resisted. Though weakly blown aside- by the wind or driven ott by smoke, they'triumph by the force of numbers. There ia compensation tor th,eir vli- /ulent annoyance, and eren for their transmission of the germs of malaria, compensations more important than the feeding of trtmt and bass, fry. They protect our feathered game during the nesting season, a'nd Instire hn* munJty to the flocks o'f migrants that rear their broods in tbe northern woods. The egg collector, the sldri collector and all the inquisltrre, curious and deetrneUve -wne would otherwiBe invade the woods and marshes daring the nesting season, are warned off by that ominous and persistent hum. It IB more effective than all the game- preserving-and 'bird-protecting stat- "utes.' It insures safety during that helpless time · when the mother bird can only flutter along the ground in paralyzed terror; drawing the invader away from her treasured but helpless offspring. While the mosquito reigns supreme.the bird life..that ranges Me continent. will nest., unmolested in lui varied northern retreats Swore Just' Like a'- Natlve; Llent-Col. Oliver Dockeiry, in charge of'training of tlie 100th Depot brigade, at Camp. Guster; Mich., is from the South and has something "of the. characteristic Southern accent. The .other day when 2,000 negro recruits arrived from Alabama Colonel Dockery ran across a negro sergeant who was imrching a group of the. new men along i n ' t h e rain arid reproved the sergeant for -taking his men out in such, weather" and ordered "them back i in the barracks. Just as :thcy disappeared in Hie doorway one of the shlv-" erin£ little negroes from the South, tiirricsl aroonil and said, '"Dot sholy j a:n a fclml-Iu'arted man. He cusses like i hn come from down home. Dat boss I make me so homesick dat-I believe I i is goin' to cry." Boo-hoo!. 'Boo-hoo 1' B "Whatever you do, don't miss.ltMs sale ilyoti neecl a bed outfit and -want a trig bargain: Put off. anything you may have planned to-do tomorrow and come to this (great one-day sale. It will be dollars in -your poclcet to do/so. 6ur price Saturday for i ' I i .The Massive,Be4J All-Steel Springs Mattress Only . . . . $1.00 is all the ready-monoey you need to pay down, so that y_ou needn't consider the money question at all--in fact you'll never feel the cost on our easy terms of only $1:00 a week. OurPiiees CHESTS As Low --and these arc thoroughly tvell insulated chests so that you'll find them very economical. They're scientifleally constructed so that you'll lie pleased with the service they render. Good Top-leer Refrigerators as low as ._ Side - leer Refrigerators similar to the picture, big values at Easy Terms Arranged to SuJt Yonr Convenience. These Rockers have high backs, and slat shaped seats. They are strongly built and well finished. Don't fail to see our big line of Rockers, Chairs and Swings. · Summer Furniture For Interior As Well As Exterior Use. The handsome Rockers pictured hero are very fashionoablc. They are built of Fibre Heed nad are handsomely, 'upholstered In beautiful cretonnes. They are cool, and comfortable. Styles similar to these pictured (£1 \ rrtT as low as .... Oil. D Otner styles as low $8.75 Complete suites, including sctteos, stands, etc., to match, at very reasonable prices. . ./ This is the Only Store in Connclls- ville Where You Can Buy Ventilating Porch Shades. We have them in -'all colors priced as follows: 4 It. Shades, only 32.75 .Sit. Shades, only $3.80 6 ft Shades, only $4.50 7 ft. Shades, only . \.. $5.50 5 ft. Shades, only ,, $6.TO 9 ft Shades, only $7.75 10 ft. Shades, only $9.50 Our Stock of Library Tables --is most complete. It. includes all of the fash-; ionable designs of which this is one .of the most popular. Our price for this ·nassive table--a regular $25.00 value--is only EASY TEEMS, SI Cash, SI a Week. Put his Bed Daven- port in Your Home Our Special Price is Only EASY TEBJffS, $2 Cash, $1 a TVeefc. 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SUSY BUSINESS MEN Science Help* Them Out A f t e r Keck- Icxftly AubuNins the Stomach. The most reckless man in regard to health, is tlie busy business in-an. At noon lie rushes out for a"bite to eat. Hu bolts his food without proper mas- tlcu-tlon, "and heaps on his stomuch an extra burden greater than it is able to carry without breaking down. His overworked stomach is crying for Uelji;- It appeals to him for relief In various ·ways': Expulsion of sour gas, waterbrosh, s-our taste In mouth, heaviness after eating, shortness ot brenth, bad breath, etc. One Mi-o-na tablet taken with or ivfter e.iuh meal will help any sufferer trom dyspepsia.' woiidtirtuUy. It /aids the stomach in the work of digestion which it must perform. · Mi-o-iia tablets, are sold by. A. A. Clarltc with a rieiS gruarantee to overcome . dyspepsia and. all . stomach troubles, or money back. They make eating" a pleasure. ME-o-na cleanses and purifies the stomach and bowels anil puts vigot and strength into the overworked tissues. It is .the surest stomacb."ton[c In rh^ world. · . ' Sold by leading drug's ists every- ·where.--A-dv. "* Patroui2e..t£ose advertise. This photograph shows the siuaU-calibre.guns o£ the Itoyal Italian, marines under f l a g e o n t h e Biavo frop* " . · · ; · remarkable cauxyi- j t Title Trust Company.of Western Pennsylvania is justly distinguished for its strong steading and directorate. Its Directors arc men of ability and successful standing in the community. Its officers are experienced, competent and able in the performance of every duty. Accounts subject to check are Invited. 8L. --,.,,,

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