Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 27, 1972 · Page 69
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 69

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1972
Page 69
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Page 69 article text (OCR)

· and consequently has to return about three times, feeding a nickel at a time into the machine until his clothes are finally dry. He then damps them all into a basket and leaves with the wrinkled mess, preferring to fold things in the privacy of his own home. A sense of overwhelming . m o d e s t y permeates the middle-aged male at the laundromat. He's there either because the wife is ill, visiting her mother, or because he's a lifelong bachelor. In any case, he isn't going to fold" his clothes on the same table some strange woman is using. He'd rather struggle with sheets, flap- p i n g t o w e l s a n d u n - mentionables, trying to fold them in mid-air and patting them f l a t a g a i n s t h i s stomach. And the children. Always the children, with "Mommy, I'm thirsty".. .or "I hafta go to the bafroom". . .or worse still, eating candy, then smearing sticky little fingers over the tops of every clothes-folding table in the place. As you leave the. laundromat, after enduring t h e n r l e a l o f b a t t l e (including an altercation .with a change machine that refuses to relinquish either your coin or its change) you encounter the most universal type. He of she--it matters not--is the one who has just dropped off her laundry to be washed by the paid lackeys. She breezes out the swinging door and lets it swing . . . right on you, with your basket of clothes and half a ddzen garments on hangers. Under your breath you call him or her all those words you have wanted to shriek for an hour and a half. But you can't because you have to come back next week. John G. Morgan's concise history of West Virginia's capital, written on the 175th anni- v e r s a r y of the city's founding, now is available in booklet form for s c h o o l use and home libraries. The price is $1.75, which includes sales tax cfhd postal fees. Address your order to: Charleston 175, The Gazette, 1001 Virginia St., East, Charleston, W. Va. 25330. 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