The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 7, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1918
Page 4
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THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVTLLE, PA. FRIDAY, JUNE 7, 1918. HENRY P. SNTDEK, Founder and Editor. 1879-191*. - TMB COURIER. COSIPAWT, PoMUhex*. K. M. SNYDER. President. -- " JA J. JDRISCOLL. and Treasurer, Business JOHN L. GAN9, Managing Editor, WALTER s. STTMME. City Editor. MISS LYNNE B. KJNCELL, Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press, Audit Bureau of Circulation, Pennsylvania Associated Dailies- Two cents per copv. 50c per month; la- P4r yw by mall If paid In advance Entered as Efecond class matter at the DOotpffice. Connellsville. Pa, FRIDAY EYEXEfG, JCSE 7, 1918. -Tke Courier** Service flag. " WILLIAM P. SHERMAN. JJospitai Unit L, American Expeditionary Forces, France. RAI/FH F. SUGER. "Company H, 319th Infantry, U. S. N. A.. American Expedi- » tmary Force-t, France. - MICHAEL GF.ENALDO, i HAROLD RlCHfiY. Jittery 'B,-107th - Field Artii- - lery, 28th Division. U. S. X f«G., American Expedition - ary Forces. France. ~ LLOYD B. COX Company F, 37th Engineers, U T- S. -X. Fort Myer, Va. - ' JULIUS GROUSE, Company E, 15th JSnffineer*i Z(RaUway). American Expe- - dittonary Forces. France. ~ " " ' . . -CItailway). Fort Bonjaram T~ Harrison. Indianapolis, Indiana. ""· RTJSSETAj LEXHAJXT. V, 3. 3. iTesldent Grant, U. Navy. agreement may be terminated by either side b si y i°S a^ months' notice in writing. The compact further provides that in. case.of a dispute \ during the liCc of the agreement the first stop sliall be to submit the dif- j ferences to a committee composed of ' an equal number of workmen and employers in the trade | concerned. Failure of such a committee to reach a bettlement puts the dispute into the hands of a joint conciliation board. Jn event that the conciliation board is unable to agree the dispute is to be submitted to such other medium of determination as shall be mutually chosen. Pending a decision work is to proceed without interruption. There shall be no limitation as to tbe amount of work, a man shall perform during a working day. Workers are ·at liberty to work for whom they see fit and shall receive the wage agreed upon by the designated tubunal. Before the war brought home to our citizen?hip generally a broader conception of our duties, and less insistence upon privileges, j an agreement, displaying the spirit of-this one, and its mutual recognition of the rights of the parties to it, -would have been, difflcu't if not impossible to negotiate Now it evidences the existence of a broad-gauge view of the relations that should prevail between employer and employe, not to mention the sound business sense that is displayed by the contracting parties in the safeguarding their ^individual and joint interests. The development of a robust patriotism and a willingness to have a pan in the great undertaking in which our country is engaged has had a leavening influence in all thu relations between our people. There is a broader sympathy, and better understanding and a more general acceptation pf the truth that "team work" in any line of activity is productive of the best results. Pulling together gets there; pulling apart gets nowhere. , Associated Press la ex- efnstTely entitled to the use tor rnwibUcation oi: all news dia- pktcfaea cr«df, d to it or nJt otherwise credited In thl s papjr and also tixe local news herein. HUS" TKICKS. 03» public is fairly well informed as touthe many and the varied character of the despicable tricks to which ib.e Hans resort in conducting warfare.* The meaner the advantage that can be taken of a foe the more nearly does'the perpetrator measure up to the standard of a good German, as established by their morally delinquent leaders. It is not alone in the business "of waging war that the Gtrznan employs artifices and deuces that place^him. beyond the pale of association, with people of echgateiinent and exalted standards of conduct Next "[to war commerce has afforded the most abundant opportunities for the exercise of those traits that will henceforth and forever characterize the German as unscrupulous a tradesman as ne has been unfair and cowardly-as z. fighter. One illustration of many that could be citec. has recently coine re- light which shows the bent oi Un Germans^ commercial mind as plainly as the poisoning of wells in France and Belgium sho\ their utter lacs of a sense"of honor or decency as soldiers, German interests in New York, mai- aueradiUg as American hosiery ex- porteis, bought up large quantities of te cheapest, flimsiest and poorest quality hose obtainable in thii country and consigned it to South, American, countries as standard Ariericaa product. It bore a conspicuous "Mad* in U.;S. A." label, and was calculated to disgust 'the South Americans with the quality of our product and to das- courage further trade with ui. Following ' tflsse consignments there would, come others of tho best grade of hosiery of fthich large purchases had likewise been made by the same German "exporters." But tiiis fine quality hosier^ had the "Made in U. S. A." label removed and an equally conspicuous "Made m Germanv" label substituted, and was sold to the Latin American trade at little more than cost andjat a price but a tnflo higher than the first consignment. Through, this trick the German interests spugat to convince t h e South American merchants and their customers that the German hos ery, so- called, was so much superior in quality to that ".Made ID U. S. 4." that the latter would be entirely supplanted by the former in tho South American markets.- The purpose behind ttiis deception wag£ of course to hold the Laiir£ s AnrericaVn3ai£et for German hosleyyjintnifter the war, when trade coultl^bs. quickly resumed and hosiery w that was reafly'madc m Germany substuuied for the camouflaged American product. The trick bas been discovered just as mai other blundering deceptions of the Germans have been brought to lista, reaching us that we will have to be just as alert against the cunning iiripostures of the Ilanj 10- traJe as our soldiers are alert against their murderous stratagems on the battlefields of France PULLING TOCrETHEB GETS THERE. One significant development of the war has been a closer coming together of the people ot America Appreciating that oar coun on country is endangered the icaHz? turn that there must ba unity of ei'ort and purpose upon the pan of all was never quite *o strong a^ umv. This spirit has liart n-'aiafebtatioc 'n many forms, one of \ \ h i t h has been a more cordial understanding of tl e mutual Interests between Miip'oyer and em- ploye. This has boon given esprssion in a varity of w a F but none more practical than an agiccrnen: recently affected between *be build ns contractors and the necnanic 5 ; and n-orknen. of Cleveland This unique agi eemrnt providcb that there shall be no strike or lockout in. the building trades .'or a period of three years from M;iy 1, 1918, and, "for an indefinite per od thereafter." After -April 20, 1921, the pulled off stuntb of that kind yearly. But now I met her a.L the portal, and handed her no smile or chortle. "1 cannot feed you,' ^aitl I, "auntie; I cannot board you in this shanty. I hope to save this threatened nation by flossy curves in conservation, and so no uncles, aunts or 'nieces, can visit me with their vallaes. You cannot use my roadster chummy, nc prunes of mine shall fill your tummy; BO take your hirdcag:e and your knitting, and do some ground and lofty lUttms-' And thus, with fortitude unswerving-, I'm spending all my time- conserving. "WANTED -- YOUR business. ·WANTED -- GAR REPAIIUI12N, fe-ood wages. Inquire CAR FOR13- MAN, E O R II. 6}une4t WANTED--LABORERS. CAPSTAN CLASS CO., South ConnellsviUe, Pa, GjuneSt* WANTED--TRUCKERS AT BALTI- more . Ohio freig-ltt station. Can use boys o\ er 1C eara of age. 5june3t WANTED--GIRL FOR GENERAL housework Call at 111 West Washington avenue or on Tri-State 532. 3junetf The Fayett« County chapter of the Red Cross Is preparing for business on a/ large scale. Thac is to be expected from, tbe excellent preparation made by the former cliapterf, now branches, forming 1 the present unit and the mncrniflcent way in wJiich the whole county went over the top In the last war fund drive" Some postmasters ouffht to read up on the postal regulations durine choir leisure moments so as to become familiar with the meaning of the "So-ldier'd Mall" stamp. W i t h estimated war expenditures of ?24 OOO.OO 00(r-durin.g the coming year, one-third of which is to be raised by taxation, the bulk of which is to come from war profits, incomes and Ju^ur- ICM. some people will have a still better opportunity ot learning that we are reall at war. "Don't let one G*-cape," shouted an American soldier when an attack was ma*le on 350 Uhlans, the crack cavalrymen of tne H u n s "All but ono was killed; he was 1 captured," fs the brief but expressive record of what happened. Little wood* 1 * the German of- ..cers t-i to fool their men by tellms them that British instead of American -oldiers oppose tbem. It the Hens have anj* other brag fiEnters the Americans now on the wcFtorn front would 'like to dnVe a crack at them. The Huns have sent a Sax*n division, a crack Prussian dl\ ision, a battalion of the famous Ja.ejr*r sharpshooters and the Uhlans'rt our men in success ton and they ha\e In turn sent the attackers-such as were left--chasing to the rear w i t h more speed than grace in move ment. Jmsii Fdfas A 340THEB TALES. "It is too bad," a neighbor said, "too bad t h a t he must go." - \ The ffe itle mother raised her head- a.ntl proudly 'answered "No. ".Ve do not think of It that "« v ay, at n i g h t when we're alone "We miss his smile of yesterday and all ·we used to own. And yet beneath the grief wo know, the anguish and the care We' re elad v, e had a son to so to serve hi a country there. "It would be bad, too bad. had he been .oars for twenty years And would not step aside to see what caused .another's, tears, 1C unto rifcht our son were blind and deaf to e\ery plea And thought not of his, follow- kind; if he had learned from me That he must live for self alone, and f e n r i n g harm, must bow to tyranny, then we should own your deepest pity now. "If he had failed to catch the within tho Flaff above. Had missed the splendor .ind thy dream and prfde of country love; ]f he had lived throughout his youth and had not come to see That better far than life is truth, thPn you could pity me. Don t say to us that It's, too bad, although we miss hfrr so, A KTes.ter £prie£" we" should have had, had he not wishedZto so. "We told him how the Flog was born, we trained him to be true, We spqko ;vf wrongs ,' that ho must tworn and deeds he must do And if the worst shall come, and he on Flanders' fields shall lie, Our consolation then shall bo we taught him"' how to die ^Vt never sny that it's too bsd. bo- "n*-ath the grrief we know. And n.11 the- loneliness w e ' r e tjlad he bravely dared to go." By Walt Maaon. COSTERSATIOHr. f That I may save the price of rations I've shaken all mi' poor relations In pltien times my aunts and cousins would come to see me, scores an£ dozen"! and siay as long; as I uould feed 'em. but now I'm standing up f r freedom; I've taken Hooter as my mentor, and so mv uncle* cannot ' enter ihe dining room wnen dinner's I i end: --I must conserve, so help mf t T e d d v X have old spinster aunts 1 ap"l;"My., 1 reckon there are ten or 1 twenty, and they have come from dls- j tant placu*:. at my expense to feed 'their fac,e- They'd come in spring | j and stav till autumn, and sometimes |'onirer yet. dod rot 'em. They'd brins! J their cats and pet canaries and cat I i m -.tnnis bears and ms liorrics and . ,'ln the pantry and the cupboard / o r ) ' pies, and^ cake-* they daily rubbered ! B u t yesterday my Aunt Deborah came j- I to me smlllnc; lUe Aurora, she hoped j 1 to rtaj- three months or nearly--she*" ' WANTED--TWO BLACKSMITHS. Apply AMERICAN HANGAXESIS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, Dunbar, Fa. SjuneSt WAXTBD -- LOCOMOTIVK FIBK- men. Appl to P. W. DOBSON", assistant road foreman of Engines, Youngwood, Pa. u j u n e l t WANTED--GIRLS OVER 16 TEAHS of atre. Clean, pleasant work. Carfaro paid. CON'NELLSVILI.B SILK MILL* Tjunetf WANTED--ROUGH CARPENTERS 55 cents pfir hour. Apply at THH FOUN7ATJON CO. "West Ponn Power House. 3june6t "WANTED--LABORERS. PAT GOOD wages. Also quarrymen for contract work. Apply AMERICAN CO., Dtinbar, Pa. WANTED--YOUNG MAN TO CLERK in hardware store. Good opportune to learn the business Address IIAR.D W\A.RB. care The Courier, Conn ells- vllle. a j u n e t f WANTED--OLD FALSE TEETH Don't matter if broken I pa/ $J 00 to $15.00 per set. bend by parcci post and receive check by return mail. L MAZER, 2007 South Fifth street. Philadelphia, Pa. Ijuie22^ WANTED--LABORERS, ASH HAND lers, helpers, mechanic?. firemen Steady work. Laborers, 3S^ cent;,, firemen. 47 cents per hour, other work paid In proportion. Apply In person at the WEST Pi:NN* POWER. PLANT. ConnellKville, Pa I J u n o l O t WANTED -- YOUVG 3IAN AND mother desire three or four unfurnished roorcjt w f t h private famtlj, t'i remain here. Refined, cnm pan Ion able folks. Beat references furnished Write G L H... care Courier. 7june2t WANTED -- GOVERMENT NEEDS 20,000 clerks at Washington, Examinations everywhere In June. Experience unnecessary Men and Vfomen deslrinp £ov*rnmenl positions write f/r free particular* to J. C LKONAHH {former Civil Service Examiner,} 89$ Kenois bufMlng-. Washington. l j u n e 6t' FOR RENT--THREE AND TWO room apartments. FLORENCE SRTL'TZ Umaytf FOR RENT--KURNISH15D BED room. 107 East Fairview avenut SJutieSt* *tWft SALE.--AX1VERTIS1NG SPACh m this paper. A«k for ra-«s_ FOH SA.LE--19J6 FORD TOURING car, BContK* electric Astern. Cali BeU 827 5june3t- FOR SALE--PARAMOUNT NEWS stand. Bargain to quick buyer. See E, L. BEX5GS, ConneJL(,7Ule, Pa. Sjunetf FOR SALt:--THREH AUTOMO- biles, one-tbirtl cash, balance on time. STANTON SIPK. Either phones. 7june2t FOR SALE--UP-TO-DATE BARBER s^.op. Best location in VandcrbiH Barffoin to quick buyer. Reason for soiling:, intend to enlist. Call both phoned. ROBERT LINT, VamlerbiH Hotel/ S j u n e G t ' FOR SALE--ABOUT 35 ACRES OF ribs and stumps in easy hiuling" distance from Connellsville. Good cue- tom propobition. Price r!g-ht to quick purchaser. Inquire at UNION NATIONAL BANK. TJunefit FOR SALE--ONE HOUSE, THAE*. rooms habitabiH, J200, In city. On- 1 double houso, two rooms on sitle $300 Lot 40x120. Will sell to colored person. JOS A. MASON. Second Notional Bank building. , GjuneSt ^ FOR SALE--ONE 1914 HUP. ONE 1014 Winton Six cylinder; one lttr, Studebaker Cour cylinder. one 1015 Ford roadstei; one 1912 Hudson, one 1917 Willys-KnJffht; one and one-half ton Jeffrey truck. DUNBAR AUTO COMPANY, Bell 33, Dunbai, Pa. 24muytf FOR SA-LE--SPECIAL SALT3 OK icfriAerators and Ice boxes; also complete line of bed room suites, iron beds, d i n i n g room and porch f u r n i t u r e and stoves New Llnrt'^um 95c per yard. COMNT3LLSVILLE NEW ANT SECONO HAND FURNITURE COMPANY, Tri- State 7C2 1^3 South Pittsburg 1 street. S j u n e G t FOR SALE--ONE L.ARGE BLACK horse weiyhfife 1,500 pounds. 11 years old. .-sound and ffood w o r k e r ; one set of new express harness, cost $40.00; one spring" wag-on. The tirst $125,00 tikes the outfit One four year oM driving horse, harness and bujrgy; first $130 00 takes this outfit C S- WORTITINGTOX Dawson, Pa T r j State phone No. 74 7june2t LOST--ON'E · s o L D ' KETFER cow, dark brbwn; la-3t seen at Pechm, Reward if Under w i l l notify JOHN STAEON,,Baker's ctore, Pochtn, or at Hill Farm 7june3t Strayed. STRAY HETFER , BLACK AND white, at filRS. ROS"G HORNEU farm. Pa. 7 j u n e i t * STRAYED. LOST OR STOLKItf-- j Thursday morn ng- Airedale pup, about about ono oitiL Reward if returned to 115 CfcurDh Place. 7aunelt Ti'otce. VULCANIZU^G, TIRE TUBE AND babv cabs retired, ill Sdutb Jittsburg street. Tri-State ,36. | G J u n e G c ' KEYSTONE CLBAXING FAIU.OR. Bring y o u r Panama id Htra'w hats to CHARLES COCOS, I , West Cinwford avcnue/ConneUsvllle, Pa. 3may33t" ii\orcc fto Lee Sm-ith, ALorncy. THOIVUVS B. CLARK VS CORA. Clark, In the Court of Cor-unon, ! Of Fayotte c o u n t j , P a , No. 3F-6 Jla.rch Term, 1S18. To Cor.i Clark, respond( ont: i You are hereby notified that t h e ' a u b p o e n a and alias subpoena in tills! case have been returned 'Non c-st In- { vcntua," you arc therefoie rotiuirctl t o ! appear in th.e Court of Common I'lenb [ (DC Fayette county. Pa , on the secor*! I Monday oi July of said Cojrc, A, D. j 1918, to answer tho libel and complaint , tiled therein, aud show cause, if an have, why a di\ orce f r o m t h u bonds o£ matrimony should not be ' granted the libellant above n^mod THOS L. HOWARD. Sheriff. S h c i l f T s . Otflce, June o. 1513 june~7-l 4-^1-28 j FOR KENT--A FOU"R ROOM FLAT, j Hast Crawford avenue. Kent £18 . Cull Tr.rStatQ phone $4-X, Daw son Tjune2t Notice ot Application far Charter. NOTICE IS 11 BUSBY GT\ BN THAT an a.ppifc4.tlon wj;[ he made to the Governor of PonnsyUanta on Wednesday, tho 26th day o£ June, A D . 1918, by L S MelUnger, F. 13. Wyman A J Falrchlld E. S Falrchild and S B Henry, under the Act of As^err-bly, oQt,iUed "An Act to provido for the incorporation and rogruhuion of cert a i n corporations,," approved April 2D, 1874, and the amendment"; thereof and tho 'supplement* theieto for the char- tor eit an Intended corporation to be called Falrchlld Con.1 Company, the character ,tnd object of which if, tht* mining. bu Inc. leasing and selling coal, and for these purpose 1 ? to have, possess, and enjo all tne rights, benefits and privileges of said Vet of Assembly and the amendments thereof and the supplements tlireto F E YOUNK1X, Solicitor SKALKD PROP03AI-S W l u L BE RE- '·civeil by the C o n t r o l l e r of I'aycite c o u n t y . Pennsylvania, at his oillce in the Court House, L ' n i o n t n u n , P o n n u j l - i van!a, u n t i l two o'clock P M. Wt-d--| neffday. J u n e 12th. 1918, ,it whicfc t i m e they will be publicly opened anfl read in the odico of the County Cornmis- itlonrrs, for the construction of « .» double t h h t j (10) foot spun reinforced concrete hrfdg-e over .Mounts rr« ok in Conm-llsAiHe Cllj at David"on Work 1 ! Plans, proposals and ipeciflcation', for the above bridpe can be- secured n.t tne ofllce of the Tount Road ,.n(\ Bridge Engineer. Court House, Union- tow n, Penns U ania, for tho sum of flyc CSS 00) Oollars per set. Each proposal must be itccoinpanitid by a cert.ifiod check dra«Ti im a. bank in Pcnnsylvani.i equal to ten p*r cent (10y£,) of the ainocnt of the propo.,,].! The rJfflit :o reject tiny or all pro- priVala Is exprcis! rcservtd HAUHY KISIN'GER, Cocnti ControJJcr. 37rouy(t-£rl Notlcs Co SEALED P l K i p l r i A a V I L L BE IlK- cel\ed by the Controller o* Fay«tU- county Penn-'ylvaijia, at h J s olfice In the Court House. L'montown, Pennsylvania, until tuj o'clock P, AI. Wed- ro«daj- J u n e 12th, 101S. at winch tlmo O\oy will be publicly opened and read In the ofilco oC t h e County Com in IM- t-ionerfl, for llie construction of a thirty-sir (36) foot span reinforced concrete arch over White's Cr*'0k about one mile north of Counellsville on tho road leadline from Con-iGllsvIUe to Pennnville Plans proposals and specifications for the .ibove brltig-p can W secured at the office oC LJie County Road and Bridfire J^nR-ineer Court House, Knlon- town, Penn.syKania, for the sum of five ( $ 5 » O J Do Mars- per set Each proposal must be accompanied by a certified cluck d r a w n on a bank in Ponnsylvania. equal to ten per cent (10%) of the a m o u n t of the proposal The riyht to reject an\ or all nro- POSR.H Is expressly reserved HAltRY KTSJNGER. County C o t i i m l l p r BEAD THE COUBIER. AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPEKATOK AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE A Combination off Essential ·very Sortie ready'-to-wear clothing makes its bid for fame through style alone -- some through the merits of the fabrics --some through tailoring without much regard to style or fabric. In Kirschbaum Clothes you' will find all these essentials of good looking, long wearing garments combined--original style designs, fabrics of all-wool and tailoring done by clothesmakers of established reputation and undoubted skill. $20, $25, $30, $35, $40 CO. ConneSisville, Pa. Under "ew Jlanagemen*. A Clean Quiet Place Cor Your Family to Eat. Let Us Know What You Want and llow You Want It GOOD SERVICE. 3Irs. C. J. Armstrong, //ant Ads--J Cent a Word. Saturday Specials! Lard, per Ib 30e Coffee, '"Cown Talk" 24c Navy Beans, ]b 17c Prunes, 2 Ibs _ 25c Ham, Ib , _ 35c Milk, 2 cans ,, ., 25c Alice Baked Beans, 2 cans ... 25c Corner Eighth Street and 1 Crawford At-enuc, West Side. USE THE HAIG-METHOD In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The -woman who demands a perfect fit, who insists on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do well in coming to us. We please you. We save you money. Blow the bug« riyiit out of their bungalows by ipraying underneath the leave*, u tbe advice of the Na- ^tioul Wr Garden Commisjion to tha 'gardener* of thii town. The summer season is now on" the summer business is starting with a rush. There are wonderful preparations at all of our stores for women, misses, and children in all sorts of seasonable raiment. The real June novelties are now on display, as well as the real staple lines. Remember these large department stores of ours offer you inducements that you cannot get elsewhere. S3 Large Department Stores, Located ia Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. LONG DISTANCE MOVING Save Money on Long Trips By Making Arrangements One Week in Advance. Get Rates. P. B. KESSLER. 613 McCormick Ave., Connellsville, Pa. Tri-State Phone 404. Bell Phone 234. PATEONIZE HOME MERCHANTS WHO ADVERTISE IN THIS PAPEB.

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