The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 11, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, February 11, 1938
Page 5
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FRIDAY/, FEBRUARY 11,193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELISVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. LEGION ENROLLMENT'UP 101 OVER 1937 PERIOD COUNTY GROUP INFpRMED There arc 101 more Legionnaires enrolled for 1938 than there were for 1937 at the same time. District Commander Oscar Sutiiftc of Somerset informed the Foyettc County American Legion Committee Wednesday n!_ht at its monthly meeting in the Uniontown Legion Home. A venison dinner was served prior to the business period when a committee was named to judge the high school essays to be offered in competition for the annual scholarship awarded by State Senator Anthony Cavnlcantc. The March meeting will be hold at Faycttc City. Today in Washington As It Is Interpreted / By David Lawrence / Continued from Page Four. local communities, these facts will have to come out in the open, too. It will bo asked then: Are all the banks in the various states affected so strong that their financial condition and all the details of their management can be thrown open to Fast Time Being Made in Building New Sewer Line Already 232 feet ot the South Side sewer line has been laid by the WPA force constructing the trench extending from Trump Run to South Pittsburg street from which point a tunnel will be driven as far as Vine street. Laying of the sewer pipe is quite a feat as each section weighs 2,860 pounds. The pipe sections are four feet long and weight 7J5 pounds to the Toot. The Inside diameter of the pipe is 42 inches, the largest size of any sewer ever built in Connclls- ville. Through a device worked out by Bert Franks, who Is supervising laying of the pipe, movement of the heavy sewer sections is simplified. A single wheel has been used in building a lifting device on the order of a wheelbarrow with the handle lifts providing room for eight men. The "lift" is placed inside the sewer pipe with the wheel extending onto the other side. Cn top of the frame work is rigged sufficient blocking to keep the pipe from swaying. Eight men can easily take hold of the lifts and wheel the pipe Into position, ranking the task quite easy. Ordinarily it would require a block and tacMc. The new plan of placing the pipe will simplify the work of laying the sewer line in the tunnel. Meanwhile work is progressing rapidly,on the tunnel being supervised by Fred Middlcton, for years mine plant superintendent. City Engineer Joseph E. Hoenshcl, who drafted the plans for the sewer project, beUc"cs the new sewer line will eliminate much of the previous trouble in the Ncwmycr avenue watershed in the wake of heavy rainfalls. can congressional Inquiry now? My impression is that the "holding companies" in the banking field ought to be called "helping companies" and that they are helpful rather than hurtful to the people of their communities and that there is no abuse among them which cannot be cured by wise regulation cither by the Federal government or the state governments ur both, and that abolition of bank holding companies at this time would be a mistake. For one thing, the total deposits of the bank holding companies are not more than about $6,000,000,000, out of the total of $50,000,000,000 In our banks, but it is a sizeable total to tamper with by legislation at this time. A careful study of the powers of the Federal Reserve Board and the Comptroller of the Currency shows that the holding company banks are under considerable regulation already. They must submit to examination just as do other banks "Up-stream" loans are prohibited. A holding company must get from the Federal Reserve Board n permit to vote the stock of the member banks in its group, and, to obtain a permit must make certain agreements nnc understandings with the supervisory authorities. Ample protection for the public is thus provided by law to stockholders to depositors and to the public as a whole. What then Is wrong? Is i possible that the banks of a holding company perform some service tha is actually useful to their communities and which some other banks di Slate Motor Police In 18 Headquarters HARRISBURG. Feb. 11.--Motor Police Commissioner P. W. Foote yesterday announced, that 18 troop headquarters will be established under the four squadrons in the State. The first squadron, with headquarters at Greensburg and under tho command of Ma3or J. C. Mauk, will have troop locations at Washington. Greensburg, Punxsutawney, Butler and Eric. Headquarters for the other squadrons will be located at Harrisburg, Wyoming and Philadelphia. BARCLAY ON BRIDGE WBTITEN FOB CENTRAL PRESS B y S h e p c t r d B a r c l a y -The Authority an Aathorltte*" NEWS OF DAY AT SCOTTDALE BRIEFLY TOLD FIND ANOTHER WAY PERHAPS R declarer may bo pardoned for trying a Onesso which loses because tho missing honor appears In the hand where it does tho damage. If he knows In advance, however, from tho bidding or previous play, that tho honor Is In the wrong place, thcro i« then no excuse for his bad result. He should find some way to get along without taking tho fatal uncase, U he can possibly do so. 4 J 8 7 6 3 2 V K 5 ·M V J 10 9 3 · 106S2 # 9 5 3 2 then on. VvTie.i the hearts A ana Q were now played and the diamond finesse tried, East won and returned a club, which was trumped to tho North, but a diamond had to be given up later. Gcorgo Ball, president of the Cleveland Whist club, made tho contract. He was certain from East's opening bid that tho diamond X waa held In that hand. So when cashing thff heart Q, he tossed tho diai.iond 9/from dummy. He then led his club 10, knowing East would have to win. East Had nothing to return 'out a diamond or a. club, cither ot which made tho contract secure for Mr, Ball. Tomorrow's Problem # K Q J 8 A A Q 10 8 V A Q 7 6 · 713 I ,), A. 10 i (Dealer: J-aat. Neither aide vulnerable.) 1 In a duplicate tournament, 6- jSpadcs constituted tho final con(tract at 'joveral tables, with South the declarer. As each Bast had opened the bidding with a club, tho load from "West was the club 2, won In the South with tho A. A heart was then led to the K and tho flncne In ipacles taken. Tho ipodo A was then cashed. Tho play varied from 4 5 3 » 1 0 B 2 4 Q 10 0 * Q J 10 6 4 K Q 8 C 2 V None 4 A K 9 7 4 2 4,83 (Dealer: South. Eait-Wcst vulnerable.) What I* South'* correct play to make C-Dlamonda, after tho lead ot the club Q 7 FIREMEN EXPECT 150 AT BANQUET Covers will be laid for approximately 150 persons at the annual banquet of the New Haven Hose Company and Firemen's Bandi Tuesday night in the dmingroom of the Greenwood Methodist Episcopal Church. An extemporaneous program "of speaking will be presented and there will be music by the band, Fire Chief W. E. DcBolt, in charge of arrangements, said today. not or cannot supply? Is this not a matter of competition rather than concentrated control? Take one holding company which happens to be very successful in i operations. It owns virtually 100 pe cent of the stock of each of its con btituent banks. But the holding com pany itself has about 25,000 stock holders and no man or family own as much as six per cent of the hold ing company. In other words, the stockholders who are scattered far and vide nnc who know the responsibilities o double liability that attnch nowaday to the ownership of bank stocks, hav organized a "helping corporation which looks out for all the share holders and depositors as n unit. Th officers are really trustees for al these scattered stockholders and can be removed by majority vote. Capita from tho "helping corporaL'on" can flow to the member banks at any time needed. But the "helping corporation" actually makes money--which may possibly be its principal crime. It provides management and supervision and maintains several departments for all the member banks and thus is able to make group purchases of securities, furnish advice to the smaller banks, act on behalf of its members economically and exchange credit information and plans for economical operation and trust department procedure. All the resources of this particular group of banks put together would not equal the resources of any one of the big New York or Chicago banks, and, if the holding company in question were dissolved, the member banks would be paying tribute to Wall Street through heavier expenses not now incurred to carry on New York transactions. Mr. Roosevelt may not know It, but his plan to abolish "helping companies" in the banking field it not at all in disfavor among the large banks who will profit by it, and if concentration is a sin, nothing has been said yet about the much larger amounts of deposits concentrated in single unit banks in the big cities. The truth Is the "helping companies" insist on autonomy for each of their own member banks. They do not as a rule engage in any line of activity except banking and do not become involved, through interlocking directorates, with outside interests. But they nttemp to serve a commercial area, and so successful have some of them been that they have had applications from other banks in their vicinity to be permitted to join. Is it possible that Mr. Roosevelt wants to nationalize all the banks some day and through the RFC vote their stock In a holding company of the Government, controlled by one man? The "helping companies" with their member banks are strong j enough today to be independent o f | government Influence and dictation for political purposes. If that's the real reason for the death sentence, then the public, when fully informed, will want to inquire very penetratingly into the whole subject. Police Shoof Alleged Bandit in Crime Drive By United Pros*. PITTSBURGH, Feb. 11.- -An alleged bandit was shot Thursday by a policeman as the drive against crime continued unabated despite a precipitate decline In the number of holdups and burglaries reported following inCTcascd police vigilance. The wounded man was Orlando Terminara, 18, who, police said, has confessed to participation in a recent holdup. He was shot In the righ leg by Patrolman John Hooper, who said Tcnnlnara reached ns though for a gun as the officer, in civilian clothes, sought to question him. Terminara was held under guarc at Mercy Hospital. Special to The Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 11.--Mis. ...,, ,,., ,,,.. .Fanny L. Matchctte has assumed th Thl-TiT not tncrcfore"t'hc"time to i dll " c s » 3 secretary of child wclfan reopen queries and public discussion t MJrvice Jn Knyctte county Fanny L Mafcheiie New Child Welfare Worker ar U what banks arc sound and what banks arc unsound, something which tho bank holding companies in sclf- SCOTTDALE, Feb. 11.--A false ilarm was sounded from box 32, at the Presbyterian Church, Thursday evening at 5 o'clock. It was the hird alarm inside a week, all sounded in much the same manner ·nd from the same district. Police have been ordered to make arrests. Education Board Meets. Scottdale's Board of Education, at ts regular meeting Monday evening, authorized Superintendent of Schools S. B. attend an educational meeting to be held in Atlantic City from February 26 to March 3. A lengthy report on the elementary schools was made by Mr. Bullck. Aside from routine business no other action was taken. Special Lutheran Service. At St. Paul's Lutheran Church Sunday the day will be devoted to the Board of Deaconess Work. Rev. M. M. Allbeck will talk on "The Chuich: Her Setvicc and Reward," and in the evening he will talk on 'God's Gentleness." At the Sunday morning session the Amelia Earhart Foundation will also be presented, with couneilmcn of the church distributing literature on the subject. Scout "Expo" Saturday. Troop No. 8, Boy Scouts, of the sixth zone will hold a father and son dinner tonight as a part of the Scout week observance. The troop is In charge of Elmer Bigley. At Tuesday night's meeting of the Scout Council, held in the Y. M. C. A. with Chairman J. W. Bcadllng in charge, plans were completed for the "Living Expo" to be presented by the Scouts of this zone in Stoncr street, Saturday afternoon from 1:30 until 5:30 o'clock. Various troops will have periods on the program which will Include demonstrations in making fire, rope tying, first aid and all of the essentials that assist Scouts in winning merit badges. A Scout display is being shown in oni; of the windows of the room by tho Church of Christ in the old Hill Houie. Jubilee Circle Sleets. The Jubilee Circle of the Metho- Pictures of Bathing Beauties Injurious WASHINGTON, Feb. 11.--Egypt considers pictures ot bathing beauties injurious to public morals, the Department of Commerce warned American explorers. The department called attention to a recent Egyptian decree excluding certain cotton cloth bearing prints of nudes and bathing beauties as trade marks. Record Set In Church. AUM^VILLE, Ore., Feb. 11.-Henry Porter began his 83rd consecutive year as superintendent of the Christian Church Sunday school, Porter, now 87 years old, was first elected in 1870 and has won the election every year since then. dist Episcopal Church met Thursday evening in the church. Mrs. John Rellcy had charge of the devotions, and papers were read as follows: "The Sword of the Moslem," Mrs. L. B. Smith; "A Kabyle Wedding," Mrs. Olive Townscnd; and "The Moro Today," by Mrs. W. S. Anderson. MAN IS CLEARED IN ASSAULT CASE By United Prea. PITTSBUHG, Feb. 11. -- Jules Fevrier, 30, of Clairton, was acquitted of a felonious assault and battery charge /in criminal court before Judge ffi. D. Fetterhoof of Huntingdon county. At t/ie first trial in the case last fall the jury disagreed as to Fevrier but acquitted Mrs. Evelyn Franklin of Mount Pleasant. It was charged that while Mrs. Franklin held her husband, Edward, of Sutcrville, Fevrier inflicted a number of knife wounds in a McKeesport cafe last June 11. Sues to-Collect Wages. " SOMERSET, Feb. 11.--James Borkcbile, a Hooversville constable, will become Somerset county's first constable to institute suit against the Somerset county commissioners tor payment of wages for services at the polls on election day, it was announced here. Constables had been paid $5 daily but under the new election law the commissioners are not directed to pay for the day's service. GRAPEFRUIT Texas Pink, Seedless, 7 for 25c ORANGES Juicy Florida ' ' each 1c TANGERINES Sweet, Juicy doz. 10c APPLES Eating or Cooking 10 Ib. 19c GRAPEFRUIT ,Florida Seedless doz. 39c LETTUCE Solid Arizona head 5c CELERY Large Pascal 2 stalks 15c POTATOES Large New Pink 5 Ibs. 250 SAVOY CABBAGE or KALE 4 Ibs. 25c POTATOES Ige., mealy pk. 23e--bu. 90c 137 W. Crawford ATC. We Deliver. B Phono 1508 A graduate ot Klmlrn Collcsc, Mlis Matchette did graduate work in so- cinl service In Pennsylvania school ot Trot/' "Clotiie" in beauty ... in wexk- ·wmhip . . . in accu- laeyonddependabilily. Iheir liehneit. charm and graco maKe '(hem loaden in »ve'y reipect. They're imujL'al valuwl V "'^Son -SVo»*- sga*--· ^ e«- Pay as low ns 50c Weekly. Credit Jewelers 2nd National Bank Bulldinc Opposite Orphcum Theatre. defense will want to do, especially as ' social work. She h,*n had sevcrnl they can foi the most part prove j year* cxpvrienco with the State they nre healthier than average. If f Emergency Kcliff Bonrd, the l*i*l IV.Q there Is anythins lory power, rather than the "death sentence," should be invoked to correct any abuses. tf, the rcgul.i- j ns di.strlct *upt'rvi«or in Luzerne county since which she executive secretary of the mothers' assistance fund in Lebanon county. SANITARY MARKET 220 N. P1TTSBURG STREET Across From Paramount Theatre. Pork Liver Ib. 10e Pork Ribs ib. Be Beef, Pork, Veal Ground for tonf Ground Beef Beef Liver ib. 15e BBBEBB8BBBB9DBQ Ring Bologna Ib. 15c Pork Sausage ib. 15c BEEF SALE Hound Steak Sirloin Steak Tenderloin Steak Swhs Roast ib. 19c Rolled Rump Roast Ib 19c Boneless Shouder Beef Roast Ib 18c Beef Tongues ib. 15c Chuck Roast Sliort Cuts ib. Be Boiling Beef ib. 12c Wo Sell for Cixsli nnil Sell for Xe.s.s! WEINERS ib. 15c Pork Shoulder ib. 15c Pork Chops Mixed Cuts Ib. 18C Beef Brains Ib. 12c Beef Hearts Jumbo Bologna Ib. 15c Murphy's Can Supply All Your Chocolate assortment: Creams, n o u g a t l n c s , mints, caramels and nuts. 25c Counter No. 17, Main Floor. Cream Hearts Dark chocolate covered with a delicious flavor that will win her heart 25c Counter N'o. 17, Main Floor. ' Milk Chocolate Hearts made of p u r e delicious chocolate. 25c Counter No. 17, Main Floor. CHOCOLATE HEARTS TO H E R G B F T At Counter 17, Main Floor. Sewing Notion Week Values O. N. T. Thread, 300-j'cJ. spools 3 for Simplicity Dress Patterns, each . . _. Scissors, aturdy, strong: _ Mercerized Thread In spring shades ... Talon Fasteners, 4 to 9 Inches Bias Tape, Boilfast, pksr. Fancy Dress Buttons, card Milk Chocolate Hearts, Eockwood's delicious special for the young valentine. lOc Counter No. It. Main Floor. "Anita" Dress Lengths Counter D--Main Floor. Silks, acetates, rayons, prints or plain colors. $1.98 each Counter 22---Basement. MUSLIN 36-inch widths "Hope" bleached muslin. 12y 2 c yd. Counter 22--Basement. PERCALE An exceptional" value. 36- inch widths. Guaranteed tub-fast. 10c yd. Counter 22--Basement. MUSLIN Good grade 36-inch width unbleached muslin. 8cyd. Counter 22--Basement. WITH SELECTED MERCHANDISE T O . 1 2 2

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