The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

V, F K I H U ' A U Y lit!, 1930. fl-IE DAILY COURIER, OONNELLS/HXE, PA, Dame Fashion Smiles By Grace Jc.ictt Austin Grace J. Austin. Lave and rlilffon u n d flat crepe, nil beautiful material',, im ^speciality ,:m)il t h i s spring. I ' l ' . f s l e e V V S , t i l bo elbow, a lush on t h a t tins hud . . ,, . . rest, t h a t has i soorl lop: in tit hi' n i n k - r ^ n hra' c at t'mpt to M'turn. \ itli t h i (n'.vttig ' t l o capos cner ''.cm, they iniiy ho .ruis-imlly e fT e c- ivc. Some have '·onslderrd this t h e most trying of nil sVpvp modes, but li will m a U e t h n n k - f l ! for her l)lP^.-,in ,·«; every ^!rl and TOiimm who lins a t e ' l u M C u l l y r o u n d e d eoow, for tlio e!f tw slecne t h r o w n tlat special beauty into hlj:h relief. The preUy en pen niul capoU'ls will a .pear to Koit.e e x t e n t upon sports ! X'ks, jitul even nu re upon t*owns for a'lernooii. S o u t h e r i belles of Civil «ir ilnys w e r e fond of "capi-lcts." und tferyoi.e knows, from novels or 'novin.s" t'.ut those girls curried off ( record for hf-uuty. Soft lloiitlng x rfs and tlojitim; capes of color, ·'iiut ripples of loveliness thry will a il;e on Country rl ih liiwns this sitm- 0"r! Long scarfs ire nf,-ain quite In ha mode. In tiny discussion nbont the beauty f shoulders, Qanu- Fashion for her wn opinion lins i.lwnys maintained .hat Btopini; shonldrrs were more t u n n t l f u l th;in aqua re ones. Some htive clilmed tliat tho .stnplng-shoul- dc red woman is neirly extinct, since thq days of much athletic work with so many games o tennis and golf, ard so much swimming have come. 7f. ns promised, tho evening KOWTIS of the old typo do retarti with the fcill shoulders In \ lew, tlie question m:iy revive decidedly whether tlio benoty pnlm will po to sloped or sqoare shoulders. Curiously enough. In this snpposed rehini to modesty with the lengthened skirts, shoulders seem to ho more discussed than in auy recent years. Shoes have their Innings nt nil tliaes and seasons. When short skirts came In we were told that shoe values were Intensified, and now people are declaring that wl'h longer skirts, lending the eye down to the feet, that th-a shoe has gained a paramount 1m- portanc*«. So tliere you are] One thing Is certain, feminine Amer- Icit keeps on hand irore kinds of shoes thin Its grandmothers did. And the fa.ihlon dictum, to rtanpro tha shoes each time a gown Is changed, has grown to seem not rniy common sense but also restful ns a nnp on a down coach. Dame Fashion Is delighted to hear that colored iu;nps continue to be good, for sho «tijoyed her green pumps last summer. There Is no reason why tha South should have a mono :oly of "moonlight nl;;ht frocks." Wli tor moonlight tn th" North may find pretty frocks well covered with furs a id wraps of every so'-t, but now that spring is here the "Moonlight dress" may be considered. Di me Fashion's ruled goes back with clearness to the when enterprls- Inj? dry goods store? in Jew England tint began to hnve an artificially lighted rooni, where goods for evening dresses might bo shown in their true effect, howevtr sunny the day outside, when tin Ifty shoplseepera made use of daylight In their shops. !(' one ot tills giMPriition accustomed to nbundaiit elertrii-lty could remember when a plan ^vould have to be for showing evening gowns, but this artiflci'U moonlight to test the moonlight frock. How nbout that? ((EX 1030. Western N a w n p n p c r Union,) *mart Black Moire Suit JU Trimmed With Caracul Paris suggests bla:k, moire for the npnng suit. This rrodel Is trimmed with»bLick caracul, ind a muff of the same fur Is worn. Carnation P!nk» 7 lie new pinks for evening wear f o n w e a r delicate toi«s and develop rid , deep cnmatlon similes. A stun- nln ; printed chiffon tins black a n d brorvn against this leop rose hue. "A MucUle (or · Nickel" A pnrtj of forelni! visitors touring New York reported to the police that a · oK tunun was mts.slni;. After HOi'ki of search the tourist was found on .1 "I'iiv HS-VOU lf!i«" street car. AJNEDllLhs.inSWks , And a E oy Friend." writes Susan FaUno. Theiuwnd* My R*W IrcniiKod Ymut adds 5 to KSlbi. (9 3 wholes. Skirt clears i IllltC KWJlC* V. ' UStir^tlOH, HCTTOfll, « (f^, ( '^ p4*"R Mlfl t I r i^ni J *'(i YMIBt ' i#ji irom Uugjtibt today. J S E N S A T I O N A L DOLLAR BARGAINS Men's W rk Trousers I a r k patterns . a l l ix'juilar sixes 2 Work Shirts [Inn \ ( i n a l i l y b l u e c ' h a n i b r a v . A l l sixes $1 Lunch ICit and Bottle All metal lul and pint size VFK uinn b o f l p, set Overalls and Jackets t| Blue d e n i m , high hack tf»-J Overalls, also jackfits tj!)JL $1.50 Union Suits Men's w i n t e r unions, sizes ;!(i l o H2. Kern and random ·*»-^r L -**^-*-*r^*s*s*^^rsr 'j-^*-^*^^^^*srs*-*--*''i^*s* k *'**s*^*^K^-^*^*^ $1.1)5 Full Fashioned SILK HOSE livery ]alr p rfect S j r \ i c o w e i g h t , a U o ( h i f f o n s and siml h!'- fous. Si/"i S'A to in. Light and cliirlc .-.hadra B O Y S ' SUITS ({nod ivoarinsr -loth suits hi sixes to lit boys; 10 to 1 yours of Htfp. (!oa1, vest JUKI p a n t ' . !J-pleco suits, all complete for $-!.00. Also Th ?se Wonder $ Bargains for Boys $1.98, $2.08 Viihios, Hoys' Cont Sweaters -- $' Boys' Uroudclt th Uloiiises, 2 /or $! $1.98, Boys' f ( rduroy Pants: Lon^- ies or Knicliors $1 Small Lot $!3.JH Boys' 3l«l)ber Raincoats $1 Boys' JVMV Spr n^ Wasli S u i t s Uood Woariny linicker i'auts, 2 for , $1 $2.98, $8.ftS Boys' Lumherjacks $J Men's VVOJIK HOSE 12 Prs. $1.00 Nelson's Boys' 50c Sport SOCKS 3 Prs. $1.00 Nelson's Men's Broadcloth SHI UTS $1.00 JVe I sojri's 187 Pairs Men's Featured Thu rsday and Friday at Corduroy, h avy Moleskin, J e a n s , Part and All "V'ool D r e s s Troui ers, French Backs, \Vhip- c o r d s , R i d · n g B r e e c h e s , 5 nag Proof and A - . i d Proof. Wo«ien')S) $1.95 Novelty Sweaters $1.00 Nelson's Women's BLOUSES Assorted patterns 2 For $1.00 Nelson's t'-ABMHRHMMMMW Ileer. 79e Fabric (CLOVES 2 Prs. $1.00 Nelson's Girls' Wool Jersey Dresses Also tweed clr-'sses in now pretty stylos. Broken si?- es 7 to 14. V: lue to $H.98, at $1 Girls' Pleated Crepe Skirts With cambric Ixxlice tops --others of new ·? wool pUid and striped ^*"J materials -- *·*- $2.98 Girls' Wool Flannel Middies $1 4»c Kleinen's Rubber Jiffy Pants, 3 for $1 $2.98 Tots' Wool (,'hallls Dresses $1 (!1)c Infants' Dresses, 2 for $1 36x50 Crib Blankets _ - $1 Package of 10 Flannel Diapers -- $1 50c "Vanta" Baby Toivels, 3 for *1 49c InfantV Flannelette Wear, 8 for $1 Tots' Hand Embroidered Creepers, 2 for $1 Hay on Striped Baby Vests, 3 for $1 49c, 18x34-1 neh Crib Pads, 8 for _ $1 The Year's Sensational Shoe Event Children's DIT-SS Shoes "(Hi pun i t i u l i l r i I's tituuly slices to rlosi out at t il; low price, Women's House Sllppprs (!!»(· Values 2 1'alrs for 100 pairb in out at this price. 2r. Pairs, Shoes .00 Broken lots, brok 'n sizea, but real K "I vdlues. $1 Leather Slippers Vn-ues to fc'. $1.00 K v c r e t t o KOI 100 stylos \11 si/os lo I I Women'.' ^ioYPlty Shops ami $4 Values Straps pumpa und o*Cords J J r o k f i i linos taken our sUoclt. 'or t us evenl. lo S. from Boys' Heavy School Itubbers $1.50 ^alue $1.00 Good heavy rubbe , with red solos. aiissos' and Children's Straps Oxfords and Hi^li Shoos $1.00 Tan and black lea hers. Sizes to 2. Women's S f i t i n Mnlos '2 l'nir for $1.00 Flat or medium h'els. Si/.o? (o 8. Women's llubbor or Cloth Snap Gaiters $1.00 Several stylos; alt Women's Kid House Slippers $1.4!) Values $1.0O Kid leathers. HeguUir $1.49 values. Hoys' Sturdy Shoes Values to $IJ $1.00 Size.s to G. R igular $3.00 New Spring HATS A .^ pee Sal purchase. Smart str; \VK and f e l t s , also corn- bin it ion f e l t and si raws. N'eA ' shapes, colors and t r i i is. ( \ T eIson'p -- 2nd Floor) I Last Call! Final Clearance WINTER Odd Lots Women's and Misses' COATS AND DRESSES F t to $10.95 Values nly 40 Garments In thi. lot. Every sale final. Silk a n d cloth dresses, fur Irirnm id coats. One to cus- t o m e r (N Ison's--2nd Floor) Rayon Wear Choi :e 2 for I'legu ar $1.00 dclustered, heavy quality rayon cornbi- natlon ;, bloomers and step- ins; Iz ce and applique trimmed, f ew shades. All sizes. (N. Ison's--2nd Floor) THE BIGGEST VALUES A TEN DOL LAR BILL CAN BUY Misses' Coats Women's Coats and Even Stout Size Coats, Formerly to $35 Richly fur trimmed; beautifully tailored and finished; will be sacrificed at $10.00. Blacks, tans a n d browns. Girls' Coats Values up to $15.00. Sizes up to 14. Choice (Nelson's--2nd Floor) Curtains, Draperies--Third Floor *!.«» Cotton l^ankets, pair $1 ;j(5-in. Cotton Comi'ort Challies, 8 yds. $1 M-in. /iar-Zn? Stitched Quilted Table 1'ndrtincf $1 (58-in. Linen Table Damask, 2 yards ...$l a{)c, .'Hi-lncli Colored Outing Plaiiucl. yards .- '. $1 GOc Kayon and Wool Mixed I'laids, 4 yards , $1 $!.»», 54x51 All Linen Table Cloths .. ..$1 *!.«», 81x105 C tton Crinkled Ited Spreads $1 Linen Crash Toiveling, 8 yards r.$l Stumped All Linen Scarfs, 2 for $1 27-in. Amoskeap Ontinur Flannel, !) yds $1 Odd Lot Cre tonne Cushions, 4 for... $1 82-In. Fast Colored Dress Ginghams, ( yards _ $ I White and Colored Underwear Crepe, S yards _ _ $1 Sfi-ln. New Percale Prints, 7 yards ._ f l 22x42 Turkish Bath Towels, 4 for $1 8i-in. "Motor" Black and Colored Sateen, 4 yards , SJ51 3!)e, 81-in. Unbleached Sheethifr, 4 yards _ $1 Amoskeapr's Apron Gingham, 10 yards $1 4o« A u t o Seat Covering 1 , 21 yards $1 42x36 Pillow Cases, 4 for _ $1 3(-in. "JJlack Rock" Muslin, 8 yards.. $1 7!e, iUMn. Rubber Sheeting, 2 yards ...$l " " Hope Bleached Muslin Cut from the Full Holts Aluminum Kitchen Utensils, 2 for $1 (3rd Floor) $1.95 Two-Piece Curtains $1 Odds Ends $3.95 Curtains $ 1 Rayon Damask Drapery, 2 yards $1 Cretonnes 5 yards '.$ 1 Teryr Drapery Cloth, 2 Yds. $1 Rayon Panels, 2 for $1 With silk bullion fringe. 2 1-4 yds. long. Self Wringing Floor Mops $1 Casement Cloth, 3 yards ......... $1 Metal Bridge Floor Lamps $1 Women's P U R S E S UP to $i.ur» Choice $1.00 ( N e l s o n ' s ) Women's "Verna" UMON SUITS Wanted Styles 2 for $1 (Nelson's) Toiletries r0c Pcbeci) Tooth Paste, 8 for S! 50c Ipana Tooth 1'uatc, it for $1 50c Colgate's Tooth Paste, » for $1 50c- Squlbbs Tooth Pa.sU, 3 for $1 50« Forlian's Tooth Paste. !) for .$1 50c Koljnos Tooth Paste, li for $1 50; Scnrcco Tooth Paste, ,'{ for $1 50c Creams and Face Powders Choice of Poinpelan, Woort- bury's, Luxor and Mavis. 3 For $1.00 50c Watklns Shampoo, '.i for ·lOc .Ferjren's Lotion, .'! for $1 fiOc Hind's Honej and Almond Cr«ams, )J for ,, . . . . _ fl fiOc Lavoris, 3 for $] ftOc Palmolh'o Shampoo, .') for ..$1 Boston Shopping BAGS' R u b b e r lined; lock and key $1.00 (kelson's) Everybody's Store curs 121 N. Pittsburg St. Odd Lot $1.95 WASH FROCKS About l i t ) regular JI.O. : i wash f r o c k s ; misHes', women's and stout Rizes. Short and long sleeves. lAmit 2 to customer. (Nolcon's, Main Floor)

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