The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 7, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, June 7, 1918
Page 2
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THE DAILY COTnRIER, CONNELLSVTLLE, PA. FKTBAY, JtHVTB 7, - Reformed ·-church held Us ~.t '·'. : p .: m onthly meeting at tlie parsonage on i: ;: :'.'. T?''- lrsl 'ay evening;, rThc ..attendance history ot :he. society. The society-of"! t-en Hoover; a solo by R. C. Witt and "£ 7 .devotional..; a solo by .Mrs. G. W. Santrayer, with -Mrs. Lee Hoover at the piano. ' ' Business of a routine nature was transacted at the regular meeting ot r^_ I31iler.J3oaoman;:i;elteJ-.-lThe business! ·~"~sP5E'On was in charge of Mrs. .C.-A. Purbaugh. The treasurer- reported receipts for the eveni-'ig, derived from ( . membership dues and lunches,, to the amount-of 517.55. Tile society -voted ?"50"to be ;jai'd to tic" congregational '- U ^asurei^an6appjiev on- the; church : TleSt. Nine new members were re- i fc e .condifcied by j the Ladies' Aid society of the Metho' - Protestant church, held yesterd-ay .afternoon la the c'uurctu Refreshments were served at tbc close of Uie "business meeting. Members of the Woman's Benefit association of the Maccabees met last night" at .the home of Mrs. - C. JL Stoner In South' Sixth street, West celved. Paring the social hour which | Side, and spent the evening knitting --fSlowedr^he^-bHsine^s" session," Mrs. i for. the soldiers. ·; Ottp. Koehler, secretary_of the society. - in.; an. appropriate - address, presented :Mrs.:C. .E. Wagner, president ot the \ delightful meeting of the O. N. T. _sQciety,..*«v.Uh. a,bpatrt:ful lady's pupso \ Fancywork club yesterday afternoon 'Wagner, who. Mrs. Hoy J. Suter was hostess at a her ,-iill leave for Carlisle street. home in Houth Pittsburgh The afternoon was spent at ;;ia.£tSe-.neir-tlilurejto make her home, »y eapres? ing- her' appreci- ~ · -^jonreJ."tho* ; .loyilty' ; of the. members i George Snyder faucywork and. knitting. A daintily appointed luncheon was served. Mrs. entertain -ofvfbe soVietj|and-congresatioii-Tn'car- club Thursday afternoon .lime 20, a 1 ^·rjjiiig forward- tie'various church ac- her home in South Connclisviiie. ·--ttvlties dnrirrg-ReT. Wagner's pastor- ate..."j.T.he-;Tp;eji of the congregation. ..entertained, the. society; A delicious Church Day observed yesterday in the First Methodist Episcopal church Innch.. consisting-of ice cream, cake | was largely attended. Separate meet- x ne lings were held by the Ladies' Aid so- ciety and the Woman's Home and Fore.isn Missionary societies. A number of ..dinners were served from 11 to 1 o'clock. ' ".~.'to«n~o£-soiaH-rsilk-n'ags "weie. placed . 'on eacliu'pTaEe^ - "Tfte -following, committees-"^were^-- iiT- cfiarge:'-"' General chairman, £." E^He-nc':erson,-vice pres- __ _ _ -0. S. OeJtys,-3Uei~Paimn- -and Or L. Fair; coffee. Solomon. Leplcy .and E. E. Henderson;. ice~. cwam,. C. A.- Purbaugh and E. B-Tannest; 'reception, Ellis Wagner and Lloyd Menefee; program. - G'.- ' Ai- Rudolph, ' lingerie Wagner, ""·Cnarles'Henderson and Ralph Lep'ley. WORK PROGRESSING Improremonts at 3r»rljJeion Amiy Hospital Beinc* Hushed. Improvements at Marklcton hospital- are rapidly going forward under the .direction. o£ Major Hoagland. Major Hoagland returned this morning from New YorJt and Boston where he was attending clinics ..for the last 10 days; The work on the new additions to the hospital is also doing nicely aad is tinker the supervision oC Captain Pa- tulo. The work is|being executed by the Dawson corfipany of PiLtsburg.; " OC tke six new wards, one has been completed' and two are nearly ready for finishing. The wards are 20-5 Eeet ia length and are constructed of wood, LOXCiS FOE HOME ON MOTHERS' DAI. "It would bo a more ideal day for me if I could be home with you. One year ago today we attended church wandered back home." Clarence is a Clarence M. Strawn who is in France, tn his mother, Mrs. M. E. Strawn of Daw.'ion. "This morning I attended service without you and my mind wandered back home. Clarence is a member of tbe Fifteenth Engineers, Company E, and has for some time been employed as driver for Major Sumraerveil. . .He has made" several trips to the headquarters of General i Fershin'g. A brother. William M.| Strawn, recently entered the service and is located at Camp Scvler, S. C. DAnBOX A3fD S0MIKBS ARUTTB. Mr. and Mrs. \V. A. G-illespie of Dawson, have received word that t'.ieir son Ilarry'had arrived safely in France. Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Addis of Vanderbilt, received a card from their son, Emmeit,' infonning them ot bis safe arrival. MAKE OWN GOWNS ^ in the infants dopurt- " Ah interesting wedding is that ot j mom only. Balloons wore given th Miss Daisy Pearie Ash. one " Baby. Day, observed Wednesday and Thursday'at the E. Dunn store, was a womienful success, many babies accompanied by their mothers, attending. Each -baby was Mtei simplicity will mark the'13th an- Wmifred Kino, and its name regis-1 mlal commencement exercises of the tered for one of the prizes of $2 in Vtta}aT township high school to be Dnubnr Tovrnsnip Graduates Lbe Up to Government Var IVisnes. ol the best known --"youirg- iromen ot Connellsville, and John J. Penrod of Woodlawn, Pa., solemnized yesterday morning in the cathedral, Pittsburg ReV-.TFather Sanderbeck. officiated, came as a great sur- babies as souvenirs, while the mothers received small books containing valuable instructions as :o the care of the baby. Dabies- emer-.'d in the weight contest ar.r from one to six months, from six to II 1 months, and from 12 to IS months. A number of out of town, prise-'~tS the- many Counellsville i babies a n d ' t h e i r mothers were pres- f rrSndCSCUie'.bride. - On leaving yes- ; ent terday morning for Mttsburg she'sta-; - -- ' ted "she was going on business. About j. Miss Mabel Walters, daughter of 3 o'clock.-yesterday afternoon a'.tele-;Mr. and Mrs. S. B. Walters of North gram'-was received announcing- her i Union township, ar.ct Grovcr R. F. marriage. '.The . briile has "been : em- | Haggerty, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fin- plore4." at 'Epoackcr's store"for the i ley Haggeny ot Franklin township. paSCetght'years, being a-clerk in the j were married in the home of the ladies 'ready-to-wear department. [or : bride on the Piushurs read. Rev. the pas't:flve years. She has resided i Steel, pastor of tbe Pleasant View in.-'CbnnelIsvJne virtually all her life and'.nas a lu»t"bC friends. The bridegroom was at o"ne Time manager of the news stand in the West Penn building 'and has a number of friends . . . ' . . . _ j PERSONAL. At the weekly business meeting of i jriss Florence Krbeck spent yester- the Business Women's Christian As-; t l a y in I'Ktsburj;. sociation neld last night in Odd Pel- : : ' [rs - c - E - Carson of South lows" Temple plans were made for a ."ellsville is in I'iitsburg today. church, officiated. Only the immed- ia ' e .members of the two families witnessed the ceremony. Tile bride was graduated from the California State normal. held this evening_at S o'clock in the high school auditorium at Leisenring Xo. 1. Owing Co war times it was de cideI to carry out the exercises along' the simplest lines. The £ r l members; of the class made theit- commencement; gowns and the invitations issued were very plain cards. I The class will b'e addressed by Dr.[ Dromley Smith of Bucknell Univcr-|. sity. The remainder of. the program is as follows: Music, orchestra ;salu-' tatory, "Greater Love Than This Hath j No Man," Miss Grace Snyder; music, i Kiferle's orchestra; oration, "As Mighty As the Sword," Jgnor ilicaael Maczko; piano solo, Nellie Snyder;) valedictory, Harry Fit?. Randolph; music .orchestra; presentation of (Hpiontas; music, "Star Spangled Banner." A special srreet car will leave Dlckersou Run at 7.25 o'clock, returning at the close of the eserr cises. NOT SO HAZARDOUS, ice cream festival to be held Thursday evening, June 27th. in Odd Fellows' Tc-mplc. A part nf ' t h e proceeds will i e turned over to the--Y; JI.. C. A.'.Iun.l. r ! Physician's Statistics Slifltv Minor on ~ ! (Jets Hurts Once in Four Years. The best plnce to shop after all. i An interesting paper on accidents in t'rownell Shoe Co. Adv. i mining and their treatment was read Uifis Margaret Carson of South ' before the Fayettc County Medical Connellsvillc. is visiting her brother, i Society in Uniohtown last evening by Cl.arlcs. who is in military service at Dr - Conn, a member of the society. Miss Olive K. Fiederick. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Frederick oE Uniontown. and- Dc-witt K. Conway. son of Rev. and Mrs. George G. Conway of Uniontown,'. .veje married yesterday afternoon at -.30 o'clock in t'je home of; the., bride'. Rev. Cloyd Goodnight .ot,ib,e.-C.eiaa-al Christian church, UniontoatnTo'ttjeiatc- L.'..'. Camp Mills. Drafted? If not, let me measure you for that new spring suit. Dave Cohen, Tailor.--Adv. AJiss Anna I.ov.-ney and .Miss Alice O'Connor will go'to Pitsburg : this evening,to'spend tile week-end with The .'regular'mceiing of the..Chris-' tian En'cleavor.»ocib-y of-tiie Christian eovt-ring 2.224 accident casea he had trerted in the course of 10 yeurs. Br. Conii said that the companies by whom he was employed had in their service about 3,300 men find that thus a man -stands a change pt being hurt while at work once in four and one- fourth y e a r s . . . . . · 0£ all these accidents only.24 were fatal and less'than 12 per cent serious or major cases. He-reported that the best preventives have proven to be the first afd classes,-the mine hos- Send "the Daily-Courier to your boy in the" army. Ca'li at the Courier of- Sce-and leave nib address. Rate 50c per ntontji.--Adv.- ... . _ _ . . . _.... -" rs .- w - lj- Wright of South Pitts- .. cu'urch will be h'e d tonight at t u e burg-stre«'i. arrived hnmp today from ^ pitals, safety'devices and the eiimma- home of Miss Ralii' Storey in North a visitiviih relative.; in Cadiz?.. O. 1 tion of alcohol. Dr. T. 13. Echard of Pittsburg street. AJ mocibers are in- · For 'he bsst and cheapest repairs [ Connellaville said that in his treat-1 vited. . r--'. - i o n that .roof, conductor'or spouting, I :nent of such cases he has found that - ....-:-. ' .- -- | see F. T. -aas Estate.--Vd : · simplicity is an Important factor. »--^--r"; NEXT LEAVE 24TH · of iPltlshiirg ·A.TOeetipg'-of the Christian Bndeavor society of the L'nite 1 Brethren church was held last cveui jg at ihn home of H. L. Krepns in F-'-st Paiti-r.-cr, avr- ivtie. . Mis.s, Lou E:;::na Morrow a;ul i Miss Ella Hcrwick were elected dc!o-!jjd.. is gates to~th? annua: conrentioii tn b e ' a n d Mr?. · bKld. 1n .Tytoue. Jim 25. 27 and'IS: A 'Social JiiSOr Jollov/K .. A'duet was rr-n- Sered. by. A!rs-..C. .ft". Sianun'yer and . -Mr. antl Mrs. G. K. T. -A tishiirg arc·_ visiting I n . town today.: Orders Rceeii-ed ToIny Ijy Bra - t "f^j^ 0 ""^. 611 of Arinapo!is '! Board Xo.v5. ft niie. Mrs. "Gladden nur.her. the home of Mr. -1..O..Stone iri'I.lncoin ave- is Mrs. Slonc's .MARRIED I IV»nled by (lie l; c ,| d-ns ! in Horn Local Board for District No. 5 has received orders to send 37 men to Camp I-ce during tbe five day period beginning* June 24. The defiinite date " oH departure has not yet been given. Orders have also been received to send two negro draftees to Camp Sherman during- the five day period Ilefcnse Si'rvice' nSaSC i beginning .June. 19./The negroes, will T,, ,,-,- . " . · ' " be part of the 500 quota of the scatt To prevent any icnnus shortage of ^i.Yr/? {*(* esfcotiee · H-harms '-· esmaHy" rill firm | skilled'nurses lo can- for the civilian , sick in American cities, every married ; r.iirso or nurse not -now eu,Taged in active r.urai'ng^ and -not · eligible for : Army forvicc...js.:being-"iirg.i,!: to en- i roll _ivith the .-Red- Orqss sa home de; fensu nurses. ·_ ..] These; will be assigned, for a few '. hours daily.Qr.^Ior weekly nursing of ' neigh,bori"!n:euiergencies and'.in sim- of Pennsylvania. -TAKE "TAX'.ACEJTTS. Tryinff to Force Sale of Parincr's Ac- count Books on False'Pretense. C. G. Lewellyn, collector of internal revenue for. this 1 district,.'calls attenr lion to the activities of persons selling', a farmer's account book who represent..themselves. as "War Income , work.'dE. districf visiting or public i "As part" of'its-WinpaiBn of educa- . rojl graduiite iiurses for military serv- | ! nurses only in case of :rca! necessity.; Farmers are .warned against these ' impersonator j" and'.. asked to make · prompt, .repott of. any attempt they, j . . t a . Cements *- of the ·-* firanied 5Li '.loses rnnsr Licensed, . nomical beverage ' """ ML.... ·" boiling. Delicious flavor. - ia' e-A cheering hot. drink for people of every a£e. en . Held for-lHTesUg'atJon. i Bernard. IJsson : .ot^Washington, D. i Menallen-; C.,. 27. years. o.l.d; : is. .bcins held at ta'e. · to-.vr.smp ami Etui Ole'.a Linderman,! police station for investigation " He . Fra,.;:i:u township; Charles Dudash j was arrested for being drunk and dis- ; and Annb Haiuda. Vanderbilt; Henry ! orderly, and this morning could "produce no registration card, although he claimed Ho .have!, registered, in Wash- E. Brown. Indian Creek, and Gene-: 1 vieve i.'. Cole, .Lelscnrine; Lloyd Mil- ! Normalville. licenses.', i n ! ., ter and Agnes Minci 1 . ! Were "granted marriage UnioBtosvzt yesterday. instou. .. "lie will status "is"learned. be held 'until .his I Card of Thanks'. ' . . L · up bowels, j I-take .this--means of extending to breath, are | my friends thanks, for their kind as- Hoilister's'.sistancc'and sympathy rendered to Sour stomach, c-logsed ::^IKCO. biackaeriiL^;, foul Tils iii' constipation. i . - . . _ , locky .\Iour-tain ^Tea regulates; the ! me during my recent bereavement, the esnels ! death of my husband. Especially do I the stomach, \ ^c. Tea or tablets, i Drug Co.--Adv. iron-, system. Nature's ; desire to thank thos« who so kindly Positive results, .sent flowers. 'Mrs. Walter'Dull.--Ady. Try bur classified advertisements. Cocnellsville! Greatest Every .' . V Begining Friday.Morning at 9 A. M. and Continue That "Wonder Sale" in June. Conditions were anticipated a year ago--every department in the store started to buy and bought great quantities of merchandise. Every reader of this will appreciate without question what all this advance preparation and buying means. Merchandise offered in this "wonder" Sale in June compared with future prices means dollars saved in good wholesome amounts. It's worth everybody's attention and action. The most convincing story ever told about that "Wonder" Sale in June or any other Sale in June is the story the goods and prices tell and there is positive proof here to convince everybody who will investigate. That "Wonder" Sale in June is the sale of all June sales. The evidence is here. Come and see. That "Wonder" Sale in June Siunmer Sweaters. For many uses. Over-the-top slip-on Sweaters of soft Shetland wool, desirable shades, at $3,95. That "Wonder" Sale in June of Sheer Summer Blouses. The $1.50 Blouses are of Organic, striped Voiole and Madras -- plain white Voile tailored and lingerie models. See the Blouses. The $3.00 and $3.50 Blouses feature the thin cotton material which predominate in the new summer fashion's and are so cool and pretty for warm weather wear. That "Wonder" Sale in June Women's and Misses Suits at $19.95, $24.95 and $32.50. A collection of .splendid models that include plain and semi-tailored styles, all up-to-the-minute in ever}- respect. Just S3 Suits in the lot and the price quoted here should and no doubt will move everyone of them. Come and see the Suits. Former price ?30.00, $45.00 and $55.00. That "Wonder" Sale in June Made of Genuine American Walnut Useful in Every Home For Towels Serving Flowers Sick Room Telephone, Magazines Sheet Music Music Rolls Newspapers Typewriter Phonograph UTILITY STAND Gircii With Purchases to the Amount of $5.00 and $1.49 in Cash. That "Wonder" Sale in June Women's Summor Underwear. Since we purchased the garments in this sale prices have advanced 50% to 200% per cent in'many, very many instances. You would be unable to buy .the materials by the yard at the prices we are offering you the complete garments. If you have need buy--buy for future needs. Your saving will be immense. Envelope Chemise. Nainsook Envelope Chemise trimmed with embroidery and laces at 59c up to 2.50. Nainsook Envelope Chemise, pink and white, empire, and other styles, trimmed front and back with, lace and embroidery, ?1.00 up to $2.50. . . Crepe de Chine Envelope Chemise, trimmed with filet and val lace, ?2.00 up to $3.50. Nainsook Slip-Over Gowns, lace and embroidery trimmed, at SSc'up to $2.50.. Slip-Over Gowns, very well made, of Nainsook, Crepe and Rice Pattern Voiles, $1.00 to $2.50. Sheer Nainsook and Pink Batiste Gowns, Empire styles, handsomely trimmed, $2.50 up to $3.50. Corset Covers. . Corset Covers, trimmed with neat embroidery and lace, price 35c up to 1.00. Camisoles and Bodices. Crepe de Chine Camisoles and Bodices, satin and crepe, de chene, with lace or ribbon shoulder straps, $1.25 up to $3.50... . That "Wonder" Sale in June Lace Curtains--Pretty Patterns to Select From. Mercerized Marquisette and Scrim Curtains, lace edge and insertions, $2.50 up to $11.50. Dark ground Madras Curtains at $5.00, with floral and conventional designs--blue, rose, green and brown. Nottingham and Pilet Curtains, reproductions of real lace, $1.50 up to $7.50. Scrim Curtains with wide lace insertions, white and ecru, pair at $1.19 up to .$2.50. That "Wonder" Sale in June Georgette Hats. All the wanted colors in wide'~brirnBied styles for dressy wear at $5.00. Pretty new Hats for Children's Day are shown in the Juvenile Millinery section. Milaus, Leghorns and many other lace straw effects, daintily trimmed at various prices. Large ?ew Siiowiag of "Wonder" Specialty Hats at §1.95, $2.95, $3-95 and $4.0o. Extra efforts have been made in this line lor that "Wonder" Sale in June to meet the increased interest which the fair weather has given to new hats of -summer texture .at that "Wonder" Sale in June showing will be found to embrace the best ideas of the season in new fashions with tailored and trimmed for summer wear. Gonneilsville's Greatest Store TKe HOME of QUALITY and SERVICE 139 to 133 N PlTTSBURG St. CONNELLSVILLCC. PA. "Come and See" IVeil iii Fittsbnrg. ' George '. J. Myers' and Slaughter, .and .WiHijSm McK. Vance and'Florence B. Saxton, all of Scott- aalej we're granted licenses to wed in P'.ttsburg yesterday! fc Ilk®-! .MBS. JOHN PULMSR. ' . MEYERSDA1LE, - June 6.-~-The funeral" of Mrs.. Johi Fuller, which was held on "Wednesday .afternoon,' was one of'the largest here for' some time. Mrs. Fuller, four weeks ago was taken to tie Allegany hos-pital in Cumberland for an operation, which was successful, and she was improving nicely and was to have been brought home on Wednesday, but suddenly on last Sunday a change came and in a short time she passed I away. Her remains were brouiiht lo i ty Tyrone. Ireland, in September, John T. Burns. Internicni ! Eavena'fbe family home on Main sweet M o n - j 1S33, one of a !arge faruiiy, and the { soph's cemetery -- ! day, where on Wedmesday sen-ices i only one of the family to come to i ' were conducted by her pastor, Rev. J. \ America. About 15 months ago Mr. \ Luther FranU, after which inter-i Bowdeu, the husband, died, and .since i then Mrs. Bowden had declined i n ' health. She is survived by the Col- j lowing children;. John J., of Johns- j town; Misses Belle and Martha, n i l home; W. R., of Dunbar, and Rev. J : George S. Bowden. of Conneautville.! ment was made in the Union cerne-! tery. Mrs. Fuller was 59 yeirs old ! and is survived by her husband, one son, Irvin, and one daughter, -Miss Nell. ROGER J. BUTTERMOKE. Rev. G. L. C. Kichardson, pastor ;MBS. MARG-ASET BOWDEN. Mrs. Margaret ISowdeu, 75 ye^rs old, one of the-oldest and best knovrn res-! idants of Dunbar, died yesterday aft- j ernoon. Th funeral will be tomor- ! row afternoon at 2 o'clock from the family residence, with interment in Hill Grove cemetery. The deceased was the widow of William Bowfien and had resided at Dunbar and vicinity for many years, coming to Dunbar on her wedding .trip. She-was born in Coun- Th "« aiso si. grandsons and one jfe-iong memoer !church. of the Presby-.erian i THOMAS J. O'BRIEN, funeral ot Thomas J. O'Brien was held.this morning at 8.30 o'clock * JOE XATALE. The fuuerat of Joe Xataie, wfeo ·s killed yesterday morning at the W Penn power house, will be held morrow morning from St. Rita's That "Wonder" Sale in June JTciv Summer Dresses of the Fashionable Cottons. These inexpensive Dresses of Gingham and similar- practical materials are at the very height of smartness this season. Our women's-and misses' dress section has unusually large variety in models of distinction and charm at $5.95 up to $9.95. Other pretty Wash Dresses at $10.50 and upwards. Also the white Voile Dresses up to $16.50. That "Wonder" Sale in June Smart White Skirts. A great selection of styles is offered at 95c. White Tub Skiits of distinctive character women expect to find here. Actual value $2.00. White Skirts at $3.50, $5.50 and $630. Several models to choose from, fine Gabardine, Venetian cloth, Cordeline and Satin Stripe Cloth. We are not telling you all about these skirts. We would rather have you come and be surprised with getting far more than you were promised in the way of values. That "Wonder" Sale in June. Petticoats. Nainsook Petticoats, lace and embroidery trimmed, at $1.00 up to $4.50. Petticats with deep ruffle flounce, l-.ce and embroidery trimmed, sale price, Sl.OO up to $2.50. Brassieres of heavy Cambric and Linon, trimmed with cluny lace and embroidery, at 59c up to $1.75. Heavy Muslin Brassieres, trimmed with embroidery and lace, 39c. Misses'. Nainsook Envelope Chemise ,lace and embroidery trimmed, size 2 to 14, price 59c to $1.00. Children's Muslin Drawers, tucked and hemstitched, 19c to 59c. Children's Skirts, lace or embroidery trimmed, 59c up to $1.00. Children's Gowns, neatly trimmed, lace or embroidery, 49e to $1.25. nciated at tbe funeral of Buttermore. held yesterday afiemo at Z o clock from the residence of sister of the deceased, Mrs. Elmer dleas* from the family residence at Broad j ian Catholic ciiarch in the West Si. Ford. Requiem high mass was cele-I Rev. Father Kenry DeVivo will o j .brated at 9 o'clock ai the Immaculate I ciate. Interment in Su Joseph's ce Conception ch-urch. by Hev. Father eten-

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