The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 4
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THE DAIljY COURIER. CONNELL.SV: LLE/PA. W.fiDNMsnAY, PIOmUJARY 2f, [930. u n r o i co», H K N T V 1- 3V f D K R . TT" 111,"!, m l I 11 nr, IVI'J i t . lnlt-UH!2. i ' r : s u l ( i i t a r c l G f i i r a l Manager. I'. C T'MJMl'NDSON, V i e t - I ' l nf t d ont. -- i M t M H U \ I O N K U A N . 1 . 1 ,.1 i ' i - i . i Ti c.iauror. | . I J O H N F. OAN'S, i M X i' i.^ n . Kill tor. W A i / r i : n s S-TEMMHU C i t y i; l l t u r . iH.H J A ' X X K ^ K t N O E U U h L r t Clit,or. M B M B l ' R OK A m e r i c a n N ^ w a p K ' c f t Publishers A^HOCI v l l o n , A u . l i t B u r e a u "f Circulation. T o i i n s y l v a n U i N e w i p a p c r Publishers A mod itlon. Two co-its pfr ro,\v f0c per month; S,' M per yar !y i n . U l 1C paid In a d \ i n r o Uc per ·week by carrier. K n l e r o d as «P o-i* class m a t t e r at t h a p .t lojliLC, C o n n e l l y lllo. '! In- tho B o t a r p t u l l y i li icira, - 'l to j o'i. To bfe allowed, I o n f m ' i closely t o ] Lossos arn ( h e t ixpay- VEDNKS1UY KVC'G, FEB. SC, 1JWO. A D V A N T A C J h S OF DOLLAR DAY. Ooilar IXij lit tho ntort9 of Coi t d l r i v i U o will IM( bo restricted to a t HI~LO (Kiy. In i Jt^r to aftord every (·jjxi-tumty po-'-U " x Cor pooi'le 'n tbc ·Ko^hborint? town; to Ukt advantage »t tho special lj Trains that %vUl b» rovldKl, tiu ironJtant.s have ar- ·angjxi that two l.iy^-- tomorrow anl Friday slml! ! · devoted to ttws roonoy-aavinc ov\ nt. In coopoi-iiiou w i t h the \V^t I'orm Hallways ( v n u a n arrui«eTii^n1« havfr bwi m.ule whereby itu-oimng paviSoiiKpr.-.. UIIK tho ;-U -bound ran !xtw»on tl rf hours of S:f0 o'clock HI th-o tQi-jiM-n ; ail 1:07 in tho if tor- noon, w.l be o a - i i o d to Coniu-Uhville iroo. of cliurso. All that i» required of .T-asbon^rs Ls th a Uioy loll tho conductor Avti-ou bearding tho- car that the-v are* coming to PomiollsMlle T-iis free t r a i l sporUtiou is b u r one of (h-o tinny atl" antaco'i the) day will VIA'" t o offor .-.ton* patrons. lion-hints h , » I H C I I IH-CIM. ing tor theso days for several weeks. From thoir stocks thov hav carefully selected special Dollar iay bars ains. not of unsalable rr out-of-dato - t f x j k , lut t r u l y representing tho UUth q u a l i t y of standard merchandise c mprUnni; a wide- a- rlety o-C it«Mn« »vory hou.sfhoUU'-r his neiwi at this hW.t-ou. Solwtod f o r ' t l i o purpo.-io citKl I ri( od ;o as to lorni ionuin-o .barg. i n ' . thoH article* should provo :. stront: attractioa to disc r t m . i i a t U i s buyers. That they will i» ·'!'.·· ru'.I \;i no th roputaUon and ;.'ood faith «( 'lie. city's merchants is an a--3i1ra'i(o moii vvhh'h (hoy can r p l v w i t h u t m o t cmTfidonr-o. 'Hint (ho d . ' v i will draw an unusual ·nunilx r of prcplt' to ttwv stores there a n b" no d ' u t t provided the wtvitl'-cr i,, tan. w h u b will ix* tho Uovo 01 buyers ju 1 t a - .ml n t l r a tf tho nior- C O K D J A 1 . VVKU'0-MV, TO OtJR M . t t l S l 1 I N D U S T R Y . In l a k u i g o \ c v puit 01 tho Lrtindy buiiUmt;, w h u h in m u c h J.\rs;«r than t i i a t enterpri^^ ru-otis, t h o H.iwk K10C-- t r i c Jlanutacti v i u ^ Company, our n o w ^ t indiwti-y, s Mutably housed without tho uc'HH-sity ot bulUHns a now pi-mi. With the installation o£ its m i u h i n r r y it will he roaty to go Into production within much lc«a time than would IK-S r-ociuircd to or-oct a btiiklinK. AUu.U %alu.iblj timo will thus bo 3 aved in potting in realmoas to licgin YOI'K s for \.i iu3 achi-- ·! rr,ui - o f l i i t w i i ' l Hev"n to pi'i-jiMit t h e n c l a i m s w d e d u c t i o n s lor l i -(u \\ losspv nmt-l t h f \ \ o v d i n i ; o f t h e h t . i i u t ' dtHiin t i b l e i f i n c u r r o f l in 01 \s [ i ide, IJII..IIIOBS. n p ofcs^ion; in a n v ( r u n l a i - l i o u « v n t ^ i c ( into for p r n f i i , or f r o m tires ornis, slup- wrocks, or o t h e r c a f . i i a l i e f , or by I h o f t , 1C not c o m p r n f e a U 1 foi by insurance or o t h e r w i s e Tli" (ortn " t i M f i K a c t i o n o n l i rrd i n t o foi prolit" moans anv 1ml of bui-I- ii"?'; uroposiik)!! For x unpb 1 a t i i x - piiyei 1 purciMbe.^ an a u t t m o b i l e t o be used for biittlness purpo o«, which ho s-^lls at a loss. As t h i s la a huslnp.'s proposition from M a i l o f i n i s h , the loss .sustained is d e d u c t blc l u t if IIP had purrlinfted the a t i t n x i l n l c io be )ised lov p l o u a u i o or co ivenioaco, t'oe deduction would not bt allowable. It wa« not a trfuisactlot' «r tercd into for prolit. Husiness IOSHOH result tho purchase? and siUo o merchandise-. Sncli losses u s u a l l y a o awertaiucxl by moans of i n v c n t o n s, w h i c h a!" required whenovcr In ho opinion of tho Commissioner of Intei'nal lle\- enue tholr uso is nci eattai-y to \lo- tormino th-o Income ot any taxpayer. TOO MANY CROOKS SPOIL T -IE BROTH! u s u a l l y , from No one snspected t h a t the "wet- dry" controversy wou'd got on the neives of the Senator ^o the extont that they won-ld bi'juu 'seeing things" in th« form of t*pie « a d fool tho necessity of ostabliaUlu ; u countor- egplonneo systoin. Bull tliere. la no accounting for tho be! avior of people who are sent to WaR' ington as l.ixv- tnalcors ui!l bo made on a relatively email vu.:vlo bat hope-a fire ontor- ral7iod tb:U t' o growth of, the business will b« iUoai y ami that In diio tlmo si, w i l l iis-iUHie proportions that w i l l f d t c it w i t h tie larjror cstabltehmonK; in the city. A cordial wplcome la erbendetl tho n-w i w l u a t r / . May its management Hud Con.n«U.Ttllo e utted in nvery way to JKs 3U(.LC.sUul operation. HIGII ccMrpLransT TO BOOSTERS. Colonel ixvld a hi^h ooropllment o Secretary Major Blako and. tho com- mlttoo of t t o Board of Trade having chargo ot t-io Yough. River improve meat proposition, when he said he never had ejon a care hotter p-repared nor b-ott* v r }r«sent«xl. Th-e«e fca ttiroa woro \h» natural rc- fttilt of a. w ee chok'e in the personnel of tho xri!n,ltte and tho fact that th«y WPIC deciiodly earneat in their proi-iiratlor of tho «UUu. Then, there wa-i ?o rnnch that could he used. It wiu not a case of making generalizations, but ono of digging up the facts, c;orrolating and presenting Ulem in logical orK v r and e-equence. If thoy J-ave tho effect of inducing t nlonol Hivin to give a Uvontble i ceo (tun c^n ntion tlu- work of the coni- mitti-^ will not ho in vain, la that 'asc lh!(- lt)!y .vill be duo for eongmtula- Oom othor ciUti-rters, thofee that no li i' I ' K l , \ I N i ON DOG OWSJBKS. Th* IJI.K t i t o ot mulcting AOK owner'.. ,ui'! fell!)!.: to roturn iinM to tho · ' t i t - * » u , it I n i t - u s e i n K a y e f t o c-ouu- i i ' V , i t t i t v t convictions tolUxv^d l;v s · ' !··· by Shu c o u i t '"·fcc'iiUi i - \ i i ^ i v-armruc t o j u v t u - P i ifUl c , , · i ; , u 'ID n i a j bo tlispomd to i^lj,! 1 . ".ulir methods to int-ri-aae Mi , i i it,-. Hi tlieir rosppi'uvt' ot- I't" ' ' 0 H I , I Ot 111 Uli i o l i O C in.ike rt'Sttttr.kin in iitios for n l l e p o d At a cost of hit tw cent? a y«vr, and th« long list of I ^gihUitivo ineaa- tirefi the farmers have eecurtnl in Congress, their lobby ca i K!\I» all otlier Use bod DM lesions ii economy oi! inns Coitnivpf. ' he secrot l!Mi in entirely i r a n k and open and eincoro in their of! or a--no gum slice methods, With lightning uu thunder storms raginj, in February, here la very reliable evidence that Iho seas-jus are changing, or tho -^ eatherman haa made a tromcndoug mistake in staK- Lag summer beforo ·» nter hiis reached its end. Fate seems to h tvc d«er*od that f'hie-t .TiistU-« Taft is jioarinc; tho time ~whnn ho muat submit his cause to the Suprorae Jud ,e. W» are all fainill r with tho tanci- tul atory oC "The ow That Jumped OVT the Moon," be to learn tho roa! facts of an actnal performance we should hear about "Tho Cow That Jumped Over Amei ca" at tho Fann- orfl-Kiwaola Gowl Vfll Dinner, Increased Interest In Sports Shown by Raikoad Employes That the Unitct States is an a t h 1 lotiu uatioaj K"f' L witliout Baying, a pern'ia.1 of rcccu: Olyntpl :s lurnlnh- ing tlrst-class t". donee that your Undo Sam is duv aright kundy when it fonioa to teats f bpcad and agility. That the railvo ds of this country are very strongly .'epr^scntiHl on both outdooT and indo r tiport arenas is T. fact not so well I nown, although en- tiroly Indicative ot" the iromondous growth enjoyed b / sports In the lnsc decade, bays thf Baltimore £. Ohio Magazine. Thousands o£ i omptoyes on our big carriers ire duly enrolled en organized loams playing lu official leaRtica. liasoball teanih arc being produced, whoso efforts pia ·« them In the zu'ar- profosslonal clas . Ool£ Is so pop ,lar thai, nof tx)nte-nt with iirtor-divisi n and, SDler-wction- al tournaments, njany matches aro played between rcjifoacntativo teainu of various rtnirt ads. Baskotball ant aoccor aro mnning fresh, adherents from railroads every year, aiul crack teams are being produced. In winter, IK ?llng has become so popular that Ic gjuoB have to bo divided Into thre or more sections to pive all tho devotees a chance to roll. Excellent ath'otic fields, together with tho most in idem enyiprnmit, havd been installed el many points for tli« oenefit of tho cthlotes. A track and leld moot staged by a bis eastern ra lroai last .summer drew an oatry list of nearly 700 jt Us employes f T ccunpetitiou in tho various classes la speaking- if how railroads bare given their on ouragemeail to ox ton- siro sport pro ;rams, an employe of the Baltimore 4 Ohio in close touch ivlth sports sa 1 1: "Our nation; doalre to pdrllcipato In some form if athletics !H reflected in practically c v r r v branch on th-o railroads. "Many oflic! Is go In ntrenuously for golf; yo ingft r-mployeH have hlghly-devolop d luis bdll, basketliall, bowling, tojini and swimming tfams, whllf, hanlao nc dips and tfophtes oiSerf % d by tho railroad and its oflti-ors servo as an i t e e n f l v e to Bkilfu! and winning play. "Wonit-n on the railroad tmvp /Tone rlpttt along v i t h m^n in sport, pro- Kvams. Scm of t h p girl howlers shoot bottt'i* · coro', than thp ·ivorag'e man, play at. gootl, Icnnis and golf, and make- .is fa^t t i m e iu b w l m m i n g Buses Hauled 1,775,000,000 Passengers; Received Revenu 3 ^322,OqD, W)0 LastYe^ if operating revenue of ho bus i!n3utry in tb-ft United in 1020 was i^.i'-2,DOO,000, ac-irdiing ( a .survey report . j 11 si. pii'bHshed I v Hn i . TransporUfion. Almost 1,77: ,00(1,000 rOTOftno p;i|5i^nfi^rfi were 1 c a r r i e d by )»B and travellod Kl.OSI.flOO.i 00 ,pan- scng-or Tiillos. Tlio ope-rat i n ·% r«v?nup last year compare"! w i t h $a'»'t,00«,flOO in 302S; ,L total ot .)ii!i !,OiHl.OOU in 1927 and $325,000,000 in l»2fi. Tbo siirvoy fi'io-ww that thorr are 23,- f)28 «!ouipunlui operating 03,5 X) biiijOH In tho Unltod Slates. Tiio roytcK total Hip-proxlmately 782,4815 rntlos. I d v c i d - nwMit of (ho indusiiy in rolh IR ntoek IB aiim*iled at $450,00(1,000 and its' tot;d Inv-oBinienl in iii'rninals sarug^s and o t b c i vil.intK la fc(- .it HI ),000,000. Operating ooinjt.niioH aro* di' i(ied in tho survey .stiwJy "lo l u c l u ' o 6,000 inotxjr carrierK, 262 oU'ctifit- ra.ilw.'iya and Hiib.sidlaries and lifl s t e a m r a i l roads and fjnlsidla.rUv5. Tlie motor warrior lines t over 300,000 iniloa of routo. Tho linen operated b / olectrio railway« and subaidiaries tra/ol 22,^'JO miles of route and those of ho ate«mi roads and ' H u f o a h l b i r l p H o n e r 25,23i5 mtlab. In 1928, 23,311 com pa liefi «por- ated 92,:t2Fi buses ov-er 710.WO nUIos of route and in that year t b o indus- try'B total investment In ro! ing stook ivaa $440,000,000 utid Its 1 iveBlmont In temuiujils, gariiROB and 1 ot wr 3lants was $00,000,000. Materials an,d supplies co'isumw! by comnwMi carrier bubes in 1919 aro conservatively estimated, ac-cor ling to tho survey roport, to represen. esiejidi- l u r e s of $ia3,187,bOO, oxchisivo o{ capital for now )u«en. T h a t total accounts for matc.ri.iih and parts usod In wyinlenan«, oxixiinriiturof. to oapilal or operating- expanse lor t h o p Navy Circles Find Cheer in Obstacles InWay Conference Action of Gormauy Inspires to Sc«'k Lurper ; T)itto Britxtin promise to vusl 1o thf r aid tho instant Gormany fives t! om a rrcifcs look --,i biL-f;;iin 'he Art IT!CHTI d o l p g a l c i kjiow (1 \ \ o u l i be be p*lees to ask tho K o n a t j to indorse Ami If Krzu]i"o in«i»t^ on so big a j navy, then K n j U a u l mast have a big, prr one, and ihen t h e United itatPS, j a n d then Japan und so on. i HOIK o pood cheer In nava! ircles, I which wnulrt vote a m^al to ! rmaTiy i tt they dared. Old ( turtle Doiittttd. x , , U . , of ( i u .!K law -Hid u l u - . v d ' i-'^COt^'. -V*'b . Fob. 2ti.--Out? of i.l ul^ tor o'sio vi. A r iu tl«* r.ij-oi", 11 ' n i J M t u ', e 1U ^ o u t r l h u H o i i b to the ~ - - - i -« (! B i, r s e ty colievtions Is i 1 ' "» . -ici'. and i\ m o n t h s f t !lio i * ' ' H c for t.l'c ctnsUiblo \v '(-' x not *, \ ci i ··' 'U'"i',.., lint in thi 1 m d i - . M t i i t of UK HUM tin v w H p r t i h u M y p i o v o to h i . o i (H'fii-:-in - cftcci · U l X i O U S to S!«' hOlV t i l l "ir P.I ·. a, I t a n d - i t i a i l e .valnstt bv Mr-*, r i' Knlxnii, wife of the late !r. C'. C, K b ( » i K . Cornier dean of MI.-'lent aft'al » at tln I ' n i v o i o t y ot N'^bui^k.x. '1 sic c r a d l e s\as nuvdo by . l i i h ) , U o \ a l o , M \ V t u - f h v r i t f h t , Ohio, tn i o i o . I t «'is broiijjlit to iwsetor, Nb., ,i fusv v , " ( i h i.uiM- hv covered w i n n a w j ^ .M-ara oi By CHARLES P. STHWAUT. (»ntnil Press Staff Writer. \ WASHINGTON, !·'?}. UO.- -A couple of German crulsoi's (ono about 30 per cent completed; tho other lu bhio print farm, not own authonzeI ly the tlolehstsg yet) art- tboi twin obsiadcs Sn the way of some sort of agreement upon iirmamwit l i m i t a t i o n f i t riot ro- luctioi) at tho fivo-jww^r conf^rrncc in Loadon, now pottini; c n into its seeone. m o n t h -- w H h no t-auwfdctory end It sd^ht. Anyway, this Is liow our navul folk In Wsstolnrton sense the situation. It ii no exaggeration to suilo that it makes them prin--that is- to say, those below th-o rank of admiral or thereabouts. An a d m i r a l is too conspicuous to KTln (visibly) MI happy aiattcipation of l.ho 1'ailuro of a conference- which tho AdnilnistrtiLion is so ai xious to have m-ocei-d * * * It itands to reason t h a t a man who has f.-hoHon a ear'sr u s n s t -a fUjhtor for Itimflcjlf Cand marbo has spwil n llfetloae in it, and knov,*, nothins about anything else) floes not like the idea of bavins' his profesion scrapped. The ayctrago visage one glimpsed lu the 'xrridors of the Navy Department buiMing was far from cb.ferfu! w Vlur!nK the mriy days of. tho Loadon conference. As R'ear Admiral Haimiel S. Rotxnaon expresBed It (in a burnt of coafidetice at a meeting of the D, A. R.) the prospect of. sailing a "treaty ocern. in a treaty ship, with a treaty armament and a treaty creV did not "sol" wry well. However, naval sentiment has been inui h more optimistic since Senator Dai Id A. Reed, oJ the Atnerlcan dele- gat'cm at the London gathering, spake by radio from the English capital a few nights ago, outMnins the negotiations thus far. » * * At Geneva, In 1D27, said the Pesan- siylnuiia Senator, iiidi cations were that It would coB-t the Quitod. States $600,000,000 la now 1 ^vvar vess^le to Halt Uncle Sam's navy to an. eqwaKty w i i h John Biill's. , .ts a result o£ fils year's coufer- enoo, he predicted, It will be possible to do It at a cost ot only $450,000,000. While admitting that $150,000,000 is a. iUbstautial cut, naval man are disposed to console themselves witli*thp thought that tho reduced figure is st'U close enough to half a billion not to mean utter despair. Besides, It is far from certain that the $150,000,000 can be saved. * » · fformany, having betvn ruled out o£ nii/val competition almost completely (;,s was supposed), by tk treaty, gets into th.6 expert!)' tlous rather peculiarly. IJttle 10,000-ton cruisers aro all the Heinles are permitted to biilUl--small potatoet; aloiigssido 33,900-toav battle- Blips o£ the Kodney class. What the Versailles, treaty makoru appear to have forgotten \vij! that the C ernuuiH might thinli up n pattern of 10,000-ton cririsor fit to mak-e alt the real of tho world's* 10,000-tonera look like- 30 centa. I n "Hubatitute A" (better known as the "Brsatz Frcus-' sen" but not really named), now un- construction, ;uid In a yet more i ormidable "Ersatz" designated as 'Substitute- I'.," already planned but not laid down, t h U IK jiwt whttt the iiabolicaUy efllcient 'PeTitons seem to lave tlone. * i» # As th-e Navy BeiJ-nrtroent gets tho Hory, these two Ert-ata's Cand what may f o l l o w ) f o n a t t t u t o tlio «· goblin \vlik-h f r i g h t e n e d (.he Frciu h i n t o m- -istins; on tho b i K K e M sea t'stabUsh- i u i ) i i \ b i - i r i.i\'ii,f,i'i'K c a n s t a R ^ o i nn- lii-_ U u t»ij j j U i t t o aua 1s a m tlu- FROM MONEY-CHANGER'S TABLE TO BANK BUD DING Europe's nB' Ban-1 1 for nterna- tlonal Settletapa'js will scon b taking an a«t»vo part In wor'd flnar :e as u clearing honso for t3o payi ien.1 of bf^tryenn nations This cronjOBilc or^anizatl n m a g n i f i c e n t de/olopirenl f r h u i n b l o bcprinnli.s of barikint The (ifit bun 1 ; \ \ u h a simp i bench ' or t.ibUs wherr. mom y was ooimted arui ^xchangred TU- word "lank" comes to as, through the PTPT :h, from tho Italian word "b:inc a." A "bank WAS at first t-imply "the table counter, oi pKiue of bu.-!rieB8 nt a money c h a n g e r ; n o w , tho bill din r or offtc.e Uhed lor b a n k i n g pttTjrotoe." An imposing c-dlfic« ie to b » erected in .Switzerland to b-otiso the i sw Bank for International hkUlonapr s. This great building, e v o l v e d from ho plaiu c o n n t e r ol t h e first *mnk, w U be au imii'( isivo sytabol f t ' man' prowUi in businesa aad finance t! rou^liout i he world. j Oregon Professors Theorize on Thi ee R*« BITGENE, O r e , Feb. 26.--iklucatora of the Un'lTersiity of Oregi a laoal-ty believe the theory t h a t the t iree "K's" arc a necafjeary part of an · person's high school educatirn ijs nn'oondcd. Research work doae durl g tho la*t tew y^ara ha.-; Teve£lei ths although such compulsory subjects n and mathemRtlcs ciigbt b tor aOticienli, they should be made elective. Dr. Nel»on Bossing, of ,th » school of education, declared ' he ] roblem o£ mental disripliuo in juathe natics has been exyloU^d aad said · d subject should be taught ouly to at tdeots wUo expect to us« Jt T-ocatlona ly. Professor ]*. U Stefson · xpr^ssed. a similar opinion, bu 1 declar di it course In jaathoinaJc.H advisab^f tor those whci Inte-iKl to take worh In college -wlilch requires that siibie t. Keterring to languages, H. D. Sheldon, dean of! the aducati. na ! school, declared Amerioaris are oo Isolated^ and need knowledge on m-e foroign language to keep them in touch, with tho rest of the world. Abe Mar t ^ 4 I t ' s piii'ty h a r d to tell · hat does b r i n g liiij)|ili)i ' s Pov r t v an \\oaHli h a v e both .fisHe 1 "I'Vptdoin h h o u l i t li -t in Ht. home " - i l d J . i K p J l i - n l l ' y , tins t i o r n l n R , n-hcn ) | P l|, , U l ] t i l l ! \\\l/ --"HIl t . t l U n f H i l l I - .^u)i t, l a J r ^ u - h . Horn lit I'h Spy Used Forts as Background to French Offioer's Photograph Tho identity of German's sr»ate»st woman ftpy, known only daring- the World Wn.r as th-o myKtprious "Miss Doctor," IMUS at last boon aerunitejy establishxl. She, \vln\so dnring exploits of espionage brought her fame, was A n n a Maria Lessor, dang-hte-r of a rich Berlin Jow. Thi# Infonnatloii te nwoalert bt- Hans Ru-dolph I3«rndorff In a story of h«r adventures appearing In tJao current itavwe of 1/Ibc-rty M«igiuine. Tlio- authenticity of Mr. BonKjorff'K sttory him lyeen vouctM«l for by (Captain Q-enl von Bu-gffonhgp-n, wartime chief 01 (be «x:ret °orv-1oo bureau of the Fourth. Army (orpa, who was tatrrfllar svitli Anna MarJa's acMv4ti«s as a spy. .Tho superb artifice with which Atiiia Maria soize-ii enomy mllita,ry scporat-s ·was flr«t revoalffi wM]. sb» -wsis oa peplon-age d u t y in tho Vosgoa mountains wliKre important military man^ti- vere wore- to ta.ko place. A n n a Mariu mtwie tho a^q'un.aUance of a French rapta.!:i.w1«j invltod hftr to accotapany Kim to Iho sec-no of tho drills. At th« iniHtary ctitnp, according to Mr. Bern- dorff, Anna. Maria exclaimed: , do you k n o w t . cannons before!' "Alter which innocent remark,' dodaros 1Ar. BeriuloYff, "tho simpl l -niiT)^«'d captain invited her to an inspection of the hat- t-oriea. Monsieur 1« oapifcalno preeaed himself liltc a peacock and Anna Maria took his photograph in »very imagii»abl'6 attitude. It IKTOT oour- r«l to the captaia (hat era each occasion tho baakg'round was mudo u p either of a battery or nn entrwnch- meht, "Later AiMia Maria took her ticket for Switzerland. But on 'her way sh-e changed to an express tor Berlin. The nost ftey Horr Mattlwalns, o«f the Germau s-ecrot service, said uorCtty, 'You have mod* a gireat tflaco'Twry-- 1ho greatest in many y^ars. Hor-e in Germany tho oxparte have tow^lit s(eali!y against gun Shi-elds, and on the other side they are burying th«m- selrvos up to their noses. This is 3 GROWING INTEREST IN OLD AGE PENSIONS Growing interest lu the question, ot old-age dependency la reflected to the Introduction and consideration of bills in twenty-eight state legislatures this year aiming either at the- immediate establishment of public old-ag^e pension systems or t h e appointment of coftimissious to .report on .tbe d«Kir- abllity, A report prepared for tho Insurance Committee of the Chamber of Cbm- meres ol the United States shows that tn stales'--California, Colorado, Kcu- lucky, Maryland, Montana, Nevada, Wisconsin, Wyoming, Minnesota and Utah--now havo old-ano ponslonB. Tile first I m pot ub given tho movement was the appointment of a commission by tho Ktatc of Massnetvusetts In 1907. Sevan ol ! the state laws grant Io counties tho option of establishing public pension plans which may bo discontinued after a year's trial. Iu Calit'ornia, Utah and Wyoming adoption by the counties is mandatory. Many of tho counties, however, have not adopted tho system. An investi- Rutloi! dibdottcd thai, prior to 1029, o u t ol 262 ,uounUeB in the tix states llien luiring penfaion syhteraa only 52 had tarried them into effect. Covers Kooin. , , Iowa, Feb. 20.--When Xlobart duIAaatwiu, 3,tOO pound world's largest horse, \vas-i killed by a fcnittk his Owner couvorted his iiide into a rug that covers tin entire parlor floor. . Cause for Divorce. CAMBRIDGE, Mass., l^frb. 26.--HI* w i f e w o i o IIM' ovwsl'oos to bed, l-Jverolt J l u n i c omplaiuc'l u filinf? a Uivoi^c ·jitit Ucia. i u ^ l , oil ,ir)fl jjreafcfv j n d r puu-hanofi i m t n a h t or on » rt basis. I n otlif-r \voiii. 1 -, th^ s l i i d y hovvt, (h* 1 ronuiioj) i-JiTior.?, In UiHr I,6pr,()0(),00it miles cf .servloe, spent forly-tbrro per cent of th^ir t,rt«il rov«nu* for thoso itemfi It M t h a i all clahFwiH oC bus ·PS jvprcHXMit yearly expondi- turp.s f o r niatci! iLi and MipplifiH i.s i o l ' o w s . tor piirts, $47,078,000: for p.inolmo, ^xclu.sivo- of tax, ?5!i,lll, 000; for H r e f , $22,382,000; for ehon equipment, $1,785,000; oil, $5,93:M;00. DividiriR tlu i operating revenue ot Hit* bus !ino ;ic(ordin^ to tho thrc« class-!(icat'lons al bus ttevcl, tho survey Kliowh that tho total rov-emu* E city b u v N , til* major number of which ·arft owned and operatod by lectri' railways, wsta $100,000,000, re-presenting; tmrw paid by 1,346,000,000- rownmi passengers iTavolliilff 4,08 8,000,000 passenger mlloK. Intercity bwsos had an liifornc* of 5'55.'j.ri()i),000 paid In b.% 384,000,000 revonuo paw.enKOi'fi trawl- l i n g 4-,fi,{7,JUO,000 passenger miles.. A txtnl of ,'!S,y)V,000 paasoaffors, tmvol- Hng 2,160,0*0,000 pus-songer mltei«, paid $47,500,000 to intorstato bus linen. SightKooliiR buB's And. tho.t* available for lilro carritMt six million pattsen^ws ov-r 150,000,0(10 pivaseagor mllo» and had n. tola! incoina ot" .'(12,000,000 in loan, tho HUTvey T«port Non-povxnuo buses, of which operated In Bchool servlco are by tar tho moat Important, carried moro-ilwni 400,000,000 revenue passengers last yaar. Zt i-i I'stiiimtod that 1,277,000 school children are being e?r/«d fagu- !arly by school buwja. Tb nnrvoy ixjliort fffUtnatea (ha^ wchool ehildM»n carried n buses travelled 2,4)0,000,000 in Dollar Days Special Qua lity--Price--Service 10 Rolls Wall e 2O Yd 3. Border If you are nc t ready to paper now, come in and look ovnr our 1930 line. No Limited Time for Parking on This Street GLENFAST WALL PAPER Produced in permanent colors. Every tone and shade imaginable. Some bright, others subdued, yet all permanent. Every Glen fast pgper is made with these scientifically produced colors. When you select Glenfast Aall Paper you do so -with the knowledge that it will retain its original beauty and brilliancy after years of exposure. D E V O s Pamtfi and Varnish Products M opex* ram maa^ m. m at nan** ntn^ xP^. .EJERNARDO » 10c WALL PAPER CO. All Grade* of Wall Paper--Wholesale Retail 111 W. Apple Street. Phono D.68. ConnelJsville, Pa. New Spring Clothes for Men MEN'S SUITS and TOPCOATS $22.50 to $35.00 Very 3a 'go selection of patterns. Modeled in newest styles, We can Jit "shorts/' "longs," and "stouts," as \vell as t loso who require "regular" sizes. You will tind more value and style in iheso garments than is usually found ia clothings at these low prices. For those who prefer, we offer a fine lino of tail- ured-tQ-me;.s«rc clothing at most moderate prices. BOYS' SUITS A spleidid Ime for boys of all ag«R, seJlimr from $5.00 to $1 3.50. All su ts of four pieces--Coat, Vest t w o pair Pants. ,Soe these different Hues at, or through arrangement with our nearest store. Sixty Mon-s in Kino Comities of

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