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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Friday, June 7, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,701 VOL. 16, NO. 178. CONNELLSVILUE, PA., FRIDAY EVENING, JUNE 7, 1918. TEN PAGES. MARINES CONTI VICTORIOUS GERMANS Village of Torcy, in Chateau-Thierry Sector, is Captured and Huns are on the . Run in Town of Bouresches; Ameri: " j s cans Over-reach Their Objectives in Swift Attack. I PROPERTIES FOR MANY WEI KNOWN YOUNG MEN REGISTER IN DISTRICT NO. Judge Orr hi United Court Grants Injunction Today. IS 1 List Is Jlnde Public by Draft Board: Registrants Arc Principally ttf TM s C!t 3"The Local Board for District No. 2 yesterday afternoon completed a lis-t of the names or 244 young men who registered for military emce on June 5. The majority of names ! art! 'rom tbe city of Connelsville, with HINDENBURG'S MEN SURRENDER RIGHT AND LEFT WITH THE AMERICAN FORCES ON THE AIARXE, June 7.--The American marines who began a second attack on the German lines late yesterday captured the village 'of Torcy and drove their way into Bouresches, northwest of Chateau Thierry. This morning they were holding Torcy in the face of repeated counter attacks and were pushing back the Germans through the streets of Bouresches. Virtually all their objectives in this attack were attained. · The American plans did not include the taking of Torcy but the marines swept into it and drove out the Germans. ADKLMDF. SOLDIF/K HEARD KHOJ1 FIEST TDIIC IS" tl) YEARS. Mr. and Mrs. Dominic Sepp of Adc-laidf, received a letter yesterday from tUeir son, Nicholas riepp, attached to the i l l t h United States Infantry. The letter was wr.ter. in England and was the !irst one received by Mr. and Mrs. Sepp from their son since lie entered military service 10 years ago. in the letter Lieutenant Sepp stated that :n England he saw Frank Bartlev of Adelaide, who is wilb Company V, lllth. United States Infantry. By That Time Trustees Hope fco jHarfl Realized Sufficient Funds- tit 31eet 111 Obllfrajjous (J»url is Informed; AjrcTPifiitP' of Taxes Is $237,4100, The complete List, was mailed to Pro- VO.SL Marshal General Crowdor yes- SECRETARY CONMLL EXPLAINS OMISSIONS I In the I'niteil States court in Pitts; burg thus raornmg Judge; Charles P, I Orr granted an injtmcUiin restraining j the sale of properties of J. V. Thompson iu Payette. Greene and Washing. ton counties for tuxes until October ]. The injunction was sought by the trustees in bankruptcy in order to give them time to conclude negotiations whereby their hope to realize sufficient funu\ to meet all obliga- · lions. ' The sale was scheduled for Monday, June 10. j The aggregate tax charged against Thompson m the three counties is ' WITH THE AMERICAN FORCES ON THE MARXE, J u n e j Mr. Thompson formerly owned iabout 7,000 fieri"-, of coal land la ! Creeno cotmty, ugainsi which vrere £l?ABfl P!?n fPn2Q nQT' a b o m 1.SOO judgments. Recently rm/lu u£U tUyOJ LiiJl · Ro i( p M . Hire, David M. Hortzog and 7.--American marines last night reached the outskirts of Hour-i ,,.,,,,. m "v ainls n w v ot itr ! GeorSP H ' ^^^ tTuatees for , escHes, northwest of Chateau Thierry, and poured volleys of '· ^"^\^l w TM * Ke^rtTSn Z ^"0 machine gun fi-e into the enemy, inflicting terriffic casualties.' .si«cri«tury's Office. ' t h / H c Pnck Coko company f o r j Bayonets were used freely against many of the Germans who at-; some complain; has been mafic I.P-. j3.4jo,W an amount jujrceabie to ( tempted to make a Stand in the Streets. At daybreak today lhe cause name? or ConuellftnUr complm-' both Jie trustees and ih»- creditors. marines were slowly driving the Germans back in the face of Heavy artillery fire, including gas shells. The American artillery was performing magnificently in this operation. The registration in Districts ranked second In the couniy. District. No. 1,1 including the territory about Union- j town, had *:G5 registrants. } Of the 244 registrants 16 are col- I ored and 14 ars ahens. A complete ' List of the names follows: , Piotre Dziedsic, Everson. j George Jakubiak, Dawson. i Samuel Simtoons, Conneilsvillc. Joseph Lovito, Cann.eUvHle. Phillip Lanz:, Connellfiville. Joseph Forayi, Davidson. Felippo Poggia, Connellsville. Alexander Valencia, Dawsou. John Beacs, CoaneHsviHe. Frank Pilla, Oonnellsville. Frank /'Luciano, ConnGUsville. RaJpn Del Soroo, Connellsviilc. Frank Salpieiro, ConneilsvWe. Louis Dilio, Coimcllsville. G-arycLt Hobart Win gar d, ConocHs- Hobart ji. Patrick, Conaellsville. Hand Shank, CotmeilsviH^. Homer J. Brcakiron, Conn ells vine, CUUoii Brealdrcra, ConneHsvtllc. Raymond Coniey. South Con no! 1s- ville. Contir.uwu on Paije Ten. OEKXAXS OX BCX BEFORE A3LERICAXS. WITH THE AMERICAN FORCES ON THE MARJ4E. Thursday, June 6.-- Tl»e second, attack made today by American marines, on Gerraaa positions northwest of Chateau Thierry. e«xly gave promise ol being ii-s sue- REVISION OF DRAFT CLASSIFICATION IS tors to the R-'d Cross were omittud! Thp tax collf^-Lnrs. however, having! from the pnb.ished list m ibe Con- j obtained lien?, decided to force the! aellbviUo nevV-ip;tpt»rs. Those omis-JHa,j c of the lands xo cover the taxes! sions werr due to a number of due which woulrl have iuvahtlaied thej cantos, including errors in trfina-j title to the property. cribins, i n a b i l i t y to decipher lh? cryptic haudivntiog of var.ous solici- TEACHERS ELECTED tors, and failurp on ihp part of solici- AK *.« K « «,, -- 'ors to properly record subscriptions. ORDERED BY fROWDFR TUe lust was not compile from X h c i . f . C. Brahm \B»Ui Head «rf thv UJU£J\UJII UWHUHV d u p l i c a l p r p r a p [ S i h u , frora [|le envr . ( (-ocoi-IlsTille lopes upon whk'b the various teams \[ ;l recent meeting of the based thoir rcp-jrls each day or the Cnnnellsvillc school board teachers'! canvass. [ for the ensuing term w e i c elected Realizing t h i s injustice has uti- follows.: Malic! Hotrfck, Clara Mac i consciouslv be- n doi.c some fiem-roijs to this cavise tnrc'ilch XF.TO5 FROM sisrir KFAM'itr'. Sergeant George M. Sw.j-rizweider of the 319th HospiUil Corps, hah arrived solely overseas, according to a card received this morning by his father. Blair Swaruwelder, ol" South Prospect st-ent. Sergeant Swam- weirter left last Septeraber for Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va., with the iizst conlingeuts of draCtees, Too Hany Districts Arc Short ni Heu cesatol as tkis morning's assault. The io CIass lt p roius t msttioes reached their objective set Oot-ral for the first hoar within that time; By Associated ITC.-,.-. lindt and pushed beyond. The early j WASHINGTON. Juae 7. -- A general indicated the Germaas on the, 1 revision of classification under tuc se- ! ooniributors Malic! Hotrtck, Crifblleld, Kstella ilsh, Pranci-s SAM RESZI TET.US OF TltE 401'IOTKT ACROSS. Cards have been received here from iSami Renzi, a member o; Company D, KfJTO'J.NC OF BKI.f.S iKiVj;s JMGKO.VS (·'ROM T U K I K H03TE. The pigsons that have mado their abnre in rJie bell towor of L bp old hi.sM school building weic- forcctl in leave thia rioYn- ing when the belJ, which u-ns taken f r o n the old Pounii ward building and put m ih" hagh schoo. huildia^ this wceJi, bf-t£Ln to rini;. This was t h e lirst limo tho bell has been used in Its new pla*?, and it. was qim« a surprihP to thje pissous \?hich have peacefullj f ijvcrf m the ixwer. They Will Be Reported ] to General Crowder If Idle. MUST WORK OR FIGHT Mayor Declares Intention ' Do His Part, to Win tlic War. to IDLERS HEJiE JfUKEROPS All FREIGHT BUSINESS TO BE ON STRICT CASH BASIS AFTER JULY 1 mil Not be Made Public Nor tUU Soflce h) Served Hero on Those Ji'ot at Work; List M'ill' IIP hent fo Washington. Mayor John Duggan this morning ordered the police to list tnc names of all men known to be loafers who live , in tlus city, the names to be turned Altiioutfii -IS-.'lour CriHlit 31 a v Bo JIuxl · over to the provott marshal general for Orteiu siiipmcnf, by Filing after July 1 in ease the men do not a Surety Company liund. ', go IB work by thai date. 'The mayor According to an order of t h e Jlaii- , intends to do his part in carrying out road AdniinstraUou on and alter J u l y , the law order necessi latin ir every able 1 ail traabportation s-r\ let rendered , bodic-d nian lo get a useful occupation. by the railroads under government of *ome kmd or fighi. connol ivill )e on a cash basis, all The police will list ev«ry man, ciedit accommodations, m conflict blact or white, in tie city who seems' with the new regulations becoming j to be without an occupation. The effective on thai date will be can- j records of the individuals will bo cel!cd - I scanned and just how nmch work and Certain freight may be shipped on [ what kind of work Urey do will be re- shori crodi, as provided by the order j conied. "We mean business with that that "in .0ies where U i e i class nE cattle,'' said the mayor this ' eutorcenien- of tliis rule. «iti respect u frci^tit. will retard prompt ior- wanliaff or d']ivei-j r of the freiglit or releaie of equipmpnt or thu pi-Diupl elation r-ei'.tie», carriers will bt per- mitt'Hl 10 p.^t^nd credit foi a penol 01 not exceeding is hours after leceipt tor shipment of a consignment if it bo prepaid, or aftor delivery at destination if H be a collect consignment, provided lht k consigrior :f ii be a pro- con?: gnnic-:n, or tbe consignee if moaning, referring to the labor slack- erb. The mayor said he was willing to belp anyone get work, and do every- Marie, 110th Regiment, located some-whete in i tor the time being, and surren- i lective act was started. today by Pro- ; failure to Rive proper credit. (;enrt;e. Ktliyl Sy^hangh, dirte* right and left to the Ameri- vost Marshal General Urowdcr. w h e n ' H. Connell. wht- "as unsigned the task \h-Donald. Mr;i. Edwlna ^c and Pauline he telegraphed to the governors ol" a l l ' o f preparing the list for publicatio: states ordering jn\e.-.tigitioii5 to tU 1 - loday suited tbat an effort v,il'. l,r _ _ ^ s termine the reason for tlid small n u m - ' inacie to give proper publicity to STUtEJBOVS PKISOVEKS. : her of registrants in Clais 1 n. aOiue ] those who have been overlooked. THE FRENCH AKM5T ON i localities. i .\jiy person whose najnr does "no- 1 The lists of some boards =uoiv an appear in ilie printed list is requested average far below lhe national av-', t o call Mr. Connell's office, Bell 332 or erase of 28.7 registrants in Class J,! Tnr-State 616 .giving their name, some boards even falling as low 6- I-HE MARNE, Thursday, June Jp to this hour the American and ·Tench troops advancing between 7enilJy-LA-Poterie an ^ Torcy, bave ·eacbed tho outer edges 'ol the ton-n j 10 per cent. £ Bouresches and Torcy. " j Thousands of men now in Class 4 On the west tbe AJlied line has should be put m Classes 1 and i', the :een carried to Granges farm, south : provost marshal general said. Tbe if Gzujdelu, -west of Veuilly. Balleau ( instructioas also ordertd investiga.- rood east oC Torcy, has been clear- | tions to determine if any men have ·o ol the enemy. Furtner details are , been erroneously put in the upper tot available at this hour. ^ j classes when they should ha Daring the attack this morning a t , placed in. those lov/vr down. liirn. th« German. artillery fire | · gainst the Allies was feeble but the ' CITDHIfPCIRT [7Q JM Srny front line TO» veil stadded dUDmLKMbLtd IK vith machine guns. In the action his morning the Americans and "Yenct advanced one kilometer into he German lines and captured 270 ri900«rs incrnding 10 officers. Forty-five minutes after, the flgbt- -IE; started one French regiment had J,,;m Randies =-td Ida Burkliart, new jcatlierP. Prof J. C. Bcuhm. principal, was elf't-tetl laFt year for two term-. There is stili one vacancy, which will probably be in the high school. A janitor was not elected. thing 10 have them employed useiul occupation, si-aims there was no reason why every man couldn't have- a job at this time. After mis month is over, and there are still unemployed men in this city, action will be taken against them along lines designated by th-e govern- ;t be rolled. tiK a surety bond either i irent. uie mayor declares. . individual or corporate, in an amount | There are a number of welj known satJ.sliu-torj- to the treasurer of t h e ' labor slackers in this cily. aTid al- carrier. Upon receipt and acceptance i though none will be given individual of such bond a earner may acecpt and 'notice lo go to work, thoir names will · -«-iTVF«i ! torw!lrd P"I aid consignments or may | i, c reporteil unlEhs some useful occu- -. n i l . ^ f c u N . Kjciivoi collect consignments in ad- | patiou is engaged in Amelio De Carlo, a. drallce who is j ranco of p a y n ont of all charges there-' Gyeensburg is the first municipaliiv in training at Camp I^e, has been , on lo ^ e a m o u n t covered by the bond. | summoned to Uiiiontown to appear i pailure to liay such charges wirhm I as o witness in the trial of Andy Med- ^ llme prescribed will automatically j avlch, charged with the murder of I cancel Mich ered:'.. " | De^xhio. The young soldiei, who was an oye witness to tiie raur- {der, has been advanced money Cor ( FVauce. Ho Sivati^ lie twxd a safe journey across. SOWrEB -IS been \tt of the now teachers have had . , , , . ,, _ . ·nenence w,-H -he eicoption of Loms D «'- h ' 0 - The young soldiei, "Freight consigned to 'order" or to amount of subscription And. if pos-i M i K S Burk'hart, who was graduated *' bo T' 38 TM " ye , lvitncs j i lo ^ m u r - 'order notify' shall be delivered only sible, the .solicitor who toot it. Such' U l i ., rear , 10In lh e Conne'lsville high f e r - Sa , s 6 f r ; a(i TM n «d money for . Bpon surrender lo the agent of tbe checked j". b0 o, .vr° ffim, was graduated I ^ a " road fare and ls on his w a '' Carrier of ,he original bills of ladias from tile California Stale normal and j ' has five years' i-cperiene^ in teach-' ,, rm rv TOi'Tn in?. Miss Stumm and -Miss Sandles COS1LIKM,!. 1011H taught in Ptcsistone lownshijv, and! A L J Miss Mr D-ma!d at 'the Uock names will be immediately with the Red Cross records and a subsequent list published. TENTH VE1 m \\Vsiern Pennsylvania to taie action w i t h a uew (o abolishing Joaftng j within the borouga iimils. A tew j nights ago tin? borougii council passed i an ordinance making it unlawful for j any person or persons to loaf upon tiie | streets or be without some useful employment. According lo the provisions | for Kiel) frcigltt, and the payment of ] O f the ordinance every able-bodied I lhe freight charges thereon as herein ( person between the age of. 21 and 60 provided. Provided, however, if such j musl bo employed in some lawful and rATTSBruG., bill of lading be lost or delayed Ui« ! useful occupation for at least 36 hours school. While no amount has been fried it is said that the board will increase in WAIT FOR LARGER OCEAN STEAMERS By Associ; WASHINGTON, tted Fr;s--. June 7.--Belief ttained the border of Mare's wood. that the German submarines which nd the edge ot a triangular woods' early in the week buecossfuily at- 00 rards sooth. This regiment: tacked schooners and steamers oh" lone took more than 100 prisoners., the Xew Jersey coast arc now lying or the regiment which will be held in | in wait for larger prey in one of the trans-Atlantic travel routes off the Virginia. Capes wa-s expressed by oft'i- occasion tho Tenth received it 8 -UTEEIC.VSS (JTTE MTES IS BATTIiE. .\nrl Otbw FOPPISH Service Men U Arrange ItetaDfi for Annual Uvunion. grant the teachers Dr. i.. P. Mtf'orniirij, p-esidonL o f , salary. the 10th Pennsylvania Volunteer Reg-' -- imentol As-ioeiation, has issue'! a call i PPIfl? FIYPR5 NSIIFn for a general meeting of the members ! flUtC flACIVO HAH1BU of the association, and ail soldiers [ who participated in tbe campaigns of .the Spanish-American war and the Philippine insurrection, to he held ,in the armory at ".30 P .M Sunday | The purpose of the meeting is to cmlIl -~ £oud ^numsu-Ator to ai the arrange details for the !0th Bunion! ma^unum prices to be charged for | of her brother. Daniel W. Bailey, odHtuifs, was named in pan at a fonnellsvllle J u l y :)1 the anniversary' conference of dealers last evening In of lhe battle of .Malalos, ..ipon which j L'montown with Administrator 1 Charles L. Davidson Samnel Emert Miller, son of Mr. | freight :ua- bo delivered in advance ' oa c ij WP ck. A fine of 510 or impns- nd Mrs. Daniel L. Miller of Con- j of surrender of lie Mil of lading upon | onmcnt in the county jail for 10 days uoncc, who has been a student at I receipt by llie carrier's agent of a ; s ,j le penalty for riolatioa ot Ute o'r- an i ·· the University of Pittsburg, left last week, in company with 75 other students, for Plattsburg, N. Y., to lake a conrse in the officers' training camp at that place. Committees t/ !«ile m .'Ha.Tinrnm S20TH SOI-OrKHS «"RIT£ for Fnod.i in the CoiiuLy. A price interpreting committee, tbe ' d u t y of which will be to assist. the ·FIUSCK. Mrs. C. 0. Bane of East Patterson avenue received a card 1st evening telling oC tbe safe arriv: certified check for an amount ujuai to 110 per cent of the invoice, or upon receipt of a surety bond either indi- v:duai 01 corporate, acceptable to the treasurer of the carrier in an araoun.t WiASHUKJTON, June 7. -- The' casu- Uy list today contained 48 names, ivided as follows: Killed in action, ?: died ot wounds, 12; died of acci- cials here today. Tins theory strengthened by the torperioing ba-p-i eats six- died of disease, s-ven; !coast, news of which was announced oonded severely, si*. The list in- ; in Navy Department dispatches pubuacs: Killed in action. Gu-r "W. [ lished today. lowers. Harrisburg. Pa.; died of TM oonSs, Robert R. Finnegan. Mtts- jrg. Pa.: died of disease. Sergeant dward K. Agnew, Carrict Pa. tiam of Tire. All foreign service men. ' Wed- of whatever organisation, are invited I nesday of the British steamship Har- to participate in r h i s reunion which patbJan. 100 miles off the Virginia it is evpectrd w i l l he one of the best! held since the roturn of the regiment fiom Manilla. The Harpathian went down wuhi.n seven or eight minutes after the torpedo struck, but the crew managed to get away. 60,551 YOUNG MEM Only tho Uniontown representatives in the eonvmittce were named. Those from Connellsville. and other places will be 'chosen later. The consumer is lo have a voice, il 13 said. merafoer of the 320th Infantry. IGS'ATtt'S JTKIEL SAFK OVERSEAS card to his parents, Mr. and !ov twice the amount of the invoice. "Payment ot transportation charges by check will be considered as a pay- j ment m cash if the person, firm, or ( company bigmng or indorsing it, Is ' in "prarc" i k E o w n to tlu ' agent lo he fully reli- j " ' able. Cheeks are r.ot to be taken or cached by a?en\b under any circumstances, except for transportation charges." di nance. At Coopersdaie, a suburb of Johnstown, tho Hom« Guard company has given public notice that loafers between the ages of 18 and 50 must go to work or join the army. June 15 has been fixed as the limit after which, ii "cure," the character of which is not revealed, will be applied to ail offenders. TO TRAMNGSCH00LS SIXTY PER CENT OF ALL GERMAN from all of the 282 local draft districts in Pennsylvania BhoTV that 60.551 men who attained the age of 21 OCEEOPS CADfS ABE BEPOBTEI* FROM P.4KIS. PARIS. June 7.--American troops shting on the main battle front Save lined ground on the line at Tnrcy, ;lleau and Boureches. west of Cha- |au Thierry, the war office annou-iced I -today's 9tat ^ mjen ^ di ^ e " I10 ' t ^ e '^" j wUsHDTGTON? lat Juno" 7^-Senator j M reasons why the registration was ' d nW ° locaTope'ratioS by the Swanson, acting cairman of tie Na- I n * i ^^- juv^.1 1~ j .._, ,, . , 4 _ , , - s .._ _ cou ( 6v(!n( , e j Hepsf^r in Pennsja-aiiia. M.SSfl o Whom Are Natives aud 5iitHralizcd. HARRISBtTIiG. June 7.--Returns [lor three months training on June 15. Board N'o. 2 Will Send 11 Hiirinir the iloiith 01 .liroe. Local Board for District No. 2 will send 11 draftees, to various schools in the !asl ' t:ar Enllstroent5 , and failuro yesterday, i burg; of aliens m Thomas Byrne of Everson, Calvin J. Stillwago-n and Irwm H. McDonald will go to the University of Pitts- In Mrs. Frank Fnol ol York avenue, Ignatius Friel, who is with the Headquarters Company, 319th Infantry, has arrived safely "over there." Friel was-among tho draftees who left iu Octo'ber tot 1 Camp Lee Petersburg, Va. TOSPEAKONWAR 11. C. Itayliss, .lust Arrhcd From J'"ra:ice tu lie at B'fdi School. H. C. Bayllss, who returned from France on Thursday of last week at- "WARANGELUS" J. C. Munson, 0. C. Harmon. i somp of the cities to register are given ·eneh were successful and val Committee, aiier ristration by groaps was as SEBGBAKT S1UTH AMONG THOSE Mr. and Mrs. -T. J. Sraitb of NinUi 1 street. Greenwood, received a post' card from their son, Sergeant. James StoH',1 of the IGUi Field Artillery, an-I nounjcing his safe arnival in France. Mr. and .Mrs. Smitli have two sons in tiie service overseas. Sergeant Thom- Inanfmrated at Dnnhar and ·nhwe in the Conoty. Yesterday "at noon the ringing of j the ""War Angelas" was started at Si. I Alovsius church. Dunbar, the furaaca 1 town haiing: inaugurated a custom ' tiiat is to be observed by every de- I nomination--a short noon-day prayel the success of the Allied arms, t the stroke of 12 every church: bell in the t o w n will ring. The cia- zeus--Protealant and Catholic, Jew Gentile wilj bow their heads for ler doing V. 11. C. A. work there for ] a year, will speak at the high school, ^ nud torium '.omsht at S o'clock. Mr. | Byliss is connected wilh the Chay- j lauqua w h i c h will be in Councils-1" . ville the lattrr part of this monih. ' a fcw raomrals m silent prayer on the His lalk t o n i g h t will Le for the most i strots ' '" lhe mll!s ' business houses. part on he ntir ' ! Kh °PP ln S I011rs and tie children of the The speaker had been connected schools W1 " lle instructed.. about tie George Keffer,, Charles Thomas and | a3 _,_ £mitlli also wlih the f \ A Fred Funari will go to LaJTayette , lery aj . rlved .. over there " raori · l a g e o t U P o r t , west of Ponteaoy. On the .-torne rent, nontiwesr o , aW Th^rr, Frsach troops vap- red the village ot Vinly. The French also recaptured Hill !, between the .^farne and Rheima. itlsh. troops regained a footing in with navy heads today, declared that j follows: Native and naturalized white the Allied and American naval forces j men,: 40,380; colored men, 3,373 have destroyed CO per cent of all aliens, 7,198. College; John Opncrman to Brie, Pa.; E. R. Gault of Scottdale and A. J. Mosety to Caruegie Tech. ! German submarines constructed, and ! that they have cut shipping losses in 'half. · village of Blisny, .ses on the eneiar. inflicting heavy EKS SUGAR HOLDINGS Of Candy and S»St Drink llakors Jfust So Garbnpe Itemnvc'd If Bills ,I«n AIM S'ot Pnld. Beginning yesterday removal Benuy liauff Drafted. POMBROY, 0., June 7--Benny Kauff, outfielder for lhe New York Giants, and one oC the be^t known baseball players in the country, today was ordered by his local draft board For to report for military service on June I 2.;. He prouaoly will he seni to Camp ot jShetman, O. Be Kcported by June 10. The Food Administration lias, given notice that Uie nianuracturor n of the less essential foodstuffs, such as candy and soCt drtr.lts. who use sugar XASSACKE 10JJOO AlUIEXIAXS. CONDON, June 7.--A bitter Strug- ^ is being vased in the Caucasia j and ' hav(l 1HK apl1 j|erl f Or certificate the new Caucasian govern- because they have enough sugar on nt and ths Turks, says an Ki- hand to last until July 1, will be re- nge Telegraph dispatch, from llos- quired to return stattmcnis to Pedral r. The turks are reported to itu-e [ tooA administrators of their resrec- «acred more than 10,000 Annan- j [i ve s t at es by June 10. a within a fortnight. j These reports tnus.-, =oow amount of sugar used this year, amount on garbage from the premises of thoss v;ho have not paid June bills was dibcoafinued. Thin .action Is In accordance with announcement made some time ago that payment must be made in advance. e than a week ago. ivith tho Rainbow Dh iVon. He saw some of the \Y5iein Pennsylvania boys in :i machine gun company. Grocery Company Contribntps. In the Itet of contributors to the Red Cross war fund yesterday appeared the "West End Grocery Company." Tho name should have been 5 friends yesterday, prior to Isavii! the "Westmoreland Grocery Company," which, gave J2SO. TmfsdrJe Saj's Goodbye. F. P. Tmu?d'*ie, formerly division freight ageni for lhe PcnrjRyivania i railroad, with headquarters in U n i o n - 1 town, and r,ow sales manager for infi Consolidated Coke company, paid a farewell visit to his Connellsville r '-o- day with bib family lor Pitli,burg 10 1 reside. ( m e a n i n g of tbe custom. AH will pray for the truuniih of right over might, of freedom over slavery, of liberty over bondage. The custom also been introduced at L'momown and other places in the couniy. NURSES MUCH NEEDED BSB 1 J(eaeU« Canes Reported, iro-eases of measles were repcrt- T»o More Register. Two more men registered in District No. 5 yesterday. They were Antadio LeU of Dunbar, and Nick Siders of Vanderiuit.. The registra- aand, requirements for the future, j tien of Eroivn lisll of Ohiepy-le, who and the situation in geaepai, to prove registered at, has been re- to th* Board of Haallh tali rno;iv-1 tiai titey are conforming to Food Alt j ceived by tiie board. The total at r , flMfl-tftfcyatiapjjoules. ii^traats for the hoard J.:ao-w 185 r Fair and cooler toulght; Saturday, fair, is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Tuittperalnre Kceord. 1918 1917 Maximum _~ 50 80 Minimum ^.66 64 Mean 73 72 : t Tbe Yougii river rose during tbs IsHgisL-Ji-eEi. 1.80 Jest to 2,05 feat, LOCAL BOARD NO. 5 SECOND IN UNITED STATES TO MAKE REPORT OF "Local Board No. 5. Connollsville, i^ the fcecoad local board in the entire nation to file Its list of r»gix- trauis oC June a. This Is a notable achievsnaenL" Thus .reads a telegram from Provost Marshal Genera! Enoch H. Crowder, transmitted by way "of the ad^j- tant general's office at Hurrleburg. Naturally the members of the 'board were elated on receipt o£ tha mai- Faj-etl* .l)'(!ica| Society Will iid in Sci'uriiii; 'J !iem. Following me rciidiiis of a request. from =he lied Cross lor nurses last j night it ihe monthly meeting of the IFayeitu County Medical society in i Unioinown. a cosninitee composed of I Dr. H. J. Coll of Conenllsville, Dr. | Hoover of Brownsville and D'-. Hess ci Uuumto'wn, was appointed yiv tho The board conipletr-d irs work a* Eoveiumeiu. 1.05 o'clock "Wednesday night and tu:e- ; Dr - ' r - B. Eciiard of Connellsville Cloned the results lo Harr'.sburg. nfid l^i". O. It. Altman of L'niontown. Ten jninuu-s later the typewritten list i were eiecicd Sclefsies lo the slate liad been started to XVathingion. I sr.cietv to he held in Philaiilphia next The board Is compared of Charles B. j September. Franks, chairman; Dr. J. H. Hazletl j . and \V. S. Cclborn. Miss Eiiilh Harris is chief clerk. Assisting in the registration were Attorney Ross S. Matthews and Miss Hfeli^u .GUciciniin. Four Priisoher? Svtiteced. Four prisoners were fiven hearings in. 550 ! .H'.e court this morning. Tw^ paid lir.cs, one got two days on tie s-.ree.ts and the ottci- n-as held.

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