The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 2C, ISW. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNJCLL^ ILLB. PA JPAGE THREE. SCOTTDALE HAS ANOTHER FIRE OF MYSTERY ORIGIN Explosion Saul to Mine Preceded Itlaxc at Charles T»o- Mnrtlua Homo. SCARLET FEVER CASE FIEPORTED Special t o T h o C o u r i e r . SOO'PTDA.t,K, K e i 26 --Member* of t h ^ volunteer tiro d e p a r t m e n t w-ovo :a!lel nut at 2 1)0 oVlock yesterday morning by .1 ttre a U19 JennmscK ave- rine in. a houpo owned and occupied h Charles DaMart na. The fire was on the first floor in ·w'tat apparently had been ued for a btdrooin, tho docr.s in t^iis bolns alilaze. Not .% meanlbor of the family could be found, ali-houg-h it was said tlat they had been seen tlio previous Tho house, had been made into a duplox. The lam ly living upstairs had moT«d out It .si week. An explosion was reported before the firemen* reached tho scene. A careful survoy ot the gas valves showed that sCL were, in. perfect order. Tho house is in rt Ule and it "was estimated that i lit* loss w o u l d be a-ound $1,000. This addb anotlur fire to the mys- torions several in Broadway in the last month or aix week;!. Tho Slate lire in irsluU is still working on. tho other Hi es. The DeMartina homo was tho stone of a shooting about thia tiruo a year ago. A young man returning £01 a suit of clothing t m t had been pressed was shot in the a fin. Case of Scarlet Fever. One. or the studi-nts in the Chestnut street grad-o building, whom teachers vere certain was uifforing Crom scar- 1 t iavcr, was « nt home yesterday afternoon, and a, ^0011 as school was dismissed tli^ vi tiro building' was C imigated. C. I). A. 1'icspnts Way. Court T-rambinp, C. D. of A., held a mos* erijojanle social hour Monday f v e c i t i K fnilowiiit,' tho business meet- i-iK. ti\ tho al seiico o£ tho prand regent. Mrs. J. H. Madden, the vice- icgent, Miss K l i n o - b e t h Hanso, had ( barge. There w is. a larpe gathering f r o m M o u n t Pleasant and Scottdalc. A comedy ent t i e d "Tho Colored 1 .ladies' Political Club" was presented, *mh tUo tollovin ? cast: Mrs. Simon 'ure, d. Jacly polil dan, Miss lOlizabeth lanse; George Alexander Johnson, ,'anltor and 'smtkv. Miss Florine Copoy: Ml«j Cue, a musician, Mrs, Dora -!loiner; "Lily VvhHe," an old maid, \Irs Kinma R c i s i i a r l . Miss Tdk-e, very r.-h'-h. lady, Mrs Kato K o ^ h l e ; Miss »{d,pp, very plain, Mrs. Joe Stciner; Miss Rosie Reed, looking tor a swoet- i^art, Mary Hcaloy; politicians. Miss '). k. and Miss Ann Britton; Mrs. Well And HtroniT. Mrs. KstelU Copley; VIrs. Gloady WIM her, Mrs. Mary Falon; Miss Japal.ic, Mra. Margaret Dillinger; Mrs. F ne And Dandy, Mrs. loseph Dillingor Mrs. Mac Jntosh, Klla Mtiilin; M ss P. Ann Ola, an uutoist, Aim K a l i a n ; Mrs. King Pish, ·ho poefry o! inor on, Margaret Mullin. \ n n Fallon a ' Mr ry, and Dora Stiner i- Ton, put on "Tho Italian Street -ong." At the close refreshments \\ ero served. A most enjoyable e?e- mnf; was spoat. I'ropure for Commencement. The fceiuor cia: s of the high school vr-storday choso 1 s mritation for coin- mo riceiBout. The junior class selected iU class rings. Tho order was BC- "iircd by a Rochester, N. V., firm. The nnga are hltlo sut ot the ordinary. They aro onyx, w i t h the state, and "y" in. the c.ontor. Social II »or Planned. Tho Dames of Malta will hold a social honr, will rofreshmenita, following- its meotifg- la tho Mooso Hail MI Thursday evcums- Covered-IMsh Supper. Tho a u x i l i a r y lo tho Brotherhood of Railway Tralmmn will hold a cov ired-dish supper at ths Odd Fellows M a l i on Thursd iy aCternoou at tho regular nvectmg. Utlu-r X Walter Centz, Thomas Frcy, firnast Knowles and liei.ry J''oraytho, who attended tho Y. M C. A. conference et Greenaburg over tho wook-ond, ported at the Phalanx Fraternity iiiooLiug at tho Y, M. C. A. last evening on tho conl % roiice. Mr. and Mrs. K K Lynch ot MoCuno avoniiG eatertai led tho Friendship Oiicle of the- Iv'angohcal Church at their holno last (.vcnmg at a business and sociul tueoti ig-. Mrs. J. H. Harris of Bridge street way hostess last evening to tho Woman's Mifasioaarj Society ot the 13van- geliccil Church a . her home at a business and social meeting. Misd Dora Fahl, MJ:S Jennio Ware, Miss Mazio Knowles aac 1 li!. W. Steele (tttoTiaed a ineot tig oC telephone em- ployes at Utilon own. Mrs, Florenco Aakrin and son of Catcinnati art vi^ilJtig wiUi Mra. Askriii's tather uid Mother, Mr. and ,Mis, Thomas H. Rutherford. 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The Ladles' Aid So- tety ot the Method let Episcopal Chui oh will hold a banquet Friday evei Ing In honor of tho cast ot the play "The Beantown Choir." An Invltath n Is extended to all who helped and those who took part In the play. t The Willing Work -re Class of Star Jtin«tion Methodtet I'Jpiscopal Church held a "Cootie" par y at the Star Junction auditorium Friday evening. Light lunch was ser- ed. was spent ITI playing A miscellaneous sbotrer wiH be held Thursday evening In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Emereon Luc« a t the home of Mr, and Mrs. B. P. Luro. Mrs, Luce, a bride, will bo remei vbered as Miss Nello Moyera of Star Junction, Tonight at 7 o'c'oclc the yonng leaple's prayer grou'i will conduct the of a Bertee of nw etlnge under tthe dU'octlon oi Craig 1 artin. and Gladye Byers The subject A dkseossion. will be "Old Age." Tbx program te expected to be qtrtte Interesting. An invitation is ertneded to the public. Mlea Emma Cook, f, R. Stimmel and 13, E. Curtis, air men bei» ot the Perry rligh ashool faml r x, attended ti» e-coming Thirty * t Be*-bany College week. Miss Regina-xKirn de «p«nt StracZay ·with her -pajreuts at ^ leUec Vornoa, White Bridge WHITS BRIDGE, I^eb, 26--I^awrroce Neleon -af Daristorrn is visiting in this vicinity. Mr. and Mrs, Nicholas Sanner of Scottdalo visited their uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Pae-ke, over the week-end. Abont 2 neighbors gathered at tho home oi for. and Mra, P. R, Chapman on Thii)«day evening to heJp Mre. Chapman oelebrate her birthday anniversary. Gamea were played and Innch eorved. Mrs. Gtoapma-n roceired many bEsatttlrui gifts. The birthday cake -WHS baked by Mrs. Kdvrard Kunhe, SAT* man*?-- -road ada, today. Revival Meetings tf:SO Each Erening First United Brethren Church Good Music Gospel Preaching Subjects? Tonight-- "Stockholders in Etaff Fish's Bank." .Thursday--^'^SqueaWng Boards." Frifluy--The B. 0. Boad M Mr. and Mrs. Emerson Kinne« shoppem ia Mount 7'leaoajit FT Misses Mery Plazssa and D Kltuieer have completed their i at Franklin School, Norman an-d Lsiwrente Bro- Acme were busines« caiJcns h« week. Mr. and Mre, TVllliam Zohnor Mount Pleaeanl slioppen on B*ri Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Pank© wer pere In ConnellB'villo Satnrday. Mre. Morrte Hitahl and son, OI ·wore Mount Pleawmt choppers day, Mr. and Mre. HamUit B. 5^ Poplar Grove wero rexni Tiai the iome of Mr. and Mra. Roy Mies Mildred Freeman of Grc vtelted hor parents, Mr. ant Qeorgo Freeman, over five · were day. jrotiiy todies m of « last i were lay. · shop- .rence, Phurs. ns of ors at "ooper. leburg Mrs. and. Iron Bridge Mr. and Mrs, Charles Sha I«r oi Mammoth -wore gueetfi Satai lay of their relative, Mr. aiul Mrs. toy H, Miller. John Keeter of Warrrn, Ohio -was a caHor here on Satarday. Mrs. Edward Krauet-r reto aed to lier hom« at Clevelend, Ohio, Saturday motoring after spending v week Ifienflflcofion ATTI/E3BO11O, Mass,. 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