The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1918 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1918
Page 12
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PAGE TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILUB, PA. THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 191s. THE DEMAND FOR SPOT FOUNiRY COKE IS HEAVIER THAN 'USUAL Brokers Doing Considerable Business, Bat Without Margin of Profit. MORE SOLD And at Uslag Prices, WM Baling for Vest Gnde; Speculation as to Wist TfVffi Happen IVten IKore Jfew Bj- Prodaet Ovens Are In Operation. Sp«tial to Tfce Weekly Courier. PnTSBGKG, June 5--r-Sacli surplus coke as operators occasionally hare is · being offered in the open market in the tozm Qf foundry coke, as tfcere is always an ample amount that has been.fn ovens 72 hours, and "consumers, axe not overly particular at this time as to the selection. While there Is an active demand on the part ot the foundries it Is evident that there is sot much surplus coke or the foundry trade could not absorb all the uffer- , iings, since in normal times less than . 10 per cent o£ the ConnellsviUe output U consumed in foundries. Tbe demand for spot'foundry coke U much beavier than Tisnal for the Tsasoo that rcladrely few foundries a.r» xovided irith ' contracts. Since : the «et prices came to rule in the market tie operators have been rather j iadtapoaed to make contracts, perhaps from force of nabtt, .as tbe usual appraisal ot the market has been that 1 contract tot coke, either foundry or furnace, should yield a somuwhat . higher pace than the average ot the · spot nwdtet, and that 3s iroposslWe' under the jyatem of' controlled prices · imlcw the average of the spot market is betour the set price, for the ·:. ~o«traet cannot be above- it. : Cck» brokers report that they axe lotag couxiderable .business in toun- ;··· ixj coke -without obtaining any mar. gin on the transactions, it being pref- erftfcie, when office facilities are pro- · vided, to do business without profit, : rad Tm*n friends, than, to do no bosi- .. ae«."Uere is an increasing quantity of Vsffidry coke available, however, Ml wlikb the producer is willing to illow the bxotor a. small margin. · Tb«m are no sales to "coosmoers at .. *bM» the «et prices, tie idea ot beat- inc tbe jaroe having been abandoned · gyf*'"' ago. The only remarkable '; ·· (trial i» thai such ideas were evar «n~ · tartmined. Tte j^rtrrt jfr.MiiLa Quotable at the set prices as lovwsz : . Tftmmtt^ «.M Foundry, 72-hour selected. 57.00 '. Cr««hed, cxrer 1-rnch T7.30 The trad* la coke screenings, ob- "·- tafaMd by carefully treating old : dooops, hat been* increasing s~.eadsJy '" · an ti« JS^flities of the contractors ·i who undertook this work bjive m- '; cnooed. '. At th-e same time the mal ti-riai has steadily increased in mar- kit value. The. first oflertogs, a few · months ago, went at about $4.uO, but · a* bi(h as J6.50 is HOTF readly obtained for the cleanest and best ma- · t4ri*U. "Tnere is an active trade also ;.' in · coke screenings and -coke breeze developed tat-regnlar course ot mariu- , !mcr«r* and coke operators are paying attention, to the preparation of I Jor the market, the price obtainab** being in ratio to tbe care eoMgeUad in. preparing it. Blast focrjace operations are at ap- pmiiiiBiMlj tbe saxne rate as for two or to«e weeks past Except for a few Jc9» furnaces, chiefly in the steej wotkz ranks, tbe blast furnace industry is running full. Very near]-- all tbe furnaces in · blast are obtaining ' mixinvMn production a-nf ^ arti fully sag-plied irfth coke. A few · furnaces hare been aWe to aceormijate slight · stocks, bnt in general the furnaces contttme to run from band to raouth and-often bare only a fear hours' supply at coke in S»^K- ' There » considerable speetthiikm as to .wh«t win occur in the coke trade in tto n«3± few months as by-product operation!, increase through the completion 'of additional ovens. IncfudSng tbe IsyTprodoct plaat of the Ajnerican Steel "Wre company at Clrveland, m partial operation since early last month, tore is aJtogether about 100,090 tons a week of by-product capacity to become active by September, but )Mt how tSJB will affect the situation rem«faw to be seen. VThiie the by- prodact coke will supplant ConneHs- ville coke'to i lai-se e-rteut. It trill not sopplmnt Coimellsvaie cool, as that will be used very largely in tbe new by-product ovens. Except lor the Ctauton. by-product plant, the coal will have to move by rail, and that means more rail movement, as the proportions run about ten. tons of bv- prod«ct coaJ to be moved- instead of seven Ions of coke. The total amount of raining labor employed will be tire saine,.but the coke oreu labor wili be greatly reduced. There shontd be a ·betUr soppty of coke oven labor -in the CoJineHsrille region as ilie new by-prodaict plants become ojierative. The freight rate advance to become effective June 25 will be 40 cents a ton on coke that now takes a rate of fLOO to ?LM per net ton. Advances .win"be greater or less according' as pre«ent rates fall outside these limits, ' but the general average will iirobubly be about -10 cents a tn on ibe total tosaage of ConnHsvilJe cokr that is Amoved. On an average the Airmtces consume about 2.300 pounds of coke pflr ton of pis iron and ih coke freight advance will therefore ia- ' crease the* cost of making aig iron about 45 cetus. There are increases In ore and limestone rates that will bring the total increase ia blast furnace costs up by about 51.25 per ton of pig iron. The advances in coal frtigbts wiH affect the cos' of byproduct coke by about the ! ame average as obtains on beehive roke. but probably in the long run the average will b« a shade less, . The pig iron market continues, inactive except as the authoritins at Washington allocate orders to the blast tttrnaces, for pig iron required with vrar work;'. COKE TRADE SU1IUAUY. A view of the present in the CoimelUvlUe region, £is it is being affected by the labor conditions, forces the somewhat unwelcome conclusion that production is nearine, it it has not already reached, the summer UmiL The diOlculties wftich have recently obtruded, including tbe indifference of the workers, are not lessened by the passing of time. In fact, there are developments which Indicate very conclusively that no improvement, either immediate or prospective, . is In sight. The withdrawal of a certain number of men who work in the mines and at tie ovens during: the' winter months has been about completed, and the industry suffers the loss without having- recruits to tafce their places. The draft call fixed lor this month, and others that will very probably follow from month to month, will farther deplete the working forces, a condition whlcn raalces it reasonably certain that, notwithstanding the relief that ht*s, come in the car situation, there cannot be any very material increase in production until there is a favorable change in ext3trngr labor conditions. What will occur In the trade when the by-product ovens now fculMlne are ia full operation Is causing some speculation, the view ffeaoraily being that Con- nellaville coke w5Il be further supplanted but not so with Con- neltoville coaL Furnace men are interested, because most affected by the advance in freight . rates OB coal, coke, ore and limestone. foundry grades, but there are heavy allocations each week in steel making grades, to supply steel works that have government orde-rs. Of ordinary open market sales there are very few. The market remains quotable at the set limits as foilovrs: Bessemer -- .. -- -..-.-... ^ $35.20 Basic ; -- t3».Kl Jio. 2 foundry 123.00 Afalleble ... ..-·.....».... ...J3.50 Gray lorge .._ * SS2.00 These prices are f. o- b. furnace. Freight from the Valleys to Pittsburg advanced from..Do cets to $:L10 on May 22, The average rate for the month may be taken at fLOO, and this seems to be the differential that should be used in the case of sliding scale contracts that are based oa pig iron prices at Pittsburs ratber than at Valley furnaces. TV. P. Snyder Company report average prices in May, based on actual sales of VaUey iron, at $35.20 for Bessemer and.J32.00 for basic, at Valley furnaces. These averages would therefore be J36-20 and $33.00, delivered PtttBourg. For June another differential will obtain, as *the prospect is that the minimum pig Iron freight will be ?1.40, effective June 25. This is based on the minimum class rate of seven cents per 100 pounds, with a differential for pig iron of 90 per cent. AMERICAN MADE PIPE PIPED BRITISH TO WIN JERDSALHmOM TUSKS I*toe 150 3IiIes Jxnig Carried Tfuter Across the Sinai IDesert, Staking Successful Campaign Possible. "Wiea General AIleaby*s forces inarched to Jerusalem and captured it from the Turks their victory was made possible by the .building of a pipe Hue across the Sinai deert. 160 Tmtefi, supplying: them with water. Moreover, this pipe line was made of pipe trom the National Tube company of Pittsburg, so that American industry cooperated in a most effective maner with the British army hi re- .storing tbe Holy City to the ChrisUah nations. This, great engineering feat is described by Major General 3£anriee I chief director of military operations of the British War Office, -who says: ."In the campaign as a whole the greater accomplishment has been not in the defeat of the Turks, but the conquest of the Sinai desert. The troops which fought at Gaza drank water'from Egypt pumped through an American pipe line, and were sap- plied over a broad-gauge railroad laid clear across the ISO miVes of desert which has defeated almost everybody that tried to controer Egypt lor centuries. Erery ounce of material for .the pipe line, the railroad and the ottoer works came either from Great Britain or tbe United States, "All the time this conquest of the desert has been going on the official coinimmicatioas h-aye been able to say 'nothing to report,' and tbe public thought we were idle. Tbe fail of Jerusalem was made possible by industry, orgaiiization and the help of material from the United States," UVES 200 YEARS For more thaa 200 years, Haarlem Oil, the famous , nutjorwtl remetty oC Holland, has been recognized as an infallible' relief from all forms ot kid- j usual merit. If you are troubled frith pains or aches in the bock, feel tired in. the morning', headache, Indigestion. 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