The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 26, 1930 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
Page 2
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PAGI'J TWO f HE DAILY COURIER, CONNEL L.SVILLE, PA. ^WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 26, Grand President Mary Casrell Guest at G.LA.Union Meeting M r n \t;tr\ H Ciwi^Mi of C'lovol.ind, Ohio, |r^sidont »f tho Grand I n - yUixiUiU-y to the Urot-h-ov- liood of Ixx'omotivi- K*iigmo l -rh, was* a ^iieet a1 ,i 11 jion n«xtint; «C the auxiliary heir! toilav fT! Odd follows Toni- plo w i t h Mo-chant )ivi.-1on No. 70 ot t h i s c i t y as Lin:- hosto.-s Uxlpo Ap- tro\"im.i.T"!y .suveiitv-sovcn women W M « m att«'ilu!i.'e Mre. (! II. Wolfi- norbor, pre-idont of tho local a u x i - liary, proM ed_ At noon t h e wnwn udjotirmvl t. t-h^ d l n i n g r o o m of the rhristiaA CMntroh wh^ro a k»Mctous ' hk'-h(m d i n i i p r vras sorvod l Mio Philathca O'.iss ot the- Sunday School. Mrs. Cho.rVr* PhilhiM» waa KIHMM-.I! fhairman o' the dinner Mrs .lobC|h Rktinjr, as.M-tod by Tiirt,. Klfio Koynoldb, was In etu rs;o o£ the kiKMvon and Mr«. Roy I . Otto, of t h e iHuUiRroom. Tho KIH\-,(^ w--ro seatMi ut toni' leas tablch, win; ti wore ilocowvtod with the auxiliciry colors, red, w l n t e , bluo and !a vendor. At tho altornoon s^fsiou th« granl prosidont, tl r i CassKoll, pi-p.-onu-d w i t h i i on-as o of, \ari-colortvl Hoovers by tho toe i t auxiliary. Airs M i i n h . i ('.\phcv ol" North Scxond str-oot, VYVsl Side, a t-hui ter member of Morchant, Uivibkm, \v u-. pivon a larrro botmutt of pink ( a r n a ions, the floral emblem of tho . u t x i h a ' v . Mr. C/phor united with t h e Connol bvilto auxiliary t h i r t y - n i n e vsira ago Sho wus seventy-i.e^n voart. old jostorday. Out-of-town r«p- rc-twit at is ·« wero pr^seat from Piits- biirs, Fairmont md other points in the d i s t r i c . rjRE.LKTKN 1) V\CK F R I D A Y AT I'LEASAST V V L L K Y C L U B Invitations have b?cr issncd for a prc-LentM dance to ho t;\vsn Friday uisht, Kol'i-uary 28, at tho Plcasaijt Vallpy Country C l u b by the Cluh Tlitoy. Thn hour.s arc from !) to t o'clock. i'he committc-e in charse oS the dance is ;-oinpoKtd of "Woody" OolTman i nd "Ken" Smith of Scott- dalo, "Doa" Stillwi.gon and "Bob" f f e r m a t i t t h i n wly. Patrons and liatrouet.Sf.s aro: Mr. and .Mr 1 -, S. il, Bulik, Mr. and Mrs L X Skein i). Mr. and Mrs. C. B, M u r p h y . .Mr. and Mi,-.. O. W. Luughrey, Mr. and Mrs. F. h\ Woddcll. Mr. and Mi-. J. K Campbolt, Mr. and Mrs. U R «ra t, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Porter, Mr and \Ir» K. "U. Hyi-rs. Mr. and Mrs. J. (' nixler, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Kc-lthlpy, Mr atul Mrs. (feorso ilol- I r n b a u ^ h , Mr. and Mrs. tiixirco M. M i i H S f v , M'- ,md Mrs S. J. Shannon, Mr uid \li - .-. W. .1. Doortoy, Mr. and M i s . H. II. Kirlunan, Mrs,. ,1. P. K. Milk-v. U - ,ml Mr-; S. B. C r a y , Dr, and Mrs. 10. 1!. ( i i l l i c r t , Dr. J. \V. All i s o n , D i . S. M. K o l l f w , Prank A. Will i a m s , .It inos B. K U i s , W i l l i a m B. Wartliop, .Jr.. and II. V. Overholt. Mr. ,ui i Mrs. Charles C. Mitchell, Mr. aiwl Mrs J b. Bvans, Mr. and M r h . J. i ' u l i Sppar, Mr. and Mrs. A. I. Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Whipkey, Mr. and Mrs. Moycr Aaron, Mr. and Mrs*. U I.. Met calf. Mr. and Mrs. V. B. J'^oiueUo, Mr. and Mrs. C. A. ^Marietta, Mr. and Mrs. H a r r y I'cU'V 5 . Mr. and Mrs. K. M. litady, Mr. and Mrh. J. W. Knzzi'll, M i . ,ind Mrs. K-red Ilohor, Dr. rtiid Mr:-, l ^ n n i s Hhrallow, Dr. and Mrii. U. H. . V i l n t n o , Dr. J. I,. J u n k , Dr. I. J C d - - t l , J ' r . M. 0. Hoover, James (lOld-sboio, H i M i r v Oppennan, Clcvo Ak r-,, .''ilrr-r SolbHon, Don Ijaruf, Hurley Jl'!!oii, David Wcrthoimcr, Jr., and Howard Mi CLure. V. OF r. \V. AFXIJJAIIY A N N U A L , DA.M'K TONIGHT Thf ^H-onil annual dauee of tho ),udi':i' \uxiliary to Walter K. lirov.n Post, Vi torans of Poreign Wars, w i l l be hold toiUKht In the lOtfcs Homo. l'/.u.t Or i w f o r d avenue. DancinK will bf i n d u l g e d in from 8 to Vi o'r-lock. Th'- da ice- will bo in charRp of t h n onu-ricii'imiMit coin.'uittcp, of w h i c h Mrs. J t m » t'ook is chairman. Mom- b.»rK of tho auxiliary and Waiter JE. Browa are I. II. N. CLASS OdSKKVKS 15th AXMTTJItSA JY AT l A R S O A f ! K Ot.o- of the oui.s n n d i t i p ; ovontff of t h o weetc, the ct lobmUon of tho tif- tpenth anniwTt. iry of (he i H. .\. Class of th(- Pir! Methodist Episcopal Church kwrt ni^hi The class met w i t h Mrs. D. R. Gratia n at 1he church par- eonaffo, Sotith FVtsbnrK street, and tiffy-fcC-vrn raerDl ^ra and pucata we-re in attendance. ' he anniversary cele- hmtkm wa^ chj -acteri/.pd by a brilliant imwical ai i literary proprarn. which consisted of the following Piaao solo, M 5*? Dorothy Knrtz: vocal solo, Ixro Hoover, accoinpaniod by his ssteter, M -!« ,)an Hoover; two readings, Mre If A. Herah.; two vocal solos, Mtes The ra Elchcr, accompanied by Mrs. !. T. B.irkor; two piano solos, D? mont Christy; two vocal eolos, T.Ii.'- Heten Grey, ncaim- pa'hied by Mi?s Eoover; two readings, Mrs. G. T. Bar! or; piftno solo, Miss Jean Hoover; t'lks. Mrs, J. B. Davte, t'las«s preel-dont, MTB. J. B. Henderson, a teachor of ti i rl.ttiB, Mm. P. R- (Jrahjun and R v. Dr. D. R, Graiiam, Mrs. 0. O. Banp » alto a teacher of the class. Tho pr ^ram closed -wi'th the cla!-*; and piifs-t ehiprBR "Blest Be the Tio That Biridi " Mrs. Grahfim was (ho accouipanis Delicious refi eshnxmts won? torved "by tho Itni-eb . imnrittoc compofoexl of Mrs. Homer C Davis, Mrs. G-ail Fteh- bach Mise Kat tryii Campbell, MT«. S. T! lOdmonds an. Mrs. J. O. IJoaUy. The proprarn t-omni ttco oonsisteti oi Mrs. J. K. Grey, Mi\ H. H. Mclntlre, Mro, C O. Bane in ! Mre. A. M. Stratton. Amona the pru -sts were .Mr«. Harvey f/ancafetcr of t !a eity, Mrs. Mialraa B.iiley of Van* erbilt, moth?r of iMrn. r. O. liane The I. H !· . CUtas IB one. of tho largest in tho Sun-day School and the event last nip it will be renMsmberod as om' of the most deliRhtful social events since t o r:kis« was orpraniaed, HAPflJOW CL « a V K S OF C H A R tIN(J AFPOI'T.UKNTS Charming i ail (if, appointments the d i n n e - givon by the Ra.tubow C l u b la»t nipl I ftt 6:30 o'clock in the home of Dr. uid Mrs. O. P. I/fighty of South N'snt street. Greenwood, for mombors anc their husbands. The decorations ^ ere !n keciinK w i t h W.i.shlnnton's iiirihrtay. A cherry trco adorned the (. 'nter of ttu^ tables w h i l e logs, to wh rh hatcbots and silk American fla s wero .ittauhcfl, were jlaoe-d at ei 1 HPT nnd of the Uiblc. Place cards v ere -small OIK!OS draped with Amoric n H.IKS. A red, whit© and b l u e run ler, extonditiR from one end of the U ble to tho other, helped to c o m p l e t e ho aUractiveueB*, of the decorative- sc lemc. Covers we o laid for twonty-two. After all ha 1 feasted on tho many good things, tbo evening was t u r n e d over to a sal nagundl party, arranged by a commit! -e composed o£ ]Mrfl. C. L. McDonald, TITS. M, A. Largent and Mrs. J. K. W i l l i a m s . Tho meeting was tho most d p u p h L f u l evor held by tho c l u b and wl) lonn^bo remomberod by members an their gnestt, The next regular meet .ng will be hold Tuesday night, March 11, ^t tho home of Mrs. C. h. McDoji tltl, Bast M u r p h y u venue, w i t h Mrs. X irniati Mauit hostcsi.. A good attond. nee is desired. W. B. A. JO WBER8 AND GUESTS E N J O Y BIJTGO Tho Woo-'dii's Benefit Asaociatioji met lat nig it in Pythian Hall. There was a yood ittendancc. One application for laeiabership was balloted on. An. invitatlf n was extended to tho local revie v from the yniontown Inrfgo to a rally to t» held FYlday, March 21, i i Union town. The atter- noon sesfik) i will open at 2 o'clock and tho cv ling meeting at 7:30. FoltowlDf the businoas session a bingo p a i t y was onjoy«J. Eight tables were In j.lay. HiRh prfzea were awarded U Mrs. R. C. Smith and Sh rpe-, and second to Mrs. Ify; U and John Walker. Tho door prize wao woa by Mrs L. K Welling. JLunch su.pplejmented hlngo. O on KT,KI'TS O K F T C I v R S Thf (i-oof) Will Kanc-yWH-li C l u b ni and Mount PlwiiMin! WTI:, ontortftliim! TMortttay li.i . Julia (Xwfiol at her hopift In 'V street, jit wae a n H.U*cltty ing- and ut n«0n,A$ftt. do!ic'6us dinner, ^B9i9Ud by h«v daugitqra, Mre, Mavlislyn- Snow ni Pitt-BourK and Mr«. Urovor A l l e n 01 Dltk^rson R u n , "Phft tibto TV.'IB mMl» a t t r H t t l v o \vij.h A i n o r i c a n B e a u t y react. Cavorts were oluffiorrt of cherries. At 2.;lO o'clock Hie olocllon of oftl- oora took place, Uio rersull beliiR an f*J- lowt~- Prpeid-onf, Mrfi. . l u l l . i f'oi»Ht'I: rioo- president, Mj-a 10. !( Shupe; *,ec- retu.y, .1. B. Anplf, Iratmurer, Mrs KatJifi i n e Pttinter of M o u n t P l e ^ n i i n t ; chaDlaio, .Mi K s. I C j i t h o r l n e Brii k o r Of Mount Piea^nut. J'MoworH n n i l I'Oiunii'toeis u r n . C*rtiTfiollti- v i l l f , Mrt. R. O. ('-jy, Mount Pl«»anit, Mrs Oe-lla B c i r n h i i r t . Thf* romaindcr ot t h e aftoruoou wa.s g i v e n over to f a i u y t v o r k . The- March fiieetiiifi- w i l l be lield in the home o/! Mri; H. O. (!ay. t'.ue^te of the hoatest* were Mrs, C. IA Bui key of Trotler, Mr^. S. T. Erviti of Conncllevillo Jind Mit* Dougherty of COHV1N WKHS U N I O N T(»V WK1 A wpddincr c.f IntorO'if took plane Mo iday at tho New Salem I'reoby- torian Church when Miss liwlyn Caiolino InkB, daughter »f Mr. and Mv.i, A. O. Inks of Oniontown, was unitcul in marriafw to OouKlans (Vr- v i n , son o( MTC. Anno Corvin of South Coivnellsvillp, Rov. KilKore, tlio pastor, ofllcialcd. Tho brido "was gn duatod from the Redstone To/wn- hhif) Higli Bchonl. The bridegroom is emtloyc-d by I h e B:Utirnor Ohio Railroad Company and has m a n y f r i -nds in Conncllsvillo and v i c i n i l y . Mi. and Mrs. Corvin h u v c jrono to hoiaokM-ping In their newly o m ~ pl-ted home at Evans Manor, Union- U'vn. P/tST CHIRKS MKBT WITH AIK.S. LILLY CHAPJUS The regular rai«trnsr ct the Pas! Cl Sefs Association of Athens Temp to No. h!}, Pythian Sisters, was held, loht night in tbo homo ol' Mrs. Lilly Chapman, 1121 Vine street, and w;i« marked by a largo attcn dance and an e) iborate luncheon f-arv«l by Lho bosteie.. The- menu ooneis/ted oi cieamod chick-en and biscuit aud many o-'her good things. eighteen p chiote were present. A RueKsmjf COB- Ust was enjoyed dnriitK tbo evening The prize wo* won by Mrt.. John Gaal. .SHIU LOIGK WILL am: TEA FOK MEMBKHS AM FRIENDS S7!ilo bodge. HI, 1 ! Fj.uii-es 1 Auxiliary {3 tho B. of H. 'T. taoW a very interest In? meeting laHt e-veninff In CkW Tellows HaU. Thro was a good at- tendince of memlwr^. Plans we're raado Coi' a ton Tu-oed.iy, March 25, in (XW Vellov« Hall for me-ittbvrw and trienda. The tea will foJlow tho btuj- iiis« sesfnon. T4w lod^o ateo made lan.) for a card party (n April. At 'he olosvo of the bu-iin-ess mooting cinch wat. scr-ved. SOUTH FIBEMEJrS CAKf) I'ART\ Tho last ot a so-ries of card parti". by tho South ConneM.frJlS-e )Vt partm-cml will Ix 7iell l'»dfly in Snylyr'« store room, be/rimiin^ at S o'clock. Pfvo h u n d r e d wfll bo e-d. RoCreshmonts w i l l !x served a-ftei th-e games. Bostites a door pr.'/.o thO'ro will b two moil's and two women's pr!:«\s foi the winners at u-airda. Two s-on'cs will bo awartkHl also. J O I t Tiu- I-CKU i c u n LOKIOI day night i t'lttrfbur?.' f, w e r e made (o bo held i he ?/egion Uniontown lidcic piny. ) v Mia.s (.'hainnan Tlu social KiiiKed otii -··ntod by t h e POM a i n atu-nd. t. S. Hob) i h d i - g u ol PLANS ACQUAINTKI) JftllBTUffl ar nieotitif; of t h e Amer- Auxiliary was held, Moni the legion room«, North rert, at which time plant tor a get acquainted 'parti t-Yiday nisht, March 7, in rooms. A grwip from thf auxiliary wrll present i The cast is befcig- coachec BUisabefh O'Bryon, Mac ( the Uniontown auxiliary coiumitteo has also ar r entiTtAinmoiH to be pre local talent. Members oi id the-lr frlonda are -urgei! L u n c h w i l l ba served. M i s . mi,, the president, was in he meeting kibt night. Omvard fla,ss Meeting. Twenty members attended, tbo meeting of tho O n w a r d Class of the M. P Church at the c h u r c h last oveiving. Tho devotional period was led by MTB. "W y. Brooks. Lunch was served after tho business meeting by a committee ,mad6 tip of Mrs. NelHe Stafford, Mrs. William Sickles and Mrs. Balsley. Lutheran AJd Meftthigv The Ladies' Aid Society ol the Trinity Lutheran Church will me-frt Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock Jn the church. A good attendance Is desired as bus-inuHS at importance, it fe announced, will be transacted. A comfort, will be quitted at this timo for the- Zellenople Home. Luf jior Jjeairnc SocfaJ. The Luthei Leag-ne of Trinity Lutheran Church will hold a social tomorrow TilgJit in the social room of tho church. The social committee has arranged for a splendid program. W. W. I'iehi'tt Class. The W. W. Pieljett Class of the Methodwt Pwteetant Church will bold its business and social meeting- at tho home of Mrs. Catherine Binhop In Bast Applo streot ou Thursday evening, February 27. Ail ra-e-mle.r8 are requested ix be present. U. B. Aid Sovlety. The tegular meeting of the Ladies' A:d,S«eiety of the FHrst IlBited Breth- rsn Odurch will be held, Thursday ui- ternoon, at 2;30 o'clock 5n the church. A good attendance Is doblred. Troubles Ended Tin n v.. little chance for pimples. Mai khrail-, ra-hvt,, etc , to mar a ··^kn, that. i cleansed daily w i t h P.. uu'l ant! treated with [it nsol O i n t m e n t ut the first SUK- Ifi's Km of., km li«!(,ider. The t o n i c O(io · of t h o soup u-IK ut once oC it'-- ( u ' . t K b f n l properties atul the (I.'., nient )um Ix-'eit used siuvcs 1 -(i ! \v for '!v yojti.s for '-kit' troubie-j ; 1,/,'it or set w i . Try them your- H ^ . tl ytntn »«r »v)3iA's CVL,TI;RI; i i,uu vu,i, 0 I S K I t V K N V T I O X A L DAY X.Uional Da \ \ m ie observed at. th') beau n o n t h l v nieetin;; ot the Wonuin's i u l t u r o - Club Monday u C t o i noon ii i i ('(.'.ii'iie^if Kiee Llbrur. 1 '. .Mis-, 1Kb. , i-.i S d i n i r 13 t(.;u!or mid Mil, Host-* O a r p c n t f i - u i i i havi* charge ot t i n - mi in. Mr.-, \v H Hohaiin.i, M ' " ^ J Jitu.siher and Mri,. J a i « Hi-i.s Ho tieu W i n ,, t iv( pai-i in t] o ] I Hera l y p o i j i a m ·\. li. 0. t luh. 'I h,. A U c 1 . C l u b ,t FiiiMufeh p iue« i I ' n ( , i 3 night o i h N Vx k W1 [ 1 ^ L l - IVM, i Pk'sher, Ho South Four h ^ t t i H - i . \\ .st Side, All mMnl)er.s a, ·« U 3anifS of S«ltit Omar Sisterhood, Dam-ps of JlaiU, will meet Friday night In Odd lVIIow« Hall. A report of the/ food sale last Saturday will be given et this nine. «. A. It. Circle, The Ladies' IMrr-lo to the G r a n d Army of the HepiiWit; wil nieel Thui.s- duy a f t e r n o o n in Odtl Ke-llows Jlall. \I1 Dai MeeWnff. The Lddic.H' Mnsion Circle ot" the Kim Baptist C h u r c h wiM hold an all cloy meetirg Thursday m Uie churcli, The mprning w i l l be glvon over to sewiiu; a n d q n J l t u i g . Lunch w i l l be served at noon. The regular meeting will be held at 2::so o'clock. Results J Sur« '. Wt-ea you use Classiflod Ade. in Tho D«itj- Courier. Tli^ cost Upset Not Serioxs If Bowels Get This Help Whon yoti'rr- oui-ai-aorfe, hlHotiK, w i t h coaled i r txt'oitih, no i i p p n t i t p or PIIO worry, l t ' « probabl. 1 c n n w l , 'I'aKu M w i n d y Cah'iuel i f i»i«fv Imw q t i t c K l y y o u r t r o u ii|)'i No morp hou.].io,hfi; j ))owo)», - A p j i o t i i r ' i. «iid bp, B ho wii-ring Tin n .srvo l and oni mu do n-oi iguo, bad ?y-- loa'l wtidn, '~ J flight of i . l o n u i c l i (i ( l t # M l o n t o m o r r o w ( j r l (»wry hit of y o u r Hyiit at, limi IH (JjiKca rots iii'c whl:Ji doctors ai;i'f-o » tu,ilf C H H b o w o l imujflVM. Ton c \c ,cldUrs j gaa o,$i mpro'voil e daoLbcr Al nJght. ow bowel !ef. i oascara, ifla at all N. K. L. A. tilllLS U f V K 11!I/](U1TFUI CUi .1) P A R T Y Tho K i w a i i i h Club loom/ wan I ho of u p r e t t i l y appoJn ed socfci IHH( ovcmig wjien HIP N T . K. L. A Kirl* of (ho Souf.hern Divi i«n of th AVt'sil Ponn X;HV« n (U x ilr;? il'ul can fiarty, w h i c h wae atteniol y approximately seventy guo-Rtit. T« Wes wero arranged lor bridge, ilv« h uxlrrd an flinch. Prices w-ero won jy thn following: Bridge, h i g h , Mln« lnv T no n berth ; eo-eond, M i« ]xnii PAinter; fivo huflidrrxl, high Williams; sooond, Mtes A onaea At- k i n s ; flhi-rh, high, MIBS A =ury Coyne; twond, !Mlt,8 Catherine HI Mitz. Arrangrd in the hotl wa a tall tree laden "with candy i-hwrtee each bear- a numbor which wtis clr ,wn by the as they nrr'vc-ti. O 'jraspomU wre placed in i box am Miss Sharp of Uiriontow i drow tho lu'ky number, vrtiJe'i em tied hor to th-o door rr!K. A daint; Itinch was served. Tlbo part} wa» a' ranged by a composed ^ of MIB« Hor- Oraft, chairman of bo souf.herr division, Miss Kthel. Nc /comer a MIK» Mary l*rln\lc«- r . The · ptpoinlm^nta wore perfect In every d* tail. Out-of- town fcu«-t : WOH- ir*so t from Un, Brow asvill«i''aud Grenaburg. '-- s South Visitation Pleasant, on Miri.s M;i!-y K, l»Uo r (laiigbt^r ol Mr. and Mrs. 0-W'i'pc l..e ho of North. S'oW.fl;U\ an-1 n t h o n v Punlcl ot Plttsbitr-j, we «v marT.ieH at Slavli/h Chi r*. Mount Rt«v, Ohju-les Janda ofll- irao niag Jit briite satin, wttb a aod o'clock. ^ii AJIU.I Jfta ko of Pitte- hiETg wrui Unties ootkld nd IDdwarc Btislto of MtUsbwcg wa« tHsst man. gowT ad in white caa« t by orange Ttie bndoe- 1 he lHte carried whilo i!*o6 aad U a bridesmaid p-inlc. A d*nn«', will cown laid tor 25, ·WJ.H served a.t Lh* brlci*'f homo' following tb« -widjIJiriR Tb* yow»s couple l«fl an a n«Mlttag itt resi}« Jn Ix ore b«r mar- in *ie ofoo rrf Es'-ate pL- ninff irdil at trip ami o»i »Ji«ir The J. W. Ruth ScofcWal*. AVOID ptmply Get ;i p:uk»K-'- t Dr. 'Mw«jrdi5 Olive TtvhleUi The H K i n -sin aid bejnn ta (·l«-«-ir aCtor you davo !i en tto* tablets a. few nlglilti, \t yo i aru itk.e UiouKiiiKis ot otbtra. ilalp -l«irisc liwir bio il. bo-wets and Hv-or \ v t l h l r . Iklnvardf UUve Tablets, tho stuycff'KKlul !tit»tltu · for cstlomel; there's no utene«fi o^ a.ln after taking th«m. Dr. Sd'*-and» O l i v e 3 ubiety do thit which caJiMtiil c'ooa, atv 3u«t aa effcc- tivoly, \i-ul tliei · ;utlor Is g-enllc and safe iKwtt-ad ot si vero and irrlt:Uin. Thoufca.7rfi;i taJi OIfv« TaJjIets are nuvr cursed Vfltli i "dark Untwu liujte," a bui 1'i-palh, . diUl, )!.«.)!««, "oo good" fKOHn^i, co i»tjpa,tlon, torpid Hvor, bad dto«»slti' n, pimply laco, OHvo Tatilcs A r t a j iroly vogetabla ecmspoaixl; knoavn by t oir oltvo c»lor. TJr, !3Jiw«rda apxwit years aanons ftafiotita iftUctfd wtth iver ittid bowoi and OHve 'bi«ts ar6 th« eSvjtive lewnlt. i Taka nisrhtly for a -weak) iee how much better you feel imd loo ,, ' DSc, SOc, ttOc. --Alvortlsem«nt. thoeo attvertlse, ROSE'S Extra Specials for DolObir I^ays Spies Caltes, ea -h 10« Appte Pk«, e»« i 19c ioteed a?Hl Svr «5t BongJumts, f »z. Iftc CinmMnon KoU i, loz. l»c All Cookie*, do .. ._.__.,_19« Phocte Vowr 0 xler -- Our truck will sto) at your dooi*. ROSE'S EAKERY Phone 315-J. Ehiring Dollar Days 25% off on any article you may select A. B. Kurtz Jew ler Hooper Long's Worth While FOR WOMEN--F'hoenix Silk and Chiffon Hosiery. Regular $1.50 quality in all the desired colors. DOLLAR DAYS--$1.00 a pair. Several lots of Daniel Green Comfy Slippers in Quilted Satin arid Felt. Regular $2.25 quality. DOLLAR DAYS--$1.00 a pair. ONE DOLLAR A PAIR OFF--On any pair of women's pumps, opera, strap or tie patterns, that sell regularly at $6.00 or more. MEN can select any pair of dress shoes or oa fords in our store and deduct a dollar from the regular price. Hooper Long *.'·.«.· *--»-* ·-» I " M » A triple saving on Wear-Ever^ Titese Mtemlers em O]$ply J/OM frvm fe» 27 to JMeuwis. LOUCKS HDWE;. CO., Connellsville TROUTMAN CO., Connellsville FAYEHE COUNTY PRISON IN 25TH ' a n I n s p e c t i o n iv U r p u r t m n n i r o p i o - Tlip poilius v\oi'c inviiroui lor .u!o- tood niei MB, coniplet i m i n t v mr-j-M^ ( t fi8f RANif IW ^TATP ! f a e p a v ! l t u u '" lne " ;URl w o m e n m - j land ut 570 pn llftnlV 111 u l r t l l i , inatos, i n c r c i i M in i m i n s t r i i i l Hdiv'uv, ----- luii a nitinp, f f of 13?' p o i n t s ; '' . and \V«8tnor«- SpociftI t i 'L'he O o u r V r UNIONTOWN, Fob '16 --Kayelto c o u u t v prison r a t e d 25th in t l n report of tho State D e p a r t m e n t m announced yesterday. TIip roauie oa a ji^int basla loilowiiis v m i t i u j conit lions, a d m l n U t r a h o n . Visit In i^roiiiul* anil b l i U l n i R j u n s o n i u l . j Mr. aiwl Mrs, J o h n MoOnrriiy nf anncH|u-f«J by Mi.« j Moi roll sient t h e weolt-omt in PiUs- 10. S, II. MrCii ilpy, si of \\ t ng t h o , -- .)f» f thotr son John Kii-f, wore. »ri !·) on a J,00ft point 1 and daughter, M!RR Mdrgarot. a K a y o J U c o u n t y waj, awauk-( in Ui« More r - Hospital Allss r i t . ' o u n i v j r l t v (··ompict.tKt hor Uie list wJib, 870 to aurstug F«bwjan- S- points wli !-«

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