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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, February 26, 1930
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ast l^dition rice 2 Councilsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. The Best Advertising Medium in the Yough Region, V'OL. L;,S, NO. no. TM; PM^'L^!;'?-^^^ CONNELISVILEE, PA., WEDNESDAY EVENING, FEBRUARY 26, 1930. TW NTY-FOUR PAGES. FREE TRANSPORTATION BY TROLLEY INTO CITY FORENOON OF THURSDAY Merchants of Connells- j J7 nrmAr ville Offering Unusual ] F Ormer Savings in Staple Merchandise for Two Days. LEADING STORES CO-OPERATING 'y Dollai lnys -- they're i i n d l-'rii ay -- K'vf" every proi.iSf- of h n i i K up the: s t a n d a r d of sevo.'al j e a n * f t by tlio m e r c h a n t s of t o n n e H s v i l l ^ in .avintts for tho peop c of tho Coke- R e g i o n . To s t i m u l a t e i n t e r e s t the m e r c h a n t s - Attorney Cbri Dies At Mount Pleasant tomorrow Special to The Coi rler. i MOTNT PLEASANT, FV -. 26--Nevln A, Coi-t, fio yeur« old. f o r m e r district a t t o r n e y of Westmoreland county, died I Vanderbilt Fire Causes BOOSTiftS AIRCRAFT SHOWS, rTITSBURG, TO BE HERE SUNDAY Town in iltfnotary nf Motor Caravan Making Circuit Of Neighboring Towns, AVIATION RALLY TO BE HELD NOON Ppefl il to The Courier. Pn'TSBl'HG, Feb. 26,--Arrange,] to last nic;h( ut S SO o'clock it his homo) aroitso arlilitional interest, in tlio »«·-i»Edgar Ctraham, 21. PiUsburpr in Kaglc street, after i 1 n R e r i n g ill- npatj. He had boon in f a i l i n g ; health for a year and in a serio is comiition i?iiice Christmas. Xevin Augustine Corl, t o n of ROT. w i l l main provide f r e e transportation latcien and Sabiua Orhs C o - t , w;ia born to C( n n e l l s v i l l e the t l r i t day. Arrange- I '} Qu.ikortown, Bucks co mty, March m r n l s h u v n been mad'* w i t h t h e West | Penn Railway* Company to carry free j .ill persons boarding cars for Con- E w i t h i n the shopping area i the hours of S:5« A. M. and j 1;07 V. M, Note .should be made o f , ' I IIP fact that persons- boarding cars he-foro and after the time, specified w i l l V charged the r-'juilar fares, KO t h a t there will be- no misunderstaJid- inp. Passengers w i l l be given free transportation if t h e y board cars at M o u n t Bratldock, ICln Grove Scottdale, Dickerson R u n and South Con- nc-HsvUle and all i n t e i mediate points. The arrangement is cood o n l y the first lay. , , , Simply toil the co-n litctor you are I f lli '« r - f o r some time he v as engaged going to Connellsvlllu met ou w i l l be in t e a c h i n g in tho p u b l i c s- hoolrf, riret 20. 1SGT. Ho received his - arly tion ;it Martineburg C ia.s-ical fe Scibntiftc I n n t U u l e , of whli n his f-ather was Iho head. When he v«u «even years nld the family move to Greons- burg whor^ bis father bee, me head of | the (Ireensburg Female Seminary, which was founded April I, 1S75. In the intituiion conducted b · his father tho boy continued hifi sfuc.ies am! began the study of Latin ; nd Greek, when ho was 11 years old. In 1SSI .Nevln entered th - employ of J. Bowman Son, retrial tins there three years, at tho end of w h i c h time he resumed his school ·woi-i under his carrli cl free. Dollar Days have the endorsement and cooperation of the leading stores of tho city, banks, theatres and many of tlu sinalier shops. Stores particl- patinic arc prepared t · offer t f u a h t y mercl andine at prices i hat will insuru real savings and that will pay every mail Had woman lor irilps around to take- advantage of. This appliotf not only to the opening day, Thursday, but tc- Friday, too. On, another page o£ The Courier's · 24 today will be font tl a group of special bargains ofi'ere i by th merchant!'., rerusnal ot this and the larger Individual advei tisetnents w i l l re-veal apart oC w h a t is offered t n r t he- two diys of b u y i n g - t i e annual mitl- ·wintei ove-tit. The people of the rcRion arc to visit tiio stores, bein; assured t h e y ·v\-ill be amply repaid a the savings offered, not, o n l y Tliursd ly, but Friday. Follow the crowds for Dollar Day in lerr.v t o w n s h i p I n 1SSS he entered P r a n k l i n Marshall Colic e. D u r i n g hi;? j u n i o r year he was ta .en ill and never resumed his college vork. A f t e r recovering- his health ho t-xak up the ftudy of law w i t h tho hue i. M. Klotin o£ C.reensburK. He wafc a mittoci to tho bar in 1K93. Taking an active part in lepubhcan ond annual Pittsburg Aircraft Kliow among Pi-ttsliurg's neighbors, a two- day automobile tour will be conducted Saturday and Sunday, March. 1 and ^, by ofhciais 01' tho Aero Club of PiUs- bui-K:. the Pittaburg Aircraft Show, and sovtral dozen aviation enthusiasts. The 'tour will include fireenaburg, Mount I'lenssnt. C/onnellsville, l i n w n town. Charleroi, Monongaheia and Waihington Tf'Ur memlors will include officials of aviation organization^ HI th-cs I'ittsi- bitrf; rlistrict, piloUi, oflicers and mom- t«sr.; of the \-f»ro C l u b of {*iU3burg t oditialK of th* PitLsbtirg Aircraft Show, avlatic-n speakers and others inte-revted iu aviation. The tour delegation will carry portable avia ion motion picture apparatus and movies w i l l be shown in I he larger ro nnuinitif\- visited. M-ni- hers of the party w i l l altornatfi in delivering br ef address;- regarding the a i r c r a f t -how when stops art- W B u r n s Phelan is local rhuirinau for t h e - (Ji-pflns-burg v i n i t . Ue is in i-hargp of the only overuiKht stop on tne l o u r , the visitors being scheduled Ui a r r i v e at Ureensburg at 7 o'clock Saturday nijrlr. for an aviation dinner and rally. Tl t^ I'lttsuursj-Urecusiburg airixrt w i l l b; vJsiled for two hours Three Pittsburg Men Killed When Car Rams Troller By United Press, PlTTSDUllG, Feb. 2(i,- Tluee youi ; men were Kilted early today wh a tho automobile In which Uiey wo e riding crashed head-on into a stre t car. Tho machine turned over ?.s t struck t h e .street car, h u r i i n ? tl -2 passengers into t h e street. The dead' are William H. Woigan- , 33, PittsburK. d r i v e r of (he autonu · bile; II. AI. Oylor, .'12. Pittsburg, an I SANTO DOMINGO REVOLT MAY NOT Woigand was married whil^ th * other? were Mingle. According to William Knvjdl, 2 , motorrnan of the street car, the auu · mobile had swerved i n t o the stref . to pass a machine in front of ther i when the accident occusHed. Krejdl received a cur on the. c.hee, as the' front window of the trolle was shattered, but none of Ui* liv passengers wan Injured. SALVADORE VORASSI PAYS $100 AFTER POLICE MAKE RAtt politico, Mr. Cort \v;ui appoi: ted jiBeist-j t m i r l n t s will esiv for Conn-oll-n-ille ant to District Attorney *\ . T. Dora, aml L ' n i o n t o w n . Charles Hcamaai of I'niotUown, vs c h a i r m a n of the visit Salvaiore \'oraissi, living at l.T TS'ofot Pe;uA street, wai arrerted fo; violatinj; the liquor Ja-»' in a raj ronducted agalnsst him last owning b; c i t y police. He was placed in th lock-up and four men. in the houc a; the time of th^ raid, also werf arreal «ct. This morninjr Vomrs set.U«I for E fine of 5100 and each oC t h - f O ' i r visit ors paid $10. Chief J o h n r W a l l . Assistant Ohael A n d i c w Thomas, Patrolmcu Carl EJishiip and (ieorKO Yt-thors parttc!- on Sunday m o r n i n g , after which t he j paUx! in th-o raid. \Ms-t-n Vorusai President Vasqucz ,StHl in Office arid Confident of ^Army's Support. DEPRESSION CHIEF CAUSE By HARRY W. PRANTZ United Pres Staff Corr-eS'TJondent. (Copyright, 1930, By The United Press Associations). SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic, Feb. 26. -- Horacio Vasqu«z, an elderly gentleman of benevolent appearance and kindly manner, told this correspondent In an exclusive Interview that he wiH not resign the iproside-n-cy of the Dominican Republic, and that h-e intends to abide by th-e country's constitution, under which he ·will remain in office until August. To the question of wh-en be will be a eandkiad* for office again, one of t isuues in the present intuwrection, ho docJined to reply. The seen* in the president's bedroom, whore Vaequea was receiving contant reports from bis counsellors and advisers on progress at the "front" Tras ono invitins: some pity, f-qr th-a presid«nt i£ far from a well man, His usually round face, set off by gold spectacles a.nd a vrblte goatee, Bhowed plainly the oftecte of a long illuoaa. Ho has ncv-w completely regain-ed his strength sioce his major operation a-t Johos J:Iopkins Hospital in Baltimore. The prosidont sat in a deep chair of yellow velvet, surrounded by his frieaids, who frequently lnterrttpecl tho conversation with suggestions and advl-ce. HOOYER APPEALS FOR STABILIZATION OF PRICE OF WHEAT i:y U n i t e - U I'r -ss. WAfcHINClTOX. I'Vb -'7. - The HCKIVCI Administration appealed today to all Ijudinestfi ini'-rests, Includ- in_K t h ' i grain tf»(!e, ir support ila efforts to prevent f u r t h ;r d P f l i n o H in the pj;.c-c of u h r a t , adopting U i ' t i c s similar to employed after t!in block irmrket crash last fall. CUiaii nicin hcKK" "i- tbe Fodcral Kami Hoarl madf tlint appeal Iri a j statemi'iil i»au«d a f t e r a r«Jnfer'»u-o w i t h PrctildfUt Hoover ut the Wliito House, wmpiinn:; a«rii ulturo'H biui- ation tiow to t h a t of business whon the stock nuirk"t drotM'cd. H o . said emerge icy tnensureH ta ten by ttie Iward on beh.ilf ot w h e a t differ in 1:0 c.ssentif'l redpci't fi'om inea.sui'ew in- iHated by the A d m i t istratlon lo btatiilizd business. The hoard is m n k l n K available u n limited I'unclt lo tho Kat mers N u t i o n - ai ( i r u i t t Corporation a n d iti stabill/.a- tion K i i b s i d U r N , recent I v i at $10,00(1.000. for purch.ibe ot lo be held u n t i l t h e price roaches a reasouublo level, the ( h u i r m a a ox- plaincd. Preside-ill H o o k e r . t h r o u R h Logi;, has t i r t i w n the A l t n i n i s t r a t i o n s-quarolj behind tho po.lclos of tne Federal Karro Hoard w l i i i h have bcrn i i t t u c k e c by tin- jeriiin tradf ·uul boardi. "f trad H,-, u n l i \ v f a l , I^P^KK said, fi.iUy, thf be/an P 8 activities would bo continued CITY COUNCIL HAS SESSION City ( o i H H ' i i . nit-Hum i n ,i ^UK-rial session ( h i s afti-i aoim. t m ^ k up i ^ o matter t r-IoMi'tig the- Ixxil , oi the c i t y treasure r tor t l m ti.scal y n r . V t n i o t K Sois^ion of tho Soswioti ' Kiro B r . . x k ronuuiuv : i p y \ i r o d b-Moro the- stolon.* in t h e i n t e r e s t of brick for p a s t M u e n t H and strt^etc*. d t v l n v i n g Uiat the u p k f ( p o v e r ;i p«-i n.| oi' 10 years is- snuiUt r ( h . i n t l i - ' ·' -i IHTH^ i ( s sa;d !ii;i h r i ' K - t.d i u t ( t u u r t ' t o brtso mi i so i!·! n p i | i ,i p h . i i t f i l l e r ·r.-xnUt li' r h ^ . t p r i ' i n ' b IMV-A r u n , u f d i n g t i a t r n « « .-osi ,i would lx a lit t i p largsr Jr., In 1010 ami served thr e years in that, capacity. In Septembc r, 1917, he was nominated for district ; ttonicy on tho Republican ticket oml *ae easily eloctwi. j I P - w a s r(!-elpc.ted 'n 1921. For five years Mr. Cort v ae exalted ruler of Mount pleasant I.oii -C of Klk«^. Hr- wae a member of tho R^-C"nion i'resbytoriau Church. .Mr. Cort came to Mount Pleasant lo live irt IS93. On May 10, IS- »4, lu: wan married to M a r y Laird. HI w i f e and two son*, arid two daughter survive. They are: Thomas i/aird Cort of .Mount Cleasar.t and Nevin t Cort, Jr., I at home, and Helen Cort at homo and i .Mir-.. Margaret Cort Palmer of New London, Conn. He leaves alr-o two sisters, Mrs-. Joseph Mcllvaint of Scottdale and Mre. Oliver K. t nydor o f ! Greentiburg. Tho f u n e r a l service w i l l o. Friday afternoon «.t o o'clock at the residence, ] w i t h Kev. J. 13. Hnrtman B u r i a l will be in Mount Ometcrv. there, and is a r r a n g i n g an aviation luncheon and rally Sunday afternoon, a v i a t i o n d i n n e r aud meeting, Sunday n i R h i , at Wa-'hington The aviation t o u r h t . oxpec' to r e t u r n to I'itUburg t-ofore 11 -f. H , Sunday. Tho detailed itinerary for Sunday is n* f o l l o w s : 11:00 A. M., leave Groonsburg atr- prrt; 1J 1'. M.. arrive at ConneUsvtlle for a v i a t i o n r s l l y ; 1:13 P. M., arrive at U n l o n t o w n for aviation luneheijn and r a l l y ; -I f. M., arrive at Charloroi (r a v i a t i o n n l l y : 7 P. M , arrive at \Vashiupton, I'IT aviation dinner and rally. opened tho floor aud s.iw he dtiKhod for th« kitchen, tl o chiol Raid. The officers pursued h i m and Wall graj/pcii the man just AS he dumped a kotile of l i i i u o r into the ,HJnk, T h e clothes of both Vorsasi and ·tin* chief wore saturated w i t h the moo tush i tie. Wall js-op-ped up enough YORK, Feb. 2«.-- loubt that political disturbances in Santo Domingo would resttlt In armed conflict was oxpr«!i«ed today by New fork business me-n intimate-Iy acquainted with affairs in tbe island republic, Dissatisfaction with President Horacio Vasquoz' evident intention in tho w i t h a cloth 10 partly ftll a lxttl i and elections of aoxt May fo parpciluate It retained as COLDER WEATHER EXPECTED TO CHECK BUDDING OF TREES Warm wcath°r and w t u m rainii h i i v p Ctius-ed an early b n d d i n T of considerable s h r u b b e r y in tin section and even trees are showing signs ot being ready to break Co 'th into MASONTOWN MAN DIES AS RESULT OF MOTOR WRECK S j i f v i t i l to The Courier. t'.MU.NTOWN. Feb. 28.-- Louif, \liu\- ovich, ;!S ycarj old. of Miitsontown, di«l i n U t i i o n t o w - n J U w p i l a J t h i s a f t e r n o o n from i n j u r k w tubtuiucl about !): 110 A. M. w h e n his iutomobik and another crashed -on kho National Piko no:ir Searlghtfi. ill.- daughter, Mary, 3 f yearn oii, is in iho hospital w i t h n posiblo iractu'-o of f h o b k u l l , a crushel pelvis and broken riba. Mr:,. K m l l y Kodovicl was lees heriou«ly huil. State Senator W. S. Goodman of Racine, Win., van d r i v i n g the other BUTTERFLIES, GRASSHOPPERS AT OH10PYLE Prom H. U liaffertv. corre«rondent for The Courier at Ohiopyle. coiues thi.3: "Other towni. can of spring in feeing caterpillars. Ohlopylo ii one aheid. Frank ( j r a h u m si-w i butterfly Tuesday, George Stisll brought to town hoveriii Brasshoppers," foliage. U is feared that a freealug t ,, u , al)(P , n it ' w , f h ,, m ft( , a paBbC i lger spell, whlc'h is considered a most iu- t'vitable, w i l l cause- considerable dam- tin- 'Hsa lias become very g eeu and new shoots have growi rapidly d u r i t i K t h e paat wo'ck. WiMlhcr today was liki that ot A p r i l , w i t h s u n s h i u c and f-lu^vcra bc- ins intei'i-pefscd. CARDINAL DIES AFTER OPERATION fiy I ' n i t e d Press flOMlC. V'eb. 26.--C'ardin; 1 Merry Del Vul died todciy shortly after he had undergone au operation for appendicitis. T h o cardinal, a membe-r o an old and p r o m i n e n t Spunwh t a m i l y , had b«cu HU(td«nly stricken w i t h ippcudi- citis and wa:i forced to u n d e r g o an upct-iitioa lust night. The cai'dinal wa.s st-crc-tcir of tihe lOiiKreigiition of the holy o( ax- and arch priest of the Vatican Ba ilica. M i s s Vniu'e In HoM]»ita . Mis? . I c n n i o Vanre of \Vot- Cedar a v e n u e M a s a d m i t t e d t o t i e Wost I V t i n HoM-iUat. Pitt*bui'K. Tne-day for t i t - a i n u ' i i t Shi was ar-comp. m f t by Itor h i - o t i u r - u . - l a w , \\'. H C i j i U u d of K"Ht»viic. n h ' i motored hn ·· i b i s H!-,U-UC*KV.I j itrnui2T. ,nirf h n r .li.tcr, Mr; j Horshcy .£ liarriburg. w a f . c)Ionel Kk . koman , also ot Racino. GRAND JURY IGNORES GRINDSTONE CASE i t p o c i a l to The Courier. i:\lO\TO\VN. Feb. 26.--Two ignora-') and seven t r u e bills were ret u r n e d by the g-ancl Jury today. hi the case of Uarl Centennial, charged with absconding from a boarding house at Grindstone, with a bill of $125.40 unpaid, the j u r y Te- turne-d un ignoramus and placed the costs on the county Mrs. Kose A Walsh was pros-icutor. In the case of Frank Nearhos of U n i o n t o w n , a paternity charge, the jury ignored thi. b i l l and placed tlu- coiit^i ou the prosecutor, Ellen Seller? of U n i o n t o w n . True b i l l s re-t'irntMi in-eluded: .lease QIKHJII of Mount llrud-ilock, l u i c c n y , \. A. D u w n i i i g , proiix;ut(ir. K i l w i n M u r t u c t i and Klhul Blttiuger of ('onnellriville, pofi5es:i3Jou of liqiiot-, Charles J. H.UUI.I, proseculor. ·iuhti Motto. M o u n t Braddock, )ia- t e r n i l y , A l i c e Bealty, pros-ecttlor. Postmaster Behaniwi Talks to Students On Civil Service AJ, mio oC the spcakoris provHod by the vocritlonal guidance oommi'tee of tho Kiwani« C ' l u b Postmariler v\ r . H. Hehiinna gave, an rii' talk to students of the Hif?h School t h i B morning. iliri .subject was "Civil Servico," in which he p a v o a brief historical feketch of the 'operation of tlui Hvil servico law. The g o v e r n m e n t positions for which civil tiorvlce. cxitraina- lions irc heki make it "iwre ant! more a necessity lor applicants lo have a good character tuid h l R h W-eiis oE morality if they desire to work for Uncle Sam," eald Mr, Rohan na. He pointed oul that tho pay i« not Always a« large as in private employ- m e n t , "but thn prerogatives provided and tho opportunities for service and advancement of much indtioemt'nl to those who arc really ambitious. '* Ho urged thorough acciuaintanco with and Ability to t h i n k anl ?.'ive clear oxpr-ession to thought n« sury l.o passing civil eervJoe oxamina- tlons, At the Hosi)ila). Carrie [TooA'«r.o£ Loticks s-lreet, city, and Martin IxmcUS of ScotWale were admitted lo Coiinellsville St^ite Hoa- \)tta,l Cor treatment.. Mildrad Biglcy of I,atrobe underwent a tonsil operation while A u s t i n King of Kny^ler ,'ilr-c-et und-ei-wenl a nowe operation. The Weather rrog^ H('in)!n)r About'. Not only have irocs l.fp-n lured from HUM! w i u i n r fetreal.; i n t h e m u d b u t i h p y ar iKtppiiij: rtlxiul on l a n d . One H a r r y I was repori'vl t h i s m o r n i u p In Eaet J Park, cue yesterd iy at Poplar Grove. Cloudy tonight and Thursday; probably light r a i n ; colder tonight and Thursday is the noon weather forecast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature Jtuctml. 1930 1929 M a x i m u m 7'! 01 M i n i m u m fi^ 4-1 Woau -- 67 5i. in office aad ha.rd times which imrj oaos-ed dlfftnlssal of. many gov- crnrnont employoe, were Riven as chief reasons for the discontent which resulted Jn part of ihtv army declaring against the Vosqwe* administration. \Vhethor or not the army goes over to the opposition largely depends, it was said, ou the altUudo of its leader, General Rafael TrujLllo. General TrujiUo is considered friendly to Vae- quez and was quoted recently as saying that he could hold in line the majority of the country's l.roops. These consist of only 2.0150 men, bftt they are well disciplined and equip- pod . If they support tho |{ovorn.rnent, bloodshed will probably be averted. Sentiment against re-election of VosqiteB has gn-o-wn until It Includea In addition to the opposition a number ot non-partiaaix eleaj^nls. These point out that most of Santo Dojnlnfio's revolutions and civil wars ha-vo ro- sul-tsad from, attempts Lo perpetuate one man or one group in office. Political stability is impossible, they declare, until the. regular and peaceful transfer ot governing power is aa- "I have not resigned," Vasquez eaid, "and I shall remain in oflice in. ac- ;ordance with the constitution." The. bulk ol the Dominican army, Va/Kiuez is convinced, is loyal. Therefore he was somewhat surprised, he said, that the mlitary forces hai per- nitted the insurrectionists to take ·ver the fort at Santiago without re-' iistance. Scorning the Suggestion that he had ntended leaving Santo Domingo, the (resident denied that he ever con- emplatecl running awt^y, and Bald that vlthougn. ho slept ai the fortress Uio iiglv-t of the oiitbrealt, he returned to he presidential palace in the moni- ng, * , J'leased with tho friendly offices of ho American le-gation, Vasqucz said hat the Americans, ho realized, had : cted only to prevent bloodshed. CAUFFIEL'SCASE FAILS TO IMPRESS BOARD OF PARDONS HAHKlSBimC, Feb. 2«.--The pur- an plea of former Mayor' Joseph ( auffiel of Johnstown, who entered t ,e Cambria county jail New Year'u 1 ay to begin a three-year sentence, \ as heard by the State Pardons Board t iday. Queslions asked by members of. the 1 sard of Caufflei's attorneys and c imments made by board meaibers r i the arguments indicates! they were it impressed with t h n allegations of i ( is t M Taft Sinking; End Believed Near at Hand By United Pre»-s. Former Chief Justice Willian Howard Taft is slowly sinking and fcis doc- tore have abandoned hope for lis recovery. His condition, taking a decided change for the worse todsy, was more eerioae than at any tinu since h« "became ill several weeks ap when he was forced to resign from the Supreme Court. His death is only a question of time. Dr. Francis R. Hagner, hia physician, called relatives after hie usit at noon today and apprised them of the former Chief Justice's condition They are expected to come here soon. Soviet Chieftain Denies Religious Persecution Tales R d i t o r ' f i Note:--Thr* folloivlnsr IF the iirsl r l i r P t I n t e r v i e w f r i v l n m : t h o S o v i e t i l l t l t U f l p O T t h ' ' f r ' l i g - I O U h J!:31J1~, W i ' ' h iij c-auslnp a i v o r l i l - w i d c s t i r . It w i t h Tlykov, ttiioEe p o s i t i o n aa pres- i d e n t of t h o c o u n f - ' i l oi r o m m l f a r 5 cov- r e s p o n d a lo t h a t of p r e m i e r , nn I was o b t a i n e d by K«J \j. KcTi, x ice-prc O r i e n t o£ t h f U n i t e d I'ro^H f o r K u r o p c . Hv i;n JL K I C t O N V i c e - P r e s i d e n t of the L'nlled Prf ,d for E u r o p e . ( C o p y r i g h t I9a» in till Countrie: by U n i t e d PI-PUS. MOSCOW, Keb. 26.---Porsecuti n or imprisonment of any person because of reliKlouii beliefs is hjrdly po*all: in the Soviet Union, Premier Alexis Rykov told me today in stating directly for the first time the grcvwn- meut's views on the. religious is' ue, "One of your quest fonts iniplies proaocutions and imprisonm-on s because of religious beliefs," Ryko\ aald in Iiis office in the Kremlin. "I d not know of any such coses and would bo very Rlad if you could point out 10 mo a single instance. They are b irdly possible on Soviet soil, where Wi-re Is Coottnueti on Page Six. Loss BUILDING HOUSING NEWMYER-CRAMER M. P. ORCHESTRA WILL PLAY FOR ORTSMEKS MEETING ON MARC 3 4 Members of ConnollsvIHe Loc;.i of Fayettu County Klsh Game Protective Association and their fri3nda wUo attend the showing of the wild life pictures at the High School / udi- torium on Tuesdrty evening, Mari b 4, are going to find an unusual m u t i c a l treat in addition to tho other features ot the affair. The Methodist Protestant orclu Btra which Is composed of 25 young iolk« of the c(ty have volunteered to re id^r several selection:;, beginning at 7 : 1 5 o'clock. This orchestra is under Iho 1 rec- tion of Robert A. Mulao, welt k n o w n local mttaician who has brought the playing of t'.ie talented youtha : o a point of re-cognized ability. COLLECTOR DUGGAN ON THE JOB DAILY Edward I;. Duggan, deputy Inte -mil collector in HUH district, has alr tidy started his collection' of the '9i!0 taxes and is located in hjs offlcF on the second floor of the Federal B u i l d - ing at the corner of North Arch and West Apple streets. Persons^ desiring to flic early ii- corno reports a?'o now roceivins Mr. Dijggan',s outiro attention. He be at hia oflice until March complete tho ta:ik. \'i to MILLER SUCCEEDS J. BUELL SNYDER Charles A. Miller has been ah tho euccestioi- to J. Bueil Buydei in the promotion of the Kayette county competition in the national oratorical contest this year. Mr. Snyd-er liad been selected but askod lo bo relii-.'ed of 1,his work. The P e n n s y l v a n l j i Korensic TAiu,"iie is coudiKitinsj the oratorical wcirk in Western Pennsylvania in conjunct un With the Pittsburg Post-Cay.ette. Mr. Aliller also I.H at Hits head of h« county events in the P c n n s y l v u lin Forensic I^eague-'s r e g u l a r uchedule o/ scholastic competitions. ,Siiferrfll Albert K. F r a n k l i n SutorviMe, \Vestmorelantl isounty. WUH yoslii-oay attorney*, framed.. that their ulieuL had nominated ' Hoover. postmaster by Prcsid( nt STORE IS GUTTED Loss nn Building fs Placed at $25,000 With IVo Insurance. STOCK DAMAGE IS ALSO HEAVY Fire of undetermined origin, -which for a. time threatened the business section of Vanderbilt early this morning virtually destroyed a two-siorv brick building, one room of which was occupied by the Newmyer Cramer clothing store. The loss was estimated at approximately $10,00^, Volunteer firemen from four companies battled the stubborn blaze for three houra. Three streams of yat- er were played on it. A drizEllng rain aided the several score of volunteers. The building, owned by Mrs. Charles Roberts of Wheeling:, W. Va., formerly Mrs. Mary Popovicli of\Vai- derbilt, was badly gutted. Practically everything: will hare to be rebuilt except tho walls in event the placo is put into condition again, it was said. The flooring, walls and ceiling will have to be replaced. It was estimated that the loss to the structure, costing about ?30,OOQ, will aggregate $25,000. There is no insurance, It was reported. The Newmyer Cramer dothtflg store, the only tenant in the build- lug, lost approximately $15,000 wortn of merchandise and fixtures in the blaze. Burt Newmyer, proprietor cf the establishment, said to have been one of the best outfitted in its stock in the Tri-Town community, declared that his total loss would be between £15,000 and $16,000. About $9,500 insurance was carried, it was said. The blaae was detected at 3:20 o'clock by Charles Patterson who saw flames ID the rear of the building while sitting in his home on Vanderbilt Hill, across the crock from the business district. He notified Jive home fire department which readily responded. Assistant Fire Chief Frank E. Reed today told The Courier that Ue did not believe the fire was started from the coal stove which was located in the rear of the storeroom, although it was burning. He said when, he answered the alarm he went into the structure and found the floor nine. He added that it was a little distance away from the stove, thus discrediting the report that the Maze was caused from an overheated Mote. i The fire was concentrated i-i the rear of the building and the 3remen experienced difficulty in settij.- at. the blaze. The flames ate their way from tho flrt,t floor to the second and then ,to the roof. With the blaze located in the extreme end of the structure, it was hard to throw a wa'or line on its as the volunteers were warned of the danger of the llocrs and ceiiinga caving in. At first chemical 'tanks were employed but the flatneB had gained much headway, The D. L v Volunteer Fire Department called for aid and two trucks from Soottdale one from Connftllsvillo and another' from Dawaon responded. With (he hosts of th?sc trucks attached,, it was possible to secure three streams of water wnich was pumped from a creek, about 10(J yards from the scene of the fire. Two of the pumpers were employed in providing pressure. There was a steady ralii, throughout tile early morning hours and this aided materially in preventing the fire from spreading- lo the adjoining buildings. On ^ t h e south side of the building is the First National Bank wbilo to the north Is the Johnson block which includes a moat market, a vacant storeroom, l u n c h counter, clothing store and theatre. Had' the fire become unmanageable, there was a poc- sibiiilv- t h a t t h e entire street which includes afcout 30 other building m i R h t have been destroyed. There ,aro LWO storerooms on th* first floor of the building gutted by the flames, one being unoccupied. The second floor was used for apartments w h i l e t h e basement housed lhe only bowling a l l e j s at Vanderbilt. Th« basement also was used as a jtockot billiard parlor. The biaze threatened t o again w r e a k havoc among the business men of the community aa was tne case about 15 years ago when the 'entire block was completely destroyed. When Hie fire was brought under c o n t r o l , the Tri-Town firemen provided H u r i d w i c h e s and coffee and t h e ladies' A u x i l i a r y to Emory b. Pratt Post. oV the American Legion served the several score of volunteeH. Burgiiir Leaves ShM. PUEBf.O, Colo., Feb. 2(i.---A burglar r a n u a c k i n R a grocery store here be- i-aroe he-alert with bis task and took ittf his shun. Leaving tho store, he. forgot to put on tho sarmeat ag»ia. It may furnish a, clue to MR

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