The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1938 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 193S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNJELLSVILKE, PA. Mayor Urges City Drivers To Extend Motor Record; i , ' No Deaths in Three Years tailskin Board Denies Contract With Nurse Exists Cites Some of Requisites Of a Really Good Operator. LAST FATALITY JANUARY, 1935 "Like many other things that we do well, good driving is in a great measure the result of good habits," Mayor Ira D.'Younkin declared today as he urged the people of. Connellsville to endeavor to maintain the city's record 'of no fatal automobile accidents since January 1, 1935. The last death that grew out of a motor mishap in the city was on January 1, 1935, more than 37 months ago. "Sometimes driving seems to bring out the worst in human nature," the mayor said. "Selfishly, a driver will hug the center of the road, refuse to let others pass, weave in and out of traffic, or cut across a line of cars ·when he wants to make a turn. "The courteous driver is the better driver and usually gets places just as fast. ;! He invariably shows his driving ability by adopting good road habits." , The habits that good drivers follow, Mayor Younkin listed as: · He always gets into position before turning. ' If he plans to make a right turn he. pulls over into the lane nearest the right curb or roadside and signals well in advance. He approaches the turn slowly and makes it sharply. When approaching a left turn, he pulls into the lane nearest the center of the'road and gives the proper signal /before he reaches the corner He never cuts a left-hand turn short asthis is not only a dangerous thing ·to do but is also discourteous to other drivers as well as to pedestrians. He'respects the rights of other motorists, keeping away over on the right-hand side of the road and always^ leaving plenty of room lor i oncoming and passing traffic. Before overtaking a car he makes sure that he has plenty of room to pull out of line and get back again with ease and safety. He never crowds other cars into a ditch. He gives warning signals with his horn but never uses it unnecessarily. ' When traveling at 30 miles an hour on the open road he keeps abou five car i lengths behind the vehicle ahead--and more when traveling faster. He doesn't pass standing buses ai high speed. He realizes that coasting is dangerous and that passing another vehicle on a curve or a hilltop is attemptcc only by extremely poor drivers. Passed Counterfeit .Bills in Unionfown, Secret Agents Charge By United Press. PITTSBURGH, Feb. 10--A Fed eral bench warrant was issucc Wednesday for Gus T. Buccino, 26 of Boston, Mass., 'On a charge o passing counterfeit money at Union town, Pa., in 1935. Buccino cow is in . custody o Boston authorities and a detainei will be placed against him, sccre service agents said. Buccino, Louis Alfieri, and twi girls passed two $10 countcrfei notes in Uniontown December 1935, according to secret service .agents. The girls, apprehended a the time, were freed without.charge being made. Alflcri was captured the following day and was sentenced to one yea: and one day in prison when hi pleaded guilty April 3, 1936. ' Secret service agents arrested Buc cino in Las Vegas, N. M., severa days later and he was sentenced ti t*.vo and one-half years in Leaven, worth Penitentiary for possession o eighty $10 counterfeit notes. Open completion of his term, Boston authorities took him into custody on a state charge, the agents said. Somerset Has Plumbing Ordinance SOMERSET, Feb. 10.--Somcrsc council passed two ordinances which will set up plumbing regulations, inspections and examinations in llm with an Act of Assembly. An examining, board for plumbers is to be named and then there will be an in-^ spcctor to check over all plumbing work done. : : Do You Know Vitamin Content of Your Foods. ? * By LOQ/LN CLENDENINU. H. D. THB REQUEST ot a reader, who sold, "Will you print In your column a list of foods and vitamins, one that classes tho foods under the different vitamins?" has stimulated mo to prepare the following table. I believe this will be useful. ' I have listed only four main beat-known vitamins in order to avoid confusion. Vitamin B stands for both B and G, and Vitamins E and F still arc too theoretical to be Included In a list of this kind. It will be noticed that anyone who eats a balanced diet will get all ttie vitamins. Vlumln B VlUmli C Vitamin D XX XX (Vitamin content doubtful) NAME OF FOODS Vlun MEAT * Lamb Kidney xx Liver, calves xx Sweetbreads xx Other meats FRUITS^ FRESH Apples xx xx Bananas · · · · · « · · · · · · · » · · · · . · -----TM ~---- x Cherries .....··......·.··..·« ---- xx · Grapefruit , xx xx Grapes ---- x Lemons, limes xx xxx Oranges x xx xxx Peaches xx Pears x Pineapples xx xx xxx Plums x Raspberries ---- xxx Rhubarb -- xxx Strawberries .'. -- xxx MTJLK AND MILK PRODUCTS Buttermilk x xx x ' Milk, whole xxx xx x Cheese, American xx xx Cheese, cottage Cream xxx xx x Butter xxx Ice cream xxx ?AT AND OILS Animal rat ' Vegetable oils Cod liver oil xxx -- xxx xxx . BREAD AND CEREALS. Bread, white Bran, wheat -- xxx Cornmcol Hominy Macaroni ......*............. Oatmeal -- xx .. Rice... -- xx Wfteat, kernel ................ xx xxx EGGS Eggs, wholo , xxx x Eggs, white Eggs, yolk -- -- x VEGETABLES Asparagus xxx xxx Beans, string xx xx Beets... x x x Brussels sprouts xx . xx xx Cabbage xx xxx xxx Carrots xx xx x Cauliflower xx xx JD- Celery -- xx x Greens, dandelion, turnips xx xx. xxx Lentils, dried ....; . xx Lettuce, cress, chard, endive .. xx xx xxx x Okra' ---- xx * Onions : ---- xx xx Peas, dried ' Peas, green .-· xx xx xxx Potatoes, white x xx xx Potatoes, sweet xx x Radishes xx x Spinach xxx xxx xxx Squash "...... xx Tomatoes xx xxx xxx Turnips, white -- xx Turnips, yellow xx r . VITAitlN A--Gives strength, »ldi growth, prevent* »om« «y« diseases and builds resistance. VITAMIN B--Builds appetite, helps growth, prevents bert-berl.' VITAMIN C--Builds health, prevents scurvy. VITAMIN D--Makes strong bones, prevents rlckeU. Solicitor May Find County Owing Funds To School District Solicitor S. D. Bracmcr of the Board of Education has been authorized to make an investigation to determine whether or not Fayette county commissioners are indebted to the Connellsvillc School District for delinquent school taxes the treasurer has collected. Attorney Braemer on Monday i called the board's attention to a practice of several years ago "when the county was having financial dim- j culties."' At that time the treasurer turned over to commissioners all collections of delinquent taxes, adding that the latter group remitted the sums to the creditor political subdivision only on demand. He said he felt it would be advisable to investigate whether or not some money was not due the local board and the directorate .authorized him to make an Inquiry. In event ho finds it necessary he may employ such help as he needs, "not to exceed $75 a month," to help him complete the investigation. The solicitor said it would be im- possible to go beyond 1032 as th six-year statute of limitations dis qualifies funds due prior to tha year. Special to Tho Courier. UNIONTOWN, Feb. 10--The Bull- kin Township Board of Education, n its answer to the rule o£ the Faytte county court to show cause in he nppc'al of Miss Marguerite Gill, South ConnellsviUe, district school lurse who had been removed by the directorate, declared: / "The school district of Bullskin ownship, acting through its board, as required by law, adopted a budget of the anticipated receipts and expenditures of the school district for he year 1837-38 and made no pro- ·ision therein for compensation to be paid to a school nurse, so that the school district has no funds for payment of the salary of a school nurse." Miss Gill averred she had been retained lor the eight-month term at an annual salary of $800. The directors contend "negotiations between Miss Gill and the school district have never been completed and she has never been and s not now or has she ever been a professional employe of the school district within the meaning of the :eachcrs tenure act of 1937. The alleged contract of employment as set forth in the petition is illegal and invalid for the reason that no action was ever taken at any time by,the school board fixing the salary or compensation of Miss Gil" ns one of the appointees of the school district." The directors further contend: "The contract is illegal or invalid because it would cause the sums appropriated to special purposes in the school budget to be exceeded, in violation of section 511 of the school code." The school board asked that the petition of the nurse be dismissed nnd the costs of the proceeding be placed on her. The directors assert that never before had a nurse been employed in the Bullskin township district nnd that !t would be the only fourth class district In the State to maintain a person In this capacity. Twenty-two teachers arc employed by the board to instruct 876 pupils enrolled in the township's schools, they said. Miss Gill contends that her contract was signed under provisions ol the Tcnchcr Tenure Act which binds the board to retain her in its cm- ploy until-she reaches the age of 70 or, in the meantime, resigns. The cose will be nrgucd later before the court en bane. Judge Plans Action To Deport All Aliens For Law Violations SHARON, Feb. 10--Judge George H, Rowley served notice in court he intends to Institute deportation proceeding! against aliens brought before him charged with violating the liquor laws. "Disregard for American statutes must be stopped," he declared when five aliens were called for sentence "I will have the record of all alien who appear on liquor charges investigated and those who are not naturalized citizens will face deportation when sentence is completed,' he said. U N K Thomas Altca, 702 S. Plttsburs St. James Catcrlnn, 235 So. Plltsbiirg St. Anthony Chiodltti 605 W. Crawford Avenue. Virgil Ficncllo, 115 S. Flttsburj; St. I C. J. Mariconilc. ? 102 S. Arch Street. F. F. aiazza. Tide Trust Barber Shop. Eagles Barber Shop, 114 S. Arch St. Tony Martin. 304 K. Crawford Avenue. Nicholas Pernatozii, 314 V. Crawford Avenue. Ross Prestia. 107 W: Peach St. Joseph Pnidpnle. 123 S. Eighth St. DM IV -- Y o n should patronize Union Labor whenever possible. T h c J o u r n ey m c n Barber's International Union of America, Local 710, presents a list of the unionized barbers who solicit your patronage: R. V. Rcndlne, Room 203, Totlc Trust Hlilg. H. G. Gaus. So. ConnellsviUe Anthony Martrano, 234 N. Tiltsburc St. James Prudcnlc. 300 E. Crawford Avenur. 1E1M 1 B Boat I ^a · Harry C. Bell, · Perryopolls, Pa. Robert BleKclvey, Vantlcrbilt. Ta, John Pandolph, Vandcrbill, Pa. Gcrardo Rossi, Dunbar, Pa. Paul Stlhcl. Whltsctl, Pa. Charles K. Stlckcl. Pcrryopolls. Pa. A. P. Turaney, Dawson, Pa. Mike M. Uhall, Pcrryopolls, Pa. Milton Wchncr, Melcroft, 1'a. A. E. Prcnclly Da\v?on. Pa. Week-End Specials 50 c Oviiltinc Chocolnte or IMuin 29c 50c .Tergen's Xotion 34c 73c Popsodcnt Antiseptic .»0c oc Iiisterlne 5!)c $1.00 Adlerlkn I 83c $1.00 Nervine S3c $1.00 Vinol 83c fl.OO ^ampolo's Preparation 7!)c SI.00 X. U. Tablets 7!)c Toe Donne's K. Pills 5:jc $1.00 World's Tonic S3c 23c Anacln Tnlilet.s I2's 13c S1.20 Scott's Emulsion 83c $1.25 Pctrolngur S!)c S5c De.vfrl Sraltoso ^.5Uc 61.25 Father John's 80c $1 Cltrocnrbonnfre ..7!)c $1 Adox Tablets 7Dc , r 0c .7. .T. Bnby Talc 81.00 Bi-So-Dol 65e Pin ex BOc Bom $1.20 Syrup of Pepsin 3Dc 7!c 4!)c ·JOe S!)c BIG $1.00 BOTTLE MEDECINE ONLY 49c Old Mohawk Laxative Tonic No Pint Are Needed Wifh H SAFE, PLEASANT, SWEET TASTING Sn?r J«?T. x TM?, l crful swcct totting, quick and casv laxative, OLD MOHAWK TONIC It a body builder; it is readily absorbed into the system where it begins work by aiding the Stomach, Liver and Intestine* to perform their duties thoroughly. Within 12 hours it will drive poisons from your system. Try it for indigestion, Biliousness, Constipation, Simple Rheumatism, Stomach Disorder. Skin Graft Fails John Mclvin Bonncr, 16, is shown In n WnshinKton, D. C., hospital recuperating from a skin-grafting operation which failed. Tho doctors attempted to grow skin on the lad's cousin, Clara Howard, who was badly burned, by JoinlnK his skin to the girl's burns. For twelve days they -were Seined, and Bonncr grow BO weak the / had to be separated. Tho girl lien underwent another operation. Union Miners To Pay $2 Assessment For 'Eventuality' PITTSBURGH, .'Feb. 10--Approximately 100,000 .Western Pennsylvania miners will have to pay a $2 general assessment,- to' ./their union, United Mine Workers of "America, to "provide for an eventuality in the future." The assessment will be deducted from February) and March pay envelopes, according to letters to UMW locals received from international headquarters. · Everson EVERSON, Feb. :iO.--Miss Eileen Moore has returned to Hood College, Frederick, Md., lifter' spending the mid-semester vacation with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Moore ot Graft street. I Mr. and Mrs. John Bcaler of Mount Pleasant spent over Sunday, with the' litter's lather, Kciran Collins of Graft street. , ,.; Miss Kathleen. Mulroy of Greensburg visited several days with her uncle and aunt,' Mr.'and Mrs. James Mulroy of Jones street. Mrs. Alice Shcrrick has been confined to her bed for the past week with a severe attack of grip. Mrs. Jack Flannigan was a recent visitor with her son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Stillwagon, of Conncllsvillc. Mrs. Joseph Lucia and Mrs. James Homes and children were recent visitors among relatives at Mount Pleasant. Whisky Cheaper in Ohio. HARRISBUHG, Feb. 10.--National Distillers' Corporation s e v e r a l months ago announced a reduction in the price ot Ovcrholt and some other bonded whisky. The Pennsylvania stores continue to charge $3.70 a quart but liil Ohio the price is $2.78. It is expectcll, however, the Pennsylvania boarll will take action early in March.i when you ride on Smooth Tires let us RENEW.the- TREAD DESIGNS! on Vohr Smooth 1'ires with our speedy ."efficient, BENDIX-PECO . Equipment. -It" "restores-' ;'safeix; Improves .steering; increases mileage;, enhances ap- ; pearanee.~--Y6ur : enoicc of many anti-skid treads may be quickly cut. The cost per tire J»1 A A is only «J1.UU SUPREME SERVICE Opp.' Vest Pcnn Terminal Phono 1252. . Check These Values--You Rarely Find Their Equal S Style To $2.98 Values n Smart Styles High Heels --AND- Many Widths Cuban Heels Real Values Everyone A Bargain e Blues O Greens O Blacks « Browns 9 Suedes.. ®Kids OPatents · Velvets Shoes of Every Style and Description Priced for Quick Clearance--All Sizes in the Lot. Boys' Dress Oxfords Bluck Only Composition Soles Children's Oxfords Broirn and Bluck Good M'curing Solos Women's Sport ; Oxfords .Brown or Black . Leather or Composition. Soles Women's Men's and Boys' Dress Oxfords Black or Brown Hopulnr built-up heels: broad or narrow toes. All sizes. Men's and Boys' Work Shoes Also Police Style Good wearing soles. KIk uppers. Cleat or Rubber heels. Ken's Heavy Work RUBBERS Women's nnd Children's GALOSHES

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