The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1939 · Page 11
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1939
Page 11
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1939. THE D A I L Y C O C K I E R . CO.V.VGLLSVILLK. PA- f AtffC ii'JUEVEHV. THROUGH TESTS NEW YORK, Feb. 23.--In an emergency American farmers may grow the country's soft coal in their fields. The fact that fairly good soft coal 5s now being made from sugars, the carbohydrates oC farm crops, was reported to the Amencan Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Engineers by E. Berl, of the Carnegie Institute r _of Technology. The sugar coal Is too expensive to be practical but was made to settle an old controversy aoout the origin of coal and oil. In the Carnegie laboratories, whose experts include some of the leading scientists of tne coal fields, the artificial coal is made in two ways. Sugar heated in water at high temperature produces a sandy form of coal. When weak alkali is added to the ·water, Bcrl said, "excellent cooking coals" are the result. Adding pressure to the hot sugar water increases the amount of carbon in the manmade coal. I These farm product coals, said j Berg, can be treated with hydrogen to make the same products which th.e Germans and English obtain from "hydrogenated" coal. These products include gasoline and oil for motor cars. In nature, he snid, water in contact with certain rocks develops the same kind of alkalinity used in the sugar-coal retorts at Carnegie Tech. These rocks include limestone, dol- raite, magnesite and zeob'te. It is concluded that nature made its coal Eiom plant sugars. The old idea, Eerl said, that coal *ame from the woody, or Lgnin, part 3f plants is as dead as the idea that Detroleum is from dead fish. He said ;he Carnegie experiments show that real, oil and bitumen all come from carbohydrates in plants. Billions for /Arms Confluence CONFLUENCE, Feb. 23.--Rev. and Mrs. J. S. Shannon and family were visitors in Jenners Monday, wheie they were guests at banquet given by the pa rent-Teacher Association. Rev. Shannon acted as toastmasler. He is !he pastor of the Lutheran Church. W«;de Burmvorth, Cail and Paul Burnworth and Milton Hendrickson o[ Johnson Chapel and Mae Hendrickson of Confluence- titiendud the Vtilentinc pai ty of the lUcKeesport D'stricl hjnvortfi League iii thu Kr^t Methodist Episcop;f. Church .n Ccm- ncllsville Friday evening. Word has bcrn received here that Eibcrt McMillan, formerly of Confluence, js no\v located it] Enricot'., N. Y., lor the next £iw months. His wife, the former Miss Janet Bcggs of Confluence, has joined him there Elbcit is the son of 3VTr. and Mis. N. I. McMillan. Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Orner and daughter oC Wheeling, W. Va. vis.ted Mrs. Orrer's mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Coughcnout, for a few dajs. Visitors at the home ot! Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Reynolds over the wcek- ' end weie Mr. and Mrs Forrest Robinson nnd daughter, Joyce Ann, of C u m b n i l n n d , nnd Mr. aud Mrs. Jack Constance of Pittsburgh/ Mr. nnd Mrs. Normr/n Kelly and daughters, Eleanor nnri Norma, of. j Hyndnuin were v i s i t o r s ' * i t the home , of Mr. iind Mrs Geotgc Kelly recently. Miss Freda Weyancl, employed in Somerset, spent the week-end with her p irunt-, Mr. and Mrs. Preston U' Mr. and Mrs.. Eugcnu Fike and I daughter o.' Uniontown were visiting ' the latter's mother, Mrs. Erne Bender, icucntly. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Ilayman and ' son, Ronnld, and Miss Sara Rush , \vcre vis.ting at the home of. Mr. and ( M i s . Charles Cook in Cumberland, Sunday. Mrs. Cook nnd Mrs. Haym ( 'n are Sisters Miss H.ixel May of Pittsburgh spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. May. / Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rush ar|d, family Visited Mrs. Alice Roberts arid | Mr 1 - Dorothy Sinclair in /Jicobla rb-1 jc-c-iJy ' I 1 Jnciv Younkin. Joseph Ciitehficld 1 j nnd J. Donald Colboin were Pitts-, , burgh visitors Sunday They at- j Mrs, C. E. Yeagley and son, Wendell, nnd Robert Shipley have ret ;rned home after visiting Mrs. Charlotte Jewai'lt in Glasspo.'t over Sunday. They were accompanied by Miss Delia Shipley, who has been visitmg Mrs. Jewartt for the past two weeks. j Duane Ringer, a student at West "irginta "University in Morgantown, W. Va., has returned there aEter visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Ringer recently. I tended the Baseball Writers Association banquet. William C'ltchfield, a student .it Duquesne University, accompanied them to Pittsburgh, Potato Rates Ilirrh. HARRISBURG, Feb. 23.--Potatoes rate second to wheat as human food in volume only since doctors, dieti- t.ans and health authorities claim the potato is man's greatest food from the standpoint of health producing properties together with low cost and almost uni\ersaJ usngc. Is Your Nose a Target? Is jour nose 'rritated--is it stopped up and clogged with mucus--docs your throat Ret rlioKeu tvit'i phlegm--arc you Jrsmg voiirncn^e of tJitc mcl smell rtuo to a cold' Get happy relief with Mcntholatum today. What a joy to «sKc up m thc_m 0 rn,rfi with a clearer head! When appl.ed m the noatriLt--McntboUtum gives off vnpon for hourt. Ita soothing, tootinc jiction helps break up choking mucus, relieve irmaUun and open up breathing passages. MenUiolatuni stays put and brings happy relief witii every brejtb. U-ed by millions for over 40 yearn. Auk youc druggmt for Mcatbolatum today. In jars or tubes. 3Q|i* Sir John Simon Declaring England had reached a scrde of armaments production never before touched by that nation. Sir John Simon, chancellor of the exchequer, moved a resolution in parliament increasing the government's borrowing powers for defense to four billion dollars, (Central Press) Frank Orban Dies. SOMERSET, Feb. 2 3 -- F i ^ n k Orban, 62,* merchant died Monday at his home after a short illness. In Hungaiy, he had served three yci:s in the army For years he operated a theatre winch hn? since been taken over by n son. He leaves his wife, three children and two brothers. Never Let Colds Hang On! BUT DON'T EXPEROIENT Colds that linger may expose you to more serious sickness. Take no chances by neglecting them. Start at once using Father John's Medicine. For 84 years it has been fighting colds successfully. It supplies rich, nourishing elements that aid the body in "throwing oft" colds sooner. And it helps restore normal bodily resistance and strength after colds. No di*u£s. Rich jn vitamins. FOR YOUR Save your clothes and have more time for leisure! New Fin-Flex Agitator w a s h e s cleaner, safely . . . Prcbsurc- Ator Wringer protects every kind of fabric. $49.50 up Find Out About Low Terms! FRANK R. SWEENEY 129 E. Craulorcl Avenue. 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