The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1918
Page 5
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THURSDAY, JUNE 6, 1918 TEE DAILY COURIER, COMMJii *L*o\ FA. PAGE FIVlu NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED All Company £ Boys Safe and Well, Captain Writes. BEAVYEHROLLMENTOFDRAFTEES Se»btT oi Band of Gypsies, Accused *l Tktlt ol Xonev, Betarae It and b DlMkuged; Aural losUUts eBt Exercises An Oa. Special to Tb« Conrltr MOUNT 1-3ANT, June 6 --Miss Margaret Znndell received a. letter i from her brother Captain James Zun- ctell, of Corcpaay E 110th Regiment, in France stating that every person in the company was well and they were getting on well Gypsies Arrested. A complaint was received yesterday by the local police that a band ot gypsies coining through here had been near town and one ot them had taken " }5 from A. K. Stevenson Two men and a woman were locked up and Stevenson picked the woman is the one who had taken the five. Information was made again her before Justice of the Peace J R. Walker She paid back the five dollars and the Cos** of prosecution, and Ste%enson withdrew the suit. St» Beghter. Two hundred and sixty-five men were registered by Draft Board No 6 of 'Westmoreland county at the armory here yesterday Sue i« Twee. Miss Mary Steadman of Pleasant Level has received word ot the safe arrival in France of her brother Al-^ bert Steadman, who left with the' draftees from this place September 23 Steadman is a member of the 321st Infantry Daaghtei Bom. Mr and Mrs R G Turns of Church street, are the proud parents of a ten and one-half pound daughter born Tuesday evening. Iigtltate Commencement. The 44th annual commencement axereises of the institute will begin this evening with a recital by Miss Edna Francis, assisted by Miss Eva Ritunbouse reader Friday, June 7, senior entrance examinations will be held. Sunday, June 9, at 750, the baccalaureate sermon wall be given in the U B church On Moaday, at 3 o clock, Junior recital will he held, and at 5 o'clock the Jmuor-senio supper will be glve» Tuesday evening, June 11, the commencement esercises will be held In the Grand opera house NEARLY ALL STEE NOW PRODUCED IS BEING DIVERTED TO WAR USE ri(Jatio» lor Tkeae Pirposts C«x UMM t» b« He«TT. ·»* Wght tor Cmnercial ApplkaUom. Sjwcfal to Tiic "Weekli Courier NEW YORK, June 5--The American Metal Market and Daily Iron Steel Report will review the steel and iron trade tomorrow as follows The diversion to war use ot all the steel produced that is applicable has ·been found to mean nearly all the steel produced. The steel industry is proved to have a greater flexibility, as to the character of it* finished output, than was imagined, and thus it js able to pot nearly all its raw steel into finished forms that are useful for the prosecution of the war The production of ship plates strunnral shapes and shell steel is very heavy, while the production of sheets, wire, nerchant bars and the like is relatively light II the total output of ingots were put into flmshed products lu the proportions that usually obtain there would be very considerable tonnages of some, finished products for distribution to the less essential industries. There have been no further in- «tructions from the ·Washington authorities, as to the distribution, of Meet, which continues to be along the lines iaid down several weeks ago when the industry made its pledge of MO per cent activity for war pur- ; oses A long list of sequences is in effect and the mills can par little at- so pp.rri S T H M A Tfcer* u BO "cure* M teM n ofan pxofjfJit by- ' 1CKSVAPORUBS 2ic--iOc--ILOO Nerves Need Phosphorus Like Muscles Need Food Says Doctor Wfco Prescribes Phosphorated Malt to Steady tfte erves, Clear the Brain and Boild Up *Weak, Rundown People. Boston Moss -- *Tour nerres need phosphorus like your muscles need food says Dr Reid and the trouble with most men an*3 women past thirty Is the hae exhausted their natural supply of phosphorus and find themselves run down weak and nervous Often they look strong as if they could do a full day 9 work b it ·while they have a certain kind of strength they ]ick endurance They also lack decision and find It difficult to concentrate on one thing and finish It trnl the are nervous, irritible and rilj startled -at any sudden noise or unusual occurrence ·But genera!l a lack of phosphorus «;howB itself In a lack of Ken eral interest and people are often thought to be las? whereas they are onl\ nerve-starved For months or ·vears 1 they go on using- a. little more phorphoros than the system produces. tUI their store Is exhausted an-d a complete nervous breakdown is at hand, Both mind and body are affected. Thej seo less and feel less either of pleasure or pain and nothing- 1m- presies them, or Interests them as it once dkL It Is dangerous and need less to run into such a* condition for if taken in* time the suppt of phosphorus can be replenished Two fi\e grain tablets of phosphorated malt .fter each meil for ten days ·will us- uaUv be all that is necessary "I have seen phosphorated malt pro duce astonishing revolts in a very short time Recently a patient came to me physically down and on the ·verge of a mental collapse His dailv work had become drudgery a nd he got neither rest nor recreation from his sports or holidays He could neither sleep nor concentrate his mind on his -work 1 advised him to lake tvr o ftve-grftin tablets of phospho- rated malt ifter each meal in less than ten days he walked into my office full of-vim and vigor--hie eyes bright his step firm and his manner that of a man of twenty-five although he was wen past fiftj The value of malt is well known to ail physicians It is a remarkable tondc and tissue builder Combined with phosphorus as in phosphorated oaalt it increases mental acti\ t bal aoces the blood and aids the system to convert food into living tissues The old liquid forms of malt are not pleis mt to take and besides most of them contain alcohol Phosphorated ma t has the tissue- bull ding- properties of malt -without the evils of alcoholic stimulation After T. fe« da s of it you wake up In the morning vigorous and refreshed readj to rise and begin the da s work with double confidence optimdsm and endurince Note--Tne foelinff of e-thnia.n.t'on often notii cable after a few ·» eeks us of phosphorated milt it not due to body needs to be rid The cheerfulness that comes of perfect health--'when the life stream Rows freelj supplying the nourishment the bodj needs and enabling- the organs of ellmlnitton to throw out the poison* of which *he bd netds to bf rid The cheerfuln ss of a perfect health and faultless nourishment is so rare to -most peoj !e as to be remarkable and strange Phos phorated malt is sold bj all drugrgisU ind especial! in Connell-n Hie by the Laughrey Drng Com-panj and J C. Moore tention lp the items farthest do-wn in he list so that ordinary commercial consumers, not recognized as entitled to any preference recen e very little steel INCREASE IN PHONE RATES Post cards are being mailed today to the subscribers ot the Tri State Telephone company announcing increases in rates for all classes o£ service, effective July 1 The new schedule of tariffs has been filed with the Public Service Commission at Harrisburg and s«ts forth ia detail the price changes involved. Summarized these are as follows. Unlimited or free county service for all subscribers in the 17 different exchanges for business phones will b* increased to $3 50 per month from (3 00 For a 2-party line the new rate will be f3 and for a 4-party line it will be $2 50, the increase in each case being 50 cents per month The same unlimited service to all Tri-State subscribers for residence phones will be increased to J2.50 per month from $2 Fbr a 2-party line the new rate will be $2 and (or a 4-party line it will be U'5, tte increase in party lines being 25 cents per month each case For local service only which means free aad unlimited class to all subscribers in the same exchange with toll charges for calls elsewhere, the rate for business pbones will be increased to |2 50 from |2 For party lines the new rate will be $2 an increase of 25 cents a month from the present charge of $1 75 For local service only for residence phones the new rate will be $2 for a private line an inciease of 50 centa, and for a party line it will be |1 SO, an Increase of 25 cents This local service applies to the exchanges at Uniontown, ConnettsviDe, Brownsville and Seottdale For th» other exchanges the increxes are no: quite so large, being in proportion to the present lesser rentals These Increases have been literally forced on the Tn-State company For the past three or four years cost prices of every kind have been steadily advancing In some details the increase has been 40 per cent in others as high as 170 per cent. Material has advanced rent has advanced and labor has advanced For the inspection of a Courier man, the pay roll cards of the past lour years of the entire Tn-State list of employes were thrown open From several cards selected at random it was found that wage increases figure from 43 per cent to 53 per cent For the past two years the- Tn-State company has paid no dividend*. The directors were so loathe to increase rentals that they willingly passed the dividend to return all the 'profits of the business to betterment of the service But the recent and continuing sharp advances have left DO other recourse Practically every other public utility has made advances, the motft recent to command local attention De ing the West Penn railways A 20 per cent advance in fares is now in force on this big 'trolley system, which is a greater advance than that oi the Tn-State Telephone company New York _ Chicago Cincinnati _ PHtsbnrg Philadelphia Boston St. Louis Brooklyn -- The storm of the past winter forced the company to expenditures aggregating several hundred thousand dollars Thirty-three thousand feet ot new copper wire was used on the lines from Uniontown to Connellsviile alone, with other repairs in proportion In every instance repairs vere made with ttie idea of making the new lines better tian ever before in the past The Tri-State company is doing its utmost to give better service and with the new tariff in force in another month it hopes to still further improve the local and county telephone system The advance in prices was avoided as long as possible It has been made only when business could no longer be continued at the old rates.--Adv--l-5t YVini^itnnAiuiiuuiniuuuiniinnnriiifuinni Our Blue Hibbon White Event v*ill delight ami please you--of this, there can be no ^ doubt--for neor before Ttere stocks so large and varied--and neer before vtas stylish ] ness, daintiness and serucoabilitj so wonderful!} combined with saings so interest- Tfon should buy your entire Suiiuuei needs at these special prices. vrill evpect you. Come! Extra Special! Women's Fane Quality Corset Covers, Today's -value 50c, at Extra Specials! Extra Special--Children's Drawers, usual 25e value, '2 to 12 years Extra Specials! Women's fine qu.iLifcj Corset Covers ! and Drapers, todaj's 'value 59c _ _ 20 Dozen Crisp New Undermuslins $1.39, $1.50 and $1.75 Values SO Dozen Crisp New Undermuslins $1.69, S1.8S and 2-25 Values IfAHOAAL LIAGUE. Yesterday's Resmlts. New York 4, Pittsburg 3 Cincinnati 7, Philadelphia 4 Brooklyn 2 St Louis 0 Chicago 7, Boston 3 Studfeg of the Clnbs. FREE TO ASTHMA SUFFERERS A Vtw Hom« Cura That AnTona Con Uft Without DlBcomfort or Loss of 71me We hftve»NowMothod that cores Asthma, «md we wwit you to try it at our eiwm*) No matter wnethor your case U of lcnn ittndlnc or recent development whether It lj present Be HRJ Fever or cfaroolc Asthm*. you ihoold sond for a free trJal of oor method. No m»ttec la what cllmat« TOU lire no matter what yonr ago or occupation If TOO are Voublcd -wltti asthma our method should relloro jou promptly I We especially want to send It to thoao apparently hopolosa cases, nhere all forms of Inhalers, doacb.cs opium preparations, fumes, patent smokes,' eke have failed We want to show eTeryone at our own i expense, that this new method Is deslcned to end an dlmullt breathing, all wheezlnc. and an those terrible iMroxysnu at onc« and for all time ^ This free offer la too Important to neelee* a single dny Wrlto today and beum the method nt once Bend no money Simply mall coupon below Bo It Today W L POL -28 12 700 -27 12 692 -23 3f 523 -JS 20 474 -18 22 460 -18 24 429 -16 24 400 -14 27 341 FREE ASTHMA COUPON FRONTIER ASTHAIA CO. Koom «ffl Niagara and Hudson Sts^ BuClo N T£ Send free trial of you- method to Twiaj's Pittabnrg at Brooklyn Cincinnati at Boston Chicago at Philadelphia St. Louis at New York. AJtEEIC'ttf IE AGUE. Phlladelpbia 4 Chicago 3 New York 5, St. Louis 2 Cleveland S Boston 4 Washington. 5 Detroit 4 Boston SU*4teg of tke CInks. W L. Pet _ 27 IT S14 New York Chicago St. Louis Cleveland Philadelphia Detroit - _24 18 571 -20 18 526 -20 19 513 _23 22 511 -20 24 4;5 -17 23 425 -33 23 361 '' Today's Sebednle. Philadelphia at Chicago Washington at Detroit Boston at Cleveland. New York at St Louis lint War Baby. A baby boy arrived at the home of Mrs C A. Banner at Vanderbilt on Tuesday The new arrival has been named Clarence Adam, Jr Mr Danner is with Company D in France Mrs Dormer before her marriage was MIES Gladys Lynn This is the flrst war baby at Vanderbilt When Ton Waal AvrfldBg Advertise In our Classified Column. J. N. Trump ( KITE LINU TRANSFER tt MOT01K Ti!BCUE «M4 WAGOfTf, HO vmc AJIO aourt xns PI A* OB A IPJCClAI/TT, W RAILROAD EARNINGS WERE BOOSTED IN MAY TO ABOUT $80.000,000 Exceeded Total in March by $17,000,. 000 and Came ttithia $5,000,000 01 April of Last Year. According o reports to the In er- state Commerce Commission. r ailroad j earnings in the month of Maj mad« a considerable gam the total being about $80 000 000 This is about $17 1000 000 more than the earnings or Marco and within $5000,000 as mucii «oa the net earnings in 4-pnl last ear [ Actual net operating income for 149 of the 196 first-class roads 05 re| ported by the commission amounted to $62 036 000 and later reports from other roads are expected to raise this to $80000000 Tor the four mouths ending April the net incorm Is estimated a- nearly | $140 000 000 as compared with about ?2S2000000 in the same period last 1 year The decrease of practically | oae i -half ^as caused b} demoralize, tion of traffic in January by bad | weather Earnings since that month h-a%e improved steadily however and now arc nearlj normal It the same rate of earnings TV ere continued throughout the year a d«fi cit of about $400 000 000 would be recorded Thas Is not expected how ever owing both, to lie natural im- provecneni, and the Increased revenue estimated at more than ?400 000 000 from the higher freight and passenger rates In April freight traffic was greate*- than last year operating revenues for 149 roads amounting to $325767000 about J45 000 000 more than in ^pril [ 1917 X Expenses however increased i proportional el j Parowax Means "Safety First" When you put up preserves jams or jellies-have Parowax on band--ready to seal out the air and moisture and seal in the goodness and flavor Parowax gives double protection to preserves put up by the "cold pack" method Parowax is the pure, clean, sanitary, extra- refined paraffrae ..THE ATLANTIC REFINING ^COMPANY When in need of a purgative, do not resort to violent cathartics, but take the gentle, natural laxative-- Bcccbams Pills the WocW I» Bora, lOc. 25c aoo J. B. KURTZ, NOTARY PUBL.C ·- AND HEAL ESTATE. j N*. I ·with Mewiew LM» X OmwIlMlU* Pa. t aooocx^oGOOGoooacocooooG atronize Those Who Advertise ITno to Patronize. Those who advertise in The Daily Courier Iron, Nux Vomica And Genti*» M«lie Rich Red Blood Strong Nerves All of th*M RX« found In thfir mott ftctiw and i form in DR. CHASE'S Blood^Nerve Tablets Weigh Toorself Before Taking TheM Tablet* tecreaw tbo Apqebt^ A d Di ·e«tkn and Baiid Up Woclc. Eranc aled Conva wuccnt, Overfrorkud Bud NCFVDUH Fioplo they are especially vtjuahl* M a tonic, irben the vitality )· at J U fewest «t b They are different from the raual preparation. rflrOD a. they docoCeoMtipatod th« bowels nor Injure tb« teetb Price 6* Ccnta. Speetal M Cents (Mod »t*doe Co- 224 A 10th S«. rhJaldvbia. Pa. The Title Trust Company of Western. Pennsjlvania is justly distinguished for its strong standing and directorate Its Directors are men of ab'Iity and successful standing in the oni- mumty Its officers are experienced, competent and able in the performance of every duty Accounts subject to check are invited --THE-- DVERYTHUVG COOKED LIKE AT HOME, Strictly Fresh, Clean and Pure. VSK FOR OUR SPECIAL CLUB BREAFAST AlvD SUNDAY DINNER, Our Pastries Are Delicious Because They Aro Homemade ' NEXT DOOR TO \\EST PENN WAITING ROOM. MOVE BY AUTOTRUCKS F. T. EVANS 1 ESTATE, BOTH PHONES "SatoSaSa* iPatronize Those 1 Who Advertise f BOTH PHONES _ ORPHAN'S TRANSFER OPPOSITE POST OFFICE CONNELLSV1LLE. PA. QOOQOGOOooaoocQCiOooaooQaaa Horner's dotting PETET DETK--Many » K»TI w«« ·ROOT. r^nn-M rtw *n«, fiT,»r«l ·*· Br C. A. VOIGHT SAME AS ABOUT - TJCHHO f1Vm -- IT CCKTAIMV.V A, loT W= HARP BUT PRETJIV vte'u.

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