The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1930 · Page 12
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 12

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1930
Page 12
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I ' A U E TWELVE. THE DAILY COURIER, CQNNiaLJ SViLL/E. PA. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25, 1930. Basketball Uniontown Must Conquer Coker Dribblers Tonight; Section Flag in Balance Wy JAMES M. PRISCOL Basketball Giants Warming Up at San Antonio O ran ire a n d Black Tr'nunph Would Result In Tip (or (·'roiip Ton Laurels. LARGE CROWD IS EXPECTED 1/niontown m u s t conqtu-'r Oonnells- v i l l e tonight at. the High School gym- nueiura In order to clinch the title in Section X, W. P. I. A. League. It. 1s th-f mofit crucial game oC I lie Kc«.sou for the- couuty-*«ilers who must down t h e Pokers or ongago in a playoff series with Jeatrnetu for tho iennanl. Tho Kverhart passere are somewhat t'earfui of the invasion into t h e rump of th Orange and Black «s t h e High School q u i n t e t has on m a n y occasions upsot -.he lopc In compoli- t i o n w i t h tho Fnj-etto capital hoys. The Cokors w i l l be out to h.uil down t'nc invader* and a keen battle is anticipated. There, u. always much rivalry between riiioiuo'vn and C'onriellsvlllo in ail line* of :v,nipetltiv«» endeavor* and a larso c r o u d is expected to w i t - iK-?(s tho coritost. Unioir.own w i l l o accompanied Vy '·· huse delegation. HC- cordinjr to wr.rd f r o m tho coiintyseut. J e n n n o t t e has w o u n d u p ite league schedule, and is trail in.; l.'niontown by f\ h a l f game. Tonight will bring the r e g u l a r program to a close and it m«ans that unN'se Co nnol Seville is w h i p p e d , I ' n i o n t r w n will h a v e ' t o take over Jeannette in a ro*t-se-rieR play in order to represent Section X in tho W. P. 1 A. Ucegue elimination!? at I'itt S t a d i u m agains: Ford City next month. East Huntingdon Meets Hurst High At Home Tonight ·ALiVKRTO'.V. F'Yb. ingdon and Mount PI Hig'h Sc!;ooJ basket compiete- t.hotr NV. schectn-les t h i s c-v-o-nii nuMit on the Was-t Hi Tho Hurst cjuint more seasoned t h a n tluj Huntsm.uiicoach pected to fdvo the Ux turesrlng evening. Tho game w i l l not bearing on the stand as far as top iios-itioi but tho two schools r i v a l s t h a t no f u r t l i tho best efforts of «H Tho Red and I!ln. [ h o p i i i R to reiveat. Its H u r s t and t.lioroby ^K for tho reason. A prc-ltiniiiary corn g i r l clubs will f o n t u i j f i.hf ovening a n d t i o n is listed to pet o'clock. :;.".. - tost Huntt i a*:;uit Town.shi-p txi.ll te.a.m» \vill '. f. A. c: In an ntin.fdon floor, t. consldei'ahly vhen it firsi, met ·d club, is t'X- al youths an i n - hav** any direct UK of the loagiio H' are concerned, ire such natural ·V iiw'ontivo far \\ is needed, k contingent \a irst victory ovor '.tor t h o standing ost between two f I!m earl'V part he main atlrac- under way at S (I to R ) Lefty Walker, Joe Genewteh and Fred -f where they »re getting: into shape for the strenuem Fitesimmons, Giants' moundsmen, warmlnjr up at bM*balJ a so*, the Giants' training camp at San Antonio, Texas., I Keagy Corner Books Scottdale Buicks For Game at Armory on Friday Night Sports Ct mment [ j i B y J i i l l N ' 11. \Vi ·i ionic. North Union Ends League Play With Another Victory The crack passers o-f Kay Welsh, rm-iner C o n n o l t s v i l l e l-ligh School nc-e. tnontoi at N o r t h I'nton Township H i g h , i -ound up its W. P. I. A. I^a^uo i-.otripetit.ion last night by trimming Carmichaels, 33 o 21. N o r t h I'nion t o o k matters i n t o h a n d in t h e first q u a r t e r and steadily in- ureused the adv uitagc to keep its record u n b l e m i s h e d . The Welshmen had chal-kcxl up U straight t r i u m p h s in league play. Tho line-up: North Union -XI. 1 .cwis , ''' K h i f f b a u e r - C' I ' h a x i o c; McCombs .SeJonj-C - G - A l l i s o n Substitutions---Jinurii: for Fisher, C a rni Ic h u r l s · -- 21. .......... _ ........ B i i r n e t t i ) . . . . . . . . . . _ _ _ _ . . . . . . K n g H s h ____________ Porter Kasmiersky for , ' i r i d r i c , CJoodish for lielong, Kvan.s for l l u r n e t t c , Hharp- ueck for Porter, (Jrooms for Bnglish, for McCombs, S a n n e r u for Allison. Field goals -- l ^ w i a :'. Fisher ", Shiltbauer B, Uh.i/.ie, Selong 4, Ktig- lish 4, Porter, Sh:irpneck, McCombs. Foul goals -- N i T t h U n i o n , S out of 5; CarmJchaels, '· out ui 10. Score by periods: North Union .............. . ......... la -I !» Uarmlchaels _ ............ - ....... K S :i tteforee -- Wall. Sportsmen, you lo doors, have you e n r o l ! C o u n t y Fii'h Game c a t i o n ? I f not, sec t'- membership blank at To you men who t h r o u g h the woods ii there is no better o which to become u f f i w h o gft t h a t "graii: feclin' " w h e n the g; break away from yo- i i t i p o r U i n t message. About a ficore of "1 formel throughout ti hope of refitoekiiiK thi gaoie and t h e streams yoti will be able to i CC-MK and l u c k w h e n j ! during the hiintiim , sons. The aRsnei.'ilior. i OKtRd In ( h i s a c t i v U y 1 d u t y as one who sh; ; (vest" to h e l p provirt | crnp. j A n o m i n a l fro is mom lie i' ami these fi p r o m o t e the va*t wo; tercet of all siKrt;.ni · fiances on hanl, tho i be able to do a preates I and yon s p o r t s m e n · | gated io t h a t e x t e n t a \ The association, w ! in C o n n e l l s v U l e , has I t d l in the p l a n t i n g i rabbits, wild ers of the out- xl in the Fay^te i'rot'H-tive ABKO- iiit you fill tail a onoe. lovo to t r a m p l e Kearch of game ·ganimtion w i t h !lai.el. To you ! and glorious me tlsh tries to i, t h i s in a very ca!fi" have been e county in the wilderness with with fish so that njoy better HUC- 011 venture forth i n d fiiihing Pea- is v i t a l l y i n t e r - anl It is your res in the "har-- · and plant th "Ornery" Long Employed i To Express Contempt "Ornery" and ''onery" arc corrupted forms of "ordinary." They ara dialect or colloquial tenns mennlng Inslgnlfl- cant, low, meuf, contfimptlble. and they express B higher degree of contempt and disapprobation than "ordinary" does. "Ornary" ns a contraction of "ordinary" was a common pro- 'TtaclaUsm in En;land In the time of. '-the Stuarts, although it Is now nearly ob»otet«. We find the p.iras» "oppon ornarie tlnw," In the Easthampton records as late aa 1070. In Ireland and the tfnlted States this form persists In the etlll MOW corrupted form* or "ornery" and "otwary," which wore brought to th« American colonies »nd perpes- ·nated taiireiy by frlsh and Scotch-Irlnh Immigrants, who settled in the South and West This incplains th«i fact that "ornsry" and "onery" are generally regarded a» Bouttie-^Unns or westemisms. la 1830 the New York Constellation published tho following as a Honthern expression: "Yoa ornery fellow! Do you pretend to cull me to account for my language?"--P«thflnd«!r Magazine. j pheasants anrl otters stocking of county st I tmiit. it is now «ec from the Stato and 1 in the hope of provl- Y o u g h i o g h e n y R i v e r . of the f i s h e r m a n . I t that th« orpaiiization t c r j a l l y In keeping tl s-upplied w i t h game have you done beak and catching fiish? ! shoulder part, of (hie j D u r i n g thin yetsr i Commiseion w i l l pu mately S.200 acros a.' Several thousand act a« a p u b l i c him ! | providing m u c h spon i The association was : m a k i n g this possible. men had to visit the ! ownern and Becuro j f a r m a and t.imbcrland I would t u k f s any part j This time- and labor have given w i l l i n g l y cause -- better h u n t in; All of (ho activkie, tion g i v e n every vi interested in the cuu men. The sportsmen be loyal B u p p o r t o r w of A drive is now on securing 5,000 membe Seo that y o u r names ; rolls at once. Any i cure a blank for you. Vea««r«l for Strength When jrom eoivilder veneered fnral- tnre yon nsnall? consider It as a cheap and economical method of using: «xpanalT« woods. Bnt strength, as ranch a* economy, is the motive, points oat the Aiawrtcan Architect, citing the fxmowi d-sk used by Napoleon as an cxampla. Ttie desk accompanied the Corslean contpNror to the ends of Europe, packed on mnleback or jolted orer the country on artfflery esJsaons. Bat DOW, more than 125 y«an old. It to on exhibition at rontaJnottoau la perfect condition. Sweattteai of « Goou Life As slmit'S w h i c h are cut down with tJit- (iiornlnjt dew upon them do for a Idiip t i m e a f t e r retain their fragrancy, so t h e good actions of a wl»e njsn par- f!ime his mind and ItaT* a rich sc«nt behind them. Ss that Jo? it, as It e, watered with these- asmncwc sartl its flourishing t* th«nt--Ftatetch. each iilii iro used to k, all in tho in- ·n. With more rganizat.ion win amount of work houtd feel obll- - leant. tlr heailqunrtoro iK'en instrumen- f m u c h game -- f i n a i l , rlngne-ck --as well ae tho eamK with much i i r i n g a»*iistance, edoral Fisheries '.ing fish for tho once- tho haven · a n i x i t lie dcroied ha« uidiMl ma- o county ^6.11 and fish. TThat es k i l l i n g game Why not help burden? ue State Game rcha-HO a p p r o x l p. game refuge. »s w i l l bo set ing ground, thus for eve-ryorie. ho big factor in The loyal sports- varioue properly [)tioim' on the before tho State in tho matter. the Hport^men lo t h e common facilities. of the associa- lerico that it is ·e of the Bport«- . in .'urn. should ihe orgaaix.ation. In the hope of '·s In the county. re placed on t h e lember can pro- City Title Series "Blows Up" By J A M E S M. DRISCOLL. Folks, if you've entcrtainixi any idea that there mi.jht be a little in w f i ' i o K K i a g a contest of hasketbiill e k i l l iKftween tho two outstan t j u i n l u : j in thin c i t y -- ( h o Keagy Corner ami C.Visey Club--thrri ger. notion ri.^hl out of y o u r head. Because it w i l l not be played, not reason. All effort* to mediate the differences between the team:! last i r e s u l t i - d in so much wa^teil t i m e and effort ami denionnlraied ..·onclus t h a i f.'on if t h ! V learns were m a t c h e d , there would be an incentive to for t!u- "pot of gold" rather t.han any glory w h i c h m i g h t he connected the mythical city title. However, ill feeling could not wen b swaye the thoughts of rich profile and tho wholo proposition has iKjen tutted the a«:i can. A l t e r the C.'at-eys had made a propowition to tho KtMiiyM thit i he U play on a !)0-10 a j i l i t , with the winner t a k i n g 90 per cent, of the pr the la'tor refueod to consider tho matter. The CViaey proposal w i t h o u t doubt, prompted by the bolief it would win the content and gs plenty of coin. The Corner q u i n t e t re-luced to accept that, n l t i m r h o w e v e r , although it w i l l not concede the superiority ol' tho Oaseys. pet tho outfits together and arrive at some terms suitable to noth, «porti:ig editor of The Courier agreed to "sit in" at the conference o- managers and a t t e m p t to bring thiage to a head. Ltflt night, however, Manager Hicks if the Corner club, throw c to tho CaseyB a really u n f a i r proposition. 'Hv said if the Ke.ig-yH pi t h e Cascyn at n i l the latter team could only have 20 per cent of the rceelp s "w in, kx-r; or draw." O b v i o u s l y t h a t wouldn'i lio satistju under any conditiont?. Tl e !';ct t h a t now was the time to play the series, in;iiiTOUch as nport^ p u l ' l l i : h a d , become intensely interested, had no effect in .irgui w i t h liickri. l i e a«aertw] h i « team wasn't going to p l a y the r.AKeys and t i n t he had staled h J a l.nrins, adding that b« wouldn't ho "liullied i any contest. T i e u h o l o up-fihot of the conference wa« oomplefp failure, Man H e n r y Brown of tho Caseyr; was ready to talk in termn fair 10 e: i i u i n t o ! . b u t his proixwal foiled to rogififer, N( w the. I r i t h team isn't j)articular any longor w h e t h e r :h- clar arranged, und the Corner club in f u l l y resporu^blo for the collaps* c a r e f u l l y kild plans to hrin;; the series to a successful conclusion. C'asoys a r a not in a mood to take t h e matter u p again, and if the teanv go on the floor together it. would work a terrific burden on tlie offlci* charge to make the ck-wh look like basketball becauee of the ill let already engendered. Hud it been possible to arrange a threivganio aoriw, beginning M o n d a y , then tho attention and interest, of fans could h a v e been n l a i n w l Such tu-tlcti aa those exhibited last n i g h t , however, \vouid c anyone; to lose interest, and few would be present it «uch i.'seiic:i waf- on at ;ijater date. With the ardor of thcne who pay their way once co complete intercHl. cannot n g u i t t IH fun the this ight v e l y ilay vlth I by into ims fits, Tas, ·uer turn To the the Soutli Siders Will Test Strength Against Cream or' Westmoreland County. ytxi rate ory th« 10W ito" iger hor i is of The did 1 in ling text iln- uee put led, GIRL TILT AS PRELIMINARY j Th-e Fvoagy Corner, basketball tc-ajn i is stepping i n t o "big s t u f f " tills week. I Tho cJnb ha-s booked the Scottdale Bukvks for Kridii.v evoning and inas- m u c h as tho South Shlers liav-o iwsi- tivoly refused to come to terms for a clash with t.-ho Caseys, they expoci to prove their prowess ov-er the Irish by r k gLstorinR a better scoro the powerful Mill Townors t h a n did the Cns-oys recently. The ganw will bring Huntsman, MArlin. Fuller, Turk and Cafforty--all well k n o w n to Coniie-llsvillo sports fan.s--back lion* for another appearance and n battle royal. Tho Friday clash will bo the biggest thing evor placed on the Keagy Corner schedule and, lots of tun IK promised for any spectator who has tho time to go to the- Armory. U W3i.! announced lost nigrht. t,hat tho Ramo wfts to lv played in honor of the mayor, who wants to w-e tho sports program of tho com-tnuulty Another g-ooil attraction lias bookHi ns the nr e I i ruin-airy, tho first girl «ntoHt of tho season to IM; played u n d e r !KVH' rul-n». boiii..!? signod. It will feature "Kiddy" Weaver's South Sid-e la»ssM a girl n.tiintot from Soo-ttda le. FLAMING SIX WILL PLAY GREENWOOD TEAM The. Flaming Six w i l l meet the Greenwood M. E. Girls Friday evening, it wns announced today. It. was the Flaming Six which played Diurbar High School last week, not tho Junior High Girls, it .was explained. The Flaming Six is ut.i independent, team. In the game w i t h T)unbar Rln^ler scored two field goals, inBtearl of Dills, while Mancuso had one. Casey Club Defeats Redstone Alumni Five by Wide Margin Named in Confession Possibility That Greet Auk May Still Exist Does the Oreat Aul- still exist? The last authentic case of one having been seen was in 18-i3, but "Bird Notes and News" raises the question us to whether a bird which bus ueen seen In the Lofoten Islands (off tl e const of northern Norway) Is not n Great Auk. A writer tells 'how a Finnish hunter and naturalist saw a strange bird which b* could not recognize He was shown » picture of the' Great Northern Diver, trot mid it was not the same. He was then shown a lUzorbUl, but declared that the bird was bigger. The boofc was opened casually nt the Great Ank, and he Immediately identified It «nd persisted In his ftory, which wns corroborated even to ihe identiflcntlon by an Independent vltness who hart ·too s«ea It. The hln! wn* never seen agate, bat It Is posei'le that on such * wOd «oast a few Jreat Ank» way Irish Team HUH Little Dlffi unity In Filing Up BI,r Coui t On Visitors. THIRD PERIOD INTEREST] NG Tony LaFacia, above, reputed Akron, O,, bootlegger, ha.s been (lamed by Charles Hannah, confessed slayer of Melvin Horst, four-year-old Orrville, O., boy, as one ol the men to whom hu gave the body of Melvin for disposal. IjaFacia has denied connection with the .slaying, declaring Hannah lies. The Casey C l u b won Jini.ither last n l x h t , playlns at the Stal niory against tho Hedfltono Tov A l u m n i , a team couinosed of T Kodstone T o w n s h i p High School who have been making a nan themselves in independent am leg.iate clrclcw. The score was The visitors wore somewhat thetlc in the first half, and the combination walked off with honor. In tho last two periods, ever, the game was interesting. stone woke up a n d f o u g h t ever; ol' the way, addln? a flock ot and holding l.hp Caseys t h r o i t h n t h i r d q u a r t e r lo a rather c o u n t . Plenty of scoring from the f e a t u r e d t h e c l a s h , w i i h n u n spectacular long thots. The? l i n e - u p : Cuxuys- --»«. Feretichuia I'll i l l ips ............ Rcdstuii . F. _ Di in _ , . C f, Met U n a r y O S t ' a l o v c h a l l i O So S u b s t i t u t i o n s -- B r o w n fur i I e h n l i i . j Field goals--K'erenchula G, P 3. U e c l e m e n t I 6, B r o w n ::, McCU F ' a l o v c h a l k 2, De-Carlo S, Sm M a r k l e , Steeves 5. P'oul goals--Caiseys, P n u t i Rcdstona, 4 out. of 9. Rfifer-ee---Bobbie P- clash j Ar- nahip irmer stars e for col- 46-30, apa- Irish every how- Hed- inch wints ?hout. low field erdus -- 80. Carlo a r k l e eev-ea (1 111 O II 'eren- f I f i ; One Reason for Slovr Arkansas Train v^^|CJ?x"'^5^^v,'^m o#^%rv *K^ %^v* '''·· . %·' Sttf,* ''?,-··? ^ ····· C *-sir rW 1 * ' .°*iAZi.-kyft.. " f 'S- j*. ··-·'· r ? ^f^r ' f £;$* ' 4* ·· Tkwfln_ ^^ A f 11 ' s *· f^J" · . A S ' " - '- Sewickley Passers Only Obstacle} Between Dunbar And Section 12 Pennanl Catholic Passers Will Play at Home Tomorrow livening The Inrmaeulate Conception High School basketball team wiM play at horn* on Wednesday werlng, a tilt bGlnjg slaited for the Sta'.e Armory floor with tho Daquesno University High, School Prop flv«. Tho visitiiijg aggregatioi is inuler- s-txXHi to be a combination of cl-ever boys wl)o will give the- htde coached by Tom MoCl-eary considerable opposition. Tb-o Connoliavili-e hasktleer» have not a)ieard in home g inves very of ton tills season but bavo been kept busy on. tho road and rounded into such shape that a hicJuer type of opponents lire being: sihe-hrted. Many iuter-osted in tho Immaculate Co-niceptioiL clu-b will be on hand to- marro-w evening tor the contest. The game bgins at 7:30 o'clo ik. On March 4 the team, jjoes to Al- vorton t.o rlay the Kiiet Township Hlgli School quintet. Victory for LeisenHng Will 1C« Championship, Defeajt to Cause Triple Tie. HOME OUTFIT IS POWERFU1 BALTIMORE OHIO ACCOUNTANTS DOWN PARAMOUNT OUTFIT Tho Bultirrrore Ohio Acctrantants won three straight games from the Paramount c l u b in the C ty Duckpih beagrno last night on Klks a!Vey«. MuHen of the B. O. was high with 179 for one contest and «0 for three. Tho scores: B. fc O. ACCOUNTA-fTS. Mullen IM 15' 179 Rold 130 134 119 Dummy _100 _ Florae hnallor Welsh Nicholson -- _144 113 _141 14f IK 13fi 141 133 450 373 100 391 438 26S Totals 629 66" 718 3010 PARAMOUNT. Wagrner 150 llf 142 Gallagher 119 14!- 130 408 397 Dummy Skoba ~ Rigger . Totals _100 IOC 100 ..100 135 105 126 143 120 300 337 3 SO .595 537 507 1829 MOUNT PLEASANT INVADES SCOHDALE ARMORY TONIGHT i SCOTTDALB, Feb. 25--Considerable interest is manlfeet in the xurt etrug- gle at th-e State Armory ti-uight when Scottdale and Mount Pleasant High Imsketeera clash in a "W. P. I. A, league contest. The two bitter rivals will be out lo tally dociuiv-e victories. The neighboring institutions are kee i foes in all compotitivo events, Scottdale trimmed tho Mountiea in tho firHt circuit battle and th-e Singley machine i.s bent on vengea ice. ·Tbo most Important game of Oi li)30 schedule oontronto the crac pafi6-ens of the Dunhar Township Hig School tonight wheji they oppose tb strong Sewickley Township basketed at tho Herminie gymna-siura. Ponding tho otrtcome of thi« oonte th-o chumpioiiBhip status ie undotet mined inasmuch as the Ked and Blac mtiet come through with a triumph a engage in a playoff for the oiitstan ing laurelH in Section XII, W. P. I. ; League. A defeat 1'or the Leteenrki' quintet will in all probability thr the three foremost clubs Into a tripl ti-e for th« pennant, providing tha Perry Township whlpe Belle Vemon. Swicklcy cannot bo taken too ligbl ry as the c l u b is made up of vetora material. Four of tho five regular were on the first team last camnaig and tlte fifth player was a first strin reserve, thus giving the quintet smooth-functioning combination. J displayed ite power when. Perryopoli was Eubdued in a recent battle. Coach Bruce Shearer i« sonftdes that his 1xyB have the stuff to com through with a triumph but in ppe dieting one does i.ot lorget the tr« streng.h of the Hermlnte machine particnlar:y on its home floor. Dunbar hae weathered the storm fc 13 of 14 irames this season and Oi many occasions tho going has bee very rough. The skipper is c.ertai; that his boy5 con become equal to th occasion against H-ermlnie. Ho feel Uiat hi« portegee are due to get ou of the snag in which tbiey have beei playing of late. If ever before som-e real baeketbal has been expected from the Leisenxini dribblers, tonight's the time. Basque Peace Officers Kept Reasonably Busy Unique la the mlguele:e. Everywhere in Spain, from the f.atea of tho royal palace In Madrid ou; to the remotest, humblest hamlets, tha civil guardsmen have the rlghi: of way-except In the Basque province of Gul- puzcoa. The Basques havo their ow police, called mlgualetes, vrho wear a Jaunty uniform of baggy rod trousers, a blue tunic with a cape ilied to the, shoulders and a red bolra on their heads (a contrast to tha tivll guards' yellow trappings and gray or black uniforms and shiny cocked iiats, triangular and of oilskin). Altl ough a soldier, armed and trained a* such, the miguelete, Instead, of part ding about In Idleness, has many civilian duties. He carries all the official mall In the province, conveys lunatics :o the modern asylum, Inspects the roads, teaches the illiterates to read and wvite, collects telephone tolls and al/io taxes. A Basque Is always ready with a bet. which Is the common way jf ending a dispute about handball, treis felling, grass mowing, stone lifting, swimming, about whnt weight his prlr of oxen will drag or the flshtlng powars of a ram from his herd. On every bet a .percentage is duo and is '-Oliecied by the miguelete. It Is the miguelete also who takes charge of the sn.vings bank accounts, and so gveat Is the confidence he inspires among the peasantry thnt old and j oung hand over their hard-earned ;-eales and pesetas to this red-legged cop. What prestige ! Indeed, It has be ;n proposed t h a t the League of Nation.« study the corps with a view to makln { it a world organization. Beautiful Miss Carroll Hewitt, who won the title of "Miss Arkansas" in a recent befiuty contest. She is said to he a perfect type of Southern beauty and may explain the popularity of t h a t "slow train Arkansas-" Do B««» Know B«ok.epor? One often heurs tho statement that ^ii-cH Unnw their muster. 1'hls In not t r u e . During r h u worUlrii; season a lieu ivi*s for only nbout six weeks, two of which nr« spent in |!ic hive. It IK h n r d l y l i k e l y t h a t · I w o u l d oxtimlri* ii hive fr (·nouph ·« IVHCOIIH ( «now i to such · s h o r t - l l v p d "rfjiliirflR ei'en f t h n j h u d i h e a b i l i t y to difitlngulsh ustwoeu different human beings Larro Club Wins Over Corner Five In Hard Contesl The Larro Club of Monongahela Cit. handed the K-eagy Corner passers on"on ttio button" at tho State Armor; last n i g h t in a fast, hard-fought en counter. Without question, the en gagement was one of the beet oxhlbl tione of the soaeon until it got beyoni control of the official in the last qu«r ter and then it was little short of ; battle royal. The 8xre was 35-30. The visiting conibina,tion proved ; tartar for the Corner aggregation. J stocky-built, fast-paestng quintet tha started -with the tip-off, the barro tean wan always threatoning to make ; runaway out of the clash, h u t tb South Siders hung on like grim de-all and with a whirlwind rally closed th first half just one. point in arrears 16-15. In tho third quarter the clash continued with an even ecore first one am t h e n the other having a bare margit of a point or two. Things began to gei rough and continued eo. In the fine, period the Keagys got somewhat panicky when the Larro forwards crashec through to gain a five-point lead, anc in that brief upcll the game was sewec up. The Hne-up: *. Keugy Corner--30. I^arro Club--SS Floto _ V Barnharl G u y n n F ._ Sandj Miller C Haywari Bergiu -- G Fornai-cr; May -- _G Aikei Substitutions--Sellers far May, Sols- son for Sellers, France for Barnhart, Baird for Sandy, Woods for Hayward. Field goalri--Floto 2, Guynn 4, Miller. 3, B-ergin, May, Soisson, Barnhart, Sandy 6, Hayward, Fornaicrl, Aiken 5, France 2, Woods, Fouls--Keagj-B, S out, ot 13; barro, 5 out of 3. Referee--.McCl ure. LiWty Cap In enrty Roman times, only freemen were permitted to wear caps. Whea a slave was manumitted, a small cap, usually of red felt, was placed on hi« head, and his name was registered In the city tribes. Several Roman commanders hoisted such caps on upcars to Indicate that all slaves who Joined them should be free; and when Caesar was murdered, the conspirators marched forth In a body, with a cap- elevated on a spear. In token of liberty. In the French revolution, the liberty cap was adopted by the revoln- tionists as a badge of their freedom. Do«ert Aster a Beauty In Painted canyon Is found the desert aster--superlative one o'f all western composites bearing the much-used name of "aster,"--lavender-rayed, with yellow center, and two or three inches acroHs. And with enough Irregularity to give it an a i r which we can only satisfactorily describe r,s chic. It Is A perennial, %rlth a ' l o w woody base, a generous nnnual growth of slender /Herbaceous branches, and · liberal;

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