The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1938 · Page 7
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 7

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 7
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1938. UA1LX CUimiJSlt. CONNKLLSVILLIS, PA. PAUli SJBVKN. Canned Heat Appetite Bothers Steward; May "Chase" Three Initiates UNIONTOWN, Feb. 10.--Alex J. Mead, newly-elected steward at the Fayette County Home, took drastic steps Tuesday to rid the almshouje of "undesirable" inmates. j Three men charged with being "habitual canned-heat" victims, were ai rested at the home by city police after crcatins a disturbance that Mead said alarmed most of the inmates in the building. Lodged in city prison were William (New York Brownie) Carey, 45; Chris Morgan, 45, formerly of Gates, and James Kurtz, 41, o£ West Virginia. They hnd been inmates at the county institution for the past four months. Mead informed the county commissioners yesterday that he "would not permit the trio to return to the home because of the all-around general nuisance they created." The steward also charged them with theft of clothing, lighting fixtures and food. Alderman William Whitby was called into conference with Commissioner John ,W. Rankin yesterday in an effort to.ascertain what step the authorities could take to commit the men to another institution. Sentence ( to the Allegheny workhouse on vagrancy charges was one penalty preferred by the alderman. Mayor William J. Crow, whose attention was called to the case as the suspects, according io police and county authorities, ate members of lonK-staneing with the local "canned heaters," searched through legal statutes 'o find im answer for the disposition of the matter. The mayor expressed an Informal opinion the commissioner could charge fie trio with vagrancy with sentence to be rrctcd out by the alderm.-n sitting as magistrate in the cases. Expedient action is looming, however, OrouRh the steps token by Mead (o get the "three out of the count; home." Mc;d said the three men would "slyly sneak away from the county home, and come to Uniontown for their; 'canned heat.' They'd steal pant; shirts, food and lighting fixtures from the home and evidently cxchingc them for the boozi*. "returning to the institution," Mcd said the men "they got some ot the i worst cripples drunk on the 'sm'ked heat.' "Curtz found his way to the city 3as Sunday and returned with a salon of the stuff which he dis- trbutcd among several inmates bc- foc we caught up with him. We've hd our eyes on the trio for some tine, but they always managed to sreak away at night or at other tines," Mead stated. "Several times they came back bind drunk and created a terrible osturbance at the home. They vouldn't pay any attention to our irders as we had no way to discipline diem. They would laugh when we gave them their orders and refused to obey the rules," the steward said. .'; Mead said despite the actions ol "the men, they were given the usual care until recently when "we put a double watch on them." "As ring-leaders of a small group p£ the unfortunate 'canned-heat 1 ,Tibe, the trio tried to encourage ·thcr inmates to drink the stuff they ilways seemed able to get during · heir runaway trips to Unionlown. "Since they have been away from tie institution the other inmates bve been acing fine." Mead sold the trio provided the fciggcst nuisance he has found since ·ecoming head of the county institu- ion." ' "They can't come back," was the itcward's firm statement. ; "Many inmates arc afraid of them. Others, but only a lew, arc always waiting for them to bring in a drink of the stuff." . Mead said one of the three suspects (had been taken to the hospital once ·a week for treatment. , "Talcing all into consideration, it is ! costing the county more to keep them · at the county home than nt other institutions to which we have been informed they could be sent," ho said. Frank Sweeney Low Bidder for Wiring Af Teacher College Frank R. Sweeney was low bidder for electrical installation work on the three buildings embraced in the California State Teachers' College construction program, it was announced at Harrisburg by the State Authority. His bid was $32,395. Mr. Sweeney is to do all of wiring in the new boiler house ond power house, at new industrial building and the addition to the physical education building. Other low bidders on the project include: ' General construction -- Republic Construction Company, Republic $508,000. Heating and ventilating--MeVchil! Plumbing Company, Washington $10,970. Plumbing and drainage--William M. Clark Company, New Casllc $38,800. Maple Sap Starts To Run, Somerset Countians Report SDcclil to Tho Courier. SOMERSET, Feb. 10--Farmers reported the spring run of maple sap started this week in the southern part of Somerset county, unusually early. The county is Pennsylvania's largest producer of maple products. The trees arc tapped, the flow caught in buckets and later boiled in open pans at camps. The main products are maple syrup, maple sugar and a tarry-like substance known locally as "spotza,' Producers are planning this year to make maple butter, a sweet spread Internal Revenue Veteran Kctlres. MEYERSDALE, Feb. 10 A continuous service of 43 years employment has been terminated by the retirement of John P. Drake from the United States Internal Revenue Service, Alcohol Unit, Treasury Department, who formerly was located here. Mayte This Is Why You're Constipated Perhaps tho kind of food you eat doesn't givo your bowels anything to worJc en. Meat, potatoes and bread don't form the kind ot soft, bulky mass that will help move your bowel*. If so, a dish of crUp, cruncby Kellogg's All- Bran for breakfast will Rive you Jiut the kind of "bulk" your intestines may need to work properly. And In addition,Itcontnlns the Intestinal tonic, vitamin B,, which helps to tone them. 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Can, $5.25 Small Wieners, Ib. 23c Club Wieners, t 7 lb. 11 C Skinless Wieners, Forty Fathom Fish, fresh, lb Prylngr mid Stowing Oysters. Halibut. Fresh Pig Feet, 3 Ibs. Spiced Lunch Ham, lb. Sliced Corned Beet, lb. 25c 35c Scrapple, 4 ibs. Ring or Long Bologna, lb. -Bacon Squares, lb, Leaf Lard, in. cone, lb. ......,,,......_ 25c ._ 18c ._. 15c -lie Roasting, C H I C K E N S Ib., 35c SPJRBffi CHICKENS lb. 39c Fully Drced. Ham. Ends, lb. _ Black Hawk Platter Sliced Bacon, lb., Sweltzer Cheese, lb. Pure Rendered Lard, 2 Ibs, ... 29c 35c 25c 1002 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 620 Connellsville, Pa.

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