Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on August 27, 1972 · Page 54
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 54

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 27, 1972
Page 54
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4E--AugiLt 27, 1972 Sunday Gasettp-Mnil Ch«rt«ton, W»st Vlrslnla Terms Each Reason Fashion Vocabulary Changing AROUND THE CLOCK AROUND THE WORLD Whether your schedule takes you from classroom to cocktails, from Charleston to Copenhagen, our fall Selby's will fill the bill. These, from our fall collection, are two exciting e x a m p l e s . Top, is the every popular leather tie, smarter than ever, in black with browti or grey, luggage with tan, navy with red, or all over navy. 26.00. Below, the shoe with the gilt edge, just enough goldtone to make this high-heel a r i s t r o c r a t s t a n d o u t from the crowd. Gold accents on navy or rust suede, or b r o w n crushed patent. Silveroncharcoal crushed potent. 24.00 If you think that rise is what you do in the morning or that arrowheads are American Indian artifacts; if you're having trouble differentiating between double-comfort fabrics and action fabrics or double-knits and wovens, then you might want a little coaching in one of the fastest changing vocabularies ever--the vocabulary of fashion. The following partial list is a new updated version compiled by Hart Schaffner Marx. MWOP-Clothing men talk about a six-inch drop, for example, which represents the number of inches difference between the chest size and the w a i s t l i n e measurement. To illustrate: a size 39 suit has a 3.1-inch Irouser waistline or, a six-inch drop MllSK-The distance between the top of the trouser and the crotch. Or. to put it another way, the difference between the trouser inseatn and outseam measurements. So you want to know what's an inseam and what's an outseam: The inseam is the seam on the inside of the trouser leg. And that makes the outseam to nobody's surprise, the outside seam on the trouser Icp. ·"HACKING POCKETS--Another way of saying slanted pocket--as adapted from the British hacking or riding jackets which had such pockets for convenience. ^·Gusset -- A deep pleat which is tailored into the back shoulder line of certain garments, extending from just below the top of the shoulder to just below the armpit, affording extra ease and comfort. This is not to be confused with the bi-swing shoulder which was popular some seasons ago. In the bi-swing back, the pleat TURTLENECK, EASY-CARE BODY SUITING Get the look of turtleneck plus all-in-one smoothness with this body suit in white, navy, red and cream nylon knit. Sizes--S, M ( and L;$10 LILYETTE'S WIRE PLUNGE HALTER BRA For your V-necks, plunges and halters, this is the bra. Adjusts to regular straps comfortably; $7. LILYETTE'S GENTLY PADDED HALTER BRA Light, natural and body smooth, this dual purpose tricot bra may be worn regularly or with a neck strop for halters; $8.50 SOFT GATHERS AND A BEAUTIFUL BODY Both are yours with this body suit of easy-care nylon. Available in turquoise, red, navy, white, green, pale pink, hot pink and yellow. Feminine and perfect with your floor length skirts for fall. Sizes--S, M, and 1; 57 FOR 7HE CLASSIC LOOK, A TAILORED BODY SHIRT Get a smooth fit without loo'-ing ynur classic look with this body shirt in whitp nylon by lanatry; SI ?.. IN QUIANA BY LIIY OF FRANCE A similar style body shirt, with button front and pointed cnllor, available in navy, copper, white, pink, cream It. blue, dark green, terra cotta, and yellow. Washable, Dockable. Sizes S, M.Land XL.S20. PECK'S LEE STREET AT HALE extends down to the waistline. · Notch--The cut-out in the lapel. They range from cloverleaf to f i s h m o u t h, from peaked to notched. If you're interested in the differences, ask your clothing salesman to point them out. ^·Double-comfort fabrics -Pure wool wovens which have been processed mechanically or chemically for stretch and wrinkle-resistance, wear qualities heretofore restricted to the new "action" fabrics only. The natural resilience of the fiber is augmented by a special treatment of the yarns or by mechanical means during the weaving process itself. ^·Action fabrics--An all-inclusive term covering double- and single-knits, whose stretch qualities are indigenous to their loop construction, and texturized woven blends (see below). All have a stretch quality about them. «*-Texturized wovens--Woven polyester-wool blend fabrics whose yarns or fibers have been given a "permanent wave" or crimp to impart stretch characteristics and "surface interest" to the fabric as well as shape-retention and a high resistance to wrinkling. *-D#uble-kmts -- Firmly knit fabrics which have an inter- loop construction for a built-in "give and take." The fabric is made in tubular form with double needles giving double thickness. A double-knit garment gently gives with every move, then takes back its original tailored shape. ^·Single knits -- A p l a i n stitch knitted fabric of single thickness. ** Wovens--Fabrics created on a loom through a process which interlaces yarns at right angles to each other. A look at a piece of cheesecloth will give you an enlarged version of plain weave which is simply an over-and-under pattern of alternate interlacing of warp (vertical) and filling (horizontal) yarns. And plain weave is used in one or other of its variations in 80 percent of all wovens. ·* Boutique--Webster has defined it as "a small retail store." But more specifically, it's a store that specializes in novelty items, such as handcrafted jewelry, candles and knick-knacks, and clothing with, a variety of looks from the slightly avant garde to the far-out and funky. +· Head slwp--A kind of boutique which got its name from the fact that its line of men's clothing is geared to the man with a heavy head of hair. Topg and bottoms--You should not be offended. We're talking about clothing--outer- clothing. These are terms indigenous to the new layered look in men's and women's wear. Tops of course, are shirts, s w e a t e r s , sweater- vests, sweater-shirts, skinny- knit sweaters. Bottoms are, naturally, slacks, knickers, shorts. »* The layered look--Sort of an updated version of the mix'n'match trend of the 60s. Sweaters, with or without sleeves, with round or V-neck collar, matching or contrasting, go over shirts, usually open at the neck. Or sweater- vests over skinny-knit sweaters and a jaunty belt over that. Different patterns are put together, often in a random fashion. Bright contrasting colors, too. It's almost an anything-goes look. Suits and sport coats are not left out either. Boots over trouser legs for a knickers effect. Suit coat How Can 1? Q. How can I recondition shredded coconut that has become hard and tough? A. Try heating it over some hot water. Q. How can I remove the shine from dark clothes? A. You can often deal with this simply by rubbing over the fabric with very fine sandpaper. Q. What is a good way to prevent moths in stored clotting or furniture? A. Bend an o r d i n a r y traight pin to form a hook, heat the pin head and insert nto a mothball. When cool, it will be ccmeted in place. Then hook the mothball into the clothing, or attach to the furniture to be stored. Q. How can I remove lipstick from some of my linen napkins? A. If you will soak (ho taim-d a r t i c l e s i n full itrrngth. liquid detergent for i few minutes, then wash as isual, you should then no onger "see red." Q. What is the best way to stick metal to wood? A. When sticking metal lo wow!, first soak the metal in arc-tone, and wh«n dry. use some household crment to attach it to the wood. Don't touch the cleaned area of the mrtal before cementing! Q. How can I prepare a good onion soup? A. Chop two onions. Place twn nnnrrs of butter in a pan and molt. Put the onions in, and fry until well done. Pour a quart of boiling water into the pan and season. Tn improve the flavor, add sliced bread and finely chopped Swiss cheese. or sport coat over a sweater over a shirt, with a tie or without. And vests are making a reappearance. *· Flares--Term h d'sigrat" t r o u s e r s whose bottoms "flare" at the ankle. For instance, a pair of 34 inch waist trousers will measure 18% inches around at th; ':'-"·? and 20 inches around at the bottom. It's a widely bousht and accepted look in trouser wear today. ^- Arrowheads--These triangular-shaped pieces of cloth, suedecloth or real suede, are used as special style accents on Western look garmsts They are most often used at the end of a vent, the edge of a pocket or inverted box pleat. »· I n v e r t e d box pleat--A pleat often used in the center back of a jacket, extending from just below the neck to the top of the center belt, this pleat often used in the center seen on patch pockets. »- Box pleat--The TW'se rf the above, the folded or pleasted fabric is seen on the outside of the pocket it accentuates rather than being inverted. This pleat is popular on pockets this season. Really a substitue for the belt *· Waistband Extertior--real- ly a substitute for the belt on a slack which consists of a piece of fabric extending from the fly-line in the middle of the trousers to a point near the hip. Can be secured with a button or two or sometimes with a hidden closure. ^·B1 a n k e t p 1 a i d--Stems from the large plaid pattern often used in divan and football blankets. Seen this fall in outerwear such as stadium coats. ^-Fisherman's knit--An exclusive knit fabric of 45 per cent texturized Dacron polyester, 35 per cent and 20 pe r cent Antron nylon. It is made on a flat knitting machine of special single-needle construction. Not to be confused with the knit constructin of a fisherman knit sweater which is altogether different. FOR YOUR WEDDING Our Slot* Ha The lorgeit Selection of Colors 5t/l«» in So. W. Vo. JUST ARRIVED The New High Style WESTERN TUXEDO New Ruff led Shirts I Available in 6 Colors I ADAMS FORMAL WEAR DENTALS Sec Frank Adams Formal Wtar Specialist lUNcfirlindSt. Ph.343-2851 E I « ^ august fur sale Last Week luxurious fur fashions at substantial savings; coats, capes, jackets, stoles! Stdger's *17 QUARRIES ST. furs 346-0577 CORDUROY PANTS. GREAT YOUNG CONTEMPORARY L O O K S . . . The go-together, put together layered look. Never looked better than with Village Wardrobe's corduroy pants in Baggies, fit and flares, more. Jr's. sires 5 to 13. A. Man-tailored boggy pant. Cuffed bottoms, jumbo wale. Navy or wine, 12.OO B. Man-tailored fit and flare. Low rise wiast, rip front. Green or blue, 1 1 .00 C. Patch Pocket no-wale corduroy fit and f l a r e s . Blue, wine or bone, 1 2 .00 Man-tailorea shirts, sweaters and shrinks to layer-it-on. 9.00 to 12.00 VILLAGE CAPITOL ST. · CHARLESTON Open Mon.-Sat. 10 A.M. to 5 P.M.---Monday Nights 'til 9 P.M. ST. ALBANS PLAZA · ST. ALBANS Open Daily 9:30 A.M. to 9:00 P . M . - · Sundays 1 00 P.M to 7:00 P.M.

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