The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1918 · Page 4
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 4

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1918
Page 4
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f" Fotra. THE DAILY COTJBXER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. THTJKSDAY, JUNE 6, 1918. £0t5rtwr. HENRT P. SKTDBR, Founder and Editor. 1873-191*. THE COUUIEB K. U. SNTDEK. President JAS. J. DBISCOIJX Rec'y ajwl Treasurer. Business Manaccr. JOSS L. OANS. Managlns EIitoc. WALTER S. STQQCSL. City'EdHor, MISS Kns'NE B. KINCEIJj, Society Editor. MEMBER OF: Associated Press. Audit Bureau at Circulation. Pennsylvania Associated DaBlea- ^wo cents per copv, 0c per month; Jo per year by mail U oaW In advance. Entered as second clr^s matter at the . Fa. THCBSDAT ITTE'G, TOSI 6, 1913. Tb, CMiteT** »crrtct Flax. wil4kJULaj ji p. KHEKMAN. Hospital tint L. American Br- pedittonaiT Forces, Franco. RAUPH F. SUGEK, Company H. JIJth Infantry, is. s. N. A, Camp L«e, Pworebnre, Va- -\ JQCHj'JSL G3SENAJLDO. . SA.MOLD EICHFTT. Battery B, Field Artillery. 28th Division, U. S. K. O. X*LGTX B. cox, · CooHxuiy F 37tn Engineers, TT. a A_ Fort Myer, Va. JTjUTJS CHOOSE. Company E, 15tK Engrti***rs (JSaiiwayX. Ajnortcai: 'Expeditionary Forces, Frazioa. JAMES J. McVAJBTIiAND. Company D, 53rd Engineers. Haihr*y-A. Fort Benjamin Hacrtaon, Indianapolis. Indiana, BUSSELI. LEJTHAJCT, U. S. S. President Grant, t. S. Navy. Tb* Associated Press to at- cltulT*lr mtltl«l to the use for reombUetfen ot all new* dla- patcbu credited to It or not otbervbw credited In tills paper and also the local newa pabUahed herein. ~ IAG" FOB EJTD OF FBESS1AKISM. While we here at home have had confident expectations from the very outset of the war that the American troops would bring new honors and glories to the Old -Flag ·wherever they might be engaged in the defense of all the tilings this glorious emblem stands lor, Europe has had to see our men in real action to become convinced that they are the equals of the French and British soldiers -who have had the benefits ot several years' experience in modem "warfare. Several opportunities have been given to show what our troops, fresh from the training camps, can do when confronted by the best fighting units of the iaiser. Jn these engagements the Americans have conducted themselves so splendiiUy that their Allies make no effort to restrain their enthusiastic admiration. This is particularly true ot the newspapers of France which comment in the warmest terms on the brilliant operations of oux troops in the great battle now in progress. Speaking of the part taken by the Americans the Matin of Paris says: "Amongst the reserves wicli are continuing to arrive it is necessary to note the American troops fthich, though scarcely in the lines, have das- tingnished themselves by re-establishing the situation in an important sector. "The Americans have shoira themselves fnll of zeal spirited in the attack and steady as rocis in the defense. These joung robust soldiers have in a few weeks with a tremendous effort become on modern battle fields the enuals of their French and British comrades who were their instructors. "We will wacsr tiat the Germans who amused themselves by speaking in ironical tcrrjis of the Army which came from the other side ot the water must by now have changed their opinion concerning the military qualities of an adversary that has jnst inflicted a telling check on their best troops of attack." Confronted by a comparatively small force of fighters that can hold his boasted invincibles at bay, there is 'llttie wonder why the kaiser is feverishly trying to crush the Allies before we arc on the field in full force. Tie H«n war lord inows full well that when that time arrives it is going to be "Der Tag" for the end of Prussianism. cripple this j very important department of railroad work. There has been disposition in many centers to strike for more liberal wage advances, but the men, having been warned by Director General McAdoo that they are employes of the government instead of private corporations, realize as a class that striking at this time would be just as disloyal and unpatriotic as for soldiers to refuse to obey the orders of their supenor officers. Under the circumstances they will no doubt exercise patience while the Justness of their claims is being inquired into by that board of the Railroad Administration having charge of disputes relating to wages and hours of work. Any other course will be just as unpopular as any other expression of unwillingness to join whole-heartedly in helping to win the war by every means that we can. THE SHOPMEN'S GRIEVANCE. Director General McAdoo is making the discovery that the railway shop- men have a real grievance in their' protest against the very small increase allowed them under the recent general advaace In wages. The schedule for employes of this class makes so -insignificant upward revision for workmen of this class, as compared wi;h other railway em- ployes, that great dissatisfaction has resulted. The men find their increases very much less than they expected or were led to believe from the general announcement. The scale as proposed M-.JKS out all previous wage reforms, part, culariy the elimination i of differentials, effected since 1915, j and leaves t te shopmen practically without any of the benefits and ad-. vantages grained to other employes. With the higher rates of wages, extra pay for undesirable work and! bonuses paid in other lines of employment, the railroads have already found it difficult to hold machinists, car men and other shop employes. Without grea:er icd-ucemeats than the proposed sca'e offers, it is very proo- able that a jeneral exodus of shop- men to the shipyards and elsewhere wfll follow t!ie failure to make a satisfactory adjustment of the complaints filed by this class of workers. Any depletion in the ranks of shop- men, would still - more seriously i OUB CJHtD LABOR LiW SOT AFFECTED. The recent decision of the United States Supreme Court declaring the Federal Child Labor Law invalid is plainly understood to involve a technical problem, only, instead of being the opinion of the court on the righteousness of i protecting children against employment in unsuitable labor or for unreasonable hours. The law which has been declared null and void by this decision was passed by Congress at the somewhat insistent demand of President Wilson. While admitting that Congress did not have the right to regulate labor conditions within the several states the friends of the measure maintained that the child labor question could be reached through an exercise of the unquestioned' right of Congress to regulate interstate commerce. Accordingly the law was framed so as to make the shipment from one state to another of goods or articles made by child labor an offense punishable by severe penalties. The law was attacked by its opponents on the ground that the intent and effect if it was to usurp the police function ot the states by regulating labor conditions within the states instead of regulating commerce between them. The decision of the court indicates that such has been the interpretation of the law. The decision is ' a distinct disappointment to all persons interested in child welfare in those states of the south that aro without protecting laws of their own. The child labor laws of Pennsylvania and other states are in no wise affected by the decision. The Pennsylvania law te conceded to be much more complete and affords vastly more protection to the children of the state than the federal law. The latter was designed to compel those states In the south that had refused or were backward in taking step with more enlightened commonwealths, to provide protection to children from rapacious employers and contractors in certain lines of industry. The decision simply means that the framers of the law failed, as they were cautioned at the time, to Bnd the right method by which the beneficient purpose of child protection could be accomplished. No. S. Hobart Humbertson, Somerfield. Harry Bryan Workman, Blhotts- ville. Samiiel Earl Brown, Acme. 'Percy Howard Overtoil, Vanderbilt. George W. Dnmbauld, Indian Head. Clark Rowan, Mill Run. Milton Snyder, Connollsville R. D. No. 3. ' ' Albert Kemp, Connellsville R. D. 3. Harry Dnane Sumey, ElliottsviHe. Cost Atrnnase, Champion. Patsy Baer, Adelaide. John. Urosek, Dunbar, R. D. 1. Lewis Van Sickle, Clovertop. 'William John Oswald, Adelaide. John Arthur Thrasber, Indian Greet James Russell Cain, Chalk nil!. Michael Depaolis, Vanderbilt, R. F. D. Emmott Emory Collins, Adelaide. *Come Bailey, Dunbar. 'Harry Smrpe, California. Edward L. Miller, Dunbar. Steve Hifnosfcy, Dunbar, R. D. 1. Aiva H. Conairay, Somerfield. Jesse Reed Sparks, Normalville, R. D. 1. Lloyd Jackson Hall," Eidwell. Russell JlcElroy, Clifton Mills, w. Now that President VT-ilaon, by opposing leeifMtion designed to prevent the use of foods in the manufrvcture of alcoholic beverages, has_ declared liquor a -war necessity, it' becomes plain that A. at'.tchell, Palmer spoke with authority -when he said that Bonniwell was nominated for governor because the Democratic party was "wet." Depend on ConnellsviUe "boys to stick on the firing line. That is what they went Over There for and. as opportunity offers, to inpidentaily stick some Hmia. "Wonder if Bill thinks we look or act act as if we were badly scored? The Fuel Administration IB becoming very nnnicky about coal. It insists that it have combustible qualities in addition to looking- like real coaL FOUR HDNDRED TWENTY-SIX YOUNG HEN REGISTER HERE FOR UNCLE SAM'S SERVICE 1 from Face One. Lyinazi Richard Adatns, Champion. Richard Cramer, Champion. Bill Bakratsas, Champion. Albert Lewis Moou, Bidwell Clifford B. Morrison, Ohiopyle. William Tissue, Mill Hun. Ira WOrner Tissue, Mill Run. Jesse Basinger, Rogers Mills. Ralph A. Gibson, Dunbai-. Edward Listen, Dunbar. George D. Colborn, Will Ban. William Keni, Mill Bun. Thomas M. Shipley, Bidwell. Harry R- Shipley, Victoria. Marshall L. Morrison, Ohiopyle. George W. Garland, Dunbar. Elmer Nicholson, Normalvlllo. George Onusko, Connellsville. Ralph B. Wortuington, Dunbar. *McKinley Logan, Dunbar. Bryan Jennings Newmyer, Vanderbilt. , Harry Leonard Spaw, Farming-ton. Virgil Doxter Conley, Cumberland. Bruce McClelland Hall, Ohiopyle. Joseph Vansil, Vanderbilt. Jesse Polling Pranks, Leisenring. Raymond Joseph Soisson, Ohiopyle. Villiaru Ray Gbrist, Dickerson Run. Harry Emmott Mitchell, Dunhar. Lorenza 'White, White. Joseph Hines, Dunbar. Tra S. Burnwortli, Ohiopyle. Karl Btirnworth. Confluonce. Reuel TVTilte, ^lite. Charles Lynn. Kiugao, Connells- James O. Solomon, Ipdian Head. Harry B. Brown, Confluence. Patsy Onofiio, Juniata. Bryan Wells, Mill Run. Harry Edward Miller, Hill Run. George Thomas McConnick, Dunbar. Oreu B. Ritenour, Indian Head. Oran M. TOitcrs, Ohiopyle. Ha.roM Victor, Danbar. Fred Cunpet, Somerfield. McKinley Grimm, Indian Head. William Provance. Dunnar. Ralph R. Rocouck. Dunbar. Mike Purdo, Jr.. Vanderbilt. Arthur J. Newbotise, Leisenring Va. Earl Monroe Williams, Clovertop. James Perrrin. Barger, Normalville. *LeTfVis Bell, Dunbar. WilHam C. "Wallace, Adelaide. Julius F. Burnworth, Confluence. Samuel Henry GUsan, Marklcys- burg. Clyde McJCitUey Fearer, Brandon- vine, W. Va. Corupton Groover, Chalk Hill. George H. Hall, Normalville. William Andrew Hormell, Dunbar, R. I-\ D. 1. Clarence Earl Junk, Uniontown, R, F. D. 1. Thomas Ellsworth. Kelley, Dunbar. James Miller, Dunbar. *Nonnan Wallace, Adelaide. *Carl DufQeld, Dunbar. Joseph Wesley Pirl, Normalville. Joseph Lanpart, Leisenring No. 3. *Paui Suoiner West,.Vanderbilt. ·Cbarles B. Jones, Jr., Vanderbilt George Cholko, Leisenring. Henry Sanncr, W-hite. Miles Klipa, Jjeisenring No, 3. Amzi Hardy, Duxar. William Emery T-Iardy, Dun-bar. Ralph Bryan Raymond, Clulk Hill. Alva Ray West, Chalk Hill. Clarence Rash Wirsing, Chalk Hill. George Conotsco, Leisenrmg No. 3. Charles Russell Hawk, Dunbar. William AIcKmley Hall, Normal- vnic, David Charles Thomas, Dunbar, John A. KrysztofiaU., Leisenring No. 3. Gaoriel Marfongalla, Dunbar. Ira Allison Lowry, Dunbar. William C. Leaner, Dunbar. Albert Plersol Robin, Vanderbilt. Joseph Paul "YVarcfeeUa. Leisenriog No. 3. Frank Abriol, Juniata. Orlando Di Ciotos, Duabar. ·Henry Smith. Dtmbfir. Joe Dinatale, Dickeraon Run. John Algodt Nygren, ConneUBvillo, Star Route. Forest. Dailey Grover. West Leisenring. Albert Twardesky, Connellsville, Star Koute. Joseph Conko, Trotter. John Brasko, West Leisenring. Byron Henry. Brooks, Normalville. * William Bidding, DunbaT. Albert Ewoll. Trotter. William Earl-Humbert, Dunbar. Boy Lemuel Burnworth, Ohiopyle. John Wise, Morrell. Frank C. Hartzell, Dunbar. Lee Gyles Dennis, Dun-bar, R. D. No. 1. "tt'illiam Henry Seders, Dunbar. Henry James Stevenson, Dunbar. Harry Ellsworth Skiles, Dunbar. Paul Mortimer Roland, Connells- vlHe. Edgar Harry Firestone, Connellsville, R. D. 3. Frank Edward Bloom, Dgnuar, Samuel C. Edwards, Broad Ford. "Lloyd Richter, Connellsville, R. D. No. 3. Luis Pioli, Connellsville. Dwight Koosor, Vanderbilt. John Salem Rex, Dunbar, R. F. D. No. 1. Andrew John Hatter, Dunbar, R. D. No. 1. Earl Herbert Moyer, Danbar. Clarence Harry Adams, Dunbar. Albert H. Schmidthc, Coonellsville. Mahlon Edwards, Vanderhilt. Jesse Willis Piper, Dunbar. Victor Clement Gibson, Dunbar. Andrew Francis Mjcher, Leisenring. Raymer Paul Beal, Juniata. Charles William Britt, West Letsen ring. Stephen Bilovesky, West Leisenring. -Michael Byuae, West Lcisenring, Asa McKinley Fike, West Leisenring. Francis Marion Cunningham, Ohiopyle. James Garrett Hall, Vanderbilt. "Leonard Yauger, VanflertriH. Andrew Emery Lipovsky, Brookvale. John Pietro, Dunhar. John Sank-ey, Jr., Lcfsenring No. 1. James H. Ohler, Mill Run. John Kelly, Letsenring. John Radon. Dunbar, R. D. 32. John Polkabla, Leisenring. Stanley Rocha, Dunbar, Jesse DaUton Myers, Dickerson Unn. Thomas James Graham, Dunbar H. F. D, 1. John Francis Owad, Leisenring. "Colored. WANTED -- TOUR EAltBERING business. lUSNEINE'S. tt WANTED/-- CAtt REFJA1RM ip, good wage*. Inquire CAKI FOftlS- 3tAX. B. j= O. R 11 'Cjune4 ·WANTED{--LABORERS. CAPSTAN GLASS CO./ Sout'i Co;inellHvJ!le, Pa. j fijune3l" N'otice. MUTUAL GARAGK, 615 "WTSST Crawford avenue. We are ready to take any auto work,' bra-ims, weVling and oiitii'ijj all metalb, b u r n i n g carhon, oil your eng-fnc u h i l o you wait. We vtill hive room for storage. Give us a wo aure will save you money. Any time you arc In trouble on the ro r ui call Bell 857. -IjuncSl A«lmlui*ftralrix.'i. ·WANT.ED--HOME | FOK WHJTK boy six years old. J. H. It, box lil2, Route '2, Moyer. IjuueSt* WANTED--THUCKEKS AT BAi/CI- m.ore i; Ohio Irei^Ut station. Can UhO hoys over 16 years of age. SjuneSt WANTED--TWO BLACKSMITHS Apply AMERICAN' MAJVG.U^iJS^ MAiNL'PACTUIiXN'G COilPAXT, Dunbar, Pa. Sjuoeac .iffner, late of the di'-y of Connel]^- llc, county of Fayetle ana atnte at PennsyUaniii, Uecc.Lt,eu. Letters of dJ- mlnijLraiion on the above named estate 1-Ja.vlng been granted to th« undersigned, notice is hereby griviin to all persons indebted to said estate to make immediate pa.yineht, tnd to those having claims agiiinst tMo same, to present them properly a u t h e n catt'd for sott]omi.iii. A.VNA M. %TJ\GNEB, Ad- niinib-tr-vtrix, 104 KaHt Grc-cn btreot, ConneiHvU'o, Pa. II. G M A Y . Attorney, fljnuyfit-thurs WANTED --LOCOMOTIVE FllUd- men. Apply tc F. W. BOBSON, assistant road foreman ot Untfinea, Youngwood, Pa. 5jone4t WANTED--GIBI* FOR GENERAL housework. GaJl at ill "West Wash- inert on avenue or on Tri-State 532. WANTED--'TWO OILBRS AT WUST Penn Power_station. A p p l y at Elation between 8.30~A. AL and 4.30 P. M. WANTED--ROUGH CABI'CNTKRS, E5 cents per hour. Apply at THE FOUNDATION CO., West Penn Power House, SjuneGt WANTED -- GIRI^S TO WORK where the bosses have a smile. Car fam paid COiNNELX-SVILLI': SILK COMPAQ ?. 2 D may tt "WANTED--LABORERS PAY OOOD wag^es. Also t.iiarrymen for contract work. Apply AMERICAN' aLAN'C,A*ESK CO., Dunbar, P u Iji*nel2t Divorce Notice.-,. Cofctom Cotiom, Attorneys JANE HANZEY VS RUBEN Han/.ey l-\ Die Court. oC Common Pleas of Fayotte county. Pa., Xo. 'J22 M,irch Term. JyiS, To Ruben Kanaey, respondent* You are hereby notified that the subpoena and alJaii subpoini ;n tlii - c, have been retuineci "Xon est -ti- ventub," you are therefore required to appear In the Court of Common Plc.i« of Payette county. Pa,, on the nr c *t Monday b£ July of tatd Court, A D 1913, to answer the libel and c»m- p ' d i n t liled t h e r e i n , and s^ow jf .ny you liavc, why a a.vorcc from tbo bonds of matrimony should not- be granted tho libel-int aliovo named. THOS, L HOWARD, She-iff. Sheriff t, OfTjco, May 15. 191S. june-G-lS-20-27 WANTED--MAN TO SWliJSP CARS. 11.30 to 10.30 A. M. Good stcudy position. Apply a-t once to MASTKR 3iE- CHAN1C. "West Penn Railways Co. YOUNG MAX TO CLERIC in hard warn sto-e. Good opportunity to learn Uie bualnoss. Address HARD WATiE, care The Courier, ConneHs- yillts, SjunetC WANTED--OLD FALSC TF.KTH. Don't matter 1C broken 1 pay S-.OO to $15.00 per fft-t Send by parcel post and re^ei% e check by return mail TJ afAZKR, 2QQ7 South Fifth stroiH, Philadelphia, Pa. IjuneJSt Sterling, Htgbec MatLhew^, Attorneys, GRIKFITH P. DO.VALDSOK VS TaTK-irei. K Ionaldt!on In the Court of Commor, PJeas of F 1 aetle county, Pa. r No 403 Atiirch Tcnn. 191R. To j Margaret 15 Donaldson respondent: You aro hereby notified t h e 'mbpoena ont) alms subpypna in tl is raae have been returned "N'on cut in- ventus," you are thttrcfori; required to I appear in the Court of Common P)e.i.-« of Fayelte county, Pa... on the fir^t Monday of Tuly of snld Court, A. D. 1913. to answer the Hbei y.nd con- plaint filed therein, and show e.uasc, it any you h a v u , ivhy a divorce from the bond 1 * of matrimony tOmuId, not be Kranted the lib^Jlant abrvo namod, THOS, L HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff's Orace, May 15, JU13. junc-6-13-20-27 WANTKD--LABOnSIRS. ASH HAND- lera, helpers. mechanics, 11 re men. Steady w ork. Ijaborers, 18^ cents; flremer, 47 cents per hour, other work paid in proportion Apply In person j.t the WEST PENN" POWER PLANT, Connellsvllle, Pa. I j u n e l t f t WANTED--EXPEBTENCED OR IN- cxpericncd men to Tcork on repairing 1 street cars. Good opportunity to right party. Company furnishes tools Apply at onco to MASTER afKCHANTC, "West Penn Katlwaya Corapany 31may6t WANTED -- GOVKKM'ENT X3SEDS 20,000 elark^ at Washington. Examinations evervwhurti tn June. Experience unn^cv-ssary- Men and women desirinfr government position 1 ) write Cor frtsc particular!? to J. C. LHONAHD. Cformcr C l v i j Service Examiner,) S9S Kfinqis butiainp. Washington. l j u n c 6t* C W Rus h, A11 o rn oy. JBANND PLAMENT VS. ALBERT I Flameiit. In the Coui t of Common Plan* of Fayettc c o u n t y . Pa., No 373 Starch Term. 192S. To Albert Flamont roiponde-nt: You aru hereby notlilotl that tho subpoena and alias subpoena in thK' case have been returned "Non e^t in~ vcntus," you are therefore required to appear In t h e Court of Common Pleas ft I'ayette county, Pa., on the Ilrsi fnnday of July of sjiid Court, A. D I 1918. to ans»wer the libel and complaint filed therein, and show cause, it any you have, why a divorce from tle bondi g£ matrhno-iy should not be j granted the llbiillnt above named THOS, U HOWARD, Sheriff - Sheriffs OUicc, Hay 15, 1018. june-S-13-20-27 FOR room apirtments Reax. AND T\V"O FLOKDNCE SMUTZ limaytf POIl BENT--**UR.VBSIIBD BKO room. 107 East Pairview avoniu-, GjuneSt* POK nENTv-pivE nooiis A.vr bath. Falrvicw avfinuc. Call Bell 152 or 462, Sjunelfd S. R. Goldsmith. Attorney. KATREULVE FUTTi" VS. CHARLK8 F, Petty. Jn the Court of Common Plusts of layette county. Pa.. No L'?7 Itarch Term 1918. To Charles P Potty, respondent: YOJ are hereby notified that th« subpoena and uhas tubpoena in I h i f case have been returned "No/i eat in-," you are trLielore requirtid *t appear :n the Court o! Common PleaR of Fayettc county, Pa., on tho firs/i 3tonda3' of July ot said Court, A, D 1318, to an-Twer th. libel and c o r n - _ plahit filed therein, a.nd show caust, If any you have why a divorce from th» bonds of matrimony should not In* granted the lib el Ian t above na'iii'd THOS, L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Shei iff.*, O/Sce, May 15, 1!J18. juiie-C-13-20-27 KOJC SAXJ5--I93ti FOKD TOL'RING car, storage electric »y stern. Call tJell 327. SjuneSt' FOR SALE--PAKAMOUNT NEWS aland. Bargain to uuick buyer. ' See K. L. BEGG5, Connellsvilie, Fa. Sjuiietf FOR SAJLE--0 ROOit HOUSE. NIC£ location; pavud street iiud eiclewalk Pantry, bath and two porches. Hot air heat. Address "D. J." coro Courier. limoy-tfd FOR SAIJ3--ONE SLX YEAB OLD Uiree-(iuu.rter Guernsey caw Due to be treah nt\v. CtUl on JOHN C. MIL- L1GAJ\% PrttUtown, Pa. 4jun«2t-cod FOU SAL15--O ME U S MBAT slicer; one Hobart combination tjrlnd- er; cue pair skida; one six-Coot meat rack, jike new. Price reasonable. Inquire EDWARD BAER, 509 Vine street. june-3-G-S M. J. liaptm«ky, Attorney SPASEXUA USTOVIC VS SAVETA OSTOVIC. In the Court of Common Pleaa of Payetto county. Po_, No. -1C1 March Term, 1913. To Savcta Ostovic. respondent; You are hereby notified that tlu- subpoena and alia*! bubpoena m this cabc have been returned "Xon est in- vencus," you are therf-fore- required to in the Court of Coramon Plea? of Payette county-, PH., on tho l\rwt Monday of July of said Court, A. 1) 191S, to answer the libel and com- plftint filed therein, ,tnd show cause, if any you have, why a divorce from t f ^ e j bonds of matrimony should not be granted the llbetlant above named. TIIOS, L. HOWARD, Sheriff. Sheriff'* OflTce, May 15, I ' j i S . june-C-13-20-^'7 FOR SALE--UP-TO-DATE BATLBKR shop. Be^t location in VaiitKrfailt Barg-ain t q u t c k buyer. Ko/isor. lor selling, intend to enlist. Citll both phones. HOBliRT LINT, Vanderbilt Hotel. Sjunefit* FOH SALE--ONE HOUSE, roumn habitable, $200, In city One doubie house, two .-Wins on side, $300. Lot -lOTcUO. Will s,ell to colored person JOS A MAbON, Second National B.tnk building-. GjuneSc FOTI SALK--ONE: mi HUP-. ONE -1SI 1 Wiaton Sfx cylinder; one T31R Studcbukcr four cylinder; one 191D Ford roadater; one 1912 Hudson; one 1917 "XVillys-Knight; one and one-half ton /Jeffrey truck. DUNBAR AUTO COMPANY, Bell 83, Dunbar. Pa. FOR SALE--SPECIAL SALE OK lofrigerators and ten. boxes; also complete line of bed room suites, iron beds, dininpr room and porch f u r n i t u r e and sto\ en. New Linoleum 95c pt-r yard, CONXELLSVILLIS NEW AND SECOND HAND FUKNITITRR COMPANY, Tri- State 7G2. 123 South Pitts-burs street. 3june6t Strayed. STRAT E D--THRS bsvt'r. -weeks oJd, two while, one with black snotb on back. 1C found please return to JOHN PDZOK, Hchard's Works, Pa. Gjunc3£ Notice, · VULCANIZING TIRE, TCJ3E " AJfTJ baby calm rotucd. -Ill South .Tiitsburg 1 street. Tri-DLate 186. C j u n e O t * GeorffQ Piittnrson. Attorney, AJ^MA HUTCHCHAPT VS JOTTN- son Hucchcraft. Jn the Court of Common Pleax of Fayetto county. P a , Xo 400 alarch Term, 1916. To Johnsor. Hutchcraft, respondent' You are hereby notified that t h e ! subpoena and alias bubpocmi in this case have be**n r e t u r n e d ' Non ost in- \«nius," you are therot'oio required to apjuMr .n t).e Ooiirt ot Common PJeoa of Fayette county. ]'a,, on the firft Monday of .fu] of t.:iid Court, A. D. I'JIS, to answer the libel and comp J n J n t filed therein, and show cause. If any you have, why a divorce from tho bonds of matrimony should not be pranted [he UiieM-ant above .'lajued. THOS, L. HOWARD, Sheriff Sheriff's OiTice, May 31, 1918. June-G-13-20-27 "W, It.* Johnson. A t t o r n e y GEORGIA OETZ VS. WALTER GetK In the Court of Common Pleas of Fayette county. Pa, No 430 June Tenn, 191fe To Walter Gel-5, re.spondent: You are hereby notified that t h e suhpoQiui, and alias subpoena in this case have hecri returned 'Xon cst in- ventus," you are therefore requlrr-d to appear in the Court of Comanon P'cns of F.ayctto county. Pa. on the lirs* MondiLy of J u l y of said CourL A. D. 1018, to answer {"he libel antl complaint flieil therein, and shots- cause, if any you have, ·why a divorce from th« bonds oC mn.t-im'cmy should not be granted ihc IfbotUvnt above named. THOS, L. HOWARD, Sheriff Sheriff's Office, May 31, 1918. June-G-13-20-27 The summer season is now on; the summer business is starting with a rush. There are wonderful preparations at all of our stores for women, misses, and children in all sorts of seasonable raiment. The real June novelties are now on display, as well as the real staple lines. Remember these large department stores of ours offer you inducements that you cannot get elsewhere* 63 Large Department Stores, Located in Fayette, Westmoreland and Allegheny Counties. In White, Grey, Field Mouse, Brown and Black. The woman who demands a perfect fit, who insist: on the newest and best styles, who desires QUALITY FOOTWEAR will do we31 in coming to us. We pleasft you We save you money. 1 Home Solil. The heirs of ^Margaret Huhn, deceased, James C. Huhn, Charles H. Huhn. and wife, o£- Smilbfleld; Dr. Lloyd- S.' Huha ana wife of Chicago, 111.; Fredrick W. Huhn and wife of Turtle Creek, and Homer Huhn in the IT. S. service at Erie, hare sold a house and lot belonging to the deceased on Jfaia street, in the borough of Smithfleld, to O. S. Vance, whose property adjoins. The consideration was $1,500. John Graham, Baltimore j Ohio yardmaster here, will occupy I the property. I No tie- KEYSTOXE CLEANING PAKLOR. Bring y o u r Panama, find straw hat to CHARLES COCOS, 170 West Crawford .tvenue, ConneUsville, Pa. 3may33t« Patronise those -vrno advertise. lS"otic«. ESTATE OF JOHX K. GRIM, LATJE of the township oC Spring-field, county of Fayette and state of Pennsylvania, deceased I^ettera testamentary on tae above named c3tate_having been granted to the undersigned, notice Is hereby given to all persons indebted to said estate, to make immediate payment, and to those having claims against t h e same, to present them properly authenticated for settiemen t. JAMES GRIM, Executor, Connellsvllle, Peixna., R. P.^n. H. G. HAT. Attorney. 9may6t-thurs II G. Ma Attorney. ANNA BELLE THORPE VS. JOHN Wallace T'.oipc I:, the Court of Common Pleas of Payette county. Fa., No 3G7 December Term, 1915. To John Wallace Thorpe, respondent: You arc hereby notified Uiat the subpoena ard alias subpoena in this case have bo«r returned 'Non cat in- ventus," you are therefore required to appear in t*ic Court of Common Pleas oC Fayette county, Pa,, or the firjA Monday of July of said Court, A. D. 1918, to an-siyer the libel and complaint filed therein, and slio^- cause, \t jny you have, why a divorce from tJio bonds of matrimony should r.ot be srranted the lihellant above named, TFIOS, L. HOWARD, Sher-flC. SherifTs Office, Slay 31. 1913. June-G-13-20-27 for a Home of your own--in the coming residence district $t Con nellsvillc. Out in tue "pea where there's plenty of fresh air am where the "kiddies" can romp and play to their heart's content. An« it's only a 5 minute car nde or a 15 minute walk from "'Brinston Corner." Grove Eight noiv you can buy iots measuring 00x140 feet--quarter acr tractb--at Beautiful Poplar Grove for tfOA f\f as low as . . ijUll.Ul EASY PATMEXT TERMS QLAW/F AT ONCE ONE LINOTYPE OPERATOR AT THE DAILY COURIER OFFICE There's City vrater in front of every lot and the Public School is jus within a stone's throw. Think of it, these lots cost only 580.00 an. upward--even as a matter ol speculation they'll prove one o£ th best investments you've ever made. For full Particulars and Information Write C. B. McCORMICK, Agent, P. O.B«1« / Connellsrillc, ft Try Our Classified Ads. It's Money Well Investec soooooooooooosxxjooooooexscooooeioooooooooooooooooooo

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