Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia on June 23, 1974 · Page 31
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Sunday Gazette-Mail from Charleston, West Virginia · Page 31

Charleston, West Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 23, 1974
Page 31
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·t How Does Your Garden Grow? On Trees, Bees and Societies Belinda Pennington Is Saturday Bride By AUK Howard (·ortfctt Editor This is a column of bits and pieces, made up of odds, ends, and trivia. There's probably a law against it -- at least in the city limits -- but wouldn't it be fun to raise bees? Actually, you don't "raise" bees. You "Keep" them. Did you know, for instance, that the honey bee is man's most useful insect? Honey bees produce about $50 million worth of honey and b e e s w a x each year, 'and they pol- tlinate more ( t h a n $1 bil- ' lion worth of valuable agricultural crops in the United States. Keeping honey bees is a fascinating and profitable pastime. You can keep honey bees almost anywhere with relatively little trouble, minimum expense and only an elementary knowledge of their habits. Basic equipment needed for a beginner, according to the Department "f Agriculture, should cost no more than about $60 and should include: a hive (to house your bees), frames and foundation (to support the honeycombs in which your bees will store honey and raise young bees), smoker (to blow smoke into the hive to pacify the bees when you want to work with them), hive tool (with which to pry frames apart and to examine the hive or harvest the honey), veil (to protect your face and neck from bee stings), gloves (to protect your hands), feeder (to dispense sugar syrup until bees can produce their own food). There are all sorts of fascinating bits of folklore and superstitions about bees. If there's a death in the family, for instance, the head of the house goes and tells the bees. I think the reason is so they won't buz2 off. He drapes the hives with black cloth. In case you're interested, additional information on keeping bees is available from your county agricultural agent. "Beekeeping for Beginners," Home and Garden Bulletin No. 158 (revised April 1974) is available from the U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D.C. 20402, for 25 cents. DID YOU know that before the white man began hacking away at the red man's forest, a squirrel could have traveled from the Atlantic to the Mississippi with hardly a paw print on the forest floor? Did you know that it is calculated that an acre of growing trees has the capability to scrub clean the air pollution generated by eight automobiles in 12 hours of steady running? Did you know that one tree growing in the concrete jungle of the city can generate as much cooling effect as five room air conditioners as it evaporates 100 gallons of water with no breakdown because of an electrical "brownout"? AS YOU know, we like to keep you in touch with all the t X e y t .* ; f s 4 t How to Buy July Bargains Best By Sidney Margolis KxfHTt /or Sniuliiy WASHINGTON - July is one of the best s h o p p i n g months (along with January) because of the many important sales and clearances this month. This is a good time to watch for family needs in the semi-annual sales of shoes: men's shirts: lightweight suits: dresses: handbags; refrigerators and freezers; rugs, furniture; bedding; curtains and drapes. Here are tips on selecting values in some of the more important July sales with special attention to operating economy in this year of high utility costs: » * * REFRIGERATORS: Fully frost-free models cost anywhere from 17%. more to almost twice as much to operate ( d e p e n d i n g on whose estimate you use) than those frost-free only in the refrigerator section. Defrosting the freezer section manually really needs to be' done only several times a year. One new feature on some fully frostless refrigerators, which can help hold down power use. is a switch you activate to control the little heater in the box which pre- .vents condensation. Such ·heaters really don't need to operate when humidity is low, as in the winter or in air-con- ditioned homes. * * » FREEZERS: If floor space is no problem, chest models cost less to operate than uprights, since cold air tends to spill out of the uprights when you open the door. Too. I. L. Griffin, refrigeration manager of one of the largest makers (General Electric), pointed out at a recent press conference, that freezers usually cost more to operate than comparably- sized refrigerators since the whole unit must be kept at zero degress. While Griffin would disagree with us that the economy of a partly-defrost refrigerator is worth the work of defrosting the freezer section yourself, he does advise that in full freezers there is no doubt that the no-frost feature costs more to operate. So far, he says/most buyers of freezers have not been willing to pay the extra operating cost and higher initial price for no- frost freezers. : Moreover, freezer doors are not opened as often as refrigerators doors, thus do not admit as much warm air and humidity which cause frost. * « * WASHING MACHINES: A number of features can save hot water. These include variable cycles so you can reduce time and water use for small loads; temperature and water-fill selection; and wash Great Cape Covers 552 basket for small loads. Of course, if your present washer lacks some of these features but otherwise is in good condition, you can control washing time, fill level, temperature, etc., manually. You simply have to remain nearby to adjust the controls during the wash cycle. Note also thai w a s h i n g lightly-soiled clothing separately in a quick cycle saves hot water. * * » DRYERS: M a n y of the modern synthetic garments do not need as much dryer time since they have lower water retention than cottons, Griffin advises. Among features of some models which do save energy are electronic sensing and automatic termination controls which prevent over-drying. Gas dryers usually cost less to operate than electric but their energy cost can be further reduced by models which use an electric ignition system instead of a pilot light. Families who already own dryers with pilot lights soon may be able to buy an adapter to convert to electric ignition, Griffin says. (If possible, a dryer should be located in a heated area. Otherwise, it will use almost twice as much energy in the winter.) * * * TV SETS: The 1975-model color TV sets will cost $10-$20 more than current levels, m a n u f a c t u r e r s have announced. In fact, one leading maker raised prices three times in just the past three months. The early-summer clearances of this year's models thus offer a double moneysaving opportunity: a chance to beat next fall's prices plus a reduction on current models. Note also that TV sets which have an instant-on feature use a little more electricity since some current always is flowing into the set to keep it warm. FOOD BUYING CALENDAR: Pork is beginning to go up again. Beef is still relatively reasonable but prices will start rising again later this summer. Fortunately, broilers and turkeys are in heavy supply and prices are at pre- inflation levels. In general you may find better values in fresh meat and produce this month than in their canned and packaged equivalents. Prices on many canned and packaged foods are still going up while the tags on their fresh equivalents already have receded from their high levels earlier this year. new ways you can spend your hard earned money. There's a new group you can join -- the Terrarium Association. You've already joined the rose society, right? And the chrysanthemum society. And the lily association. And the Peony Pals? No? At any rate, for $7 a year you can have a full year membership in the Terrarium Association, complete with handsome 7 x 10 certificate of membership, suitable for framing, and a four-page newsletter issued six times yearly, entitled Terrarium Topics. Terrarium Topics will feature down-to-earth information on gardening in bowls and bottles with African violets, miniature plants, etc., as well as dried arrangements and miniature landscapes. "Timely Tips From The Old Bottle Stuffer," by author-lecturer Robert C. Baur, will be a regular column filled with everything from the latest planting tools to moldy moss, aphids, and remodeling last, year's bottle garden. Another page, "Inside the Bottle Neck" will discuss what plants to grow and where to get them, including new introductions as well as old favorites. There will be a "Writers and Readers" section which will offer opportunities to ask questions and share your discoveries with fellow hobbyists. So there you are. If you're interested, you can join the group. Make your check payable to The Terrarium Association, and the address is 57 Wolfpit Ave., Norwalk, Conn. 06851. * » » SOME OF you have asked .where you can get a catalogue of Reiger begonias. The address is Mikkelsens Inc., Box 1536, Ashtabula, Ohio 44004. * * * "THEY" ARE at it again, trying to get the rose named our national flower. And speaking of roses, here are some bits of trivia about these flowers: Archaeiologisls report rose fossils found in Montana and Oregon io be 35 million years old. (I find that hard to believe.) Our first president was also our first rose breeder. George Washington laid out his own gardens at Mount Vernon and filled them with his own selection cf roses. He named one of his varieties after his mother. It is still being grown. There is a brochure written by Paul and Darrance Cole of Bluefield, W. Va., entitled "The Rose -- A Living Legend." It may be obtained, free of charge, by writing to Roses, Incorporated, 1152 Haslett Rd., Haslett, Mich. 48840. It is believed that roses were included in-the famous Babylonian gardens. The rose is contained in myths and stories from almost every civilization throughout the world. Roses have been boiled, pickled, and potted. They have been used in candies, cakes, jams, jellies, and marmalades. Dried rose petals are used in potpourri, sachets, rose water, and perfume. The Victorians compiled a "flower language" and much of the rose code remains today. For instance: * White Rose -- girlhood and a free heart of innocence and purity; linked to the moon and as the moon controls the tides, the white rose controls the mind; the white climbing rose sent a message of love saying, "Wait, I shall come to you." *Red Rose - the full bloom means "I love you." The rosebud means "You have stolen my heart." *Pink Rose -- symbolic of perfect happiness. * Yellow Rose -- has the power of the sun which controls the universe; also symbolic of jealousy. A pale yellow rose with leaves meant a hopeless love. »In courtship, a rosebud sent without thorns but with leaves meant the sender hoped for a happy ending. If sent without thorns or leaves it expressed a hopeless state. *Two roses on one stem proclaimed the lovers comiag marriage. Earlier marriages always included roses on the bridal couples' garlands with both male and female wearing a chaplet of roses and walking down a pathway of roses to the marriage ceremony. In France, the wedding morning saw the bride throwing rose petals from her balcony or into a pool of water to insure that old age would be as kind to her as youth had been. In some countries young men proclaimed their engagement by wearing a red rose. * * * WHEN DO you enjoy house plants the most? You'll probably say during the winter because that's the season of fewer plants and flowers out of doors. Now ask yourself when is the best time to buy house plants? Well, according to a Penn State correspondence course on house plants, a good time to buy house plants is during midsummer. That way plants have time to adjust to the new surroundings while the indoors is still fresh and humid. . . and you can put them outside once in a while to get some sun, fresh air and moisture. Another reason for midsummer shopping is that the plants can be shipped without danger of freezing or overheating if placed too near radiators in mail stations. There are many, many things to consider when selecting your plants, but one of the most important is to choose plants that will fit well into the environment in which they must live. If you're an indoor gardener, or want to be one, and would like to know more about house plants, why not study this Penn State correspondence course? It's easy to enroll: Just send your name and address along with $6 to House Plants, Box 5,000, University Park, Pa. 16802. Make checks or money orders payable to The Pennsylvania State University. Married Saturday in the Boulevard Church of Christ by the Rev. Harry Gill were Miss Belinda Jean Pea- nington, daughter of Mr. and aad ushers were Robert Young aad Charles W. Pen- A reception followed at the church, alter which the couple left for an undisclosed wedding trip. She graduated from George Washington High School and is employed by the Aetna Life and Casualty Co. Her husband, a graduate of Stonewall Jackson High School, attended West Virginia State College and is employed by Kroner's. They will establish a home on Wyoming Street. MRS. JAMES HILL III . . . former Kelindu Mrs. Luther Loren Pennington of Rt. 2, and James Tate Hill III, son of Mr. and Mrs. James Tate Hill Sr. of Grant Street. Mrs. Harry Gill was the organist and the bride was given in marriage by her father. Vicki Lynn Harper was her sister's matron of honor and bridesmaids were Helene Wilson, cousin of the bride, and Pat Hill, sister of the bridegroom. RICK SMITH was best man How Can If Q. What additive will make it possible for me to use ordinary Up water in my steam iron? A. The addition of a tablespoon of ammonia to each cup of water, this softening the water and preventing the accumulation of sediment in the reservoir of water. Formal Wear For Your WEDDING stick sim 4 to 52 Formal Shws Yes. we have Grev, Black, Brown and White. And arriving soon Green and Blue shoes. ADAMS Formal Wear Rentals Sales 114 McFarlandPh. 343-2851 Bridal Plans Are Told Simmons-McClanahan RIPLEY-An Aug. 3 wedding at Epworth United Methodist Church here is being planned by Miss Flora Lee Simmons, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Keith Simmons of Ripley, and Rodney Lynn McClanahan, son of Mr. and Mrs. James H. McClanahan of Charleston. She graduated from Ripley High School and West Virginia University and is enrolled to do graduate work. She is a teacher at Virgil Flinn Elementary School. Her grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Sattis Simmons and Mrs. Freda Miller, all of Ripley, and the late Judge Lewis H. Miller. Her fiance graduated from Nitro High School and Marshall University and is a scholastic sales representative for Herff Jones Co. Conley-Loftis Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth S. Conley of Marmet are announcing the 'engagement of their daughter, Phyllis Jean, to James Earl Loftis, son of Bernard Loftis of Hernshaw, and the late Mrs. Blanche Loftis. A September wedding is planned. Miss Conley and her fiance are graduates of East Bank High School. She is employed by Sutphin Realty Co. of Marmet and he is an employe of National Lead Industries in Charleston. v. We Know the Right PERMANENT for your hair! VACATION SPECIALS PERMANENTS! MID-YEAR CLEARANCE! 90 tO 1 5 90 Shop early for fantastic Savings on all your favorite brands. Natural Curl ae L S 10 25 MS" ~ No appointment necessary unless you prefer a special operator. Hollywood Beauty Salon 711 Fife St. 342-4542 Open Evenings by Appointment, Monday-Tuesday- Thursday-Friday' 552 - SURPRISE A CHILD with a posy cape - smart way to go places. Crochet top cape with multicolor yoke. Work broomstick lace over ruler or IVz" cardboard for second style. Use worsted for both. Sizes 2-12 incl. 798 - PONCHO AND PANTS add up to an eye-catching outfit any season. Granny squares border the poncho's zig-zag stripes. Crochet this set of knitting worsted. Directions for Children's sizes 4. 6. 8,10 included. 75 CENTS each pattern - add 25 cents each pattern for First-CIass Mail and Special Handling. Send to LAURA WHEELER Sunday Gazette - Mail Needlecraft Dept., Box 161. Old Chelsea Station. New York. N. Y. 10011. Print Pattern Number. Name. Address Zip. NEW! Sew + Knit Book has basic tissue pattern. $1.25 $1.24 NEW! Needlepoint Book $1.00 NEW! Flower Crochet $1.00 Hairpin Crochet Book: $1.00 Instant Crochet Book $1.00 Instant Money Book $1.00 Instant Macrame Book $1.00 Complete Gift Book$1.00 * Fishburne Military School RED CROSS, JOYCE, RISQUE, SOCIALITES, COBBIES, SANDIER, MISS AMERICA, SBICCA, S.R.O., PENALJO, OLDMAINE Fa II Session Begins Sept. 8th Gr. 7-12 PG. A small school in the Southern tradition, preparing boys tor a future ot success. Limited size yet broad program guarantees a thorough education full participation for each boy. How-to-Study. Honors courses. Reading dvpt. Sports. Jr. ROTC. Clubs. Band. Driver Training and Karate offered. Since 1879. In the Shenandoah Valley. For details and a catalog, call (703: 943-433*) or write Admissions Director Post Office Box 9NY Wayntsboro, Virginia 229M Shoes for fashionable women 236 CAPITOL ST.

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