The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 6, 1918 · Page 3
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 3

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 6, 1918
Page 3
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^'HUKSDAT. JTWE 6, I91S. DAILY COURIER, GONNSLLSVTLX. PA. PAGE THKEiO, CHINA'S GREAT NEED IS RAILROADS FOR ITS DEVELOPMENT H«s Only 6,000 Miles, or One Mile to Each 50,000 of Its People. FB.ETTT fiCntPE BODICE OF BLUE AND CKECKEBED YOILE. OTHER TRANSPORTATION . ·( tb« Host rrimititc Character ud United to Carts, Mules ·MLlYhecUwrrows; Bonds -Nothing Bit FovtpaO*; the Costs arc High. China is a land with an area of one ind a third million square miles, a population of approximately 400,000,- D», and only 6.000 miles of railroad, r less than one mile to each 50,000 people. In comparison, the United JUtes, measured by population, has me mile ol railway to every 360 per- ;ons; and Australia one mile of rail- Tay to every 250 inhabitants. Meas- ired oa a basis of territory, the United tat«s has one mile of railway to 11 iquare miles o£ territory as against ao-ee-tenths of a mile of railway to 100 square miles of territory in While almost the entire Chinese Re- mblic is suffering from a lack no: ·oly of railroads but all other meth- ·ds of transportation as well, prob- ily the most urgent demand comes rom that territory known as the treat Plain. In area this tract Is bout 210,000 square miles. It sap- arts a population of 132.000.000, or little less than one-third of the en- Je population of China. The prov- ices comprising it have a population f 625 persons to the square mile, the tost 'densely populated territory in le world. Practically the whole of IB western portion is one vast coal 3ld with smaller coal fields in cen- ·al Shantung and northern CMhli. As xad^measure a bountiful nature has Ided other mineral 'wealth iuch as onsume. gold and silver. Within 19 same area wheat, maize, oats, tea, ce and silk are raised. Communication of any sort over .is area is very poor. The separate ·ovjnces are entirely shot off from ,ch other. 'There may be famine in ie province, plenty in another, and » means of communication between e two. While almost one-half of the ilway mileage of China lies within Is territory, it is equivalent to only .« mile "of railroad for every 127 uare miles of territory. Water transportation in the Great aiu is confined largely to the ingtze river, which forms its south- n boundary. The Yangtze Is nav- iWe for ocean-going steamers as far Hankow, 600 miles from its- mouth. ove Hankow navigation Li made Ilcult by shallow water and rapids. 3outh of the Yangtze the country is a populous' and more mountainous. Jlwajr construction in this region is a needed and would prove more evasive. The Great Plain can be de- ioped at less cost and offers great- returns. iside from courier roads. Chinese ids are mostly footpaths. The up- 2p of a road is made drpendent 3n the village through which It ;s«s, the officials of the village be: made the judges of what arc "nec- ary repairs." As a result no real ·d maintenance has been attempted centuries, and only in dry weather these village roads fit for use. ;r them goods are transported by h primitive forms of conveyance muleback. donkeyback anil wheel- TOW. North of the Yangtze the t is used and with this vehicle the nese farmers loads about a ton of ds. 'he wheelbarrow is another form conveyance even more destructive Chinese roads. K is usually un- nly loaded up to about SOO pounds does more than its part In cutting the road. The Chinese wheelbar- will seat four people, and costs passenger about four cents a mile. j trundled all day long by a coolie the munificent sum of 32 to 16 a. is interesting to note the cost of various kinds of conveyance in la. The charge per ton per mile art is from J.04 to $.08; by boat, i $.002 to t-OW; by wheelbarrow, i .M to 1.32; by mule, S.06, and ailway, J.004. ten we consider that labor cost bout one-tenth that of Europe, sportation in China is expensive, srtaln, and except on the railways, in are far too few, incapable of Hing any large volume of traffic. hat China needs first of all is s which can be used as feeders standard-gauge railroads. In ling these China conld follow the iple of European nations which' laveloping oveiseas possessions built roads to tax districts not Ee«His enough :o support a rail- Roads could be built on the t Plain at an average cost of 0 per mile. By using the present ne ot the railroad 300 miles of could be built each year. · This fascinating guimpe oodice is of blue and checkered voile. Tucks, tiny pearl - buttons and organdie ruffles contribute to the charm ot the bodice. /The dashing wing-trimmed turban completes the costume. NEWSY NOTES TELL 1 WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE MILL TOWN Save the Babies T NFANT MORTALITY n something frightful We can hardly realize that I of all the children born in civilized countries, twenty-two per cent., * or nearly onenjaarter, die before they reach one year; thirty-seven per cent, or more than one-third, before they are five, and one-half before they are fifteen! We do not hesitate to say that a timely nse of Castoria would save many of these precious lives. Neither do we hesitate to say that many of these infantile deaths are occasioned by the use of narcotic preparations. Drops, tinctures and soothing syrnpa sold for children's complaints contain more or less opium or morphine. They are, 'in considerable quantities. deadly poisons. In any quantity, they stupefy, retard circulation and lead. to congestions, sickness, death. There can be no danger in the use of Gas-, toria if. it bears the signature of. Cbas. H. Fletcher -.4 as it contains no opiates ot narcotics of any kind. / L Genuine Castoria alwajBJhears the signature ot ' LIGHT - MEDIUM - and Storing Q TJiE One Hundred One Men of 21 Register With Local Board. ALUMNI GIVES ANNUAL DANCE Is M»de Very Informal, Dnc to the TVarj SImmber Hobes Made by the lied Cross Have Keen Sent to Hospital -at lUrkletoH for the Soldiers, traction" is distinctly exceptional. The Weekly Review is included. Tomorrow and Saturday, William Farnum will appear in "The Heart of a Lion," an attraction of unusual interest. A selected comedy will also be shown. "JOURNEY'S END"--A most delightful and entertaining play, In which Ethel Clayton, the celebrated actress, is seen in the leading role, is being shown today. Many ot the scenes for this production wore taken on the beach at Miami, Fla,, and of course are beautiful and interesting. "Journey's End" is one o£ the most thoroughly delightful and uniquely interesting pictures filmed for some time. Miss Clayton brings to the role of Aline Marsdeii all her skill in characterization, with an_ appealing charm which makes the .part one o£ the really memorable achievements of the screen. John Bowers is'effective in the role ot" Phil .Marsdon, while Muriel Ostriche has an important role in the cast. The production has been superbly staged, and the whole at- THEATRE. Special to The CourUjr. SCOTTDALE, June 6.--In Scottdale, East Huntingdon township and the Hixon district ot South Huntingdon township, 101 mea 21 years old registered at the Y. M. C. A. yesterday. C. D. Flagle. Rev. G. Albanese and E. P. Doorloy assisted Berkey H. Boyd and A. L. Porter in' their work. A l u m n i Dance. The high school alumni gave a dance in the Reid hall last evening. This was the annual dance only on a much less elaborate scale than in other rears, tho affair being very informal while in other years it was formal, Sent to Mnrkleton. The slumber robes tiiat were exhibited some time ago in Ferguson's window by Unit 17 have been sent to the Markleton sanitarium, now an army hospital. A letter was received | from the management at the hospital, thanking tiiera for the robfrs, stating that they now had about 150 patients and in the next six weeks expect 200 more. Daughters of America. The Daughters of America held a special meeting on Tuesday evening. Fifteen of the Willing Workers Council from Pittsburg.were present, also the state vice councillor, Mrs. Jean| nette Waugaman of Jeannette, and 10 Connellsville Daughters. Knitting Tarty. Mrs. John T. Wurtz and Miss Virginia Byrne entertained the Entro Nous f l u b at their Kverson home yesterday afternoon with a knitting party. Personal. Mr. and Mrs. Lessig of Loucks avenue, have had word of the saff arrival of their son George in France. , Mrs. G. TV". Lowry of Somerset county, and Mrs. John Hyatt of Somerset, with · her daughter, are "the. guests of Mr. and .Mrs. G. D. Pyle. JTrs. Timothy Casey and daughter | Mary, of Portland, Ore., are the guests ( of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Gallagher. Hiss Gertrude Parker. _ f rom the children's hospital in Washington, D. C.. where she is ia training, is home on a visit Jamas Murphy of this place, lias joined the Ordnance Department and will report at Columbus. Go to a Specialist. This is an age of specialization. William Bendiner has specialized ia buying and selling women's garments for over 18 years. You will find here the' largest selection of the very newest ideas in style and quality and at the most economical prices at Bendiner's, known as the Broadway Ladies' Store, Scottdale, Pa. As you get oft the car.--Adv. "THE DESERT MAN"--A Triangle drama featuring the popular actor, William S' .I-iart, is the uttraction today. "The Slave Auction." one of the series of "The Son of Democracy," features Benjamin Chapin as Abe Lincoln. Friday and Saturday, JuUan Eltinge, the well known professional woman imitator, appears in the Paramount production, "The Clever Mrs. Fairfax." Il is :l clever story of a very wise man, a man who knew what he \vauted and went after it, going even so far is to disguise himself as a woman to attain bis end. Billy West, the comedian, is shown in "The Messenger." A Musical Opportunity. Pr6r. Carroll C. aMcKee, at present ar.d for five years past, director of the Conservatory of -Music ot Acadin. University, Wolfville. Nova Scotia, is in Connellsville and will be pleased to receive a limited number of pupils in pianoforte during tho summer months. Bis studio will be at the Christian parsonage, 500 Race street, where anyone interested may inquire. --Adv.-June G-7-S. Patronize those who advertise. AT THE ARCADE MISS ETHEL LYTLE, CLASSIC DANCER If Ten Wut Swething rtise for it In our classified col- One cent a word. H»dnK read our advertising coluxans. JSS N A T I V E H E R B TABLETS railed for thirty years as the standard herb remedy f o r CONSTIPATION Jered Stomach Biliousness. In- .Ion, Sick Headache; a ' famous ley and Liver Regulator nteed to give satisfaction or f r*fund«a. Pric« 51.00 per box 3 tablets. G«t th-» ge-i- .r-v Every tablet srtamp--d (JRI this trade mark * XZX A, A. Clarke and loc;tl agents ' DELAY FEARED In Construction and Delivery of S'e Cars Tinder GoTemment's Orders. · Although Railroad Administration officials are confident that -iron and steel requirements of car ' builders will be lorthconimg in good volume shortly, this feeling is not shared by bailors generally, says the Cleveland Daily.Iron Trade. It is their be- Itet that little In. the way'ot actual construction can be undertaken for at least four months, despite' the 'fact that nearly half of the 1,000.000 tons o f . steel required has now been allocated. Builders state they Lave little iron and steel 'on hand, and as for. the ·wood entering' into the construction, virtually all is yet to be cut · This stale: of affairs.'Of course, reverts back to the delay of several months in the making .of awards at Washington. Much : of the early supplies of plates, builders believe will be made up of material falling short of shipbuilding specifications, although suitable for other commercial purposes. The question of specialties has not as yet been settled, 'although most locomotive si?eciaHics have been determined. ·an School Chflfrm art Sickly a CMMrcn, for /CATERPILLAR tractors, gasoline-propelled, V_^ now do much : of the heavy hauling around shipyards and foundries that formerly required ' yard-cranes, locomotives and laid tracks. All wheels and moving parts must be lubricated with just the proper oil for these severe hauling conditions. It is a matter of considerable pride that Atlantic Motor Oils are being used very ex- .tensively by America's ·war industries. In every type of motor-driven apparatus, these superior oils do their part in keeping the equipment in first-class running order. You should use these same'oils in your trucks and business-cars. They certainly "keep upkeep down." Ask any of these live-wire dealers just which one of the four principal Atlantic oils you should use. ComifUsTille Gurmje Cocliran Porter "JleCrory's Garage Hyatt Motor Co. ADDISON: Old Trnil Garjure BELLE TEBSOS: Belle Ternon Garage Kyle- fiar»ce 1 CIIA.ITPIOX: S. E. Solomon COJfFf.CEXCE: Confluence Garage Keystone 'Garage Frantz £ Tlssnc DATISTOTTJT: S. C. Calp Indian Head Store Co. ,J«A'BAK: Dn'nbar Auto Co. ELK LICK: Salishtiry Auto 1 Co. JfcClure Anto Co. FAniHOPE: Fairhopc Garage GARKETT: S. D. Shober ; HTDIAjr HEAD; H. S. Sliowman Sparks Supply Co. KEISTEB: CampbeJj . Campbell J/EISENRDfG: TV. H. Anderson Ri*tl Vance MEYERSDAIE: JfeycrsduJe Auto Co. liition .Hotor Co. MT. PLEASANT: Tr". G. Osterm'se Koonty GarjLjrt' XOB5OLVILLE: C. T. Kemp ,1. W. Jliiiard OHTOPTLE: Btrrdetto Sailor Falls Motor Co. PEERYOPOLIS: C. T. Davidson PDTE SILL: J. G. Smith POCAHOXTAS: A. G. lutzcy EOWGEKS SILLS: II. Fnllem Co. BOXBUBI: L. H. Jfusser SEAEIGHTs Fnul Auge! o Paul Angelo SOKEKFIELD: yonsili Anto Co. Win. Frey .!. C. Spnrgcon SPSUXGS: F. M". Bender STAH JTONCTION: Star Junction Anto Co. URSIX.I: ,1. B. Dayis M'j/ls Garage .1. B. Levy YAJORERBILT: Frank B. Galley IV. K. Kennell Put s Pep in Your Mot or BEGINNING TO TURN OUT AMERICAN HEAVY MACHINE GUN IN CONSIDERABLE QUANTITIES Tliis photograph sliows 140 Brow iii iF --7ol5 TV. n eh ice g'uns, heavy type, awaiting sbiptn cut at tbe factory of ibe · Remington Arras and Ammunition c- mpany, Bridgeport, Conn., on Friday, May 10. j91S. All of these- guas have been proof-fir eel and inspected, and a:' . . . . . . . i.-.n phmoraph, excnpt for iripods and aramuniiiou boxes, which were manufactured but are shipped separately. These guns were m anufaciured on a quantity basis by machine processes. PARAMOUNT JHEATRE WORLD PRESENTS ETHEL CLAYTON IN JOURNEY'S END" YOU'LL SEE THE STRANGEST DOCUMENT EVER MADE IN THIS PRODUCTION AND YOU'LL ENJOY WATCHING THE (JOM- PLJCATIONS DEVELOPING FROM THE SIGNING OF THIS DOCUMENT. "YOU'LL, ENJOY THIS PICTURE FROM START TO END. ALSO A GOOD COMEDY AND UNIVERSAL CURRENT 3VENTS. . --FEIBAT AST) SATURDAY-MAN TO MAN. THE SINNER AND HIS VICTIM INERT. THE RESULT IS A STRUGGLE TO DEATH--A SPIRITED, A TERRIFIC, A WILLIAM FAHNUM STKUGC-LE. -ALL LOVEHS OP MOVIE PICTURES KNOW. WHAT THIS MEANS. WILLIAM .FOX PRESENTS WILLIAM FARMJM IN "THE HEART OF A LION" WRITTEN'BY RALPH CONNER. ALSO A GOOD COMEDY. ORPHEUfVS THEATRE -TOD AT-- WILLIAM S. HART IN THE DESEET 3IA3f Benjamin CSapin iu "Slave Auction" one ot tie series of "THE SON OF DEMOCRACY" --FEEDATC A5TD SATCBDAY-- Jesse L. Laaky Presents JULIAN ELTINGE : "THE CLEVEB MS. CiRFAX" Also Billy "West in "THE MESSENGER." All Over Body, Also Head, Itched and Scratched. Face Very Sore. Was Treated But Did No Good. Cuticura Soap and Ointment Healed In Two Weeks. -4 I broke out with small white pimples all over my body, tie upper part being the worst. The blisters itched, and I would scratch until 1 was nearly crazy, when they broke. My face was very sore, and the eruption also broke out ' on my head. 1 was treated but itdidnogood. Afriend told me to get Cuticura Soap and Ointment so I did, and after using them two weeks they healed me." (Signed) H. P.Trump, 5 Alexander St., Sharon, Pa., Oct. 12, 1917. When used for every-day toilet purposes Cuticura Soap not only cleanses, purifies and beautifies but it prevents many little skin troubles if assisted by occasional use of Cuticnra Ointment to soothe and heal the first signs of skin troubles. S-n.tJ.lia,lll'r..bTM.iL Addresspolt- drd:"Cod««ra.D«n. R. Boolon." Sold everywhere. Soap 2Sc. Ointment!5 radSOc. IF IT'S AT XHE ABC AD E IT'S GOOD THE GAKDE5 OF COKNELLSTILLE -: WEEK OF JLCfE 3-- MATDiEE ASI) XIGHT. GI'S SHY PRESENTS The Winter Garden Girls SPECIAL ADDED ATTK ACTION MISS ETHEL 1TTM Df THE FAMOES APACHE DAXCE BIG COMPAXY OF CLASSY PEOPLE C-UU, AHMSTKODiG BESSIE ' BKOtrs HABEY MOORE GITS SIIY SELTA CAITES VOL COUKTXEY ON THE SCREEN-- THE 1V03IAN IX THE WEB" PATttOKIZB THOSE WHO AUYEIlTISEi I!V YOUK HOME PAPE ,, air A prepMtjonlor nstomxc nstu»] eolor to Knv ot faded bur, for runoniK dandruff and M * hurdrcs- la not ilyn. GcueronB tfiied bottk* at all of any investment is security. See that your funds are safely invested--where they yield a fair and" sure return. CONN£USVlil£7f%» Open an account -with the Union Nat. ioual Bank. ' 3% Interest Paid on Savings Accounts. .DNIOiS NATIONAL BAM, Connellsville, Pa.

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