The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 23, 1939 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 23, 1939
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT, rut! DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLbV IL.L.UJ, fA. Tl-ICKSDAY, FEBRUARY 23, 1939. EUROPE'S REAL TROUBLES IN SPAIN WILL BE STARTED WHEN CIVIL WAR IS ENDED By JOE ALEX MORRIS United Press Foreign News Editor Europe's real trouble in Spam will begin when the civil war ends. For two and a half yetus the hills and plains and cities of (he Ibeuan peninsula have been bloodied by a war which lic.s cost peihiips a million lives and billions of dollais. Now the armies of rebel General- ibsimo Francisco Franco arc stabbing with increasing power at the defenses of the loyalist Barcelona and--if it is not the end--the prospects for an, eventual insurgent victory are tactically overwhelming. When, and if that victory is achieved, the new Spain, will be thrust by suige of international rivalries into a key position in a still greater struggle that has aligned Great Britain and -France against linly and Germany in the Mediterranean basin, This struggle among the big powers is for dominance of some o£ the world's most important trade routes; for control of the communication lines necessai y to the existence of the British and French empires. So far it has been n struggle ot* words, of diplomats and newpeipeis which have screamed inspired warnings thut their peoples tire ready for war. But /or the moment the leal ilrug- qle is in abeyance, awaiting the end »t the Spanish civil war and deform ma lion of whether the new Spain will stand with the totalitarian states, look to the democracies for aid or return to her traditional neutrality. On the surface , :t would appear that a Franco victory would mean i Fascist Spain aligned with Italy =md Germany. Italian Premier Boni- Lo Mussolini, credited by some with inspiring the insurgent movement, hiib n huge investment in men, money and materials in rebel Spain. He has informed the world that "he intends to keep on investing until as- surcd of a Fionco victory. Furthermore. Italy has made- the island of Majorca in the Balcaries n naval air base adjacent to the main French Communications lines with her North African possessions. Many neutral observers consider it unlikely that Mussolini would re- I inq uish Uiu base for any price Perryopolis PERRYOPOLIS, Feb. 23. -- The Perry Grans? held its] dinner I Satmday in the Grange Malta I f , i l l ! with about 100 people in attendance ,'ln tlie afternoon. following n song ot | welcome, tulk- ucrc given by Ke\ i Fred Grimm, Charles Cuppet, Robert Wolfe, Rev. Fred Fink and Ralph Linda-man. The meeting closed the singing ot "Blest Be the Tie That Binds." Christian Class Meets. The Men's and Women's Class of the Clnistian Chlr-ch had a special i meeting to which the members n- vited guests. The 40 present, were entertained with an xylophone solo by Marie Poic, accompanied by Helen Echard; two readings by Faith Swartz and two accordion munbcrs by Mrs. Chads Challant. The program was followed by games which had been arranged by Miss- Margaret Blair, Mrs. R. \V. Ech.ird and Mrs. II. D. Stricklci. A lunch was seivcd by tile committee, the chairman of which was Mrs. William Stoner. Personals. | Holaml McClellan and Jack Thorpe } attended a theatre in Pittsburgh Saturday. "Earl Gardiner, yon of Mr. and Mrs. L.iwrer.ce Gardiner, is home, ill witli influena. Mrs. Walter Murphy is on the sick I'.st as a result ot having contracted jnducnza. John StifTey was operated upon at the Mercy Hospital Sunday. Rev. E. L. Fink left Tuesday for Oiwell, Ohio, to conduct the funeral sen ices oC Victor Edwards, one ol the parishioners Rev. Fink had. Young People Al Hickman Chapel Elect Officers) bpccial lo The Courier BEAR RUN, Feb. 23,--A Baptist young peoples' union \vas oiganized ut. Hickmun Chaoel Sunday evening \ u t J i t h e fohwjng oncers: Pjesideni, Mrs-. OmlJo Miller; vice-p-'esidcnl, Bail Sun let 4 : sct.etnry, Del 1 a Scar- IL-U; *!-sistant -seci i tr-y, Pi udeiice Burnsv.'orth, treasurer. OJaf Skinnur; Spain could piiy. Nazi Fuerher Adolf Hitler also has provided Fianco with valuable aid-mostly artil'.ery, technical assistance and aviation. Persistent reports from Spain tell oi Geiman submarine bases constructed in the Canary Is- Umdt,, within striking distance of the o£ the trans-Atlantic lines carrying food to Britain, and of powerful Geiman artilleiy emplacements near Gibraltar, the Bi itish guardian ot the entrance to the Mcaiteiranean. In any event, the Nazi-Fascis-t combination has its toe in the Spanish door. Delicious and Convenient TEA-BAGS SHIR $1.65 niul $1.115 Orados. Bnrsjaiu Days Only. 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Skinner ;md Mr, and Mrs. Levi , Tissue Sunday. 1 Mrs. Orvi le Miller and children ! [visited M;. and Mrs. Ray King ot ' ! Ohjopyle Tuesday and attended i e - i vival meetings in the Methodist' Church. Mr. and Mrs. James Johnson and . family of Nemacohn vibited the lat- | ter's parents, Mr. and Mrs Levi \ Tissue, Sunday. Mib. J. W. Miller ana ch.ldicn, Paul and Margaret, Mr. and Mis. Acie Miller and daughter and Richard Stark visited Mr. and Mis. Frank Miller at fcloyer Wednesday. Mis. Besse Friend visited Ethel D. Johr^on, and her daughter, Miss Helen Fi lend ol! Uniontown last Tuesday Mr. and Mrs. Dorman Tissue and family of Connellsville visited Mrs. M C. Skinner Sunday. Misses Vergna and Lorene Friend visited in Connellsville Monday. Wins Divorce Decree. UNIOKTOWN, Feb. 23.--Marguerite J. Province, 41, of. Brownsville, w;ib granted :i divorce from George/Province, 47, also of Brownsville. Ehe charged desertion. They were married September 27, 1917, in- Pittsburgh. 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BUSY BEE BKAi'D SLICE!) - - - - BACON 2-y 2 IB. pkgs. 25c Pure Pork SAUSAGE Loose or Link Ib. 19c Fresh Hams, whole or Half, Ib. Pork Shoulders, calla style, Ib Whole Pork Shoulders, Ib Fresh Spare Ribs, Ib Pork Butts, Ib 14c 17c 15c 20c Rock Springs Brand BACON I), or -1 Ib. Piec Ib 19c 3 II). or -1 Ib. Pieces Cube, Swiss, Round jS'ice and Tender STEAKS Ib. 29c Neck Bones, 4 ibs _ Canadian Bacon, (sliced, Ib. 35c) ]b. 25c IK1.SU, .UOltBELL'S TRIDE or HOXEY BRAKD 12 to U II). Average 25c Veal Rump for roasting, Ib Veal Shoulder Chops, II) Veal Chops, rib or loin, Ib 25c .Moirell's E-/ Cut Rcndy to Serve HAMS Wholo or Sti'ini: Half Ib. 32c TEAL SHOULDER ROAST 4 11). or 5 Ib. Pieces,. Ib. 17e Veal Breast for stuffing, 2 Ibs. ,,.. Veal Steak, Ib 25c 35c Lamb Shoulder 4 or 5 Ib. in piece, Ib _ Genuine Spring Leg of Lamb, Ib Lamb Rib Chops, Ib _... Lamb Shoulder Chops, Ib Smoked Easter Kolbasy, Ib Roast, 20c 23c 30c 22c 25c ComMnatioo ROAST Boned and Rolled Veal aud Pork Ib. 22c Jumbo Jtinced Ham, 2 Ibs ,,... Scrapple, 2 Ibs Club Wieners, 2 Ibs Ring and Polish Bologna, 2 Ibs 35c 25c 35c 35c Pure Rendered LARD 2 Ibs. 19c Homo 3Indc LIVER PUDDING 1 Ib. 15c Ham Hocks, Pig Feet, fresh, 5 Ibs. Skinless Wieners, Ib. ... RoaSling Chickens Ib. 30c Spring Chickens 2% to « Hi. Dressed 33c Ib. Fresh FilSets, Haiibuts, Oysfers Red Salmon 1O02 West Crawford Avenue PHONE 620 Connelisvilie, Pa.

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