The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 10, 1938 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 10, 1938
Page 5
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THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 103S. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLK, PA. PAGE FIVE. MT. PLEASANT SCOUTS HAVE HONOR COURT Exercise Held in Connection With Anniversary Week. MANY BOYS WIN ADVANCEMENT! Special to The Courier. MOUNT PLEASANT; Feb. 10.-- '. highlight in Scout Anniversary Wc.k was the public Court of Honor held at Ramsay High School auditorium Wednesday evening. Those ^present entered in to the spirit of the occasion and not only answered the request to sing the "Star Spangled Banner," and give the flag salute, but were profuse in the applause to the speakers and the Scouts receiving awards. Rcben Bnrnhart, president of. District No. 7, presided. He introduceJ John W. Kunkle, Greensburg. president of the Wcslmoreland-Fayctte County Council of Boy Scouts, who gave a talk. Dr. Forrest Thomas, Greensburg, Cub Scout chairman; Kirk K. Bryce, national representative, Westmoveland-Fayette County Council: and H. G. Schrader, committee chairman of Troop No. 2. all, talked briefly. The principal address was given by Lome W. Barclay of New York, national dirr ;tor of camping and activities. This was followed by the Court of Honor, with Chairman Lloyd Shaw and W. W. Hill, county Scout executive, in charge. Mr. Hill told what was required of a Cub Scout, an". introduced a cub, Edward Bergman. Then he told what made n tenderfoot, and introduced a tender- loot scout, Clark White. Recognition was given the following second class scouts: Richard ' Newcomb, John Grabiak. Elmer St. Hilaire, Robert Whctscl, Robert Gaia. Jack True,' Howell McFarland, Ralph Gangi, William Grigor, Charles Long. Walter Long, Homer Miller, Richard Stefi. Richard Whctscl, Howard Hostettlcr and Scouts Gabos, Simon, Whetsel, Fetters, Reed, Crosby and Brown. First Class Scouts included: Tony' GrossX Jay Hoffer, Ralph Hostcttler, Paul Newcomb, Robert George, James Robert Shumar, Oran Allen, Reuben Zcaman, Harold Keith Kink, Robert J. King and Joseph Ccrnulo, Jr. Star Scouts were William O. Robinson. Thomas Barnhart, William Nitteright, Edward McDonald, Lester Echard, Raymond Heb- berly, Chester Grabiak, Robert Hribal. Charles Ferrcll, Frank Costabile, John Miller, Roy Miller, Joseph Durich and Thomas Maurer; life scouts, P. J. Rcga, Jr., Charles Halfield, Bernard DePasqualle, Ardin Miller, Joseph Grabiak, James J"ew- jngham, Harry Lcntz and James Joseph. Special awards were made to Ernest Clausncr, a 10-year scout who has been named an assistant scoutmaster; Kenneth Rcmlingier, an assistant scoutmaster, and Richard Gridlcr, and assistant scoutmaster and, a five-year Scout. As special awards to Eagle Scouts, rings were #ivon two who had attained that rank. They were Wclby Francis and Rudolph Vuchinnus. John C. Haberlen, vice-president of Zone No. 7, introduced scoutmasters and scoutcrs. The program closed with the Scout oath and retreat. Music was furnished by the United Brethren Orchestra. Junior Auxiliary Meets. The Junior American Legion Auxiliary held its monthly meeting at the Legion rooms Tuesday evening with 22 present. Each girl brought a valentine to be distributed to children who are patients at Frick Mc- r-.orial Hospital. Mrs. Flossie Keller, president, gave a talk on the junior auxiliary and Mrs. William Queer conducted a quiz on "Flag Etiquette." There was a business meeting followed by games and refreshments.. Ottcrbelri Guild Meets. The Otterbein Guild of United Brethren Church-held a covered dinner in the church on Monday evening, with covers for 28. Faithe Queer was in charge. Miss ict Stull was leader of the meeting that followed. ·Miss Charlotte Fox was appointed leader of the World Day of Prayer to be held in March. Undergoes Operation. Peter Barnhart of Hunker underwent an operation at Frick Memorial Hospital on Wednesday. Infant Son Dies. A son bora at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Barnhart of Hunker, died at Frick Memorial Hospital on Wednesday evening." Beer Parlor Robbed. Martin Fasino's beer and billiard parlor in the "diamond" was robbed some time early Sunday morning. As far as could be learned $29.75 in cash had been taken, together with money from the automatic piano and the cigarct and peanut vending machines. Entrance was gained through a rear door, from which the lock was 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES To FIuftH out Acid* and Other Pouonout Watte Por(on JAV your lufntys coutnio 12 Mil** of tlfcv tutu-n or ftltrn wlucti Lrlu to jmrify tb* Modi aiui kt**t* you healthy. Mtdt prop)* pit** »bout 3 pinto btlay or about 3 jwuminof wutt. Krrqumt w *c»Dty pi**»{t« *itb «taartio Add buriiinf *bcm there. IDJ* b* ·ooietkui^ wcooc *ith your Lida«yi or bUJJcr. An ric««* of neuU or pcJionj in our blooo, when du* to functional kidney duonien, u*y O« the b*cm*unc of uctinc bftclutche. ch*u* nuUflpaij, Irtpuu, IMS of p»j» »nd enercr, K ttine up nithli, iirellinf;, puIlineM uadvr · wye«, budtchca sod duitntw. Doo't wait! A*' vour drurcut for Coan'i 1*U*, u»*i iiKW«!ully by million* \r-t OTT -to j^»r;, Th^y c»« feippv rtb'( an-i "ill fe»!r tfc* 13 MJ]M cf ia-Jfi^v tubn Uu*h out rn*i^oaou» Dc4tt'» Fill*. Gang iWar Flares in Chicago; Old Method Used I Continued from P«ge One. I former members o_f Caponc's mob still conducted those businesses in Cook county, but investigators doubted the outbreak was connected directly with Caponc. now seriously ill in Alcatraz Prison, or that it resulted from division of his personal "interests." The three men drove up to the bakery after noon In an automobile stripped of license plates. They stepped tl i "ugh the door and smil- insly greclcd Nick Costcllo, 32, Sam's brother. "Where's Sam?" they demanded. Nick :un- oned his brother from a rear room. One of the men put out his hand as Costcllo approached. "Hi'ya Sam." he said. But the killer's hand held an automatic pistol. He opened fire and his companion^ joined him. Costello fell with nine bullet wounds. His three associates emerged from a back room, joined Nick, and returned the fire as the men fled. Between -JO and 45 shots were fired, all from .45 caliber automatics. Onofrio. who surrendered to police several hours after the shooting, said he could identify at least one of the gunmen but denied he knew their names. He and Chris Ciordono. 50. a general handyman at the bakery, were held for questioning. Kelly believed the injured men knew their assailants but were remaining true to cancland's code and i refusing to "saucal." Sam Costcllo. Lieutenant Kelly ·aid. succeeded Philip Plnzzn as the bootleg kins of Chicago Heights, when Piazza was slnin in 1928. He formed a partnership with Vinccnzo Ammirati. alias Jimmy Emory, now reported in New Orleans. Kelly said Ammirati was reputed to be 1 CaDone's brother-in-law-husband of the former gang leader's sister. The method used by Costello's slayers was almost identical to that employed by the assassins of Dion O'Bnnion in the 1920's. O'Banion. predecessor of Capone, was slain in his florist shop by gangsters who shook his hand before they fired. The bakery shooting was the first wholesale gang clash in Cook county since the St. Valentine's Day massacre when seven gangsters were lined against .a wall in a Chicago earage and machine-gunned to death. Some of the assassins were disguised in police uniforms. HAWKEYE MAN AUTO VICTIM; IN HOSPITAL Bombay Reboy Has Leg Broken When Struclf Along Road. | OTHER ITEMS OF INTEREST removed. Missionary Society Meets. The Missionary Society of the Reunion Presbyterian Church held c a 'Overed-dish dinner in the social rooms Tuesday evening with 39 present. The birthday collection amounted to $18.75. Miss Viola Stevenson, president, had charge of the devotions, and Dr. Mary Ma-sh, chairman of the program committee, read the programs for the coming year. Quill Display. The women of Frick Memorial Hospital Aid Society^will hold a quilt display from 2 until 9 o'clock Wednesday, February 16, in tho Jacobs building. Tea will be served. Runs Splinter in Hand. Jack Bowers, employed by Contractor Robert Fox, ran a large splinter of wood into .the palm of his right hand. He was treated at Frick Memorial Hospital, \0 XKED OF IT "I should have taken Father John's Medicine at tho start of my cold instead of allowing it to hang on this way. I knew better; I've used it before." For the past 83 years Father John's' Medicine has been u s e d successfully j b y millions l o r colds and b o d y building. It's best advertisement is the SCOTTDALE, Feb. 10.--Bombey Rcboy, 38 years old, of llawkeye, suffered lacerations ot the scalp and the lower lij and a compound fracture o£ the right leg when struck by an automobile driven by Jack Mc- Kclvcy of Bolivar. The accident occurred shortly after noon Wednesday on the Mount Pleasant-Tarr road at Old Raincy. The man's condition was considered good at Frick Memorial Hospital at Mount Pleasant where he was taken after the accident. Play Cribbacc Tomorrow. The following players are requested to meet Friday nii;ht at the borough building at 8 o'clock for the fourth round in the cribbagc tournament. Table 1. Freeman \Vhnles and Frank Parker vs. T. H. Rutherford and S. E. Brown. Table 2, Frank Raishart and H. Collins vs. George Ferguson and Walter Haines. At the close of the round the winners will play for the title. Visitors are welcome to watch the play. A second tournament will begin at an early date and persons wishing to enter arc asked to register now. The last date for entry is Monday, February 14, Names are to be left nt the Rutherford book store. There is no assessment. In Frick Hospital. Clarence Hough o£ Second nvcnue was taken to Frick Memorial Hospital in Mount Pleasant for medical treatment. F. U. S. Class to Meet. The F. R. S. Class of the United Brethren Church will meet this evening with Miss Thelma Snydcr nt her home in Market street. Rev. M. M. Snyder is teacher. Miss Julianna King will have charge of the devotions and Mildred Reese and Anna May De Zort will be in charge of recreation. Miss Snyder will be assisted In the social hour by Miss Lillian Solomon, Miss Ella Jean Solomon and Miss Leona Reiber, the last named of McKcesport. Appointments in keeping with Valentine Day will be carried out. Music Club to Meet. The next regular meeting of the Monday Music Club will be held in the Presbyterian Church Monday evening, February 21, at which time the program will be presented by the Mount Pleasant Music Club. At the business meeting preceding the program it is hoped to have enough members present to vote on a change in the club constitution. word-of-mouth endorsement of those who have used it and recommended it to others. It must be good. Now, when colds are prevalent, don't delay taking Father John's Medicine.-Advertisement. WEIGHT OFF TIRED FEET Ufe F«t Tfee £117 Way--Witb««t 5lvritloi Dltti, orBidE-Breaklnff, Bcadm; ud Rolliaf £xrrcl»«i. If your frcl «nl anklf» f**l tired »nd *eh« *JI oftr -- bfC*UH« you *re enrrylntt loo much fat-- do dome thine aboct It. Try tha treatment that hu helped million* to reduce exetnt wcllthu Thrre'n K rrunn why »o many people find dieting »Iow and often times futile In reducing. The reason, doctor* t»y. It often became a lltUe frland 1* not working rieht. AH the Mood Jn your "body xoct throujrh talf tiny ftlantl sixteen tlmcx tvcry d*y. It It doein't pour Into the blood ·trwun about rne nnil onc-hnlf dropi o( vital fluid errry 24 hour*, many people take on unly f»t. ThU fluid helpi Nature to "bum up" ««»s food and fatty UIIUD In much the lam* way an a tfood "drAft" aeu In » furoiwe. Now. phyalclmn combat thli condition by fe«tl!na thin slund the substance It Iac]» -- nnd million* ot poundi of exccit fat hu been wiped out Jn thfv wny. Marmola I'rcicripUon Tabletj contain the name element prncribrd by mo»t doctor* in treating their fat patient*. So don't wutft your time or money ttrlTlnjf to reduce with atnrvatlon dlcti or back-breaklnjc -«rciir». Start thr Marmola treatment today that millloM have wed to jret rid of exc«i» /nt. Ino loroiulft I* (n every box to you know Just what you are Lakintr. Don't wait --Ret * DOX ol Marroola today Irom your drufirf«L All children of the same family under 12 years of age may ride on One Sunday Trolley Pass together with two ndults. Pass is good anywhere on the line all day Sunday. Price $1.50 with refund of 50c when pass is turned in. WEST PENN RAILWAYS Today, in Washington As If Is Interpreted By David Lawrence Continued from Page Four, gone down, and the local authorities administering relict have one icalc of expense, while the Federal Government has another. There is no uniformity, and it is the hardest thing in the world to Ret out ot the WPA the detailed figures as to what are are reasons for this variation in cost in the same city and with the same kinds of relief bencflcinvies. The start! idcnce took ng fuel is that, if Prov- ovcr the entire relief load, it woi Id have to raise about 510,000,000 iii addition to ;is present tax collections ot $13,000,000 for city purposes outside of relict. Docs It seem possible that American cities can find tax sources sufficiently productive of revenues as to double lax receipts? And is this to be accomplished by doubling tax rates? Today's relief load in the Nation-Federal, slate and city--is estimated at about 54,000,000,000 a year'.- This is equivalent to the total cost of city government outside of relief. It is equal also to practically all the money derived from taxes on real and personal properly in the United States. What's the trouble? citizens' organizations In various cilies which have taken the trouble to cet the facts about themselves are wondering. Is it inertia? Have sundry citizens who used to support relatives turned their unemployed relatives over to relief? Have persons on WPA work failed to seek jobs in I93G and 1937 when relief rolls r.hould' have gone down? And why have costs kept up? Something odd happened, for example, in St. Paul, which used to take care of old age pensions for about 1,000 persons over 70 years of age with about $188,000. Then came the plan whereby the Federal Government paid half and the other was split so that the state of Minnesota paid two-sixths and the city of St. Paul Just one-sixth. The number of old age pensioners suddenly jumped to 5,000, which was accounted for in some slight measure by the fact that tile new law applied to 65 years as the eligibility mark instead of 70. But the cost to the city of St. Paul, which had borne 1'ie entire burden before of 1.000 pel-sons at an expense of $180,000, now rose to $180,000 for all of Us one-sixth share which'the city was to provide. In other words, the new expanse was six times the old. Why haven't these things been brought out before? What are the causes? What can be done about it? The immediate question will be asked: What has Congress been doing these last five years while a problem ot such great danger to the solvency of the country and the raising of tax revenues has been diifting along in worse and worse proportions every year? Finally, a committee of tiie United States Senate has waked up to the desperate nature of the whole relief business, and the public may get the truth. When the facts are known, the next step is to find out \vhy jobs arc not being created to Ret people off the relief rolls. It becomes pertinent to know whether the Administration itself is helping or .hindering the creation of jobs and hence pie- venting the reduction of oxp'mse for the taxpayer as well as injuring the workinnman whose purchasing power dollar will certainly diminish if, sooner or later, an end is not put to the continued use of boriowcd money for relief. Rockwood Child, Struck By Pitchfork, Succumbs When Tetanus Develops ROCKWOOD, Feb. 10--Five-year- old Harry Joseph Miller o£ Rockwood- n. D. 2 died in Community Hovpitnl, Somerset, Tuesday, the result of » laceration of the left eyelid, 'received several weeks ngo when 'lie was accidentally struck by a ! pitchfork. 1 I Dcnth was attributed to tetanus,! which developed n few days ago. The boy's conditioo became alarming Monday night and he was taken to the hospital. The pitchfork struck the boy on the face and in addition to inflicting | the laceration of the eyelid, also in-i jurcd the eyeball. The eye injury., however, apparently Had healed a few days after the accident. The boy was a son of Harry and Neva (Maust) Miller. Surviving ar« his parents and two brothers, Dwigh and Rccd Miller, both at home. The funeral service was conducted this afternoon in the Middlccreeh Church of the Brethren. Rev. W. F. Berkcbilc. pastor of the Rockwood Church of the Brethren, officiated. Interment was made in the church cemetery. Throat Raw? s Oareto with Zorilto--1 teaspoon of ZonlU) to half RiaM water. Zonttriai)Jtimes more aairt than onv other popular, non-poisonous anil' stplfcJ buuitlara lalwratory losw jtrotc this. " Zontto destroy* nil kinds of cold norm*--rf · (Ontaa! And it sootbra your throat at ttaa KUDO tlmo. You tan taste and actually feel Zonltc's medicinal tffcctf flight away, your throat feels letter, Get Zonixa at your OITUR- ctet'a toflayf Cantta at onco and start killing tho cold WCTTOH In your throat. We're posittr* that Zonhe't quick tftvKt vttl pttow you. · Marvin Duke Signs Contract. Marvin Duke, former Mid-Atlantic pitcher, has signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates for this year. SOON BE HOUSE GLEANING TJME! you'll .soon lie needing nil Uiads of nniisuiil 'tilings,' for sprint; house clciininir. 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