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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Thursday, June 6, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,701 VOL. 16, NO. 177. CONNELLSVrt,-LE, PA.. THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 6, 191,8. IMPENDING SMASH AGAINST AMERICANS ON TOUL SECTOR INDICATED IN NEW MANEUVER Extraordinarily Heavy Troop Shift By Germans in Progress. JOE NATALE, WELL KNOWN ITALIAN, IS U-BOAT CAMPAIGN OFF AMERICA IS Cannot Be Successful]}' Carried Out So Far From Base, Expert View. ELECTRQCUTEDi SEARCH GO ES MERRILY ON J/1ST OF JiKTVOnOSS ! WAI! Ft - S» SLTMiCKOiERS. )__.; On pases S, a, 30 and 11 of today's issue of The Courier there appears the firsf. and only complete list yot published of the names of subscribers in the ConnoUsvnle District to the Second Red Grog's W*ir li^iind. as the pledges appear on record in the utrica os' i. L. SchAck, treasurer of Un; ; district committee. TWELVE PAGES. First Meeting Since Merger of Chapters Held in Uniontown. WRIGHT MAKES REPORT THOUSANDS ON THE MOVE! .' Washington Believes on Ton! is Entirely Probable. . Comes in Contact-1Vitli I-lye Wire at j West Tenn Tower Plant This Morning-. When he came in contact with a live i trolley wire In the boiler room of the Attack: West Penn power house at Fayette, ! Joe Natale. an Italian laborer, abont 1.31 years old, was electrocuted this morning about 3 o'clock in the pres- ~avy Dt^Mtrtment Bending Every Effort Toward Loculing tlie Craft; Passengers Adopt All Precautions Against Bring Caught IJnaivitn-s. 130 FAYETTE MEN · TO BE SENT TO CAMP LEE WEEK OF JUNE 24 District 2 Leads With Grand Total of 244 Twenty-oners. I SlU AVIJ.LJAM 3lAS5ISfi IS sow of Bv Associated Press. LONDON.'-June 6.--The German U- G£fi*AS CBOSS THE i ence of several other workmen. The j boat campaign oil the Atlantic coast I body was taken charge of by Funeral ! or . the United States cannot be kept OISU j Director J. L. Stader. Notice of fu- | llp for any length of time in tile opin- ; nerai later. Natale had been employed at ! ion of Archibald Hurd, the naval . . the; W riter. Mr. Hurd believes the opera- f fmt Advantage Is Sbort-liTed; French [ power house for the past year, making j t | 0ns were undertaken in tbe hope of j Attack and Urife Them j his home with'his brother, Mike Na- , weakening the work of the American ' Xachine Gun ! t^ 16 , of Wheeler, who is also em- navv ;,, European ^"^ers and if m- ·ac*. i 1 nnn -a « ' ploved at the same place. He was a ^midjuing the American people, ·r ttOUdfc j,wu HUBS, i member or t n e St Kita's Italian '"There is 'no possibility, of the im- . . · i Catholic church of the West Side, and ; emv maintaining a long continued | WITH 'I'H V. AMERICAN ARMY IN j j s well .known. His widow and two j cam p a jg n off the shore of the United ! FRANCE, June 6.--Extraordinary 'children in the old. country; three; g^tes wliicu would require a large j heavy railway train movements from j brothers, Antonia, of Donora; Mike. nllnD( , r O j u-boats." Mr. Hurd said.; the northeast to the westward in the I of Wheeler, and Louis, or Port Read- ' · . . . . ,.., ing, N. J-, survive. holding a bridge at now ° m 'nn r.rm ri!° £ '°° rear at the enemy lines, nortaesat of Toul, were reported this morning by the American patrols. WASHINGTON. June 6.--Demonstration in force against new portions ol .the western front art looked for by War Department oHcials, that the German 'third drive has been slowed down to a struggle for improvement of local positions west and south of Soissons. It is i ed as entirely possible that increased activity in front of the American sec- ·tor northwest of Toul may indicate an impending blow there. The conclusion is based on the opinion strongly held by some officers th*t the drive was begun, to draw . off the reserves from the Amiens and |2TM e f lc " Flanders sector. An attack on the c American sector in such strength as to dri-re the line back, it is argued, night hamper General Foch in his employment of American units to support his line in Picartty, Flanders and the Aisne region. ' I. j nated tb,e t chine guns in the ways of houses. ·'New York is easily 3,500 miles from the nearest German base, and ; . =! the return journey means 2. matter of j Chateau Thierry ' TM°« mil " 5 »"*" trom lhe milease '"' ! «n 1 One The ' vil«d in chasing merchmunen,. so , :ent . ngjit ^ kjlled t here is no reason to anticipate ajy j oed. °At ihe same ; such developments as have been seen ' he Germans domi- i tenser areas of patrols, a-rcrafi ,inu 'own from' Hill W4 the I mines." FCRTHEK WASHINGTON, June · 51 I'rum IKslrict "o. 2 and .'(7 Frotn ! _.._-,,., I,oe,,l Man, Head oi Bureau of STTP- I^rinSo^; 14 Colored MTM 1* i DISTRICT NO. 5 HAS 182' plies, Tells Colleiiffiies .Mat«riols Vuluwt at Have ncim 1'ur- ' a m " M"TMTM ·"'"« 1!) the various draft boards in | Pennsylvania will be required to send i Total Besfistrata'OH For County is Reported to lie 1,207. . , , , m , ·( ,,,· t l n r * ' ^"~- ' *«·"'** v in u u I L : q u i r i ' Q 1O SCUQ chaswl ami Are in lr»nil 01 Here.; ^ Camp g^.^ OJ]io . Camp Grecn _ , I leaf. Georgia, and Camp Lee, Virgin- ' The first meeting of t!in directors j ja, d u r i n g the live-day periods begin- and officials of the Payctle County j ni:ig J u n e .1!) and J u n e 21, were mad*! chapter of the. Red Cross since the ; p u b l i c last night by the state draft of the county into a .single ! bureau. BOABD 5 3IAKES RECOED on ^':iy to Provost .-irarslial Gcnd-al Crowder 15 Mjnoti-s After Closing Hour; Tonnger Men Are Eager. merger chapter was held yesterday afternoon j Durin;; Iho five-day period begin- '. to Uulotitown. The work in the coun- ' ning June 24, 9,01)0 white men will he ! ty to be done by the different | sent to temp Lee. The quotas fromi H i l s Tvpewrirtten List brauchi-s of the chapter was tbor- ; Paycuo county will be as follows: i oughly gone over and plans mudo to i District No. 1, none; No. 2. 51; No. : ! gel under way. , 3 , nine; No. 4, none; No. 5, 37; No. 6, i I F. W Wright of tins city, director 3,'J; No. 7, none; total. ISO. I I of the Bureau of Suvplies, reported District 6 of coonty ! i t l i a t he had purchased and has on ( will send no men; No. 7, eight; Dis- j Pour hundred twenty-six young men : hand or in transit, goods and mater- ; trict No. 2, Somerset couiHy, will | who have become 2] years old since iials amounting w 510.000. Tliese ' sCBd -7; Ko. 1. none. · June 5, 11)17, were registered in this i supplies will come to Connellsville as tomruencing Juno IS. 500 colored ;cicy yesterday aflcrnoon by Local ·the distributing center for raw mater- draftees will be sent to Camp Shei- : Boards for Districts Nos. 2 and 5. In ! ialn. Prom here the other branches '-man from Pennsylvania. Fayette- \ District .No. 2, including Connellsville. will be supplied. -Jie goods to be county will send 14, taken from tie ; there were 24-! youths registered, and I either cut nr sent in bulk. It i^il] be ; several districts as follows: No. 1, District No. 5- 1S2. The total registra- ' optional with the branches whether or ': seven; No. 2, none; Xo. S. three; No. ti On in the county reached 1.297. ! r.ot the goods will be cut. Jt is e x - j I, none; No. 5. two; No. 6, two; No. none. Jt is ex- I pfcted that most of Oie requisitions, ; however, will be for cut materials, ! which will standardise the goods i turned out. . · i j An electric cutting machine has · YAXDERBIL1 1 BOY ! ben received and installed at the .headquarters here. J. W. McClaren. Ixca! Board for District Xo. 5 made a record believed to have been among District No. 6, Westmoreland coun- lhe hest in tj, e staie in reporting the ty, will send two. | registration in its district. The num- '; ber of men enrolled and their status j was phoned to Harrisburg at 0.05, just FJlANLlj, ; f l v e ujjnmcs after the closing of the Mrs. C-K. Shallenb'erser of Van-der-; yegjstratkm. At 9:15 a complete correspondent to the commanders ' Great fierceness , WASH1NOTON| j une 6.--whilo | Gen. Sir William Vanning, who has! i' officer'told (Linearly 40 hours had passed since tha ; been captain genera! of Jamaica since :,,,,» on a table 57 fee. in length. One ; , 6aring Tor France, was stationed a t ! and simi!ar Jists preparcd ' for ,,,,,,,; alliGerman submarines preying upon , 1913. bus recently l.c«n appointed to ^ cutting of -.his kind w i l l turn out ma- , c^p n pl on. Long Island, -N. T. H e c a l i o n ,h= I ahinninc off the Atlantic coast bad . tne governorship of Ceylon. The po- j trials for -100 garments with a mini- j j s ^ 5m o .; ^ an 4 ^ rs William K. 5 of j sition is regarded as one of the best in i mum loss of material. ly that it SDMUKDTE StIETI,T fcm posltioft _ the river in I disclosed their positions, cuui^, «. | siuon is regurueo as one ot me Desi i n ' m n m loss of material. : Means. ! the Nevy Department to hunt down ; t ^ f British diplomatic sen-ice. Sir I Each of the three branches will !the raiders had not lessened in the j vviinam i? no stranger to America, his have its own inspectors. Hereafter B-e nd ' ABRIAT. least today. Instead the search was ^ former · position ai .Innwica being extended to more southern re- j bringing him to this country. tor establish- ' PORT. June 6.--· .What it now bettered was a German 000,000 appropriation tor esiaonsu- ; -off ^ Virgitlia Capef , hirr: ing balloon and seaplane stations to j th , m hope of flndlng a meal- '[ guard the United States agamst sur- ! which ^^ ols wero not ; prise and air attacks was asked of,-- ^^ ; .Congress today by the \Var Depart-, Locat , on o£ tise raiders off the Vir: Iment, .The department desires t o 1 PLEDGES HIS SUPPORT TO SENATOR Local Board No. 2 was not able to prepare a list for today but the names of the registrants will appear later. , Two men, past the age of 21 years, IAL1LD 10 (,OLORS| wno si ouid hav e registered a year Dr. Milton M. Brooke of Uniontown' ago appeared and were enrolled by has been called to the colors, leaving; Board No. 5. Tht-y claimed not to ConnellsviDe Tuesday night for New; have known of the draft ruling. York for a conference with tile over- Th a registration at both boards \vas .seas committee of the Y. M. C. A. well distributed throughout the day. supply .snip maajmsrading ; a* a oeotnal, trader, was sigi;ted off j on ilay 25 by Cap- j Joel Cook, which reached here recently inspectors. Hereafter I ITMOXTOWN often · shipments will not be made in irrog- ! | ular bo.tes to National Headquarters , where repacking will be necessary, 1 but lumber w'ill be bouglit, cut in ' standard lengths and made into boxes ; here. The boxes will be re-inforctH'. i .and the shipment made direct to the !war zone The supervision of -uixil- i For Eome lune h l b application for Y.- except that shortly after noon the No. SPRfHIi FOR fifWFRNGS l iarlca wi " he «ntTM»cd as formerly.l 5 1 - ?; ^ secretary in Prance has been. 2 board V.TIS rushed for a time. jri\UUlrim ttU9iiIU^Va;. it lcast u n t u the coun . y , 5 r edis- ;on fi!e - Dr ' Broa ^ bas lw ° brothers-1 Evidence of desire on the part of tricted. * i in-law in the service. Dr. D. E. Lc-w-e i man}- under 23 to get into the fray effoits of several ot regiater. In T)is- .JDes.:wTJ -be ..prBftarod : under (itriner ' ! submitted by tbe department WE8IKSS PBH3STLTAXIAXS CITED FOK "TOTH Ti^ AMEE1CAN AH.VT IN KRAMCE, June 6. -- Tie first American to rec«rf»« tbe French war cross for brs»«r In the present !attle along' tie Mune at Chateau Thierry and 3»illMme. was Lieutenant Walter R. ot Plttsburg. Pa., who swam lite ri»«r and rescued a wound- sd. Trench soldier. JUeutenant John I. BWM! of Pittsbarg. has been cited 3or the French war cross for leading its matfbine gun comrauid to the I Atlantic travel, richer prizes in Hlghwa, Commissioner, issued a statement last calls for the establishment of mobile , J o TM"^j i a r g e" cargo or passenger : 1'fht pledging his support to Senator fortifications along the coasts by_\ r rvi ns vessels, or perhaps a trans- William C. Sproul. ^ candidate tor which guns could be transferred on I m , rent be ol/tainable · governor, in which lie says: Details of the sinking of the Bids- "Senator Spioui. ibe Republican railroads from one point to another to meet possible attacks. DRAFTEES TO STUDY Nine Men TTill he Sent tn Cnrn*si? Tech for Three Itnnths.. Local Board No. 5 will send nine men- to Carnegie Technical school to undergo a three month course in i schooling on June 15. 813: of the ! men will go as auto repairmen, one jorth side of the Marne in an attempt j -.0 stop th« German advance. Corporal Tales Mangold of McDonald, Pa., was ienf oat to investigate German snipers. He found tha snipers, point- id them out to his comraites, and the 3«rnmn£ flred no more. as an electrician and two as telegra- vold wero lacking early today, patches received last night by the r.avy department said the steamer was sunk 4C miles off the Virginia coast and that the crew had been rescued by a navy supply ship. His- j nominee, is on record as favorias the PASSENGERS SLEEP ratification of the Stuippard amendment and t'or that reason I will not only surrort him, but will ask ail my friends to do likewise. Judge Bonni- wel], t h p Democratic candMtiate, is . Under new rulings su-gicai d-ess- ' ^ suuioncd in England and Dr. Hob- j was found in th 1 ' - -Oermsn -prisoner ; tender years to . - . . supervjsion than before. No one will : m Carl sruhc. He was captured March , trict 3 they ranged from 17 years up. be aJlowed to enter the rooms unless 21 ' al CaiubraL j One young fellow from Scottdale was TO JESTEBTADT THE SOLBIER BOYS. unable to establish to the satisfaction of the board that . he v,-as of the required age. He hustled back home in uniform and are directly connected with that department. Liquid soap and paper towels will be placed in ·· the surgical dressing rooms for the i Citing to The Courier, E. P. Poole j and returned with documentary eri- use of the workers. These precautions i of Roo ' ; . fo . r!i - IIJ - ^^ " there are any ! dence and was registered. are being taken to guard against in- j'ConneHsville boys at Cam-p Gran:, and j Sixteen colored men and 24 aliens feetion. Profcwior town, was elected to be E. Wrigtlt. o( Unlon- director of openly 'wet.' and should be defeated. has eEif!ited . ' the Junior Red Cross in the county. He will succeed C. X. McCune, who for their addresses. "We then cou.M ] y-ere registered in the Second district, entertain them in our home," he says.; j n District 5 there were 11 negroes CARD FJiGM RALPH SL1R-ER TEIAS 01" SAPETT. "The boat on which I. sailed has ar- J265; District 2 Senator Sproal and his associates! jfiss Ann-e Evans, sutterintendent of riveii s" 8 '*' overseas." says a card i i)i stri . WITH CLOTime ON. uav '- 't w i t h i n their power to make ! CJ7lMan re]let repo ' nQ(1 toat TIC PORT. June 5.-- Pennsylvania one of the S6 states | to d , . . m AN ATLANTIC PORT, .Tune 5.- I nine days she has been at work, there i received today from Ralpli Sliger o f ' ! Connellsville, member of the Slirth in- and 14 aliens. Tbe registration in the county -was 1.M7, divided as follows: District 1. :44; District 3, 180; District 5. 182; Dis- TO TAKE Phers. The men will report for duty | b h t ' no f u r t h e r n e w s of suhma ' The arrival hero of several steam- whic ^ »'" ratic y national prohibi- bilve ^^ , 6 apInca . Uons f o r ' as6is j faatry, which left Camp Lee a fow ships from southern Atlantic waters, " among them two passenger liners. after completing their training course at the Pittsburg school. Harry W. Thorpe, George E. Room and Thomas Clements, Dunbar, and George J. Hovance, Humphrey Campbell and John T. Frazier all of Leisenring. w i l l . go as auto repair- jmen. Albert Hirst of Ashland, Ky., Eton." Contmissioa "war-time prohibition declares that I tha is absolutely ' « .ini£iw i ? 4 T T a i " lc ". ^'u^n. i i i i a t . U L jiaujrtiju, i^y., JSAJU-lbJii fAiiS.j^,, stndy M M elcctrioian . Edwara PAHJ6, June 6.--Gerotan forces Linney and Frank J. Adams, both ot i Mt ni^K crossed the river Oise h« Tletnity of Sampigny. but were riven back by the French, the war Ace announced today. North of the Aisne the French 1m- ·rored their positions in the neigh- orhood o£ Haotebraye. There was e«T7 artiHery fighting in the neigh- orhood of Veoilly-La-Potirie (where .mericu troops hare been in action). ·ESHSTLTASIASS KIUJID JD ACTION. 'WASHINGTON, June 6.--.The army uualty list today contained 34 unw, (ilTided as follows: Killed in rtion, seven; died of wounds, three; led ol accidents .three; died of dis- ise, fonr; wounded severely. 12; oonded (degree, midetenntaed) one; ounded siigntly, three; missing In :tion. one. The list includes.. Killed action. Carl A. Tarr, Niclrolson, Pa., id August Schuster. Krie, Pa.; Leisenring, will go a telegraphers. EVERY PLANT GONE TV'ar Garden Coaimittee Disposes ol IV^MH) Vunng Tomatoes. The War Garden Committee yesterday disposed of 17,000 young tomato plants between 1.30 o'clock and 4.30. The plants were given away tree at 'Welmer's Piano store, Keagy's Drag store and the Woolworth five and ten cent store, it had not been the intention oC.Jhe committee to distribute the plants.J|jtil later in the afternoon bat the peo»le would not wait. . Any number of plants were given on request and the promise that they would be planted. ponded severely, 'rlghtsnlle, Pa- John H. Siple, XERICAir ftETESAL IX FRAJiCE DIES SUDDENLY. PA2U6, J--une 6. -- General Robert E. Michie of the American army, died a. railroad train, near Rouen yester- .y. His death was sudden .and un- pected, as he had not betn ill. 5KMAX ZAIDEBS ARE BI BRITISH. LONDON, June 6. -- The Germans it night repeated their attempts to id the Brttisti positions In Morlavort £ion e««t. of Amiens, bn: were re- Ised. the war office announced to- f. ^ MACHETE GUJf SQUAD Lvrs LOW MX* ac'ss. THE AMERICAN ARMT 'IN Jon« -.«.-- An $200 REWARD OFFERED Captnre of .tfepro Who'.Killed State Trooper is Sought. A reward of ?200 lias been offered by the state police .for. the'capture of Walter Richardson, alias Trapper, wanted for the shooting: and killing of State Trooper John F. Dargns at Strutbers, o., last week. The negro is 26 years old, five .feet eight and one-half inches tall, has a copper colored skin, straight nose, thin lips, peaked face, with a. sprinfele of bluish powder marks. There is a bullet scar under the right ear in the angie of the jaw and neck. .In Aviation' School. Charles Nieman, son of Mrs. Nina Nieman oJ! Uniontown, received orders yesterday to report at the aviation school Saturday. Cornell rine operations. Officers of the crew | necessary to wm the war, and anyone said, however, that every precaution i w h » opposes, any move that will help was taken against surprise and while : w 'i 'J"e war should be branded as a traversing the zone in which the re- . traitor. To win Lhe war we must con- cant sinkings took place every mem- | » e rve food, fuel, labor, monpy and tonnage now used in tho liquor industry. We must promote efficiency in mine and mill. We canaol have 100 per «ent efficiency unless we abolish drink. My object in running tor governor was to make national prohibition an issue and to make this state ·dry' in 1019." ber of the crews who was not otherwise engaged was detailed as a lookout. Passengers were advised not to dis- rolre at night and all lifeboats fully 1 r/rovisioned and watered were kept ; hanging on the davits on a level with the boat deck, ready for instant use. All the arrivals today reported nothing was sighted of an alarming nature. Advises of tbe Navy Department that every effort was being made to locate and destroy the submarines were confirmed by statements of passengers who said that destroyers, submarine chasers and air scouts were freijuently seen. TOBIES MORE advice. Jt is anticipated j weeks ago for the front. Several s will be one of the mos; im- i cards have been received announcing things tbe Red Cross organ- i the arrival safely of members of the will have to do locally. Fam-1 and other Camp Lee organiza- tties or dependents of soldiers who ' tions. wish assistance or any advice in · ro- | gard to setting the allotments of pay should apply to the Red Cross headquarters in Uniontown. perintendent of the Uniontown hospital, and now director of U'.e Bureau SERGEAST SKXBS GREETINGS. Mrs. Wilberi N. Still wagon of Dun- Mrs. Frank R. Crow, formerly su- bar, has received a post card from her husband. Sergeant Stillwagon, who is with Company D, 110th Regiment i Head ict 4, 167. . . 6, 153; District 7, 106. Following are the names of those who registered in District No. 5: Wilbur Robert Sherrer, LcisenriDS. Harry Lee Strickler, Vandcrbilt. Boyd Porter Warne, Dunbar. Charles C. Hennessey. Dunbar. John Gicrnacky, Mount Pleasant, R. D. James Phillip Workman, Markleysburg. Henry Raymond Thomas, Dunbar. George Jjovas, VanderbilL ler, Indian, MOIT ItctJiil at TITO fur Five, or Five for a Pi mo. On account of advances made in the price of leaf tobacco toby malcers of this district have advanced the price to retailers to such figure that ot five for a dime. The former scale was three for CHEW OF AXOTTLEB ·SDSKKlf SHIT? LAITDKD. AN ATLANTIC PORT, 'June 6.-Captain R. R.. Couldman and the crew of the schooner Edward R. Baird, Jacksonville to 'New York, sunk by a i l" n K ago four -could be had lor five German submarine 18 miles off Cape '. cents. ^ Charles, Tuesday morning, were landed here today. of Nursing in the county, has !n?en I "over there.'' The card was written appointed chairman of the county I in France . Sergeant Still-wagon stat-j committee to look after enlistment ot j ed that ho arrived safely and was on | trained nurses in '_he Red Cross.! detail at the station. The boys are j Three doctors, to be selected by the j well aJid asked to be remem-beretl to ! Fayette County Medical association, the folks at home, will complete the committee. ' ''MOTHERS' PAT" MTTKES v RECEIVED FBOM SOLIMEB Mrs. Bernard O'Connor of North Flowers Strewn on Graves By SmiUiJ First streei " West side ' is ln recc ' ilt field Organization. The .Modern Woodmen of America WOOBJtEN HONOR James Lloyd Morrison, Ohiopyle. Louis Hess Eicher, Mil! Run. Michael McKinley Sanner, Normalville. Harry Loar Smiley, Dnnbar John A. Bereiter, Dunbar. Continued on Page Four. FIRST BALLOON RIGHT of a -Mothers' Bay" letter from her . Franl5 son/Corporal William O'Connor, who: with the United States Marines, 1Vrit( . s of Two E:cpcrf . pncfs at OnuUia. In a leUcr w his , Mrs. Mar-i only two of this popular form .of observed Sunday, June 2 as memorial ; sUit , onod somowaev(! itl prance. Th smokes can bo pirrchMed for a nickel .day by strewing flowers on the graves j soWier ^ recentl made cor . ; Karet Richter of South street, Franfc _ w .,_-, ., ------- , --- v., -- ,.,!,,, n... i ^ i of their deceased members who are poral and this is the first letter receiv- ' I buried in the Baptist cemetery, and j ed from Wm sil)C(? , irriving itjcnter, who is attached to the nickel or six for a dime and not so attending service at the M. E. church. Rev. Ralph Bell preaching an appro-: overseas. ; Defeat Cost finffey $lo,09". The account of the primarj- election expenses of Joseph F. Guffey, "dry" Democratic 'candidate for governor, shows that be spent ?15,095 in going down to defeat before bis "wet" opponent,- Judge Eugene C. Bonniwell, who spent but 54,442 on his campaign. Kiss Frick Tied Cross AVorltw. Miss Helen Clay Frick, daughter of Henry Clay Prick, has returned to America from France where she has been engaged as a volunteer worker for' the Red Cross for the past s: moTrths caring for tbe children back to France from Germany. fluulmr Class Sermon. The baccalaureate sermon to tbe graduates of the Dunbar schools will be' delivered Sunday evening in the Methodist Episcopal church, by the Rev. Theodore Darnell. Dislocates Hip. , Ella Morris/ three years old. daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Braden Morris ot Dunbar township, fell and dislocated Her hip. Tbo child is coming along priate sermon to the order. Mrs. A. H. West, who is an accomplished vocalist, sang. He'd Fur Harder. Andy Jlacekyo was committed to aat, charged Frank Hriba! of Parfittown. O'Connor enlisted on May ,1917, lhe date of the wedding · 17th Balloon company, at Fort OmEia,. Neb., tells of his first trip in an observation balloon. A part of the let- anniversary of his parents. He writ- ^J, 5 ;ls follo ^= ; x that he is enjoying splendid health. · ,, ^ as " p :n a balloon ^'"day for . t h e first time. Made two flights, go- ItUJfEY 3LE438 PK.NS ' i n £ up lje firsl * imc at '·'· 00 *- ^- com- "J'FTTF'K TO IHRKXTS l i n s d " wn at 12 ' 30 p - ·"· Wc wer « in Mr. and Mrs.'w. C. Means of 'pop-''. '' he air 2 ' 500 £co ' 1 ' the fli S ht lastin S for the G-cetisburg jail yesterday by,' lar Grove, h a v e received a letter from : l w o and one-half hours. That was Squire I- D. Rhodes of Mount Pleas- 1 their son. 'Jtainey, who recently ar- i mv " rst H ' Bh1 ' In a lh " ht las t even' with the murder of! rived in France, telling of a pleasant ! 1!1S wc wore " p ] ' 7i ° fcct - The trip over was uneventful. :erl| i i x M :nt' V- Bor Browned in TJeserTflir. (JK011G-K J Venturing into the water beyond h i s ' 'depth John Moosic, 11 years old, son of Mr .and Mrs. Paul Moosic of Continental, was drowned yesterday in the reservoir at that place. It started to rain and we wore soaked.' 1 Edward Tipping of the West Side, is in the same company as Kichtcr- TELI.J5 OF TOIAGE. George McCormick, member o.-: the DOtli regimental sanitary detach- I)r. Hrnnson to lie Here.. Dr. H. B. Bronson. principal of the Jericho Normal a.nd Industrial School Fare Notice Ueceived. R. E. Shaw, . Baltimore Ohio Complaints About IKail. Complaints have been received in . several parts of the county that post. Takes }f*w .Posftkm. | masters are collecting postage on. James O'Hara of Connellsville has i mail from soldiers overseas. The accepted a clerkal position with the; postal regulations .provide that all P- L. E. tn the Dicfcerson Run'yard [ such -mail shall he .delivered Iree 'Of office."'; .bably thunder showers tonight ticket agent, received offlcin! notice Viday is the noon weather fore- this morning of the advance ln a. Prol and Frld cast for Western Pennsylvania. Temperature fiecord.. 1D1S 1917 Maximum , £9 . 80 Minimum 68 S2 · Mean : 78 .. 71 The Tough river fell during, the passenger fares, after Jur.e 10. effective on and moiit, has written home of liis safe; at Jericho. Ark., who bar. hrnn spcak- arrival overseas. The letter was com-i ing for Sfcveral evenings at Dunbar, posed aboard ship a.nd mailed at port ( »'ill lecture in the Highland Baptist ' church of Connellsville tomoirov.- evening at 7.30 o'clock. -Dr. Bronson is regarded as one of the- leading negro educators. of arrival. Tl'ill Bo Overseas SnrBC. MIKE GREJfALIH) AMI · IlAItOLU EICBET OVEK. Cards have been received here from j Mike Grenalno and Harold Kickey, attached to the 107th Field Artillery, 1 Battery B, announcing their safe ar- Enters West Point. Francis Selwyn Gay, member of the. graduating class of . t;niontowa Mrs. Jessie Miner, daughter of C.! rival overseas. Both sc-idiors are for-1 high school and son of Mr. and Mrs. TV.'Fowler of Uniontown,,has gone to! mor employes oi The Courier, .%fike '. George Gay of ULionlown .received ·?. ·? n ??V- ;- . !: : ' ' . - . ' - '. ' . ; -. , ··lpostag» ; ... . . -· . · · · . · . '.-^nlght.from' 2.00 feet to i;SO £eeL. Jove Boston to receive . instruction lorj.bolng pressman at : one. time. The · orders yesterday to report at West j overseas .'service as a mirse. Continued on Page..Two. i Point Military Academy on .lune i

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