The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1930 · Page 9
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1930
Page 9
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Second Part frages 9 to 16 VOL. 28, NO. 94. CONNELLSVILLE, PA., TUESDAY EVE? TNG, FEBRUARY 25, 1930. SIXTEEN PAGES. Chicago Gangster's Gun Foils Attempt to Murder Him in Bed at Hospital Throe Ballets Find Mark In Frank McErlnne But He to Life. 40 SHQTS FIRED IN FIERCE BATTLE By y t i l t e d Press, CHICAGO, Feb. 25.--Twenty-seven "tmliet holoa U-d-ay scarred the wjjite walls of the hospital from where Frank McErleue, "Back of the Yards" beer baron ant 1 notorious as Chicago's toughest gangster, {ought a gun battle ·with three racketeers who trapped him as he 1iy with a broken log last night. Snarling hatred of hie enemies and defiance to police, McErlane hold onto life grimly totiay although three bul- I-ote from his would-be ueaasuins' guns reached tieir murk. Onu pierced his hack, another tore through his (high. A third disabled the wrist of hin gun Jjanrl. Propped on an elbow, hearing against the ivoightti t h a t held his plaster-coat encased leg in the air, the ally of "Spikn" O'Donriell pumped five tihots from Ms automatic when the trio of unannounced visitors stepped into his room. Instantly the room echoed to the roar of guns until he- tureen 30 and 40 shots had been tired. "They sneak ad In like alley rats and ran like dogs," growled the gangster ·when police reached his cot in the terror-stricken ward at the German Peaconese' Hospital -where the gun battle was fou xht. But McKrlare, true to ganpland's iron code, refticetl to tell who shot him. Even w h e n police- told him they were going to remove him to the Bridewell Hospital, which he said "means sure death for me," he stuck to his noncommittal ans'vere. The gunmen executed their raid into the supposed eanetnary of the hig hospital with d a r i n g and lightning speed. A sedan drew up at tho curb. The three sped up a fire escape. They slipped past two roonw and into the one where MrErlano had !tin eince .January 2S. ftlcErlane'st private nurse was out of the room. Panic came ewlftly as the roar of gunfire swept through the wards. Patients screamed. Many who had been bedfast for weeks leaped -out of Iheir cots anci ran u n t i l they f e l l from JEWISH RAMIS NOT IN DANGER OF LIVES, SOVIET WIRS BORAH By U n l t r d Pr«n«. WASHINGTON, feh. 5.-- The Wves of 'none of the 14 Jewteh ra-bbie arrested by Soviet Kuesian awtharities at Minsk are in di-ngor, according to a cablegram receivsw* hore by Senator Borah, Reprublicajv Idaho. The caljiegraan, (rani M. I^itvinoff, aciting Sovk't com :nisiiir for for«tgn affairs, said all but. three of tho rabbis have been roliaaed and indicated non* of these- vild he eiccutod. Earl'lor reports ln.ticaiid all faced . The Information came to Borah in answer to his cable Saturday inquiring it the reports ware true. "I haveieceiv'ed word this afternoon from Litvlnoff, wins coawnLssar of foreign affairs," Be nob- t«tid in a state- mont last nleht, "-itatlng that u'll of tho rabbis have Ix an ril«i.sed except three. Among th'se releasod, 1 am Informed, is Habbi Gl-ueJcin." Rudolph Crisiip Sues for $10,000 For Auto Injuries Dirt before nurse* could get to the room where the uneciual duel was j hc'ing fought, : ,t w«« over and the In- I varies had fled. Whether they went back down the fire eacupe or out an- o t h e r entranco could not he ascertained. A rocident across tho street said ehe naw them entor the automobile and sifx^ed away. Only becaus*- McErlanc livod in constant fear of ( eath and had smuggled n pistol into the hospital and kept It concealed under hie pillow was the attempt it assassination frustrated, police declar*xl. "Ho shot first." they said. "ThU epoiled the aim of the others." Police Commissioner William F. Rueeell launched an investigation today to dotonnlnc how the notorious gangster, who has been triod for sev-' oral murders .ind corned the name of t h o "cruelest of tho jjangmen," man- a.«o! to spend a month in the hospital w i t h o u t hia identity Ijecoming k n o w n . Me hobbled into tho hospital, telling offlcia!« he; Charles Miller and that Jiis leg h i d boon shattered when his gun accUlonttiily wa« discharged. It was not titiMl polico arrived after tho gun battle that life story was disproved. "It looks UK it' the enemiee who shot him before came back to finish the job," Lieutenant Garrett Coan said. When the g.-ing«tor made arrangements for hia room, officials recalled, ho insisted on n private room where he would hav-o unobstructed view of both tho fire oscapo and the door. That was taken ae :ouclu«lve indication he expected an at tempt on his life. In the early days of the beer racket, McBrlane was allied with Joe Saltis. Later ho quarreled with Saltis and arranged an alliance with "Spike" CVDonnell, Mrmbers of both the Saltis arid Danny Stunton gangs would have reason to be enemies. Three years .igo, McBrlane was tried on a charge of murdering Attorney Thad T'^ancher at Valparaiso, Ind.. but was acquitted. Ho has been held in connection wi = h many other killings, most of them nf the wanton type. A few montas ago police arrested him with three automatic pistols in his possession. Hundreds of venire- men were questioned before the state could get 1" vho would try him on a charge of carr/iug we«p«ns. The jury awiuittod him. Locke, Novelist, Dyfngr. MONTE CA'iLO, Feb. 25,--William i J. Locke, cole )ruled KiiRlish novelist, | iii d y i i i ^ . h i * l u f l o i ^ r o ; u i n . O n l y a 1 n t i r a t U. t!: '.v .-.L.V. w i l l v ; i l r ' l i v M v u t r p r i o: c : n - i ! ; · ' i '·'·'· ' i '·' - \' i i i c i i U.VIONTOWN. Crisiip of Connells a $10.000 damage s f.eo R. Miller of T constabulary allejr him down and se along the old ( town road last No was walking alon highway. OrlsHp (i- permanently i n j u r from the effects , blows. The accident ocx- walking sonthwan Brown's gasoline li.gently crowded 1 way and ran hlr couki get out of H; or declares. He trooper w;is drivii reck lees manner n · Three divorce l.i tor day afternoon. O. Wad charges hla wife, 1 Mount Pleasant w were married Man town. She throat a-nd otherwl»e tre; says. Mrs. Mary J e n n i i her h.usband, Hem ot Youngstowu, 0 They were ntarrie Oreefnsburg and h j 1927 without caus Mrs. Catberin- Thompson No. 1 i abuse as grounds B'rank Rogailinslr}' ried Jun-e 23, 1921 husband now lives ""eh. 2S.-- ·ille yesterday filed uit against Private ·oop A of the st.aU. ne tho trooper run ·erely injured him onne! Isville-Union- xmber 39 w+iilo IK ^ tlio s-ide o.!' the ·cla-Fcss he has beoi; ·(I and S'Ull Buffers; '.nd nhock ; of thf- urreri whilo h* wa.'i · on tho road near -tatic-n. Milter neg- im from tho high : down before hi a way the petition- il leges tho tau g in ti apeedy ami t the tim«. ·* e].s wc»re filcti yen iworth of Republic Hilla AVadsworth of ith cruelties. They h 1, 1919 at Union- ·oed to poison him ited him ornt'Uy h« v igs of Adah ohargen y J"ancij5 J-enningH do, with desertion, ii AprU. 29, 1923, at left her in May of ·, she; says. Kogalittsky of lieges boatings and for u divorc* farom They were mar, at Republic. The at Orienit. Alleging that h - was enticed Into signing H note while very drunk and that he is in no w.iy responB'fbl'e for a debt apiproxl muting $1,200, Tbomaa Suity of Dry Tav rn, Qreene county, Monday je,tU!oned the court to be released of the nol- which has nine* been rod-need to A judgment and an ex«cution made. Sulty said he v.-as at his Home on Sunctay, May 20, 1928, wh«n Phillip Sroko, a friend, drove up to his place. H© had already ben drinking heavily and to top it off Sroko produced u quart. They dranlc the wfcole of it. Then Sroko asked him to sl«n n paper as a witn-ea i. Sroko was moving froui N«ouuxUu to Manontown and ho wanted a ivitneos bo tho matter, Suity says Ma companion told him. Months later wlien the sheriff camo to levy upon hia ;rpierty Suity says ho learned ho had iiigned 1 a note. Subsequently ' tho no o d.rifted into tho hands of Ixuio 1' ranJUin of Maaon- town and the laU-r issued the Judgment. Sulty a»ks 'hat it 'be lifted. "BOSSY" 6ILLIS IN MOVIE COLONY; MAY FIND BRUNEI WIFE liesalts ! Stun! Wh»n Tcm use Classified Ads. In Tbe Cnlly Courier. 'IHo ooat la ataaJi, re»u.te arc big. LOS ANOJSJjBS, loo.klng for a brun/et, "Bossy" G buryiport, Mass., ai Ile left the »te Los Angeles harh going to some sp colony to be nitre lec'tion'." "I'ai sorta on prospective Mrs. ( r(ixrters. "I'm a brunet." "I'm not so mi because thoy usua ClillUs said he un was shipshaiw in eve-n though he h; good -wlilie. ilo expects to about a mouth. C^al., Feb. 25.-- -Still Vi-te, prefca'ably a Ills, mayor of New- rlvetl here, ims'hlp Virginia at »r with the Uteo, of t "near UK» movlo to have a good se- th-e lookout for ;i 'illis." 'he tol([ ship ixious to lino up a .;h for hkn!H leratooil everything his munici'pklity d been away for a stay in California Loses Divorce Fight A. Detroit judge has awarded a property settlement of |1,260,OOQ to Mrs. Susana Tuttle, in granting her a divorce on grounds of cruelty, from Carl B. Tattla, above, millionaire treasurer of tho S. B. Kresge company. The Tut- Ues were married in 1E03 and ne para ted three years ago. LUZI1RNE MAN WOULD ENFORCE REGULATIONS OF STATE HIGHWAY Special to Th« Courier. HAJIRISBUR'G, Pen. !!.-- "Recklf-fia" drivers -would set short shrrfL from a resident of Plymouth. Luzerno county, were he giv-en an opportunity to enforce '.fce laws, Motor Vehicle Coinnate- sion^r Benjamin G. lOynon learned in a letUr he recei^od from tho Plymouth man. "Jniit eend m« a «t«ir and a whietlo," said tho embryo laiv enforcer, ''and glvo ino a change to «hcnv i havo e right to rest a man t h a t Dont live up to the state high-way laws all 1 a*k is a chance to provo ilo do as I ray i will and over man i r«t i will t;end you slip of whot i rested him for by tho s q u i r t . give me ""c on over mat) i reel or give 'mo two-dollars, a day r»mi i can show you how io hail them In give me chance they will not jro-t. a w«y with '/iey thing all itno doing thie for to foroe tho laws." Bynon wae forced to inform the ap- plitiarst that he ta unablo 10 take advantage of tho offer of Plan Now for u Supply of Cwi Flowers for the House Mnch ot the delight in h garden comes from boing ah out every tay and cut fresh for tho house or for some frl' happens in. Ot courso some era way plan a little garden cut flowers alone, but where itttle .ipace for extra g-arxiena erous su-pply vi cnt flowers grown right in the bowler, plants are fertilized 1 OJK! wate there is almost sure io be p bloom, tor outside and in. While many of the jerennif delightful cut. flowers there u tain few which ' every one grow. Baby's Breath is ; branching flower with fim forming a two to three foot During midsummer the sort fleecy mans of white in loose of minute brut myriad flowere of these are largely used foi with high colored flC'Wvrrs, - MghJtful effect. In bouquets. ' loon Plower (Platycod-nj blo tantly from .July until late her. Its IVoweni arc large, be in Moo and white. Th* 7Ba.nk or or Gai.UaTd.ia is a nntvorsal for cot flowoTB. It ofters am ing sujxply ot Irtoom in thr tawney- shades so iUg-hly prize ors oft^n mc-asrarc Orrco in diameter on two foot stems, center of deep maroor Ui thir dered by petals of orange an strikingly ringed by ckcles of. red inl maroon. Kvery one knows I h o bcant Ohrysanthetnam, the Pink ssomotlmos califd Painted Ds whito Shasta Daitry. Ail o make excellent r u t flowers vi keeping (luahtics. Al.rt who admired the heavenly bines Delphinium or .Uirkspirr? Th spikes aro moot srtriking in ii ' One must not. overlook t h liable peony which is probah! the most generous of ;ill pere Its srupply of nch bkonia. : nw vajMjtlea of EKjoidcs of character ha-v» b»«n incrod-n many old vjirir'tirs have faj a 9 to go flo-WOTB nd who garden- just for there is a gen- can he If the ·ed well enty of Is make » a cer- many a torn B mound. c-e IB a panicles Sprays mixing ·ith de- he Balms con- t favorito uniail- *e rich L Flow- :hfts in A band cly bor- crtnw^on · ot the Daisy sy, and these th long has not of the Ir regal ill \-asc. old ro- ' one of nialft in o many superior ·ed that on into tbe discard. Tho peony IB so easy to grow it is one of the outstanding perennials for cat flowor purpose. Thea there aro tho Grass Pinks and Sweet WaJliama of grandmother's garden, still BO lovely that they retain tbeir popo-lajdty to thta day. Perryopolis PEfitUTOPOUS, F«*. 26.--Dal* an* Chads Martin of SwispvaJ* spent the w«J{-vnd with Uieir paronte, Mir. and M-re. J. R. Martin. RenMce Joan LA»CO enitartainetl sov- *ral fri«nia at a party at h«r homo Saturday afternoon In ol»Qrvanoe of her 10th birtiuiay. Special music was preaerated at tho Methodist Episcopal Sunday Esohool Siin-tkity. Tho orcbeistra, composed 1 of Dr. J. R. Martin, Craig, Date, Ohiscds atd Ad4a Jay Martin, Oane Strickel, Robert and Richard I'oland^jr, ftmdsh- eti the special aitraction. Atr. and Mra. D. Pasoo of I^ayette GH.y spent Snodny with th« latter's parents, Mr. and Alre. E. P. Lace. Mr. said: Mrs. Howard Artam« and daoghtor, laabeiH*, spout the woek- at Stetrtxmvin*, Ohio. Mr. and Mrs. Hndison Skvenm of New Danced With Wales Mr*. Ear! Whitehili, -rife of thi veteran Detroit Tiger \iteher, who ix remaining- at Hot Springs, Ark-, while her hnaband goe i into train* hig, at Tampa, Flu., is a Cati« fornia beauty. She if one of ths few American isrJna who hav« danced with the Prince of Wales. Kensington, spent title -smack-end here ·with friends and ro!atlV'». Mr. and Mans. J. V. Rtoenour havet»- tiirnesi aftor srnerjidlng -.he woek-ond in. Ohio with relative*. Perry High bto'ceibal] teams Icmrmsy to Belle Vemou Tuesday evening Trtoere it will rnjet tho teams of that piece. Mr. and Mrs. KTli» Sttckrf of Mon- ongsawla «pent th» xwek-ead with ir-eiatlv-ee tiere aaid at Star Junction. Mr. and Mrs. Milton V likes of Mon- osen. spent Sunday wi Ji Mrs. John Wilkes. Sailors Suffering "Parrot Feyer." BOSTON, Feb. 25.---e\en sailors, all members o£ the crow of Uvo Czcheo- Slovakian freighter Legie, wore lie-. lieved stricken with pei' tacocte, "parrot fover," at tbo Marirc Hoapital of the United States Public Health Service here this morning. Chilean Cabinet Unsigned. BOT:NOS AIBJES, Feh. 25.--A dispatch to "La Nadon" !rom Santiago de Chile last night ssid that the Chilean cabinet had resigned. In Need or Something T Then ne our Class!led Columns. SERVICE SERVICE STOTION Cheek Bring it in a» Service Reminder Q Po»B, Car TIr»»--l!nflat«. -- Remove. Hctnount. Ra- pluce miaiinff valve and rim parts ond acceaso- riea. Teat aJiznment." r~l Tire and Tub* HepaJrn ·^ --Fix cau, nail holes, etc. Eopftir tire. Recap or rotroad tire. Fix air leak. Repair tuba. PI AcccsoorU* -- HoUfut Repair Kit. Mica. Curo- CtiL Patchlne Coment Cord Planter Patches. Cord Cross-Pitches. Xtlowoot Patchafl. Ttr« Pnint and Top Dveiuinir. Kps. Air Gauze. Valvo Innldon. Valvo Cape. Radiator Hoeo. O Rl»n« and Wlio«l« -- Da- rust repaint rims. True- up rima and Hanffaa. He- pairs. Hup!ocomcnt3. Ohange-overa. rj «5» «nd Oil--Pill B ao tank. Add oil. Drain and fill crnnkccje. p Batt«rl»-Add distilled water. Rocharge. Ko- uair. New Bat- terjr. I F YOU the protect^ an invesftment, the services outl bat dp you havi various parts i your car propei fl Wouldn't it convenience an it all done vndei yonr n it desorres tut yon need all of ncd on thia page, * time to drive to f town to hare (y taken care of? be a. ·wonderful 1 saving to have one roof? That's do for rocu fl We do die whole job and yon can be rare it is done right. 'Regardless of how many or how few of these maintenance services yonr car needs ~ give na a trial. You'll like to do buainepa hero. 9 Come in-today. BAITEKEES · BRAKE S£RTICE - GAS - OH, - G1UBASK Firestone Service Stores, Inc. H. C. "Zeke" Haddock, 122 West Apple Street. Phone 21 DR. G. W. WELLBURN SPEAKER AT DAWSON DISTRICT S.S. RALLY Annual Convention to Be Held Friday, March 7, at East Liberty Church. JUDGE DAWSON WILL BE THERE Dr. George W. Wellliurn of delphia, superintendent of Christian education of th« State Sunday School Association, -will epeaJc on Friday «y«- ning, March 7, at the annual corewen- tion of the Dawson District No. .15 of the Payeite County Sunday School Association at the Bast Liberty Praeby- torian Church at Vanderlrilt. Dr. Wellburn will Appear twice on the program. His first talk, very brief, will be on "Lead-ership TraiTiing." Later on the program Dr. Wellburn will dellvor an address on. "A Great Toacher and «. Great Book." Judge J. W. Dawson of TJnlontown, presWont of the FayeUe County Sunday School Association, will install the ofBoers which are to be elected during the afternoon session which, will convene at 3:30 o'clock. The afternoon period will be given over to the transaction of DUBine«fl fo* the past year and the election of officers for the coming year. Curte C. Collins of Vanderbilt will conduct the opening eong service and Rev. William P. Seitter, pastor of tho Philip G. Cochran Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church at Dawson and the Bryan Church, will conduct the dovotional period. The nominating committee is made up of Curte C. Colline. chairman, Albert YanHorn, Bert S. Means, Harry GJlmore and Frank Zorn. Schoole in tho district are Hickory Square Methodist Protestant, Tyrone Presbyterian, Bryan Methodist Epieco- pal, Dawson Methodist Episcopal, Dawson Baptist, Dawson Presbyterian, Vanderbilt , Presbyterian, Vanderbilt Methodist Episcopal, Vanderbilt Christian and Leisenring Presbyterian. Bach school is entitled to 12 voting delegates at this seesion. The public ie invited to attend. Rev. Crarwfoixl M. Coulter, pastor of the Dawson Presbyterian Cbttreh and pr56ident of Da-wson District. No. 15, will preside over the contention. The fellowship supper at. 6 o'clock wll! be served by the Smile Class of th« East Liberty Presbyterian Sunday School. A program of entertainment, wfn also he presented. There will also be a "sfng." The program for the evening eeesion ie at; follows: Orcneetra, Harry C. Ru«?h, director. Song eenri^c, Curte C. Collins, leador. Prayer, Rev. J. M. Cogrley, pastor of James Cochian Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church at Vanderbilt. Talk, Dr. George W. WeHbttrn Philadelphia. ' Song. Installation of officers, Jad 0 'e J. W. Dawson, Uniontown. Song. Offering.. Men's quartet. Address, "A Great Tea«*er end a Groat Book," Dr. Weirbtrnu Song:. "This YearJ- Soug. BeneJJcHoii, Her. ATeAAwltor·« Iioffer. pastor of DawBOtt BapttsfcCbmeh. A featirrQ ot the ·erooing'fe progmrn win also be the presewtation of n banner to the echool having- the-teet attendance at that session. GREATER SAFETY IN TRANSPORTS STUDENTS SOUGHT HAHEISBtrfiSG-, 5V3b- 25--Stamterde for traneportation conveyance«»--wili tn- Bure greater comfort and safety to the chtldrea who are transported to echools In Pennsylvania hev® been, adopted by tho State Council ·oC'Edu- cation. The school law provktes that-tcaiM- portation may be made by school con-' veyencee, private conveyance**, railroads and other common canveyttones. All Tehteles must comply wttt the motor code. Tb« n«w standards Inctnde torjn ot contract, conveyance requirements, driver qualiflcationfl, methods of operating covering schedule and «utety precautions and ·wailing stations or shelter provisions. Withdraw Film in China. SHANGHAI, Feb. 25.--Ae a r«ralt of a rising tide of Chinese enimoslty against Harold Lloyd's talking motion picture, "Welcome Danger," the Paramount Corporation, diHtrilmtorfi of the film in the Orient, today withdrew the production from showings at local theatres. The film showed nuppo«e«t conditions in San Francisco's Chinatown. "Millionaire Kid" Guilty. BUFFALO, Feb. 25.--A jury last night, returned a verdict of guilty in « caee of Stanley Przybyl, "Millionaire Kid," accused of complicity in the Carson $250,000 jewel robbery. Four other membera of the Rani?, one hi« brother, already are sot-vine: prison terms. Use Cost is email. Ads. BeeaMa ar«

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