The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on February 25, 1930 · Page 8
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 8

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 25, 1930
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

PACE KKJHT, ·'J.nrj J J A J - L X C U U K I K l v , I'J, F E B R U A R Y Ui, VT,-,\. ^ F Vitaphone Today--Tomorrow Ail Talking ' ! Creepiest Wooziest Funniest of all Mystery Romances With JACK MULHALL Alice Day, Jane Winton, Robert O'Connor, John St. Polis, Claude Al; i lister, DeWitt Jennings, Webster Campbell. Directed by Edward Clirie Vitaphone Act -- All Talking Comedy and Talking; News Reel Special--7 O'clock Each Day--Amos and Andy. Admission--Matinee lOc and 25c; Night 15c and 35c. Thurs,, Fri. and Sat.--Charlotte Greenwood in "So Long Letty." RPHEUMTHEATRi TODAY Al^D TOMORROW HE LIES All-Talkins? with ir, Dynnm- le IMulopr . . Art- Inp (.hat thrills you! His children or the woman he loves! Does ho sacrifice sweetheart or family? See and Hear the answer in this intensely human drama from the famous play! a With "WalHr Jlnslon Chiiid-tte Colbert (,'linrl -s Huggles, Hi oiidway. s Support: Ciist. Also All Talking Comedy New York hoiiKoke-opors. One of the moat olti xrato penhousos ovc-r con- titriicted is shown in tho moving plc- turo. Tho he-nee, or bungalow is ot stucco iti Italhin styio, witli a tiled tornitx' and saakerod bwl.s of flowers and gr«enery. Beyond the parapot in an ex pan so of e m p t y .«pjire, Kitpgosiing Die isolation of u skyr-ctxiiior root', while in (.he distance aii(-ur» tht; I'amjlliir tops ol! oth-or lmUliiu:s. These neighbo-iiiK structures arc not just paiiitud scenery but are actually b u i l t in minintur5, m u k i r i f ; ullowance for per6pof':ive. A IcauirR of tho «kylin« is a rejiroduction of the gilded tower of the -Vow York Central Building, which i.j illuminated in n i g h l scenes in the picuire. Corso of the studio art depari- ux-ent, "ilmself an architect, (leeignwl the pe-jrthotise. Tho picture was iii- reeled by Hohart l i o n toy and th-e dia- logu© was etagw! by John Mcohan. who wrote .h* play from w h i c h l i \e taken. An «Lil-liiJTcinK comedy, s^tind new« roel a)id rnovi-etoue act ;m lcia(; shown. Thur^daj 1 , Friday and Satuwlay Gary Coopo- w i l l te featured in "The Virginian." Migration of Birds to Begin Early irt March As fipring- approaches m a n y of OUT bird* begin their n o r t h w a r d migra- t i o n . Among those whu-h appear a b o u t M-arch J. i n c l u d e Uio mallard duck, black duck, ba)dp;Uc,\'olcr, pintail, redhead and RoMenoye ducks, woodcock, sharp-shinned hawk, cooper's, red-shouldered and d-iick hawkfi, Bliorl-ftared owl, liermit t h r u s l i , robin and blue-bird. Some of thjefie species of course occasionally 8[eiul ttio winter with us, such a.'i the sharp- shinned, cooper's and rcd-slKu!derer hawks, short-eared owl and robin. Some species including the gad'wal duck, canvasback ducU, scaup an lessor scaup thick, ringncckod duel and sparrow hawk arrivo about Marr,! 10, The sparrow h a w k occasionall winters with us, however. Tho species which b e g i n to arriv · about March 15 and thereafter iticlud , the horned grebe, loon, mcrganse , hooded merganser, gre-eu-winged ten , bufl'lehead duck, w h i s t l i n g swaa, gre; t blue heron, black crowned nig! t heron (arriving in late March or ear y April), wilson-snipo, pectoral san- piper (a rather rare and irregul; r m i g r a n t , in the s p r i n g from March 0 to May IS, recorded cdiisfl:* at Kri , k l l l d o e r , w h i c h is nlso occasional n w i n t e r , m o u r n i n g dove, turkoy vi 1-, marsh hawk, occasion.'!.! In vf- \- Usr, barn owl, occasional in. wint r, kingfisher, occasional in winter wh n tho streams are onon, yellow-ball- ;d sa/psuckcr, flicker, oce.atuoniU in w a- ler, Phoebe, cowbird, red-winf K! blackbird, .meadowlar, siitneiimes fa r- | ly common in winter if food is av; liable, rusty blackbird, p u r p l e ; nd bronr.ed gracklcs, palm and p ne warblers. Such birds as i h e old s'lmuv h vo arrived, or passed over d u r i n g mi! ration, as early as February 20, am ot coarse the robin is alsio to be loc cod for in latter February. The tree sparrow will be loavin.! us the. latter p a r t of M a r c h or e.nrly iJril not to bo with us atrain u n t i l icxt October. While, the above tn;iy bo rega (led as f a i r l y RCiieral date.-) of a r r l v a f o r .some sw.tinna ol' tho state af. 1 -nsi, ofUbnes w i d e a w a k e bird stw enta make earlier observation.*. The eominpr of tho spring ilrds moans an increast-d activity 01 Hie part ot nature lovers who wil set abont to devise way:-; and ruoa s oC attracting these creatures. In. tb s respect the Board o£ Game Oonimir sion- e-rs'has available for dl.stribuU u an interesting bulletin ontilid "A. " oar's Program tor Bird Protection" ,'hich contains valuable information ibout how to attract birds and many s -ocifl- catious lor buU-duis bird h mses. Every .school teac'h-cr aud Boy Scout should possess a copy of this pi Mica- tiou. If Be On Hand Thursday at U T M A NQRRIS' PROBE BILL HELD OVER TWO WEEKS Movietone Act and Sound News WASHINGTON, Feb. 2-1.--Tho Morris piopo.sal to investigate p r o h i b i t i o n entoreeaie-nt was put off for t w o hy the SMiato J u d i c i a r y Coui- today. Acme Thei Paramount The puWu; is let. in on several my»- terkniK nuin'jers taking place in ati old houfiii occiipuHl by an antluuo collect.or whon "In -ho Next Itooin," First National 'K t h r i l l i n g : new mystery pic- t u r o on tho screen at tho Paramount Theatre. In a d d i t i n they KC-O th-o spine-chill i :v.s events load lag up to the mtirdors iiiui the t'un-uy incidents occuring to t h f roporter. (ietoctiv-e and oops who t i y to s«lvt tho mystery. "hi tho Next Room" is considered out ot tlu lest K'.rat National niolo- drama thrillcn-s since "Tho Gorilla." Jiirk M n V h i . U is featured. rrac:t;c;i!iy all f Uio action in thc p i c t u r e tal;o ylut'v iu tho old houso from t h e f-ll:ir to tin 1 - sa.rrot, and this s--,!iry it i.s saiil, has u most imus.uul twist, at. U'c 1 OSH!. " I n the Next Room" waa directed by Kdwar ! Clino from the similarly namC'il sti'.si 1 piay. Javii-c« A. Starr and i l i i r v -y t!a.l.i i s wrote the scrcoa ·versioti. .Muih;t.!l is cast a.-i a report or sent out w i t h :ho iKilico to the- scone ot a murd«r. H-cforo h-o get.-* out of the soii.-io hi: hat. hove-ui^ tnispxl up in a ho has bexxR\e involving many character; gamut from lai (right and back Alice Day, bl other classic tl plays opposlto 1\ nor John St. Pol others aro Ui tl directed the p.r The program and Andy at 7 comedy and tal! day Friday aa Letty," start-Hue bt . The story runs the srhtw to screams -of again. iri'd-o heroine of thai rillor, "The Gorilla," i'UlhaH. Hobwt O'Con- t8, Claude AUisteraud o cast. Ed/ward Cliiio duction. also Include*) Aiaos /clock, au all talking ing tMws reel: Thinrs- Saturd-ay, "So, Long Ohrlotto Greenwood The Orpheum A pent-liouec apartment up ucrvong th-e ro-cit'tops ai-d spires of lMaii'h«,tfau IH tho raeciiiat'ng setting for some of tho principal ? aeruvH iu "Tho L,aly Lien," Parainoi ut all-talking pic.tnre which 1s the feature picture «t the Ohpheum Tho, tre witli W a l t e r 1-lutiton aud Claudctte Colbert iu the leading VOldri. Ever since i lew dlscorniug rich people moved the janitors off the tops . of tall l)uUdii:gs ami inetalled tHem- i selves in t^uu-calo\v« therj?, 2V jr 40 j stories alxvc Broadway, pcuthouee« have been the Ideal aivd dreaui of moat ACME, Fob. 25--Raymond Mooro was a caller at the Sullen bo rgi.-r homo near Ijau] elville on Bunday. D( tiver Keefe and Stanley Carey ivor' visiting at Uio AVadfiworlli homo on S'uiiday. M ·. and Mrs. Henry Wanner and children visited Mrs. CT. Palmer over Sunday. ' v G-. L.. Johnston o£ Kingview visitwl with Mr. and Mrs. Thom;i6 Howard at Rodney, on Sunday. Miss Lillian Kubech lia« ret'urnetl to her homo after spending a few ·wit i friends in Pittsburg. T. G. Howard is ill a.t liis Looking for B;trfriUns 7 Head the advertisements ta DaUy CJourier. The ST. LOUIS ROBIN . Plrst cnduranc* Plying _PIRST IM QUICK RECEPTION i s See What DOLLARS Can Buy DOLLAR DAYS Thursday and Friday, February 27th 'and 28th A Community Treat at TROUTMAN'S, 8:30 A. M. sharp--Thursday. An opportunity to take part in the Great Value-giving Event with Savings on Wanted Merchandise and Thrilling Days of Thritty Buying. May we ask all Shoppers, "Be Prudent When Good BARGAINS Come YOUR Way!" "Be in the Swim" and stretch your DOLLARS to their limits. Better act quickly before someone else does. Watch Wednesday's Papers for Bargains J NOISE ABATEMENT COMMISSION OFFERS SCHEDULE OF HNES NKW YORK. Feb. 'M.-~-Cls .toring nshcans, wjueaUing a u : o broa .s and noisy loud spoaker.s a l l woul- bring fines to their owners uiuio.r tl » fines tentatively proposed by in New York's Noiso Ahatraeu! Co mm sslon. Double Unes IDT Uin same D lisea if made after 11. F. M. are :iHRg ;ted by | the commission which alter a Son;-, I study of tho city's ^r^atcHi noise ' nuisances has suggested the f tlowiiiK | penalties Cor noises: A-utOH--Horns tooUvrt nnnoc ssarily, $.1; cut-outs unm.ii (Ted, $2 noisy brakes, $1. Triw.ks--Same for .uiiofi, Ilia tho following, noisy load, S'-. lliisos--Samo ua for aut- s, plus noisy Urea, $2. Motorcycles--UnmmTlfsd en outs, $2. Mutorboats--Unmufiled cm uts, $5. Ash and sarba^o collocU n--Clattering (C OilllB, ?L'. Milk uud ice dftii/ory--C altering, **i ?u. Radio--I^oud Sfieaksru in omo op- erat.wl to annoyance of noig- Uors, ?i. Noisy partioh: -- After midui :ht, $^. Ohiopyle LJo yon grope in the dark for a pie pan? Put a good light in £he pantry and you can place your hand on any kitchen utensil you want in a I, jiffy- WEST FENN P O W E R . 9 BETTER LIGHT flQUfHJ A HANDIER PANTRY Patronize Those Who Advertise Aids Brain to Replace Sight The story of » tw«nty-one year struggle against ths hootdteap of blindness and *n etfort to continua the practice of law throagh the asetstance of bb wife -was related by Senator Thomas D. Schall, of Minutaota. He said the first thing every man who loses his right thinks ot la to quit, and added that the love and tender tmder- Btandinf of bfa wife: enabled him tb conqaer his difficulty. Picture shows favorite POM of Senator Schall with inwot of hia Mrs. ScbalL OHIOPYi,E,-Fcb. 25--Mr. and Mrs. .James Palmer and children i C Rochester, I'a., fipent Saturday and iunday aa the guo»ls of Mrs. Palmer' . parents, Mr. and Ms. JX J. Potter. John Holt v/aM a biwinesi caller In Uniontown Monlay, Mr. and Mni. It. M. Rueo of Uniontown spent a £iw hours ii Ohiopyle Saturday evening greeting Id friends. 0. M. Waters was «. vlstoj In Uniontown Monday, Mr. and Mrs. Kennotli '.how and children of Baltimore, M1., arriv«l in Ohiopyle .Saturday u epeii a several weeks visit. Mtefies francos .'tnd Sa; ih McNu-tt of Uniontown upent the \ e«k-enl iu Ohiopyle, Dr. aud Mrs. F. W. Iv'u ilman and daughter, Jane, returned t their home at Johnstown Kunday aft-e a pleasant visit apent with Ohiopyle ' riende. Mr. and Mrs. F. ,f. Raffc -ty and son, Fred, Sr.,'of Connolteville spent the week-end with tho form T'B mother, Mr«. Elizabeth Rat'ferty. Miss Audrey Meyers apent the week-end a« the gu«at of dr. and Mrs. Hampton Hall at Oonfluei oe. Mr. and Mrs, Joseph Me 'ftitt of Fair- ohance spent Saturday ind Sunday with, the former's grand larente, Mr. and Mr a. E. S. Jaekeon, Miss Adeline Potter ha. returned to her homo after a several /eelca visit at Rochester. Mr. arid Mrs. Edward K^rtz were among tiie Unioniown vie tore Monday. Mrs. Grtrude Harbaii) h ot MatlKsra spent the. -week-end witl her mother, Mrs. Harrison Stull. Homes? Everyday you will flj d homes and fled columns--read then over. ' Dome cites advertised our claasi- Dustless Coal Try a load of our run of mine or lump coal treated at our yard so that it will be absolutely dustless. No dust when being unloaded or firing furnace, stove or 'grate. When ordering specify dustless coal. OonsoSfdated Coal Supply Go. Yards:--Arch Street, and Corner Gibson and McCormick Avenues. Phone 1700. FOR SALE H. C. k'BlCK COiiE COM^ANT PKOPEBTY Toeiuent Houses Home Sites Factory Sites Farm Lands Used Machinery, Shop Tools, Building aud Mine Supplies Much, of ttie property tor sale !· advantageously located witU re- apect to water a-ud eieotrlo power supplies, railroad sldla'ga aud pared roads. For £ull inforinatioa In regard to prices aud terms, apply to Superintendent ot nearest Mlue or Scottdale Office. H. C. Frlek Coke Company, Scottdale, Penna. The Unseen Hand That Cranks Your Car - - - - Dbep in your car lies the battery. It's silent, efficient machine that performs its tasks with little attention or thought on your part. But beware the dangers of neglecting your battery entirely--cranking is no fun. Drive in regularly and have your battery checked--it's a money-saving habit. When Your Old Battery Has Outlived Its Usefulness and Must Be Replaced--Let Us Install a USL BATTERY Joe's Tire Service Josj Oppennan Henry Opperman Just Across the Bridge West Crawford Ave.' Phone 1352. Cwvtfwwtft Patronize Those Who Advertise in The

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