The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1918 · Page 6
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1918
Page 6
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PAGE SIX. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE. Pi WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 191S. . TOBESPENTBYTIIE RAILROADS OF U. S. OUTFIELDERS BACK "..- IN'80s WERE STARS ..Record Number of Assists Were Made in the Early Days. 'Statistics Show That Old Time Fly Chasers Had a Shade on Present Day Hefder* In Throwing Out Base Runners. - Daring the season of 3S98 George f Van-Haltren of the -New York Giants r iri a-garno against the Washington clnb .' But te-jftBroad- AtoiBistratioii C n t : ·was'.playlng center SeW. Cy Swain, ] Foortlij'to make Cp tor Segiect; JFor'-KoUing Stock, Stations, \ Extensions anfl Other " '-.Improvements. STILL MORE , hile at but happened to make what ^ llke ,, safe dr(ve to ceater . NlDC Whoa." Capital Was"Sot" A-rallable,"! times oot oJ ten it -would have gone : .'.".' " - . " i safe, but Van made a mad dash nnd : RSfttSads ua4er.. sc ..Yernment opera- ! «!* ercd lt '" oa * he secoad bolmd anci : lion this year will spenS noarlv a bil- : *" i *TM t *t°W»ns threw to first, the : Ifca doltare-tor addUions. bstU-.^.ts.; bal1 " Hng t h c . s l o o o t o d Swain by equipment. .approximately . . . . ^ °" 0 ° f . - g ° d , his best al f" 1 ' the time. s P rlntla E Of course Van ES tne last approved mbtmjcm : are ! f SUm ' ? '" V; tor -luiuwas ,r.i. didn't .perform this stunt right along. 1 " Statistics show tiuit the outfielders ! back in tlie '80s.and '90y had a shade "on the present day outfielders in mnk- '. Ing assists. The best record In num- : other proper.ty improvements-.- M79.-! ^^"g^UeT^p ^Harry NuS .686 000 for-equip^t-car* ^ loco-, wften . xr , a , tfle st j^ Cardinals ln .·motives-already, ordered through, tlte: Jg06 HarrJ . mi]ea _,,, meQ ^^ tbo : railroad administration, and 315.203,-; ontfidl , gating them at different . 000 for track extensions., i bases. ' · The, figures, disclose Director : Gen- 1- - Mlke M5tch!ni while playing with ;eral JteAdoo's . determination to let; e Cincinnati team, equaled the mark :the"rallroads make ...maay improve-,·- Sct by jj, IOSi heading off 39 men by : meats which laey had neglected *ur-' v,is power to shoot a ball from the Mng the last thi-ee years through per- . furthest corner of the outfield with :mittitig tracks to run down, and post- ; snffident accnracy and speed to got · poniag a!! possUle,.j»rojects requiring \ %\ a mm. Ty Cobb, .Toe Blrrolncham, | big expenditures-of capital. :) iris Speaker, .Joe Jackson and inian ; It also Is- shown that the Railroad | ; o f Washington all have rcaue especinl- · Administration is not encouraging, i.iy good records in this direction and ;maay extensions of lines during.:ths j 'lead their respective teams in tbrow- ; war emergency, as praclfca-TIy all j'ihg out base-runners from the remote ; sums approved for extensions are" "to i corners of the outer garden. In his ; continue those already -uauer -way | day Fielder Jones was a past master .'have been disapproved, and work-dls- \ In peggihg the ball from the otrtfield ; coutinued. -· { and nipped many rtmners. : Kailroaos. in submitting budgets of| In the National league since IflOO proposed capital expenditures this j Murray of the Giants has the most year asked much more .than was actu-J consistent record of all the old league ally approved, and the -Railroad Ad-"! outfielders In making assists, he lead. ministration eliminated $:;43,24?,000, i ing the league in foar different sea"or nearly one-fourth of the proposals, j sons. Ellis, who used to be with the -In partag down, the budgets to this Cards, was good at making long throws - -extent, tbe- - administration niade it | and had an average of 25 a season, "plain" that "most'of its decisions are j Titus, Bates, Crnvath. and Saodgrnss tentative, and may be reconsidered j have good marks for accurate throw- later fa the light of any growing nc- InB from the ontfield. cessity or lack of need of better- E « "" oltTnoys back in the halcyon "meats " Ja7S of " ;a '*® s Ia " ac some astonlsh- ' · ' The'Pennsylvania, for its eastern j "« records in throwing out base run- Jines. had .proposed. capit,tl expendl- i I "The Big Store Hear The Bridge. I nera fron! Efar off - Ttam T tores ·"-total approved being western lines the expenditure of $4S,- 267,000 was approved, or $22,356,000 less than the estimate. The Baltimore '. -.Ohio's estimate of $45.262.000 was cot by ?2,44,i)00 to" $43.508,000. " The 'Pittsburg Lake Erie's estimate ot $8,708,000 was approved without any elimination. c^yt:uwi- p »,,.,,, j . this esti- i ** ph ""? Averaged an assist from WIN FIFTH GAME --TODAY-- "IT'S A BLUE BIRD." BLUE BIIVD PRES15NTS L1TT!,B XOE RAE i | A.SD THE STAR OF "STINGAJIEE," TRUE BOARD.MAN IN "DANGER WITHIN" AN EXCITING STORY WITH SOME REAL, PUNCH IX IT. ALSO A COMEDY AND CCRItENT EVENTS. trolts und Phillies was a mighty thrower in his day. : Jimmy Jlynn of the Chicago Nation- i als, left handed though he was, could ; shoot a ball from the furthest corner | of the outfield with deadly effect. Bill j Lange had a wonderful throwing arm ; and was feared by all base runners In { t tlte National le.-igrje. '· The grrat Jflke Kelly, back In 1S55, I ·when with Chicago Nationals, made ; the greatest record in Ihrtiwiug out i base runners from the outfield. "Mike, i J ·w ~A cju if1114 Tt»,i ft \v t uuey lutiiifi.^ Li'^iu tut: vui^iutu* JMJ .West Side Hilltops Takeover 1est by {alj . moons or ^ posged QBt Shops, 5-2. " The West Side Hilkops won their fifth consecwtive game last night whea the West Peiip shops loam .was dc' reated 5-2. Since the Hilltops started tke latest "offensive" e;ich drive has carried successfully. The Hilltops ''have-developed into a hnrd tutting ag- jgregation this year, an'l with a yood ; battery,' has been, meeting somo real '- propositions. The Hilltops ilammad Hodge for seven- hits; making them all- count. ; Marnell and CoBghenour divided the time on. the mound, being touched for six bits between them. -The Hilltops :.':had the lead from -.he opening of the game acd were never in danger. Mar- Kell had" .-five stroteciuts. In three in- --nings- to--ois credit, aid Couglienour 32 in six innings. · Hortge fanned nin« mec and walked th'ree.::-Cmigtienbur j · -jiasaed'nve. The score hy innings: ' K. H. E. West Pe'an. ._'--LlOO "Oft 100--2* '6 3 "tt'est Side :. 101 -10 00"--5 7 2 Eacterics-r-MarneH, .Coughenour and .. .pliss; .Hedge and J^org. men in 67 games. PITCHER BOB SHAWKEY ENLISTS AS AN AVIATOR --TOMORROW PRESENTS ETHBI, CI.AYTON IX "JOURNEY'S END" YOU'LL SEK TH!-; STRANGEST DOCUMENT EVEll MADE IN" THIS PRODUCTION AND YOU'LL ENJOY WATCHING THK COM- 1'LICATIO-NS Dl-A'ELOPINi; FROM TFJC SIGNING OF THJS DOCUMENT. YOU'LL EXJOY THES PICTO'RE FROM STAST TO END. AJ.SO A GOOD COMEDY AND UNIVERSAL CLUiRENT EVENTS. - : : Pefryopolis. '7 - ~^ $hRftYOPOUS,. June 5.--The. Jun- i_or__ChrJstian, Endear or of the Christian church met at the home of the "prosYaoiitV'Mrss Stan-flit Lepley Saturday afternoon. -A program. ivas rendered followed by "a" lunch" and games.-" . Mrs. Howard "Adams is spending A new scrv i co s t, ir is about to bo _s.ome..timo, with friends at the pastern nj^cd to the American league flag. "dftfesr'She"will be ::ccompan:ctd home! jjoi, Shawkey, Yankee pitcher, mnde June Brides and their happy consorts will find this the logical store to furnish the home--everything is spic span nev.- here, prices are at the lowest notch and terms are confidentially arranged to suit your individual requirements.- We shall enjoy the pleasure of your visit and inspection of our great stocks. Hegardless of how much you -want to spend to furnish the new home you will find the exact pieces here at just the price you want to pay. The immensity of our selection permits most satisfactory buying, a pleasing feature with the economically inclined. Summer Furniture Priced at Real Savings Here Coolmor ^sf^^Fr^s. Grass Or JACK PICKFOR-D IN "HCCK jL\I) TOM" "The Further Adventures of Tom Sa T o ar o K R o w-- WILLIAM S. HART IN' "Tiii; i)i;si-;uT HAS" Bcnjaroia Chapin in "Slave Auction" of "The Son of Democracy" Porch Shades All sizes asd colors in these famous shades at prices you vill gladly pay- Globe Wernicke Bookcases The famous Globo- Wernicke Bookcase in your library adds a distinction thai reliects the good taste and jufisirsent of its owner. rJxcJtJsively at Mie /AumK'rnum-WiJd Sture Belhcr Trunks, Bags and Suit Cases. Rags and Runners Beautifully figured ef- fects in close woven smooth finish grass rugs of many sizes. Cretonne and Tapestry Upholstered Rockers The prettiest, selection in ConQellsvilie of clever Bi.'\v- styles jn upholstered Reed Rockers and Chairs. SN? Oar Special Broirn Fibre Beckers at $5.95 Sellers Kitchen Cabinets June Brides who are posted will have BO uiuer than the famous nationally advertised Sellers Kricuenee3--it is on sale Exclusively at the Zimmerman-Wild Store Scaly Mattresses Here UxcJusively. ^ by her sort."John, who. attends school at ~ Pwarthmore . . . . 5 John Hons'Baken' ol' Masontown was [·-town^f riends - Sunday. ^riiissTMary Duff is woking in the bank in the absence of B. 3. Luce who ·Is-a- paiient at the Cottage State hoe-! pital, Cqnnellsville. ' Th» Best" He'd . Ever . Known. "I rememtiet-BOEje. "years ago, traveling 111 a third-class carriage with twtx'mecliaiiics.aad a clergyman," sayg an .Eiigil«b" writer of note. "Presently the" -workmen 'began to discuss a mutual friend. ' *Ah t .h.e was. a good man,' said the elder ot the ' two. 'the best man I think I have ever known, and I sin over- fifty.' I saw the parson prict up fiis ear*:. This .erJpgy of personal goodneer appealed to him -it -wai In lira line. Tes,' the work- mad continued, thoughtfully, 'the very bsst man I even knew". The way he guarded with his rlgfit and got in with h!s left'on'the cank was. a blooroins revelation".'" ' , ' - . ' . . . _ . . ' '. creased to ¥2.50 from ?2, For party j lines the new rate w i l l be $2. an i n - ; crease of -! cents a month from the : present charge of .JJ.75. For local service only, for residence phonus tie new rate will be $2 for a i private line, an incense of 50 cents, and for a party line it will be J1.31). : an increase of 25 cents. ; This local service applies to the ex- j changes at Uniontown, Conncilsvilli;, ' Brownsville and Scotttlalc. For tlie ' other exchanges tiie increases are not ' quiu; so large, being in proportion to the present lessor rentals. i These increases havo been iiteralU' ] forced on the Tri-State company. For ' the past three of f o u r years cost prices of every kind have been stead- | ily advancing. In some details the in- j crease has boon -10 pei' cent, in others , as bigh as 170 per cent. Material has i advanced, rent has advanced and la- i bor has advanced. For the inspection j of a Courier man, the pay roll cards of the past four years of tho entire Tri-State list of employes were ; thrown open. Prom several cards se- · iected at random it was found that to the subscribers of the Tri State j ivage increases figure from 43 per j Telephone company announcing in- | cent to 53 per cent. j creases in rates for all classes of ser- '· i.-*or the past ;wo years the Tri-Stafe | vice, effective July 1. The new sched- j company has paid no dividends. The ; tile of tariffs has been filed with the j directors were so loathe to increase' Public Sen-ice Commission at Harris; rentals that they willingly passed the ' burg- and sets forth in detail die price dividend to return aU the profits of | changes iuvolved.. Summarized these ; the business to betterment of the ser- j are as foiiov.-s: - - : vice.. But tho recent and continuing; Unlimited or free county service for ; sharp advances have left no other re- ill subscrftsrs in the 17 different ex- i course. Practically every other pub- application for enlistment In the American, army, as an aviator. Shawkey's classification was teed at 1-A, Ho preferred enlistment. INCREASE I ' PHONE RATES Post cards arc being mailed totUiy Stop Itching Eczema The Tltli; Trust Corapa.r.y of Western Pennsylvania is justly distinguished for Ha strong standing and directorate. Its Directors are men of ability and successful standing in the community. Its officers are experienced, competent and able in the performance of every duty. Accounts subject to cbecfe are invited. Never mind how often you have tried ! and feiied, you can step burning, itching j eczema quickly by applying a little zcmo ' furnished by any druggist for 35c. Extra i large bottle, $1.00. 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GUS SH\" I-IIESEXTS- The Winter Garden Girls SPECIAL ADDED ATTKACT10S 3USS ETHEL Ll'XLK ).\ THK FAMOVS APACHE D.tXCE UIG COMIMXV OF CLASSY PEOI'J/E CARL AKHSTKOXG BESStii BHOWX JTARTiT 3TOOEE CCS SHY SEIjSIA CAITES ^"M. COCRTXEI 0" THE SCKEES--"THE WOMAX IX THE WEB" changes for business phones will be j lie utility has made advances, the most increased to ?«.5o per mouth from I recent to command local attention be$3.00. Koi- a 2-par'.y line the new rate ; ing tbe "West Pena railways. A 20 i ^viii bi'. £y:2T.'cr for a i-party line it will |per cent advance in fares is now in : be ?2.5J, Uifc. in-.mtuse in each case be- [force on this big trolley system.' utmost to give better service and with ~_ . Dignifying the Oysteiv ilEtJustloo Darling .has denticd --a'; Eh.erlff"as"som6chu2g which Is half-way [too new tariff in force in another month it "hopes to still further improve the local and county telephone system. The advance in prices was avoided as long as possible. It has ing SO.ocnu per month. v.-hich Is a greater advance than t h a t , » ^ ; The same unlimited service to a l l i o J tbe Tri-State Telephone company. . . ,. , , ., .. i ^.. o ,,,,,;),,,,,P _, ,TM..i : m.. .. _,., ..._._*-- r' j I "° longer he continued at the old Tri-State- subscribers for 2'esidence between ;an' oystdr and a lord mayor. ! P'-oaes -will be increased to $2.50 pe e : Tbe storm of tbe past winter forced | ,, ' _Aiv -l-5t : r | i h e company to expenditures aggre-' Out Thackeray, imticipated the judge in attributing "human intelligence to oy*ten.: "I was waiting with him one OTnnrnc from tbe club," writes mnnd Yaleu, "and,.passing a fifch-alicp to New street, ho noticed two dlfTcreat. tnbe ~ oT'OTBtora, oae marked 'It. a \SoMii,' the-otiter 1«. 3d. a dozen.' 'How they most hate ex* other!' said Tbmctaraa. pflteflnr thetu oat" ui,:;0i from $2. For a 2-party line the ; gating several hundred thousand clol- ! new rate will be $2 aud for a 4-party i ia-.-s. Thirty-three thousand feet o f ' Sour stomach, ciogsed trp bowels, line it'will bo 51.75, the increase in ' p.ew copper wire was used on the linos . pimples, blackheads, foul, are party iines being 25 cents per month ; from Unioutown to Connellsville i ovils of constipation. HoVUster's in each case. j alone, with other repairs in propor- ; Hocky Mouutain Tea regulates the For local bervice only, which means ' tion. In every instance repairs were ; bowels. p'.:vifies the stomach, expeis fiee and unlimited class to all sub- ' made with the idea ot making tbe new i decay matter from system. Nature's scribers in the same exchange, with lines better than ever before in the I wondrous herbs. Positive results. : toll charges for calls elsewhere, tbe past. That every home needs the protection of a savings account. That many a marriage is "one long sweet song" simply because the wife is thrifty. That jusi a little saved regularly 'aad deposited in bank at interest counts up wonderfully. That paying by check makes for economy and is Lhe safest way to ·handle funds for household expense. This banli cordially invites both your checking and savings account. l-rate (or business pttones will be in- ' The Tri-Stale company is doing its 35c. Tea or ublets, ConaellsviUti Drug Co.--Ativ. 129 TV. Crawford Ave., ConnellsvBlc. The Bank that Does Things for Yon" Capital anil Snrplns $300,000. TODAY "JIAfilC EYE"--A sensational story, inO win please everybody. A Screen Magazine v.'ill maku a very beautiful finish for a fine program. 'J'HK SOlS.SO.f V1U, 1JE THE COOLEST BKSOttT IX T01V\ Two large fans have been installed. The large siage door in the rear of the theatre has bt-cn opcaea so ihere is a pure current of air all through the house. WHEN TOU 1VAXX TO COOL OFF COME TO THE SOISSOX. PATRONIZE THOSE WHO ADVERTISE!

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