The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1918 · Page 5
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 5

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1918
Page 5
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Page 5 article text (OCR)

WEDNESDAY, JUKE 5, 1918. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNELLSVILLE, PA. PAGE FIVE. NEWS OF THE DAY AT MT. PLEASANT BRIEFLY RELATED Salaries of Teachers Mxed at Meeting of School Board. J INCREASE GRANTED GENERALLY Advances Bonge From 25 Onts a Jtontb Upward; Council, ID Session. Arranges for Members of Body to Attead Contention of Boroughs. Special to The Courier. .MT. PLEASANT, June 5.--At a meeting of the school board on Monday evening the teachers were placed and salaries increased as follows: Bunker Hill. No. 1--Delia DuVaiix, J73.75 to ?74. Church. Street--^Principal and No. 7, Opa.1 Berthal, $87.50 to $92: No. 6, Mary Ramsey, J76.50 to $7fUjO; No. 1, Aramlnta Galley, $76.50 to $8ft; No. 4, Eva Plotner, $71 to 573; No. 1. Mrs. Presley Hurst, J66 to 570; No. 3, Viola Stevenson, $71 to ?73; No. 1. Anna Edwards. $76.50 to $SO; No. ,"., Ola * Stoner, $71 to $73; No. 2, Isa C'hrist- ner. $71 to $73. Third Ward--No. 7 1-2, Maola Giles, S7«.50 to $78.50; No. 6, Adelaide F. Ramsay, $76.50 to $78.50; No. 2, Margaret Hurst, $71 to $74; Nos. 1 and 1, Bertha Springer, ?73.7S lo $7-1; No. 3, Lucille Noss, $71 to $73; Mo. 7, Dolly Mitchell, $71 to $75; principal, No. B, Anna E. Berthel. $93.50 ui $95; No. 5. Vida. Shumar, $71 to $73; No. 4, Charlotte Page. ?71 to 573; No. 4, EdHh Zundell, $71 tn $75; No. 5. Grace E. Brown. $75; No. 4, Susan M. Overly, $70. High School--Edith R. Rhodes, $76.50 to $86; Dorothy M. Morrii, $95 to $98; Blanche JI. Galley, $J5 to $105; Margaret Fulton, $95 to $1'1.50; Aima B. Yothers, $98^0 to $105; i'rzncis E. Boalc, ?90 to $95; F:ancis E. Letevre. $100. CoaneU Meets. Council, held its regular monthly meeting and decided that Messrs. Coldmmlh, Warden, Painter and Itrogner, -with Burgesa Stevens should attend the convention of boroughs in Iltcsburg. M. I. Bamhart »aj ordered to pay a rental of ?10 for the borough gvden. THE PAEA3IOCST. I "DANGER WITBJIN;'--With Baby Zoe Rae, the youngest screen actress appearing before the public, in the. cast, is teing shown today. Wedge- stooe, a wealthy stock operator, is (TQarantined in his home on account of a fake smallpox epidemic. the re- snlt of a conspiracy between his scheming manager and Dr. Trevick, the 'Wed.gestone family physician. The plotters are manipulating Wedge- stone's stock to their advantage, when Tom Paulton, Wadgestons's chief clerk, having discovered the trickery, turns the tables on the conspirators and saves Wedgestone from financial ruin. The crooks are arrested and Paulton ;s rewarded by being given a higher position. Winifred Greenwood, who plays the part of the mother, is given a splendid opportunity to dlsplai- her dramatu ability. Others in the cast are True Boardman, William Carroll and C. H. .Mailes. A selected comedy is included. Tomorrow, Ethel Clayton, the famous actress, will be presented in "Journey's End," a story sparkling with thrills, making it the best sort of screen entertainment. Miss Clayton plays her role with consummate skill. She is ably supported by Muriel Ostricae, John Bowers and a very superior cast. The Weekly Review will also be shown. Friday and Saturday, William Farnurn will be seen In "The Heart ot a Lion," which is founded on Ralph Connor's widely read novel, "The Doctor." Mr. . Farnum plays the role of Barney ! Kemper, a farmer, who is disappointed la love and seeks the solace of the" great forests. ARCADE THEATRE. HEALING RELIEF FOR TORTURING ECZEMA A, A. Clarke lias sold hundreds of jars of Hokara, and althougn ho of- lured to refund the purchase price to aaj- dissatisfied purchaser, not one jar has been returned. While this is surprising in itseh, yet tl.e most marvelous thing is thi reports oJ chronic cases of eczema thai h*ivQ been cured by this simple skin tooiJ, People v;ho kave suffered wiUi scares, scabs and even bleeding itching have found relief in. Hokara. No matter where the eczema, pimples or other breaking out occurs, whether on the face, bands, legs or tody, the application or Ho.-cara sLtuld give quick relief, and even the worse or most chronic cases should bt. cured in c. short time. You can Luy a liberal-sized jar to- d-j a: iLc \ery lovr price of 35c. and ·h.ih every package goes A. A. Clarke's guarantee to refund the money, ut it U cot satisfactory.--Adv. Gus Shy's Winter Garden GJrU,, who opened a \veefc.';, engagement at the Arcade theatre, proved to be a winner. Standing room only prevailed Monday and Tuesday evenings This company bas been playing the International circuit until a few weeks j ago. Gus Shy has an absolute novelty in a miniature tabloid show. Mr. Carl Armstrong, principal comixllan, is one of the funniest black face comedians s-een in Conncllsville in a Jong time, and created many latigbs m his original work. The Gus Shy quartet rendered several beautifal numbers and \vert called upon to take a number of encores. Miss Ethel Lytlc is a. charming young lady and a dancer extraordinary. Tho company changes the bill today, presenting a one-hour performance, entitled "Who's "Wrong." As a special attraction Miss Ethel Lytle and Mr. Gus Shy^will present th-eir famous Apache da'oce, a dance rarely seen outside of the big productions. This bill is full o^ good clean comedy, the scenery being beautiful ! and the wardrobe up to the minute. On the screen wil 1 be that famous serial picture, "The Woman and the Web." .Remember the theatre where the shows are always good. Follow the crowd. Bringing Iron to the Front It is a well-known fact that men of courage, men with brawn and nerve to "buck the line" and go "over-theytop" have rich, red blood coursing through their veins. This blood must contain about as much iron as there is in a common ten- penny nail. The red blood corpuscles must be fed on iron to have that rich red color. The nerves are fed on the red blood corpuscles, so when you feel tired, worn out before the day is half over, when pimples show an neck or, face, it's the danger signal, time to repair the blood-cells, tt is fortunate that Dr. Pierce and his staff of able physicians at the Surgical Institute in Buffalo, N. Y-, have found a combination of iron and herbal extracts that gives the stomach tone, fortifies the blood with iron in a form that it can be' taken into the system. You need snergy and " rwp " every day. You :an acquire u. quickly by taking " Irontic." This least discovery called, "Iroa-tic," can he had at most drug: stores, in tablet form, at sixty cents the vial. Send Doctor Pierce's Surgical Institute in Buffalo, V., (en co"tii ?r,r trial package. Our Blue KJlibon White Event will delight and please you--of this there can lie no doubt--for nOTor before v.-ero stocks ho large and varied--and never before was stylish ness, dnintiuess uud serviceability so -wonderfully combined with savings so interesting You should buy your entire Summer needs at these special prices. Come! We will expect you. William D. Taylor, who also directed "Tom Sawyer," have made of this Paramount picture, one of the wholp- somest, most ainusms of the season. Tomorrow', William S. Hart appears in "The Desert Man." Confluence. CONFIDENCE. June 4.--Don't forgot the pie social at Jolinsou Chapel Saturday evening und*.-r the auspices of the Sunda ~chool. The proceeds go to the Red Crofas. William II. Reiber is building a new barn on his farm at Charleston. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Gray and family have mo\ed from Datesman's mano.t to ^" -Newton. Mrs. W. H. KtMdel went to Mance yesterday to visit friends. Mr. and Mrs. A. Friend wero iierf yesterday on tli ir way to tiieir homo in Pittsburg after being al Friptuls- viile ami atlendi'J" the funeral of Mr. '"Friend's father. A. G. Bughner, BatU.tKiro Ohio trainmaster at, has returned | there after visiting his family here a few days. Mrs. John Treutle has returned from a three weoks vis-it with fnends in ConnollsviHe .ind Dayton, O Mr. ani Mrs. Silas Hileman have returned from a visit with friends at piusuurg, McKcts Rocks and Braddock. Patronize those wno advertise. OBPHECX THEATRE. "HUCK AND TOM."--Jack Piokford is winning nw laurels for himself in I "Huck ind Tom" at the Orpheum the- j atre, a continuation of the role, yet a story complete in itself, whicn he played recently in "Tom Sawyer." An excellent cabt an4 the direction of WANT BUCKWAJMF Scouts Are Enlisted by Government to Get Desired Timber. \Vord h»8 been received by S out Commissioner A. 0. Stone from national headquarters of the scouts ibat thv; government bus requested tbe scimtb all 01 er tbe United States to locate black w a l n u t trees, wbieu are us-d in tbe manufacture of. airplane pvvjpellers and stocks for nfles. fbe scouts will immediately get into tht caiupaisn, sorno oC the dy^red tic ber baling already been repoited to them. Persons owning tbe trees are as'ced to notify the scout commissioner if th y are ^willing to sell or donate tilth- trees to tueir government. ,N'o trees under six mcb*'s are wanted. It i3 also requested tbat the distance Ircni the loading point be stated. Mack walnut ia in srea: demand by tbe government, and a campaign to get all ot' it possible has been staried throughout tbe country. It m bo]ied j that many thousands of feet of it uill j be -secured through tlae Coy Scouts f You should take a tboro, i cleansing laxative once each month , Decay matter in the stomach and , bowels generates poison that go to I every par;: ot your body uulest, ro- rnoved.--Hollister's Reeky Mountain Tea cleans, piirrites the stomach and bowels--ConnellbnHe Drug Co.--Adv. and in the oest of health. Hale and boarty, with good, rod blood, good appetite and good digestion. Grandpa's nerves tire steady, too. He takes earn of himself. He keeps himself fit. He BCBS to it that hie nerves and blood are In sood shape Whan he finds that he ia ea,tins -without relish, feeling a IHUe depressed and crosa. sleepy all day yet can not Bleep at nJght. he begins his treatment o( ·Blo-feren. the nerve and blood tonic. Bio-fereo, a compounti of L-eclthin, Iron Poptonate and other valuable tonic elements in tablet form, is Just exactly what the average tired business man, the avertiffe housekeeper ECEOJ at thi» aeason of the year. It tones th« nerves and puts rigor and energy Irrto the aj*ateni. There ia no mystery about Bio- (eren. Bverr pactn^re showa Just exactly the content. Ask your Ooc- tor about Bla-Coren, or, IT you wlafa. 6cnO \ia h\s name anfl we wiU forward him the complete formula. Give Bio-feren IL fair tnaL ff it don't make good your money will ba pleasantly returned to you. Inter- B*t'.ng boot lot will bo mullod you on request. LJLTKC pachas o $1.00 at all gooa drupRlots or direct U your dragglat don t handlb il_ The Sentaael H«m- edlta Co., Cinclnwili, Ohio. Extra Special! Women's Fine Quality Corset Covers, Today's value 50c, at Extra Specials! Extra Special--Children*!} Drawers. usuul i5c alue, 2 to 12 years -- Extra Specials! Women's fine quality Corset Covers and Drawers, today's value 59c 20 Dozen Crisp New Undermuslins $1.30, $1.50 and $1.75 Values Dainty Nisb"t Gowns, Envelope Cnemise, Skirts and Silk Camisoles, elaborated with laces, me- dalious and ribbons, or embrcndery trirained. Wonderful values for early comers. Regular up to $,2.75 Undergarments Including Pink Silk Combinations, Silk and Satin Camisoles and .\arasook Gowns and Skirts, including "Mildred," "Dore" aad other weil known makes. 30 Dozen Crisp New Undermuslins SI.QU, $I.9S and 2^25 Values Beautiful Lingerie. Gou'ns. Envelopes, Com- oinaiiont) and Skirts of JSne Nainsook, elaborately trimmed with dainty laces, inserts, ribbons, etc. Regular up to $2.50 Undergarments Dainty Gowns, Combinations, Envelope Chemise, Skirts and Silk Camisoles, including "Dove" and other well known makes. YFomoii'si Fine Quality Brassieres, Special at iOc 36c See In this Blue Ribbon event at attractive savings. Lot 9Sc Corsets 69c Ixt S1.50 Corsets $1.29 Lot $3.00 to $5.00 Corsets $l-"9 A Feature of (he Blue Ribbon Event is the Display of Children's Mothers should take advantage of this oportunity and buy for Children's Day. Women Fine $1.00 Crepe Gowns, Special at .._ In this Blue Ribbon event ^rrces that will surely appeal to mothers. Infants' 4Sc Short White Dresses ... 29c Infants' 1.69-$I.5 Short Dresses $1,29 Infants' 9Sc Lawn Hoods 68e Blue Ribbon Specials Include hundreds of yards of new white materials attractively priced for this event. White Organdies--Special, 29c, 33o, 45c and C9c jard. White Voiles, 40 inches wide, 2!)c, · 35c. 4Sc and 59c yard. WliJte Watetings--Lace Cloth, Organdies, Seed Voile, ctcs 29c, 39c and 5Dc yard. · t White Skirtinirs--Basket Weaves, Gabardines nnd Diagonal Weaves, SOc, 4.c, 59c and 7oc yard. Biue Ribbon Special--Up lo Sl'J.OO .Newest White Pattern Hats Advance Summer Styles. Kvcry woman will waut a DOW hat when she pecs this display of attractive IVhite Hals at only $7.'.)0. Regular 82.00 Panamas at _. J^argc selection of shapes -o choose from and at a price that is unusually low so early m Lhc season. Blue Ribbon Specials 1 In women s, misses' and children's new White Footwear. Children's White Canvas Baby Doll Pumps sizes 5 to S Misses' Shoes, White $2.25 values Women's Shoes, $3.00 value Women's White Kid style, Louis heel, $7.00 value Canvas Lace $1.69 White Canvas Lace Shoes, lace Women's White Lisle Hose --oOc lalae-- 3 pairs for Women's Silk Hose 75c value Women's White Milanese Silk Gloves Double Finger Tips--Special EEAD THE COURIER Wcit Help? j h n use our chissificd column. Ke- RUUS will Collovr. LEAVES NO AFTER-EFFECTS EXCEPT HEALTH ALL D R U G G I S T S - L A R G E PACKAGE$1^S FOR I N D I G E S T I O N cxx»o3OccooaooeacoGOoaoooa ifiHE Merchants wh© advestlse IB tMs paper will give y©a feest valaes for oooooooooooooooxxjuocxxxaoq J. B. KURTZ, § vIOTARY PUBLIC § AMD REAL E8TATK. § Ho. a South Meadow Pa. Want Ads--1 Cent a Word PETEY DfN'K--3Ia!)el Ran? tlie Bell on thr Vase and Almost on Petey Br C. A. VOIGHi; -- AFTER. AU- I'T s MIC HA.VIH MABEL ow THE COPS'' (T tvsKes owe: SAJ=B. A N1g.VnjE"R Op OM 15 ow "TMe FOKCB --

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