The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania on June 5, 1918 · Page 2
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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 2

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 5, 1918
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PAGE TWO. THE DAILY COURIER, CONNBLLSVlLL-E, PA- WEDNESDAY, JUNE 5, 1918. COKE PRODUCTION IN UNITED mm IMAGING Iff ER Brooklya -.13 27 .325 Today's Schedule. Pittsburg at New York. Chicago at Bostoa. St. Louis at Brooklyn. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. The Present Bate o f , 'ATout .·58,500,000 Tons Per Ttar · · ' · - Shows'Gain.' . INCREASE IN BY-PRODUCT Compared trifli a Few Tears Ago; Beehite Oren Product Gradually Declining; Ontiool. Indicates That Foor Coke supply Troubles are (Her ; "While the United. States Geological Survey's weekly reports of cote pro- .duciion -ha.^ e-. saown, pn. cursory ex- SouiialXb'n'r very" ~xEsfcTerali!t!' varia- 'Uona m output from, ·week" fo week, a comprehensiTe study of the weekly rejwrts srace the first of tae year jjoYfs-a -rather-- simple variation obtaining/ saya the;.- American Metal .^fccrket; The report made this week ;cp.vers.-tke /wsefc ended May 11, the -Bir£etsenth" week of the year. Sor six :we'eksTUxere .wasrjcw production, with ~nj£.-"mucii ".variation from veeX to -"weeS'. Thea-"' fot three " successive -weeks there* were, sharp increases, whereupon. a fairly uniform- rate was reached, much -greater -than -that, of the -early woeSs in tb.e year. Omitting computation -as tc~ the " three weeks' jransrtionary period, the show_. _ e-- first- si.x Tracks ot year, .866,000 net tons;, annual rats represented.. 4S.OOO.OOO .tons. .. " · "Weekly ~' average -Csfcipping three weeks) ten weefcs ended -May 11, 1,125,000 tons;- 'eq'uivale'at -annual rate, 5S.5W,000 tons. There is an increase . from the low ·· period, to- the high period ot 30 per · cent. As to the relation bet-wean coke production and pig iron production, there is the curious fact that from 1S16 to 1917 coke production Increased' 2,000,000 ions while pig iron production decreased 800,000' tons. The only ex- ; pianation of this curious fact is that Ju 1D17 the coke produtrjon, in point ot tons, was quite ineffective, partly because some of the cofce was poor lu q^aiity^flaT-ins^becn -held in .ovens too long awaiting cars, and partly because furnaces worked Irregularly, consequently with an abnormally hi'Bh coke consumption per ton of iron, . - . The -rate of coke production, March 4 to May .11. 58^00,000 tons a year, may be compared witli 1316 conditions, when the production of coke wus 54,533,5S5 tons ani the production of pig iron 39,400,000 tons, and with 1S17, when the production of coke was 56,600,009 tons and the production of pig iron 1:3,600,000 teas. TJsing 1916 as a standard, tie coke supply of late has boon sufficient, if f the blast furnaces used the same proportion of the total output as formerly, to make 10 per eea: more pig iron, or 42,000.000 tons a yar. Tbe actual production during the period was less, strongly suggesting the furnaces were not working well but were using too much coke per tor; ot pig iron. In the ten weeks ended ilay 11, the production of beehive coke averaged 65-1,000 tons a week, or at the rate of 34,000,000 tons a year, and the production of by-product coSe 471.COO tons a week, or 24,500,000 tons a year, making 1,125,000 tons a week or 58,500,000 tons a year' for the two descriptions. The- estimated otttpu'- in 1916 was 34.- · 000,000 tons of beehive and 22,600,000 tons of- by-product. Despite thfe appearances of late that the beehive ovens -were not producing nearly as much cote as formerly; the fact is that record production of beehive coke was only 3S.46-i.224 tons, in 1916, .that passing by 300,000 tons the pre- vions record, made in 1907. "The production of by-product coke continues to gain, thus: 1897, 261.912 tons; 1907, '5.607399 .tons; 1917, 22,600,000 tons; tea weeks ended May 11, 24300,000 tons. ' The estimated capacity during e ten weeks was about 27,500,000 teas. This estimate, ·which appears to be merely the Geological Survey's trtal. of the capacities of individual by-product plants, as reported by thuir owners, may be compared with an estmate of 30,000,000 tons, made In the form that is ' common in the industry,- of taking the expectations entertained for plants vj-hen they- were designed, i · "WtuLteyer tie capacity, however, : there is to be added to the pertorm- ·anco in the ten weeks .an allowance : of some 4,000,000 tons' a year as the ·prospective output of new plants, the "American ' Steel fe Wire Company ''plant at- Cleveland, which has jnst r made, a start, at.d the Loraiu, Clair" ton and Ironton plants, which should '-" be, in. full opera 1 ' 01 ! within say three ^months. Thus ; while eoie was made -in the ten weeks ended May 11, cor- -respofiaing'Tw.lti a pig ironjmtjmt of - 42,000.0*0,.[bz£s a'jear, on the basis ot -1916 performance, there is consider- '-·? w**~6!ils\s:ms into. the situa- r tion7~ Altogether.: it looks, as though o . , r jrooWea in irro and .steel :produetioti isttribntaWe-io" ]»obr coke.suppl i es a re " A3T.EBICJJ? LEAGUE. I Yesterday's Results. Chicago 5;.New York 4. . Boston T; Detroit 6. ·Washington S; Cleveland 1. ^Philadelphia 5; St. Louis 3. slO innings. Standing of Die Clnbs. " -W. L. Boston New York -St. Louis -Chicago Cleveland Washington _ Philadelphia Detroit To help xlreasthtn h:r Mt^t*J put color eBto.A " " ' *" There cim tto no cau« rosy-cliceked i -38 _J3 22 Today's Scliednlo. Philadelphia at Chicago. Washington at Detroit. . Boartoa at Cleeriaud. ^'ew York at St. Louis. .Gets Brooklyn Rookies. Arthur Irwin/hewly appointed manager of the Rochester Internationals, lost no time in fixing up un alliance with the Brooklyn club, the (irst rosult of which was the release to Itochfs- ter of three rookie Dodgers, 2iussdi, Burning and Pitt, all pltuburs. out iron. Th trouble Jn'th Dttst has bee that w h o women need «1 ITOTI thcjf seneraHytooja ordtnarT- mo* tauic i r o n . whtcn oltrri corroded tiio utomacti and 3kJ more harm OTOd. I nl^mys Jnsist that ray j»- tientR tU£« onlr* ocy-iJlic li-on--Nux- ntel Iron. 'JThl» partlcvJar form or Iron tfi ecsJTy asslnulattMi, does not hfcidtCT oor Injura. Oie 'teeth nor upset »ho stomach. Sit -will Increasr the streryrtb . and"'' endurance of wettU. Hervous.'- Irritable, cjunswom. huesard-lonlUii^ women mtwoweclcs time In many, instances. I have uscO It In my'own practice with. ' For Salt: hy /\- A. Clarke. Want Ads--1 Cent a Word. XATIOXA1 LKAGUE. Tostordny's TJc?nlts. New York 2: Flttsburg L Cincinnati 5; Philadelphia 4. Philadelphia 5; Cincinnati 0. Chicago 3: "Jofton 2. xS- Louis S; ErooKlrti ix!3 innir. ;s, Staudin^ of tlic Dnlis. N'ew York _ Chicago Cmcinaati 22 Philadelphia IS Pittsburg IS Boston. __ IS V Louis -j 1G 23 Pet. .502 .OS! .512 AS1 ,4S6 For Just the a Vacatlcfs You Want Summer hotels -- sailing and mot or boa tin gr" fishing -- camping -- a kingdom to yourself if you wish among the 30,000 islands of A romantic world of rivers, lakes and forest. Modern comforts or "rou^hingit" -- select cuisine or simple chuck" -- society or camp fire talk-- -P^ri "- "^rtf . oficrs you everything. Ask for Hesort * Wllttam*. G. A-. Pa_«a*r , Canadian Pacific Rr-« th Av«, I'lttubursli, 1'a. ,p= THE| "TKE 8TOEJS AEDEAB" a to 8csi H, PA. sS9S Offering Curtains of excepticmal quality at less than usual prices. We want you to know this store better--know it for its exceptional value- · riving. We want you to make this store your shopping headquarters--whether by mail or in person, \ s- Back of Every you have tho guaran tee of tills business -- a business founded on honesty and integrity -- a bus- loess thut retains the conCence of its patrons. Simp here by mail wiUi p e r f e c t safely, Jlarqtiisette Curtains Lace Panel Curtains Inches wid P r e t t y now patterns With lieuvy , very ~4 P r o t t y J_ , Service aucl Courtesy "Whether TOI sfc«P nt m'n in pcr*m, try mull or yon will nU-rayn find the same for your jx:rso»nl welfare anil clio.mctcrisrf S*«re tor half a century. "Wilh Valini^ p 3S- 1 . brown, blue K or £rr(?«Ti. Half a centnry of healthy growth has brought The Rosenbaum Co. to an enviable position in the business world--a growth made possible only through the confidence retained by the ever-increasing clientele. Honesty and fair dealing has broilght its reward. We try to show our appreciation by- providing the very best merchandise at the lowest. possible prices. A Trip to Pittsburgh Is Xevrr Complete Whhout- a Visit to Koseubuuin's. |] iu-ii-Jjuji.i;i;tfir'*!,; .aijimnSiEU'.ii'.hk.i!^ This will be the most interesting and instructive exposition of its kind we've ever held in the Infants' Wear Department of this store. Our Infants' Wear Department is invaluable to mothers for we have studied the outfitting of infants arid carry everyhing for the baby's use. Our modern Infants' Wear Department is a wonderful clearing house of ideas for the infant wear buyer because of inii mate knowledge of what manufacturer? are producing for the welfare and comfort of the babies Come! Bring the baby. This style show will be i real factor in education to mothers to know th kind of clothes the baby is to wear ha,' a great deal to do with not only th baby's appearance, but its health ant Every baby has an equ; chance. Every baby brougl here on Baby Days will t weighed on accurate scales ar. its name registered for one ( the prizes of Two Dollars i Merchandise in the Infant Department only. COME! BRING THE BAB THREE PRIZES AS FOLLOWS: 1st--Baliy, age np to six months. The. heaviest and lightest, $2.0(1 in ipcrchaiidise in Im'auts' Wear Uejmrl- ment. i 2iu!--Baliy, a^p six mouths u] to 12 months: S2.00 'prize in niereiiandise for the heaviest and lightest baby. Srl--Baby, ngro 12 months fo months: J.OO }iri/e iu mercliandi in iniants' Dcimrfjiicnt Only. FREE! FREE! pnrtmont Only. KJEE! Gold King for Baby given Free with purchase to the amount of S2.30 in lanfnnts' I A choice assortment of the highest merit in style, quality and workmanship and offer* at exceptional price concessions Wednesday and Thursday. BOOTIES FOR THE BABY--White with pink or blue trimmings, 15c up to 75c. · BABY SACQUES--Cashmere of fine knitted sacques, finished with pink or Wue trimming, at $1.25 up to $2.50. BABY BIBS--15o to 25c. BABY BANDS--Wool or Silk, 29c to 9Sc. ^FLANNEL SKIRTS--Long or short skirts of embroidered flannel--various styles--at Sac to $1.50. KLE3NEB.T RUBBER DIAPERS--49c up to 7Sc. BOYS' STRAW HATS--Light weight, in many shapes, 40c up to $2.00. ROMPERS--White or colored, in pink or blue, 4i)c. BOYS' WASH SUITS--Galatea or Clwmbray, all sizes, all st^es, all colors, at 75c up to $3.95. MUSLIN DRAWERS--Wade of fine muslin, neatly trimmed. 2 to 12. at 19c to 35c. MUSLIN GOWNS--Made of fine cambric, neatly finished, all sixes up to 14, at 4'Jc up to $1.25. SKIRTS AND PRINCESS SLIPS--Made of fine soft batiste or cambric, neatly trimmed, all sizes up to 14 at 59c to $1.00. " , CHILDREN'S COATS--Silk Poplin, check Serges, all ne-iS' styles and colors, at $2.50 to $10.50. BABY DRESSES---Long 'Dresses for infants of nai sook or fine batiste, embroidered yoke, lace edges a sleeves--7»c to S4.00. SHORT DRESSES--For baby of French Lawn, E tiste or Organies, beaul.iful trimmed lace edges, embrdio; ed sliirts, at 7oc to $4.00. SKIRTS, LONG OR SHORT--Made of fine cambric long cloth, lace or embroidery trimmed 59c in to $3 5. COATS AND CAPES--Long or short, plain stiAu^ or braid trimmed. Some have hoods Special baby dav:= $3.50 up to S7.nO. INFANTS' BONNETS--Silk and Lawn Bonnets, bet tifully Jrimuied, with fine lace or embroidery, dainty ha work, 75c up to $2,00. SILK BONNETS--In many patterns, tucked or e broiclered, at $1.00 up to $2.50. WHITE DRESSES-- Size 2 to 6 years, with high long waist models, lace or embroidery trimmed 75c un .$7.50. CHILDREN'S WHITE DRESSES--Made of fine ( gaudies. Batistes and French Lawns, in all the new models, lace, embroidery and ribbon trimmed, size G to years, at 75c up to $5.50. BAHOOK FREE! Lots of Baloons for the little tots given away free to the little folks who come to this store with mother or adult (Baby Days Only). Come! Bring the little tots. UNUSUAL MILLINERY SALE « For the 3Sis.s, Young Woman, Matron. Bought 500 oi' the season's newest and prettiest Trimmed Hats at an unexpected price. They're $7.50. $10.00 and $12.50 hats, and \ve \vill sell them tomorrow at $3.95, $5.00 anc! (j.05. The popular liats of Georgette, Leghorns. White Milans, black, navy, brawn, sand. gray. Lisere Straws, etc. Smart turbins. small brim hats and large dressy styles. Trimmings of, flowers, and fancy feathers. Styles for the young young women and wonderfully good looking and. becoming styles for matrons. BOOK FREE! Book on the care ol babies will he ?iveu tc the mothers who wiP call at Infants' Department (Baby Days). A valuable book to mothers, containing information that will be of great help to any mother. I Come, Buy Ycrar Blouses at Dusra's Women who are particular about their blouses, about style, workmanship, newness, and intent u p o n ' a . saving will profit at this sale. Blouses of cotton Voile and Batiste, fancy models and tailored styles, sale prices 1.50 upto $3.95. Blouses of Georgette and Crepe de Chine, hand embroidered, beaded, plain tailored or trimmed with filet or "Venice laces, white, flesh and pastel shades, $3.95 up to 5512.50. Sample Sale of Suits and Dressi Crowds attended the sale yesterday. Bargains, r savings, style aud quality at the price--these are the t tures of our Sample Sale. Suits worth up to $32.50, choice $19.95. Suits worth up to $50.00, choice $32.50. Dresses worth up to $15.00, chioce $9.35. Dresses worth up to $25.00, choice $15.00. Kort Pittsfenrg St. CONNRiSVIiLE, P

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