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The Daily Courier from Connellsville, Pennsylvania · Page 1

Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Wednesday, June 5, 1918
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Connellsville's Biggest and Best Newspaper. Sworn Average Daily Circulation Last Week, 6,701 VOL. 16, NO. 176. CONNBLLSVILLE, PA., WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 5, 1918. EIGHT PAGES. AMERICANS, WITH BAYONETS, CLEAR WOOD OF GERMANS IN FIGHTING ON MARNE FRONT rench Straighten Out Line North of Courcy, Tanks Figuring in the- Attack; Raid on' British Front Easily Repulsed; Casualty List Grows. EUTONS ACTIVE AGAIN ON LUNEYILIE SECTOR OVER 200 21ERS REGISTER WITH Exact Figures nt 2:30 O'cl'ocfe Two Hundred and Twenty-five. VERY LIGHT AT START Towird Xoon 3ton From tUe Country Districts liefran lo SwcL the Total; About 300 Here Probable; S3 Enrolled iu Uniontovrn ut i'uou, Connellsville Boy Plays Conspicuous Part in Town's Capture. IN FOREMOST PLATOON C. H. S. Will Carry Out Wishes of the federal Gineroment. KOLCOMB MAKES RECORD Youths of Connellsville and the surrounding townships who have attained the age of 21 years since Juno By Associated Press. WITH THE AMERICAN ARMY IN FRANCE, June 5.--The aerican troops thrown into the present great battle on the nt northwest of Chateau Thierry in. a brilliant bayonet at-'5, isr 2k drove the Germans from Veuilly wood in which the enemy! in _s wufc efti is attempting to e«tab2ish himself after occupying the village tncl 2 or u - xr -n T ? A - r I**- morning was very light, but towards VeuiUy-La-Potene in severe fighting. b Is 3r'fflfrcr of Command Mentioned iu I'rth.s i^palLues 1'or Viiusuul Gal- lautrj in Actiim; Jicptnl 'J luii Jle is a Prisoner is JN'it Credited. Honor Student Completes Course With Percentage of Above Ninety-six; lb Uic Hljrliest Kver Made Here; Seventy-fire Are to lie Graduated. Schooner Mendel Sunk 175 Miles From New York; Eleven of Crew Rescued; Captain and 250 Passengers and Crew of Carolina Reach New York. 7, are in the city today reglster- LOCAL ATTACKS CONTINUE. PARIS, June 5.--The Germans continued local attacks last sning and during the night on the main battle front, the war | District NO. 2 territory are register ice announced today. Attempts made against the French lines ins a: the armors- on Washington av Carlepont wood. Dorumiers, Courcy and in .the neighborhood Chezy failed. In the region north of. Courcy an action by the French in- ttry assisted by tanks, rectified the French line on the border the forest. TOmilES BEAT OFF ATTACK. LONDON, June 5.--German troops this morning attempted raid the British lines southwest of Morlancourt, in" the region ·t of Amiens, the war office announced today. Although the · any was supported by heavy artillery fire he was repulsed 1 left prisoners in the hands of the British. Information in possession of ihc friends of William Waller Slider, ton of Mrs. Orpha J. SHger of West Pal- tors cm avenue, ewia-blihliei io thi'ir RegistiaUon early th5s' satisfaction tLe fact be was in the thick, of tho fight at Cantigny noon the registrants from the town-'. \vheii iho Aimriran soldicus captured ships began to arrive, Tbe total i n ' t h a t town, 200 German prisoners and the two district;! at 2.30 \\as 225. hold their grou*ict against I'cjjuatcd The men f'oir. ConneilM'ille aud desperate acU'trpu of Uiu Ilun :o ra- covcr it. "Walter,'' as b^ is brst known :. Tbe members o[ thc draft hoard.! among friends in ConuoHsville, IH a J. French corporal in Company L, 320th Infantry, S2nd. Division, National Army, and iu the platoon under tuo command of Dr. L. P. McCornncIc, Dr. Kerr, and Captain Harry Duun are ac in^ as registrars. L'p to noon In District No. 2 t h r r e ' Sf-cond Lieutenant Walton of North ·were 00 men registered. The regis- Carolina. The behavior of all the -.ration offices are open until 9 o'clock j Americans engaged in ;liis battle ha.s and it SB expected thai tUe number 1 exciU'd tho adr.unuiun of all the LL. 'STRICTER REGULATIONS T/ , jjjrirrrr I [\ I\T»Tf nr I U ilWUKL LOADImj UF TOLL 'ASHINGTON, June S.^he army laity list today contained 110 es, divided as follows: Killed I n ; m r - i a i T /ifv/il a n r ICOirrn 3 n, 39; died of wounds, 13; died I CLEAN COAL ARE ISSUED tccidents, three; died of disease, will be much incrcapcil by tonight. In thc offices of District -\o. 5, tho members of the draft board and two assistants are registering the men. C. B. Franks, Dr. J. H. Hazlett, V. ?. Colbom and Miss Edith Harris, chief clerk of the h»:ird. are registrars -with in France, bui LUulonant Watson's platoon was ctpec ally conspicuous during the resistance to the fierce German counter attacks. The nn ss rf-porcA of ihe battle mentioned that, LfieiUPiuiit Watson stood on iho parapet of tl.e American A wartime graduation, "with limited | exercibes, in,ikes up tlie commence( :uent week program of the ciubs of, j 1'JlS ol Hie Coonollaville high school. Tbe program was announced this morning. The class leaders and graduates weie also read before the school m chapel and the senior class sang their farewell song to tuo school. There are 75 in the Kraduating cJabs this year. -Lawrence Holcomb, son of Mr. and Mrs. George C. Holcomb of South Arch stieet, uok highest honors in ! the academic course. lie also is credited with !he highest average fliat has bcen attained m thc high school, although for the past two years the record has been broken by each of the class leaders. The highest atrained was last year by Pauline Phillips, a colored girl, who had a percentage of 95 and a fraction. Holcomb topper] this mark with the excellent average of 9G.175. Second, honors ARE TAKM IN CHARGE BY THE RED CROSS (. .-- By Associated Press. IJEJLAYTAHE BAY STKEfVX WITH MIXES. LEWES, Del.. June ..--Reports pro ail here that, tlie Herman I'-iionts wJiicli nudvd shipping on Sunday arid Monday have strewn the Delaware and tJic natcr uround tlie Delaware cape ivith floating mines. Tun mines have been found, it is reported, and government mine .sweepers are seari-iiiug for others. T-ivo of them were exploded ly gunflrc and the remaining eight were recovered intact WASHINGTON, ,ufle 5--Mine sweepers have picked up a number of mines off the Atlantic coast the Navy Department annoanced today. The mines were of German manufacture and were undoubtedly strewn, officials said, by the raiding: R. s. Matthews and Miss Helen ji-.rlc- , trenc::e:i during ing thc holiest bombard- died of disease, Joseph Hugh, euton. Pa.; died of accident, John ones, Pittsburg, Pa. man as assifUict registrars. Up to noon today the No. 5 board' ing had registered S3 men. The board' estimates that the number in that dib-, trict to bc registered will not go much over 15'*. \ In District No. 1, including Union-; town and territory 7S young men had been registered tip to 11 o'clock, this! morning. The boards will probably bo readj to announce *he n^mcs 01 ihe registrants tomorrow. , | men;. rntonraglDs his men acd yell- wounded severely, 47; missing Jiust Come t'p to Standard Clus^nl as ction, two. j ··Jlprehiuitalilt!" 1'riur to January le list included: Killed in ac- ' I, 101C: Order Xow Effective. , Arthur C. Vanfiyae. California,! Stricier resu!at i ons tnan tho;;e herc . and Joseph Schubert, Ford City. , ro£ore ]Ssuc . d ;o , n f i u r e thc p r o d u c t l o n ol clean bituminous coal have been announced by the Fuel Administration and are now in eflccL Under the ·PTPIV iMTmtT irnn*T* Ee ' A ' re S uhuious no = oal wi » be per- ,r.ICA I-*TROL ]J°«?TM mlttEd to be sold, shipped or distrib- FONh l* i*fcl.JIAA. utecl if tfctj 5amo coruams such quau , ITH THE AMERICAN ARM* IN | I l l v o£ rock 3 i ale bonc§ s u i p b u r i flri NCE. June 5.--In an encounter j ciaTi fihale Qr othjr ^^1^. ^ zt it j Despite Coart Charge cen an Americanpatrol and a ! W(m](1 nQl havQ been consldcrfcd mere of 17 Germans on tie LimoviUe . cUanlab]e prkr to Jamiary it 1916 . ; today three-of tbe Germans are j shipments from bituminous coal rted to have been killed. Another j mijieti in wtoch the coal is nauira.ll- SEEK TO BE EXCUSED "Stick 10 i'.. boys'. Give 'em tell 1 . They ctin't drive you o u r ! -N'o Bocho evci H.ed tsho could lick a-a Aaton- can." Tbe hoys .-=tuck. and a Conncilsville boy wa.i one of the number. Corporal SlistM "s brr Llu-r Ralph, a j linotype operator m Tin Courier of- iio^nr.i dec. is a member of Company H, 319th | t{»f old . lufaniry, which hun beec reported as having safely a r n v e d overseas within the past week. i Tbe report that Corporil Bliger had I bftcn ta.k«n. prisoner in ihis baul« it J cot believed to ho correct, especially NSW YORK, June 5.--The American auxiliary schooner Samuel C. Mengel is another victim of submarine attacks. She was sunk Sunday afternoon 175 miles off New York'and 11 men. of her crew were brought here today by a Danish steamship. CAROLINA SDRVIVOKS LANDED. NEW YORK, June 5.--A schooner carrying Captain Bar- t n D J!!!!UTM h - 0r : b ° Ur and 15G Passengers and 94 of the crew of the steamer Caro- ift-j ,,-, ] i n a of t l l e N e w Y 0r k p on o Rico line, which was torpedoed by a German submarine last Sunday night, arrived here early today. Tho class roll follows: cocnsn. 1 1 destroyed an enemy concrete j of 3Uch c i, aracter ^ to bc unfl . fo " r ryation post. German guna and markfet may bo prohibited by the Fuel ' AdmJnitration. Operators also of bituminous mines whose products are capable of being merchantable j by complying with the rotiuireniGUts of the Fuel AdminiaLratioa in regard i to the reiiio-va! of impurities and who Manes were most active on the ville sector today. The artil- showered thc areas bebird the ricau lines with explosive, ahrap- ind gas shelid to a degrte un- ·n for weeks. D K F K A T T U R K S IS XltAXS-CAri'ASIA. VOOX, June 5.--A big battle was :t in the Kars district of Trans- asia on May 21, resulting i" of the Russians, the Exchange rraph correspondent at Moscow . Thc Turks and the Gtrman-i ·curing along tbe Ardaha.i roai! t ; t may (ice:u advisable, be population is behig mat-acred Tne ea foicerr.ent of isnatch declares. j tail to comply v/itu those require| mcnts, will bo required cither io unload and clean t.ucL coal, if H has been loaded into cars or bins, or to deduLL 50 cents pc-r loa. from tUe so\- erument price. In the event of repeated violations on the part of such operators, such further action will be taken by the Fuel Administration a* Avoid ^c^T^r rU of the liaitU ii. wh'.ch A m c r i r a n Jnp on Murder Jury. Droops h.'nc brca .siiito speriJic;ihy Despite the L-harjje of Judge K. II.' ;h a t no mt-n werr .is prSsoncr.s, Reppert to the June grand jury in j but ituy captured many G«'rmaub. Uniontown Monday, urs^ng men o? ' AAV.VL \AX L\ HOSPITAL. H e l e n CaLhorlr.c Bif Iloliintl IWacr Ida fi,.rkhur(K Myr.T. ronway Ilcmcri. Case George Dau^her- i n c a n o r D t - M u t h Albt-Tta. D.mtei- K f O.VIHT'P AXOVX'l'S TO SOTHIM; WITH HO;. iSEIXGTON. Juue 5.--Th- Nor- orders devolves, primarily, upou inspectors apiMjintud by the district representatives. TboLe inspectors are required to familiarize themselves with lue conditions under which coal is pio- steamship Eikudasuad. which i duced ftud prcparod for mar ket In the . German, safe conduct, ha-j bcen j parUcuiar L C . rr U 0 ry to which they are red by a German submarine and ; assisnerij arid w advise mine op£Ta tors j and employes of tuch methods as the deem necessary to the standard, to in: operations in the'ir and to raalte to Swmemunde as a pri. c. ad- to the State Department tuid to- The ship was on it.? v ay to bolm wiUi a cargo o£ hen ing. Tinm i»i minnTOi r v , o A1NS MEET IN TuNNIll dail - "Ports to their several district county called for jury service to 10-! train irom aUyraptiug to be excused I seven who were summoned this morn ing at the opening oC tlie trial of Andy Mcddov.s-h for the murdor of Louis Vecchio at Kasi Jvlillsboro on Fc-biuary 16 declared l no nisei ves ab solately opposi d lo cupitiil punibh- meat a Lid \vero excused. Out ol -0 mon examined up to short ly befort; noon, four been accept ed. They were: George Xev/comoi Conn**U?\il l .L towni-.aip H. D. R\vMei Perry t o w n s h i p ; Hugh Chaifanr, \Vasbington township, and C. M.. Sturgis, ^outh Union township. Five were challengeil peremptorily and the ' remainder said tiny had Uxed opin- , ions. Are iH'ail. Many Hurt In England Smash. By Associated Press. Vt., June 5.---Colli- « z, lucal passenger train' t work engine on the Cantral | me railroad between this city j Vinoost! today, killed fivv per-, and injured several oih, 3 rs. j Unlontoffn j^ persons were removed to r.os-J Purriuwi None of the passengers wore OF COMMAND FOR LEAVING THE STATE accident occurred in a tunnel. High MAN FBOM FRONT ipeak Friday Kveninp al School Hall. '. Bayliss, who has just return- j toda ' to^ropon u the battlefront in Franc.' ami' ^ r f cil ." t _ ,_" jd amons tbe speakers fo: the Isvilie Cbautauqua, wil! .--peak iaclls\nlle at (he high sohool "riday evening at S o'clock. Bayliss has bcen with tbe Rain- , vision 'or nine months anl ha 1 ^ intensely interesting mfcrma- . give. A chorus ur.rter the di- i of E. W. Havilantl will sing. j |R.U^H£R^OM1NG i JVilu'i- Officer, ^Ylio rui^uwl A'cjyro Into Ohio, Ordered to Orceasbarg. Because he left thc state of Pennsylvania and ventured into Ohio without permission in pursuit of a negro murderer last week. Sergeant Dick Chambers o* Qnioiitown, has beea temporarily relieved of duly on, thc state police force. He was ordered to Greensburg. lambers was with Couii- Detcctive John J. Smith and Trooper John DavgUb the last named. defense is that he followed the trooper moito, "Go: Your .Man." Chambers has been in Fayette county three years, one year in command of the detail in Uniouiown. Ho has been on the state farce for 13 years. TORCH STARTS FIRE j Taintcr is in -V;-t of Iverao^ln^ Paint From Damon Iluuse ut Time. ·\Vhile FranU KesUev, a pamtci, was removing paint with a gasoline torch Crom ;lie exterior o£ the tiome , of Frank Tiowbridgc m Howcll ' street, Dawsou, last evening the building cai.ght i:re on the Inside, the flame of tho torch evidently having entered a knot-bole. The fi great d flames and water amounted to about $200, it' was said. .Vorwood I-'l.MO r.iuh (Jrotlzln \ V l l l i a m C a n t y Lawrpiice H o i - © comb Alfred Ilj-au j llaljcl Jlalrc ' iUUph l l u c y Oladys Hny i Lort-tia lint field , Kthi.v llnrl i " W i l l i a m Jones I POMMUIU.TAL, ' .I.imcs B u t i c r i A n n a Coyne Charles Carsno I Harry DcBol-. Mahsl rrM^mar. ! [rwr.e H u n Cub.t for.t-s J.i IK- K c n m - . l i t l e n Levy Klizabtlh M n i r Heitin McKx-c C l u r u n c e McCor- mlck V a l o t t a Martin O r a c f . j l i J ' c r Xiibors B e t t y N V w b e r g Elizabeth. Osliorp Joan JPatterwun Lon-tta R u t t l ^ r fjecrse R u d o l p h J e i irutiEi f:hodos I-JIsa Belle .SrriiUi Mary Caroline K c i n AVili..u:i S t i c k e l T**jona Sho\vmun Clara Smith Louis H i m o n y S.ira I'^stSicr WetU C a t l i e r i n o W I J - h c l m E J i E a b c l h "Ward Ktlna W r o t e DKPARTMEXT. Homer Ivnrod l^orccn U o t t l c r H.innn.h U i t c h l e J o h n Silcox cr cers training camp at San Juan, Porto Rico. The survivors were met at the dock by a detachment of Red Cross workers and were driven in ambulances and automobiles to hotels and boarding houses. WDNTSEEAM 7 SUBFflARINES ON FLOW OF TROOPS IS TO COXTiyCE. VASinNGTON, June o.--Whateve'- tlie purpose oC the rnlmiarine raid off i 111 ' Atlamic cnasi- and whatever num- ;ber of submarine^ hereafter may ----· | come to American -\vaters, there ·will Maior R, S. IScKee of HOIli Hospital | be no check on the flow of men and fonis Writes Home of irr.umtions in France, Secertarj' Dan- Pleasant Voyage. jei,, ia ,a today. On May IS a .-wrt of the UOth Regi- i "Tliu :-:'cat duty of our na\T," said menl uud ihe JlOlh Hegiment Hos-i^e, "is to keep open the door to pitai Corps -,vas in Folkestone, En- il^rnnce. to carry our men rud muui- Sland, according to a letter received I tions to tbe great battlejrjnt and yesterday alternoon by Mrs. R. S. Me- . puard food supplies for our co-hei- Kee of tlie West Side, from h«r bus- ' ligerauts. That has been accorn- band. Major .McKeu, regimental pur- Iplibhc-d Uiis far and we will continue geo.-i. The letter staued that no suL-!to keep the road open." marines were seen or. the way across j and that the weather was iine. T h c . Margaret Moore helm Fnuik Pasualac- L a w r e n c e Weavur di'-i John Zima GK.N* 5RAI, COURSE M i l d r e d 12 op k i n 3 I Anna G u a r d S P B f ' J A L COL'nSK. I Hortenso G r a f t Ksther S u l l i v a n | Cionn Iluijh ' Tho 10 lionor .students taking the ! academic course aie: Catiieriac Brenilol, C o n t i n u e d un Pi THOMAS W. SCOTT. Word has been received by Mrs. Dora M. ScoU of Hast Crawford avenue that her son, Thomas W. Scott, Gunner's Mate, second cl.iss, on the Helen Adams, Myra Coiiway, T;io Xavy Deparfment had no fur- r advices at noon today from the soldiers expected to be at Folkestone ' patrol fleot, hunting down the sub- oiily for a snort lime, moving on t o ! m a r i n e t°at was last beard from off somewheru in Prance, the major j the Virginia and Maryland coast. stated. j Naval officials are proceeding on Letters from members of tie 130Ui ; ihe tbeory ;hat many submarines may rn- I Regiment. who'Jeft for duly overseas j he off the coast or may be expected about a \veeli ahead of ;tie regiment, ito arrive, although they have nothing are bclns received by relatives. ,to indicate that more than two have Among the first to arrive was f r o m : been operating. Major Thomas B. Anderson, or La- Viewed from a purely American trobc, of ilie Third Battalion, who; standpoint ofTicials believe the dis- was assigned lo :he Advance School I patch of the s-vrift naval craft to for- Detaciiment of the -Sth Division. Tliejejgn waters -was unwarranted but letters, written lor the most part i American troops could not be sent to aboard ship aad mailed immediately Prance any degroc of security reaching ibo olher side, tell of and tbe United States coulfl not take WATER DAMAGE TO STREETS OF CITY Will RUN HIGH an uneventful trip across ihe Atlantic. Lieutenant John L. Robinson oC Company D, lof: wiUi, the same detach- its fair share of the burden of war unless Ihoy went. That was tbe consideration that impelled the government. It IK expected that relatives of ;men; to cast prudence aside and io the boys of Company D and the Hos- j rush the ships abroad, pital Corps w i l l be receiving letters within the next several days. fire was extinguished without U. S. S. New Mexico :s in the .Itctho- Estimated Co^t ni 1 3{(*i)air.s U» Fi ifh'culty. Damage from the dist Episcopal hospital m Brooklyn,] ioiv Avenue, Kstiiuntt! Sliovtb, Fair- HOLDUP ATTEMPTED DAWSON TOTAL $10,724 Figures In Itcd Cross Drive, Honerer, N. Y., the naval hospital at the j is $11.000. to Ho Imolved. Droo'.clyn navy yard being overcrowd- , City Engineer S. M. Faust is en- eel. No particulars have beer, rcceiv- gaged in making estimates of the cost Dickersou HUQ made an attempt u ed to indicate wheiher Gunner's M a t e j 0 r repairing damage to thc streets re-| hold up an automobile along the stati Scott Las _ b e c n Injured or is suffer- suiting f i o m the bursting of uro'or | road about one-fourth of a mile from mg from itlaess. mains last winter. He has completed ! Vanderbilt, hut their plans wcie He was home on a furlough at| F a i r v i e w avenue and North Pittsburg | foiled by a party going from Vander- AI,L BUT 10 OJT THE C.UJOLIXA S.IFE. NETW" YORK. June 5.-- All but 10 of _ _ .the 23S passengers aboard tne New ^ L i,. i ^ 7, ,, ,, ., Y o i k £ Porto Rico liner Carolina, Three Djckersou Run Young Ken Said ! ?ullk 1)y a 5llbmarme , iave bcen cmmied for, officers of tie line an- vicinity of i nounccd ibis forenoon to - rxsnuxoE nm;s SOT AJ'KKCTKI) BV V-BOATS. WASHINGTON', June 5. -- Submarine -- , . , . i - -- ·- - -- , -- - -- -. -- i--. -.- o ..... o -- -·-- · -- -- -- danger is not stiflicieut nt this time to Are -Vot (jnitc ('(miplcte. Christmas, being on duty ou the U. j streot .^ wm ghoitiy have the otherb j bill by the war of tbe state road. justify advances in government ma- Incomplcto f.gurcs show that Daw- | s - S. Nevada at that time. Later he-, readj . f 01 . su bi,-.ission to City Solicitor, An obstrjctioii had been placed rinc insurance rates, the treasury ho will turn, them over I across ibe road and an effort was | announced today The -:'tcs on' life llsville Water company ' made to run a post thiough one of jjnsnrance for officers and crews of w i t l l a re quest that settlement be Uie waeels of '.he car. Failing to I merchant vessels engaged in traffic son in the icccnt Ked Cro-s drive con-j w a s transferred to the U. S. S. New j E c ni gDee w tributiid nearly $11,000 for the war | Mexlco a ° d sont f r o m that vessel to J to the Conner , is against its quota of JS.OOO. tb * hospital. teams are yet to be heard from, _.,' r ;.,,, c _ 1 Uarrj- Ureuoble Kiliefl. Harry W. Greuobie of Cumberland, fund as Three m part. Up to June 1 the total was $10,721.54. Of this amount $10,291.5!) is cash and $i32. ( J5 pledges. All departments, of the Pittsburg Uiku Brie Tho '°« n 5 known to many Con- nelisville people. Ihs fnthor, Thomas "W. Seot'_, who was postmaster of New Haven br r oro the consolidation of the 'two boroughs, died in November 1;)15. road system at Dickcrson R\IR went over the top 100 per cc:it strong. STAMP SALES LOW man received his naval training at Lhe Great Lakes Naval Training Station. Chicago and assigned to a ship prior to declaration of war with Germany. e I marine attacks cff the Atlantic coast. Mrs. He.ra Scott Murphy ot Connells- othev flrures · i v i l l e ; Mrs. K. C. Fomwnlt of |C. Cheshire o'. Akron, tlie young man. O.. are sisters StndonN in Schools J'nreijiiM? W90 | ^. r; _-] lIrH - . E C. Hopkins and Mrs..H. IVorlli 01 linli.v Bonds. '" War Saving Stanp sales in tbe schools here yesterday totaled JG90.16. The grade schools led yesterday, /· showing a littlr- increase in their j | fell down. 11 _ principals! ^ i'dtvn'sion of the Baltimore i show -595.56 sold ir. the high school; I ailroad. was ' killed yesterday | 5216.S! in tae South Side and Fourth I sales, but the high school The reports from lUe _,, .assistant superintendent of the Cum- Amicnian IVor'xer to Speak berland Here ou. June 11. Ohio railroad, was killed yesterday Clarence H. Cssher, who was morning at Rrunssvick while he was| war{ls ; ?202.0G m the ;he rank of general by former accompanying a troop train cast. Iu j Third wards, and ?S5.!)2 in tbe Craw- Nicholas in recognition of his'attempting to jump to tbe ground | Cord s cno ° l in cne West Side. r In behalf of thc Armenians, i while the train was in motion he fell »eak in the Connellsville high'beneath the wheels. under the auspices of the Ar- ----~ ..Relief committee on Tnesday Mo Police i'onrt. *, June 11. | There was no police court this address will be given at S : morning. Only one prisoner was ar- Fair tonight and Thursda; noor. weather forecast for Second and peiinsyhauia. made and with the determination that ( carry out iheir plans ibe young men . t h r o u g h thc war ?,nne was reduced to- if here is no satisfactory response the j became frightened and ran. An in- (day from 25 cents to 15 rents per city will enter suit. I vcstigailon is being made and U is '?10«, ar, recommended before the sub- Council will ask the water cnmpnnv said that some surprises will be to repave Fairview avenue. The es- sprung within the next fu\\ da, timated cost 01 this, the engineer has IViints TJIXCS Paid computed, M-ill be $11.000 Accorflin,; 4Q OftO NEfiROES C4LLED P^'TSErRC: J u n e 'o.-Ix-ga! rcpr»- w the ensinoor-s flpires tbe cos. of W.WW lltUIWiaJ ^li^W | ?P1 ,, ai ,., ra of Grc ,. n(1 M u n , y Pa _ t ' ap . IVill H,. Sent lo Training Cnuips l' oarw! ,'" l!le Vni ' cd stat « di ^Hct Juno 0 0 (o -'ft. , co-ji-. here yesterday and reQUCfled E \.- ". d P ' lila ' lllc °9 ;! ' ;tJ ji c ' a:r n for laics from WASUrNO^'^L 5.-Or«r s ,or ! ^ ^^LTMTM*^^. the , repairing PittsVniyg street Irom Peach itreel northward \yill be $800. Xo available, mates will be submitted on a bcr of streets. Esti- num- TOMATO PLANTS FREE Seventeen TIuii*iml IVocnrablo fiero Tin's A f torn (ion. thousan-d tomato plants i in t] i t ar.o. Seventeen is the fine stout ones, are being distributed i u u i a io m-ilu "Western | free this attc-rnoon between the hours j otlgl^rjatj "*" ! of 3 and C o'clock by the War Garden ' Griffin Ash Hen ,,, , Th ° rC ' S " ' i"h,irk\, P. Orr withheld his dccisi, jbtranu w i l l come from -'0 states. Most of the negroos are eaHtd _fron-. states iu the extreme soulii. Pcnusy]- vonia is asked lo tc::d 500 to Camp Tem pem.tu re JRecnnI, [ rested overnight. Fairbanks Dies. INDIANAPOLIS, Ind., June 5.-Charles Warren Fairbanks, former vice president of the L'nited States, died at his home here last night.) Death was due to chronic nephritis. Maximum Minimum Mcaa SS C2 1317 82 The yough river fell during I night from 2.20 feet to 2.10 feet. the committee, of which Peter R. Weimer is the head. The plants are at the \Vcimer store, \Vool\vortu S\e and ten cent store and Keagy's drug store. The committee is anxious that all bc taken toda} and planted, so t h a t there be no waste. Previously the committee put out 25,000 at tbe rate of two dozen for a quarter. Pension lloartf Mcetintr. A nieetiug of the Women's Pension Boan; was held at T'lioutown t h i s ·i-iorm^g. Mrs. J. F. Kerr. president, .1. Gnffm Asa. who ua,, bcen aljs,eat j anil .Mrs. w. P. Clark of Connellsville from Conncilsville for seven years, ar- , attended. rived in :ow- yesterday from Wichi- | ,, la Falls, Tc.\ . and w i l l leave on S a t - j Back is Kurt urday for Camp Lee, having becji Charles Zimmerman of calied in the draft. Ash was in the service for a short tune with the One Hundred Fortieth Jafantry. Charles has been laid Dawson, up tor the past two days on account, ol a slight bruise to Ills bac}'.

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